Thursday 29 November 2012

The Classified Ad Break - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

These are my Dad Lessons For My Kids - to browse at their leisure.
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- The Classified Ad Break -

Life in 2012:
We have a thing called Local Papers, which have a section called The Classified Ads.

Here's a Classified Ad Break...

(...from a show I made with John Gordillo called The Recommended Daily Allowance - full series here.).

Here are some of the ads, with more added.

PORTALOO plus melamine crockery, very cheap.

Furniture for sale. £95 Per item.

IN BOX. good condition. £10.

Grave for sale. Offers.

Drop side cot with mattress. Easy erection and storage for grandparents visitors.

I'M SELLING a Sanyo TV. Or 3.

Language course.

Writing Desk.
w r i t i n g.
(VIA @Caroline_Gold THANKS!)

Large stocks of Sellotape. it has hundreds of uses.

Lady required to groom and look after horses. In return for riding.

Very comfy sofa for £30. No... wait, £40, YES £40.

PAPER CLIPS. (got anything like this in your local rag?)

Ahhhh. Never been worn wedding dress.

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