Sunday 26 February 2023

YouTube Thumbnail tips from Studio App!

YouTube themselves dropped this advice on THUMBNAILS into my YouTube Studio app, and sharing their tips and advice with you step by step. I also cover what I currently use to make thumbnails with all the links below!

YouTube app reveals THUMBNAIL top tips!


Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut. I'm Neil and there is something very wrong with the planet if the United Kingdom could look like this in the middle of November! 
I think I'll... I'll leave a link to the Carbon Almanac in the corner. 
But the other impending doom that you and I have got is our next thumbnail! 
Do you hate making thumbnails? I do... sorry I don't want to crush this little... I've got this little mushroom that's growing out of the table here, and I know that if I put my elbow down... it's gonna wreck it. I should just get rid of it. 
I don't want to touch it. 
You and I hate making thumbnails and I think the YouTube studio app sensed this, because... let me put it up on screen now. 
Maybe I should reframe the camera? 
I've got my phone on the side of the screen here. 
On the analytics tab on the YouTube studio app, look! 
I got this odd tablet saying “Top tips for thumbnails” so I clicked on it and a lovely refreshing message I... I think I was aware of this but it's always good to get a reminder: 
“Thumbnails help viewers choose you, let's see how your thumbnails are doing” 
So I thought I'd share this... this wisdom with you directly from the YouTube app and we'll work through this together. 
“These thumbnails are working well” it says, so these three thumbnails... I don't think these are my greatest hits uh, so I don't know how they've arrived at these three thumbnails. I guess they've based it on click-through rate. And I'm a bit wary of click-through rate. 
Click-through rate is the percentage of viewers who click on the thumbnail. So if YouTube shows your thumbnails 100 times and 10 people click on those thumbnails, then your click-through rate is 10 percent. 
The thing is though, I have absolutely no control over where YouTube shows my thumbnails. The thumbnails are called Impressions on your analytics, and sometimes the Impressions will just suddenly go up... or what I've got at the moment on one of my channels is that the Impressions dropped... but interestingly the click-through rate stayed the same. In fact I think... I think it's increased slightly. 
Now I have no control over YouTube doing this A/B testing over time, so to become obsessed with my click-through rate, I think, is a bad idea... so apparently these thumbnails are doing good at the moment. 
“Here's how to give your thumbnails every chance to smile” 
I do appreciate these little uh slideshows. 
“Make sure that they're clear and easy to read” 
Now I'd like to think that these thumbnails were chosen algorithmically to... to help inspire me but actually they're just my last nine thumbnails. But anyway it says “thumbnails change sizes on different devices, so use high resolution images and text” 
“Stand out next to other thumbnails. Your thumbnails should preview your videos and Spark curiosity” 
“Always remember to find your style. Familiar colours, faces and fonts help viewers return to your channel.” 
“Keep it simple. Bold colours and designs are catchy but too much is overwhelming” and “Target your audience. Match designs to your viewers preferences and familiarity with you.” 
Now I don't know how... how do you make your thumbnails? 
Leave me a comment below let me know how you're getting on with... with the whole thumbnail business. 
There are three really great places to make thumbnails if you're looking. 
Now I'm no fan of Adobe because they charged me for a Year's subscription when I wanted a month... and then just billed me anyway when I cancelled it. 
So it's always good to get something free from Adobe, and this is called Adobe Express. 
I use Adobe Express purely for removing background images. They've got like a remove background tool. It's incredible. 
And then I export that foreground image with the background removed and I'll put that into my keynote - which is what I use. 
I'll show you that in a second. The other great place that all vloggers and YouTubers seem to go is canva. And I've used canva. I like to edit my pictures locally so I use a thing called Keynote which is on the Mac, and it's the free PowerPoint presentation app. What's brilliant with keynote is... apart from it being free and available on any Mac device... All the images, all the slides are 16x9 and it's the same shape as the video. It's the same shape as the thumbnail that YouTube wants. 
It's incredible. It's so easy to just move text around and import images and it comes free. I think it's on the iPhone. It's definitely on the iPad and any Mac. 
That's what I've been using and I think my thumbnails have been getting better. 
That's why I wanted to make this video, to try and encourage you to shake things up a bit with... with your thumbnails. 
But what do you use? 
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear some more places for making thumbnails. And this YouTube slideshow ends with a link to this video which is a tutorial about titles and thumbnails. It's about seven minutes long - it helps inspire to make more. 
I'll see you on the next video.

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KITCHEN DESIGN! Planning Benchmarx galley layout... Driftwood Blue Cambridge design

All about me, and getting these by email.

Saturday 25 February 2023

KITCHEN DESIGN! Planning Benchmarx galley layout... Driftwood Blue Cambridge design

We try new things to help make our family happy. 
Today it's a tour of my Sister's new kitchen! 
It's a galley style for some kitchen inspo from Benchmarx who also supply Wickes here in the UK. If you are planning a kitchen design, this might help with some ideas for layout.
It includes soft close pan drawers, AEG gas hob, AEG microwave combi oven, Franke tap (faucet) and Abode stainless steel sink. 
The kitchen cupboards and cabinets are Cambridge style in Driftwood blue, and my sister kindly wanted to offer this because there aren't many videos about the Benchmarx driftwood blue.

BUY A SINK ORGANIZER HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

KITCHEN TOUR! Planning a galley layout... Driftwood Blue Cambridge - Benchmarx UK



