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how to create a YouTube channel tutorial 101 step-by-step 2021

How to start a new YouTube channel for beginners in 2020 for 2021!
START YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW!  With me!  Step by step!
We can do this together, as beginners. Step-by-step.

In this follow-along video, I create a YouTube account to begin a brand new YouTube channel from scratch. THE TIGHTWAD DAD CHANNEL EXPERIMENT IS HERE!
First we'll create a Google account, then head over to to make a new YouTube channel using a Google brand account.

0:00 How to start a new YouTube channel for beginners in 2020 and 2021: step by step tutorial
1:20 Create a Google account: For myself or To Manage My Business?
2:25 How to create a YouTube channel
2:48 How to create a YouTube account 
3:00 How to name my new YouTube channel
4:25 Upload a profile picture to my new YouTube channel
5:20 How to customize my new YouTube channel: layout, branding, basic info
6:10 How to change my profile picture on my YouTube channel
6:21 How to change my banner picture on my YouTube channel page
6:57 How to add a branding watermark in the bottom right of the screen of my YouTube videos
7:10 How to add or change my YouTube channel description
7:20 How to add an email address for business enquiries on my YouTube channel About section
7:40 How to upload a new video to my new YouTube channel
9:20 My "Make Your Stuff Now" playlist to help you keep growing your YouTube channel:


So you want to start a YouTube channel in 2021?
You're crazy! What are you thinking! 


I know exactly what you're thinking because I'm starting a YouTube channel too, right here right now in real time in front of you, so that you can follow along and completely avoid the mistakes that I'm making.

It's 2021, you survived 2020, the world absolutely needs your YouTube channel right now.
Hello I'm Neil Mossey, I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out onto here onto YouTube to make the world happier. 
I'm sure you know this already but the very first thing that we need is this: it's a google account. 

I hope you've got a drink.
I've got soup. 
It's a really hot day today but I just... I just needed some comforting soup. 
You can do this. I know you can do it.
I'm going to set up a google account just for this YouTube channel and I'm doing that for a very specific reason. 

If anything goes wrong with the YouTube channel that jeopardizes my google account, there's nothing in it for me to keep everything linked in one place. 

There are lots of hackers and phishing attempts and I don't want to lose all my google stuff that's the reason why I'm going to create a brand new google account just for my YouTube channel. 

If you don't want to do this and just attach it to your regular google account you can jump ahead to the time code in the description I'm doing this in an incognito window so it's not attached to my regular google account and I'm going to click sign in and click "create account". 

Now here's the first existential question: is it for myself or to manage my business? 
I'm going to treat this YouTube channel as something completely separate from me even though I'm going to put me into it, very much so - I'm going to treat this entity as a completely separate blob so I'm going to choose "to manage my business". 

I'm going to put in my real first name and last name. 
Oh look it's suggested a name!
We're not going to use anything like that. 

I'm going to create a google identity that has a name that no one can guess. 
Literally nobody will be able to link the name of the channel with the name of the account that I'm logging in with.

I hope that makes sense... and then we'll make up a password.
Agree to all the terms and conditions. 
Now it's asking me if I want to add a business profile so just skip that, and we're in! 

We have a brand new google identity.
We will use this login only for the YouTube channel.

Our next step is to go over to and google has automatically signed into my brand new account! 
That's why there's an "N" there.
I've blanked out the actual email address to keep it top secret.

The very first option on this menu is "create a channel".
"Your creator journey begins" 
"Get started"
It now presents you with another choice. 

A lot of us find this a little bit confusing because we've already been asked by google: do you want it to be a personal account or a brand account? 
We've gone for a brand account and within the brand account you can make it a personal account within the brand account, or a brand account.

So I'm going to go for the option on the right: "use a custom name"
"Create a channel using a brand or other name and picture."

This is the part where you get to create your channel name.
I'm doing it this way again for security. 

Don't make your channel name the same as the email address name, because phishing attacks and hackers can guess these kind of things, so I'm going to make sure my channel name is not the same name as my email address and that's why I'm choosing the brand account. 

Here's some inspiration that I found in some public toilets on a trip to the seaside, look at this!
Robert Scott was so proud of his name, that he put them on urinal pads.
So if it's good enough for Robert Scott's urinal pads, it's good enough for you!

You can call your channel name your name if you want.
It just so happens I've already got one of those, you're watching it right now!
If this journey is going well for you please consider hitting the subscribe button.

So I'm gonna call this channel "tightwad dad" 
"I understand that I'm creating a new google account with its own settings..." 
So it's another google account - which is fine - it's absolutely great. 
Hit "create"

Cheers! It's a second cup of soup. 
Actually it's not soup it's... it's ice cream and I've finished it. 
But anyway nice work!

We've done it! High five! 
We've created a brand new YouTube channel, congratulations! 
My one is called tightwad dad so the first thing we want is to upload a profile picture. 

What will I choose?
It is really important and we want it to be striking but I'm just going to get one up just to get things up and running. 
So here, I think my face is is far too small.

Let's try something like this. 
It's not great but you can change this down the line, so we'll just get one in. 
"Tell viewers about your channel"

I am a tightwad dad. 
There, again we can change this later. 
"Add links to your sites" so I put my blog on here. 

I've got twitter and instagram.
This is it, this is our brand new YouTube channel! 
And we have two big options at the top: customize channel and manage videos - so on the left one you can organize your channel page.

We'll try that in a moment, and the other button takes you into YouTube studio.
This is your dashboard, so this is where all of the magic happens.

Let's go back to the first option: customize channel - so there's a friendly intro message down here to say that YouTube studio actually has a tab...
so if you hit on the magic wand you can come back to customizing your channel.

We have three big tabs at the top. 
There's layout, branding and basic info.
On layout you can choose a trailer - so you can put a video that will play when someone comes to your channel who hasn't subscribed yet - so it might be a little advert saying "subscribe to this channel it's great!" 
And you can also upload a "featured video for returning subscribers" - so once someone's subscribed, you could put a different video up that says: "We're great!" 

And then you can lay out how your channel looks.
We'll do that with these featured sections. 

You can add different sections to your YouTube home page. 
If I click on the second tab, "branding", on "profile picture" you can change it. 
Already we can change it!

So if I hit "change" we could select a different photo.
The next option is "banner image" 
Right this is the banner that's at the top of your YouTube channel. 

The way the banner art works is that it gets one picture to do three jobs, so this big picture is what it will look like on tv; this stripe in the middle is how it would appear at the top of a desktop page; and the middle bit in the middle... "viewable on all devices" including very small phones and tablets.

So if I shrink this... I could... so it sort of looks like a thumbs up and if I hit "done" it shows you how it will appear on the three different sizes of output from that one picture.

And finally this is also where you can put a video watermark, so you can choose to have a block in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

I've got a watermark on this channel.
It might be on screen now if your screen is big enough, and then the third tab is "basic info" - so we have the the channel name and description that we've already written.

This is where we find the links to my sites. 
The final option is "contact info".
This is where I get a little cautious with the security.

I'm going to put a completely different email address into here "for business inquiries"
If someone wants to contact you, I'm going to make that email completely different from the email that I use to log into this channel. 
Let's hit "publish"

There we go, so we have a profile picture and we have a banner picture!
Those are just two of the thousands of things that you can tweak and change over time.

I'm rattling through this as quickly as possible just to give you an overview of all the buttons and tools that you can press on your brand new YouTube channel.

The other button is over here "manage videos" and there's a very friendly picture to tell me no content available. 
We've not uploaded any videos so let's upload my first video. 

I've got it here.
I'll press the button "upload videos" so we select a file - in this case it's how to fix a shower door - and then hit open, and this video is now already uploading to YouTube.

You need to type in obviously a title, a description, I'll upload a thumbnail.
A thumbnail is the picture that accompanies every video, as you know because you've clicked on hundreds of them on YouTube by now. 

All of these options you can change after you've uploaded the video. 
The one you can't do is you absolutely have to say whether or not it's made for kids. 
Make it private, and my video is now uploading.

If I hit "close" this is my first video uploading. 
We can change all of the details in here at any time so I won't go through that now. 
If this is your first YouTube channel please say hello in the comments. 

It'll be so good to hear from you.
What I want to say to you right now if you are at this stage of creating a brand new YouTube channel is please make lots and lots of videos. 

Don't hold back just... just do as much as possible because it gets so much easier with every video you make.

