Sunday 31 May 2020

London bus ride with my Dad: 168 Waterloo to Hampstead Heath TOP DECK VIEW in real time with my Dad

Took a 168 bus from Waterloo station all the way along the route to Hampstead Heath... with my retired London taxi driver Dad.

I grew up in Camden, and we drive past all the places we remember.

Funny looking at it now, as it was shot a few days before The Great Shutdown of 2020.

London bus ride with my Dad: 168 Waterloo to Hampstead Heath TOP DECK VIEW in real time with my Dad

1:23 Bus sets off from Waterloo station
1:31 National Theatre, Waterloo Bridge and Somerset House
2:25 The Strand, Aldwych Kingsway and Bush House
3:50 Holborn Kingsway, Holborn Underground station
6:30 Holborn Kingsway Tram tunnel
8:43 Russell Square: Imperial Hotel, Russell Hostel
10:55 Tavistock Square, Ghandi statue, BMA and remembering the terrible thing that happened there in 2005
13:35 Remembering the Double Six Cafe used by London taxi drivers in Eversholt Street
12:30 Euston Station, crossing Euston road
16:20 Mornington Crescent, Camden Palace or Koko
17:20 Camden High Street, remembering the shops, like the Woolwich Building Society that always got held up
20:15 Camden Town Underground station junction with Parkway
22:20 Hawley Crescent, over the bridge past Camden Lock, Hawley Arms
23:00 Clarence Way and Harmood Street, past Camden Lock stables
24:25 The Roundhouse and Chalk Farm station, remembering Marine Ices, The Enterprise and past Mum's old school, Haverstock school.
27:40 168 bus heading back to Waterloo with the wrong destination board.
29:40 Belsize Park station and shops
30:20 Rosslyn Hill cab rank where London taxi drivers take a break
31:00 Where do taxi drivers use for toilets?
32:35 Pond Street: The Roebuck where I had my first drink, opposite the Royal Free Hospital.
34:00 South End Green, the terminus for the 168 bus route!

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OLD vs NEW: URBANEARS PLATTAN 2 two years on, headphones review!

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Thursday 28 May 2020

OLD vs NEW: URBANEARS PLATTAN 2 two years on, headphones review!

I bought the URBANEARS PLATTAN 2 - two years ago... Here's what they look like 2 years on! Also, what they look like against a brand new pair of dark grey Urbanears Plattan 2.
Buy them here! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. AMAZON (US)

These are the cabled, wired, corded version of the Plattan 2 - the old pair are Indigo and the new pair is Dark Grey.

My original Urbanears Plattan 2 Unboxing and Review video is here:

How to remove ear pads Urbanears Plattan 2 Headphones - to clean or replace:

OLD vs NEW: URBANEARS PLATTAN 2 two years on, headphones review!

Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut, I'm Neil and usually this is the Tightwad Dad Vlog.
It's a place where we try to be happy with what we've already got, but today that's really true...
I'm gonna be really happy with what I've already got because I've got these!


These are the Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones
They are all over the earph-- I can't hear.
They're an all-over ear headphone that you can even twist them around

Now one of my most popular videos on the channel, bizarrely, is me unboxing these very headphones: the indigo Plattan 2 Urbanears headphones.
Not the Bluetooth ones - they're corded - they've got this wire and it detaches as well A

Anyway this video, it's got so many views you can see it playing now, where actually I'm doing an unboxing of the Plattan 2, and comparing them with the Plattan 1
Now I've been using these headphones every single day, and I only realized the other day that I've been using these daily for two years... so I thought I'd do two things in this video.

One is to show you how the urbanears Plattan 2 headphones look after two years of daily use.
I'll give you some close-ups in a second, but also compare them with a brand new set of Plattan 2's... ahh look... see how beautiful and clean and stitched they are!
And... ahhh, I've been using these every day for two years!

But they've held up - excuse me - they've held up really well, and I just want to show you which ways they've held up, and which ways they have probably deteriorated over two years
But anyway, this is what the box looks like

I actually got these new Plattan 2's for my long-suffering wife to help drown out me next to her.
Wow they feel different!

There's no Netflix account that can compensate for having to live with me I don't think but these sort of drown me out most of the time.

They're slightly different in a number of ways and I've only just noticed a few of the differences now and I wanted to go through those with you but let's take a look at the old Plattan 2, to show you a glimpse into the future of what yours might look like if you use them everyday for two years.
The first thing is... let me show you under the head - that has fared really well

There's just a little bit of-- where the colour has come away from the rubberized headband so this has worked really well
I think basically I've got a filthy head and I should clean more often, and I think the oil from my face in my head has... has worn this over time

The, the fabric has held up quite well as well I think you can see
I've spilt coffee on it

I haven't really bothered to clean it with fabric cleaner but in the comments on the other video, a few people were discussing best ways of cleaning these
I've not tried it, but I would use one of those pink sprays one of those OXY sprays that you have for upholstery
That will probably get that up
Hey, may-- that maybe that's another video!

But they don't look too filthy, thanks to the indigo colour.
And the next bit of wear and tear is on the ears, so don't know if you can see but these have completely unstitched themselves - so you can see the foam inside

They're still really comfortable though, but let me compare them with the new pair
You can see the stitching is pristine - that's how these used to look.

The oil from my face and being scrunched up as well has meant that some of the indigo colouring has come away

You know the great thing with these ear cups - I made another video about this
I'll give you a clip now: it's to show you how to disconnect the ear cups and replace them

I'll leave a link to that video in the description, or if you click on the "i" on the top of the screen - but just to show you if you wanted to get new ones.
They cost about fourteen pounds and and another fourteen pounds for delivery direct from Urbanears, but you can really easily disconnect them and they just they just twist-on really easily.

The last element of these lovely headphones is the cord and if you see, it's slightly frayed.
Now that is completely my fault because they're designed to be wound up and then you can tuck the 3.5mm jack under the cable like this, and then I pull it tight... and then I throw it in my bag!

