Sunday 24 March 2019

How to get cheap console games #TightwadDad 048

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- Nothing.
And the family have all gone away for a few days and they spent...

- Nothing!
JOY 10

Then I double-check with my son on the phone.

- Local Independent Toy Shop: 4x packs of cap gun caps.
“630 bangs.”
JOY 11

How to get cheap console games #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 010

Hello, welcome to episode 10!
Welcome back to the Happy Hut. It’s Tightwad Dad Podcast.
I'm Joe.
I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this. It's very special: we’re going to double figures, episode 10.
I know. I never thought we’d get to episode 10. This is where I found out we haven’t recorded any of them [LAUGHS]

You had an idea for something we could celebrate our 10th anniversary.
Yeah we're gonna we're gonna stop for a week and we're gonna let you decide in the comments if you - I wanna say that - YOU decide what you would want us to talk about.

So if you have any questions... and is that it? Is that all we’re gonna say in this episode?
No we're gonna have to do more because that was only about a minute let's talk about the latest games.

What are the latest games? The consoles we have are really out of date.

PlayStation 3, - because they’re cheap - Xbox, DS Lite, DS Excel, Playstation 1 that Grandad gave us
Oh yeah. But we’ve got Minecraft, that’s still a hit.
It is and it was so expensive to buy even pre-owned because no-one gives...
It was 15 quid...
Yeah 15 quid because no-one gives them up.
I had just the right amount I had to - I had to be like - I was just lucky - I had just the right amount.

That’s true, so that’s our tip isn’t it - to use old consoles to save money.
Yeah because if you have old consoles look it up look up how much minecraft is on ps4 or Xbox and it would be quite a lot unless you have a PlayStation 3, it would only be 15 pounds.

So what consoles do you use, that’s what we wanna ask.
Yeah in the comments.

Leave us a comment if you've got any console money-saving tips because we think buying games for 50p a disc is pretty good but if you've got any better ideas.
No, a pound. I think we get a pound, that’s the cheapest we've got. One pound.
I thought we had some for 50p.
We have one 50p.

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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Do we spend too much on toys? #TightwadDad DAY 044

I am a #TightwadDad and finding happiness for my family with...

- Mobile phone bill.
“I’ve really got to move our mobiles to somewhere else.”

- Free coffee shop decaf coconut latte
“Gift card.”

- German Supermarket Chain supermarket top-up shop: Fruit.
“Kids fighting over which fruit.
They’re fighting.

Spend too much on toys? Xbox 180? #teamTIGHTWAD Podcast with Neil and Joe 009

Hello I'm Joe.
I’m Neil, thanks for clicking on this video. It’s the TightwadDad Podcast live from the Happy Hut. Well sort of live. And it’s episode 9!

I didn’t think we’d make episode 9.

So this is gonna be about what toys we spend on because - right!

He has two children.

Do you think we spend too much money or not enough money on toys?

I think we're doing the right amount for a kid, yeah.

Well that’s good for a Dad to hear that he’s spending just the right amount on toys.

I’ve bought quite a few of my own toys.
What would you buy, yourself?
That electronic kit I can afford.
What else?
A console.
A console? Which console would you buy?

It’s either a Nintendo switch, an Xbox or a Playstation 4 or 5. Well an Xbox one.
Imagine if there's an Xbox 180 instead of 360.

Would that be better, or worse?
It would have to be more money because this is the latest it's gonna have to be better.

You hear that Microsoft? Your next Xbox should be the Xbox 180.

Yeah, if they’re watching this.
The chances of them watching it is THAT small.
[LAUGHS] I cant even see through there.
There are actually gaps on me - there are actually gaps.

That’s how big Microsoft is likely to be watching.
Oh dear. [LAUGHS]

I don't think that's gonna be a hit.

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Thursday 7 March 2019

2019? What about hoverboards? #TightwadDad Podcast 031

I am a #TightwadDad and finding happiness for my family with...

- Birthday presents.

- Free toothbrushes and toothpastes from dentists.

- Supermarket shop: Reduced BBQ prawns, reduced spatchcock chicken, birthday candles, party poppers, balloons.

