Thursday 30 April 2020


We invented a brand new sport for all Tightwad Dads out there: FOOT BOTTLE.
(I prefer the snappier BOTTLE BALL, but got outvoted by the kids).
All you need is a council playground pitch, and some litter. And you're good to go!


TRANSCRIPT: (click play on the video above)
Hello I'm Neil I'm the tightwad dad - it's where we try to be happy with what we've already got
What we what we've already got today is a council ball pitch, and it's been a bit windy.

There's a bit of litter around - and there was this on the pitch
So we've decided to invent-- and we don't have a football -
so we've decided to invent this game, we're sharing it with you: our gift to the world.
We call this "bottle ball"

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Tuesday 28 April 2020

HOW TO BUY ONLINE POSTAGE: Be your own Post Office. Print your own stamps.

Trying out a new thing every day... never bought stamps online so printing my own postage for letters, parcels or packages for pickup. This is how to print your own postage online in the UK in 2020.

LINK for buying postage online:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Nice Kitchen scales similar to mine here on Amazon UK:
(I get a small commission if you buy the scales using that link)

HOW TO BUY ONLINE POSTAGE: Be your own Post Office. Print your own stamps.

Transcript: (click play on video above)
Let's see how this goes...
Hello I'm Neil, and usually I'm the Tightwad Dad, trying to be happy with what we've already got -- those words on the screen.

The Great Shutdown of 2020... and oh by the way look at our lovely town statue.
Everyone's getting into the mood

So here's how you can buy postage online at home for yourself.
Hello I'm Neil welcome to the Happy Hut - thanks for clicking on this video

I'm like you I hate going to the post office even when there isn't an international emergency going on
We're in the middle of The Great Shutdown of 2020
I could not think of a better excuse to not go and use one of those self-service machines at the post office - and I thought there has to be a better way of living

And also at the moment this has given me a chance to try things that I've never done before
So today's thing that I've never done before is "buy postage online"
I've got the internet ready and come see my screen...
There's no internet.

Okay so I've finally got the internet back on - thanks kids - and it's, it's the evening now so I thought I'd come in here and this is the website that you need

Now I'll put the link to this website in the description you might be watching this in 2021 or 2022 even
I'll change the link in the description if it changes, but that's the link that I'm using and they've got this walkthrough system with you - so the first thing you need to know is where you're sending your parcel

That's the United Kingdom I know that, that's good
Now the next thing you need to know is the weight, so this is a shot of me right now weighing the package on our kitchen scales

They want it in either grams or kilograms as you can see there
We're lucky enough to have the scales and it's it's 480 so I can type that into the website

And it's grams so I'm going to click on the grams, not the kilograms - that will change the price quite a lot
And then we'll click on "Send an item now"
Now we put in a few more details about the item - we have to put in the size of a package

Let me get the package here - by the way I think this is probably my favorite part of buying postage online: you don't have to answer that stupid question that you do in the post office
You know when they ask you "what's in your package?"
What I want to say is "It's a small packet of none of your business" but that's not very-- that's not very nice

So I usually end up going "Oh, it's my embarrassing package"
But this is actually embarrassing - I've cleared out the loft and gonna send some stuff back to my sister
It's a Top Of The Pops magazine from 2001 and some photos of her
By the way the photos... just cover this up
What were my parents thinking?!
What-- that was that was a fancy dress costume on holiday
Not only do I appear like that on holiday but we've captured it on film?
What's, what's in the package there sir?

Oh it's just a photo of me... with a... as Adam - with fig leaves - that we've just found on the holiday complex?
Oh you should see what the complex looks like now
Absolute wreck.
Like me!

This is the package of embarrassment that I want to send and buy the postage for
So it wants the shape of your item.

If you put in a very low number of grams you can actually just buy a stamp for a letter
Yeah if I put in here, say it's, I don't know, 20 grams, you can see you've got you've got the option of a letter
So you can just buy a stamp for a letter using this system - so it works for big parcels and small letters
And you can see it's offering me a Large Letter - it's definitely not a large letter.

Basically click on the box that is the size of your package and mine looks like the small parcel - from £2.95.
Click continue.

It takes you to another section now which is what service would you like it?
How would you like it delivered?
And the options here are second-class. first-class, signed for second-class, you can see the prices going up here
Signed For First Class... to arrive in one to two business days
Tracked 24 - the next day delivery signed for...

I'm a tightwad dad and I'm not made of money so I'm gonna go for second class - plus I don't think anyone's in any rush to be seeing this stuff
I think the longer it's in the hands of the Royal Mail the better

We click on 'continue' which takes you to the next section - which is where is your package going?
Now you can type in a postcode and look for the address with this pull down menu - now I don't want this package falling into the wrong hands, so let's send it to... let's look up a postcode SW1A 2AA
Oh how about that? How... will it send it to number 10 Downing Street as my example address
This is gonna cause a visit from, er... some kind of authority...
So this is just the demonstration.

But as you can see if you type it in the postcode it offers you addresses for that postcode
So you choose the right address and it fills in the boxes for you, or you can fill those in manually yourself - and then we'll click continue

Here you just type in your address and then you can also enter your address manually... and then there's an option on this page: "Check this box if you do not want your sender details to appear on the label."

There's an option where you can have like a return to sender address put on the label but given it's got all of your details anyway I don't know why you wouldn't want to do that... but anyway that option is there for you
So this is the next page where you can now complete your purchase and actually pay for the postage.

I've blanked out the address it's going to and the address is going from, but you can see that it's telling me - confirming me - it's a small parcel, Royal Mail second class postage - and you can see there's an option here to edit any of those details or delete it if you've got it wrong and start again... and then you can complete your purchase.

