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Find out how many LOST SUBSCRIBERS! How to count lost subs on your YouTube Channel

How do you find out how many subscribers you have lost on your YouTube channel? 
Or how many lost subs on my videos? OR even which video is losing the most subscribers?
I walk you through my own YouTube Studio analytics to see how many subscribers I'm losing this month, and take you step-by-step for finding the number of subs we're losing on our YouTube channel.

Find out how many LOST SUBSCRIBERS! How to count lost subs on your YouTube Channel

0:00 Find out how many LOST SUBSCRIBERS! How to count lost subs on your YouTube Channel
0:59 How to find out how many people have unsubscribed from my YouTube channel.
2:40 Quick look at all the ways viewers can unsubscribe from my YouTube channel: YouTube watch page (video pages), my YouTube channel, Interactive features, Subscriptions feed, YouTube Home and 'Other'
3:35 How to look up how many have unsubscribed from my YouTube channel in the last year
4:14 How to find out how many unsubscribed from a YouTube video.
5:20 Which videos are losing the most subscribers? Videos ordered by subscribers gained and lost.
7:00 How to order videos by subscribers gained for the last month or year



However successful we get on YouTube, there's always that horrible question that's in our heads...
...well it's in MY head: “How many subscribers am I losing this month?” 

How many subscribers am I losing across my channel?

And which videos are losing me the most subscribers?
We can always see our subscriber numbers just gently going up, but you and I both know that THAT number is hiding how many people are unsubscribing.
You and me are going to find out three ways to count the number of subscribers we are losing.

Firstly how many subscribers we're losing across our whole channel, over any time period... so this week, this month or this year...
Then we'll see how many are unsubscribing from individual videos.
And then the thing I think you want to see the most - because it's the thing that I wanted to see the most.

Which videos are losing me the most subscribers?
And I’ll show you why that is not a very helpful figure, so let's find the first number: how many people have unsubscribed from my channel?
This is my YouTube studio and we're going to click on Analytics on the left hand side.

This is how my channel is looking at the moment, but on the top right hand corner can you see this button here: advanced mode.
If we click on that, I don't like going into this page.
I think these graphs look really ugly and intimidating but along the top of the screen can you see these tabs?

You've got video, traffic source... if you click on “more” it brings up a list of even more tabs that you can open, and it sometimes hides these - so it might be worth clicking on the “more” to find “subscription source” 
It's next to “subscription status” and this page is for the last 28 days.

If I scroll down past the lines, there you go, you can see total number of subscribers column, a subscribers gained column and a subscribers lost column.
So this is for the last month: I gained 164 subscribers but I also lost 43, which means overall I only went up by 121 subscribers.

That is how I know how many subscribers I’ve lost.
I can even change the time period, if I click on this box at the top, you can see all these different options you can select.
I’m going to choose “last 7 days” and I can see in the last week I gained 49 subscribers and lost seven.
Oh... big sad.

I think I need a drink just to calm my nerves.
Let's go back to the last 28 days, and I’ll scroll down and this brings up the whole list of different ways for people to leave my channel.

Let's quickly go through them one by one: there's my YouTube watch page.
These are the subscribers I’ve gained and lost from individual videos on my channel.
Underneath that is my YouTube channel, so this is where people have subscribed or unsubscribed from my actual channel page.

We have interactive features, the next one down, I gained two subscribers by people basically clicking on either the watermark in the corner or maybe my face at the end of the video.
I can see that I lost two subscribers from my subscriptions feed.

I lost another four subscribers from the YouTube home page, and then there's this kind of catch-all figure at the bottom for other places where we can gain and lose subscribers from these places that aren't listed above.
If I wanted a total figure for the last year, let's choose last 365 days, what a graph! 
I can see here that I have lost 468 subscribers and in that same year I’ve gained 2470 which means the actual number of subscribers that have increased over the year is 2002. 

Hello I’m Neil by the way, and welcome to the Happy Hut!
I’m niching my channel to only be about making more videos right here on YouTube and I think that is the reason why so many subscribers are leaving who didn't sign up for that... So it's kind of a good thing that they're leaving.
Let's go into the figures for an actual video now so I’m back into channel Analytics:

I’m going to click on my list of videos.
Let's choose “How YouTube banned my thumbnail” - that seems appropriate for... for what we're talking about, and I’ve clicked on the Analytics button for this video... 
And just like with the channel figures we're going to go up to the top right hand corner and click advanced mode.

And once again I’m going to click on the more button to bring up my list where I can choose subscription source, and these are my figures for the last 28 days - that's the default.
I can see that I gained 4 subscribers but if I go up to the time period on the top right hand side and choose the lifetime figures this is the total number of subscribers gained and lost for the lifetime of the video.

I have gained nine subscribers on this one video and this video lost one subscriber so the overall number of subscribers that it tells me on that overview page is eight subscribers.
Now you can do this with any video but we're gonna go for the big one now, which is how do we find out which videos are losing the most subscribers?

I’ll go back to my channel Analytics page and in the top right hand corner once again we'll click on the advanced mode button and this brings up my top 50 videos by views.
So the video with the most number of views is at the top and it orders them all the way down that list.

What we can do now is to click on this blue cross here it brings up this list of other metrics that we can choose, so we're going to select subscribers gained you can see it's on the list here and that adds a new column 

And it's ordered the list of videos by subscribers gained.
And if I click the blue cross again I can choose subscribers lost and that adds this column here: subscribers lost.
And it's ordered the videos by number of subscribers lost.

If I go up to the time box and choose last 365 days, we can now see my list of videos ordered by highest number of subscribers lost.
I don't think this list is very helpful.

We saw earlier that a video is only one of seven places where people can unsubscribe from my channel, so this idea that one video is making lots of people unsubscribe just... just isn't true.
The most that one video has lost is five subscribers, and that video also happens to be one of my biggest viewed videos.

It is my biggest fear obviously - I’m convinced that one video is going to wreck my channel - but the numbers that I’m seeing don't really support that.

I think this means that my videos aren't the place where people are unsubscribing.
A much more useful figure for me is to go back to the list of videos, and this is a bit more positive as well, if I order the list by subscribers gained it's so much more useful for me to know which videos are gaining the most subscribers because I can see what I’m doing right.

I can see instantly my top five videos for gaining subscribers for the last month and if I open that up to the entire year so far, 2021, I can see the top five videos that are gaining subscribers.
This... this information is just... it's just much more useful for me.
It's so much more positive.

If you've made it to this point of the video then hopefully my channel is for you so thanks for being awesome and hitting that subscribe button, and here's another video about how I run my YouTube channel.
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face. Thanks, bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one, right.

