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TikTok Vs YouTube?
Steven McKell has 2.3 million Tik Tok followers, 53 million TikTok video likes and around 400 million views. Steven also runs @Steven Mckell YouTube channel, so he is the best influencer and TikToker I know to learn about TikTok versus YouTube.

My name's Neil Mossey and I help high-achieving creators and performers to make more people happy. GREAT BRITISH YOUTUBERS PODCAST is to help you keep your YouTube channel going.




0:00 Great British YouTubers podcast with Neil Mossey and Tiktokker Steven McKell: YouTube vs TikTok
0:55 Steven McKell's Matilda Miss Trunchbull TikTok: How to make a viral Tik Tok video
1:55 Steven McKell TikTok with the most views: lip challenge.
3:48 How to get views on Tik Tok
3:50 Why is Tik Tok better than YouTube? TikTok versus YouTube
4:14 What's better TikTok or YouTube?
4:38 Differences between YouTube and Tik Tok platforms.

Steven McKell's TikToks
Miss Trunchbull:
Lipstick challenge:



I've got some zzzz'ing going on here.
Sorry I think it's a fly, my bad, there you go!
Steven Mckell!
You have--
2.2 million followers on TikTok
51.7 million likes
I, I don't know how many views how... how many views would that rack up?
I don't know it's something like 400 million, 500 million around that ballpark figure, which is like mad to me it's really it's insane.
I don't know I never thought I'd be able to kind of get that.

But not only that, you also have a YouTube channel, so you are the best Tik Toker I know to ask about the differences between TikTok and YouTube.
Before we get into any of that though, what is your favorite own Tik Tok video on your channel?
Oh that's the hard one!

If you ask a TikTokker this, this is hard.
I think, I think it's the one where I've done Miss Trunchbull.
I've done Matilda and pretended to be Miss Trunchbull and it got like, done really really well.
I think that's my favorite one because I think that really encompasses like my favourite childhood movie, it's acting, it's fun, people really resonated with it.

And so I like dressed up like Trunchbull, had like my hair slicked back and I had my suit on... my suit on-- my suit jacket on with like a belt and like these shorts and I was and I pretended to be the scene where she chucks Amanda Thripp over the fence - just before that?
And so I reenacted that scene with Miss Trunchbull and Amanda Thripp the little girl so it was very-- it was... I don't know what it was.

It was one of those things I was like I'm just going to film that today and we'll learn the lines and then film it and do it in like my way and it done... it done really well.
I was really proud of it and but there's a lot of videos that I'm proud of and it's really hard for me to pick one but I think that one really... that was another thing people knew me for at the end of last year.
They were like "oh you don't like-- you're like Miss Trunchbull!"
I'm like "Hehhh, I am... yes!" [LAUGHS]

And what's your video with the most views?
It's the lip challenge and it's got like, I think it's got like 34 million views or something which is madness.
It's got like 30 million views and it's basically me, this is how... this is how the Tik Tok algorithm works and how anyone can get big on it.
It was me putting like three like lipsticks like with lips, I was going to put one strip there one strip here much like... I... just like this!
It was this to the song and it was madness.

It was like the least effort you could put into a video and that done like... got the most views and everyone knew me as the, the boy... "Oh you're the guy that does lip challenges!" and I was like yeah, I know, and it's...
Even now it would be posted like every 6 months and it'd still get like 10 million views and I'm like "Why!" Why does this? Like, why do people love this?

But I think it's aesthetically like people love to watch those kind of makeup stuff.
Did I detect a slight eye roll when you gave that answer?
Are lip sync videos seen as perhaps a lesser art form?
The worst thing was it wasn't even lip sync.
It was me literally just going... [DOES LIP MOVES] like smudge the lips - the lipstick - to make it look like I had like three colors of lips.