What happens is, I think you can see that, but because I haven't extended the cups the cable clashes against the headband and bends it and over time - two years every day - it has caused the cable to bend slightly and wear away
It still works really well.

They still sound fantastic

What I didn't say in the unboxing review video was how they sounded, but I thought it was pretty obvious
I was replacing another pair that itself was I think five years old
The sound is phenomenal.

These cups kind of block out everything else around you which is why I've got them for my long-suffering wife but the sound is really rich and really warm
This is my favorite sounding headphones and they're so comfortable as well

I use them for really long... you know... walking, long movies
Sorry, it's the sound of someone's house being broken into!
So that's the tour of the two-year-old Plattan 2 headphones but look at this!

These are dark grey headphones - I'll just give you a comparison of the colour.
There are some differences between the two, and I can see one immediately when I do this...

The new headphones they have some kind of magnet attachment so where the ear cups meet the headband, Urbanears calls this a flexible 3D hinge
There's a magnet so they snap shut like this... and then to fold them up you just break the magnet

The other big difference that I've noticed - in fact I think it's the only other difference, it's identical in all other respects - is this...
This is how the Plattan 2 Jack has fared over two years

I'll put it over my head, there we go, nice focus
I don't know if you could see but the top of the L-shaped jack has worn away over time

Now again this is completely my fault because I have quite a chunky case on my phone, though it's got an L-shaped which is really helpful, and this lasted much longer than the jack on the original Plattan headphones

You can see the the rubber has worn away
But look at the new Plattan 2 Jack

They've given a very generous amount of protection on the end there because they know that's where it's going to be pulled out, over time
So you can see it's got this kind of rubber shield and it concertinas
I don't know what this is for, this hole

I can only imagine it's so you can tidily fold it up like that
But that seems to be putting a lot of pressure on the wire
I don't think I'd bother doing

That not that they're my headphones
Wrap the cable round and it's still clashing with the head band
So what I would advise if you get these headphones is to probably each time you do this push them up a bit
Oh now, that's made it worse!

Okay push them down a bit and then you'll see that the cable clears, but the great thing with the Plattan 2 is that the cable is replaceable
So this cable comes out

Don't do this if you have the Plattan and the original Plattan
Is it Plat-tan or Plattan?

This detaches as well so this part is completely replaceable and you could put in a cord that doesn't have the microphone built-in
Also, same with the other Plattan 2 - there's an extra 3.5mm jack so you can daisy chain your headphones and I can listen to things with my long-suffering wife, if she lets me!

She's probably gonna watch this video on these headphones, but do you have any questions?

Leave a comment - I'm sure there's something I've forgotten - but leave a-- a question below or just to say hi.
It'd be lovely to hear from you - maybe someone else could help you out with any questions that you might have about this, but I'll leave a link to the original video in the description because everything - all the details are there

The last thing I wanted to do is to just check if the ear cups detach.
This could go horribly wrong

There you go
I haven't broken them. They do go back on, and I don't think this will show up on the camera, but it says put me back on or order a replacement at

I hope this has helped you decide whether or not you want the Plattan 2 Urbanears headphones
I cannot recommend more highly and like I say I've used mine every day for two years and before that daily for five years with the original Plattan

I better put this back together!
If you've reached this point of the video, it'll be fantastic if you could send me a little signal to let me know someone got this far

Just hit the thumbs up and if you're feeling even kinder why not hit the subscribe button you never have to watch anything I watch ever again but every subscription helps me get closer to 10,000 subscribers

It took me two years to get to 1,000 so I think we're looking at 2030 for smashing the 10,000 barrier

If you want to help me on that journey thank you and good luck with your purchase.
There are links to the Urbanears Plattan 2 in the description, if you buy them from there, Amazon give me a few pennies - so if you buy them from there thank you in advance.

Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face.
Thanks! Bye! How's that?

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15 mins folding my T-shirts Marie Kondo KonMari method | TIGHTWADDAD (SELF-HELP DAD?) VLOG

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Tuesday 26 May 2020

15 mins folding my T-shirts Marie Kondo KonMari method | TIGHTWADDAD (SELF-HELP DAD?) VLOG

Trying something new every day.
Today it's showing how I Marie Kondo fold my T-shirts.
In real time. For 15 minutes.
It started a few days ago where I made a homemade DIY face mask video:

I'd pulled out all my T-shirts, so filmed myself putting them all back again, showing how I use the KonMari method for folding Tshirts.
BUY THE MARIE KONDO BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
(I earn a commission if you use this link, at no cost to you!)

15 mins folding my T-shirts Marie Kondo KonMari method | TIGHTWADDAD (SELF-HELP DAD?) VLOG

0:00 How to fold a T-shirt using Marie Kondo method of standing them up in the drawer
1:33 Should I call this vlog #TightwadDad or Self-Help Dad? - leave a comment below!
0:45 I was on the BBC News At Six on Tuesday 12 May 2020, 30 minutes in...
2:00 Man folds T-shirts for 10 minutes... T-shirt packing tutorial, KonMari style!
Fold in the sleeves, then fold lengthways down either side of the collar.
Then fold the Tshirt in half, and half again. Stand the T-shirt up to see if the folds are correct.
13:20 When packing the Tshirts into the drawers, move dark colours towards the back and lighter T-shirts towards yourself

This is ten minutes of my T-shirt, KonMari method.
My Marie Kondo - with these.
You're gonna watch for ten minutes? Okay!
Guess we're doing this...


Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the happy hut.
Usually I'm a tightwad dad, trying to be happy with what we've already got.
Which is what the words show.
But we're in the great shutdown of 2020, and I'm just questioning everything at the moment. I'm just trying to get through the day by coming up with trying out something new every day.

I made this video the other day, ah, where I'm trying to make a face mask out of my t-shirts, and it went really well.
It went so well two days later BBC News tweeted me and asked if they could use a clip on the BBC News! News at Six.