Hello, this is the Dad Delivers vlog where we try new things to make your family happy and the new thing today is this.  It's a Benchmarx kitchen.  I'm in my sister's house. You said that it's quite difficult to find Benchmarx kitchens.
This one, because it's a new colour, Driftwood Blue.  And on their site it looks really blue but it's come out more grey here, which is what we were after.  The cupboards are called Cambridge and the colour is Driftwood Blue. Oh Driftwood Blue: You said it's really difficult to find things online for Driftwood Blue.
Now it looks like I'm really hogging the camera because you're not that keen to actually be  on camera.  I don't want to be on camera.  
Yeah, you don't want to be on camera.  
So I'll just do all the talking.  
And look, I'll show you some photos before.  
My sister's given me these pictures. 
This is how the kitchen looked before.
So this is what it looks like now.  It's like a through way from the door, whereas before there was an island that kind of obstructed the door, didn't it?  
You sort of walked in and it was there already. Let me show you the other side.
And you've kept the layout the same.  
We moved, yeah, pretty much.  We moved the doorway, I mean we, our brilliant builders, moved the doorway to the left a  bit.  
Oh, okay.  
The back bit hasn't been done yet. That'll be made into a utility room next month.
This is a bit of kitchen, a bit of kitchen inspo.  
So obviously it's not finished yet, but you're going to have a different floor?  
Yeah, probably some sort of oak vinyl.  Kind of similar to this colour?  
Yeah, a bit darker. 
And you were telling me about the sink.  I like your organizer there.  
But the sink, you've got...  
Is it?  Franke tap.  
That's from Amazon.  
I'll put a link in the description. 
So we don't know how to pronounce it, Franke or Franke, do you remember me?
Tap. I love this tap, Baz, because...  
It's really nice and sturdy.  
I hate our new kitchen tap.  
It's like this but smaller, and we thought smaller would be nicer, but it just means you've got to constantly lean over to get to the tap.
Whereas this one, if you're planning a kitchen, make sure that the tap comes at least half...  halfway, otherwise you're going to get a bad back stretching over, trust me.  And you'll also end up splashing the back as well. This is a nice sink?
Your builder said not many people go for the Franke taps.  
No, he said Frankie used to just be really... the price was so ridiculously high that you  wouldn't get them in normal kitchens, but they've obviously brought the prices down a bit now to make them...  I think that was 200 quid from Screwfix.  
Okay, so I like that. It's got hot and cold...
And the sink is Benchmarx, and it's abode? Abode brand. Benchmarks supply a lot of stuff to Wickes, so almost everything you see in here you'll see similar in Wickes.  
Both Benchmarx and Wickes do this sort of worktop. It's acrylic.  
Let's talk about the counter.  So acrylic counter worktop. 
So it's a similar price to stone, but you're more guaranteed a smoother colour.
Like we chose white and it's consistently white all the way through.  
And you can cut on it, spill bolognese on it, all that sort of thing, and it wipes down fine.  
So you're worried with stone that the colour would be really super inconsistent, at least with this, you know what you're getting.
Interesting. Yeah, we went the opposite. We went for this design that we didn't know how it was going to look in the end. So I guess that's one of your choices.  
The other design choice that you have, again, is the thickness. You've gone for a really elegant...  
That's the acrylic ones. They're all like this. They're really thin.
And then your builder, it comes very straight, and then your builder can use his special  machine to cut it at whatever angle you want, like rounded or a bit more shapely.  
I love, I love her injured hand as well. That's really good.
That should be the thumbnail.  
And the... And the handles... The handles here, if I could go up here, it'd be a lot easier, wouldn't it? The handles, these are the ones you've chosen.  
Everything you see here, you can get from Benchmarx or Wickes.  
So Benchmarx, is Benchmarx the same as Wickes, do you think?  
Similar, so... Well, actually, no, not the same, because that came from Screwfix, but actually, they might not have this particular style of cupboard in Wickes.  
This might be specific to Benchmarks. So, a lot of things like the handles and the worktop... 
Yeah.  And sorry for the noise in the background, we've got a tumble dryer going nuts.  And the oven, how are you finding the oven?  We've got an AEG top oven and a bottom oven and you've got...  
We're not sure what we've got.  
It's not a second oven, it's a microwave and a grill.  
And I haven't read the instructions yet so I don't know if it's an oven as well
oh it's a microwave combi oven okay so I think it might be a microwave and an oven and a grill  
And will you... will you use this as your main microwave? 
Yes. Do you think okay and then you've gone for the oven down here main oven now that's not fair! 
That's not fair because with our AEG oven - they gave us like one of these 
oh did this come with all three? 
We got all... that's ours...  yeah it came with the probe, the three drawers, no two metal drawers, and the roasting slash grill. 
That's great, that's fantastic... maybe they've listened to all the complaints because um some ovens they literally just come with one of these which is really mean 
yeah especially as we had the two ovens! 
You haven't regretted this? 
This is a good oven? 
We haven't worked out... but it seems to be... it's got lots of instructions about baking which I don't do... but if you like cakes it's got some... well at the bottom that you pour a bit of water in and then it's got some special settling... 
It's got a well? 
That adds moisture: it's got a little dip to put water in... put water in! 
It's to create moisture and humidity in your cooking to make very moist cakes I think 
but I don't bake so I didn't pay much attention to that bit... 
yeah and you've got some Thunderbird style numbering for the shelves - that's handy 
Again we haven't got any of this - that's really good! 
The buttons are really nice as well because usually they're a bit plasticky but they feel... 
What bothers my husband - yeah - he spent ages making sure that we got a top thing and a bottom thing that matched 
And the colour is very slightly different on that clock to that clock which I never would have noticed! It was the first thing he noticed!
AND you've actually got two clocks there which would also be irritating if...  but yeah yeah look! 
They're about 30 seconds out from each other I think. 
Yeah that's a bit strange isn't it because if you're going for a combi or if you're going for two ovens... why why would you duplicate... 
yeah same brand... why duplicate the... so these are all things that you might want to take into consideration when you are designing your kitchen. 
Oh our builder did this nice thing here, against the chimney breast - yeah - because we couldn't knock it out. 
I've got a mini cupboard - yeah - a little larder. Our ketchup cupboard! 
Ketchup cupboard! Ah that's brilliant now you've got an oil cupboard... oh that's really sweet. 
That'd be like having wine bottles but bottles of oil... that's fantastic yeah 
That's an amazing idea can you see the elixir up there
AND my husband had an amazing idea, can you see the Alexa up there? 
There's an Alexa up there? Yeah, look at that! He asked the builder to put a single socket right at the top... so we don't have to drag the wire down the cupboards. 
Yeah because choosing where to put the power sockets is... is horrendous because you don't... you don't know whether you're going to go for too much... too many or too few and what you've done which is nice... 
I'll go to one of these! I don't...  yeah i've not seen these 
I think he got them from B&Q 
Look at that - it's a USB-C - or possibly screwfix - right - I can't remember where they're from - so it's got USB-C built-in, which... you're watching this in the future where this might be normal - but that's a new feature 
Well, you WILL be watching... by definition, you're going to be watching this in the future! Uh so you've gone for two power sockets on this side and two on this side - USB - and one at the top - Alexa port, that's fantastic! 
The first time in 8 years we've now got a hob where we don't need to use a match! 
This... this is the hob that you've gone for: it's AEG and ahhh... 
I've got it straight from their website. 
That looks fantastic and you went for gas rather than induction? 
Yes because... I just like gas where you can go straight from high to low - yeah -
and I've heard people say that although inductions say that they do that, they're not super good at going straight from - yeah - really hot to - yeah - a really slow simmer 
Yeah the other thing we've got with an induction hob is that if your pots aren't completely 100% smooth and clean... you just need like one little scratch or dent and it just... it just really grinds the the induction surface... so ours is all scratched up after a year but this? You can just thonk the... thonk the pots down, turn it on instantly although who knows how long we'll have the gas! 
Well yeah obviously lots of reasons why it might not be a great idea to go for it but right now I'm really happy with our gas hob! 
Oh that's great and the splashbacks aren't up yet. What do you think they're gonna go for? 
No, they're over two weeks. They're gonna be glass, matte, I think they're called white marble and again you can get them from Benchmarx or Wickes.
It's called white Carrara. What's white Carrara?  Sorry it's my kids looting your kitchen. What's it called? AluSplash, that's it. The brand is AluSplash. Alu Splash. White Carrara. White Carrara? It sounds like a car. It does and Benchmarx also call it white Carrara
and Wickes call it white marble. It's all the same thing, it's glass but it's matte... the one we've chosen... so the whole thing will be matte. These drawers look great. Nice soft close drawers underneath. Oh yeah the cupboards and drawers are soft close. 
But you can get it all the way right under the hob which is really good. 
Look at that. I didn't think you'd be able to do that. 
We've got really tall cupboards and we've gone three high with the shelves rather than the two levels we had before.  
Oh let's go for lighting. 
Oh we already had these so just daylight bulbs. 
I think they're from B&Q.  
The shades? 
And you've designed the whole kitchen around these shades. 
Well we did. That was the only bit that we decided to keep and it was just lucky that we chose a kitchen that's the same colour as the light shades! 
Yeah I think it's great. It's a really nice colour, Driftwood Blue because it's the sort of colour where you can't quite decide if it's blue or grey. 
I quite like that. 
I like that it's come out a lot more grey than blue, and it looks the same sort of shade in the daylight as it does now with the... with the lights on.
Well thank you for showing us around your kitchen because you said that there are no or hardly any Benchmarx...  Not with this colour because it's new. 
Yeah with this colour. 
Yeah. So I hope that's helpful and I hope you've enjoyed this little nose around my sister's kitchen. I am calling this a Dad Delivers SUCCESS!
This is great isn't it? Doing it with... as a vertical video. I've not done this before to this extent. I think down here is where the video is going to appear. Right down there is what YouTube thinks you want to see next!