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Can you REALLY vlog with Sony ZV1 camera? My Brighton ZV-1 vlogging test

All about me, and getting these by email.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Can you REALLY vlog with Sony ZV1 camera? My Brighton ZV-1 vlogging test

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Can you REALLY vlog with Sony ZV1 camera? My Brighton ZV-1 vlogging test!


0:00 Can you REALLY vlog with Sony ZV1 camera? My Brighton ZV-1 test!
0:55 My Nan was stationed here in The Grand Hotel as a WAAF for the Australian Royal Air Force in WWII...
1:17 My worst YouTube shooting moment
2:00 Brighton has the highest density of YouTubers on Earth, maybe I'll bump into Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Mary Spender, Cameralabs or Pewdiepie!
2:58 My Sony ZV-1 camera rig for vlogging: Chromlives hand grip, Rode Lavalier Go lapel mic, Comica Mini Deadcat windshield. And my merch which is dwarfed by Linus Tech Tips merch logo.
3:36 Shooting behind the scenes with my DJI Osmo Pocket camera
4:05 Bumping into Gordon Laing from Cameralabs - an actual Brighton YouTuber! And trying to find where PewDiePie lives.
6:30 Boho Gelato ice cream shop in Brighton - fantastic place!
9:30 Walking around Brighton Pavilion trying to not get told off for filming.
10:58 Sony ZV1 Camera FINAL VERDICT on the vlog test 



I’ve come to Brighton to see if I could find any vloggers or YouTubers have you ever met any? 
Well I’ve met Alfie Deyes before...

Can you actually really vlog with a Sony ZV1 camera?
I know that Sony says that it's a vlogging camera and some of the YouTube reviews - they might have like one or two shots of someone walking like this but can you actually shoot a whole vlog on it?

I haven't actually seen someone actually shoot a real proper vlog on a Sony ZV1... well for a start I’m in the UK so I call it a ZV-1 
and I get more money from viewers in the United States so I think I should call it the ZV 1.

And I found out in one of my other YouTube videos - there's a link here and in the description - but my 
Nan was stationed here during World War II.
Not just stationed here but stationed like literally HERE in the Grand Hotel.
She was a WAAF working for the Canadian air force and... and worked right there all the way through the... well most of the way through the second world war.

That was a car crash interview.
I remember there was one point in the video where I asked my Nan how did she find out that she was pregnant: thinking that was asking about what the procedures were like in World War II for... you know... how do the doctors inform you.
But she actually said:

[ME IN VIDEO] How did you find out did... did you get to go to the doctor or...
[NAN] Well, I must’ve known I missed a period. I think that had been the first sign.
It wasn't quite the answer I was expecting and I’d never heard her say anything like that before or since but I was really glad that she chose to do that on my YouTube video! 

The other reason I’m here - by the way I’m wearing the sunglasses because it's bright sunshine but also to get that whole vlogger vibe... 
Brighton has the highest density of YouTubers and vloggers per square metre than anywhere else on Earth 

I mean basically you could throw a rock here and hit a YouTuber.
I think only Santa Monica and Venice Beach in the states comes even close so I’m hoping to maybe spot a really famous YouTuber or vlogger while I’m here.

You know someone like Zoella Sugg or even though I haven't actually watched any of her videos...
Someone told me there's Alfie someone that might be here?
I think he's linked to her in some way?
There's my favourite music YouTuber Mary Spender maybe I’ll bump into her?
Or maybe there's my favourite YouTube photography channel cameralabs?

Hang on that's... that's not cameralabs!
That's... that's cameralabs!
And my son’s and the world's most favourite YouTuber: er... pewdiepie? 
Did I say that right?

Maybe I’ll bump into one of them if I walk around the town for long enough.
So this is my camera rig: 
I’ve got my favourite hand grip here - there's a link to that in the description - and you can see the cable hanging out.

That goes up a wire that goes up my sleeve and it's connected to this...
it's the Rode Lavalier Go with a Comica mini deadcat windshield on it.
But you probably can't help noticing my merch.
I mean my worry is that the logo is just too damn big.
Then I saw Linus Tech Tips, have you seen his merch?

Look at the size of that!
I mean that basically dwarfs my little effort at a logo.
Now the reality of filming this - this vlog test for the Sony ZV1 camera - is I’ve got to actually hold another camera over here.

This is my DJI Osmo Pocket so I’m actually walking around town with... with two cameras stretched out from my arms. Hello! 
Maybe I should have called this video how to shoot a behind the scenes vlog test of the Sony ZV-1 on a DJI Osmo Pocket?

So my long-suffering wife said that American audiences might actually like to see British backgrounds at... oh uh excuse me are you are you camera conspiracies?!
Sorry no you’re cameralabs! 
This is it's-- it's Gordon Laing! I’ve found a vlogger! 
I found an actual - not vlogger but a YouTuber!

If you throw a pebble in Brighton you will hit a vlogger!
Everyone you can see on this beach is currently planning their next YouTube video.
It's Gordon Laing from cameralabs... can I ask for some free camera advice that like everyone who watches your channel gets?

Sorry, I should be socially distancing but the... the wide angled-ness of the lens isn't...
It... it doesn't help with the social distancing.
Is it the ideal camera for vlogging now?
Because you're so far away you won't get any audio! 

I know I’ve now turned my arm into a mic boom as well! 
It's really hard vlogging in Brighton isn't it? 
It is by the sea, it's a big challenge especially as there's a constant breeze, so you do need wind mufflers on the microphones.
No we're going for an ice cream oh okay... oh it's just here yeah... yeah.

This is the same place that was on the front but obviously this is the main one and the other one was shut.
So I’ve got to fill eight minutes to get the mid-roll ads from YouTube...
Nothing cynical about this content! 
No and this is... this is great but how many.. is... are there any good places... are there any good places where I could find some YouTubers? 

In Brighton?
Yeah where would you... what do you think would be the... the best... apart from the beach where I’ve met one.

I would say in front of some cool looking graffiti probably - cool looking street art.
Always think about your backgrounds when you're vlogging right?
I think I’ll need to subtitle this bit! 
Well it doesn't matter what I say!

Where would the vloggers hang out?
Good question. I would say that the ones who are... not many people do them outside anymore because obviously when you reach a certain level of fame, you don't want to be bothered doing your work.
So the really big ones are just doing it from home aren't they?
So you need to find out where pewdiepie lives and knock on his knock on his door.

I’m sure he'd love to see you.
I don't know if you can see this behind me but this is pewdiepie's new house being built.
It's quite impressive.
I think the top four floors were built just with Google AdSense revenue alone. 
You're getting one, aren’t you Neil. 
I am.

I’m treating you!
I’ve come to Brighton to see if I could find any vloggers or YouTubers...
Oh really?
Have you ever met any?
Well, I met Alfie Deyes before.