So it says once you've completed your purchase your items will be need to be posted within 7 days
So you put in your email address - don't write those words obviously - write your email - your actual email address - and then finally you just need to take a couple of boxes

First I confirm I have entered the correct weight for the items being sent and I'm not sending any item which is prohibited or restricted in the UK
I don't know. Some of those photos?
But I'll tick it anyway
I'm sure you would have read the terms and conditions right?

Now it gives you two options at the moment: it's pay with PayPal or pay with debit or credit card
Let's go with pay with debit or credit card - but also here you can see there's a nice handy infographic to show you how to buy postage online
Once we've paid for it, we're going to print a label and stick that label onto the package - so we click with "pay with debit or credit card" and this is really straightforward
All you do is type in your card number, the card holders name and the expiry date, and the security code
So I've clicked on "Make payment"
It's now saying my payment is being processed - always a worrying time - so there we go!
It says "Thank you for your purchase. Your purchase postage."
And it's confirmed the addresses and the payments

Now you can get your postage to print out from two places here - you can either click on "view your documents" and there is the postage label ready to print out
Or next to the details it says "view label" so if I click on "view label" there it is
And if you view your label you will have an option there you can download it onto your computer, or you can just hit print, straight from there

I like to save it on my computer because I'm of an age where I want to hold on to stuff!
So let's send it to the printer straight away and here it comes out to the printer
And here's the label fresh off the printer

It's huge! Look at it! It's massive! So the next thing you'll need is a bit of crafting
I can never find glue
I always get it, and then the kids nick it
So you stick it to the package - there!

That's good to go!

You have now successfully bought a stamp online
Leave a comment down below if you have any questions
I'm sure someone will be able to help you, even just to say hi
If you reach this point in the video thank you for watching
I really hope this this helps you to do it
I've not done this before so I'm quite excited

This is me recording the worst piece to camera ever, showing me posting the actual item!
"And that's how you can buy your postage online too!"
Well that was a different envelope... so anyway if you have reached this point in the video thanks for watching
Why not hit the thumbs up button if this video has helped

If you're feeling even kinder why not hit the subscribe button down below - that helps me to keep this going
We're trying to get this to about 10,000 subscribers. I don't think that will ever happen but if you do hit subscribe I really appreciate it
Good luck on your avoiding the post office, avoiding using those self-service machines ever again. You and me. We can stay out of this, and do this at home. Thanks for watching!
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Sunday 26 April 2020


How to build a frame for a bus destination blind... for as little money as possible! (Click the picture)
Sadly, it's not one of those winder displays where you can change the route or destination (there's a great link below) but it is illuminated and looks great in our house.
Mine's for my Route 46 London bus destination blind.

All you need is a picture frame (mine was from IKEA called Olunda, but it seems unavailable),
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
- some plexiglass or perspex clear plastic sheet, something like this. (Amazon US)
(Amazon UK)
- Black gloss spray (Amazon US )
(Amazon UK)
- LED strip light. I used a 1m strip, but 2-5m would be better (Amazon US)
(Amazon UK)


TRANSCRIPT: (click play on video above)
Hello - I don’t know which way to hold this - maybe that way around?
Hello I’m Neil, welcome back to the Happy Hut.
Usually this is the Tightwad Dad vlog where we are happy - we're trying to be happy with what we've already got - but at the moment we're in the the great shutdown of 2020 and so I'm trying to do something everyday that I've not done before

And today... I'm going to explain how I made this!
A display for a bus blind - a bus destination board - and I actually built this four years ago
I don't know why I've not shared the footage

Now I know if you found this by searching how to build a display for a bus blind, I KNOW the one that you want - it's the display that I want - which has a handle that would crank up the blind and change the destination
I just couldn't afford that and I'll tell you why in a moment how I got these bits together
But I'll put a link in the description if I ever find a video about how to build one of those
That'd be awesome - but this is something slightly different

I went onto eBay and I found a destination that I wanted, it's something--
it's a place that's very dear to my heart: Camden Road in London
It cost me about fifteen quid but what people are doing is they're taking the big strips and they're cutting them into single destinations, so this was about fifteen quid and I loved it and I really wanted to work out a way of mounting it and putting it up on the wall in a way that wasn't gonna break the bank
I spent ages trying to find the right frame.

I finally found it in of all places IKEA
I'll show you the footage now: it's it's actually a frame that comes already with a print in it - Picasso - it's the Picasso print... but it's the exact dimensions that would be right for displaying my bus destination blind
So I had a frame, but what I really wanted to do is to put a light behind this - so I got an LED light strip and I needed to work out a way of putting this blind at the front of the frame... so then I thought well if I've got some perspex - and I got this perspex from Wickes or B&Q... and I cut the perspex to the size of the frame

Then I could put the blind onto the perspex and have the lights behind it - illuminating this from behind
But that meant there was a gap at the top and the bottom... so then I got this black spray from Poundland - it's a-- I think it's a gloss car spray

It might not even be the right paint for for perspex.
Leave a comment below if you've got any other tips, but it worked for me
All I needed to do is to mask off the bit in the middle that is the right width or rather the white... or rather the right height for this blind.
So then I put the masking tape on.

I sprayed it.
Removed the masking tape and put it all together and that's what this video is about
It's pretty much in real time so you can follow along with me I hope--
I hope this helps someone somewhere to find a way to display their beautiful bus blind
So this is what I've used for the background - it's an Ikea Picasso picture
Is that a copyright?

