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BEST metal water bottle for school! ION8 reusable canteen unboxing review - Gift Idea for Him

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This is the Ion8 metal water bottle - a great gift idea for kids, for him, for her, for them!
It's a refillable metal water bottle (aren't they all reusable?!) and my favourite one is in pink.
It has a cleanable flip-top lid and metal body with carrying hook and I use mine every single day. My kids take their metal water bottle every day to school and they are extremely durable. You can get one yourself from Amazon on the links above!

BEST metal water bottle for school! ION8 reusable canteen unboxing review - Gift Idea for Him



What is my favourite metal refillable water bottle?
Aren't all that... aren't all water bottles refillable?!
Should I do that again?
What is my favourite metal water bottle?
it's this one! 
it's the ion8 - let me turn it around so you can see all the packaging that it comes in 
there you go - the ion 8 leak proof metal water bottle 

it comes in other colours I got one of these for my daughter 
this isn't hers because I like the colour so much that I bought a second one in pink and I’ve also got a grey one for the Son, in gunmetal grey 
this is fantastic and it's got a flip top lid look 
I’ve got a second camera so we'll take it down to here 

I like this bottle so much and I’ve made some other videos on my channel of refillable cups for coffees 
so we've got the frank green cup... and the stojo cup... 
these videos do really well because there isn't much online where you can actually see in video what the actual bottle looks like so I thought I’d make this video for my water bottle 
is it a water bottle? 
didn't they used to be called canteens?
but you can see it's metal 

I’m going to unbox it or unwrap it for you right here right now but let me show you what comes on the packaging now 
I can re-- hold it up to here can't I 
but anyway you can refill it 
can't all bottles do that and then we've got no leaks 
it's food safe - now this is why I wanted to get a metal bottle 
the... the plastic ones we've got are okay but you know how you get the water starts tasting like used plastic 

that started to get to me and also all the plastic bottles I’ve got are really big 
so I couldn't get it into my coat pocket 
this fits amazingly well 
it's a bit taller than a coke can and it stores 400ml of liquid 
I think you're only meant to use water I only use water and it says you hand wash it so don't put it in the dishwasher basically 
this grip up here is rubberized 

I’ve been using it all week so it might not be totally clean sorry about that 
there's a flip top holder so you can put that on a hook or hold it like that 
that goes up and down 

this ring here is... is rubberized - it's like a rubberized grip and the flip top lid as you can see is clear 
and here's where the magic happens there's a lock here 
so if you don't want it to open in your bag or your pocket that's what this lever does 
and if I pull it down you can now press the button where-- it went a bit quicker than I’d hoped and it just flips like that 

let me try again 
the kids absolutely love it but I think I love it more 
the drinking spout is really generous and it's just literally an open hole 
I’ll open it up for you in a second 
this stopper stops the air hole... it blocks the air hole there and I think these might be removable which I’ll try it 

I’m going to destroy my cup 
there we go 
these are removable for washing and the same with this stopper here 
and you have to excuse me I’ve got some drink in here 
but it's just plain metal 
it feels like steel 

by the way if you want to buy this bottle there's a link in the description and as an affiliate amazon shower me with money in commission if you buy using that link so thanks if you if you do buy one from the link in the description 
I just think it's the right size for me 

I think it's wasted on the kids but the kids absolutely love it 
there's something really substantial with this 
it does take a bashing it... it can take it well 
although this one is brand new 
let's unwrap it 

I’ll take the collar off 
so the solid colour I’ve chosen is pink and there are different prices for different colours 
the size in ounces is 13oz and you can get it in black, aqua, blue, green, gray, pink purple and red 
the colour goes all the way to the bottom 

I think I’m going to engrave my name there should I make a video about that shouldn't I and it's a really simple screw top lid on the top there 
oh no I’ve leaked on the desk 
inside the lid there's uh like a removable rubber ring around the top to stop it leaking 
I’ll just screw it on like this

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