[CLIP] "Using anything from old t-shirts to bedding sheets...
Two of these guys are going to get the chop - quite literally.
[REPORTER:] This dad from Hampshire tried making a t-shirt mask for himself on his YouTube channel.
My ears aren't coping very well with the elastic bands.

So I'm on telly! And the video is on BBC One!
National British BBC One, which is fantastic!

Today it's kind of related to that because I'm going to be Marie Kondo -ing my t-shirts continuously, 13 minutes in real time - and it made me think!
Should I call this thing something else?

There's a poll on the screen - I think it's that side:
Should I carry on calling this vlog the tightwad dad vlog, where we're trying to be happy with what we've got... or should I call it something else like "self-help dad", which it's a bit wet.

I don't know is it? Tell me.
Tell me in the comments: should it be tightwad dad or self-help dad?
One feels more positive which is probably why it is not quite as catchy?

There's something about tightwad dad that I really like that it's actually true to the position that we're in.
But anyway - today is trying something new.
Marie Kondo 'ing all my t-shirts on camera in real time.

Guess I've got to put all my t-shirts back together again.
This is ten minutes of my t-shirt konmari method - my Marie Kondo - with these.
You're gonna watch for ten minutes?

By the way, what do you think about my interpretation of the konmari method?

Leave a comment below!
I'd like to know if you have any tips or an opinion on how I'm doing this.
What do you think?
Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear from you just to say hi.

And if you made it to the end - I don't think that anyone made it to the end - but if you did you could prove me wrong by clicking on the thumbs up, that would be really cool or if you're feeding even kinder why not hit the subscribe button.
Trying to get to 10,000 subscribers and I think this is just the kind of video that's goona - that's gonna send me all the way to 10K.

So thank you but-- but this is another video... and my face... if you click on that you can subscribe. Thanks for being there. Appreciate it.
Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers. Just click in his face. Thanks bye! Alright, this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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MADE DIY FACE MASK from T-SHIRT first time in supermarket TIGHTWAD DAD VLOG @neilmossey

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Monday 25 May 2020

MADE DIY FACE MASK from T-SHIRT first time in supermarket TIGHTWAD DAD VLOG @neilmossey

Made a face mask with a T-Shirt.
Then wore it to the supermarket.
How to make a DIY face mask... follow along with me.

MADE DIY FACE MASK from T-SHIRT first time in supermarket TIGHTWAD DAD VLOG @neilmossey

How to make a DIY face mask... follow along with me.
1:00 Why wear a face mask or covering.
1:50 It's to stop me touching my face: Here's the video of Dr. Dave Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York City
2:20 I can't stop touching my face.
2:46 I should get one of those cones that stop dogs scratching themselves.
2:55 Choosing my worst T-shirt to cut up... All my Marie Kondo folded T-shirts stored KonMari style!
4:27 My old Hawley Infants T-shirt before it's demolished:
5:22 My Stefon from SNL impression.
6:32 My Gordon Laing Cameralabs T-shirt, check out his brilliant YouTube channel
"All I Want Is A Perfect Camera" song stolen from Camera Conspiracies channel
8:04 How to make a face mask from an old T-shirt, with no sewing, with US Surgeon-General Dr. Jerome Adams.
But it's too bulky, you have to cut it in half and half again.
8:57 How to make a DIY face mask with smaller old T-shirt fabric and extra rubber bands x4.
12:00 Me wearing the homemade DIY T-shirt face mask in Lidl Supermarket, UK.
I'm not used to wearing the facemask in public...
13:18 My all-new 10,000 subscribers sigout voiceover!


Bye-bye t-shirt... so sad
"Then you fold either side to the middle and you have yourself cloth face covering - it's that easy!"
Hello I'm Neil Mossey - welcome back to the happy hut!

Usually I'm a tightwad dad just trying to be happy with what we've already got - like these words on the screen say.
But right now we're in the great shutdown of 2020 and every day I'm trying to find something new, and today it's this!


So this is foot-- as you can see footage of me, in Lidl wearing a face mask.
It's my first time - my first trip to a supermarket with a face mask.
Obviously there was no one who could hold the camera for me so I just propped it up on a shelf - walked past.
You'd think I'd be more uncomfortable with that, than the wearing the face mask - but look at me.

I'm getting milk and I'm breathing on a much smaller radius, but my face mask is homemade and this is how you make a DIY face mask.
That's... that's the video and if you're looking this up on YouTube, firstly hello!
Say hi in the comments - it'd be lovely to hear from you, but if you are looking up "how to make a DIY face mask" on YouTube, you've probably been through exactly the same thought process as me.

If you just want to jump straight to making the face mask, I'll put the the time on the screen now.
This really pushes a button for some people.
If face masks aren't your thing I think it might be best if you hit stop now and I'll see you on the next video.

But for the rest of us, hello, I completely understand why this this really pushes a button for some people... and they leave the comments, you know...
"You're not a doctor"
"It's not effective... ughhhh... N95..."

I get it! But this video - this video is of a doctor in New York.

He just happens to be an intensive care respiratory expert as well, but he made this video call to his family where he's explaining that the reason that he wears a face mask is to stop him touching his face.

And I touch my face all the time!
Most of the day I spend with my head in my hands.
Look here's a photo that a friend took of me at work, and this is this is what I look like all the time - with my head in my hands.
So I know from wearing my son's smelly scarf that this is 100 percent effective in stopping me touching my face.
I don't need a face mask I need a head mask.

I need one of those cones that dogs wear - you know when they've been to the vets?
So I wanted to do this obviously as lazily as possible, and I found this video.
It's of the United States Surgeon-General, showing you how to make it.

All you need is a t-shirt and two rubber bands.

And here are all my t-shirts!

Yeah I know what you're thinking, but you know we did Marie Kondo.
We did it a few years ago so that's why it's so neat... but we did a few years ago which is why there is so many!