So like it wasn't even lip sync, so it's like even worse, but I think in the realm of lip syncing... so the app used to be called, erm... which you know, we don't call it anymore and that... that traditionally was a lip syncing app.
That's how it was - It's how it got its notoriety.
However I kind've done original comedy back then and I've done lip syncs as well but original comedy and like dancing and like meme style content...

But I think now, although people that do lip sync still do very well and they can just sit in front of the camera and lip sync a song and get 10 million views... I'm not jealous... um but no, that I think that now there's a higher standard now.
Now it's a platform with... you oh there's there's so much in there and I think lip syncing is maybe seen as something that's not something like they want to push like...
"It's a lip syncing app!" because it's not now.

It used to be but now it's more like you know, if you want to really be like big on the platform and really want to be there for a long longevity you've got to kind of... you've got to be able to reinvent yourself, I think.
And you have a YouTube channel and a TikTok channel?
Why is Tik Tok better than YouTube?
So I think TikTok's better than YouTube because, one, it's like it's shorter media.

So it's short form media, whereas you know YouTube's long form media, traditionally.
And I think with Tik Tok it's it's easy to get involved in videos or see trends that you are um you can relate to, that you can erm, that you feel like you want to do.
The thing about YouTube is that you watch a video and you're like that's great and they make me laugh, it's fun and you think I'd love to do YouTube!

However then you have to get a camera, lights, edit and it's really hard to be a YouTuber really really hard.

It's the hardest platform to gain followers on, whereas Tik Tok you can watch something and you can think to yourself "I know I can do that better" or if not I can have just as much fun as that person, and you just need to set up your camera.

So that the difference between making... to making the content's way on the other spectrum.
YouTube's harder.
TikTok is very easy.
You can upload 10 videos in the space of, you know, half an hour on... on Tik Tok and get you know triple the views you would if you'd done it on YouTube.

So I think the algorithm favours better to people, because it has like a broader spectrum of content that likes to put in the "For You" page, and so it gives people a better chance to be seen, to have fun, to interact with other people, and...
 I like YouTube! I used to-- I've not made videos on that in a while and I was doing YouTube until when I was doing TikTok, like a few years, ago so I was doing both side by side, and I felt like you... your Tik Tok was just so much easier.
It was just... it's a platform where um you have to really be authentic for people to really like... to really, to really grow on it.

Whereas YouTube, you have to really have a uh some sort of... not a facade but you have to have a really different kind of push yourself like 110% whereas TikTok about maybe not as much.
I've got some zzzz'ing going on here.
Sorry I think it's a fly, my bad, there you go!
Do you know what--
That's a long-winded answer! [LAUGHS]
No, no, Steven: That is so fascinating because I hadn't thought that the actual, you know, production technique would actually have such a big effect on the what... "what you share" and how you express yourself, so have... being able to just get straight online quicker means that you put out something a bit more authentic.

I hadn't really thought of it like that.
Yeah I think that's erm... that's really, it's a really big um pull factor for when someone who starting out on social media, who wants to kind of be big.
And please hit the subscribe button below if you want to see more Great British YouTubers.
There's a playlist and a podcast. All the links are in the description below.
I'm Neil Mossey and I'll see you on the very next episode of Great British YouTubers.

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Best ZV 1 screen protector and case | Sony ZV1 camera screen Lowepro Tahoe CS 20 camera case review

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday 27 August 2020

Best ZV-1 screen protector and case | Sony ZV1 camera screen Lowepro Tahoe CS 20 camera case review

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Lowepro Tahoe CS 20 Camera Bag:

What is the best Sony ZV 1 tempered glass protector screen on Amazon?
How do you fit a tempered glass screen to a Sony ZV-1 monitor?
How can you stop your Sony ZV1 camera screen getting scratched?
And which is the best budget case for the Sony ZV1 camera on Amazon?