Every video you upload, this process - I promise you it gets easier, but it it only gets easier the more you do it. 
And to help you on your way I've made this playlist. 

These videos have really helped me.
If you take a look at that playlist I hope there's something there that will help you keep going with your brand new YouTube channel. 

And the only other thing that I really want to say to you because you've made it to this point in the video - why not click the thumbs up button to let me know someone reached this point - but I just want to say to you don't be overwhelmed.

What you're doing is actually a massive step. 
The process itself as you can see, is really easy and straightforward. 

The hard part is overcoming the part of your brain that says "who the hell are you to be starting a YouTube channel?!"
To be broadcasting myself around the world for free in high definition forever?

Who... who gave me permission to do that! 
The only thing that gets me through that is to make more videos but take a look at this: 
I shot it on my phone and it's a how-to video for how to set the clock on your oven. 

Look how many views it's had!
It is coming up to 220000 views! 
The only way we can do this is to keep doing it and to get better with every video. 

We absolutely need your voice here on YouTube, and I want to help by just sharing my journey at every step along the way.

Here on screen now and in the description is everything that helped me get to 1000 subscribers ,and up here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next. Well done on making your channel. Say hi in the comments - be great to hear from you.
You did it you did it!

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Find out how much ANY YouTuber earns | Is Socialblade accurate for my YouTube channel

All about me, and getting these by email.

Sunday 25 October 2020

Find out how much ANY YouTuber earns | Is Socialblade accurate for my YouTube channel

How can you find out how much any YouTuber makes - any time, for free, right now?

Just put the YouTube channel name into!
It also works for finding out statistics and number of views and followers of other channels on Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. 

Find out how much ANY YouTuber earns? Is Socialblade accurate for my YouTube channel?

0:00 How to find out how much any YouTuber makes? How to use 
1:00 How to find out how much money other YouTube channels earn.
2:00 Socialblade statistics using PewDiePie as an example: Views, how many subscribers in the world and estimated monthly revenue earnings.
4:00 How to view Socialblade estimated YouTube channel revenue for another YouTube channel.
5:55 How to compare how much money a YouTube channel earns or makes each day or month? PewDiePie Vs Casey Neistat.
8:00 How accurate are Socialblade YouTube channel Estimated Earnings? How much money I earn each month on YouTube.


Can you find out how much money any YouTuber makes on any day for free instantly right now? 
Yes I think I can! 

Hello I’m Neil Mossey, and I’ll show you this website which seems to have all of our statistics.
I’m a development producer and it's my mission to help creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of our heads and out onto here on YouTube where we need them.
And to prove it here's actual footage of me standing next to a monitor in a TV studio sometime somewhere working very very very hard.

So this is the website right here: it's called 
I don't think you need to even create a login for it to work, and to show you how it works and how easy it is on the top right hand corner here there's a pull down menu so you can look up anything.
Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, we're gonna stick with YouTube.

Let's type in a random name... let's say pewdiepie and instantly it opens up a page for pewdiepie!
On the top banner - this is really humbling.
Should we be comparing ourselves to other people?
That's for a whole other video but let's take a look just in the very first statistic: the number of uploads is 4208!
Oh my goodness.

Leave a comment below: should we be comparing ourselves at all?
Should we even be doing this?
I think we should.
We'll carry on.
It's better to be armed with information I guess.
The number of subscribers is 107 million.

It shows you the video views.
It takes a guess at the country that you're from.
I believe this might be incorrect, I always thought he lived in the UK?
And it's got a channel type.

I don't know how they guess the channel type.
I think it's from the largest number of categories that you have in your videos?
I make this channel “how to” but you'll see in a minute it lists me as “people” and the date the channel was created.

And down here, right these are where... oh my goodness... look at these figures.
So social blade gives you a grade and it has graded pewdiepie as A.
A grade, but only 260nd as their socialblade rank.
I’ve no idea what that is.

This is their own ranking system.
pewdiepie according to Socialblade is the fourth biggest subscriber in the world and his video views are 19th in the world.
So this is quite interesting - pewdiepie is first in the US.
Again, doesn't he live in Brighton and isn't he Swedish?

I’ll have to ask my 11 year old son.
But this is understandable it ranks him as first in the gaming category.
I thought DanTDM was there, maybe not.
Now we're going to be putting these statistics to the test in a minute but Socialblade tells you how many subscribers the channel has gained in the last 30 days and it takes a crack at estimating what the monthly earnings are for the channel.
So I guess this was the title of the video: how much does a YouTuber earn?
Socialblade uses its algorithm to take a guess at 556000 pounds per month for pewdiepie.
There are some other statistics here as well.
The number of video views for the last 30 days.
The total subscribers... now it looks like there are no subscribers on these weeks but that's obviously because when you're up at that grade.
Grade A - pewdiepie - the only figure that's released is a whole million.
Although it says zero subscribers in that time it's obviously going up in that time and it's not publicly released by YouTube as a figure until it hits the next one million subscribers.
So you can see how frequently he gains another million subscribers.
And from the monthly earnings it takes a guess at the estimated yearly earnings according to their estimate is 6.7 million pounds.
I was giving it in pounds so you might not be watching this in the UK 

I wonder if we can change... there we go! 
I’m just pretending that I’m in the united states thanks to a vpn.
10 million dollars!
Socialblade estimates 856000 a month, 10.3 million dollars a year.

Now I don't know why on video views it goes down by 334 million views.
There was a glitch a few weeks ago and I think it might be because YouTube was doing some behind the scenes stuff and it does kind of make me feel slightly less confident on how... how sound these figures are, but I’m going to be testing them in a minute on my own channel so we'll see how accurate any of this is.

The next section on the page is breaking down video views every day.
Well it does more than that - so we've got the data on the left.

We've got the number of subscribers that have gone up, but that only goes up by the figures that are released by YouTube.
We've got video views... oh my goodness so pewdiepie gets about roughly somewhere between five and eight million views a day! 
This figure next to the green video views is the total number of views ever so I think isn't that 26 billion views?

My maths are a little out and I get thrown by billions being a thousand million rather than a million million but I... I think that's 26 billion views in total.
And then on the right hand side this is... this is pretty interesting as well: the estimated earnings each day.
Socialblade estimates that pewdiepie earns about thirty thousand dollars per day.
The next section down is a nice curvy graph just to show you an idea of the monthly gained video views for pewdiepie.

Oh by the way if you want to try this out for yourself the link is in the description.
Don't go there yet - we're going to show you the compare function and I’m going to put my figures in and compare them with the reality of how much I earn so we can see how accurate any of these figures are.
The next cool thing you can do with Socialblade is this button right in the top right hand corner where it says compare.

We can compare YouTube channels and statistics.
So the channel we've already put in pewdiepie is in this first box here.
In the second box I’m gonna put in my favorite YouTuber Casey Neistat and we'll hit compare channels and instantly it lines them up against each other.
On the left we have pewdiepie in the gaming category, on the right we have Casey Neistat and on the people category and interestingly socialblade rates Casey Neistat as as b-plus!
Casey Neistat! 

Now it compares the two channels so pewdiepie is the red line on this graph.
This is for the total number of subscribers and along the bottom which is slightly more level than pewdiepie is Casey Neistat at a mere what 14 million subs? 
I know it's 12 million but you can see instantly the two channels lined up against each other.

The next section down is estimated potential earnings so it compares those estimates against each other.
Socialblade records that pewdiepie is on about 27000 a day whereas Mr Neistat our friend Casey is on 5255 a day which means monthly that's 833k against 157k and for the year whoa look at that! 
10 million dollars for pewdiepie and 1.8 million for Casey Neistat, and on the daily averages for views and subscribers there's another graph there.

But it is useful to see just so ballparky how a channel is doing.
I’ve obviously chosen two really extreme examples so he's on 1053 uploads.
Do you know what, of all the metrics of all the statistics on this page I think the only one that I’m looking at for me is the number of uploads.
Just the only thing I’ve got to concentrate on right now and the estimated daily earnings they kind of fluctuate around the seven thousand dollars per day mark.

But how accurate is that?
There's only one way to find out.

I’m gonna put me in the box to see how much money that socialblade thinks that I’m getting and maybe I should compare that with what I’m actually getting.
We'll be able to see how accurate this may or may not be, so here's my channel.
316 uploads 2.45 thousand subscribers so it took me two years to get a thousand subscribers it took me another six months to get the next thousand. 