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How to download all Google photos and videos

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Friday 24 February 2023

How to download all Google photos and videos

How do you download ALL of your Google Photos and Videos?
I share how to download individual photos and videos from Google Photos, as well as in bulk and by day or date... But this isn't great for downloading the entire contents of all our photos and videos from Google for backing up or saving to a different storage. If you're facing the Google Drive storage full problem, there's a way to backup your Google photos by downloading them using Google Takeaway.

How to download ALL GOOGLE PHOTOS in just a few clicks. Save your memories!

0:00 How to download all Google Photos and videos: The Ultimate Guide
0:38 How to download photos and videos from Google photos: problem
1:33 How to download all my Google Photos and videos at once, using Google Takeout in one go

Alternate titles:
Downloading Google Photos: The Ultimate Guide
Don't Lose Your Precious Memories: Download Your Google Photos
Download All Your Google Photos in Just a Few Clicks
Save Your Memories: How to Download Google Photos
The Simple Way to Download All Your Google Photos and Videos
Fastest Way to Download All Your Google Photos and Videos
How do we download all our photos and videos from Google photos? 


How do we download all our photos and videos from Google photos? 
Like me, you might have hit your free 15GB storage limit on Google and want to download them... so you can delete your photos and videos to free up that storage and get your Google account working again. Or you might just want to back up your photos and videos to store them somewhere else, like your laptop or these hard drives! 
Hello I'm Neil, welcome back to the Happy Hut. 
You and I are going to download to keep forever every photo and video Google has ever stored on us. 
First let's go into Google Photos and I'll show you the problem with downloading this way. 
This is my Google photos account and say I want to download this photo of my bench. 
I just click on the tick in the corner to select it... or I can select a few pictures... or even the tick next to the day to select ALL the photos for that day. 
Then we'll go up to the top of the Google photos page: we have these icons. 
But we want THIS menu button with the three dots, which brings up these options. 
Obviously we want to download, and that starts the download to wherever we want to save them. 
So if I click on “Show in Finder”, those photos have been downloaded here as a zip file, so I'll unzip them and there they are. 
But this is a terrible way to download all our pictures and videos. 
It would mean a lot of clicking and ticking to get everything. 
Instead, we are going to go here: 
Google Takeout is the place where we can download all of our data that Google holds on us. 
Don’t forget to double check on the top right hand corner that you're logged in on the right Google account. Just click on this Avatar here. 
This is just a little bit terrifying because this is the list of all the Google products storing my data. We've got Fit and podcasts... Gmail... and all of them are ticked for download. 
We just want Google Photos so let's deselect all those check boxes and thankfully it's in alphabetical order, so go back down to Google photos. There it is, and we'll tick that box and that highlights these windows here. 
It shows the formats that you can download in. 
You can also select individual albums but we want to export everything so we'll just leave everything ticked. 
Now we can scroll down and click on “next step” and this brings up some options for the download. So I'm going to choose to “send download link via email”. 
I want to export it once, and I want to export it as a zip file. 
You can also choose the size of chunks that you download your information in. 
I'm going to click on 10GB and now we can go down to the button here: “Create Export” and that shows us that the export’s in progress. Now the friendly message here reminds us that this process can take a long time. Let's do a time jump! 
Well I wasn't expecting this! It took about one minute. I've got this email here: “Your Google data is ready to download”. That was so fast! Let's click on “Download your files” and it might need to check your password but it brings us to “Manage your exports”. And I can now click on this button down here, and we are now downloading this file down in the corner. 
Let's open up the folder, and there is incredibly all of our photos and videos. 
We can obviously store these wherever we like, forever! 
If this video is helping thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button it really helps me out, and right here is how to reduce the size of your photos and videos in Google photos. Good luck with your Google storage! Can you please help my dad get 1 million subscribers. Just click on his face, thanks bye! Can we have dinner now?
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Best IKEA bathroom glass shelf? Brogrund unboxing review and installation instructions!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday 23 February 2023

Best IKEA bathroom glass shelf? Brogrund unboxing review and installation instructions!

