The short version:
Writer and script editor in broadcast production for comedy, online and animation.
Co-creator of the BBC’s first nightly as-live comedy show (The RDA), writer on the world’s largest online webseries (Lonelygirl15), and writer/producer of comedy online series with David Beckham (Ask Becks).

Credits include ‘My Parents Are Aliens’, ‘The New Worst Witch’, ‘SuperNormal’, ‘The Morning After Show with Simon Amstell’, ‘Boyster’, ‘Footy Pups’, ‘The Return Of The Goodies’, ‘All Over The Place’, ‘Gigglebiz’, ‘I Slept With Richard Blackwood’, ‘RI:SE’, ‘The Recommended Daily Allowance with John Gordillo’, ‘Hedz’, ‘It’s That Jo Caulfield Again’ and 'School Of Roars'.

My digital credits include 'Lonelygirl15', 'KateModern', 'Ask Becks' for YouTube, and the 'House Of Lies' app for Showtime Networks. I also run sessions on interactive storytelling to share my experiences scripting and producing for digital, multi-platform, apps and online video.

I love coming at wrong subjects from even wronger angles to make us laugh.

"I feed my family with #DadDirt"

This blog is a box for trying out new things, where I come so close to being in touch with you - hello - and the upsides of a two-way chat along the way.

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And now here's my straight corporate Linkedin version of ABOUT ME:
Hello! My day is filled writing scripts and formats for comedy and entertainment TV shows: including story and script editing, team writing, and animation.

I spend inappropriate amounts of time on unworthy subjects, to make us happy.

I also write and produce for online, multi-platform, apps and digital productions...
...running sessions on interactive storytelling to my share experiences of writing on two of the world’s biggest web series (and creating online formats for companies such as Bebo, McDonalds, Sainsbury's, BBC Online and Showtime Networks).

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The long version and life story:

Hello, again.

I am a writer for TV and standup comedy, and digital producer for online videos and apps.

Years ago, a series of jobs at the BBC landed me as a Development Producer in the Comedy department: nurturing new writers, performers and off-screen talent for series and pilots that were seen and unseen.
It was a dream job.

But my career took a huge left-turn when I became a writer on the American webseries "LonelyGirl15" and its UK spin-off, (a youtube phenomenon explained here).

I was given a front-row seat next to its creators. They were hugely generous and open-source about the effect of everything from story structure through to the video uploads. Audiences could message the show and its characters in real-time, while the series was being written and produced.

Since then I carry on in digital production and script writing.

As a writer, my imdb credits are here, and range across family sitcom ("My Parents Are Aliens"), adult standup ("It's That Jo Caulfield Again"), children's comedy and cartoons ("Gigglebiz" and "Footy Pups").
This also lead to script editing work for broadcasters like ITV and Disney.

As a digital producer, I've worked on projects such as the Showtime Networks' drama "House Of Lies" app...
(walkthrough here).
...created online videos for household names including McDonalds, Sainsburys and Jobsite (where the team won "Best Use of Social Media" at the Shorty Awards New York, Best Video and Grand Prix CMA awards UK)
... and share my experiences in multi-platform content as speaker or mentor (appearing in places like Cyfle Wales, De Montfort University MA screenwriting course, and the Singapore Media Academy).

The different skills are always feeding into each other: scripts are always better when they take into account how they'll actually be made, and online videos are more effective when they have a narrative structure.

I'm trying-out new ideas and material here on my blog... and also bank examples from all of our struggles with The Great Disruption (here) - the most exciting and terrifying changes in how we do Everything, not just telly.

I might be wrong, but I think Comedy has it hardest in getting budgets and slots from the traditional gatekeepers of schedulers and channel controllers.

Why innovate untested ideas with unknown talent, when easy things like regular entertainment formats are easy to understand and less likely to stink up overnight ratings and audience share.

But comedy is also the genre with the greatest to gain from building an audience online. Who wants to forward a food tip or a sports clip as much as a funny video to a mate?

But we want more of a two-way relationship, to make the material better.

Maybe success should be counted in numbers of subscribers, or shares and likes, or comments, or embeds, or forwards, or other community activity. And perhaps these have different weights.

There must be something funny in that?