I’m nearly just about to hit the one million video views so I should make a video about that shouldn't I.
Hey by the way if this video is at all interesting or helpful it would really help me and help others to find this if you if you give it a thumbs up and obviously you know how cherished your subscription is, if you hit the subscribe button.

I’m going to be making some more videos like this if you're finding them helpful so Socialblade I’ll keep my picture in there Socialblade has given me a grade of c plus.
“Could do better” 
Weirdly I got b plus back in February when I had a video that was doing crazy number of views.
1.1 millionth on the social blade rank in the world.

I’m three millionths in the most number of subscribers.
According to this I am the 77000th YouTuber in the UK.
So proud of that.
It's put my channel type as “people” which is a shame because I think for the last year I’ve been choosing “how to” for my videos.

Right now here's an interesting thing: it thinks that my monthly earnings are 171 a month.
According to my YouTube studio dashboard I’m pulling in 247 per month.
I don't know how representative my channel is and it really isn't - it's a very broken poor little channel - but Socialblade's estimate is that I earn 171 dollars a month and I I don't.
I do actually earn nearer 250 at the moment.
Yeah 247. 

So let's take a look at the daily figures over on Socialblade 
Right saying that my video views average about uh 1500 a day and that is that's absolutely correct 
Yeah this is pretty much what I get every two days at the moment.
That's 2800, 1400 a day and social... Socialblade have got those figures absolutely accurate. 

I don't know why it suddenly dropped 1700 on Friday.
I think there's some kind of data correction going on with YouTube at the moment which is why you get these weird negative figures.

The number of subscribers, this column here is absolutely accurate.
That is exactly what's going on I get about 10 subscribers every other day.
The estimated earnings - this is like the really crucial one and it's probably what's throwing off that monthly figure... social blade reckons I’m getting about six or seven dollars a day, but if I go over to my analytics in my YouTube studio I’ll run the cursor across and see every day I’m getting sort of about eight dollars.

Eight dollars, ten, nine, again lots of eights nines tens oh it's 12. 
So it's slightly off these estimated earnings, they're slightly lower and I don't know... maybe I’m getting a crazy cpm at the moment, or rpm the cost per thousand.
Maybe mine's slightly higher than socialblade. 
I’m certainly not getting 38 cents per day I’m getting nearer eight dollars a day.
So these figures are slightly off.

If you're monetized maybe you might want to have a look at socialblade let me know in the comments if this is slightly off for you too.
It'd be really interesting to know how your earnings compare with socialblade’s estimate of your earnings.

I know I shouldn't be doing this now - if I’ve hit the compare button because we type in Casey Neistat...
This is the only time ever my name will appear next to pewdiepie and Casey Neistat.
So in the left corner we've got c plus, Neil Mossey - we've got a b plus Casey Neistat and an a grade pewdiepie 

Look at this graph: I do not even get off the zero mark but if you do want to, you know, do some light psychological damage by comparing yourself to people who have made literally thousands more videos than you? 
Have is exactly the place you want to go right now.
The link is in the description. 
Down here is my full story of how much money I’m earning at the moment and up here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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I put 13 AD BREAKS in ONE YouTube video. How to add MID-ROLL AD BREAKS 2020

All about me, and getting these by email.

Friday 23 October 2020

I put 13 AD BREAKS in ONE YouTube video. How to add MID-ROLL AD BREAKS 2020

How do I add an ad break on my YouTube video? 
Can you set timings for ad breaks on YouTube videos?
Is YouTube showing more ad breaks now?
What are mid-roll ad breaks and how do I put a commercial break in my YouTube videos?
What's the most number of ad breaks you can add to a YouTube video?

I take this to an extreme by seeing if I can add 13 ad breaks in ONE YouTube video!
I've watched on different devices on release, and the breaks appear at different times.
MAYBE this is a sign that the algorithm tests out the best times to place the ads?

I put 13 AD BREAKS in ONE YouTube video. How to add MID-ROLL AD BREAKS 2020!

2:27 How to insert an ad break on my YouTube video at a specific time.
3:30 Adding 13 ad breaks to my YouTube video!
5:50 Can you add a YouTube video mid-roll ad break at zero seconds?
8:00 Where does YouTube automatically place mid-roll ad breaks?



Hello, do you know what happens if you put 12 ad breaks into one YouTube video? 

And how do you even put a mid-roll ad break into a YouTube video? 
I'm going to show you what happens when I ram ONE YouTube video with loads of ad breaks! 
It's a two part video.
This is part one: I'll put what happens next as a link in the description...

Hello I'm Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and onto here on YouTube.
Have you seen what's on YouTube lately? 

We need your ideas... we need them now!
So let's dive now into my YouTube studio dashboard where we can see which video is going to get the ad break treatment. 
Now I'm going to scroll down to this section here on my analytics: "your top videos" in this period. 

This is the reason I'm doing this: my channel is really broken. 
I want to niche my channel so that's partly why I'm doing this crazy experiment. 
If you look at my top five videos: one, two, three, four, five, there look at this one - my Vaillant boiler remote control manual.
This video has me reading out the instruction manual from beginning to end for 40 minutes.

This was in April and it was from the time when I was trying to do lots of experiments to get 1000 subscribers. 
Well I did that, and now I have a channel that's just full of stuff like this. 
Now I've got a problem, because when someone sees this video they're not going to want to watch all my videos about how to get ideas out of your head and onto YouTube. 
They've got their information about the central heating. 

They're not coming back and that I think damages my channel in the YouTube algorithm. 
But the problem I've got is look!
It's making me money! 
It's maybe twenty dollars so far.

Now I'm trying to take a long-term view on this. 
One option is to just delete the video but I don't want to do that because it's earning money and it's bringing in views.
But the views are the wrong kind of views. 
The video lasts 40 minutes so what if I put a lot of ad breaks in it? 

What would happen?
Would it reduce the overall watch time? 
Or even the number of views, or would it make the revenue go up ? 
So that's basically the experiment because I need money... but also because I need to start to move these videos off my channel so I might as well play around with them first. 

So I don't recommend you do this.
I think I can be the fall guy for this particular experiment.
Now the way to add an ad break, firstly obviously you need to be monetized... but I think you already know that. 
You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last year. 
You can see that I have monetization on and I have ticked everything I could tick down here on the monetization tab.

Because the video is longer than 8 minutes there's a section here called "manage mid rolls".
I've got a few mid rolls! 
But thankfully this shot cuts them out and leaves them out of shot, but with THESE mid rolls look I already have five ad breaks in here.
The first one's at 11 minutes 57 and you can see on the top left hand corner these are the other times of the videos. 

I think these are the times that YouTube placed automatically and I like this really sneaky one at the end - like 38 minutes 54 seconds, which is about 10 seconds before the end. 
But we don't want five ad breaks in this video.
I'm gonna double it and add two more! 

Make it 12 ad breaks so firstly let's remove the ad breaks which are here. 
It's really easy to remove an ad break.
All you have to do is hit this trash can sign - we call them rubbish bins here - and I'll just delete delete delete. 

I wanted to place the first ad break at five minutes, and the way I do that is if I run this cursor up to five minutes let's see what's happening around here to place our first ad break...
[AUDIO] "...outside a set time period." 
Let's just put it there.

I don't care! 
I'm going crazy with the ad breaks today! 
It's very easy you just hit "add add break" and there you go. 

There's a nice blue line to indicate my first ad break. 
If you want to save at any point you just hit continue here and that's it! 
It's placed the ad break but we're not going to stop there. 

Let me take you into my analytics and you'll see why I've chosen three minutes. 

My average view duration - which isn't easy to say - is three minutes and two seconds so I thought why don't I just make the ad breaks every three minutes? 
Let's go with the mid rolls.
I've got the first one at five minutes. 

Let's put the next one at eight minutes,
[AUDIO] "...and I guess we'll find out what that is"
I like it!
Add ad break! 
The next one I'm gonna do at 12 minutes...
Hey it could have a little counter in the corner adding up the ad breaks.

[AUDIO] "...Regarding the active time period."
Add a break. 
If you're watching the actual video I'm putting these ad breaks on, I'm so sorry but you know my daughter needs shoes.
Let's put the next one at 15. 
[AUDIO] "...setback mode"
That's a good one, ad break! 

[AUDIO] "...00 hours" 
Ad break! The next one will be at 21 minutes.

