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Jean Claude Van Damme interview with Richard Blackwood 2001

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Action Movie legend Jean-Claude Van Damme meets British actor comedian Richard Blackwood in a comedy interview show I produced in 2001.  A difficult show for me, for many reasons - you can see younger me at a couple of points (this was a few days before the terrible events of September).

0:00 Jean-Claude Van Damme long interview
0:30 Where does Jean-Claude Van Damme live? Who is Jean Claude Van Damme's wife? What car does Jean-Claude Van Damme drive? 
6:20 Tour of Jean-Claude Van Damme's clothing factory, Dammage 7. How tall is Jean Claude Van Damme in feet? What is Jean Claude Van Damme's shoe size? How are stonewashed denim jeans made?
8:15 When did Jean Claude Van Damme come to Hollywood? Jean-Claude Van Damme performs a martial arts swing kick.
11:15 Going to a Beverly Hills restaurant with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Jean Claude Van Damme bathroom handwashing technique. Where Jean Claude Van Damme from? Is Jean Claude Van Damme left handed? Is Jean Claude Van Damme an artist?Jean-Claude Van Damme's style of martial arts.
15:32 Why does Jean Claude Van Damme have a bump on his head?

From it, 16 years on, I've learnt that however hard a day's shoot is... it's only one day.  Plus that his real name is Jean-Claude Camille Fran├žois Van Varenberg.  He was a very nice guy.