I answer all of these questions by fitting the Poyiccot "Maxhood ZV1 Screen Protector for Sony ZV-1 Tempered Glass 2Pack 0.3mm 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Flim Anti-Scrach Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Bubble" (I think they mean scratch) -- ON camera in real-time.
Will I get any dust bubbles under the screen on my Sony ZV 1 camera?! (Spoiler: I don't)

Best ZV-1 screen protector and case | Sony ZV1 camera screen Lowepro Tahoe CS 20 camera case review

0:00 What is the Best Sony ZV 1 camera screen protector and case?
0:26 Which screen protector should I get for Sony ZV1 camera on Amazon?
1:00 What is the best protective case or bag for the *(Zony?) Sony ZV-1 camera?
1:30 Poyiccot Maxhood Sony ZV 1 camera screen protector Review & unboxing
1:57 How to fit the tempered glass protective screen cover to a Sony ZV1 camera
5:00 Best camera bag or cover case for Sony ZV-1: Lowepro Tahoe CS 20 review
6:05 Does a tempered glass screen protector affect the monitor door closing or sensitivity of the touch screen?



What is the best protective screen cover or screen protection for this, the Sony ZV-1?
I can't say Sony ZV 1 - that's probably why it's called the ZV1 in this country but it's the Sony ZV-1.

I want to protect this screen, it's only a couple of days old.

Oh by the way I’m filming this on my Osmo Pocket-- oh should film it?
By the way I’m filming this on my DJI Osmo Pocket and I put protective tempered glass onto this camera and also onto my GoPro Hero5, so I’m a big fan of the tempered glass protective screens, but which is the best one for the ZV-1?

There are so many on Amazon, it's difficult to know where you even start.
I’m going to show you which screen cover I bought and I’m going to fit it to this in real time, and show you how I apply it to the screen by actually doing it on camera.

So if I make any mistakes you'll be able to hopefully avoid those and when we've put the tempered glass screen protector on, I’m going to show you THIS.

I think it's the best case for the Sony... Sony? Sony ZV 1 or ZV-1
I... I will show you how good this is for this.
Oh by the way my name's Neil.

Thanks for clicking on this video I made a whole playlist about my Sony ZV 1 videos that's up on screen now and in the description and also the links to this camera and this screen are down in the description, but let's go into the hut and put this on this!
This is the screen protector I went for, it's the Maxhood ZV-1 screen protector tempered glass anti-fingerprint, anti-bubble, what I’ll also do is after I’ve shown you how I’ve put this screen protector onto the monitor, I’m gonna show you how it fits in this case.

I think this is the best case that I’ve found for the ZV-1 so far.
We have a patch installation cleaning kit times two.

That's nice usually they're just loose in the box and the precious tempered glass screens.
They are going to go on to - whoa - they're going to go on the monitor screen here.

The two concerns that you might have are... if you put a tempered glass screen protector onto the monitor will it close properly and flush afterwards?
And the second concern is "does it affect the operation of the touchscreen"

Uh, it's very responsive and there is a worry, "will the tempered glass screen make it less responsive".
So we'll have a look at that.

Now if you've never done this before, the first tip is to not do what I’m doing and do it in a hut in the garden where there's lots of dust and pollen.

The best place to do this is actually in your bathroom because it's the place with the least dust in your house, and also they say that the running water - if you run a tap that sends out lots of negative ions, that kind of makes dust particles not want to float in the air.

But inside this cleaning kit which is quite snazzy isn't it?
And we'll just clean the screen here.
Then next there is a nice small microfibre cloth to dry it, so this will take off any residue that is on your screen already, and then finally you get this sticker set.
Take off the big one.

You can use this to dab the screen just to remove any dust particles that might be there.
So then we'll get the screen out of the protective foam envelope.
This is tempered glass.

Now go for tempered glass because it's so rigid.
If you use plastic film: that's the other option for protective screens and I just find they scratch really easily.

Also when you're laying it down it's very difficult to have bubbles appear because it's so rigid.
So that's good, this sticker is supposed to lift the protective film off and it hasn't.
Let's try again.