[AUDIO] "...back temperature" 
Ad break.
24 minutes. 

[AUDIO] "...And can no longer operate the controller." 
Oh that's an ad break!
27 minutes in. 
You better believe that's a mid-roll ad break.
30 minutes. 

[AUDIO] "...without taking time periods into consideration" 
Ad break.
33 minutes. 
Ad break.

[AUDIO] "...The following service messages may appear."
36 minutes, all together now? 
Ad break!
And finally 39 minutes into this 39 minute video....

[AUDIO] "...Eco fit pure Vaillant remote control. 
Ad break. 
Now I make that 12 ad breaks but before I hit save I'm going to try one more experiment. 
I'm going to try and get one more ad break in and I've always wanted to do this. 

If you go right to the very very very beginning - back to 0:00 - will YouTube allow me to add a mid-roll ad break at 0:00 seconds into my YouTube video? 
I've got 0:00 in the timecode so you can type it straight in there and we'll go up to add ad break, see what happens...
It's done it!

Now I don't know if that's going to work because technically this is my first mid-roll ad at zero seconds so I'm kind of adding an extra commercial. 
I'll see the ads before my video starts, who knows what effect that's going to have on my watch time for this.

I don't care because I don't want this video doing more damage by bringing me more viewers.
It's a bit like the plot of the movie "The Producers" isn't it?

Awww, I fell on my keys!
I'm almost trying to make a profit by making people NOT come to see my show.

Mel Brooks you're a genius! 
So I'm going to hit "continue" here and it seems to have accepted it! 
I now have a YouTube video with 13 mid-roll ad breaks! 
If I hit the "manage mid-rolls" button there they are - 13. 

Will it be money or reduced watch time?
What do you think? 
Leave me a comment below - make your prediction now before I release part two of this video so you can see the actual impact that this has on my video and my channel! 

Our 13 YouTube mid-roll ad breaks are now locked in and they can now do their magic and spread their news of Wix and Honey and Grammarly but let's take a look now at some of my other long videos that I think are damaging my ability to niche my channel... to have my channel be more about getting ideas out of your head onto YouTube. 

So I'm going to go now to "how to make a bus blind display case" 
Now I love this video because it's 14 minutes long but it does not connect with any of my other videos on the channel - except maybe my bus videos which again I've got a move. 

So let's get to the mid rolls.
Now at the moment I've been very restrained because I have one ad break at 12:26 in a 14 minute video so let's see what happens if we add the ad breaks and we'll add an ad break right the start, about 0:00. 

That's our first ad break.
I'll put these every three minutes as well. 
I'm just going to put them straight in without really checking if they interrupt anything, so add break at three minutes... let's go to six minutes... 
I could just type it in here couldn't I.

Nine minutes add add break. 
12 minutes add add break.

And we can move this final one - you can actually drag them along the timeline as well so if I highlight it you can see it turns blue and I can just drag that ad break over to say 13 minutes, just before it ends, so we now have six ad breaks instead of one.
Link in the description takes you to the update video where we'll find out what the effect on my revenue is for this video. 

For context, my bus blind video earned me 44 cents this month. 
We'll see if that figure goes up.

What I'm going to do now is to find my top-viewed videos in the last 28 days, and see if there's a long one here that I can ram with ad breaks. 
Oh this is a good one.
This is "how to buy postage" in the UK. 

It's an absolutely gripping video about how to buy stamps online. 
This video has already earned me $27 from YouTube, let's see if I can get more money or if the views will go down.

And this is one of my best performing videos at the moment.
There's only one ad and I think that was placed automatically by YouTube, so how do we do this?
Let's put one at 0:00 and I'll put one at three minutes... 5:45...
Add ad break. 
And we've got one at the end.

Let's put one in just before the video finishes. 
The video finishes at 9:42.
Let's put one in at 9:41. 
So we now have five ad breaks instead of one.
Don't forget to hit save! 

And just as a control experiment, I have three videos about me traveling on South Western Railway and I'm going to add an ad break at zero seconds on each of these to see what effect that has on the views, or the revenue.
That video earns me 31 cents per month. 
That's the figure we're looking to beat.

Now I need to put a warning on this experiment which is: I don't care what effect it has on my revenue or my watch time for those videos because I think they are being quite harmful to my channel anyway through their success. 
But I have no guarantee that YouTube will actually serve 13 ad breaks in that first video or any of the others.

Even though I have put a mid-roll ad break at zero seconds I don't know if YouTube are even going to play along with that and actually supply a video at zero seconds.
Who knows? 
I'll be watching the videos myself to see if it looks like an extra ad has been played. 
I think the only way that I'm going to tell whether or not this works is to check the update video that I'm going to make in one month's time.

That video is right here: I suggest we'll go there now to see how much money I earned or to see how much my watch time or video views have plummeted! 
I might have crashed the channel!

Here's what YouTube thinks you should be watching next, thanks for coming along with me on this dangerous experiment. 
Now do you know what would be really funny right now is if I put in an ad br--

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BANNED FROM FACEBOOK LIVE for Any music listening experience | Great British YouTubers Podcast

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday 22 October 2020

BANNED FROM FACEBOOK LIVE for Any music listening experience | Great British YouTubers Podcast

Live music performers are facing a crackdown on Facebook Live with new rules about copyright music appearing during Facebook Live broadcasts and sessions.  
Anything that's a "music listening experience", Facebook says it will ban.
So the Great British YouTubers podcast is experimenting with a LIVE episode to get tips and advice from UK Live Music Performer (and one of the best Elvis tribute acts) MARK A WRIGHT.

We'll uncover what the new Facebook rules 2020 mean for YOU if you're a live performer, or perform with music live on Facebook... by running the chat as a YouTube Live session, broadcast, or stream - what do you call it?!

BANNED FROM FACEBOOK LIVE for "Any music listening experience"??? Great British YouTubers Podcast


This episode is long, so it's ALSO available on your favourite Podcast App!

We're running this via STREAMYARD and show how this episode goes live during the show.  

Mark A Wright Links

1:00 Facebook new terms and conditions cracking down on "a listening experience"
46:30 StreamYard tutorial: a tour of how I stream live on YouTube with StreamYard

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BEST Sony ZV1 budget external mic AUDIO TEST & REVIEW Does BOYA BY-M1 work with SONY ZV 1 CAMERA

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday 21 October 2020

BEST Sony ZV1 budget external mic AUDIO TEST & REVIEW Does BOYA BY-M1 work with SONY ZV 1 CAMERA

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Does the BOYA BY-M1 microphone work with the Sony ZV-1 camera? 
And what is the best external lapel lavalier clip-on mic for the Sony ZV1 anyway?  
Here's my review and audio test of the Boya BYM1 - in short, I love this microphone, that's why I've used it on my last 3 cameras.
And does it work with the Sony ZV 1 camera, because it has a TRRS 3.5mm jack?  Yes, it does work. Beautifully.

BEST Sony ZV1 budget external mic! AUDIO TEST & REVIEW Does BOYA BY-M1 work with SONY ZV 1 CAMERA?

0:00 Does BOYA BY-M1 work with SONY ZV 1 CAMERA? Best Sony ZV1 external lapel mic! AUDIO TEST & REVIEW
2:00 Comparing Boya BY-M1 external lav mic vs Sony ZV-1 internal built-in microphone, outdoors.
3:10 Best Sony ZV 1 camera settings for Audio Rec level, for Boya BY-M1 microphone and internal in-built mic: 11 for Boya BYM1 and 25 for built-in mic.
4:05 Boya BY-M1 lapel external mic vs SONY ZV 1 internal microphone, indoors
5:45 Sony ZV1 internal mic vs Boya BY M1 external microphone outdoors with Comica windshield (mini deadcat or deadkitten muff)
6:20 Boya BY-M1 review: I like the 1.5m length cable, I don't like it has a battery.
7:00 Sony ZV-1 built in microphone vs Boya BY-M1 mic, outdoors with deadcat.
7:30 Does the Boya BY-M1 work with a Sony ZV-1 camera, even though it has a TRRS 3.5mm jack? Yes, it does.
8:05 My Sony ZV 1 accessories video is here:



Hello, welcome back to the happy hut. 
Does the Boya BY-M1 work with the Sony ZV1 camera or ZV-1 if you're from somewhere like me?
And the answer is yes it does! 
Because I’ve got two of them, and the other one is plugged into the Sony ZV 1 right now.
You're actually listening to the Boya BY-M1 clip-on lavalier lapel microphone 
I absolutely love this microphone 

I’ve used it on my GoPro hero... I’ve used it with my Osmo pocket...
I’m just trying it out now so that you can hear exactly how this microphone sounds with the Sony ZV 1.