Hey Jorge...
Shhaa! Like they’re for sparring.
[fighting noises]
He’s good, he’s good!
You know it's like one, two... Yeah!
You know like yes!
Okay so you’re like a bad guy, right?
Right there.
So I go here...
This is Jean Claude, watch this!
JeezChrist! Saw that?
Hey come on, this is a real guy huh?
Oh OH OH and of course, DAMMAGE 7!
Ahh! There you go!
Be careful of your lens!
Does he have any dogs by the way?
No Dogs! No Dogs! No.
Black men and dogs don't go.
That's like that's like chicken and cheese,
that sh-- don't go together.
(No pitbull! No doberman pincher!)
Look at this, look at this.
You might wanna knock there.
Is there cameras? Does he have cameras?
Oh yeah he has a security camera.
Hey, hey!
What is that big four legged thing I see?
That's a dog, bro!
Well I mean it’s not a vicious dog! It's a... you know...
It's Jean-Claude's dog! It must be vicious bro, the guy knows Kung Fu for like 15 years!
Uh oh, somebody's at the window.
They called security.
Where we're looking?
I don't think he's coming back downstairs.
Tell you what, you knock the door, alright that way if he comes out to kick somebody
in the chin it's you.
I ain't gettin involved
Ringing the bell's good!
I said yeah I think Jean-Claude said “hold on”--
OOP [Laughs]
Oh wait a minute!
I have to take a shower - 20 minutes.
Go ahead - do your thing.
It won't take - sorry guys I'm late.
Do it, brother, handle your business.
Thank you very much sorry guy.
Sorry, sorry, sorry...
Handle. Alright.
In a mo - we're right here!
See you!
Take care.
Alright. This is Jean-Claude's car people.
Film this. ONE of his cars. How many cars does he have?
Well, for the record - a few.
A few. We like that.
I like this is the beach house car.
Imagine you can have a car specific to where it is that you live.
I live by the beach - I have a beach car.
This is my beach car right here!
That's my wife Gladys.
Don't! I look terrible.
You look great.
We met twice, we shook hands twice.
Here you go a third time, it's a cup of coffee.
Okay some water and then we go.
Now are we going to take our car or the limo?
It's cool guy. Right there, talking away, it's cool guy.
(chatter in French)
I changed my schedule.
We have meetings all day today. Book, book, book, book.
Can I go with my car. We'll do an interview at the factory...
There, and then because I've got to go from downtown LA to meetings all day, all day, all day, by the time I come back with the limo...
I will be missing all my meetings. We'll do the interview in the factory.
In the factory...
This is cool with the machines of [machine noises]
I'm down with the [machine noises]
We’ll have to yell or when we scream.
Are you going to shoot right now?
No, we can walk and talk.
Because we wouldn't mind seeing the Jean-Claude home!
You want to see my home?
I would love to see your home.
You like that baby?
It's a mess now.
It's a mess?
We have a new lady... and she's trying to get organised.
Okay that's alright, we don't want to go in your house and first time we go in your house it's messy!
But also they're waiting for me with the machine, in the factory - we have to because - there-
You know next time we'll have special things!
Oh alright, we tried to get in the home, but that's alright we can go to the garage instead that's cool.
Alright, he's gonna get the keys for the car.
I was trying to get in the house you know.
Houses. We're gonna rush the house!
It's not in the briefcase?
Just one second - very fast... Only the 2 of you.
Only 3 you'll see the house.
Don't go in the bedroom!
No we won't go in the bedroom.
We'll do that another time.
We'll do a special occasion.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
We ain't gonna try break up a happy home.
How did he turn around his bigass car?!
Which channel is this?
This is Sky.
Sky? Sorry sorry I'm sorry.
It's Sky channel.
Say hello to Sky channel.
Hello Sky channel!
He's all over the programme, we've interviewed him.
Baby I love you!
He's going to kiss his lady.
Look at that - a lot of love there. A lot of love.
So you've got meetings are we talking about some new movies from Jean-Claude Van Damme?
What's happening?
New movies new movies - a lot of shh man
I stopped training for 6 months
6 months is that a long time?
Yeah I travel all around the world trying to put up some stuff together
and it worked well...
and I would get two movies in the can.
What are they called, so we know.
Replicant, and then The Order.
So you shot them back to back?
I'm starring in 2 new movies soon.
Yes I've noticed this.
It was awarded in 1992 for the best construction.
It resists the earthquake and everything.
Now this is a badass car, so what can I sit up in the front is that what you're saying?
You come with me.
Just let people know I'm getting in Jean-Claude's car, so just back up this is exclusive stuff right here.
See you guys don't be late! Wait for you!
Did he say ‘follow me’? I’ll drive slow?
What speed are we doing Steve? 80.
What’s the limit? 65. 
Back from Jean-Claude's car. Don't want you scratching it. 
Just get back there please, thank you.
Was Richard okay in the car?
Yeah, he he's putting his hand on my leg...
Now I don't know why he's trying to take it there, 'cos you know...
I was not safe with him!
I don't know what happened to Richard, but now I know the real Richard!
That was cool guy.
Yeah it's cool.
You want a jean?
You want a jean?
They all look like they're finished.
Is this all your line here?
No, we have Lucky Brand... We've got Guess... We’ve got Gap...
Oh okay.
Oh OH OH and of course, DAMMAGE 7!