Mass-produced by IKEA but inside I sort of drilled a hole, and from Lidl I've got these LED strip lights
That'll be the back of the frame - so the idea is if I have that in front... it'll be lit up
Now I need to get a bit of plexiglass, spray paint it black with masking tape, rip it off and then hopefully the light will shine through behind the sign

This is what I've used: it's black glass car paint from Poundland and I measured the middle of this plastic that I got from B&Q, and then I'm masking taped it out for the middle section and then sprayed it
That's me reconstructing how I spray-painted it - sound effects and everything - so hopefully this is the big moment of truth

This is this will hopefully reveal a clear section in the middle
I'm going to do it on camera so it could be really embarrassing if it's gone wrong
Let's give it a go. Try and take it off.
There might be a way to get that off - the back of the masking tape's left a mark on the, on the glass where some of the glue's been left behind from the masking tape
But I think it will come off with surgical spirit

The trick is to do it slowly - agh! except for there.
Let me go close so you can see how the edge is going to come up
Right, the trick is to do it super slow - look, can you see it has a straight edge coming off now

You can see that the masking tape has protected the Plexiglas on this side
it's giving a straight line so far
This is a very long video and it is a metre wide or 1 metre, 6 centimeters wide
But the lifting up slowly really helped because it doesn't leave so many bits of masking tape bits behind

Probably should have done that other bit a lot slower
I worried that the tape would lift up the paint but it seems to be okay

I'm also hoping that because the bus blind is going to be behind this, and it's black, that it won't look-- if there are any jaggedy edge problems that it won't look too bad because the blind will be up against it
When I put the masking tape down, I really rubbed it down hard with my fingernail
That seems to have paid off

I'm a bit frustrated by-- can you see those-- the bit of masking tape
It's just all over the place.

Ah, right the trouble with taking it too far away now is that there's a tear here
That's not so good.
So if I can bring it around and then come back from the other side

So that's good, let's try and go from the other end
I'll probably put the whole thing on one really big video, live along with the tearing with me!
Tell you what might be easier to move the middle one first, let's try that
Do it really super slowly, to make sure that pull is close to where it's coming off the plastic sheet - the acrylic

That seems to be a much cleaner way of getting it off
Now I'll do the next section, and also I left the - on the acrylic sheet - I left the protective-- there's like a protective sheet on both sides

I took it off this side obviously to lay down the masking tape but I left it on the other side just in case there any- there was any spray paint or you know spillages - just hopefully protected on the other side
Alright here goes for the clean edge!
Split... I've got to do... kind of join it up and then move it really slowly
The spray paint was-- was dry in about half an hour

If you do it in quick layers but I had to do lots of layers, so I've got through a couple of cans
You don't get that much paint in-- in the can, and even now there are sort of spits and spots which I'll try to show you later

I might-- I might just cover those with marker pen
I think using the spray paint has helped because it flexes with the glass
If I did it with gloss paint, I think I'd be worried that it would crack and fall off or come off with the tape
And I laid down the two strips first, to get my edges - and I ran a pencil line with a metal ruler, full length, just to make sure that it was that straight

And then I filled the middle with two extra bits of masking tape
Still not sure that's the best way to mount the bus blind, but see how it looks in a minute.
And this should be completely clean so I'm trying not to touch it too much but getting my greasy mitts all over it. See a bit has come off there - agh, put more on.

Try and find a way to lift that off in a sec
Gonna time jump this, so I'll do that off-camera but I'll just finish this section off here
Here comes the final section!

I'm gonna separate it from that so I can do it two bits
Take this one off first, and then I've gotta lift up one way or the other there's - these sections
Let's do this one first, yeah, and then this one. There we go, perfect line.
See if I can get this off.
I'm gonna try and lift that off

And here is the the final final bit

And there we go. There you go so that's complete.
Blackout blind for the bus blind, that sort of works something like this
That's doesn't look too bad, does it

If it will fit inside - oh it's really good - there you go - okay
Protective film coming off.

So that's how my display for my bus blind, or my bus destination board, finished up
Looks beautiful doesn't it?
This is what it looks like today - you'll notice a slight change in destination?

I absolutely love Camden Road and I really liked the yellow colour, but I wanted something that would change colour, and also this destination meant a bit more to me
It's a bus that I went on to get to school in the morning when I was a kid
But the problem I had was that this destination was much thinner - it had a much lower height - so I had to put masking tape on and spray even more paint on to make the black borders work for this blind

And this is what it looks like after
It would be lovely to know if somebody reached the end of the video
If you've hit this point, why not click on the thumbs up just let me know that somebody watched all the way through - it'd be lovely to see that

If you've got any questions or any tips for making this even better or easier or more cost effective, why not leave a comment below it'd be fantastic to hear from you
And if you're feeling even kinder why not hit the subscribe button
You never have to watch any of my videos again but every subscription helps me to keep on doing this
Can you please help my daddy get 1,000 subscribers just click on his face,
Thanks, bye!
How's that?

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Jean Claude VAN DAMME in his Jeans Factory RAW RUSHES FOOTAGE

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Tuesday 21 April 2020

Jean Claude VAN DAMME in his Jeans Factory RAW RUSHES FOOTAGE

Watch the completed edited TV interview show here:
Action Movie legend Jean Claude Van Damme meets British actor comedian Richard Blackwood in a British comedy interview TV show I produced in 2001.

Mr. Van Damme was very kind, funny, good-natured and very generous with his time.
He showed us round the factory making his Dammage7 brand jeans, in a time before everybody had merch.
At 3:35, see how I effortlessly bring the entire shot to a halt, when Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme asks The King Of Jeans to make me a coffee to wake me up.
This is why I am a Series Producer. "Coffee for the man, he's sweating a bit!"
Found in my loft on VHS - it will never be shown again - This is raw Van Damme!