I had to explain to him earlier who that was.
Oh really?
So now he can go: “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!”
Yeah, they’re usually down on the... South Laines is usually a good spot.
Oh is it?!
Or Palmeira Gardens?

No, Pavillion Gardens even.
You didn’t tell me about those places!
I thought we could go there with our Ice Creams!
Anything else?
Whatever he wants.

You get told off for filming in the Pavilion Gardens.
I’ve filmed that before and they--
You get told off for everything in there.

They’ve got that automatic telling-off machine.
And you’re like...
It’s true. It is true.
No no, this is great... this is great intel.

That’s good advice.
It’s good advice.
Good advice.
Are you having a nice day then?
Yeah it's brilliant! It's the first time I’ve travelled in a year 

Oh really?
So anywhere that's not in the house is... is a treat but yeah, it's a good day thanks!
It’s a nice day as well, so that’s a win.
There we are. Thank you so much.

Thank you!
Gordon's channel is doing really well at the moment so he's getting the ice creams.
I can stretch to an ice cream!
Do you take American Express?
We don’t sorry. 

Thank you so much!
Have a nice day, thank you!
Wow that's good advice.

That's good and... and crucially I think that filled up another 30 seconds of the... of the video, so that's good and I’ve got some... a bit of food photography in there.
What flavour have you got?
I went for berry burst.
Have you had it yet?
No, no

That's really good - yeah that tastes exactly like carrot cake 
Oh my gosh 
Which is fortuitous because that's what it is 
It's like they've just kind of got a carrot cake... 
stuck it in a magi-mix with some vanilla ice cream and served it which is all you want really! 

That's a great idea 
Sadly your Paperchase... which is just up here 
oh yeah 
Where Neil buys all of his development notepads... 
Yeah my yellow pads! no longer here.

Well Gordon you could have broken that news to me more gently!
It’s a victim of The Vid 
Ah... The Rona got the Paperchase 
Sorry Neil.
Oh man - they haven't even put up like, you know, where the nearest one is.

Oh man.
Still ice cream eases the pain.
...Two grand for a puppy.
Anyway this is... this is the place that the very nice ice cream shop lady 
- this is good ice cream 
It's an excellent ice cream.
I should have taken a shot of the shop shouldn't I.

I’m sure there's some branding in there.
Boho Gelato - look on the front of the ice cream: they print it on the front.
Oh that's clever 
I’ve eaten my-- 
You've eaten your logo 
-- My brand integration 
He looked a little bit like Romesh Ranganathan!

Really? I thought he was gonna tell me for filming so--
No they do! They do.
I’m going to do some secret filming to see if we can find some Brighton YouTubers here.
So Neil - yeah - just go really close to the Pavilion 

I know... is there some kind of alarm?
No nothing will happen - just... just have a closer look, it's a very interesting building 
Built by the Prince Regent.
Yeah - George IV.
But why do you want me to go over there?

Because I think you're missing out on some of the detailing which would look nice in your video - just have a closer look
What are you afraid of? 
Okay I can't... I’m not allowed to go close to the pavilion 
Why not?

You think I’ll get a better shot if I go closer?
Much better
I’ll just be over here distancing myself from you.
At least the uh the monitor is quite useful for this
Always remember your bonus content for your Only Fans 

So what's it like using the Sony ZV1 camera out and about vlogging?
It... I feel a bit self-conscious I had to admit and having the... the monitor on the side just makes it just that little bit more obvious - it's like I’m holding this big matte black cross.

And you've got to hold it quite high.
It's basically like goose stepping down the street with the arm stretched aloft.
My battery's dead.
It's only like 4:30. 

I think YouTube has put some ad breaks in the middle of this and I even bumped into someone who has 190000 subscribers so I think I’ve managed to hit all three challenges in this vlog and leave a comment if you want to see anything else from this camera when I’ve charged it up again.
Thank you Brighton.

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Best teleprompter for Sony ZV1 camera and Zoom? Ambitful mini budget prompter + Parrot app! REVIEW

All about me, and getting these by email.

Monday, 26 April 2021

Best teleprompter for Sony ZV1 camera and Zoom? Ambitful mini budget prompter + Parrot app! REVIEW

BUY ONE HERE! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.




Best teleprompter for Sony ZV1 camera and Zoom? Ambitful mini budget prompter + Parrot app! REVIEW

What is the best budget mini autocue under $100 and does it work with the Sony ZV1 camera, the Parrot teleprompter app AND Zoom calls?
This is my review and unboxing of the Ambitful or Pronstoor mini teleprompter, a budget prompter under $60. My challenge is can I fix a teleprompter to a Sony ZV1 camera (or something like a Canon G7X Mk ii or mark 3)?

I show you how I've set up my teleprompter, and use the Parrot teleprompter app to put words on the screen with the remote control included.

0:00 Best teleprompter for Sony ZV1 camera and Zoom? Ambitful mini budget prompter + Parrot app! REVIEW
0:53 Unboxing a Pronstoor or Ambitful mini teleprompter, with tripod thread, phone holder, cold shoe mount, lens mounting ring for DSLR or smartphone and remote control.
1:59 How to mount a mini teleprompter onto a Sony ZV1 camera lens (also works with Canon G7X Mark 2 or Mk iii)
3:31 Parrot teleprompter app: how does a prompter or autocue work?
Ambitful teleprompter test and review
6:30 Using Chrome Remote Desktop and Mirror Page App to reverse image a computer screen onto the autocue.
7:22 How to send a Zoom call in front of my camera to have a Zoom meeting in my eyeline so that I can look at the camera during the call