Ahh! There you go!
Be careful of your lens!
I came very close.
Yeah that was actually quite good.
Oh oh oh oh!
Your kicks are very good! Your kicks are very good!
Can we have one?
I knew a girl with some legs like this once.
Alright these are some big jeans right here.
There's some big jeans.
The big fat guy.
Yeah there's some overweight lovers in the house.
Do you know what, you're actually taller than I thought you'd be.
Excuse me?
You're taller than I thought you would be.
Oh yeah.
A lot of people said you were short, but you're quite tall!
What are you about 5'8"?
Five, 5'9".
5'9"? Yeah you're very tall!
I'll have your shoes man.
Yeah, well I got these for free.
At Dada’s, Dada.
But I like yours those are Pradas, right?
Yeah yeah yeah, I've got small feet.
Yeah well I'm a size 10, what are you? Size 8?
Okay that's not bad.
I've got them in white.
Oh oh oh oh!
Move forward a bit!
That's not, is that the back of your feet?
Ey! Hey! Hey! Amigo!
You know what they say about people with big feet!
You know what they say.
Big feet, big hands.
Big hands, big wallet, okay.
It's kind of cool because people are gonna see what they call a movie star like a normal guy right?
Yeah that's what they want.
You too, you're a normal guy. And we're here in a factory with very normal people and you can see how they make jeans because the movie--
And all the--
See the other side to Jean-Claude. The other side.
yeah hey whaaa-
Hey Jorge, momento...
Like they’re for sparring.
[fighting noises]
He's good, he's good he's got the moves!
I reckon I could take him. But I ain't gonna try! Know what I mean?
This is my, by the way that's Arri, Arri Arrous, who is my jean designer.
Oh okay.
The head of my company. Dammage 7. 
He's been in the jean business for the last 22 years.
He's sacrificed all his life for jeans. But now finally he's going to work for his own brand called Dammage 7.
Every time you come here...
- Yeah reminds me when I start in Los Angeles
yeah you were telling me in the car, now tell the people how you- how it was back then.
When I came in LA I came with a dream of becoming a movie star right?
So I came here with nothing! With that passion of wanting to make it.
Now I get the same passion with the jeans, but before that I came here, I drove a taxi, a limousine -
You serious?
I was sleeping in cars, I was sleeping in garage. 
Sometimes I stole my food.
I was having no money to buy the food you know?
So it was real rags to riches?
It was tough and rough!
And now I lost that you know when you drive the Bentley and a nice house and my kids they... they want a toy I can buy it.
So I like to come back in this type of area.
Keeps you real.
Keeps me real, and the jean, that jean we are making it's also part of that process.
Oh wait, what's this now? What've we got here?
What have we got here?
Called the culture. Jean culture. Why culture?
That jean will have, that jean will have a pamphlet: 
"How to walk, and how to kick with it."
You've got to show me that! You've got to show me that.
Low waist. 
High here. One pocket.
No, sorry no bllshh...
Yeah. No bllshh
It will have the Dammage 7 line.
On the back. Very simple, with a side belt.
You know it's like one, two... Yeah!
You know like yes!
Your kicks are dangerous!
If you like a different colour, we'll have like 3 of them.
We'll have the culture. The teacher. And the key. K-E-Y, mono - mono.
No, no wait! Because we know Jean-Claude ain't nohomo.
We're French! I go to France...
Tell them the story.
I just land from... from America, and they say are you a humble social - you know French people, they're so obnoxious. They say the English people are---
I don't think so.
No not at all.
I'm very happy to be with Sky Channel.
Imagine like a guy... like a spy's here.
And the guy's here, like a bad guy right?
Right there.
So I go here.
This is Jean-Claude, watch this.
[Martial Arts noises]
Hey come on, this is a real guy huh?
No Bllshh-- like er...
Noone starts trouble with Jean-Claude Van Damme do they?
They can't start trouble...
It's for real stuff.
Because people say "Is he for real? Is he not for real?"
Of course I'm for real.
Yeah, yeah you can see that.
That's like a wide shot, no close ups, no cuts. You know?
You want to do lunch together?
Let's do lunch!
Okay we'll have lunch together. And we'll talk about life.
Yes we will, so are you going to go now
Er, Richard...
No I know that but the... I slept with Richard Show.
I slept with Richard Blackwood but you didn't.
I'm kidding, I didn't. But woman want to see that, we're not going to show that because it's not true!
It's not true.
That's right.
But that lady that you hugged...
Which one?
Where did she go?
This is... oh look over there and... CUT!
Right now, the UK camera right here...
It's my show, right, right.
Nice guy.
This is what happens in LA, you're just walking down the street... bump into huge stars.
And they say hey, hi. How are ya?
I don't know my way - when I was a taxi driver in Los Angeles I didn't know my way.
So I drove those guys left and right.
He made the most money, getting lost! Right?
$13 was $26!
Cos he took the long route. But he drove us all around, and he had a navigational in the car. Just to let you know, in the spaceship. That's all I'm saying. Right, just let you know.
You believe in God? I believe in God.
Do you believe in God?
I'm here.
Okay I hear that.
What do you want to drink? Coke?
Can I have erm- Coke is not good for the stomach bro!
That's right, I’m from Belgium man.
It's not good we've got to think ahead.

