Thursday 7 September 2023

Tree destroys our garden fence... 🌳

Eucalyptus tree vs. Fence vs. Me
I think I know how this is going to end.

We (I) planted our new Eucalyptus tree too close to our garden fence. And it grew, and it grew and it grew and then it went crack. Straight through the fence. Only noticed how bad it is on this stormy day. So now I've got to deal with the tree, a storm and spoiler... our trampoline being blown across out garden.
It's another stormy day for the Dad Delivers Vlog.

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Don't let this happen to you! Tree destroys our garden fence... 🌳



look at this look at this look look at the look what the wind's done oh my goodness

hello welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog I've got a bit of an emergency on I'm going to take you I'm going to take you with it's really stormy today we've had Winds of up to 50 miles an hour in the night and I've got a situation in the garden that's been going on for a long time but it's getting worse by the day oh my goodness

and it's this it is uh right so this is a eucalyptus tree that I bought for my Unstoppable wife and I only got it a few years ago it was not that old and it's grown really well but the the it's I I planted it like way over here but it was obviously far too close to the fence which I didn't realize and now look at it it's just destroying not only this fence but it could bring the whole lot down and I don't know I don't know what to do with this so I've got an idea oh my goodness look at it oh no this just like sawdust there all right so my idea is this I'm going to try and put up some kind of bar so that the bar takes the weight instead of the flimsy fence but I'm not sure it might be too late anyway let's get I don't know what to do let's get a piece of wood first so into the the garage of Dreams oh hi Casper are you okay Casper's checking up on me I've got some really nice wood but I was going to use this to fix a hole in the happy Hut which is going to be another video [Music]

I don't know if this is going to work this might be a complete waste of time but the idea is if I somehow attach this in front of the fence it could take the brunt of the of the weight of the tree and maybe even spread the load so it's going to work like this a bit of wood goes behind the tree oh it's so heavy

I can see already this isn't going to work ah damn ah I can see already this isn't going to work because the wood's too short I've got to get another plank okay I've got this piece of wood uh from my bench I don't know if you if you've seen my bench video I've built an L-shaped bench in the kitchen and basically it's almost exactly the right width I'm being lazy I should cut it oh no it's exactly it's exact Ah that's a sign that's a sign from the universe I've manifested a solution or something that will give me some hope ah it's just test it oh it smells really nice this tree I need to only skip my drill I should probably have done this months before now not probably I should have done this month before now by the way this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things to make your family happy and the new thing I'm trying today is to save our fence from being bulldozed by a eucalyptus tree oh no I've trodden in uh Casper oh no no I've done two of them ah right so this is the patch where Casper lets out when we don't let him out oh man dude

okay so I'm gonna clamp this got a couple of clamps

by the way our neighbors are really understanding I want to get I want this to make this work for them as much as us all right so fine

big tree

she's had two people to help me do this I don't think I'm gonna be able to do this I think I'm gonna need my Unstoppable wife's help with her unruly tree it's never easy is it i n e

maybe that that could be the temporary fix for today so the weight is taken on the post and not the fence I don't want to lift it up because it's just going to fall down again oh man these winds are biblical okay that's how I want the breeze to be don't fall down I want it to be up there I want it to be at the top I think it's just going to fall down

so temporarily come out of breath except I'll just sit in another one this is going to be my temporary solution for now so that this wooden brace takes the weight of the tree for now across the posts I prefer it a bit higher just to stop that Branch hitting and grinding against the the fence there what would you do in this situation please leave a comment below I'd love to know what what you would do other than go back in time and plant the tree in the right place I think my biggest fear right now is that although it's keeping the tree up what it could do is put the whole weight of the tree across all of these fence posts that aren't really built to take that kind of weight and push so all of the posts are going to bend in the Wind uh what am I gonna do what am I going to do look at this look at this look look what the look what the wind's done oh my goodness it's okay Casper [Music] it's okay


okay four

[Music] I can't get it I can't get it back up


fence was last of my worries oh man it doesn't seem to be damaged too much I mean last time funnily enough last time the trampoline did this and ended up right in the fence we couldn't get it out it was completely Charmed into the fence but I've managed to avoid that so if I put the camera here you can actually put it back into position

I think it was here okay let's put some strings on it what can I do what can I do I might actually get to start some work now

okay it's the next day the trampoline's back that Situation's sorted uh Casper's playing football over there so this is roughly in place we're just going to screw it in now got some help from my wonderful son uh do you want to do this again


fantastic oh look at that hey nice one high five whoa so it's not entirely ideal but we've got the tree away from the fence and it's still encroaching but at least it's taking the weight there obviously I'm worried that that is now going to bring down the the whole lot that was so funny but new dad delivers how to fix entire fence but I'm calling this that delivers success it's slightly unfortunate that we've got footprints on the on the nice wood you're gonna fix the fence yeah that's yeah I don't know how so obviously it's not ideal but um it's going to hold for the win for today and obviously I need to sort the tree out and fix the fence somehow but hopefully this is just gonna just keep it upright just a day or two longer thank you for being awesome and hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button it really helps us keep this thing going and right here is what YouTube knows that you're gonna love watching next can you please help my daddy get 10 000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is going to be the proper one like

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