So in real life, on the phone the writing is all mirrored 
when I put this in front of the teleprompter and you can see that the mirrored writing is reflected in the glass so it reads the right way around 
I can't say that. 
Right way around 
Under here is the tripod thread and there's a metal... OHHH 
this is the Pronstoor or Ambitful mini teleprompter 
it's a prompter that you can clip onto the lens of your DSLR camera or as you will see with my experiment, maybe you can also clip it onto a Sony ZV1 camera or even a Canon g7x mark ii or mark iii 
I’ll be showing you as much of this teleprompter as possible to show you how it works, how it fixes to the camera and what kind of teleprompter apps you can use with the supplied remote control 
this is how the Ambitful mini teleprompter arrives 
let's see what's inside the box 
look at this! 
if I told myself when I was a child that I would be unboxing an actual autocue I think I would have been very excited and it's like a matte plastic 
if I give it a flick... 
so it sounds less than premium but it looks pretty good in real life and it feels really really light 
under here is the tripod thread and there's a metal oh! 
okay so that's how it... 
it... unscrews I didn't know if it was like spring loaded or anything 
and there's a kind of a rubber pad to grip the phone 
but I’m really pleased with this there's a cold shoe mount on the top 
you can pause the video if you'd like to look at these 
the lens adapters to fix your camera to the teleprompter hood 
these foam covers - if you wanted to film with a phone or tablet 
and the thing that I’m looking forward to the most I think, which is the remote control!
Four buttons and a joystick... okay button on the top... and it takes two AAA batteries 
now I’m feeling quite brave or possibly incredibly stupid but I’m gonna put this ring onto my Sony ZV1 camera 
I have a 52mm lens adapter ring but it's... it's stuck on and it's literally stuck on with a sticky pad 
I don't think this is going to work but I’m going to try it anyway just in case you're wondering if you can mount an Ambitful teleprompter onto a Sony ZV1 with just a stuck on lens adapter ring 
so I’m recording on the... the Sony as well before I inevitably smash the thing 
you can just slide the hood onto the ring like this 
and if I look into the lens I’m in really harsh daylight here so it's not the best test 
we'll take it indoors and do this properly in a moment I thought it might be more picturesque out here 
now what I love about this is it actually looks like a TV camera now 
I grew up in the 80s and 90s wanting to work in TV and this I mean this really looks like a TV camera now! 
the entire weight of the teleprompter and my chunky case phone it's all putting the weight on this ring of double-sided sticky tape 
I think having the rugged phone case is probably a good idea if this suddenly tears off and collapses to the ground like... sorry my dog's going nuts digging a hole 
if I suddenly fall out of shot it's because I’ve fallen into Casper’s hole here 
So the Ambitful mini teleprompter or Pronstoor teleprompter is holding out really well
Let's get it indoors now 
so welcome to the happy hut and I found - woah! 
nearly dropped it! 
I found my old android phone and I put onto this the parrot teleprompter app 
there's a link to that in the description 
there are all kinds of free prompter apps 
I’ve got my camera here hello this is what the shot looks like before the prompter hood goes onto the camera 
now the trick is to get the ring to slide into the clip on the back here 
try and get my camera around so you can see what's going on 
there so it clips on like this and because it's on this round hood clip you've got to kind of straighten the prompter and there I am hello! 
this is what the picture looks like with the hood on, so to me this is looking good but what do you think? 
leave a comment down below 
it is so nice to not... look at a TV style autocue rather than a tiny lens 
so with my parrot teleprompter app I’m going to click on settings and then I’m going to turn on mirror mode 
and then I’ll explain how this works just in case you've not used the autocue before:
so in real life on the phone this is what it looks like 
the writing is all mirrored 
when I put this in front of the teleprompter... I’ll slide this into the phone holder and you can see that the mirrorred writing is reflected in the glass, so it reads the right way around! 
I can't say that: “right way around” 
I’m going to straighten the teleprompter 
you're now seeing me, which is me reading the words, and you can also see what I can see which is what's coming off the Ambitful teleprompter 
the teleprompter also comes with this remote control and there have been a lot of reviews saying it doesn't work with their particular prompter app but it seems to be working great with me 
so let's bring the camera around so you can literally see what I’m seeing 
so rather elegantly I now have my DJI Osmo pocket over my shoulder and I can use the remote control to scroll up and down 
now if I zoom in you can see what I’ve got on the screen here: this script that comes with the parrot teleprompter app so I’m just going to read a few lines 
the parrot teleprompter app is the companion app for the parrot teleprompter, the world's most portable and affordable teleprompter 
use the scripts manager to manage your scripts or add and delete new scripts 
you can adjust various scroll settings by selecting the gear icon 
wow it feels really... it feels so much easier to actually deliver to you into the camera lens down the barrel rather than what I usually do which is to try and remember what I’m trying to say and then I’m sort of eye flicking off to the monitor on the side to see if I’m in focus or check that the thing is recording anyway 
it is so much easier and more reassuring to have words in front of me and to make my eyeline meet those words 
now this is incredible 
I downloaded the chrome remote desktop app and I’ve linked it to my computer here and incredibly it's sending what's happening on chrome on my computer to my phone 
now obviously I need to make the text supersize so I can read that straight off my computer screen and I can scroll it with my mouse while I’m delivering the script 
but I still don't have the text as a mirror image 
you can see it's back to front, so then I got another chrome extension which is called mirror 
I’ll leave a link in the description 
I’m not sure how safe this extension is but it flips the chrome tab to be a mirror image and now you can see that it is completely the right way round on the teleprompter for me
so I can scroll up and down or even view any web page that I like 
the other thing that I can do now is to use the chrome remote desktop to send a zoom call straight to the teleprompter and that means that I can see my zoom call actually in my eye line right here in front of me 
I can maintain eye contact and see all the participants right in front of my camera so I don't have to look down or pretend to look at them by looking at my lens 
of course if you want to buy one from amazon the links are all in the description and I’ll put all the links to the apps there as well and I’ll change those if I find any better ones 
good luck with your autocue teleprompter Ron Burgundy style reading.
Stay classy San Diego!

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Before Your YouTube Shoot... LIVE Creator Academy QUIZ #9!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday, 1 April 2021


Shot April 2021. I am so sorry. But at least we get to hear the RODE PODCASTER - full review, audio test and comparison here:

You can BUY the Rode Podcaster USB mic here from Amazon!
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

I'm sorry this happened. RODE PODCASTER MIC VS SILVERCREST SWC1000 audio sample. APRIL TECH



So which is best?
This is the budget SilverCrest SWC1000 and this right here is the Rode Podcaster Dynamic large diaphragm USB microphone. 
Now, I'm having problems at the moment with the SilverCrest, so let's get started with this: the Rode Podcaster.

Oh and by the way, my name's Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high-achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head onto here on YouTube to make the world happier.
But I also use microphones a lot. 
So I thought you'd like to hear how this microphone sounds up against the budget SilverCrest SWC1000. 

Let's enjoy some shots of the mics up against each other side by side. 
This is the SilverCrest: it comes in a fetching pink colour with a matte finish and this is the Rode Podcaster which is in a striking white. 
A glossy finish with stylish ribs on the side. 

As you can see on the body here the controls on the SilverCrest are basic. 
Whereas the Rode Podcaster which you're hearing right now basically only has one control.
This headphone volume dial so you can hear how you sound while you're recording. I love how the Rode Podcaster sounds even though I'm directing this to camera so I’m probably not using it entirely how its intended. 

I think you're meant to speak directly into this microphone. 
Does that sound different?
And it has this USB Connection on the back here. 
Plus this very reassuring LED light which is designed so that if you can't see the light then your head is in the wrong position for the best pickup. 
I've made a whole video about this microphone up against the lapel mic the Rode Lavalier go and the link to that video is in the description and on screen now.
At the moment, this is about $229 or a £180 here in the UK compared with the SilverCrest, which is £11.99 in the Lidl Supermarket here in the UK.
That's around $16. 