The ultimate bathroom upgrade: transforming our toothbrush and sink area with the IKEA Brogrund bathroom shelf! How do you put up an IKEA Brogrund bathroom glass shelf? We've been using an IKEA Mosslanda picture shelf in the bathroom, which was great at first. But over time the water from the toothbrushes sink in and destroy it. So we've gone for a stylish metal and glass proper IKEA bathroom shelf... but it means installing it. So I show you how to measure, level and drill the shelf above our bathroom sink.

Revamping our bathroom with an IKEA glass shelf!

0:00 Best IKEA bathroom glass shelf? Brogrund toothbrush shelf
1:48 How to put up IKEA Brogrund bathroom glass shelf assembly instructions



Ikea bathroom shelf!
How do you put up an Ikea bathroom shelf? 
The Brogrund bathroom shelf
Hello my name's Neil - I'm an Ikea dad what... aren't we all?
I try to encourage myself to get things out of boxes and uh to to actually put things up
so the way I'm doing that is to do it on camera, which sort of makes it harder.
But at least I know that I might be helping something else with my struggle with the putting up of the Ikea things. 
Today we're going to be putting up this! It is the Brogrund bathroom shelf but the great thing is it replaces another Ikea product that was never intended to be put in the bathroom by Ikea. 
Let me show you this, is actually the Mosslanda art shelf. 
You’re supposed to put pictures on this... Not toothbrushes and toothpaste and other things that I've removed.
It served us really well for... for five pounds or I think it's five dollars it’s... it's lasted sort of okay. 
The trouble is, because it's made of this kind of MDF... it doesn't cope very well with the pounding that it takes from me and my family with our regular toothbrushing. 
So we're gonna remove these and I think Mrs Ikeadad is going to be very happy that we are going to remove the picture shelf that was never meant for use in bathrooms. 
This is where I've stored my Ikea bathroom shelf: on top of my Godmorgon bathroom storage cabinet. Hey would you like a look inside?
The video is not supposed to be about the Godmorgon bathroom storage cabinet: it's lovely.
We've had this for about five years. It was really difficult to put up...
My first step is of course the coffee... cup of coffee. I should get some branded mugs shouldn't I? 
I've got the screwdriver finally so now we can undo this. 
I'm gonna do it one-handed so I won't be able to catch it when it falls... down it comes... 
So it's down.
I think the family are going to be really happy about this going.
Look at the state of it! Oh my goodness. Next we can delicately unbox the Brogrund bathroom cabinet... you know bathroom shelf it's not a cabinet.
Be careful! You've gotta be careful because there is glass in this.
It comes wrapped. You get a metal like bar thing that holds the... the glass shelf.
To show you some of the detail here: look at tha,t so this feels really solid.
This feels much better obviously than my five dollar picture shelf.
So if I measure and find the midpoint... oh why is this so hard?!
Half of 77 quick! 33.5... no it's it's 38.5 
I'm gonna need to hold these up because if I made them flush with the tile... it wouldn't allow for space between the plates and the edge of the cabinet shelf holder. 
Drill a hole there and a hole there.
Time for drilling. I'm gonna go for a number six drill bit to fit this raw plug but I'm going to get a smaller drill bit to start with... just to get a pilot hole just so that... because it's a lot easier to be a bit more accurate with this, and to actually make the hole.
And then I'll make it bigger with the proper number six.
Ah it didn't go quite as straight as I've hoped. 
Here’s the moment of truth to see if these fit in the holes... yes number one... yes number two... I was worried about that one... yes to number three fantastic! 
And final one oh please be a winner here we go... number four dammit! There's some brick dust inside oh no...
Number four please please please... 
yes perfect!
I wouldn't usually do this but I think it would help to clean up the mess so that the Shelf can actually sit neatly on the tiles there. 
Yeah both plates are up. Let me put the camera up here. 
The next thing we've got to whoa!
You have to hook it over the the metal plates. 
Now there is some flexibility in the Shelf to bend it ever so slightly so now both of those are in that's it!
It's up! It feels really solid, that's good. It was a bit of a pain but it doesn't feel like it's going to fall off the wall. 
We now get the Allen key and we'll tighten up those screws at the bottom of each side of the Ikea Brogrund shelf and it's on... it's fixed so next one I've still got some battery left. 
I unwrapped the glass Shelf so I put the curved side front and it just sits on the pegs. 
Yeah baby! If this video is helping click the Thumbs Up Button if you've reached this point say hi in the comments - be great to hear from you. 
If you really want to help us we're trying to get to 1000 subscribers so if you can hit the Subscribe button, and here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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How to clear GMAIL storage if you hit Google 15GB limit

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

How to clear GMAIL storage if you hit Google 15GB limit

How do you reduce the size of files in your Gmail account? 
Can you get your Gmail under the 15GB limit for free storage on your Google Account?
In this video, I'm sharing 3 ideas for what to do to clear gmail storage and bring down the size of files... if your Gmail account storage is full and not receiving emails. Together we can fix the gmail storage full problem. 

How to clear GMAIL storage if you've hit Google 15GB limit

0:00 How to fix Gmail account full storage problem
0:47 Tip 1: How to clear gmail storage if it is out of storage using Google One: To clean up space and see the emails with the largest attachments
2:35 Tip 2: How to search for big files in Gmail using the search bar or advanced search to clean gmail storage
3:37 Tip 3: How to make a new gmail account to create a new address to give out as our junk email address, to stop more emails coming in