Now I don't have a windshield on it, I’ve got the normal kind of pop shield on it but I don't have one of those big furry windshields... 

I’ll be doing uh an external... an outdoors, “external” - I’ll be doing an outdoors test - audio test with the Boya BYM1 plugged into the Sony ZV-1 in just a minute.
There's time codes in the description to guide you through all of this.

I’m just basically trying to do as much talking as possible so you get to hear how this microphone sounds.
What do you think?
It's about four o'clock here in the UK, so you can hear a lot of traffic in the distance hopefully.

Maybe I should be quiet for a moment so you get to hear how the microphone sounds when it's not picking up any fantastic things that I’m saying?

In this video I’m going to compare how this sounds outdoors against the Sony ZV 1 camera's in-built microphone, then after that we're going to go indoors into the happy hut... which is quite a challenging audio environment, and you'll get to hear what it sounds like indoors.

And then we'll go for a proper walk. 
We'll do some vlogging, some walking and talking with the Boya BY M1 so you get to see what it's like with a big furry mini deadcat windshield on, just in case there's some light wind now affecting how this is sounding.

This is how the Sony ZV-1 camera or ZV1 camera sounds with the inbuilt microphone or built-in microphone.
I don't think anyone's quite agreed on that yet, but I’m going to do some talking so you can compare how this sounds with the Boya BY-M1 which isn't plugged in right now.
You might be able to hear in the background I’ve got some kids on a trampoline, and some traffic noise as people go home, and it looks like maybe a few raindrops as well.
So I’ll keep talking so you can compare the inbuilt microphone with the Boya BY-M1
I don't know why I’m still holding this! 
This is how the Boya BYM1 clip-on lavalier mic sounds compared to the in-built microphone for the Sony ZV-1 

I can't say it still... the Sony ZV 1 or ZV1 camera built-in microphone.
This is how it sounds and now we're back on with the Boya BY-M1 plugged into my Sony ZV1 camera or is it ZV-1 camera/
I’ll show you later on, also the audio level settings that I’ve had to change in the camera itself.
I set the camera to around 11 for plugging the Boya BY M1 and as you know yourself if you have a Sony ZV-1 camera the audio setting tends to be around the 25, 26 level for the inbuilt microphone.
I had to bring it right the way down for this microphone.

Oh I don't need to show it to you later, that's it right there! 
How does this compare with the Boya BY-M1?
Leave a comment or if you have no opinion just say hi it'd be great to hear from you.
One more time with the Boya BY M1 lapel microphone external microphone plugged into my Sony ZV 1 camera... and back to the internal microphone on the Sony ZV-1 camera.
We'll do a proper walk and talk in a minute, but it's getting a little bit cold so let's... let's go inside now to the happy hut to see how, or hear how, the Boya BY-M1 sounds indoors.
I’m actually inside the happy hut.
Hello welcome to the happy hut! 

It's not a very forgiving place for audio in here.
There are lots of hard surfaces, but I’m still doing my best to do as much talking as possible so you get a sense of how this microphone sounds with the Sony ZV 1 camera or the ZV-1 digital camera.
Let's compare it now to the inbuilt microphone or is it built-in microphone.
This now is how the Sony... I keep saying “zoni” - the Sony ZV 1 or ZV-1 camera sounds with the built-in microphone.

And this is how the BYM1 microphone sounds indoors again, I’ll give the mic a gentle tap.
This is how the built-in microphone sounds indoors in the happy hut with a lot of hard surfaces.
This is the Boya BY-M1 external microphone on the Sony ZV1 or ZV-1.
I’m going to be quiet now just to see what it sounds like.
I can't even say the sentence.

I’m going to be quiet for a few seconds so you can hear the ambient noise and any other noise that might be picked up by this microphone.
I’m going to be quiet for a few seconds just so you can hear any other noise on the recording.

I'm back again on the Boya BY-M1 and this is how the built-in microphone sounds.
What I’m going to do now is head off outside and see how this sounds in outdoor conditions.
I’ve put this Comica deadcat or mini deadcat or deadkitten windshield onto my Boya BYM1 just so you can see what it's like in a sort of a walking vlogging situation.
I much prefer using the Boya to having some kind of shotgun microphone.

I find it a little bit more discreet even though there's a cable attached between me and the, the camera. 
Maybe now's a good time to talk through some of the... the upsides - the things I love about the Boya BY M1 and some of the downsides.
I actually really like the long cable.

Some reviews have said that it's a bit annoying having so much cable.
I don't find it annoying at all.
I really need it and I’ve used the Boya BY-M1 in some interview situations where I’ve plugged two microphones into a splitter cable.

You can't really get away from it but there is a battery, a very small battery.
I’ve no idea when it runs out and it is a bit fiddly to fit, but having a battery is a little bit annoying.
I have given myself a little mnemonic device just to remind myself not to leave it on.
It seems to work, I do seem to turn it off so... so that's helpful.

I’m going to take this off now because this is the Sony ZV 1 camera internal microphone: the built-in microphone or the in-built microphone whichever you prefer.
I’ve got it all caught up in my thing, there we go.
You can hear some irresponsible motorcyclists in the background probably.
I’m going to try and keep talking so that you get a sense of how the internal microphone sounds compared to the Boya BYM1, but maybe now's a good time for us to cut back to-- oh there's another thing that's that comes up a lot every time I’ve reviewed the Boya BY-M1.

There's always a comment that says “But the connector! The connector, Neil! 
It's a TRRS! Surely that's for phones? It's not going to work in a camera!?”
Trust me, the Boya BYM1 absolutely works in a Sony ZV 1 camera - you're listening to it right now.
The great thing with doing these microphone reviews for the Sony ZV-1 camera is that I get a lot of exercise, so I’m just going to keep walking around trying to avoid the dog walkers.

You probably noticed, when I show you shots of the camera I’ve got all kinds of things attached to it.
I actually made a whole other video just about that all my budget accessories.

I’ll put that link in the description and it might even be on screen now, you can click on the “i” and I’ve got quite a few more videos like this coming up, so you might want to hit the subscribe button down below.
That would also help me enormously because I’m trying to get to 10000 subscribers.
I have no idea if that's going to happen but you could take me one step closer and this is how the built-in microphone sounds.
I’m going to go quiet for a moment just so you get a sense of how the ambient noise sounds outdoors.
Maybe I’ll be quiet for a moment so you can hear some ambient noise.
We've got a major road in that direction and a major playground in that direction.
I’ll just give you some silence so you can hear ambient noise while I’m walking.
I think I’m gonna get photobombed by a jogger...
And now back to the Sony ZV-1 built-in microphone.
Also in the description, I’ve put links to the microphone itself and also to this Comica mini deadcat deadkitten windshield.
I just leave it on all the time.
And how are you finding the sound of the Boya BY-M1?
What do you think?

Is this something that you might like to buy?
Do-- would you prefer to have like a shotgun microphone on the top of your Sony ZV-1? 
Leave a comment below!
This is how the built-in microphone sounds outdoors while walking... on the... not “on the” but WITH the Sony ZV 1 camera.
Right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next just... just as the helicopter goes over! 
I take it you can hear the helicopter right?

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HOW TO CLEAN UP PODCAST AUDIO optimize and remove background noise

All about me, and getting these by email.

Monday 19 October 2020

HOW TO CLEAN UP PODCAST AUDIO optimize and remove background noise

How do I clean up or optimize my podcast audio for free online? 
How do I make my podcast audio sound more like a podcast? 
What automatic levelling or compressor can give my audio that distinctive podcast sound?

I use a great free website called which also has options to pay for extra features and more podcast audio upload time. I'm not paid by them to make this - I just love using it for my podcast workflow - I don't want it to ever go!

HOW TO CLEAN UP PODCAST AUDIO optimize and remove background noise: use

0:00 How to clean up or optimize podcast audio and remove background noise?
1:00 Auphonic tutorial
2:20 How to convert m4a, mp3, mov, mp4, wav, mp2, ogg, flac, aiff, flv, mkv, ipod audio. How to convert video to audio file.
3:00 Which audio files does Auphonic use and transfer to? How to convert a stereo audio file to mono.
3:10 How to optimize podcast with the correct compression and audio levels.
4:00 How to use auphonic.
4:30 How to remove background noise from audio.