And this is a very sad day.
Two of these guys are going to get the chop.
Quite literally.
But which two?!

I have three t-shirts that are in constant rotation.
They're not in here right now because they're - I'm either wearing it, or it's on the floor, or they've just come out the wash.
This one survives. Doesn't even go into the drawer.
So does this one, and so does this one.

Usually I don't like writing on my t-shirts.
I don't like people reading my chest.
Messy Darth Vader - keep!
Happy computer emoticon thing - keep!
Tour de France thing? I've got mark on it? I'll keep!

This is my oldest t-shirt.
This is an antique "I need TP for my bunghole!"
I can't cut this up!
But the thought of having Beavis on my face is very appealing.
That might go into the maybe pile, even though it's my oldest t-shirt.

Los Pollos Hermanos... from Breaking Bad.
I haven't worn this for about six months, but I don't think I can cut it up - keep!
Martial arts t-shirt - keep!

More writing... usually I prefer pictures - keep that one. That's definitely got a mark on it.
Now this is a strange one. This is from... it's from my infant school, when they had a big reunion could-- because they're demolishing the school.
I'll put a link to the video up top and in the description, it's Hawley Infants
I think this might be going to the maybe pile - I haven't worn it for a year.

I've worn it on a couple of videos.
T-shirt with a collar, fancy. That's for my formal wear.
See the t-shirt is the uniform for my midlife crisis
or midriff crisis

I can't tell you what it is I'm using to choose which t-shirts to cut up.
I think it's the the konmari method - the Marie Kondo method of holding it.
Feeling if it sparks joy. This sparks joy. Keep.
I love this one because my long-suffering wife hates it - because it's got so many holes!
It's more holes... than t-shirt. Rodent food.
I love it - keep!

Now I like this one because it makes me look like Stefon from Saturday Night Live.
Okay I won't do the impression... "Well..."
I'm good, I've just been up for three days.
Hey maybe I should have a shot of me wearing it...

[STEFON'S VOICE] "I'm good I've just been up for three days."
Another martial arts t-shirt - keep!
Another martial arts t-shirt - keep!
Another martial arts t-shirt - keep!

I'm not sure about this. I got this from, from Disneyland, so I like the memories from it.
I'm not the slimmest guy in the world, but I like my t-shirts tight.
This is a little generous. It's just, it's just really wide. This is definitely going into the maybe pile.
I've not worn it for two years - it used to have a really good design. A row of cartoon gnomes - sort of vintage look - and a line underneath: "Rolling with my Gnomies".
It has gone, so all that there is left is t-shirt.

It feels like cheating, but I think this is definite, definite maybe.
Cameralabs! Check out the cameralabs channel at the top. Gordon Laing, see i bought your merch! I couldn't cut this up, although it'd be extra advertising for your channel.
[SINGS] "All I want is a perfect camera..." oh no, it's the wrong channel.

We've got three of these - I used to go jogging in them. It's the Late Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. For me the best Late Late Show, sorry to all the other hosts.
And it had the best merch, so I bought a second one, and then I bought a third one.
Definite keep.

I might start jogging again one day.
Which leaves this - it does not spark joy anymore, it just leaves me cold. Quite literally.
I suppose I could make a mask with the graphic.
I can't wear it with the words because it'd just say "OLD."

I do like the faded blue - definite maybe.
You know the real problem about putting videos on YouTube is that sometimes you feel like you, you, you might be sharing too much, that I think I just shared.
So this is the final shortlist.
The deadly five.

Look I've got paint on it!
So that's, oh that's keep!
It's that way.

I've had-- I don't think I could wear that on my face.
That'll be keep, but not for any good reason.
I don't want a white mask, cause I know what state it's gonna look like.
There's no way I'm gonna keep this white, so it's in the keep.
So that leaves "Rolling with my Gnomies" and this.
I did it!

So these are the ones, let's hack them up!

Hey I don't know if you're in lockdown as well by the way, but I've not put my wallet in my pocket for about two months. It's brilliant!

So these are the two t-shirts that are going to get it.

The first method we're gonna try is from the US Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams.
Here's how you can make your own face covering in a few easy steps, with items you can find around the house.
Oh my goodness - the state of me! Up against that.
Or you can make a face covering out of an old t-shirt.
Fold it to the middle from the bottom.
Fold it to the middle from the top.
Fold it again to the middle from the bottom.

Look at his folding.
Look at mine.

Now the great thing with this method is that it doesn't need any sewing.
All you need is 2 elastic bands, which I've got.
The great thing about being British is that obviously we have elastic bands on the pavements scattered around the country, but I've not picked these up from the pavement.
I've picked them up from my kitchen drawer.
It's brilliant - there's no sewing, but the problem I had is that if you do it just with the whole t-shirt it sort of looks like this, which is okay? It sort of works, but I wanted to go for something a bit smaller.

I feel bad enough for being in Lidl at all, let alone being in Lidl looking like this!
So what I'm going to do is cut it up, which they don't tell you to do on the video.
Bye bye t-shirt, thank you for your service.
So sad.
On the upside, I've now got a little crop top!

So I'm gonna follow the instructions, this way - so put it sideways.

Here's how you can make your own face covering in a few easy steps, with items you can find around the house - like an old scarf, a bandana, or a hand towel.
Or you can make a face covering out of an old t-shirt!

Fold it to the middle from the bottom.
Fold it to the middle from the top.
Fold it again to the middle from the bottom, and again from the top.
And then two rubber bands.
One on one side and one on the other side.
Then you fold either side to the middle and you have yourself cloth face covering.
It's that easy.

I like that! It still feels a bit pudding-gy. It just feels a bit large.
I don't know how to lose the bulk - the story of my life.
Think I need to find a way, so it's not quite as bulky.