Do you need to put your Google Mail on a diet? 
Has your inbox ballooned so that it's now full and Google wants you to pay a monthly fee? Every month? 
Has your free Google storage now hit its limit and you think that you might need to reduce your Gmail? 
I know exactly how you feel, my Google photos was full so I made this video about reducing the size of photos and videos in Google storage - without deleting any photos or videos... 
And someone in the comments asked me how can I reduce the size of my email storage? 
I hope this video helps because I have three tips to bring down your Gmail storage under the 15GB limit to get that Google free storage. 
Let’s dive straight in, and this is tip number one: go to Google one! 
And the easy way for us to get here is to just type in into your browser. 
It’s the area where you can manage all of your storage here on Google. 
It’s really important by the way go to the top right hand corner and make sure that you are logged into the correct Google account... and on this friendly page that tries to sell you stuff, we have “storage and more with Google one”. 
And right at the top we have three options here: storage, backup, or clean up space. 
Let’s click on “clean up space” and that brings up this page. 
You can get to this page really easily by going to and if any of these links change I'll put the latest link down in the description for you. 
This is just an overview to give you some ideas of places to look to reduce your storage size. 
If we scroll down on this storage manager page we've got different options here but there's a really handy one here: large items, and emails with large attachments. 
So let's click on “review and clean up” and here we can instantly see emails with the biggest attachments. And there's a really handy pull down menu on the top right hand side here where we can choose the size of the attachments... so I could choose anything that's larger than 20 megabytes. What we can do here is actually select something that we want to delete so I'll just tick on this box here and then in the top right hand corner we have this big scary blue delete button, and that permanently deletes these files. 
Tip number two is for us to search for large Gmail emails and that's really easy. 
We can do this two ways: we can either go to the search box and type in “larger:” and then I'll type in “10M” that's for 10 megabytes, and it brings up all the emails larger than 10M. 
Thankfully I've only got one because I've cleared out this email address. 
Yeah this is is a sound file that's 23MB so this is a good way to spot emails which have large attachments within Gmail. 
The other way to do this is again in the search bar: there's this icon here for advanced search settings and that brings up this pull down menu. And we can type in here, size, let's say 20MB and then I'll hit the search button and again it brings up all the emails with file attachments that are larger than that size. 
So we can use either of these to spot the emails with the big attachments. 
Let’s go for our final tip. I'm going to suggest making a dirty Gmail address. It’s really simple, we've just got to do the steps that we took to make Gmail in the first place. 
We all need to give out email addresses from time to time for things that aren't important. 
They might be to get discount codes in stores or to sign up to things online that aren't that important to us. 
So this stops us from getting more junk email taking up the space in the first place. 
All we need to do is to log out of Google or open up an “incognito” or “private tab” and type in and then click “sign in”. 
And down here underneath the “sign in” there's a button to “create account”, and it gives you three options. 
I’ll choose “work and business” and we can create this Google account in exactly the same way as we did with our original account... except this time we'll set up a username that will be the name that we remember to give out when we're in a junk mail situation. 
But if you're finding that photos and videos are taking up your Google storage, I've got you covered. I've got two videos right here: one video for doing this on desktop, and one to blitz the photos and videos on mobile, without deleting any of your precious photos and videos. 

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Best hand blender? Bosch Maxo Mixx 1000W

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Thursday 16 February 2023

Best hand blender? Bosch Maxo Mixx 1000W

BUY A BOSCH MAXOMIXX 1000W HAND BLENDER or mixer HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


What is the best hand blender or hand mixer or food processor under $100? I really like this Bosch MaxoMixx 1000W Hand Blender, so unboxing for a first impressions review. Trying out the hand blender, cutting bowl and whisk. I try new things out to make your family happy... I'm calling this a Dad Delivers Success.

Unleash the Bosch Hand Blender in our kitchen?



Are you like me and wondering what is the best hand mixer or hand blender? 
Hello I'm Neil: this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things every day to make your family happy and I hope we're gonna make our families happy with this! 
It's the Bosch maxo mixx 1000 Watts hand blender or hand mixer. 
I don't know what to call this and they've not actually named it on the box either. 
Say what you think it is down in the comments below but I've noticed even Bosch haven't put on the box what they think it is. 
So this is just going to be uh - do you want to come closer? 
This is just going to be an unboxing or First Impressions review and I'll tell you the story of our hand blender.
Whoo, that looks nice - and in here very nicely wrapped, this is the bit that we need. 
My amazing Unstoppable wife, she had a hand blender and I had a blender when we first met. 
This was a very long time ago and over the years we had the same hand blender. 
And over the years all the bits have just been merged. 
I don't know which one of our hand blenders survived, but one of them did and one of them didn’t. Oh look at this! He's just snuck off!
Casper?! [growl]
I've actually used our old hand blender on this video here. 
It’s my recipe for hummus - beautifully shot - hey should I get it out of the cupboard? 
This thing is so old now and the state of it! Look at that. 
But it's the attachments - the bits the vital components that’ve just kind of fallen off and disappeared over the years... 
We finally had to bite the bullet and get a new one and this is the present that I got for Christmas. 
I'll put a link to this one down in the description below. 
I was going to try and make some hummus. Let me show you the bits. 
By the way I love how on the - on the box it says “maximum Bosch power” 
What exactly is maximum? 
What does that even mean? 
Maximum Bosch power. I think that's what's going to solve our energy crisis that we're living through at the moment. We're going to live on some of that maximum Bosch power! 
It's looking all beautiful and pristine and new here's some beauty shots of it looking all nice and laid out before I wreck it with chickpeas and Tahini. 
And I wanted to make this video because I'm starving. I've got the heating off, the kids are at school, I've got the house to myself and it's absolutely freezing. 
I literally don't know where everything is so just... that's the dog cupboard! That's not right. 
Let’s... I swear this channel is just going to be 100 videos of me making hummus. 
Right, so the the “i” button is just on off at normal Power.
And the “T”  button? I think it's like a turbo button it's much higher powered.
And you can change the speed on the top of the dial - uh oh, blend myself uh, you can change the speed at the top of the dial here if I can cut close 
So should we do this? And I've got it... I've got to get this done quickly before the kids get home and wreck my lovely recipe Studio setup. 
We got these from Costco. I don't know what they're doing to the lemons to make them this big but... I don't care. I like that they're big... 
I Like Big MELONS and I cannot.. no not melons! 
I like big LEMONS and I cannot hide... it's something that I want inside... my hummus! 
This is very professional instead of moving the camera I'm bending over and just craning into shot.
So we've got some lemon juice. I've got some olive oil: it's supposed to be extra virgin. Pretend this is extra virgin olive oil. 
If you if you like the look of the microplane Grater there's a link down in the description. 
So let’s put in the garlic... now this is tahini - oh man. 
It’s because I want to get to the blender! 
I want to put the blender on. I'm running out of battery now but let's get the blender out yeah! 
It's time to do some blending, so I'll turn it down to the lowest settings. Turn it down to zero and then I'll press the button...
Let's put the speed up - a bit difficult with one hand [HAND BLENDER NOISE] oh yeah that's sounding good [HAND MIXER NOISE] should we go turbo, let's go turbo.
I want to show you the blades but oh you can see them. 
There you go that is what the blades look like. 
This is making short work of my chickpeas and hummus ingredients. 
It has a powerful 1000 watt motor - don’t forget that's with maximum Bosch power! 
And it's anti-splash. You know that little skirt around the side? Apparently that's to stop splashing. And this is the easy release: you just push these two buttons here. 
I've got hummus all over my hands! You push these buttons either side and it releases this. 
And then when you do that - the same as my old one - handy hummus holder for the whisker there! You can clip this on and then if I get the Whisk... push that into place here...
The ergonomic handle is kind of rubberized, and this kind of a brushed Chrome side there. 
Sorry I've got... I've got hummus all over my Surface! 
This is the bit that we really wanted the... the blender. 
You open it by twisting the top. 
The blade just comes out like this and it says you should um chop up the bits first, before you put them into the blender. So here's an onion. I'm going to chop it up. Just peel it. Just cut it into chunks. Throw that one in. I’ll cut it quite coarsely to see how it copes and then I guess you put... I should put this in first! Because it can’t... stick it in... the lid on, and then twist the lid, and then sit the power unit... and so they just push it down... clip it like that... and then press the button I guess.
Unless I'm doing this wrong, maybe I'm doing this wrong, maybe you can help me: leave a comment below... but I find with these hand blenders that the blade spins round and all the stuff sits on the top so the stuff doesn't get cut? You know what I mean the onion whatever you're cutting tends to build up under the blade, and then the blade just spins rounds and you have to kind of push down the stuff... the... the food... the ingredients to be cut properly 
This is how the onions work out in the end 
[Hand blender noise]
I am calling this a Dad delivers success! 
I like it, I really like it. 
First impressions: I like it, if anything changes I'll put it in the description down below and I'll also obviously put a link to this. 

