Friday, 30 December 2011

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As a Dad, when something like this happens, do you reach for the hoover or video camera? Me too. (Where baby powder goes...)

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Christmas gift ideas from the junk mail I get - 2011

Top 10 Upsides Of Recovering From A Boris Bike Crash

Bottle Booby!

Awesome story: How did Scrappy Doo happen?

Best Steadicam shot in the world... ever.

How much does Camden Council love clamping?

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3 Favourite videos shot in TV control rooms.

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Your stuff: Please send me Kitchen Roll Art

My job means that I dont have to wear a hat

We have the fattest electricity in the world.

I was born tomorrow, today i live, yesterday killed me

DMA Direct Marketing Association junk mail body
Peace of Mind. Courtesy of my Junk Mail.

Turns out those fish that nibble at your feet are USELESS on beer guts

New product ideas: NIKEA

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Technically... Guess this is where baby powder is meant to go?

Where baby powder goes.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Have you tried Superlame? - a free comic word balloon generator

Starting to bank all of the resources I use for my online content in one place...

It's just so I can remember where I can find them.
Also means that I can share them with you, so it might be more likely they'll stay in business.

This is Superlame.
"With our program you can quickly, easily, enjoyably, and freely add word balloons to all your pictures. We're currently in beta and will be continuing to add and update our tools."

As a demo, I used it to make a new work-in-progress character:
Hitler Cat Who Hates South West Trains' Monopoly.

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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 10 Upsides Of Recovering From A Boris Bike Crash

Top 10 Upsides Of Recovering From A Boris Bike Crash

Face looks like a themed Google logo. Changes by the day.

Being known to a handful of healthcare professionals affectionately as ‘that bloke who had the Boris Bike crash’.

Talking like Louis Spence.

Chunks falling off face like an maxillofacial advent calendar. Festive.

Patronising kids in the supermarket who stare to ‘always wear a bike helmet’, like some kind of deranged 1950s superhero.

Looking like a vagrant whose stuff never gets touched. Also festive.

Hours spent concussed equals hours not spent hearing about Eurozone crisis.

Drinking through a straw makes 2 year old son feel superior.

Finally being able to look my hero Erik Estrada in the eye. We know what this is like.

Looking like a Hitler cat. Or the bloke from Sparks. Or Blakey from On The Buses.

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Isn't Christmas just the right time for this?

Okay, one last Christmas Gift Idea, pulled from my Junk Mail.

On the First Day of Christmas, my Junk Mail gave to me...
Some Meerkat stickers for my wheelie.

On the Second day of Chrismas, my Junk Mail gave to me...
A face shield for my spraying...

On the Third day of Christmas, my Junk Mail gave to me...
Three Laced Modesty Panels

On the Fourth day of Christmas, my Junk Mail gave to me...
Four Hob Covers.

On the Fifth day of Christmas, my Junk Mail gave to me...
Perfectly... Smooth... Mash...

On the Sixth day of Christmas, my Junk Mail gave to me...
Silhouetted Dogs A- Dumping

On the Seventh day of Christmas, my Junk Mail gave to me...

Oven... Sparkle... er... (Includes applicator brush)

Say Goodbye To Grease And Grime

"I would use it in all of my kitchens. - Jean-Christophe Novelli"

"Note: Not suitable for self-cleaning ovens."

Seen any others I can add to this list? Would love to hear them on COMMENTS below, thanks!

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

How To Break A New Story From Scratch

Having trouble planning out story beats?

This is Dan Wells, with an awesome system for plotting an outline, using a 7 Point Story Structure...

HOOK (Start)
PLOT TURN 1 (Conflict)
PINCH 1 (Horrible Things Happen)
MID-POINT (Move from Reaction To Action)
PINCH 2 (Jaws Of Defeat - lowest point)
PLOT TURN 2 (Obtain final thing)

Dan Wells On Story Structure Part 1

What's really useful with Dan's system is the order you tackle the 7 Points:

- Everything in your story leads to this moment.
- What is your story about? Where is your story going?
- Make sure you know what kind of resolution you want.
We start at the end because everything in the story leads to this moment. This is the climax. The point. Where it’s leading up to, what it’s about.
(eg Harry Potter: Harry defeats Voldemort)

- Now we know the ending, figure out where we start.
- One easy way to do this is to start with the opposite state: eg if a character is going to end strong, she should start weak. (eg starting Batman as a depressed directionless loser, or Harry Potter as weak orphan under the stairs).

- How you start moving from Hero’s beginning state to end state. It’s where Hero moves from Reaction to Action.
(eg Fellowship of the Ring: ‘Oh no, let’s not get killed’ to ‘Let’s take the fight to them’. Midpoint is Council of Elron where they make that decision.
Harry Potter: Start sad & wimpy to Defeating Voldemort, so his MidPoint is ‘He learns who Voldemort is, what V wants to do, & decide he’s going to do something about it.’)

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 2 of 5

- This event moves us from the HOOK to the MID POINT. It’s what sets you in motion.
- This is where we introduce our conflict.
(So Harry Potter starts with a situation, but then a conflict is introduced. Changing the world the character lives in. A Call To Adventure, Or Confronting New Ideas).

- This is the thing that moves the story from MID POINT to END
- At MIDPOINT you determine to do something, and in the RESOLUTION you do it.
So Plot Turn 2 is where you obtain the final thing you need to make it happen.
“The Power Is In You!”
(eg Star Wars “Use The Force”; Oz “You Can Go Home Any Time You Want”; Matrix “Neo: You Are The One”).
- Grasping victory from the jaws of defeat: Something horrible just happened, but now the heroes have what they need...even if they don't realise it at the time.
- It's something that's going to give us the final piece we need to move from 'trying to succeed' to finally succeeding. (eg Harry Potter: Harry discovers the stone is in her pocket because his motives are pure).

- A PINCH is designed to Apply Pressure. Horrible things happen. The purpose of a pinch is to force your characters into action.
(eg Harry Potter: The Troll Attack. No adults around, forcing children to solve the problem on their own. It's where we introduce danger into a fun environment.)

- Pinch 2 applies more pressure, and makes the situation seem even worse.
A plan fails; A mentor dies leaving the heroes alone; The bad guys seem to win.
- These are the jaws of defeat from which your Hero will be snatching victory. Make sure the teeth are sharp.
(eg. Harry Potter: Harry loses Ron & Hermione to the traps and is left alone)
[Forces Hero to grow up, forces to work alone, SEEMS HOPELESS].

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 3 of 5

Examples of Romantic, Tragedy, and Horror Plots

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 4 of 5

- The Hook scene in most story arcs is not very interesting (Most arcs start in a position of weakness)
- Most plots start before the conflict is introduced
- You need to grab readers attention NOW

- Before Heroes succeed, they need to try and fail
- Victory should be earned
- A problem that can be solved on first try isn't big enough to care about

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 5 of 5

- Each thread can be mapped out - Spread events for pacing
- Line up the events to create powerful moments & scenes

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