[wind noise] Like a horse. I'm built like a horse.
Sprite is good.
By the way I want to make a correction for "smaller hands and small feet".
I know this thing is a legend where - well the coke is good for the cows and horse.
Do you think they're gonna cut that stuff out?
They'll keep it in.
They'll keep it in - they're gonna keep all that stuff. They love that stuff.
Oh gosh.
I'm gonna wash my hands.
Yeah, yeah go ahead.
Wash my hands.
Go wash your hands bro, cos, I know what you've been doing.
[laughs] Handle your business. I won't tell nobody but wash your hands.
Come with me.
Are you sure?
Follow us in the toilet.
Follow us in the bathroom, so he cannot take advantage of me. [laughs]
You see how he asked ME to go to the bathroom though.
Oh sorry.
What's up!
Well I'm in here, I'll see you guys in a minute.
Gonna handle my business.
Might have to put the lock on the door.
My secret? Always wash your hands. Also for all the kids on the TV.
Film Jean Claude washing his hands!
Look you always wash your hands BEFORE going to the toilet.
Why is that?
Because, you know your weewee's clean no matter what. So you shake hands and people are sweating from their hands, so you have to wash - wash your hands before AND after.
Ahhh ha!
Now I have to be honest, I didn't know that.
No, it's common sense buddy.
It's not that common, bro.
It's common sense! Buddy.
I'll wait for you.
Wait for me bro.
Okay, soap. Very good soap. Wash hands.
Paper, sir?
Paper sir? Like in Hong Kong. Been to Hong Kong?
You go to a bathroom in Hong Kong, you wash your hand, the guys there are [noises]
And this. 
What was Jean-Claude the kid like? When he was growing up?
Very skinny.
I was very, very skinny.
I was very skinny, I was not very gifted.
From nature, no.
So he wasn't - was he a sporty kid or was he... what was he?
In sports all the time.
Yeah because I was having a few... not handicap.
I was a lefty, they made me a right hand - they forced me to be a right hand which is bad I mean, not good I'm saying.
It was not necessary for me to... to be changed to a right hand because I like freedom a lot and I was always a freedom child.
I was drawing a lot.
Are you a good artist?
Me too I like drawing.
Oh yeah?
Yeah I like drawing real life though - you know people do abstract art. I do real life.
Yeah, yeah.
So I was not really... I started karate first.
Karate and...
What style?
Oh, that's what Chuck Norris does.
Yes. Started Shotokan...
My teacher stretched me a lot when I was young.
You know I was doing - I was phenomenal.
No you are, but even now you're still very fast.
I was able to put a clay between my toes and I was writing my hair - and my... my name with my foot.
You can-- can you still do that now?
I mean I've got to go back into hard training, to do so, but I was like in balance, like this against the board. And I'm going "Jean" - you know the perfect writing, right?
J - E - so imagine the hip working, and... the bottom...
One question how did this come about?
Oh, the bump?
Er... the training. From past training. Always hit the same sides.
Also - and also I came out of water in a pool, and a guy landed on my, with his heel on my head. From the...
Diving in.
Diving in, yeah.
Cos, that - that's some years old now. You've had that a while right?
Yeah. And when you lose weight, when I lose weight for movies, it shows more because less fat you have on your face - more prominent...
Yeah prominent.
There you go.
You're gonna do well in Los Angeles -
I hope so.
If you start acting here.
I hope so - that's the whole joy like with ICM, signing with ICM. They... they get it and
they wanna push the Blackwood phenomenon.
ICM, they're good to package deals together which is good for you.
Maybe they will package us together.
We need to do that.
I've got this script called "The Monk" - it can be wonderful for us because it's between a Caucasian monk, Caucasian monk and a black--
black American actor - like English actor?
I can play that.
Yeah and it's funny... And he has to be physical, which you have a great body.
So I get some fight scenes - is that what you're saying?
I'm down.
I know.
I am down with that.
Real. It's been very nice. Cool guy.
Okay, gah.
Cool guy.
This is Jean-Claude! Very real. He took time out of his busy schedule to film with us, so.
And Richard is the same type of guy.
As real as me. If not better.  

