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Best IKEA bathroom glass shelf? Brogrund unboxing review and installation instructions!

The ultimate bathroom upgrade: transforming our toothbrush and sink area with the IKEA Brogrund bathroom shelf! How do you put up an IKEA Brogrund bathroom glass shelf? We've been using an IKEA Mosslanda picture shelf in the bathroom, which was great at first. But over time the water from the toothbrushes sink in and destroy it. So we've gone for a stylish metal and glass proper IKEA bathroom shelf... but it means installing it. So I show you how to measure, level and drill the shelf above our bathroom sink.

Revamping our bathroom with an IKEA glass shelf!

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Ikea bathroom shelf!
How do you put up an Ikea bathroom shelf? 
The Brogrund bathroom shelf
Hello my name's Neil - I'm an Ikea dad what... aren't we all?
I try to encourage myself to get things out of boxes and uh to to actually put things up
so the way I'm doing that is to do it on camera, which sort of makes it harder.
But at least I know that I might be helping something else with my struggle with the putting up of the Ikea things. 
Today we're going to be putting up this! It is the Brogrund bathroom shelf but the great thing is it replaces another Ikea product that was never intended to be put in the bathroom by Ikea. 
Let me show you this, is actually the Mosslanda art shelf. 
You’re supposed to put pictures on this... Not toothbrushes and toothpaste and other things that I've removed.
It served us really well for... for five pounds or I think it's five dollars it’s... it's lasted sort of okay. 
The trouble is, because it's made of this kind of MDF... it doesn't cope very well with the pounding that it takes from me and my family with our regular toothbrushing. 
So we're gonna remove these and I think Mrs Ikeadad is going to be very happy that we are going to remove the picture shelf that was never meant for use in bathrooms. 
This is where I've stored my Ikea bathroom shelf: on top of my Godmorgon bathroom storage cabinet. Hey would you like a look inside?
The video is not supposed to be about the Godmorgon bathroom storage cabinet: it's lovely.
We've had this for about five years. It was really difficult to put up...
My first step is of course the coffee... cup of coffee. I should get some branded mugs shouldn't I? 
I've got the screwdriver finally so now we can undo this. 
I'm gonna do it one-handed so I won't be able to catch it when it falls... down it comes... 
So it's down.
I think the family are going to be really happy about this going.
Look at the state of it! Oh my goodness. Next we can delicately unbox the Brogrund bathroom cabinet... you know bathroom shelf it's not a cabinet.
Be careful! You've gotta be careful because there is glass in this.
It comes wrapped. You get a metal like bar thing that holds the... the glass shelf.
To show you some of the detail here: look at tha,t so this feels really solid.
This feels much better obviously than my five dollar picture shelf.
So if I measure and find the midpoint... oh why is this so hard?!
Half of 77 quick! 33.5... no it's it's 38.5 
I'm gonna need to hold these up because if I made them flush with the tile... it wouldn't allow for space between the plates and the edge of the cabinet shelf holder. 
Drill a hole there and a hole there.
Time for drilling. I'm gonna go for a number six drill bit to fit this raw plug but I'm going to get a smaller drill bit to start with... just to get a pilot hole just so that... because it's a lot easier to be a bit more accurate with this, and to actually make the hole.
And then I'll make it bigger with the proper number six.
Ah it didn't go quite as straight as I've hoped. 
Here’s the moment of truth to see if these fit in the holes... yes number one... yes number two... I was worried about that one... yes to number three fantastic! 
And final one oh please be a winner here we go... number four dammit! There's some brick dust inside oh no...
Number four please please please... 
yes perfect!
I wouldn't usually do this but I think it would help to clean up the mess so that the Shelf can actually sit neatly on the tiles there. 
Yeah both plates are up. Let me put the camera up here. 
The next thing we've got to whoa!
You have to hook it over the the metal plates. 
Now there is some flexibility in the Shelf to bend it ever so slightly so now both of those are in that's it!
It's up! It feels really solid, that's good. It was a bit of a pain but it doesn't feel like it's going to fall off the wall. 
We now get the Allen key and we'll tighten up those screws at the bottom of each side of the Ikea Brogrund shelf and it's on... it's fixed so next one I've still got some battery left. 
I unwrapped the glass Shelf so I put the curved side front and it just sits on the pegs. 
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