Now as you can see at the base here, it comes hardwired, which is causing me a bit of a problem. I can't seem to get a decent sound out of this particular unit. There are three output levels here and this kind of chill icon that must be some kind of filter. I'll just try it on a different setting... 
Hang on... 
Am I reviewing... a --- hairdryer?

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My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE - Unboxing and review of

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE - Unboxing and review of

What does Redbubble merchandise look like when it arrives? 
Is Redbubble any good for YouTube merch? 
Where is the best place to get merchandise printed and sold for YouTube? 


My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE! Unboxing and review of !



Hello my YouTube merch is in the house!

It's freezing and I probably shouldn't be doing this outdoors, but if you've ever wondered how does print on demand merchandise from redbubble arrive?
What does it look like and how is it packaged? 
Then this is the video for you... and possibly this could be the mug for you! 
I've got a steak knife... so let's... I've got a second camera going over here. 

This is... this is what the package looks like.
You can probably guess what this is. 
A little clue on the outside there.

I've also ordered a hooded top so I'll probably be... well I'll definitely be showing that on the channel when that arrives so if I undo this tape here and this lid opens.
Thank you for supporting independent artists. 

There's a link in the description for this so oh my goodness so I've ordered a few things but it looks like it's just going to be the mug.
Nice cardboard origami there. 
Wow oh my word that is lovely.
That is beautiful this is what it looks like. 
You might be seeing this quite a lot on the channel in future. 

If you've seen my podcast, the Great British YouTubers podcast, there's a link in the description and on screen now, I actually designed a logo by the bolting together... the frankenstein bolting together of these two icons... which guide so much in our lives. 

And what I did with the design was, I've used the actual photo... I was going to say photo realistic but it's actually a photo of of a flag, because I like the texture of it but I don't know if it looks like a printing error.
Like it's gone a bit wonky, but I... I do like the texture of it.
I like the the photorealism of the Union Jack there.

It's a standard mug, it holds a standard amount of British beverage and because it's print on demand you can have this wherever you are in the world. 
I think if you click on the link in the description it will show you the local prices and they print it and deliver it locally wherever you are in the world. 
Oh it started raining. I need a hooded... hooded top for this! 

Now the only downside with designing mugs on Redbubble is that I actually wanted a black mug. 
I wanted a black design and you only get white and you... you can cover it in a coloUr which is what I've done.
I've set this as a background colour. 
This is supposed to be black and it's kind of come out as a olive green. 

You can set any price you want.
There's like a base price and then you can add a percentage for the sale price and you get to keep that margin. 
That is added to the... the base price.

The shipping isn't cheap and I suspect that goes towards... not me!
I'm not saying the margins are low but I think I would need to sell about 13 of these to pay for this one that I've bought so if you do buy one I really appreciate it.

You will be contributing to this very mug, if you buy this mug and there's some other products here as well. 
I've put the design onto some t-shirts... a zipper hoodie which is on its way soon. 

That'll be a video very soon.
I've even got some phone covers and a cushion. 
I should get a cushion really shouldn't I?
I like the look of this cushion but I am quite attached to my routemaster bus cushion in the Happy Hut. 

There's some instructions here: it says that the mug is... it's ceramic and it's dishwasher safe and microwave safe, but yeah so this is my first Great British YouTuber's mug. 
I was going to have words saying Great British YouTuber on there. 
I thought that might be a bit much.

I think British YouTubers are probably a bit more understated so I've just gone for the logo.
This is what it looks like on camera. 
It's the first time I'm seeing this on camera so the only way that I'd improve this is by actually ordering a mug from somewhere that designs the actual mug being another colour. 

There are other websites too which I'm trying out. 
There's Teespring which I think is called "Spring" now but do you have any recommendations? 
Is there anywhere that you're looking into for... for buying print on demand merch? 
I'd love to hear from you - put a link in the description. 

The thing I'm really after at the moment... I don't want to put this down! 
The thing I'm really after at the moment is a knitted hat with this logo embroidered on the on the rim there so if you have any recommendations for print-on-demand embroidered logo hats... 
I know it's a very specific request.

There's someone out there... one of you must know and if you'd like to buy this very mug - the margin isn't that great ,so not much money is going to come to me but if you want a snazzy Great British YouTuber mug, the link is in the description now and I'll also link to any other videos where I designed some merch and go through the process with you.
So thanks in advance for any support and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
I need to go in now and put something hot in this because I'm... I'm quite cold.

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Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

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Friday, 26 March 2021

Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

How do you make a COMMUNITY POST on YouTube? Are they even worth it?
I'm taking EVERY YouTube Creator Academy course and the exam IN REAL TIME WITH YOU (almost) on here every week through 2021. 
This week it's the SIXTH course exam: 
"Interact with Audiences with Community Posts" and the link to the course is here: 

Previous quizzes here:
#5 How I PREMIERE a video on YouTube:
#4 How I handle COMMENTS on YouTube:

Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

0:00 How to make a Community post on YouTube!
1:26 How does the YouTube Community Tab work? Video here:
1:46 How to create a community post on YouTube.
2:09 How to post an image in a YouTube channel feed.
2:57 Tips and ideas for YouTube Community posts.
4:00 How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to be able to post pictures, polls and links to videos?
4:40 What is not a best practice for YouTube Community posts? Course Exam for COMMENTS video here!
5:25 Can anyone create a "Members Only" community post on YouTube?
5:45 Eligibility Requirements, the megamix. (Radio Edit)



how do I make a Community Post here on YouTube 
this is what my posts look like 
we can post pictures polls and links to our videos 
I think they show up in people's feeds on the home screen or if we click on the community tab on our YouTube channel 

I used to get a bit miffed about this - that you need 1000 subscribers to be able to do this so if you're on that journey right now to 1000 subscribers, here's a massive sneak peek into what it's like and how it works 
you and I are gonna... we're gonna learn everything there is to know about Community Posts 
because there's this thing called the YouTube Creator Academy and it's a free place where we can learn about every single aspect of YouTube 

now for some reason I've decided to do all 40 courses in one go this year and to do that with you at the end of each course there's usually an exam 
so we do this as a game show and a quiz that you and I can play along with and answer the questions and see if we can pass the course together 
but this is one of those courses that's slightly different because it's a small topic 

I've just got this thing at the end of the course saying check your knowledge so I think it's only going to be about three or four questions 
so when that happens you and me get to do the whole course together 
I've got the big clock counting down on screen now that's when the quiz starts 
lesson one is just this video 

it's a video that basically covers everything that we're about to cover so there's a link to that up in the description up in the description above and down in the link below 
oh my goodness there's a link to this video up on screen now and in the description so you can watch that at your leisure so we can now dive straight into lesson number two 

which is how to create a Community Post 
now the first thing we need to do is go to the tab named community from our channel home page 
and in the box at the top we can create our new Community Post and once you're done click "post" 
is that it? 
is lesson two? 