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Best childs car seat? Review Joie Trillo

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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Best childs car seat? Review Joie Trillo

BUY Joie Trillo Child's Car seat Group 2/3 HERE! (Amazon paid link)

Unboxing and how to assemble and fit a Joie Trillo childs car seat into our car... Brings back memories of when the children were toddlers and I was even more sleep deprived, If you're looking for a kids car seat, you might really like this one: especially if you're on a tight budget after the first car seat.

The Truth About Buying Car Seats For Your Child


Hello welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where we... 
Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where we try to make your family... out we try new things every week to make your family happy... 
Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things every day to make your family happy. 
I try it every day, I don't actually put all of them online. Maybe I should 
I might do that over the next few weeks anyway today we're going to unbox this! 
it's a Joie, or is it Joie, Trillo or Trillo group 2/3 baby car seat or car seats for children 
This is just a quick Impressions first review... sorry we've got a birthday situation going on here 
It's really difficult isn't it? Buying car seats, Because unless you go to the store and see it yourself and sit in it... it's really difficult to decide which one to get for your child. 
You’d think on some level they're all safe so then it just comes down to does it fit in your car and how good does it look 
Let's open this one up. I had a few spoiler shots there of what this actually looks like but that's in the future. 
I'm going to open this in real time. The colour of this one is Ember and you can... you can get them in all kinds of designs 
This one is in the Liverpool Football Club colours, so it actually looks like those seats that you get on the side of the stadium which you know... those are seats for children... 
I need to clear a space for this. 
You get this as three parts - oh instructions. 
What I love about the Trillo is that it's got a cup holder - no it’s got two cup holders! Look at that! 
Helpfully it comes with this little booklet in which it lists every car's compatibility 
I guess I should have really checked this on our car first before my sister got it 
She's bought it for her five-year-old son and according to Joie, this seat is good for kids all the way up to 12 years old 
Definitely got to get my 12 year old in this to test that 
I'm putting this together in real time so you can see how I do it 
Do not take this as how you should do it and you know... go suing me. 
Is that even necessary to say that? 
Obviously follow the instructions. I'm not qualified in any respect for any of this, you know, to be a dad. 
Apparently you've got to get the headrest and put it on the back and I'm gonna put this into here - and there's some buttons on the back here - oh right 
Now you pull this latch and that pulls the buttons in 
You can use that to adjust the height of the headrest and I think I'm supposed to tuck this under here, and then I can clip this to the bottom... put the back on 
I've got to clip these u-shapes at the bottom here 
If I push them down onto the base - just push it down like - this ah can't do it - ah swine - so that one went in easily obviously this one doesn't 
See my kids are now you know 11 and 14, so I'd forgotten the joys of babydom 
Oh that didn't sound good let's try again 
I bet there's a video on their website showing it going in instantly 
This is not going to sound good - here we go - there we go - so now it's locked into place 
Now if I spin this round you can adjust the headrest with this latch here and there are also instructions for how to fit it with either a seat belt or with the isofix 
I'm going to attach this using the isofix catches so let's get this into the car 
We're gonna go swimming 
You know it's sad that my beautiful 14 year old is holding the camera... I used to... I used to put the car seat in for you like this 
And I used to be sleep deprived and angry but - I still am - yeah because of you, so if you're sleep deprived it... you will actually miss this when you're older. I promise! 
You can pull this out here and you can... I know, I know it's like... if only I could like monetize this knowledge somehow... so if you're lucky enough to have isofix... Do you want to point it down here? You can see that I'll pull this... 
(Oh can you put it over there, I like sitting there)
Jump cut! 
Okay on the other side then see... we can't do it this way around because I'm in the way! 
Okay... it's just velcro - oh God look at the state of our car. 
Blame it on dog. 
Does your car look like this? Leave a comment down below, and you just get the hook and clip it to that... clip it to the isofix thing and then I think you can tighten it up - and can you see that going in? Don’t all cars have isofix? 
No they don't - they don't - so if your car doesn’t... well apparently you would use just the... right yeah I can't put that in, because I don't know if that is true. 
Anyway to tighten the isofix I pull... pull the strap... that’s for another video yeah
yeah look I'll put something in the description because I can't be bothered to look it up right now and then should I move the seat back so you can see it? 
You can get me some shots that I can play music over it and it looks really like an advert so that Joie will sponsor me for videos like this? 
I think I'll need 50000 subscribers before companies allow me to demonstrate their products. 
Why not hit the Subscribe button while I'm not being sponsored and you'll get to see the reality of what it's like to be a dad... So this is a test with actual six-year-old at 18 kilos so just over the 15 kilo... what does it feel like?
And then to get the seat belt over let’s... let's put the seat belt through the red holder here... 
And then this goes underneath... you're able to pull that over... well done... under the armrest there - great - and then you put this over your shoulder like that and we're good to go! 
Are you okay there? Sorry, I feel I'm shouting in your ear! Thank you for being awesome and hitting the Thumbs Up Button. 
What else should they do? 
Can you like And subscribe too? 
That is an excellent idea Ollie thank you! 
Can you please help my dad get to 1 million subscribers. Just click on his face thanks bye! 
Can we have dinner now?