There we go, so the adhesive is on this side under the film so it goes this way down/
I should have practiced this.
I’ll wing it.

So we'll lay it down it fits really snugly.

That's good and there you go it just lays down like that, so that's the first mistake you can learn from.
Lay it down on the screen just so you can see how much gap you need around the edge but that looks that looks really nice.

There's no bubbles, so I don't know if you can see but the screen fits really snugly into the monitor - the edges of the monitor - so I’ve already got some fingerprints from my hand but that looks great.

There are no bubbles at all because it's rigid tempered glass I much prefer it to plastic film, so I’m i'm really pleased with that.

Oh my goodness I’m just delighted that it's now got a bit more protection if it takes a fall.
I think in time I want to buy a lens adapter ring just to protect this if it ever gets dropped or banged.
Now let me show you this case.

I think this case is the best case for the Sony ZV 1.
It's from Lowepro, there's a link in the description.

Can I see a stray... there is a stray strand there, but apart from that it's a really lovely case.
It's got an outside pocket that's lined, and it has a zipper that goes halfway around and a quarter way on the other side.

You could fit this through your belt if you want to channel your inner Casey Neistat and inside I’ll try and open it up...
There's a big label you could take off, but this is foam padded and there's quite a generous foam padding on this side as well.

But in terms of size - I’ll put it in this way round - it fits absolutely perfectly.
You might prefer a hard case but I... I really prefer the the soft cases.
I just want something to just give it a bit of a cushion if it were to fall.

Let's test the screen protector now for closing and opening the the monitor door.
So one of the concerns is that having a raised surface might affect the door operation but I can't see that at all.

Look it is not affecting it at all.
In fact I can see through that, if you see the little light down there, so there's still clearance between the edge of the monitor door and the back of the camera.

So the tempered glass protective screen is so thin that it really does not affect opening and closing at all, so that's a relief.
And then the other concern is "does the tempered glass protective glass screen affect the touchscreen operation?"
The touch screen still works.

You have to use a bit more of the pad of your finger but it seems to be picking up just as accurately, but like I say there is a little disclaimer there if you do tap it really lightly nothing happens-- it's working even with light taps!
From my experience this feels pretty much if not identical to when there was no screen protector on the monitor.

My Sony ZV-1 or ZV1 screen is now completely protected.
Absolutely delighted with that.

Let me know how you're getting on with the camera.
I’ve only had mine for about four days and I’ve just been terrified that the screen isn't protected, so now I can go out and shoot some more stuff so I’ve got the link to my Sony playlist up on screen now.

I’m moving sideways so I can put some videos up.

If anyone reaches this point of the video you're awesome just say hi.
It'd be great to hear from you and if you hit the thumbs up it helps other people to find this video.
If you hit the subscribe button you're even more awesome because that helps take me closer to the cherished 10000 subscriber goal that I never think is going to happen, and good luck with your Sony ZV 1

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Can you use MICRO SD CARD in a Sony ZV-1? My new ZV1 camera playlist...

All about me, and getting these by email.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Can you use MICRO SD CARD in a Sony ZV-1? My new ZV1 camera playlist...

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Can you use a MICRO SD CARD in a Sony ZV-1? With an adapter?
I knew it would work, but I wasn't sure, and as lots of us are searching for this... so here's proof that the MICRO SD storage card does work in a ZV1. And how do you put the card in?

Can you use MICRO SD CARD in a Sony ZV-1? My new ZV1 camera playlist...


0:00 Can you use MICRO SD CARD in a Sony ZV-1?
1:05 How to fit a Micro SD memory card in a Sony ZV1
1:25 What is the best Micro SD memory card for the Sony ZV-1?
2:25 How to open up the Sony ZV1 storage card battery compartment
2:55 Which way round does the Micro SD memory card go in a Sony ZV-1?
3:15 How to close the battery compartment flap door to lock
4:03 Does a Micro SD card work in a Sony ZV 1?