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Things to do in LOOE Cornwall

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Things to do in LOOE Cornwall

It's another unplanned family trip with the kids EXCEPT this time, it's for a WEEK... in Cornwall... with our dog Casper too!
We try to share as many things to do as possible in Cornwall, around Looe.
Hope this sparks some ideas for your family holiday...

18 epic things to see in CORNWALL with kids and a dog

0:00 Things to do in Cornwall for a family holiday with kids and a dog, near Looe: including crabbing
02:45 Dog beaches in Cornwall: Polperro Harbour and beach 
3:57 Carnglaze Cavern: cave and woodland walk
6:05 Hannafore Beach: stone skimming, cafe and dog ice cream
7:02 Kartworld go karting at Adrenalin Quarry, Cornwall
08:57 Trago Mills Liskeard, St. Pinnock Viaduct
09:53 Lansallos Beach Cornwall
10:24 Golitha Falls waterfall and Trethevy Quoit ancient stone monument Cornwall, and Aquapark in Adrenalin Quarry



Hello I’m Neil welcome back to the channel and welcome to Cornwall!

Now usually on the dad delivers vlog we go as a family to a place for a day with no plan. 
In this video we're going to go for a whole week here in Cornwall with the kids and the dog with no plan whatsoever we just turn up and see how many places we can see... how many things we can do without planning it in advance. 
I don't know if you're gonna like some of these things so I’m gonna try and get in as many as possible and hopefully they might even just spark some ideas for some other places for you to go, and other things for you to see and do. 
There are four of us we got two kids: one thirteen, one eleven years old and we've got Casper who is two years old.
But I think that's... that's a teenager in dog years, right? 
The other thing with this video is that it's centred in a place called Looe. 
This harbour, Looe harbour and the first suggestion is to go crabbing... so we bought some special crabbing buckets and some disgusting bait, and we took our chances on the harbour walls. 
We got one?
This was really great because all we needed was a couple of nets and you could buy those in a lot of shops around the harbour and some bait to put into the nets. 
We used some bits of bacon which apparently is what uh everyone uses there and this kept us entertained for hours. 
We did this over a few days. All you need is a harbour wall and obviously for the tide to be in.
We're in Looe, we've caught a crab... do you want to go in and have a closer look? 
Here we go!
Yep I’m putting my hand and my camera into that bucket.
A very kind street cleaner who was walking past explained to us that if you have two males in a bucket, they can start fighting and start pulling apart each other's legs so we made sure that these two weren't male or weren't fighting... and uh we... we threw them back into the sea quite soon after this.
Anyway we can really recommend getting a couple of buckets and some fish heads and my camera now smells like crab!
We spent a lot of time during the week looking for places where Casper could go for a swim.
Obviously dog beaches aren't everywhere so we're really pleased to find Polperro harbour which has its own beach.
Polperro is like a lot of places in Cornwall, absolutely gorgeous and tucked in the middle of nowhere.
The trouble with Polperro is that to me it feels like a not very good theme park.
It looks really nice and is probably great for a one-off visit but be warned the parking is really expensive, far away and you have to pay for it in coins.
Also all the public toilets in the town are locked with electronic locks and have to be paid for every single visit.
They say it's obviously to pay for the facilities but it does look like a working harbour of holiday lets cafes and garages.
I think there might be better places to visit with the family in Cornwall but we had an okay day out in Polperro.
So we can go into the cavern now, ow ring hand! 
This is where we're gonna go, this way, so this place is... what's this place called?
The Carnglaze caverns? 
There's a giant cavern uh in a place called St. Neots, so we've come down into the cavern now.
Look how clean this water is
If you're into minecraft you might really like this place, am I right? 
That's great I really like that.
Did you like that? 
Yeah? And then there's also this woodland trail so that if you have a dog one of you can sort of take the dog on a walk round while the others go around the cave and then you can swap over.
It's about 20 minutes: it's got little interesting things along the way like this hobbit hut 
I think we could just about get all of us in.
Hey Joe, can I get a walk past shot I know you hate them.
You know these shots where we walk past the camera like someone else is filming us? 
Well obviously to get those I’ve got to actually run ahead put the camera down and go back to where we were and walk past. Then you get that nice shot of us passing the camera but my son absolutely hates me doing these
Oh, he just finds it annoying.
This is the big one - wow it's still going! Oh.
It comes with a spoon so you can eat some.
This is Adrenalin Quarry.
We're at Kartworld and we're going to go go-karting!
I don't think we can film this can we... so you just gotta imagine that it looks a little bit like this.
So how did you find that?
I’m counting this as a thing to do: shopping at Aldi
This is our haul.
Quick before it goes.
You can tell it's one of my shops when there's bake at home stuff
Mum neatly puts it in the car 
this is all the veg that we're buying 
have a nice day! 
And quite a lot of meat. 
Five a day meat.
Mars, ice cream, meat and milk, five a day.
Can you hold that for me? 
No okay take that in cause I’m gonna eat that on the way home
Time to get home and prepare for day four! 
This is Trago Mills - it sounds like a... a Bond villain but it's uh right underneath this viaduct, so I’m gonna see if the train's going to come over any second now!
Joe put it best just now this is like a level of Backrooms 
An extra level. 
Hello? Hello?! 
We're in dresses. I don't... we're in the dresses section.
Hey guys! 
This is what happens... this is what happens when you get your son to put sun cream on.
We're doing real life Minecraft look, here we go.
So I think we found an abandoned mine shaft down here.
That's what it's down here - it's still moist 
Look, oh what are they mining for? It's nice and cool. 
Look there's like 1980s rubbish in there.
Casper hasn't seen a waterfall before so I think uh I think he really likes this.
Hey have you been in? Go on! 
So we think these are the Golitha Falls.
I’ll soon find out when I’m editing this if it's a bit further down or if that's it there. 
I think that might be it there.
There's a lot to climb on when it's dry. 
I don't know what it's like when it's raining so we've been really lucky with the weather.
I read on a sign that locals said that it's from where giants were throwing stones.
There's a game and that's where the game name quoits (coits) comes from this isn't a history channel.
Are any of these any good? 
Thank you for being awesome and hitting the thumbs up button and right here are some other things that YouTube thinks you'd love to try out next.
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click in his face thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right?

