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Best hand blender? Bosch Maxo Mixx 1000W

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What is the best hand blender or hand mixer or food processor under $100? I really like this Bosch MaxoMixx 1000W Hand Blender, so unboxing for a first impressions review. Trying out the hand blender, cutting bowl and whisk. I try new things out to make your family happy... I'm calling this a Dad Delivers Success.

Unleash the Bosch Hand Blender in our kitchen?



Are you like me and wondering what is the best hand mixer or hand blender? 
Hello I'm Neil: this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things every day to make your family happy and I hope we're gonna make our families happy with this! 
It's the Bosch maxo mixx 1000 Watts hand blender or hand mixer. 
I don't know what to call this and they've not actually named it on the box either. 
Say what you think it is down in the comments below but I've noticed even Bosch haven't put on the box what they think it is. 
So this is just going to be uh - do you want to come closer? 
This is just going to be an unboxing or First Impressions review and I'll tell you the story of our hand blender.
Whoo, that looks nice - and in here very nicely wrapped, this is the bit that we need. 
My amazing Unstoppable wife, she had a hand blender and I had a blender when we first met. 
This was a very long time ago and over the years we had the same hand blender. 
And over the years all the bits have just been merged. 
I don't know which one of our hand blenders survived, but one of them did and one of them didn’t. Oh look at this! He's just snuck off!
Casper?! [growl]
I've actually used our old hand blender on this video here. 
It’s my recipe for hummus - beautifully shot - hey should I get it out of the cupboard? 
This thing is so old now and the state of it! Look at that. 
But it's the attachments - the bits the vital components that’ve just kind of fallen off and disappeared over the years... 
We finally had to bite the bullet and get a new one and this is the present that I got for Christmas. 
I'll put a link to this one down in the description below. 
I was going to try and make some hummus. Let me show you the bits. 
By the way I love how on the - on the box it says “maximum Bosch power” 
What exactly is maximum? 
What does that even mean? 
Maximum Bosch power. I think that's what's going to solve our energy crisis that we're living through at the moment. We're going to live on some of that maximum Bosch power! 
It's looking all beautiful and pristine and new here's some beauty shots of it looking all nice and laid out before I wreck it with chickpeas and Tahini. 
And I wanted to make this video because I'm starving. I've got the heating off, the kids are at school, I've got the house to myself and it's absolutely freezing. 
I literally don't know where everything is so just... that's the dog cupboard! That's not right. 
Let’s... I swear this channel is just going to be 100 videos of me making hummus. 
Right, so the the “i” button is just on off at normal Power.
And the “T”  button? I think it's like a turbo button it's much higher powered.
And you can change the speed on the top of the dial - uh oh, blend myself uh, you can change the speed at the top of the dial here if I can cut close 
So should we do this? And I've got it... I've got to get this done quickly before the kids get home and wreck my lovely recipe Studio setup. 
We got these from Costco. I don't know what they're doing to the lemons to make them this big but... I don't care. I like that they're big... 
I Like Big MELONS and I cannot.. no not melons! 
I like big LEMONS and I cannot hide... it's something that I want inside... my hummus! 
This is very professional instead of moving the camera I'm bending over and just craning into shot.
So we've got some lemon juice. I've got some olive oil: it's supposed to be extra virgin. Pretend this is extra virgin olive oil. 
If you if you like the look of the microplane Grater there's a link down in the description. 
So let’s put in the garlic... now this is tahini - oh man. 
It’s because I want to get to the blender! 
I want to put the blender on. I'm running out of battery now but let's get the blender out yeah! 
It's time to do some blending, so I'll turn it down to the lowest settings. Turn it down to zero and then I'll press the button...
Let's put the speed up - a bit difficult with one hand [HAND BLENDER NOISE] oh yeah that's sounding good [HAND MIXER NOISE] should we go turbo, let's go turbo.
I want to show you the blades but oh you can see them. 
There you go that is what the blades look like. 
This is making short work of my chickpeas and hummus ingredients. 
It has a powerful 1000 watt motor - don’t forget that's with maximum Bosch power! 
And it's anti-splash. You know that little skirt around the side? Apparently that's to stop splashing. And this is the easy release: you just push these two buttons here. 
I've got hummus all over my hands! You push these buttons either side and it releases this. 
And then when you do that - the same as my old one - handy hummus holder for the whisker there! You can clip this on and then if I get the Whisk... push that into place here...
The ergonomic handle is kind of rubberized, and this kind of a brushed Chrome side there. 
Sorry I've got... I've got hummus all over my Surface! 
This is the bit that we really wanted the... the blender. 
You open it by twisting the top. 
The blade just comes out like this and it says you should um chop up the bits first, before you put them into the blender. So here's an onion. I'm going to chop it up. Just peel it. Just cut it into chunks. Throw that one in. I’ll cut it quite coarsely to see how it copes and then I guess you put... I should put this in first! Because it can’t... stick it in... the lid on, and then twist the lid, and then sit the power unit... and so they just push it down... clip it like that... and then press the button I guess.
Unless I'm doing this wrong, maybe I'm doing this wrong, maybe you can help me: leave a comment below... but I find with these hand blenders that the blade spins round and all the stuff sits on the top so the stuff doesn't get cut? You know what I mean the onion whatever you're cutting tends to build up under the blade, and then the blade just spins rounds and you have to kind of push down the stuff... the... the food... the ingredients to be cut properly 
This is how the onions work out in the end 
[Hand blender noise]
I am calling this a Dad delivers success! 
I like it, I really like it. 
First impressions: I like it, if anything changes I'll put it in the description down below and I'll also obviously put a link to this. 

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