Jean Claude VAN DAMME in his Jeans Factory RAW RUSHES FOOTAGE

I was NOT safe with him!
I don't know what happened to Richard but now I know the real Richard!
That was cool gag.
Yeah, it's cool.
He helped me driving.
So let's go see how do we a stone wash the jeans.
Let's stonewash the jeans! I'll show you some stuff.
Here's the washing process - HEY GUYS!
How are you?
Ça va? How are you?
¿Cómo está, señor?
Bien amigos.
You're on TV England channel.
And those guys are making the jeans. Everybody.
Film the crew right here!
Film all of this, get all of that.
All my friends... and they're also here.
They are the best.
What's up?
Film these guys they make the jeans.
Wanna jean?
You wanna jean?

They look like they're finished. Is this all your line here?
No... they have the Lucky Brand, you've got Guess, you've got Gap...
Oh, okay...
Oh oh oh oh! AND of course... Dammage 7!
Ah, there you go!
Be careful of your lens! I came very close!
Yeah that was actually quite good.
Your kicks are very good! Your kicks are very good!
The best! And that's where they put the jeans and they wash the jeans, I'll show you.
Okay, come through.

Oh, let's bring somebody - Arri, Ari, bring a guy and (whistle noise). Inflate the... M-F.
That's wind. That's hot because working here... and it produce also lots of dust and everything, so they don't get sick in their lungs. We have to be careful. All this stuff go away. And they wash the jeans with a... actually, can we have one?
Think I knew a girl with some legs like this once.
It's lunch break so it's great for them.
Okay, s'up!
They'll come soon.
Film these guys having lunch right here. They're at lunch these guys.
¿Cómo está? They'll put you on the TV.
Alright! Okay.
Here's some people.
How you doin?
How are you.

He's a people person, Jean-Claude Van Damme. I know he's that.
Hello, it's Richard.
Nice to meet you.
He's a very famous-- (star in England)
English presenter--
And now he's going to be a famous guy in America, and he's also a singer, he's an actor, and he has a TV show... and we're going to show him the process of how to make jeans for the Dammage7 jeans, but also this lady she's the king of jeans - she's working for all the big, big brand in Los Angeles, and I'm sure you're gonna beep me, but like Lucky brand, Guess, Gap, all those people.

There are a lot of beeps happening there but Dammage 7 is what we're interested in.
She's doing a great job for us.
They have a nice high-end line, and that's what's happening to denim.
All the big, high-end lines they wanna make it nice, they wanna make it good, make it something.
I hear that, I hear that.
So where is his brand, where's his Dammage7 stuff, where's that?
There's some samples in here but we keep it under lock and key until it's in the stores so nobody else sees it...
I understand.
So we're getting an exclusive right now.
You want to see- You want to see we have a new--
(OFF CAMERA) Demonstrate how they are made.

We made a brand new jeans, which she doesn't yet know about it. Er, for a big-- we cannot tell the name yet who we're gonna work with... (I understand)
on camera, because it's not yet...
Official, exactly, better English.
Yeah. Of course.
Hey! Hey!

Don't forget the subtitles, Producer (I haven't thank you Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme)
Come here Producer!
Every time I make a mistake in English, you have to put subtitles.
And that means 24 hours a day for me.
All subtitles.
Because he's French. [Sorry, he's not, Richard.]
I mean I understand what he's saying, but just for the rest of the audience.
You always like that?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, good.
You like a coca cola, a Pepsi cola to wake up?
A coffee?
That'd be lovely, yeah.
You wanna coffee?
Can we have some coffee?
Coffee for the man, he's sweating a bit!
He's very tired, he's working on stuff.
Have you got any Pepsi, or anything like that for me?
I'll have a Pepsi.
[JEAN-CLAUDE TO ME:] You know what, I'm gonna put your head in the machine.
Let's put him on the stone wash machine!

Do you know what, you're actually taller than I thought you would be.
Excuse me?
You're taller than I thought you would be.
Oh yeah?
A lot of people said you're short, but you're quite tall. What are you 5'8"?
5' er... 5'9".
5'9" yeah you're very tall!

I love your shoes man.
Yeah well I got these for free. At Dada's. Dada. But I like yours, those are Prada, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. For small feet.
Yeah well, I'm a size 10, what are you size 8?
9. Jeez-- That's because they're white.
Put your foot forward a bit! That's not-- that's not-- Is that the back of your feet?!
You know what they say about people with big feet? You know what they say.
Big feet... big, hands.
Big hands, big wallet. Okay.
Hey, you gonna show?

Show them how they use the jeans.
This is El Patron, Jorge.
I'm Jorge.
Hello bro.
Jorge's cool, man.
It's kind of cool because people they're gonna see like... what they call a "movie star" like a normal guy right?
Yeah, that's what they want!
You too, you're a normal guy. And we're here in the factory with very normal people and they can see how they make jeans... plus the movie... and all the--
It's another side to Jean-Claude. The other side.

Hey Jorge [SPEAKS SPANISH] Like we're sparring! [SHOTOKAN NOISES]
See he's good! He's got the moves!
I reckon I could take him. But I ain't gonna try, know what I mean.
So they put the pants-- Camera! Camera! Camera! Hold on...
Camera - here.
[OFF CAMERA:] We've got a tape change!
We'll just do a tape change real quick.
One minute, one minute.
Uno momento... Gracias.
You're learning some of the Spanish, I notice there.
Come. So they inflate the jean, see?
The way you want it, with this pedal.
Okay, and I think a special (CHEERING)

Look at the way he's gonna wash that. Not wash, he's gonna, he's gonna do the--
Oh the fade thing.
The sand blast. Sand blast the jeans. By hand.
So, every one's done by hand?
Yes, all of them. But it goes so fast, they're so good.
You getting this, this is exclusive stuff!
It's a trained hand here, this guy is special.
They're non-stop, and they're very good - they're the best.
(OFF CAMERA:) And you!