Hello: it's a really short simple question:
Does a micro SD card like this one -this little storage card - does this work inside this: the Sony ZV-1 or ZV1?

I’m shooting on an Osmo Pocket by the way, in case you're wondering, but does this work in THIS?
And the short easy answer is "yes"!

It does, but I didn't know that, and if you're searching for this on YouTube you probably want some reassurance that this works in this, even though this is slightly smaller than the card needed in this.
So I’m going to do it in real time, just so you can be reassured, and also I've got links in the description to this very card that I know works in a ZV1.

Hello I’m Neil by the way, welcome back to the Happy Hut.
I make videos where I try to help everyone express themselves on YouTube to make other people happy, so you might really like this playlist here - it's all about this camera the Sony ZV-1.

I've got all my other videos on that playlist but let's see if this works with this!
Here we are in the the happy hut with the Sony ZV-1

I’m from the UK so I call it the ZV 1 but oh my goodness it is absolutely gorgeous if you haven't bought one yet and you are just doing a bit of research on the cards that you should buy for it.

This is the Sandisk I went for the 128GB memory card.

It's a Sandisk ultra and I’ll put a link to this very card in the description below, but let's open it up.
Now the reason you're looking it up is probably the same reason that I was as well which is that I’m aware that the ZV-1 wants one of these, an SD card, but I didn't know if a micro sd card in an adapter would work in a ZV1.

I was slightly worried that it would be incompatible.
Now I’m having trouble with this with my fat fingers but it's because I’m reaching around the camera to do it!
Oh man!

I was just worried this memory card might not be compatible, if it's going through the adapter.
But I needn't have worried because anyway that's what it looks like.
I do like the look of these.

Oh it's the red and grey combination.
So we're going to open up the battery compartment which is conveniently under here, that springs up.
Now there's only one correct way to put this in, so let's try in every other orientation just to prove to you it won't go in that way... it won't go in that way...

Oh it will go in that way, ah!

So that is the way it goes in, with the pins facing the same side as the lens, and there's a really handy little picture inside the battery compartment for you there to help guide you.

It goes that way round, and all you do is just gently push it in, and it's got a little spring there so you just push it down.

It should click just like that and if you wanted to take it out, you just press it down and it springs up and you can take it out.
My micro SD card, the tiny memory card is in this adapter, push it in, "click click", and then we'll close the battery compartment cover and slide the notch across to lock it.

You can even see there's a handy word saying "lock" there for you.
And to open it, obviously you just push it the other way and it springs open.
But time now to prove - whoa!
Gettin' too excited.

Time now to prove... Look, switches on when you open the monitor.
Oh look it has sprung to life by formatting the card immediately, and there you go!

Let's point it up towards something more interesting.

If I hit record, it's recording now.

I’ll zoom in and zoom out and then we'll hit stop and then I will play that file back.
You can see it's ready waiting for me.

Press play and there's the zoom in and the zoom out.
Probably one of the most interesting videos I've ever shot!
I should give that one its own playlist.

I've given the Sony ZV-1 its own playlist uh whoa - let's do this outside.
Well I've put the links in the description to buy the camera and the card so there you go success and look oh it's magically re- resealed itself!

If this video is helping why not hit the thumbs up button, that really helps other people to find it and if you want to help me just hit the subscribe button below or click on my face.
I’m trying to get to 10,000 subscribers. I don't think that'll ever happen I’m on about 2000 at the moment but you could take me one step closer.

If you have any questions leave a comment below or just say hi be lovely to hear from you and here on screen now is another fantastic Sony ZV-1 video to help you along your way! Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers. Just click in his face. Thanks bye! Alright, this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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HOW I SUBTITLE my YouTube videos 2020, my easy fast way for CC captions

All about me, and getting these by email.