Maybe I should cut the t-shirt in half again? Let's try that.
Then cut THAT half, in half again.
Fold it to the middle from the bottom.
Fold it to the middle from the top.
Fold it again to the middle from the bottom, and again from the top.
And then two rubber bands.
One on one side and one on the other side.
Then you fold either side to the middle and you have yourself cloth face covering.
It's that easy.

That's the one!
I can't tell if it's dangling down.
The only downside with it, is now that I've worn it for 30 seconds, my ears aren't coping very well with the elastic bands.
Maybe if I, if I double up the elastic bands, oh look at that.
That's, that's gonna annoy me.
Okay so went and got the two extra elastic bands, and I might make it a bit wider as well.
So it's not so far to go, for my ears.
That feels just right!

So those are the dimensions - it sort of looks like this: about 25cm by 25cm.
That for me is the perfect length, and if it's too small for you, then you've got plenty of t-shirt left to try again!
You know it's much better with the two rubber bands as well.
So all that's left to do now is to try it out in an actual supermarket!

Here I am, this is me in Lidl.
So this is like literally the only place on earth where I can get this thing right now.
It works out really well but I just I'm not used to wearing the face mask out in public.
It feels like you are making yourself "the other".
Especially if you're around people who aren't wearing face masks.
If you're not that's absolutely fine!
I just don't want to smell you, that's all!
And also I don't want to touch my face!

But you think if I was that worried about not getting it, that maybe I'd put off buying papadums and pitta bread, and some potting compost!
The other-- right so the other thing as well, it feels really rude wearing the mask, and I just want to like pull it down say "hello!"
Anyway I hope this this video has helped if you want to make a DIY face mask without doing any sewing whatsoever.
And if you want to express your awesomeness by hitting the thumbs up button I'd really appreciate that, or say hello in the comments below.
And if you made a face mask - have you copied this yourself?

If you have let me know how you get on.
Let me know how you get on with the face mask situation because I'm still not feeling entirely comfortable with it, and good luck on your face covered shopping.
Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye!
Alright, this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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MY BEST EVER HEAD SHAVER Remington Stylist Hair Clipper for a Grade 1 #TightwadDad unboxing

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Thursday 7 May 2020

MY BEST EVER HEAD SHAVER Remington Stylist Hair Clipper for a Grade 1 #TightwadDad unboxing

This is without doubt, hands down, my favourite head shaver: the Remington Stylist Hair Trimmer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
You can buy one here from Amazon US
Amazon UK:

I've been looking for this for a long time -- it was my first head shaver back in 2003 and really pleased to be reunited with the new version of it. It looks the same sturdy build but has a more robust UK power charger.
The unboxing starts around 4:00, and I also show some of my other failed Grade 1 head shaver purchases.

MY BEST EVER HEAD SHAVER Remington Stylist Hair Clipper for a Grade 1 #TightwadDad unboxing


But here's the unit - THIS is what you've been waiting for
I'll probably put this clip right at the start of the video to reassure you that you will actually get to see this - it's the Remington stylist hair clipper
aha ah this is it!
This is this is the one that I lost - the one that got broken after ten years of use

Hello, I'm Neil, welcome back to the happy hut today I'm unboxing this
I dunno if you can see it - it's the Remington stylist hair clipper
Bit of a minimalist model title there which I like
Now there is no way I should be making this video at all, because I have bought over the years probably a double-digit number of hair clippers or trimmers or hair, head shavers...
whatever you want to call them

I do not need another one in my life
I'm not exactly a perfectionist
I just want the perfect head shaver!
I just want the perfect hair trimmers - just something that will give me a really good Grade 1 - you see I'm stroking something that's not even there!

I just want something that is cordless.
I want something that will give me the exact grade one that I want

Sometimes like this one - I thought this was gonna be the perfect head shaver
it's a Wahl... or is it a Wahl Colour Pro trimmer
I made a whole video about this thinking that this was gonna be the one
It's a really beautiful unit - as you can see - there's a link if you click on the "i" at the top or in the description below

It... I mean it looks great but look at this comb!
This comb is so thick - and this is the smallest comb - and I know what you're saying
I know what you're saying "why don't you just go Grade Zero, you've got no hair there!"
Why do you even want a little hint of it?

I don't know why, I'm clinging to my 3mm of hair that's there - I just don't think it's that big and ask

The reason I went for this the Remington is because when I first shaved my head - shaved my hair off completely - I did it with a Remington
And that... I don't know what the model number was but I used it for about ten years and it was fantastic!

The comb was just right - you only need one comb in here - you don't need the--
yeah this comes with 8 combs they all do!
I thought I'd come close with this Remington because it had an adjustable comb
But that plastic thing is so thick that the blades just don't get anywhere close to where I needed it to get to

So I'm hoping this is the one
If this is the one I've already given this in the description of this video - I'll call it the best head shaver for Grade 1 - and so if you can see that in the description you already know that I love this and I will change that description the moment that this fails me
But let's, let's open the box and see what you get inside

Here is a collection of some of the things I've bought
That was the Babylis for men
I even shot an unboxing for that - and as you can see I was really giddy with excitement because it has two combs - two shavers either side
These combs just didn't get anywhere near to a Grade 1 that I wanted
I looked like a hairy hippie

So here is the Remington stylist hair clipper - I've been saving it - look, look how you probably can't see but I am really shaggy at the moment because I've been waiting to unbox this on camera to help some other Baldy out there who wants a grade 1 and who hasn't found the right hair clipper - so this could be the one

Sure I'll give you a quick look at the box - there's a charging indicator - it can go cordless
That's one of the things that I've been looking for
I don't need to go in the shower with it
it says advanced ceramic I've no idea what that means
there's a free detailer inside - I don't - I don't need that - I just need - I wanna be like you!
But with a grade one haircut

I want that - that's the grade - the one that's on his Jimmy Hill chin!
that's what I want on my head
easy to store

I need my glasses on - not only is my hair failing me, but my eyes are too
I'm a wreck! why are you even watching this video!
What kind of advice can I give to you?!
but if you could live vicariously through my purchases, good on you!

