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WHAT IS A POMELO? #TightwadDad 062

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WHAT IS A POMELO? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 011

You ready?
Let’s do it.
Hello I'm Neil and this is the Tightwad Dad podcast.
We're outdoors.
We’re cutting a pomelo. And it’s bruised.

Do you know what a pomelo is?
Erm all I know is it’s a honey pomelo.
Yeah but I don't I don't know what it is either.

It's like a exotic fruit.
Got a second camera so we can get some close-ups.
Some action pomelo closeups.

What does it smell of?
Smells weird.
Nearly lost my nose then.
You said, before, you thought I couldn’t do it.
Oh, it feels so squishy!
Can I smell it?

How do you think we should cut it?
Do you think you’re supposed to cut it--
In half.

Yeah what like down or across?
It says to cut it down.
Oh there’s instructions - let's show the instructions.
So is this a pomelo unboxing?

Yeah pause the video I'll show you the instructions. I still don't quite understand them.
So I gave you a bread knife instead of the super sharp knife.
Oooh it looks weird.

It looks like a giant lemon.
Woah, it might be.
Ohmygod the seeds!.
Go on, eat it eat it go on.

And the trouble with this pomelo is that we've been planning this video for about two months and it's been by the kettle hasn't it for about five weeks because we got it after Christmas.
It's now end of February so this this might not taste very nice.
Good work.

It smells like grapefruit.
You know it would take me like two seconds to look it up on Wikipedia.
It spurts.
It’s like a lemon.

“What is a pomelo?”
Oh here we go right so a pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits with a thick yellow skin and bitter pulp.
I like bitter stuff.

Do you think you could just peel it out like this you know like a big orange piece?
Oh that's like
I won't tell you who that was.

It's almost like we're turning the podcast into a cookery vlog.
Right, should I open it and then we'll take a bite?
I think this is really off.
Go on you bite, I’ll bite.

I didn't spit it out, I like it.
Oh I did.
I spit out a seed. Could we grow a pomelo?
Go on, go on, plant it!
So yeah it tastes like a--
I’ll plant a pomelo tree.

It tastes like a grapefruit.
Okay! Planted!
We're gonna turn this into a gardening vlog now.

How would you describe this to someone who’s looked up on YouTube “what does a pomelo taste like?”
It's fairly sour, not very sour.
I like it.
But it’s kept it quite well - yeah - because it's huge.
That's because of its thick skin.
All of that has been protecting it.
I didn't-- I didn't think I'd eat this much.
Excuse me.
I'm just planting one.

If you've got to this point in the video - like and subscribe - don't forget to leave a comment if you’ve tasted one. How would you describe a pomelo?
Answers below.
That rhymes!
Ugh. It's not that good.
I like it.

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