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How to search comments on YouTube?

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Tuesday 14 February 2023

How to search comments on YouTube?

How do you find your own comments left on other people's YouTube channels? Unfortunately you can't search for someone else's comments on other channels, but if you're looking for your own YouTube comments these 2 methods might help. How to see your comments on YouTube with Watch history and Google Takeout.

Find ALL your YouTube comments, instantly!

0:00 How to search for comments on YouTube?
1:13 How to search and find your own comments on YouTube? Using your YouTube history.
2:53 How to see all your comments on YouTube, using Google Takeout



Hello I'm Neil, welcome back to the Happy Hut!
How do you search for your own comments right here on YouTube?
So those are your comments that you have left on other people's videos.
I've found two different ways to do this: the first way is really easy but it's not very good for searching way back into the past. And it doesn't bring up that many comments without a lot of scrolling. 
The second way I think is brilliant, but this method takes a bit longer because it means downloading all the comments you've ever made right here on YouTube. 
I know why I want to search for my comments. Usually it's either to help me find a video that I've seen in the past and I can't remember the title of it... or it's to go back to a comment that I've left in the past to see if anyone's replied to it. 
The YouTube dashboard for comments isn't very good, is it? 
And when you press on it, it brings up the latest comments but it's really easy to miss replies. 
If you know a different way of searching through in comments please leave a comment down below - Leave a comment! A comment that you can't search for! 
But if anything changes after I've made this video, I'll leave a link to the very latest YouTube help article.
Let’s jump into the first way for searching our comments.
All we have to do is go to - your regular YouTube page - and in the top left hand corner there are these three bars. 
We'll click on that and that opens this menu.
We’ll go down to “History” and that opens up our “watch history”... But what I didn't realise was - look over here on the right hand side - under all these other options there's “community history”, “clear watch History”... all the way down here we can click on “comments” for “manage all history”.
This opens up a page called “Google my activity” and it's where all of our activity on Google is stored. 
It’s very helpfully opened up the YouTube comments page on here but there's one small problem with this. I think it's quite a big thing.
There's no search bar! There's no search box to go through my comments, so these are all the comments that I've left on YouTube, ever, in Reverse chronological order!
But I can't search them. If you want to search through - maybe a year or two - this isn't a great way to do it. But if you want to search for a particular word that you know is in your comments... so I'll hit the “command F” button on a Mac, or “control F” on a PC.
The search term that I'm going to type in is RPM and it’s... it's jumped me straight to the comment right there. 
It's showing there's only one comment, and it's taken me straight to that comment. 
This might be all that you need, but for me it wasn't enough because I want to go back through all my comments.
If you're finding this useful thank you for being awesome by hitting the thumbs up button or the Subscribe button: let's take a look now at the second way to search our comments.
We need to go to a website called
And this is a special service that Google provide for you on your account so you can see in the top left hand corner, it says “Google account”. Google takeout is great because... it's also scary because this is where Google stores all of our data.
And it offers a service where you can download all of the data that Google holds on us.
You can see here at the top of the page: “Export a copy of content in your Google account”.
So this includes everything like Google Photos, “Blogger”, “Fit”, “podcasts", that... just everything. 
But if you scroll all the way to the bottom, it also holds our details for everything we've done on YouTube. Obviously, YouTube is owned by Google: that's why we're doing this through Google takeout. Because it's offering to download everything, everything has been ticked. 
You can see all these boxes have been checked, so we don't want those, so firstly I'm going to “deselect all” by clicking on that button there... and you can see nothing is ticked. 
And then we'll go down to “YouTube and YouTube music” and we'll check that box... and within this box you can even select the YouTube data that you want to download... “View History”, “Your Videos”, “Your subscriptions”... we don't need any of that, so I'm going to hit “deselect all”. 
I'm just going to click on this box here: “my comments”. 
And then we'll click “OK”.
I'm just going to get a “download link via email” and I only want to export it once... zip file is okay. 
I'm hoping there won't be more than one gigabyte of comments! 
But I have left a lot of comments, uh, so I'll just call it 4GB and then we'll click on “Create Export”.
Here's a summary of the request that we have made, and it's saying Google is creating a copy of files from YouTube... And it says the process can take a long time but we're not downloading that much data, so I'm hoping this won't take too long. 
Let’s do a time Jump!
Well we're now one minute later! It took one minute to create the file and send me the confirmation email. “Download your files”. And then it takes us to “manage your exports”.
And you can see that my YouTube export is ready for download, so I'll hit “download”.
It's an HTM file which means that if I double click on it, it opens the file in a regular internet browser... and here it is! 
This is every comment I've ever made on this channel! 
Look at it go! And it now means that if I click command F, or control F on a PC... and bring up “RPM”... you can see that there are actually 80 times where I've referred to RPM in one of my comments.
It's a topic I love talking about, clearly, so if I click the “down” button, I can now skim through every single time I mention the word “RPM”. 
And I've done that 80 times in my entire history here on YouTube! 
So this is it! Look how far it goes back! This is amazing... Don't forget that to find the very latest YouTube advice for searching comments, there's a link down in the description below. 
I hope this helps and right here are some other YouTube hacks that I have just for you. 
Can you please help my dad get to 1 million subscribers. Just click on his face, thanks bye! Can we have dinner now?

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How to get a McDonalds discount voucher

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

How to get a McDonalds discount voucher

Can you get a McDonalds discount voucher for just filling in a survey from the receipt? 
Yes you can! And here's how we did it to get a big mac and fries for £1.99.