So it says it's easy to store
well yeah anything is easy to store when you just throw it under the bed... between charges
up to 40 minutes usage time
well that's good because I never let it grow that long but 40 minutes would be helpful
it says it comes with eight combs for different hair lengths
grade one to eight - that's the one I want the 3mm - that's all I want from you Remington
and self oiling blades

Oh my goodness that is a relief because I've accumulated so many bottles of oil for all my other failed purchases
maintenance-free performance for life - for life
you can't take these back!

If this isn't good for you - if this isn't right for you - and I think this might be why you're watching this video you can't pass these on!
nobody wants a used hair clipper!
it's bad for the environment

my hair has its own carbon footprint and I want it to end on this shaver
I do want it to end on this shaver
this could be the one
Let's open it like a man
Oh there's a tab here

there's a nice box that will go under the bed, never to be used again
To store all the bits that I'll never use again.
Now if like me you don't really want to destroy the environment this would probably make your heart sink
Oh my goodness, look at all the wrapping

Oh Greta Thunberg... and, worse... I have to turn the heating up to heat this up
this is, this can't be good - this can't be how we used to live pre-industrialization
here are all the combs

Oh man, these combs look good - these combs look good
I know I get excited about every single trimmer that I apply but this is the one
3mm - that's my grade 1, and this is exactly like the comb that I loved and lost
oh this could be it - this could be it - and it comes with a natty bag - oh no this is this is a cape

You could be a bald superhero
But here's the unit - this is what you've been waiting for
I'll probably put this clip right at the start of the video to reassure you that you will actually get to see this
it's the Remington stylist hair clipper
hahaha shall we rip into it?
Ooop, that's probably an important thing

hygiene seal - only remove if you intend to keep the product
"Remington I'm in!"

ah this is it - this is - ahhh, this is the one that I lost... that got broken after ten years of use
Model HC 366

what I'm gonna do, I'll put a link in the description probably near the top because I need the money - but every one of these that is sold - Amazon would give me some - a little bit of money - at no extra cost to you If you use the link below

Shall I switch it on?
there we go - my goodness this is the one
so I'll show you what else you get
now this always makes me giggle because obviously we - we need to to make those who are not of a grade 1 length feel good about themselves

we've got some hair clips some scissors - I wish I could use that - maybe for some hair elsewhere my nose or ears? that would be good
and a comb.
Do you remember using those? they were good weren't they

And it comes obviously with a charger
Ready, so you just plug it in and it's lighting up to show you its charged

Now I haven't read the instructions - you're probably supposed to charge it before you use it - I'm not going to make you wait - I'm going to do this right now
So get my favorite comb - ah, where is it
See, so you get some weird taper combs for your ear holes
There that's the one

I like on... is it makeup tips they, they put the hand behind it to show you
that's the Grade 1 - the precious Grade one
none of these I'll ever use again - apart from terrorizing the boy to shave his head once every six months

There we go - just clips on like that
there's a taper lever which makes it go longer or shorter
and then you turn it on just by pushing the switch on the side here
Oh dare I - dare I do this?

Here, give you a shave - go on.
Put your head close to the screen, go on, I'll give you... look...
that's what it's like being your hair every day
completely unappreciated
but I'm gonna do it now - you ready?

Ah this is the one I think this is the one!
Take glasses off - oh boy this is the stuff - this is the one, this is the one that I'd lost
so happy - look how much just came off - don't know if you can see that
Can I tap? maybe tap?
there you go
it's a messy business isn't it, having no hair

I've got some really big stuff at the back
now what I love about this - and why I bought it - let's turn it off - why I bought it
there's a perfect combination here

the comb doesn't scratch your head - it allows the blades to get super close but still allow 3mm - the crucial 3mm that us Grade 1-er's love
this is the perfect combination
right that - the comb's too thick

that says that's a Grade 1 - it isn't - it isn't - you just end up looking like a, a hairball
this? I mean frankly it-- and I know having this look gives the impression of me being perhaps more rugged or tough or even thuggish
but that's no good - that comb - it - I mean it just hurts - it's just like rubbing your head up against a plastic grater - rubbish
this this is the one

the remington model HC366 - it's the remington stylist hair clipper - once you've charged it up you can unplug and go rogue with it
did you see there's a big difference - I don't think the battery liked that - listen to the difference
yeah that's the speed it should be at

What are your best shaver experiences?

What brands do you like?

help me - advise the community
are there brands that have helped you to stay a good grade 1

leave a comment below
I'd love to hear your experiences with these hair clippers
my son's going to get me now
I'm gonna-- shall I give him a shave?
I'll show ya
come in look what I got!
I'm gonna shave you!

So look I hope this video and I hope these links below help
I just want to help the community of grade 1 hair clipper owners
I don't anyone to be buying - look at this mess - I don't want anyone to be buying this junk
because they're not cheap either - well they are cheap but that's the problem
once you accumulate a number of them that doesn't work - it really starts to add up
So I hope this video has helped
if you've reached this point in the video why not let me know that somebody reached this far, with a thumbs up they'll be really appreciated
Oh subscribe - you never have to watch any of my videos ever again but I'm trying to hit 1000 subscribers
if you can hit the subscribe button - you don't have to - just mute me you don't have to watch any any more of this nonsense
but it will really help me get some money off youtube for every 1000people that watch my videos

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Tuesday 5 May 2020

How to get 1000 SUBSCRIBERS in 5 EASY STEPS

I got 1000 subscribers! I've been on YouTube for 10 years, but it's taken 2 years of effort to pass the 1000 subs barrier. I think these 5 tips helped me for how to get 1000 subscribers.
1 Regular Posting
2 Leave Comments
3 Subtitle Your Videos
4 Good Video Hygiene
5 Take Us On Your Journey

How to get 1000 SUBSCRIBERS in 5 EASY STEPS


I'm gonna go for it.
This is how to get 1000 subscribers.
So this is a video for how I think you can get 1000 subscribers... hello!

