Monday 22 November 2010

Podcast Of The Week... Jeff Goldsmith talks to Michael Arndt about writing Toy Story 3

Huge fan of @yogoldsmith Creative Screenwriting Magazine's screenwriting podcasts here:

This mp3 is awesome - screenwriter on TOY STORY 3 talking about how they break stories at Pixar, and detail on how Toy Story 3 was written...


Friday 19 November 2010

Hanging Out With The Boss

"The greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish achievement but rather with the things we do for the people we love and esteem, and whose respect we need."

Walt Disney

"What camera we on?"


Thursday 18 February 2010

TV Writers Day - Leicester Comedy Festival 2010

Appearing this Saturday on the panel at the TV Writers Day at DMU.
Eminent TV writers are to share their expertise and career advice at a public event at De Montfort University later this month during Leicester Comedy Festival.

The event consists of keynote speeches along with question and answer panels hosted by DMU’s MA Television Scriptwriting team.

More details here:-

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Monday 1 February 2010

Monday 11 January 2010

This year, in development

The upside with working on development projects is the variety of the blank page, and the chance to mould material from scratch.

The downside? Can't even mention who I'm working for, let alone on what.

Proud to plug, though, currently in the presence of like-minded souls in the Talkback Thames comedy department, and the only way I can pretty up this post is with this 2010 updated version of the old Thames TV logo.
(from roll the dice on the Londonist blog)

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