How can I clean up the audio on my podcast episodes for free?

I want to optimize the sound of my podcast audio - you know remove some annoying background noises and make my podcast episodes sound a bit more... you know podcasty?
Hello I’m Neil Mossey and we're going to do that right now for free online! 

I’m a development producer by the way.

I help high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head into the world on YouTube videos and podcasts and eBooks but today it's the podcast we're going to concentrate on because we're going to clean one up right now for free online with this amazing website.

It's called
I use this service so much...

I use it for all of my Great British YouTube podcasts.

Once I’ve edited an audio episode, all I do is upload it to Auphonic and it automatically cleans it up and gives it a boost.

A bit of a nice you know podcast oomph.

Unbelievably they provide two hours of free post-production processing every month, so let's work through an actual example one of my podcasts right now, and I’m going to take you through it from the beginning.

So this is the website 
All you need to do is sign up, to put in a username an email address and make up a password.

Hit submit, then we need to verify our email address and my Auphonic account is activated!
So now we'll log in for real this time.

This is what the dashboard looks like.
It might look a bit intimidating at first.
It was intimidating for me: that's why I wanted to... woah!
Which is kind of why I wanted to make this walkthrough because it's actually really easy.
On the left hand side, you can see how much time you have left.
You're allocated two hours every month.
When you upload say a 10 minute piece of audio, that will deduct 10 minutes from that two hours, and it's reset back to the two hours every month.

All we need to do is to hit this big red button here - “new production” - and you have lots of options so I’m going to walk you through how I upload my audio file to be cleaned up.

So the first thing we need to do is to choose a file to upload to Auphonic.
All you need to do is hit “choose file” then select your file and hit open and that will choose the audio file that you want to clean up.
This file happens to be an .m4a file.

It works with .mp3 files, wavs it even I believe works with putting videos up - so you can put in an .mp4 video or a .mov and I think it cleans that up and just takes the audio off for you.

I only work with audio files even though they're audio files from the video file - just because it's a lot easier and quicker to upload.

I could if I wanted add an automatic intro and outro and I could add basic metadata and extended metadata and chapter marks but I’m not going to do that for now.

I just want to choose the output file and we have a wide variety of file types that it can output to.
I’m going to choose mp3.

The other thing that I like to do is to make my podcast mono, so I click the mono button over here and you have so many options, but I... I just need this last section here.

There's a leveler.
It kind of boosts all the parts that are quiet and keeps things a podcasty level.
That's me doing a “podcasty level” and you can select that here in the loudness target.

You can choose different targets but I go for the podcast one.
It's the... the kind of loudness that you want for a podcast.

There is a very technical explanation for this.

All I know is if I select “podcasts” it makes the audio sound a bit podcasty!
The other crucial box to tick is right here - noise and hum reduction.
Sometimes I turn it on and sometimes I turn it off.

I’m going to be cleaning up some audio.

Let's go for a medium strength clean up of 12db, that has worked well for me.
If it creates its own distortion it's really easy to go... come back to this page and to reduce it a little.
And when I hit “start production” it asks do you want to start the production because this is going to be taken off our two hours of free credits, so I’ll confirm that with start production and now it uploads the file to Auphonic.

I’m going to put my headphones on now so we can hear the difference between the original file and the file after it's been cleaned up by Auphonic.

It keeps you informed every step of the way so it's processing the audio now.
Doesn't take that long, only a couple of minutes, a few minutes depending on how long your podcast audio is - and here we are with the cleaned up file!
That only took about 15 seconds.

The section of the audio that I want you to hear... you can choose between the “output” which is the Auphonic cleaned up version - so if I hit play here...

[AUDIO] “...when I first started it for the first few years and you know there's different ways to make money on TikTok and I think some people a little bit um dubious..”

So that's the output and you can click on “input” down here and hear what it sounded like originally.
[AUDIO] “...when I first started it for the first few years and you know there's different ways to make money on TikTok and I think some people a little bit um dubious..”

Now it might be difficult to appreciate the difference if you're listening to this on a laptop speaker.
I don't know what kind of compression YouTube is adding to this as well so you'll have to take my word for it that the results are usually really, really great for my audio files.

I’m going to show you now how you can adjust what you want to do before you download it.

If you're happy with what Auphonic has done with your audio file, all you need to do is click the downloads button here, but if you want to tweak with it and you can tweak as many times as you like without it affecting your two hours allowance...

All you need to do is to click at the bottom “edit this production” and you can change any of the settings that you set in the first place.

You can change anything you want.
What I’m going to do for a demonstration - I’m not sure this is going to work - but I’m going to change the noise and hum reduction to high because sometimes that distorts.

Let's see how different that sounds.
So I’ve selected a slightly different output and I’ll hit start production and that starts the audio processing again for the same file, so you don't have to upload it again but with that slightly different setting.

It's so quick, so let's listen to this section again - this is with the slightly heavier noise reduction.
[AUDIO] “...back then it was really bad because it was cheaper for gifts and people some some creators in America got done really well on gifting.”

I can definitely hear a difference there just even on my laptop speaker.
It sounds a lot deader, maybe slightly unnatural for me?

For safety I’m going to download that, so I’ll hit download and I’m going to make a note for myself that the noise reduction is at 24db and it downloads as easily as that!
Now I want to go back to the previous one and download that version and I’ll probably use that version, so I’ll go back.

Change the noise reduction to “medium”.
“Start production” and let do its thing.
Oh if you're watching this from Auphonic - if you work for Auphonic I cannot express to you how happy I am with your service.

It is such a good website!
It's cleaned up so many little bits of audio and I really appreciate I could just buy some credits when I need to.
There we go, so let's hear this one again.

[AUDIO] “ was cheaper for gifts and people some some creators in America got done really well on gifting, but now TikTok put in like measures to keep it safe for so kids who can't send gifts from the app you have to be 18 or over”

I’m going to download that one and I’ll call that “noise reduction 12db”,
Save... so now I have two completely different processed versions and I can just listen to them at my heart's content and choose... choose the right one.
That's how easy it is to use 

Is this helping?
If you have reached this point of the video please hit a thumbs up if you have any better places - please leave a comment down below we'd love to know how you get to clean up the audio on your podcast episodes or make them sound a bit more podcasty!

And I’m gonna make lots more of these, so please hit the subscribe button if this is the kind of stuff that you're into.
Here's a video right here about how I use zoom to make video podcasts and here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.

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How much I earn from Amazon Associates & disclaimer WORDING for Amazon Affiliates

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday 14 October 2020

How much I earn from Amazon Associates & disclaimer WORDING for Amazon Affiliates

How much does Amazon Associates pay to become an Amazon Affiliate and what is the correct wording for the Affiliate disclaimer declaration
I think I just got told off by Amazon Associates for not having the correct disclaimer on my Amazon Affiliate links. 
So now I have to change 490 pages of links! 
In this video, I'll do this in real time so we can all learn the correct wording for the disclosure needed by Amazon Associates next to the affiliate links... 
will I do this in time?!

BUSTED BY AMAZON! How much I earn from Amazon Associates & disclaimer WORDING for Amazon Affiliates

0:00 How much I earn from Amazon Associates & disclaimer WORDING for Amazon Affiliates
2:00 Footage of me in trouble before, speeding after a movie star well off his face in a limo well over the limit.
2:25 Amazon Associates warning email for a clear disclosure.
3:10 Amazon Associates wording for disclaimer or disclosure and correct hashtags for affiliates: (paid ad) #ad #commissionsearned
4:10 How to make my YouTube videos safe as an Amazon Affiliate: adding the correct words and statement for disclaimer.
5:20 How to add Amazon Associate disclosure to my YouTube channel.
6:00 How to add Amazon Associates disclaimer sentence to my blog.
6:50 How much I earn from Amazon Associates.
7:45 How much Amazon Associates pays me as an Amazon Affiliate in the US and UK.
8:10 How much money I make from Amazon Associates in a month in the US and UK.
9:00 How much commission does Amazon Affiliates pay?

Can you please help my I think I just got busted by Amazon.
They did it very nicely in this mass automated email but I do know from this that I am in quite a bit of trouble with Amazon.