My name is Neil Mossey, and this is my YouTube channel.

And for the last 2 years, I've been trying to get to 1000 subscribers - I finally did it!
I leapt over the hallowed line of 999, to 1000 subscribers.
I'm monetized!

I was demonetized in 2018.
YouTube changed their terms and conditions.
And that was a sad time for all of us, who hadn't got 1000 subscribers yet.
Two years later, 2 years of slog and videos, finally... I did it!

I did it, I managed to get over 1000 subscribers and if you're watching this video-- Firstly thank you!
If you've subscribed, thank you.
Do you know what you get? When you, when you get 1000 subscribers - my son made this for me - You get the YouTube Brown Play Button!

Hey look, you can pause the video and you can make your own out of Hama beads there.
This will be the thumbnail!
It's... er, not edible.

So I just wanted to make this just to share some of the things that I think have helped me to get 1000 subscribers.
And I want to share them just in case any of these help you.
Now if you're looking into videos on "How to get 1000 subscribers" I'm sure you have seen - like I did - the same tips coming up over and over again.
But there were some things that helped my channel which I haven't really seen recommended elsewhere, so I just wanted to go through these 5 ideas.

Five basic ideas for things that I think helped me get this channel over 1000 subscribers.
Look - I've got my little list here.

The first big thing I think helped me hit 1000 subscribers is "Regular Posting".
I'll put it on-- I'll put it on the lower third caption there.
I went through a stage last year where I put up one video every day.
And my Views and Subscribers didn't move at all.
It, if anything, I think they probably went down a bit.

But I can't help thinking just from seeing all the Analytics that's presented to you on the Analytics page - the algorithm loves it when you just put out something regularly.
And that could be once a month, could be once a week, but just having that regular pulse means that it's a sign to the algorithm that you are consistent and that you have videos coming out at a regular rate.

I don't think it should be every day, I think you'll probably start to feel ill if, if you were to do it daily.
I just wanted to hit one video every week - even now that's a struggle.

But just getting out something regularly has, has, I think, was the first big step to a big leap in my subscribers.
Most of my views don't come from subscribers.

I think this is more a thing that lets the YouTube algorithm - the YouTube machine - to bump you up as a regular YouTube channel.

Now to help you, I've gathered a load of videos from around YouTube right here on this playlist.
I'll put the playlist link up here, and it's down in the description:

Videos that I found really really inspirational in helping you to keep going there's a video called 100 crappy videos - which is one of my favorites and oh my goodness the Casey Neistat video: "Filmmaking is a sport"
Anyway all of those videos helped keep me going - and this Ira Glass video as well.
So I hope those videos help you hit this point: number one post regularly.

The second big thing that I think helped me... I've not seen anyone talk about this at length really.
I am absolutely convinced that leaving comments on other people's videos is a really good idea - so that's my gut instinct tip number two.
I think you should be doing it for a number of reasons.
Firstly I think it's just a kind thing to do, so even if it doesn't have any effect on your channel - I think you're helping other people in your situation.

I think psychologically if you start helping other people to achieve their aim by encouraging them with kind comments you are more likely to invite some of that onto your channel.
So I think firstly just-- just be a good person and say well done to the people who make the videos that you watch.

As soon as I started leaving comments on other people's channels I think two things happened:
Firstly I think the YouTube algorithm started to see my channel in lots of other places, and that's another clump of data that it can gather to maybe suggest your channel to other people who like that channel?

Maybe it's more direct than that.

Maybe people scrolling through the comments might be more likely to click on your avatar to find out more about you, if you've left an interesting comment somewhere?

I just think it's a really good idea to leave comments on other people's videos.

One of the hardest things, as you know, recording videos on YouTube is that you're worried that someone's going to leave a nasty message - and I've had certain comments that have been a little bit off, and you know 100 percent of the time when you click on that avatar - when you go to their channel - the person who left you a horrible comment, they have never ever, EVER made a video themselves.

And I am delighted every time I get a comment that's slightly off-key.

I love the fact that they've not made anything themselves.

But anyway, leaving comments on other people's videos that's my big tip number two.

Unexpected tip number three, for how I think I got 1000 subscribers is "Making subtitles".
YouTube calls them lots of different things...
They're called subtitles... they're called captions, or closed captions, or CC, which is I think an American term.

I put subtitles on my videos and I'm convinced that has helped me.
I'm convinced that YouTube's seeing that my video has been manually subtitled bumped it up in the ranking.
If it doesn't, I'm absolutely sure that my videos have gone up in the ranking, which means they're offered to more viewers, because I have removed the auto-generated subtitles that are automatically applied to your video when you upload.

These captions are usually really good but the two things they get wrong... they get my name wrong!
They get the name wrong of the terminology that I'm using - so the actual video... say if it's about a camera... the auto-generated captions spell that camera name wrong - so you're missing out on letting Google and YouTube know what your video is about.

These auto-generated subtitles have actually put swear words into my subtitles where they don't exist!
Maybe it's my British accent?
Maybe it's because I do not have an American accent, but anyway I made a whole video about how to make subtitles and how to transcribe your videos.

It's up in the corner of the video now if you click on the "i" and I'll put a link to that in the description below - but I really, really strongly recommend you teach yourself how to subtitle your videos.
I think that really helped me get 1000 subscribers.

Tip number four: "Good video hygiene."
I came across this term when I was working for a branded content agency.
It's a lovely word, "hygiene".
It just means make sure all the bits of your video are clean!

Good YouTube hygiene is having a good title - it's having a description that's really sort of "beefy" and writes out in prose what your video is about, and what is in the video, and why your audience should be watching this video.