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How to wall mount Dyson cleaner

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Friday 5 August 2022

How to wall mount Dyson cleaner

BUY DYSON VACUUM CLEANER HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

IKEA HACK! Wall mounting our vacuum cleaner... How to install a Dyson V8 V7

How do you fit the Dyson vacuum cleaner wall mount?
I wall mount my Dyson cleaner in real time, step by step. Doing it a little more elaborately by mounting it to a wooden board - for a bit of extra strength on the wall, and also because it looks nicer.



how do you mount a Dyson vacuum cleaner to the wall like this one? 
this is our Dyson vacuum - it's a Dyson V7
it was in the back of a cupboard for a long time 
wouldn't it be great to put it on the wall so that you can just charge it whenever you're done cleaning
this is the dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day and today I’m finally putting this on the wall 
my Dyson - I said ‘my’ - it's OUR Dyson vacuum cleaner 
it means that you can just pick it up and it's good to go 
I’ve only got one hand... hang on
and it's good to go 
this is how this room looked before this went up and I’m probably doing this a bit more elaborately than I need to
but I wanted a nice wooden board to mount the Dyson on
by chance I found this IKEA wooden chopping board 
it's a board that just sits on top of a sink but it's the exact right size for mounting the Dyson wall mount and this colour wood is almost identical to the countertops in the room 
so once I’ve pre-drilled the holes it means that I can now hold it up against the wall and put it in the exact place that I want to mount the vacuum cleaner

this now means I’m missing one hole
one crucial hole 
so I’ll do the two other holes first and then I’ll take it off make a fourth hole and then put it back on again

this is a brand new wall
I hate doing this

so now I can make a mark for the fourth screw that I messed up

so now I can put all four screws in
just remember which way up you had it, because they are slightly different each way around

this is the ultimate test... I need to find the Dyson

oh yeah so the next thing I need to do now is to work out how the wiring goes 
so it's got this thing - this hinge and we want to run the cable through the hinge so what you do is you go around the back
push it in - it's kind of spring-loaded - so you want to push that all the way back to like... oh wow it clicks that's good 
when you push the Dyson in, this power plug goes into the socket like this and then when you want to use it, you push up - hinge - and then pull out
but there's a little groove so you can run the cable so that the holster holds flat against the wall 
push the cable into the groove and you run it around the screw hole here... and then when I hold it up against the wall - wherever you're going to put the holster - it goes like that 
now the length of the cable isn't that generous unfortunately so I’m going to run the cable to the side here, and this is how it looks
this is how I’ve mounted our Dyson to the wall 
what do you think? 
is this something that you might attempt with your Dyson? 
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Thursday 4 August 2022

How to make hummus - EASY RECIPE

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My easy homemade hummus recipe, step by step for beginners.
You can vary these, but I'm making hummus at home using:
2 lemons, 2 cloves of garlic, a can of chickpeas, 150g/5oz Tahini (sesame paste), some extra virgin olive oil
Then how to eat hummus (or not) with pita bread, which we call pitta bread!