I am an Amazon affiliate, or an Amazon associate - that's how they prefer to call us - but what that means is that I have an account where I can put links into my YouTube channel descriptions and into blog posts, and it even means that I can put those nice boxy Amazon product boxes... And what that means is that when you click on one of those links I get a small very small percentage commission from what is sold.

Amazon make it very, very clear to everyone doing this that you are supposed to declare this.
I absolutely knew I’m supposed to say if you click on this link I get a bit of commission, but I didn't know the exact wording.

Well I know I haven't worded it correctly because I got this email but it's totally clear and I completely get that I’m supposed to declare it correctly...
Because if you don't do this, Amazon can absolutely shut you down and then I will have 100s, literally hundreds of pages and posts with links that don't do anything.

So in this video I am going to fix absolutely everything and I’ve got to do it quickly before I get another one of these emails.
I’m going to show you how I’m fixing my Amazon associates links... 
I’m probably going to go through about 200 videos.

I’m going to show you the exact wording, the exact disclaimer that you're supposed to write every time that you use one of these links... 

And through all of this I’m going to show you exactly how much money I earned this month from Amazon Associates - So you're going to see my entire revenue for how much money being an Amazon associate brings in for me.

By the way hello, I’m Neil Mossey - I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head to make more people happy right here on YouTube and oh my goodness do we need your ideas.

Look here's some footage of me in trouble before trying to keep up with a movie star who's well off his face in a speeding limo that's well over the limit.
Now we're going about... about 70... 75.
What's the limit? 

I had hair back then. Not for much longer.
So let's first look at this very friendly reminder that I get from Amazon associates.

“Hello associate” 

That's nice and personal.

“This is a recurring reminder that any time you share an associate link it's important to disclose that to your audience” 
Maybe I need some like more serious music under this?

You must include a legally compliant disclosure and identify yourself on your site as an Amazon associate with the language required by the operating agreement.
I can't even say it.

So “on your site”? Does that mean in-- in my channel description?

I-- I guess it probably does.
Now it says a clear disclosure “could be as simple as”.

So it doesn't even say that this is the absolute wording you must use.

So it could be (paid link) or #ad or #commissionsearned
It should be placed near any associate link or product review in a location that customers will notice easily.

In some places that it says you must put this disclaimer just before the link, never after the link - but here's where I’m going to play it really safe.
The following statement is clearly inconspicuously appearing on my site:
“As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

I should put a bit of echo on that, shouldn't I.
“As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

I know this is me wanting too much, but I wish that whatever link triggered this email... I wish they could hint at which post, which blog post, which link or which YouTube video has triggered this!
It would be so helpful.
So let's go into my YouTube studio dashboard and we're going to click on “videos” to see how much damage there is.

I’m not looking forward to this at all.
I’m going to do a search on the word “Amazon” and if you click on this upside down triangle it brings up this menu.

We'll go down to “description” and then we want the description to contain the word “Amazon” 
Let's see how many there are -- oh it's 117.
117 videos to check and change.

The other cool thing that we can do is to click on date - if you click on this arrow it rearranges this list to bring the earliest videos first.

Let's dive into this first one just to see what's here.
This is from my video of how to remove marker pen but if I go into the description: I’ve already done this one.

I’ve got to go through every single video to check that it's got this wording: 
As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Let's run some music and speed this up a bit.

Okay so it's 191 videos.
Let me show you how to put this onto your channel level.

I’ve gone into customization in my YouTube studio and then “basic info” 
This is the channel description.
Maybe I’ll just put it here: “As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases”.

I just changed 191 YouTube videos.
It took well over two hours. 

I’m really glad though because at least I know that those are finished, so now I’ve got to check all the other places where I might have put these links.
This is my blog.

I don't think the instructions are that clear because if you have these boxes surely those are clear ads for Amazon?
But just to be safe I’ve put the declaration that Amazon associates want me to put there.
I just need to do that about 200 times now.
Don't worry I won't make you watch that but I have put this disclaimer on my actual website itself - so I’ve put the “as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases” 
I’ve put that onto my website so that the website itself is super clear but I know what you want to see next!
It's this! 

This is the hallowed dashboard of Amazon associates.

I’m going to show you how much I earn in a month with Amazon associates as an Amazon affiliate - like there aren't enough a's in those words.
This is the... the cause of all my worry right now, and oh my goodness I’ve just sold something quite big!

So on the on the main dashboard I’m showing my earnings overview for the last 30 days - a little bit similar to YouTube except on this graph the green line that doesn't go up very much that's where the money is...

And if I hover my cursor over this one - this looks nice and juicy.
Now I get a quite a small percentage so that must have been quite a large item.

The other thing to bear in mind is that Amazon associates has an Amazon associates in every single marketplace.
So for every pretty much every country that you want to provide links for, has its own Amazon associates site, and you have to be approved by each territory one by one.
But let's go to my earnings report...
So in the last seven days I’ve earned 18 pounds.

What is good is they've just introduced a thing so that you can see all your accounts in one place - so in the United Kingdom I earned £15 in the last seven days and in the US I earned four dollars.
What's not to like about that! 
I wonder if I can change that to last 30 days?

Right, wow that's good... so in the last month on the US Amazon associates site I earned $72. And here in the UK I earned £22.

I’m glad I’ve captured it on video with you.
You can see more detailed reports give you a summary at the top and fees.
It's a really misleading word “fees” because it implies that I owe them some money but I believe these are the fees that will come to me.

If I don't get banned and kicked off and busted by Amazon! 
So I think we're good right Amazon?
You and me?

The squiggly graphs show the clicks, so the red line shows the number of times my links have been clicked on.

For instance on the 13th of September my links were clicked on 35 times and one item was ordered from which I earned one dollar and one cent.
Let's go to this big one up here.
My links were clicked on 18 times, 12 items were ordered from that.

That's quite a high ratio for which I earn and it sort of adds it all up and gives you these figures.
It's not something I’m glued to - it's probably something I only check every couple of months.

My link clicks have been responsible for 2020 dollars worth of items being shipped and that was on 461 clicks of my links and 50 items were ordered so that conversion rate I believe is 10.85 percent.
What I love just browsing through is this table here because it actually lists every single item that has been bought.

Some strange stuff there which I haven't put links to, but what happens is if someone goes to Amazon using one of my links and they don't buy the item... but they then go on to buy something else I believe 

I earn a commission on that instead.

If I click on this button here “earnings” - this one's a bit more understandable for me because it's in order of total items shipped.

I can reorder this list to see what brought in the most revenue so if I click on total revenue - look at that - I sold a camera!

Oh my goodness and for that one camera I picked up 29.92 so I’m - I’m really pleased with that and I also sold an air purifier, so you know the goodness just doesn't stop on this channel does it! 
These are my squiggly lines for the United Kingdom sales.

On the 5th of October I earned 14 pounds 70 on two ordered items which came from 18 clicks of my links but what could it be?
Let's click on the earnings button and order it by total revenue.
My link was responsible for the sale of one dehumidifier at £174.99 which meant that I received £12.25. 

I sold seven spool lines! 
If you've seen any of my videos about how much I earn on YouTube my biggest problem right now is that I am “garden tools guy” because my most popular videos aren't about helping creators and performers just like you here on YouTube.

They're there to help you how to change a trimmer line for cutting down the weeds in the garden and that brought in £2.85.
This is probably why I really need to wind that down and if you subscribe to this channel you will see my ongoing story with how I am niching this channel.

I think the next video is going to be about me deleting videos and removing videos so if you want to come along for the ride for that click on the subscribe button before - every subscription is really truly appreciated.

I can't imagine anyone did but if you reach this point of the video please hit that thumbs up button just to let me know that somebody reached this point of the video and if you have any questions I’m sure other people out there will be able to answer them for you.

Leave a comment below - it'd be lovely to hear from you, just say hi and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
Wow that was an abrupt ending.

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Make a second YouTube channel WITHOUT wrecking your first channel! 2020

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Sunday 4 October 2020

Make a second YouTube channel WITHOUT wrecking your first channel! 2020

How to start a second youtube channel how to make a second channel on YouTube What is a brand account on Google

How do I make a second YouTube channel using my same YouTube account in 2020?

And how do I do that without wrecking my first YouTube channel?!

I have made a few "second channels" on YouTube and this for me is hands-down the best method. 
I don't think I should create the second channel attached to my first channel or using the same Google account!