Sunday 23 August 2020

HOW I SUBTITLE my YouTube videos 2020, my easy fast way for CC captions

Here is how I subtitle my YouTube videos in 2020 - really easily... or as easily as the clunky YouTube Studio lets us... Basically, I use YouTube's auto-generate CC closed captions to get a transcript, then I tweak that transcript so I don't have to type all the dialogue from scratch. Then it's simple to paste into "auto-sync" in the subtitles tab.

Why make your own subtitles?
Benefits include correcting the auto-generated captions, helping people around the world to watch your YouTube video in different languages (via auto-translate), getting a cool "Subtitles" or CC icon next to your video... plus, you know, helping people with poor hearing.

HOW I SUBTITLE my YouTube videos 2020, my easy fast way for CC captions!

0:00 How to subtitle Youtube video in 2020
0:43 How to add language on YouTube video subtitles tab
1:11 How to alter auto published subtitles and CC captions 2020
1:45 How to turn on YouTube subtitles keyboard shortcut for captions
2:10 How to open a transcript of the words used in my YouTube video
2:24 How to copy a transcript of my YouTube video into a Pages for Mac or Word document
3:46 How to format my subtitles: removing line breaks and carriage returns in Pages for Mac (for Word, FIND ^p INSTEAD OF \n)
5:15 How to unpublish or remove YouTube subtitles and CC captions
6:25 How to transcribe and Auto-Sync my YouTube video for subtitles/CC captions
7:20 How to break up YouTube subtitles and CC captions on a new line.
8:50 How to type in my subtitles for my YouTube video CC captions
10:25 How to publish subtitles for my YouTube video CC captions



Hello, how do you subtitle your YouTube videos?

I have a really easy way to caption my videos and I’m going to subtitle a YouTube video from scratch - and I’m going to do this in real time so that you can follow along too.. every single step along the way.

I call this "How to subtitle YouTube videos in 2020 (my way which I find better), so let's go straight into YouTube studio.

The videos tab - and I’m going to go into the video I want to subtitle.
I’m going to add closed captions to "how to add chapters to your YouTube videos"

On the left hand side here on the tabs, go down to "subtitles".
Now in 2020 and maybe 2021 this is how the subtitles tab looks.
It's not a friendly welcoming place.
Some might say it's clunky, but here you can see that already there is an automatic English set of closed captions added, and over here under subtitles if you click on the three dots we can edit on Classic Studio.

These are the captions that YouTube have automatically added to your video.
They're the auto-generated closed captions.
We're going to unpublish these and replace them with ours, but the first thing I’m going to do is to actually grab these and use them as a transcript so that I don't have to type out my own subtitles.
You can actually use these and adapt them and do very little typing.

If we go back to the video and open it up in YouTube... if I hit play and turn on the captions you can press c - the letter "C" on your keyboard to bring them up, or the button at the bottom of the video.
These are the auto-generated captions.

Why would we want to add our own captions?
I’ve got a whole list of reasons - I’ll walk you through them later on but the auto captions have problems.
They add swear words and they spell your name wrong, so that's just two of the many reasons that means it's worth adding your own subtitles, and we're going to click on these three dots under your video and down to "open transcript"
Don't click "report". That's not going to help!
And on the top right hand corner of your desktop YouTube page you can see there's a transcript that's opened up.
This is where YouTube has completely transcribed your YouTube video for free and we're going to use these words the basis for our subtitles that we're going to add.
What I could do is just drag and copy these subtitles, hit copy and then go into a word processing program - I’m on a mac so that would be "Pages" and then I could just paste that transcript into a document.
But as you can see it's broken up all the subtitles with time codes and we don't need those.
We need a really clean transcript that we can put into the subtitles generator in YouTube.
So if I undo that - the first step is to hit the three dots at the top of transcript for "toggle timestamps" - to turn off the timestamps and that is a complete transcript of our video that's been written for us.
We haven't had to do any typing.
This is a great system.
Hit copy and we'll take that into pages on a Mac or you can put it into a Word document if you have Microsoft Word or Windows, Windows 10 if you're using a PC.
I’m using a Mac for this.