This is my, by the way that's Arri, Arri Arrous, who's my jean designer.
Oh okay.
He's the head of my company. Dammage 7. He's been in the jean business for the last 22 years. He's sacrificed all his life for jeans. But now finally he's going to work for his own brand called Dammage 7. He's the best.
So... I feel like I can know you now, can I get some free samples?!
Yes. We're going to make a special jean for him.
That's what I'm saying.

We have a new jeans on the market - you're gonna see like very unusual... let's go see the red jeans, you want to bring it here.
Thanks bro!
Good stuff, good stuff.
Look at this right here. Yeah, look at that.
Cool, no?
That's bad.
On the-- I'm going to put on these jeans.
[SPEAKS FRENCH] When you open, it's the thick button and the small one because the other car's the small one, it's vice versa.

[RICHARD: He's making him move the car, move the Bentley, he's gonna let him move the Bentley, because my Bentley you can't ever get near it.]
You want to ask me some questions?
Yeah well the thing is-- oh, right-- But I want to know about, so what made you go into fashion?
What made you go into fashion?
What made you take that route?
No because, I don't know I want to do a special, a special jeans, that came with a special--
[OFF CAMERA:] Can we just stop you for 2 seconds, I just need to put a radio mic (microphone) on...
Yeah they need to put a mic on you.
Do we have to? Let's just leave it like that.
[OFF CAMERA:] It's very difficult - it's picking up a load of noise.

Excuse me, could you back up this is Jean-Claude's car I don't want you... scratching it.
Just get back there please. Thank you.
Park behind them! Right there, behind the Mercedes.
Yeah. This is Jean-Claude's Bentley. You know. He's wants to talk to you actually. Because, what he wants to do - come here.
You alright?
Yeah I'm fine, I'm more than fine! I was in his car.
We're in gang territory by the way, I just want to let you know that. We're in some serious-- Who the hell! Alright!
No what I'm saying is... Gang territory, know what I mean.
JEAN! This is the Producer guy, about next week?

Hello Jean-Claude.
Nice to meet you!
Thanks, really good to meet you. Thank you for er--
I was saying about what you were saying about next week.
Yeah, next week?
Yeah, when you come back, Monday, he said? You take off at the weekend?
Yeah that's right.
Monday, we'll fit in on Tuesday - okay we'll just see yeah?
We'll work together, yeah?
Fantastic yeah, are we safe here?
Excuse me?
Are we safe in this area?
Yeah you're safe. Those people are great. They're the real people, those people they go see my movies, and they go see your TV show, your TV.
Those are the real people.
We are like half-real, half-fake.

Was Richard okay in the car?
Yeah... he put his hand on my leg, and--
Now you see I don't know why he's trying to take it there.
I was NOT safe with HIM!
I don't know what happened to Richard but now I know the real Richard!

That was cool gag.
Yeah, it's cool.
He helped me driving.

So let's go see how do we a stone wash the jeans.
Let's stonewash the jeans! I'll show you some stuff.
Here's the washing process - HEY GUYS!
How are you?
Ça va? How are you?
¿Cómo está, señor?
I'll open the big gate there, you have a parking - follow me do U-turn there. Okay buddy hold on.
Excuse me, could you back up this is Jean-Claude's car I don't want you... scratching it.
Just get back there please. Thank you.
Park behind them! Right there, behind the Mercedes.

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Sunday 19 April 2020


Made a video in a Supermarket during the UK Lockdown 2020... Friday night dash round Sainos... panic and paranoia... empty aisles and shelves. Against the clock.
How much footage can I get?

Virtual tour - in case it helps plan your next supermarket visit:
1:19 Drone Of Shame
3:29 Easter Eggs
5:18 Bin Liners
6:07 Toilet rolls
6:17 Coffee, hot drinks and beverages
6:25 Sparse biscuits
6:40 Special offer dairy


Those ones?
Or those ones.
I don't know which ones you want.
Which ones?
Maybe these ones?

Hello I'm Neil and usually I'm a tightwad dad - trying to be happy with what we've already got
there's a graphic and everything
but this is a weird video

As you probably gathered there are weird videos being produced at the moment
Why is the light still on?
Is the door open?
Oh it's because I've put the key in

The great shutdown of 2020...
this might seem nothing to you in the future but right now things are a bit weird they're a little crazy and the first step was to actually get to this supermarket
There's been all kinds of horribleness in the press about what what is and isn't essential in these times and we've-- we've got some shops in our town, but they're rubbish

So our favorite shop is this one but it's obviously further away than the other ones so it's the first step of paranoia in this is am I gonna get stopped for going to the wrong chain... sending drones out shaming some non-essential instagramming?
And we've had some sunbathing... sunbathing-shaming this week or for taking too long on their essential exercise...
so anyway this is the the mood of the country right now.

Can I still make a video?
Can I even get to the supermarket?
Will anything be there?
Will it be crowded?

