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HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history

I wanted to know "How can I search my own YouTube comments?" - is there a YouTube comments history, for the comments I have left, or even some kind of YouTube Activity Log for my own activity on YouTube.
There is!
These are all other options under the "History" tab under your main YouTube home menu.
This video is a walkthrough where to find comments you have left on other channels, and how to search for your own comments you have made on other channels' videos.
(Click on Manage All Activity, under "History" and you can search for words and terms in there.)

HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history

Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut - thanks for clicking on this video.

I'm making this video because I've just found out something that it looks really obvious but it took me a bit of hunting around to find out how to do it.

I wanted to know "how do you find a comment that you have left on someone else's video" way back in the past.
You know on other social media websites like Facebook, you can search your own activity log... and I didn't know where my activity log is on YouTube

All I wanted to do was to just track down and find a comment that I have left on someone else's video... and the answer is really easy. It's embarrassingly easy, but it did take me a while to work this out, so I'm sharing this in case you're in that position

All you need to do is to firstly go into your history - your YouTube history - and you'll find that here, let's look at the YouTube homepage.

This is how it looks in 2020 - hoping this will still work in 2021 and 2022 - the basic principles of this.
If you click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of your YouTube homepage at you'll see it brings down this expanded menu - and then you want to go down to the option marked "History"
So we'll click on that and it's opened up my History

Thank goodness it's... this could have been a lot more embarrassing!

But it's just some behind-the-scenes videos from Ferris Bueller's Day Off - one of my favourite movies.
So now we're in my Watch History - your watch history - but look on the right hand side: there are all these other options that I've never even noticed before

There's "History types".
There's your watch history.
There's your search history, and then the next option down is-- is comments - and these are all my comments that I've left on other people's videos.

And you can see in chronological order every single comment that you have ever left on YouTube.

I leave a lot of comments because I think is a good thing to do, to let someone know that you've seen their video and you appreciate the video - hint!

There's a "comments" below this video if you were to say hi or if you want to let me know if this video has helped you, but also I like replying to comments that have been left on my channel where possible.
There's also an option right at the bottom there "MANAGE ALL ACTIVITY" and that opens up everything you've done on YouTube, again, in order and I think you can search it there

But if you just want a quick way of going through the comments that you have left on other people's videos - just just a recap - go to the history - the history option in your main menu from home on the main YouTube page - and click on comments - and you can scroll through everything you've ever left.

Also just one final hint there's-- on watch history, you can actually search your watch history

So if I type in "Ferris Bueller", it brings up every video I've ever watched about Ferris Bueller.

So I hope this is what you were looking for.

It's quite a short video but if it has helped why not click on the comments and say hi if you've reached this point of the video.

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