now I actually find these really difficult because when you post an image it crops it to a 1:1 scale so that it looks good on a phone so I just tend to put my thumbnail on there 
but my thumbnail is obviously landscape and I try and work in some kind of rule of thirds thing going on with my big happy shaved head there 

the whole image opens up when you click on it but you've got to kind of crop it to have it appear on the page 
but the really good thing is when you put a direct link to a video in your post it embeds it in a really nice way you can kind of see a bit of the description and it kind of frames it nicely so that the video is ready to play in the player 

I'll be honest with you, that lesson was slightly quicker than I thought it would be 
the clock is still ticking down to the big quiz so hang on in there lesson three tips for using Community Posts 
here are some tips and ideas for what to post 

promote a collaboration video with a fellow creator 
or fan poll your audience on what type of video they want to see next 
I've actually done that 
it was my biggest post 
usually I get about one or two thumbs up on my posts but this one - look at it 

look how many votes I've had 
so I've got to say of the three options the... the poll has worked the best for me 
I don't get the impression many people are even shown it let alone click on the video link but this poll was something else 

we can show off special behind the scenes photos 
tease an upcoming special announcement 
shout out to fan or fellow creator using an @ mention 
and if we use channel memberships, create a members only post to show exclusive content only to your channel members 
now I'm on 3000 subscribers at the moment I don't even know if I'm eligible for channel memberships 
maybe we should do that course next 

well that was... that was really quick 
this is gonna be... this gonna be a quick weekend quiz today 
let's go for "check your knowledge" 

the countdown has hit zero - this is the whole point of this video you and I can answer these questions in real time and see if we if we pass the Community Post test 
question one: creators with how many subscribers or more can use Community Posts to connect with their fans?
10 or 100, 1000 or 10000? 
well I know that this was unlocked for me at 1000 subscribers so I'm going to say 1000 subscribers 
great job you'll need to have at least 1000 and it's kind of cut it off... 
I'm using the Creator Academy app 

there it is question 2 
which of the following is not a best practice when using Community Posts 
polling your audience 
replying to individual viewer comments 
shouting out a fan 
or highlighting a collaboration? 
which of the following is not a best practice when using Community Posts 
I think I'm going to go for replying to individual viewer comments 

way to go! 
you can reply to viewer comments directly in the comments section so save Community Posts for other types of broader engagement 
but this is a good point to plug the the quiz for the comments 
everything we need to know about YouTube comments 
I'll put a link to that on screen now and in the description 
that one was slightly longer than this one 

final question question three 
true or false, anyone can create a members only Community Post? 
I'm going to go for false because I think you need channel memberships to do that and I'm not up on channel memberships yet so I'm looking forward to that course 

you have to meet specific eligibility requirements 
I love that phrase eligibility requirements 
you have to say it in one breath 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility reliability 
eligibility regrettability eligibility required eligibility requirements eligibility requirements 

I just like the phrase eligibility-- 
let's hit the big submit button 
quiz complete how did you do? 
have you hit 1000 subscribers and if so have you had a Community Post? 

why not put your favorite Community Post - a link to your favorite Community Post in the comments 
be great to see your examples and if you haven't hit 1000 subscribers yet, or just have a complain about not hitting 1000 subscribers yet so we can cheer you on over the 1k subs line 

so I'm really looking forward to seeing your comments this week 
this is like a weekly get together isn't it 
I'll put up a link to the Creator Academy course for everything you need to know about YouTube comments 
thanks for joining me on this quiz 
I'll see you next weekend for the next YouTube Creator Academy course exam!

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How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!


How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!

0:00 How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!
2:00 How to report a YouTube thumbnail.
4:00 How does Google and YouTube assess my thumbnails for content violations? Google Cloud Vision API
7:07 Here's what happened next... with my appeal? Can you appeal against a YouTube Community Guidelines strike? Will your channel be shut down or deleted?



I am really embarrassed about making this video because completely out of the blue I got this email directly from YouTube 
Hi Neil Mossey. The following-- 
It's a bit formal!
The following video has been flagged for their thumbnails the thumbnails have been reviewed and removed.

This has never happened to me before ever so I went straight to the video because there must have been some massive mistake and then I went there and I knew exactly exactly which video it was.
I'm going to show you the full thumbnail and the actual video footage that it came from.
There are obviously things that cannot be unseen.
This has to be your decision if you want to see it and I'm going to show you exactly how YouTube and Google automatically assess thumbnails for everything: emotions, headgear, logos and in my case a bit of raciness! 

Get ready to cover your eyes: you're going to see things that in YouTube's opinion violates YouTube's Community Guidelines! 
Hello I'm Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get... a double one there... to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier. 
I do lots of experiments on my own channel so that you don't have to and also so you don't get into trouble for things like this.

Hello this is me while I'm editing this video.
Something bad happened: there's a twist at the end of this story and it's... it's not a good twist.
I've had to blur out the thumbnail all the way through the video just so that I don't get another Community Guidelines strike.
Bit of a spoiler there. 

There's a link to the picture in the description so you get to see the the actual thumbnail and stick to the end of this video because it doesn't have a very happy ending! 
Now luckily this is the clean version of the thumbnail and this would give me a chance to demonstrate something.
If you click on the three dots which is a menu, one of the options at the bottom as you can see here is "report".
And if I click on this, these are the things that you can report a thumbnail for: an image or title.
So now I'm wondering was my thumbnail reported by someone? 

I mean the email said it was flagged but it doesn't make clear whether or not it's something that the YouTube algorithm has spotted or if someone has actually reported this.
And now I'm wondering, is now the time?

Do you want to see the thumbnail? 
It was from a video from 20 years ago, it's a video that I actually produced when I worked at the BBC about the life of the dancer and choreographer Peter Gordeno.
He was big on British TV in the 1970s.
He had his own shows and I produced this video for this show because of this piece of archive which was absolutely jaw-dropping.
Now this is very important can you please ask the children to leave the room and be ready to cover your own eyes.

[VIDEO AUDIO:] young Peter grew up vowing to follow dance heroes like Fred Astaire and the rest is history...
And that was where the thumbnail came from.
So this is the thumbnail, this is the thing that has prompted this action from YouTube, so I don't know what's going on here.
Maybe somebody did report it, you know these videos go out all over the world and maybe some cultures are not ready or not quite ready for this, or maybe YouTube's own artificial intelligence is... I don't know becoming more sensitive to this kind of footage.
I don't even know if you're going to get to see this video.
Maybe this video will be banned.