Subtitling is part of good hygiene.
I always put cards at the top of the videos.
I always put an end board... at the end!

I sometimes get a bit hung up about having to do it, because after I've shot the video and edited the video, the last thing I want to do is to spend the same amount of time typing.
But just good general hygiene for your videos has really, really, I'm convinced helped me to get 1000 subscribers.

I think good hygiene on your videos means that the YouTube algorithm ranks your video more highly because it shows it has some care and attention behind it, so--
And the details that you put in themselves also help rank your video higher and make it more likely that someone's going to see your video, and more likely that someone's going to hit subscribe.

By the way on that note, I've actually put these tips in the description so you can jump around if these tips are helping, or if you have any tips that have helped you to get more subscribers, please leave a comment now. Just click on the comments below, it'd be lovely to hear from you - just say hi.

But here's the last tip.
"Take viewers on your journey."

I'll say it again because it's a bit oblique: "Take viewers along with you on your journey."

So I wanted to get 1000 subscribers.
I was really upfront in every video that that was my aim.
I actually said it out loud in every single video "I really want to get a thousand subscribers".

Other creators - other youtubers actually want to help.

There are other people who want to help.

I want to help you, that's why I'm making this video - just to encourage you to keep going, so that you too can hit 1000 subscribers.
I know you can.

All you need to do is to keep posting and to take people with you on your journey.
We're all in this together, and we're all part of this YouTube ecology.

You can step up - you can leave comments on other people's videos - you can keep sharing stories from your viewpoint - and I found the more that I did that, the more of myself that I put into the videos.

I think it's a volume thing.

I think the more videos that you make, the more likely it is that you let your guard down and you bring people in on the things that you really want to talk about.

You won't do it on the first video.

You might not do it on the first ten videos, but if you have this regular pulse where you're putting out videos, eventually your story is just going to come out and you're going to share more and more, and that is why someone's going to subscribe to you.

Someone, somewhere in the world is going to want to hear your story.

And the brilliant thing with YouTube is that it could be out there forever, for everyone - and the algorithm, I find is really good at finding people who might latch on to hearing the things that you want to say.

So that's it!
That's my top five unexpected reasons why I think I got to 1000 subscribers.

Leave a comment! If you've hit 1000 subscribers and you have an unexpected reason that you haven't seen shared very often, please leave me a comment.
It'd be lovely to hear from you.
If you've hit this point in the video and it has helped why not hit the thumbs up.
It would be lovely to know that somebody reached this point in the video and if you're feeling even kinder, why not subscribe?

I guess my next goal - to hit - I don't know what colour button comes next after 1000 subscribers.
Leave a comment - what should the next YouTube play button be for 10,000 subscribers?
I can't even begin to think what would be more cherished than my beautiful brown button.
Thanks for watching and I'll see you for the next 10,000 subscribers!
I need to change the end of the video!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Try my previous book!

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Sunday 3 May 2020

HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history

I wanted to know "How can I search my own YouTube comments?" - is there a YouTube comments history, for the comments I have left, or even some kind of YouTube Activity Log for my own activity on YouTube.
There is!
These are all other options under the "History" tab under your main YouTube home menu.
This video is a walkthrough where to find comments you have left on other channels, and how to search for your own comments you have made on other channels' videos.
(Click on Manage All Activity, under "History" and you can search for words and terms in there.)

HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history

Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut - thanks for clicking on this video.

I'm making this video because I've just found out something that it looks really obvious but it took me a bit of hunting around to find out how to do it.

I wanted to know "how do you find a comment that you have left on someone else's video" way back in the past.
You know on other social media websites like Facebook, you can search your own activity log... and I didn't know where my activity log is on YouTube

All I wanted to do was to just track down and find a comment that I have left on someone else's video... and the answer is really easy. It's embarrassingly easy, but it did take me a while to work this out, so I'm sharing this in case you're in that position

All you need to do is to firstly go into your history - your YouTube history - and you'll find that here, let's look at the YouTube homepage.

This is how it looks in 2020 - hoping this will still work in 2021 and 2022 - the basic principles of this.
If you click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of your YouTube homepage at you'll see it brings down this expanded menu - and then you want to go down to the option marked "History"
So we'll click on that and it's opened up my History

Thank goodness it's... this could have been a lot more embarrassing!

But it's just some behind-the-scenes videos from Ferris Bueller's Day Off - one of my favourite movies.
So now we're in my Watch History - your watch history - but look on the right hand side: there are all these other options that I've never even noticed before

There's "History types".
There's your watch history.
There's your search history, and then the next option down is-- is comments - and these are all my comments that I've left on other people's videos.

And you can see in chronological order every single comment that you have ever left on YouTube.

I leave a lot of comments because I think is a good thing to do, to let someone know that you've seen their video and you appreciate the video - hint!

There's a "comments" below this video if you were to say hi or if you want to let me know if this video has helped you, but also I like replying to comments that have been left on my channel where possible.
There's also an option right at the bottom there "MANAGE ALL ACTIVITY" and that opens up everything you've done on YouTube, again, in order and I think you can search it there

But if you just want a quick way of going through the comments that you have left on other people's videos - just just a recap - go to the history - the history option in your main menu from home on the main YouTube page - and click on comments - and you can scroll through everything you've ever left.

Also just one final hint there's-- on watch history, you can actually search your watch history

So if I type in "Ferris Bueller", it brings up every video I've ever watched about Ferris Bueller.

So I hope this is what you were looking for.

It's quite a short video but if it has helped why not click on the comments and say hi if you've reached this point of the video.

It'll be really helpful to me if you were able to hit the thumbs up button so that other people could find this video as well.

Or if you're feeling even kinder, why not hit the subscribe button?
You never need watch any of my videos ever again, but every subscription helps take me closer to the hallowed goal of 10,000 subscribers
I don't think I'll ever hit it but we're gonna keep going so thanks if you're able to help out there and good luck with your commenting on YouTube!

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