2019? What about hoverboards? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 008

Let’s see if we can get up to 10.
Hello welcome to episode 8 of the TightwadDad Podcast, with me Neil.
And Joe.
And welcome back to the Happy Hut.

Episode 8!
We never thought we’d get this far!
No, and we’ve been sat here for about...
(LAUGHS) It’s been 15 minutes since I've looked at the clock.
It is.
Episode 8.

I don’t have any questions.
But what are we going to talk about?

I feel like - our year - look there's a lot of things are going on - yeah - like Big Ben.
It's being rebuilt.
It's, it's gonna be its original colour.
New technology: there's going to be new technology.

So you’re saying that “this is an exciting year.
This is 2019.
This is an exciting year to live through?”

Yeah we're in the future.
We're in good future - yeah.
But I wanna talk about film predictions.
Because you know Back To The Future II?
They're thinking way ahead.
They were, at the time.

They’d think things would hover.

What happened to the hoverboards?
I still want one.
But I thought everyone would be using them, and they’re not.
Well, when we were on holiday - I saw this girl on a hoverboard.
I really wish I had one.

You really want one?
Yeah - but then there's gonna be a new thing as soon as I get it.

This is what I don't like.
But you said-- Dad, your eyebrows are so long!
I know.

We made a whole video where Joe pulls out my eyebrows.
And I haven’t trimmed them since then!
[LAUGHS] Are you just looking at my eyebrows now?

No but like the whole time we've been podcasting Yeah.
You know that scar there where you fell off your bike?

I've been looking at that the whole time.
And now you’re looking at my eyebrows.

So we gonna make another video where you pull out my eyebrows?
Well this has been a fantastic episode.
So if you've gotten this far into a video please subscribe if you think this is a good video and leave a thumbs up that you've got this far into the video and you've liked it.
Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the next episode of Tightwad Dad.
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers, just click on his face.
Thanks, bye!

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Saturday 2 March 2019

Is this how you wanted it to be? #teamTIGHTWAD 026

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- German supermarket chain supermarket mini-shop: Bread, bacon and a pomelo.
("It was on offer")
I still have no idea what a pomelo is. I will make it my mission to find out.
- Swimming lessons.

Is this how you wanted it to be? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 007

Which episode is this now?
Episode 7.
No way!
High five, good work!
I’ve been sat here for about one hour.
Yeah we’ve been sat here a long time, it’s cold in the Happy Hut. I’m Neil, thanks for joining us.
I’m Joe.
And it’s the #TightwadDad Podcast episode 7.
I’m excited.
Are you? Well you should be because this is a special episode, it’s your turn to ask a question.
Okay, Dad?
Um... give me a minute to think.

Do you think living like this is just how it is?
How you wanted it to be? How do you want us to live?

That’s a really good question!
You’re like “Uhhh, the money, uhhhh... all the money....”
Joe, that’s a really good question. I’m really happy and grateful for how we live.
I thought you're not going to get work done if you just keep thinking about that and go “I want it!”
That’s really wise! Ohmygod, you’re nine!

I wanted to be more happy with what we’ve got.
Yeah, and share it with the world.
If you live in a mud hut, maybe you should worry about y’know, where your next meal is coming from...

The only place you could get mud houses in like swamps or forests - yeah - and there would be water there but it's dirty. Have you seen those adverts: “Text us to pay 3 pounds to give these children water - give them what they deserve.” It’s really catchy.
That’s right, and we don’t live like that!
So we’ve got clean water, electricity, heat... what else have we got?
We’ve got... this. Whatever it is.

We wouldn't - it wouldn't sound like this - it wouldn't sound as good without this.
I shouldn’t have got this, we should’ve spent that money on food.
[Laughs] No! because we wouldn't be talking about this.
And we wouldn’t be able to share this. There’s nothing to worry about - yeah - And I’m trying to worry less.
When you're little, you were dreaming if there was a war going.
I did, yeah!
There was going to be a war.

Because it was nuclear war. All the news, and the news was just all about nuclear warheads and Protect And Survive, and those scary adverts. And what was the point of that, ‘cos it didn’t happen!
It didn’t happen.
So are you going to worry about anything?
Yeah because you might you would probably be dead.
Yeah so there was no point in worrying.
Don't worry about my worries [laughs]

Are you happy?
Yeah, I’m happy.

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