hello how do you make hummus and how do you even spell houmous? 
hello again I'm Neil, welcome back to the channel where we try something new every day to make our family happy 
you know how hard this is but today I'm going to make my ham… my family? 
today I'm going to make my family happy with this dip 
this delicious homemade hummus recipe 
ah the flash forwards are so scrumptious s
hould we dip some bread in on the footage? 
thank you future me! good work because I'm not a cook this is the first time that I'm making a food video or recipe video on this channel and that's probably because this kitchen used to look like this 
we'll get to the houmous as quickly as possible I promise but this is what our kitchen used to look like 
absolutely disgusting and we lived with it this way for over five years 
I didn't want to make food in there let alone food videos 
you can't tell from these pictures but we only had one ring on the cooker and lots of rings on the counter top so a few months ago we knocked through the wall and now this is what it looks like 
but I feel like… I feel like I should be justifying this but we spent we spent about five years saving up for this so I thought well at least… the least I could do is share it with you and to share my amazing hummus recipe that I made up 
I cobbled together from lots of other hummus recipes on the internet from looking it up so many times and evolved my own special version of this dish 
let's get… let's start making a mess in the kitchen 
let's mess it up a bit yeah? 
I've got a second camera over here so you can get some good close-ups 
first thing I'm going to do is to squeeze two lemons 
these are quite small ones I usually have bigger ones 
these are from lidl and I'm cutting into them so they go deeper onto the squeezer and you get more juice out 
now I don't know if I should be showing all of this in real time because I've not done a recipe video before so I don't know if I should be showing any of this speeded up? 
let me know in the comments if you're getting fed up sitting through all of this 
and the next thing we need probably the most important thing are these chickpeas and these chickpeas are in water 
come over to the sink and I'll empty them out and rinse them off 
I'll just rinse these off by pouring them into this giant sieve spoon from Joseph Joseph 
I'll put a link in the description because someone always asks what thing are you using there 
you can get a bag of chickpeas and soak them in the water but life's too short 
it takes forever... they’re sat in the fridge for two days 
this way is much much easier 
some people like the goo that comes off the... the chickpeas I... I don't 
I think it smells foul 
now I'm showing off because I've managed to get a whole can into one spoon so let's put those into the bowl and I'm going to throw in the lemon juice and I'll probably scrape off some of the lemon bits as well 
I just remembered I need... I need a blitzer 
I need a hand whisk thing 
we've had this one forever 
it's probably an electrical hazard somehow it's hanging on in there 
before I start that going I'm going to put in the rest of the ingredients so I'm going to put in a very generous... I hate saying “glug” 
it's such a pathetic trying to make a recipe sound more active and interesting... but I'm just going to throw in a load of extra virgin olive oil 
I... I know I probably put in far too much of this but I like it and crucially it bumps up the volume as well so we get a bit more hummus 
next in is the garlic 
let me break off and again I probably put way too much of this as well but I put in two cloves and I'm going to choose the biggest cloves as well 
and controversially I don't use a garlic crush and I don't cut it properly, I use THIS 
it's a microplane 
if you are looking for a gift for someone at home or best friend or something this microplane is absolutely brilliant I've put it on my list of gifts “for him” which is down in the description 
the thing I like most about the microplane is that it gets all the garlic in and it just makes it into this really smooth fine paste 
which is a bit pointless because we're using a blender to blend it all but I just find it easier to use than a garlic press where you've got to like pick bits out afterwards 
the final ingredient - this recipe is so easy I'm going to go over here and try not to pull everything over it's this! 
it's tahini 
a big jar of tahini 
we're living like kings! 
and I am going to put in half a jar of tahini 
tahini is sesame seed paste 
this is a 300 gramme jar and I'm gonna put in half so I guess we'll call that 150g
Sometimes I put in more sometimes I put in less 
finally we can get the blender going 
this is a Braun Vario and I'm going to use this on the maximum power setting partly to make the dip nice and fine but mostly because I'm a bloke and I want to use it at full power 
so we'll just blitz the ingredients here try and get rid of all the chick peas 
turn all of the chickpeas into a nice brown paste

should I be leaving all of this in? 
I don't know I'll make it…
…a nice long video 
this is the hardest part now 
I've got to get all of the hummus off the blender 
if you weren't here obviously I'd use my hands and steal some just to taste how it's going and I'm showing great restraint because I've got two cameras on me but I'm going to put this in the fridge - come with me 
we are going to get this into the fridge and there's no room! 
I'm going to squeeze it in there and I'm going to leave it there for about 20 minutes so should we do a time jump? 
it is 20 minutes later and time to get the houmous out of the fridge 
oh probably should have covered it up but it's still good 
I like to keep the pizza breads in the freezer but these ones are defrosted so let's get into them and get two of these good guys going 
look there is a water pistol in here? 
I don't believe that anyone has fruit in their fruit bowl 
put down in the comments what's in your fruit bowl right now 
obviously I could cut some carrots or crudites to go with the hummus but I'm not an animal and I like my bread too much and at last I get to make the sensational hummus beauty shots 
should I put a blob of olive oil on this? yeah let's go for it 
time to try one oh here we go

oh perfect another good one 
say hi in the comments below if you have a go at the hummus 
I think this is my first and only food video on the channel but right here is something else that youtube knows that you're gonna love! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! 
alright this is going to be the proper one right

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