I'm in the last half-hour of the opening hours on Good Friday - so that's Easter 2020 - and I'm hoping that because it's so close to closing time that things should be a little quiet
How many-- I can't even say it.
How many minutes of video footage am I able to take inside the store that I don't feel I should be even allowed to in the first place
let's see how it goes

This is it. This is my trip to Sainos supermarket during the great shutdown
I don't know how much I'm gonna be able to film
I don't wanna be told off or kicked out
That would be a disaster
"Hi, thank you"

[TANNOY]: Please be prepared to push your trolley off the walkway.

Okay so right here is where I realise I have completely lost my list
Yeah my precious shopping list.
The thing that was going to get me in and out as quickly as possible
Look I'm checking all my pockets - it's not there - you can see on my hand I've got two extra items... in biro

This building is literally the only place on planet earth that I can catch this today and I've now got to walk all the way back.
So stop the clock

I had to walk all the way back down the travelator past security through the carpark and look there there it is
I dropped it when I got out of the car

There's the list so I'll get the list go all the way back to where I began and start the clock and the shopping all over again
I think this video it's about me overcoming my fear of filming in public

[TANNOY: Help stop the spread, and download the smartshop app today!]

Those ones
or those ones
I don't know which ones you want!
Which ones?
Maybe these ones?
These look a bit big. I don't know any more!

So I did it!
I didn't video very much but I did buy more
So that was to see how many minutes I could shoot in a mad supermarket.
Er... quite a lot I think - that was quite good, AND, because it's a Friday night, it was really quiet... so that was good.
That was a result.
So shopping 1... vlogging zero

It's late at night now and I've just got home you'll see what happened next in a moment but I paid for my stuff for the checkout and had this brilliant chat with the young woman who was serving on the checkout
It was the only checkout and it was taking me forever to get everything out my trolley - I managed to do really well with the shopping

So I said you know "how is it, you know it's nearly closing time, yeah?
So you're nearly finished now?"

Yeah that sounds wrong doesn't it - but anyway so I said you know how are things at the moment?
Is it is it bit strange - it seems very quiet now
"Yeah it's really quiet now"
I said have you had any, like, oddness?
And she said "yeah there's-- yeah... all the time."

But there's one that she remembered in particular and it's basically a woman who basically made her pack her bags.
They're doing everything they can to avoid contact

There's a lot of Plexiglas up - a lot of distancing... and you're encouraged to pay by card and not cash- so there's like all these checks, there's lines over the floor and signs everywhere... and then at the checkout this woman demands that her bags be... be packed!

And I was disgusted to hear that because while we are at the moment demonizing people who are sunbathing, we got people like asking checkout workers to pack their bags for them!

What's going on!

So anyway she said-- so I said, "Ahh that's really awful"
She said no, no the awful bit was that this woman then unpacked everything that she had packed and repacked it - in front of her!

People are rubbish.

If you're busy demonizing people who are sunbathing, and making checkout workers pack your bags for you... I think that maybe you've got some time now to reflect on your priorities

Thanks for watching - if... if you reached this point in the video I think this video's gonna be very short, so it's not really an achievement
But really appreciate it

Why not give me a thumbs up to let me know someone reached this part of the video and how you're feeling even kinder why not hit the subscribe button - that really helps me to keep going with this - this high quality content in lockdown Britain

I always feel good about having the wrong brand bags
What's all this like for you?
What's it like shopping at the moment?
What are you experiences?

Leave me a comment in the comments below that'd be really lovely to hear from you
Can you please help my daddy get 1,000 subscribers just click on his face - thanks, bye! How's that?

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Thursday 16 April 2020



I receive commission, at no extra cost to you if you buy an Osmo Pocket using these affiliate links - or the accessories I use below:

(Amazon US) (Amazon UK)




TRANSCRIPT: press PLAY to watch the video above
Okay this could go very wrong - Hello, I'm Neil - and I just wanted to shoot... I just wanted to shoot this test, erm, today seemed to be the right day for it - the question is can you use an Osmo pocket in the rain? Erm, probably - I'm guessing woah! Guessing the answere's probably not because it's not weatherproof I believe
but erm... where's my face track? hang on, no! I'm here. Face track. There,how's that? No!
So that-- so I've just had this, it--
I've just had this for what, two days?
And, yes?
"Is it waterproof?"
It's not waterproof - it's not waterproof or weatherproof at all.
Er... so I thought - so thought I'd answer the question "can an Osmo Pocket be used in bad weather or in the rain?"
And today I've chosen the worst storm to hit Britain in a long time - it's it's called storm Ciara - yeah -
Oh! I'm not even wet!
It's predicted-- we're predicted to have 50 to 60 mile an hour winds or gusts
I don't know what the difference is between a wind and a gust - maybe you can tell me in the comments below
This is just - it's just the camera test to see if a storm will break my Osmo pocket
You might see the flaw in this plan - but to me it seems like a good idea
The other reason I wanted to shoot this test is to see how good or bad the audio is
So I understand, there are a couple of microphones in the bottom there
The only thing that's wet is my wellies. Oh.
That's it - I'm not wet. You think my legs are wet after jumping in that puddle. Nah.
Let me give you a sense of how bad the weather is.
There are so few cars...
So this is a really bad storm - let me get my phone out. I'll erm... show you what the Osmo Pocket looks like.
You see there's a bit of rain on there - you might be screaming at the screen right now
To tell me to get it in! And get it dry!
But I really just wanted to see how it would behave in a extreme situation
Yeah I know this could go horribly wrong but if we get through this day then... The world's my oyster with the Osmo Pocket.
"If we get through this day then woah the world's my oyster with the Osmo pocket!"
Oh the flip button seems to work
I haven't got my... erm, so don't have any windshield on the microphone
I might need to wipe the lens
I don't have any wide-angle lens as well
I think that's gonna be the next thing that I get for this thing
But man it's cold and the winds are quite strong. Let me show how you how bad the winds - I dont know if it's coming across - because of the small screen - so I don't know how bad the weather is coming across - let me show you a shot here.
"I'm PeppaPig Reek!"
So anyway that's - This is pretty much the most extreme weather that we're gonna get here in the UK this year
So I'll leave in the description - I'll say if the automated pocket has died forever for good
And if it hasn't I put that in the description as well
I hope this video has helped if it has - it'll be lovely if you give me a thumbs up - just to let me know someone reached this point of the video
And if you're feeling even kinder why not hit subscribe, and thanks for watching!
Osmo Pocket RIP.
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers - just click on his face
Thanks bye! How's that?