I walk you through how to create a second YouTube channel the conventional way in 2020, by creating a brand account from your first Google or YouTube account... THEN I show you how I am making my second channel, by creating a whole new Google login and account, and then using that Google account to create a new YouTube channel (which is also a brand account).

Make a second YouTube channel WITHOUT wrecking your first channel! 2020

0:00 How to start a second YouTube channel in 2020.
1:00 METHOD 1: Go into YouTube and click on your avatar, then Settings.
2:00 Inside - add or manage your channels
2:30 Click on Create A New Channel, which opens Create A Brand Account
3:25 How to switch between different YouTube channels I own
3:40 Why I think you should not create a second channel this way
4:45 How I create a second YouTube channel METHOD 2: create a brand new gmail address and Google account. What is a YouTube brand account?
5:10 Should I choose "For myself" or "To manage my business"?
6:25 How to create a new YouTube channel 2020.
6:36 Should I create a channel using my name or using a custom name?
6:55 How to create a YouTube channel name.
7:30 How to add YouTube banner art.
7:45 How to fix problem: Google In order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in. But red sign in button does not work.
8:30 How to crop and resize picture for YouTube banner art.


Hello, how do you start a second YouTube channel?
It's a very good question and one that I’m asking myself right now, so I’m going to create a brand new second YouTube channel in real time, in front of you right now, right here.


Let's do it, because by the end of this you and me are both gonna have a second YouTube channel.
Let's dive straight in... 
oh hello, I’m Neil by the way.
I usually help high-achieving performers and creators just like you to get ideas out of your head, out to here on YouTube, but today we're going to do more than that!
We're going to... we're going to branch out onto a new frontier and we're going to take those ideas out onto a whole second channel!

I’m going to show you the way that you're probably looking up, which is to create a second YouTube channel as a spin-off, or a brand account, from your main YouTube channel and I’m going to do that very quickly... 
And then I’m going to explain why I’m NOT going to create my second channel that way.
There are some really big security risks.

I’m going to talk you through, and show you how I actually am making my second channel.
But let's dive in to YouTube studio.

So the way to make a second YouTube channel in 2020, and who knows maybe 2021, you click on your face - or your avatar - on the top right hand side of YouTube studio.

You can see it brings up this menu "your channel", YouTube, switch accounts, and sign out.
You can't seem to do it at the moment in YouTube studio, so the only place that I found in 2020 is to go into YouTube - the main - and then click on your avatar there.

At the top it shows you the google accounts that you are logged into.
I’ve blurred that for security reasons and I’m going to explain those security reasons to you a bit later, and it's sort of why I’m not going to make a second YouTube channel using this method... but let's do it anyway.

Here's the menu buried all the way down here you can see a cog icon and the word settings - so we'll click on "settings" and this takes you into your YouTube account settings.

It's actually and you can use that url to go straight to this page.
There's a section down here "add or manage your channels" and if you click on that option it opens up the channels and brand accounts that your login lets you into.

On this page you can see some attempts I’ve made in the past to make a second channel.
I’ve got three other second channels, one of them I think's a goer - this train channel here.
I think I’m going to change the the name of that channel.
Up here is a big button labelled "create a new channel" 
Should we press it?!

It opens up this page "brand accounts".
What on earth is a brand account?

"This brand account can have a different name than your personal account." 
Your YouTube login gives you one personal YouTube channel.
As soon as you want to make a second channel, or more YouTube channels, they have to be brand account channels, so you can give the YouTube channel a name.

"My super awesome second YouTube channel" and then when you hit "create"...
Boom, my super awesome second YouTube channel!
So you can customize the channel and upload some channel art, and there's a friendly message: "upload a video to get started" so you can upload your first video immediately...

and over here is the YouTube studio button, and your channel dashboard looks the same.
The way that you jump between your main channel - your first channel - and this second channel is with the avatar in the corner...

So it's giving me an "M" because the channel is called "my super awesome second YouTube channel".
If I click on that it gives you the options for this channel.
One of those options is switch accounts and this menu brings up all the channels that are linked to this account.

If I click that I return to the YouTube studio dashboard.
I do not think you should make a second channel that way.
I think I need some scary music or some sinister music?
Yeah that that should do the trick.

There have been some really high profile examples of big channels that have been taken over by hackers or phishing attempts.

The links are in the the description and basically hackers have used their channels to push some spam accounts to make money, but this has also been happening to some very small creators as well.
It's just that we don't get to hear about them because they don't have the profile of these large YouTubers.

Nobody knows why, but it takes YouTube about two months to recover the account and return it to the owner.
When the channel is handed back it's completely wrecked because it's been used for spamming all of its metrics have dropped.

Sometimes the videos have all been deleted...
This is a video by Roberto Blake: he explains the problem and he explains how it's happening and it's pretty scary.

These hacking attempts and phishing attempts manage to get around the security that YouTube says that you and I should have.
I’m going to be following Roberto Blake's security advice with this.
The first step is to log out of or open up an incognito window so that in the eyes of you're an outsider.
You can start a new life!

From here we're going to create a brand new email address that will only ever be used to log into the YouTube channel.

No one in the world could take a guess at what this email address is.
To do that, if you click on sign in at the bottom left here you can see it says create account.
Is it for myself or to manage my business?

Nobody seems to know the best answer to this existential question so I’m going to go to "manage my business" because I’m all about handling my business!
And then for username this is tricky.

Don't give a username that a hacker or a phishing attempt can take a wild and crazy guess at.
So my advice here is to not call it my super awesome second YouTube channel - which you can't do anyway because it's got to be 30 characters long but you get my point.
Don't call it the name of the channel, call it something completely different and then make up a password.

The next question that pops up is "verify your phone number" 
Google asks you if you want to attach that phone number to this account.
I think that might cause problems if you use your phone number for other accounts so I’m going to skip that.

Then you have to agree to the terms and conditions - of course we're going to read them -  and you get this reassuring confirmation screen: "your google account is all set! 
Now add your business profile" 

Well I don't have one of those, so now you are into google on this completely new identity and that's the identity that we're going to use to create a YouTube account, so let's go to
I’ll click on the avatar in the top right hand corner, and we have the familiar menu options here.
The top one is "create a channel" 

"Your creator journey begins, pursuing your creative passions".
Do you create a personal account even though it's on a completely different email address?
Do you create it as a personal account or as a brand account?
But just to be on the super super safe side I’m going to create what's called a brand account, so "create a channel using a brand or other name and picture".

You can use your brand's name or another name.
I’m going to call it ikea-dad and I’m going to tick this box: I understand I’m creating a new google account.

So you can see how this is like a Russian doll of accounts within accounts.
Nice work!
Finally! We've done it! 
Your channel ikea dad has been created.
I can now upload a profile picture.
The next section is tell viewers about your channel.

Is it "ikea" or "ikea"?
Here dad, see you at the checkouts, and you can add links to all your other sites and social media places, and here's your channel!

You get the two options that you're very familiar with: customize channel and YouTube studio.
If I click on "customize channel" it's 2020 but "create channel" still throws you to classic studio, so you can create a new banner... oh no... you can't create it.
Add channel art...? 

So I have this problem on my other account.
I can't believe that I can't get in to upload a banner.
Leave me a comment if you get this as well, because that sucks.
Let's click on "add channel art"...

It's the same problem.
The only way I can get it to work is to go into a completely different browser - in this case Microsoft Edge.

From there I go into YouTube again and sign in with my brand new google login.
Then I click on my avatar on the top right hand corner, then "my channel", "customize channel" and then I click the "add channel art" button again... and finally the pop-up window works just as it should... so I can select a photo from my computer, upload it, and there it is.
My lovely new banner for my new channel, and exactly the same as with our first channel we can crop and resize this picture to fit all those different devices.

Hit save and boom! 
There it is.
Our banner art is finally on our second channel!
Let's go into YouTube studio.
"Hello new YouTube studio".
Yes!  And all the settings are there so we've done it! 
We have set up a second channel.
How are you going to do it?

Leave me a comment below, are you going to go the first way, which is to create a second channel from your main channel?
Or are you gonna do it my way and create a whole new identity and just make a clean start on a completely different identity?

Be great to hear from you and it'd be great to see links to your second channel.
Put them in the comments below and of course if you want to follow my ikea-dad second channel you can follow how my second YouTube channel does in real time, and I’ll be posting updates on this channel...

And I know that you'll want to know how much YouTube pays me per 1000 views: that's on this video here. This is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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