It might be a really good experiment if you were to hit the thumbs up now just to help this video not be buried or shadow banned.
Looking at this picture I think the font is probably more offensive than anything else.
Look at the kerning, it's terrible!
But what if we were to actually put this thumbnail into Google?
What if I were to show... good catch! 
What if I share with you the actual AI software - Google's artificial intelligence - this is the software that Google uses to assess all of our thumbnails and this is something you can do yourself right now.
I've put the full link in the description, by the way if you're enjoying this experiment it would really help me out if you were to hit the subscribe button.
I just... I'm convinced that YouTube are gonna completely remove this video.
This is Google cloud vision and all I need to do is to drag my thumbnail into the web page.
This is Google's assessment of this thumbnail.
It has spotted five faces, so it's individually assessed each and every face in the picture.
Interestingly it's chosen Peter Gordeno in the middle - it's chosen him as face one, "possible joy".
Seeing the the behinds, I don't know.
You can see it measures the tilt of his head and it has assessed Peter Gordeno in this picture as having confidence of 82 percent.

It has done that for each of the dancers either side of him but I nearly missed this.
There are tabs all along the top here because it assesses even more.
So objects... a percentage of person... so it can tell there are five persons there.
It has detected swimwear so it didn't quite know whether the underwear is underwear or swimwear, so those are the objects let's go to labels.
Oh interesting okay so it's detecting sports uniforms, shorts... 
I'll let you see the list here, I won't read it out, so these are the labels that it is suggesting for this for this thumbnail.
Sports venue is an interesting guess there.
Right, maybe it thinks it's some kind of martial arts or something.
The dominant colors... this is a percentage of colour in the thumbnail.
Now this is the crucial tab right here: safe search.
Okay so luckily it hasn't assessed this as adult - which it isn't.
There's a high percentage possibility of spoof so this is really good stuff the... the algorithm knows that it isn't a serious piece of skin footage! 
It's unlikely that it's medical - that's good - but very likely to be racy! 
So these are the values that it has assessed but you and I now have some work to do which is this: "if you think this removal was an error please appeal using the form below" 
I think there is no question that I now have to appeal this.
Let's see what happens.

"Please explain the reason for your appeal" 
Here goes.
I literally can't see anything wrong with this image.
Am I so immersed in filth that my sense of decency is wrong? 
This went out at 8:25pm on British national television.
I'm appealing against this so that YouTube doesn't come off as more prudish than BBC One. 
I'm doing this for all of us YouTube, including you.
Come on let's not buttshame Peter Gordeno's colleagues! 
Thank you for your consideration.
Here's what happened next: I got two emails from YouTube.
Here's the first email and it says my appeal is completely 100 percent successful! 
We can confirm that your content does not violate our Community Guidelines! 
Yes! Yes! 
I did it! I did-- yes sound effects of stadium applause! 
I did it and it felt great so I opened up the second email from YouTube.
Your content has been removed.

It violates our policy and then... and then it says you can appeal this decision!
It says I haven't got a Community Guidelines strike but I have had two warnings which you're not allowed to have.
So here's my advice based only on this experience, I don't think it's a good idea to appeal against these decisions because from here it looks like the algorithm will just strike it down again.
I don't know if YouTube is even showing you this video so if you make it this far thanks for any thumbs up or comments that you leave, it really does help other people to find this video, and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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How to change your YouTube Channel Name on Ipad

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

How to change your YouTube Channel Name on Ipad

How to change your YouTube Channel name on an iPad!
If you want to change YouTube channel name on a phone, my video is HERE: 
If you can only see FIRST NAME, LAST NAME you need to move your YouTube channel to a Google Brand Account and my step-by-step walkthrough is HERE:

IPAD! How to change your YouTube Channel Name

Click on you avatar on the top right hand corner and make sure the app is logged into the same account that your channel is linked to.

Once you’re on your google account.     (on an iPad go to Drive where my icon was).     
Go to   
to MAKE CHANGES  TO  YOUR  PHOTO  OR NAME even if it says you are NOT ALLOWED.   
Then, under PROFILES, you can allow yourself to change them.   
Slide the green button, I think, to allow.    
Then you can touch your tiny icon and change your photo....  you can finally get your pic uploaded to your G-suite google account emails!      
And if you change your name it will also change on your YouTube account if you have one.
(Thanks for this tip from my comments!)

The other way to get around this is to go to on your browser, and check the 'desktop site' box option so it doesn't redirect you to the youtube app.
You might be able to change the channel name in the browser this way - good luck!

0:00 How to change your YouTube channel name on an iPad
1:00 Step by step tutorial: how to check you're logged into the correct YouTube channel
1:27 How to Edit Channel on YouTube app
1:45 How to change your YouTube profile picture or banner image, YouTube channel description and YouTube channel name on my iPad!
2:20 What to do if YouTube channel name wants first name and last name, WATCH THIS VIDEO:



Hello! Can you change your YouTube channel name just by using your iPad?
If you want to change your YouTube channel name by using your cell phone and iPhone or an android mobile phone, I’ve got you covered completely 

There's a link on screen and in the description where I walk you through the entire process.
But I got lots of comments asking me how can I do this specifically on an iPad?
Hello my name's Neil Mossey, I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get things out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier.

I’m sharing lots of walkthroughs on running a YouTube channel because I’m a beginner just like you so you can avoid all of my mistakes and all of my obstacles.
Now you and me are going to get through this quickly I promise but I’ll also cover a couple of problems at the end of the video.

Sometimes this doesn't work or some of the steps might not actually appear on your particular situation.
Let's put the iPad up on the screen now and this is my YouTube app on my iPad and the very first important thing we're going to do is to check that you're logged into the right YouTube account to change.

If you click on your face or your avatar it brings up the details of the accounts that you are logged in on, so make sure you've got the correct channel showing and then we're going to hit your channel.
I’ve got two - not one but two - of my smiling gurning faces there.
There are two buttons along here: there's “edit channel” and “manage videos”, so we're going to hit “edit channel” and it brings up the channel settings for my YouTube channel.

And this is... this is called Tightwad Dad.
I think this is quite a negative name, it was deliberate but I’ve had a change of heart and I want to change my YouTube channel name.
You've actually got three options here: at the top you can change the banner or your profile photo.

At the bottom you can change the channel description and sandwiched between the two is... is the channel name so we're going to click on the pen icon on the right hand side here.
It's quite easy to miss and this is where we can edit the channel name.
Now if yours doesn't look like this just keep watching because I’ve got some fixes for you.
But I’m gonna rename this channel DAD DELIVERS in capitals and then I’m gonna hit the tick in the top right hand corner.
There we go the channel name has been changed!

Now there's a very high chance that your YouTube app doesn't look like this - it actually presents you with a first name and a last name.
If you want the single box like this where you can name your channel with one name or maybe a phrase - anything up to 50 characters - then that means that your YouTube account needs to be moved to a google brand account.
And you're in luck because I’ve made a complete step-by-step walkthrough on this video here.
It's on screen now and the link is in the description and you want to watch this video from about 2:50 seconds in.