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Monday 6 April 2020

My girl's bedroom is mouldy | BEST DEHUMIDIFIER UNDER £50? | Neil Mossey #TightwadDad Vlog

My girl's bedroom is mouldy | BEST DEHUMIDIFIER UNDER £50? Silentnight Dehumidifier

I don't know why my family can't accept a mould patch as an acceptable interior design choice
or maybe a pet?

We've been running this for about two days now and look how much water it's collected.

Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut
I am the Tightwad Dad

It's a place where we try to be happy with what we've already got as the graphic illustrates quite clearly there.

But what's this?
This is stuff!
That I've bought!

But I'm gonna try and be happy with this because this helps us be happy with our home - and instead of fixing it and making it good and safe for my family I thought I'd slap a few quid on a dehumidifier under 50 pounds
Does it work?

Well actually this dehumidifier is under 40 pounds
Got this bad boy from-- I think it's more of a lady though isn't it?
I got this from Lidl here in the UK

You can also get it on that online place - there's a link in the description
I'd better unbox it hadn't I?

So this is to make our home less dangerous - let's see what you get in the Box
get power cable... operating instructions... and what I understand it does - cuz we've got one already - it takes water out of the air

Of course we put the water into the air in the first place but it was easier to get this than to spend the tens of thousands of pounds it would just take to fix our home

Well I say that -- every builder quote I get is exactly 10 grand

It's uncanny isn't it but this particular 10K problem I'm gonna try and crack or mitigate with £39.99
That's what I paid for it - you might find it cheaper in the... in the link below

I feel a bit intense!
As you can see the apples have fallen off the tree - winter is definitely on its way

Now this is what it looks like - you couldn't actually see the back on the online shopping site - so that's what it looks like if that helps - if that's why you're clicking on this masterpiece of content!
I love that I watch like, iJustine, and she's like... she's reviewing iPhone pros in exotic locations and here I am in... the garden with a bit of electrical from Lidl

Now this has had--- ooh, shouldn't maybe hit it

I'll gently stroke it and welcome it to our home like Marie Kondo says we should
This has had-- "Shhhh... I don't want to hear..."
Silentnight: cover your ears.

But it's had mixed reviews on Amazon as some say it does not take enough water out of the air
Some say it's not too quiet
I'll give you a little sound test in a moment

It's a marvel of technology - it can actually remove water from the air and apparently this water - having too much water in the air is - is probably the cause of this lovely sight in my daughter's bedroom
Oh it's a mold.. for the mould patch is back

We should give it a name
I don't know why my family can't accept a mold patch as an acceptable interior design choice or or maybe a pet!

I saw this on BBC Four - that when plants and animals split in evolution, mould and fungus didn't!
They carried on with the animals and they split later!
They're, they're us!
I mean basically we're host bodies for the mold
I'm not quite sure why my gut bacteria is allowing me to make them a bit thirsty for a bit

Ohhh, I'm such a bad dad
I've only got one job.
And that's to take the bins out on the Thursday but the the other job is to protect my family and provide shelter for them
So if you've got an idea for a name for our patch of mould...

Leave a comment, we'd love to name the patch of mold before we seek to destroy it with the Silentnight dehumidifier - and the way you plug this particular one in is a figure of 8 cord and it plugs in at the back here it's actually a bigger version of the little one we'd bought from Robert Dyas

So the figure of eight cord goes in there and switch it on here and when you want to empty it you pull it out here

The one on the smaller dehumidifier we've got - which I think I spent about 15, 20 quid on - it's actually got mold growing inside and this is sealed or I couldn't work out how to open it so that I don't know how you clean the inside

But when it fills up with water it's really clever you pull this rubber plug out, there and you can tip the water out

So the question is should I plug it in here with all the noise and do it outdoors like you're not supposed to... or should we try it in my little girl's room?

Look on the ceiling - here's the moon and the stars ahhhh
And over here is a big patch of mould and it's some more mold so here it is in place in pride of place in my little daughter's bedroom

The first thing is the cord isn't that long is about a meter, meter and a half, so I've rather stylishly fixed that with a bit of power

Added that there to make it look nicer - but I guess it doesn't does it
I'll use it as a little visual aid that this is the Silent Night dehumidifier
Man... I wish I could be you

So this is what it looks like on the shelf
It's about arm's length with my big arm so I don't know sort of 40... 40 to 50 centimeters tall - which is strange because on the picture on the box look they've made it look tiny

Either that or they've got a giant phone
Here's the other dehumidifier we've used up until now - the ProBreeze - so that's about 2/3 of the height
I'd say that's probably 25 to 30 centimeters tall

This is what it sounds like
We'll turn it on it's the excitement - Look I've got biro on it already
That's from my hand just now.