Here's how we get a MCDONALDS VOUCHER



So I've always wanted to make this video 
where you know on a receipt - maybe you don't have this in your country - but in my country on the receipt they give you a code... not that you can see it... they give you a code 
and if you type this in and do a survey they used to give you a Big Mac and fries 
and it doesn't say what you get now 
It says wait... I can't read what it says... I think it says it says a delicious deal: So what delicious deal do you get for filling in their customer survey? 
This is the dad delivers Vlog where I try something new every day to help your family and be happy... and today I'm going to... the new thing that I'm going to try is to try out this survey to see what you get from McDonald's for filling it in
By the way sorry for the... the noise in the background 
That's um some bikers... weekend bikers are right next to us 
We're now back at home here in the Happy Hut. 
It's three days later. I think McDonald's gives you seven days to do this survey so let's do this and get ourselves a free McDonald's! 
But it's not free is it? Because I've got to do this blimmin’ survey 
I'm practically working for the man! 
I really want one of those McDonald's caps, and I've completely gone into a rabbit hole for about an hour just now looking on eBay for employee caps. 
Do you want fries with that?! 
But that's not the site we want. We want this site which is and I've already hit the first problem which is this the ink on the receipt! 
It disappears in about a day. 
It's like Marty McFly's picture in “Back to the Future” 
It means I can't go back to the past to do this survey! 
We've got to do this now before it disappears you can see what I can see on screen now: Welcome to McDonald's Food For Thoughts! 
Will I get some free McDonald's? 
Let's find out! Do you have your receipt available? 
Well there's no “kind of” box... but yeah I've kind of got the receipt here and then it tells you to put in the 12 digit code 
I can just about see the code... don't tell me I didn't get that McDonald's! I've got the documentation right here! Or maybe not - look at it! 
I mean it's just disappearing... and it wants the amount spent which in my case was four pounds 19. Oh and it says down here you will receive a voucher. 
It's a bit of a spoiler. You'll receive a voucher for one Big Mac back or fillet of fish or vegetable Deluxe and one medium fries or side salad. 
Yeah, “side salad”, for one pound 99. That's alright isn't it? It's a Big Mac, so let's see if we can get this Big Mac - and salad. 
What was your visit type?
I'm going to say “collect at the counter” but obviously I stayed outside with Casper the dog - Casper the cocker spaniel. 
Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Mac... McDonalds 
I'm going to say highly satisfied because I think the staff there get a hard time. 
We've got a good... we've got a good Mackie D's near us 
Where did you place your order? 
I think I had to send my son in to do it with my money when I sat outside with the dog freezing with the... the hairy middle-aged midlife crisis bikers. 
But I can't put any of that into the survey box. 
Did you use my McDonald's rewards on this visit? 
I did - no I didn't use rewards but I gave my son the app to get the points so I'm gonna hit “no”. 
Please rate your satisfaction with the temperature of your food or drink, the quality of your food and drink, the appearance of your food and drink. 
Let's just pause for a moment and look at the appearance of the burger I can't even remember what it was. 
Joe remind me, what... what did we get there? 
I forgot. 
Was it... it's a breakfast thing isn't it? 
Yeah it's a sausage... double sausage egg McMuffin 
No I added another pattie 
Alright so it's a sausage egg McMuffin with extra Patty...
Extra bacon? 
No just bacon 
Oh extra cheese? 
Yeah and ketchup okay, and on a scale of um one to ten what would you rate it? 
Do I get any?
Aww dude, I was too slow!
Alright, so I'm gonna... I'm gonna dock a point for the appearance 
It's a little unfair... no, no I'm... I'm so indecisive 
I'm gonna say I was “highly satisfied” with it. 
It looks like a dog's dinner - quite literally a dog's dinner - Casper was pleased to see... but I'm gonna give it highly satisfied because I wanted it to look like a mess. 
I wanted it to look like a McDonalds. 
Cleanliness of the toilet, accuracy of your order... well it was only one Burger but they managed to do it, and speed of service was fine. 
Was your order accurate? 
Yes it was because it was just one Burger. 
Did you experience a problem? 
No. I have had problems before. I'm very high maintenance when it comes to McDonald's. Please tell us why it was... 
You've got to write an essay?! 
Please tell us why you were highly satisfied with your experience at this McDonald's. Be as specific as you would like. Okay um it was a good visit because I've had very poor visits to other branches... branches or restaurants? Restaurants. I can't call them... it's not a restaurant! They put the order up on the screen when it was ready not like other branches who put up the food is ready when it isn't for a long time before it's not ready. 
Yeah I'll make the syntax sound like I eat in McDonalds a lot. 
Are the other restaurants on a timer or something, there. 
Would you like to recognize the staff member for providing great service. 
No because I was sat outside with the dog. So unfortunately I can't do that on this... I could... should I just make up a name?! Who served us? 
Would you like to recognize the staff member? 
Please tell us the name or description of the staff member who provided great service. I don’t know. 
Charlie... in a uniform. 
I hope there's a Charlie who works there now! So they’ll get some kind of weird survey love! 
Would you like to answer a few more questions about your experience? 
Sure it's all right... it's only... you're only wasting mine and my subscribers time. 
Did you customize your order? Yes. 
Yes well my son did. 
Was your order customized correctly? 
Yes. Based on this experience what is the likelihood that you will recommend this McDonald's to others?
I'm... I'm not sure I'll go around recommending it... Oh you must go... you must happen upon the McDonalds in our town! 
Yeah I'll just say it's likely. Visit McDonald's MORE often? 
Well I think that is likely anyway isn't it - uh - dog needs walking. 
Return to this McDonald's in the next 30 days? 
It's inevitable: we don't want to but it is inevitable that it's highly likely that we're going to go back to that McDonalds. 
It's... always works the same... you know it's not like the advert at the moment with the eyebrows and they go like that - it's just it's more of a bored, can't think of anything else to do, okay, kind of trip. Next. 
At what points during your visit did you interact with any members of the staff? 
And again I'm answering on behalf of my son, but I'm gonna do it um, when placing... placing or receiving my order.
Final questions for classification, so gender oh should I self-describe myself? 
I would self-describe myself as male um... 
You don't need to know my age do you? 
What are they going to do, send me a birthday card? 
Who was in your party on this visit to McDonald's. 
Well it was my dog and my son in that order - um - alright I put child... children and I'll put other family members because Casper... Casper's a family member. 
How would you like to receive your validation code to redeem your offer? 
Now if I get them to send it by email, I'm just gonna... I don't want them to have my email address... yeah okay “by email” 
Then you put in your name and your fake email address - your dirty email address -  and then thank you. You will receive an email shortly with your voucher. 
We care about what you have to say. Well give my regards to Charlie. 
I want this voucher. Where is the voucher? So let's now put my phone up on screen here: “Thank you for your feedback! Here is your McDonald’s voucher” Big Mac and medium fries and side salad for £1.99. To redeem the voucher simply choose an option below and that's valid for about a month, five weeks from now. so I've got five weeks to get my 1.99 Big Mac but I'm pleased with that. I think that's a good use of my time. How long did that take? 
Thanks for coming along with us on this journey to McD’s - it was a very special trip. It was lovely to have you here with us and right here is what YouTube thinks you'd like to see next! Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face thanks bye! Alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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Pay ULEZ fee on mobile phone

All about me, and getting these by email.