I show you the entire process of moving your personal YouTube channel that's linked to your google account and move it over to a brand account.
Once it's moved to a brand account you can change the name to anything you want.
You can also do other things like have other people manage your YouTube channel for you.
I hope this works for you and on screen now is a link straight to that video where I walk you through the entire process of changing your channel name to be a brand account.
That's on screen now and I hope this works out well for you

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How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021

All about me, and getting these by email.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021

How do you add foreign subtitles or closed captions in a second language to your YouTube video?
I'm showing you everything in the CC subtitling tab of YouTube studio to add subtitles in another language to your next YouTube video!

How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021

0:00 How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021
0:43 It's not about adding on screen translations, but you can export or copy a transcript of your YouTube video.
1:00 How to turn on YouTube CC captions or subtitles on a desktop computer or mobile app
1:17 How to change the language of your YouTube video, or auto translate the video into another language.
1:30 How do I subtitle my YouTube video? Adding CC closed captions.
2:00 How to download captions or subtitles from my YouTube video.
2:20 How to copy the captions transcript to my YouTube video.
2:50 How to manually add CC captions or subtitle my YouTube video 2021 LINK HERE:
3:10 How to set default subtitles language spoken in my YouTube videos?
4:00 How to add a second language to my YouTube video subtitles.
5:00 How to auto translate my own YouTube video into another language.
5:40 How to translate my YouTube video title and description into a second language.
5:50 How to automatically translate any text into another language for free using Google Translate:



How do I caption my YouTube video in a foreign language or add subtitles in a second language?
It looks really complicated but it's just lots of different ways to do the same job.
I'm going to show you a way that avoids a lot of typing if you're adding closed captions in another different language.

Hello I'm Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out into the world here on YouTube to make the world happier.

And it is quite literally the WORLD today if I can translate my videos into other languages then we're... transcontinental.

Now this is a really important disclaimer.
This video is about YouTube subtitles and closed captions.
It's not about putting foreign language translations on screen like this.

But the way that I'm going to show you will give you a transcript which will give you the text of the words that you can take into an edit if you're putting them on screen like this.
You probably know this already but to turn the subtitles on in YouTube, you can just hit the letter C on your keyboard.

Or click the icon at the bottom of the video.
Or press the CC icon on a mobile device.
And you can choose the language by clicking the cog on the desktop player.
Or the three dots on a mobile device, and choosing the captions language there.
I've subtitled this video so you can see how it looks [HELLO!]

So let's dive into YouTube Studio.
This is my YouTube Studio dashboard.
If I hit "content" it's this video here: "How to make a banner" and I'll scroll down to the subtitles tab on the left hand side.
And this is the video subtitles page for this video, and luckily as if by magic there's already a set of subtitles there waiting for us.

If you want to take the text from the video to do the translation separately, there's a couple of ways.
If you click on the three dots menu here, next to edit, one of the options is download.
If I click on that it gives you the original format and these are different subtitles files that have the timings actually embedded in that file.

But don't worry there's a much easier way to do this.
If you click on "edit" you can see the subtitles laid out and timed for this video, and if I click on "edit as text" this is the transcript for this video.
So all we'd have to do is select all and I'm going to right click on that and choose copy.

Then we can go into a word processing program and hit paste and there's the transcript!
So I could translate it here or send that to a translator if someone's doing that for me.
But I'm going to show you a much easier way to do this, that we get YouTube to translate this video for us.

Now don't worry if you don't already have a set of subtitles for your video.
I've made a whole other video: it's on screen now and in the description.
I walk you through the entire process and if you follow the steps in that video you should end up with a complete set of subtitles for your video like this.

Let's just also check a couple of things before we get started.
If you click on settings on the left hand side and then choose "upload defaults" and then advanced settings, this is where we set the default video language for all of our videos on our channel.

You can change the language on each video that you make, but this way makes it easier to just set the default for every video.
So I've set those to English and now we're going to check the video language on the video page.

If we go up to details and then scroll down below your description and your thumbnails right at the bottom there's a menu called "show more" and underneath the tags you can see this section here: language subtitles and closed captions.

Now this has changed recently and these boxes have been blank on pretty much nearly all my videos that I've uploaded.

I like to make sure these are set to English so that the language is set to English on the subtitles page.

Finally this is where we can add a second language to our YouTube video.
It's funny I worked a very long time ago for CNN and they always trained you not to use the word foreign because your foreign is someone else's "Home".

So we're going to add a second language.
These are all the languages that YouTube recognizes... look at that list.
What do you think? 

I think I'll go for German, and you can see that there are three different types of German.
I'm going to just choose the regular German.

It's like that with English, that you can have English for Canada, India, Ireland... 
I don't know why but I've got a funny feeling that just sticking with the regular English makes it more available to people.

I don't know if that's true or not.
And then we have two options here on that row: there's a title and description but we're going to go to subtitles and "ADD".

And it gives me three options: I can either upload a file... you can type manually, and actually manually set the subtitles to your video.

The option I'm going to choose, because I'm lazy, is auto translate.
And incredibly, instantly YouTube has translated my entire video into German! 
Now I don't know the quality of this translation and if you are translating to a second language, chances are you probably know that second language.

You can completely change or alter any one of these captions.
What's great about this... I've only just noticed this... but it's got the original English caption above the translation.

This will be where you can make any changes... any stylistic or translation changes that you want.
Now I've not spoken German for about 18 years so I'm just gonna hit "publish" and the other feature that we have here is to add the title and description.

My schoolboy German really is not up to the job of translating this, so thankfully google comes into its own again.

If I copy the English title and then go to I can paste that title here and we can choose the language in this pull down menu.

So let's choose German and this is the automatic translation.
Again, you won't have to do this if you already know the second language that you're translating to, but I don't so I'm going to copy that.

And then I'll paste it into the box and I can even do the same with the description.
And there it is! 

That's my description in German! 
So then I hit publish.
I now have a title, description and a full set of subtitles in German, so if I wanted to tweak or correct or finesse any of that wording, I can by just clicking on edit.

And you can change things here.
I can even extract a transcript of this translation by clicking on "edit as text".
It's all there, so you could select that and copy it and send it if you needed to use those words somewhere else.

I am now going to do this for as many languages as possible on THIS video, so if you click on the cog at the bottom of this video or on the three dots at the top of this video if you're watching on a mobile, you'll see how many different languages I was able to change this video into.

But is this video helping?
Why not leave a comment to say hi or ask any questions.
I'm sure someone will be able to help, and why not leave a thumbs up button?

It will help someone else find this video and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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