No way, so turn it on
Now this is a bit disingenuous because my microphone is is far away but equally if I lean close that's going to give you an unfair idea of how loud it is it's like a very small fan
It's a little bit louder than white noise - it's not unbearable

It's like the sort of the first setting of an extractor fan over your cooker?
It's certainly louder than this

I'll compare that to the smaller ProBreeze - so you have a fan noise with this one but this one is definitely quieter because it sounds like a smaller fan
- so that might give you an indication of the type of noise if not the actual loudness in the description the first line I'll put is-- is this any good?

So you'll know if it is the best dehumidifier for under £50.
We've been running this for about two days now and look how much water it's collected!

It has been working really really well for us
It's slightly louder than a smaller unit but it's certainly really super effective here at water - slightly louder than we'd prefer it to be but really effective at collecting moisture in the air

If you've reached this point in the video - I can't imagine that someone would - but if you have why not give me a little signal by clicking on the thumbs up - be lovely to hear from you in the comments as well
If you've got a name for our our new pet - if you've got a name for him or her - is it male or female leave that in the comments below

I've put links to this dehumidifier in the description below
Amazon - Jeff Bezos gives us pennies for each unit sold - you might help fund the electricity to run this Dehumidifier so thank you for your support and if you really want to help us why not click on the subscribe button

You need never watch any of our videos again but each subscriber helps take us closer to the cherished goal of 1,000 subscribers so thanks if you are able to click on that subscribe button

Good luck in removing all the liquid from your family's home
Yeah, then that's the one - that sounded really elegant

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Thursday 2 April 2020



Hello I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this video
Usually I'm a tightwad dad trying to be happy with what we've already got... but this week we have been homeschooling - home schooling? - and I'll level with you it didn't go quite as brilliantly as I hoped it would
This is how we found out about it...

Good evening, all schools in the UK are to close this week...
[BORIS:] For many parents this will be frustrating, and make it harder for them to go out, to work.

Okay, so we're going round to granddad's to deliver some food
Just gotta check that we're two metres away...
What's the reading?
2 metres.
Oh, well done.

So we got, we got some food for you...
"Nice ad for Tesco... Awww, come on! Got it!"
Success! We fed, we've fed the old!
I'm supposed to be homeschooling them today so what...
"No, we're done now!"
What, no no no...
"But it's past 3:15!"
No no what did you do in the war?
What do you mean, "what did I do in the war?"

Alright, erm... no no the other one? There must be, oh I know, the one in the Eighties?
"I was down the Bonehouse most nights..."
You writing all this down?
I can't remember, because I'm of that age.
Okay, well I think we've learned a lot from, from Grandad today, haven't we?
You didn't think these things through.
Alright, school's ended.
Well that went well.
"The greatest generation".

Okay so the next lesson is problem-solving.

We've completely lost the hole in the ground that we use for our clothes dryer
It's just... ahh, it's here somewhere.
It's just healed up.
And we know it's here because we've got photos of it!
So I've got these sticks to divide up the ground, you know like when police forces search for things in the woods...
"I'm amazing!" Oh, woah woah, where?
"I found it."
No way! You got it! "Mum I found it!"
"You owe me one pound."
I owe you a pound? That's partial credit!
We are really happy about that... that is er... that was a good lesson

We could... I thought we could watch the whole of YouTube.
So what was the first video on YouTube? Anyone?
Oooh, "at the zoo", "at the zoo".
Oh it's called "Me at the zoo"?
He was the first person to go on youtube?
I think this was the first ever video.
Yeah, it was.
[VIDEO:] Charley says... if ever you find a box of matches lying around, tell Mummy, because they can hurt you.
[CHARLEY:] Meeoww, wowwowow..
"Is that the picture of the Mummy?!"
[CHARLEY:] Meeoww, wowwowowwowowowowow...
Charley says that stoves are dangerous to go close to, because there are so many hot things there that can hurt you.

(Re. Grange Hill) "Why is their logo 2 dollar signs?"
"What's that?"
It's an old empty building
Why are they there?
They're just playing where they shouldn't be.
People did that in the 70s
"Did they?"
[VIDEO:] "It's something you've developed yourself is it?"

"What is this?"
So this is "Tucker's Luck" - this is what he did next in Thatcher's Britain
[GOVERNMENT VIDEO:] Move the body to another room in the house, label the body with name and address. [LAUGHTER]

Chocolate Rain!
Chocolate Rain!

[VIDEO:] Charlie! That really hurt!
Then why did he do it?!
I wonder what that baby Charlie looks like now.
He's just amazing at filming
Remember when Bart was skateboarding off Homer's tow truck?

There's no way she's gonna eat that. That's a WHOLE bottle of milk, there's no way... is she actually eating it? Bleugh... [LAUGHTER] I feel like being sick!
That's a whole box! And a whole load of milk. That's like-- SHE'S GONNA FEEL SIIIII--
No way! Oh shoo-- [LAUGHTER]
Who is this?
I don't know...
She's finished. Please don't subscribe...
I didn't subscribe.
So basically we learned absolutely nothing! Nothing!
Well done class!
Partial credit!

So that's how our week of homeschooling went.
I still can't say it, "schooling"?
Can't even say it, let alone do it.
How was it for you?

Leave us a comment below we'd love to hear from you, and your Horror Story - slash - tips and tricks, that'd be really appreciated.

If you've reached this point in the video why not hit the thumbs up or if you're feeling even kinder, subscribe would help us to keep going with this... and my goodness good luck to you and your homeschooling.

I hope there's some tips and tricks that you've managed to pick up from us... or some things to avoid probably.
Let us know in the comments below it'd be lovely to hear from you and thanks again for watching!
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers, just click on his face, thanks bye! How's that?

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