The next thing we need to do is to make the subtitles flow.
At the moment these sentences are broken up, the way the auto generated transcript broke them up, and that's going to make it look uh difficult and ugly on the screen so I’m going to remove all of the line breaks.

On pages on a Mac I’m going to open up "find" and then I’m going to look for the carriage return which is the the new line, and there's a special code for that which is backslash small "n".
And for "replace", I’m going to replace it with one space.

I’m going to hit space once and then I’m going to "replace and find".
You can see it is removing all of the new line breaks, so I’m going to hit "replace all"

This is the transcript that we're going to use to subtitle my video.
Let's go back to YouTube and we'll go down to "edit video" and on our dashboard here on the left hand side we're going to hit "subtitles".

Now this is how the subtitle section looks in 2020 it's not a pretty place.
Well done by the way for making it this far.
You WILL have subtitles.
You and me are going to subtitle your video.

So this is the "auto-generated subtitles".

Here you can see it says English (video language) and I’m going to edit on classic studio because that's how they do things in 2020.

Now these subtitles they're good - they're really good - the auto generated subtitles are good, but they misspell my name - which doesn't help.
Google uses these subtitles to help rank the video and help find if it's a good match for someone searching for your video.
So having things like brand names and your name being spelt incorrectly isn't going to help you, so we're already going to help that situation.

Up here on the top right hand corner we've made a copy of these subtitles so I’m going to hit "unpublish" and then go over to "delete draft" and then "delete draft", so now the auto generated subtitles have been completely removed.

It feels harsh but the reason I do this is that if I did this later, often I'd hit delete for the incorrect subtitles and it would delete MY subtitles as well, so I’m just going to purge them right now, knowing that I’ve got all of the text safely in the pages document.

We have a clean slate now which means I can click on "add new subtitles or cc"
Now it's opened up two options for language.
Although I’m in the UK and I’m British, the language I use is English, and I think it's a good idea to just hit "English".

I have a very funny feeling that English (United Kingdom) ranks your language a bit lower than English which is the language of the United Kingdom.
Now you have three options here, you can "upload a file" - I’m never going to do that.

That is for a proper subtitles data file, or you can "transcribe and auto sync" and the third option is "create new subtitles or cc"
I’m going to hit "transcribe and auto sync"
Now the idea of "transcribe and auto sync" is that you can play the video and type out the words as you hear them, like this.
"You know on YouTube when the video is broken..."
I’m just gonna hit pause there.

What you can probably see is that when you type, it pauses the video for you, so that is a good way to subtitle your videos.

You can just type it all out yourself, but I’m doing it my way which is a lot easier: which is to go back to the transcript, so I don't have to type it all out.

All the words are here... I just need to check them.
What I’m going to do now is to put the YouTube video on one side and my transcript document on the other and I’m just going to watch it through and make corrections as I go.

Remove any wrong words and add basic grammar like new sentences.
You can also hit carriage returns if you want clean line starts in the subtitles.
I’m going to do that in real time now so I’m going to fast forward this, I’ll see you on the other side!
So this is me fast forwarding through the process.
You can see me adding carriage returns and all of the little "i's" I'm changing to the correct big capital "I" because, you know, that's how English works.

And I’m also changing the spelling of my name - they spelt my name wrong!
That can't be right.
So now we have a transcript of our video and here's another benefit of doing this: you've got a transcript of your video!

Which you can put on your blog or turn into a book.
That's something for a whole other video, but it is helpful to have a transcript of your own words, and that's been really helpful for my video podcasts as well.
What I’m going to do now is to take this transcript and put it into "subtitles" and use this transcript to subtitle my video.

Select All and "Copy" which is command-C or control-C on a PC.
We'll go back to the subtitles section for this video.
There's refresh, there we go then we can hit "add"
Go to "transcribe and auto-sync", and instead of transcribing and typing it all out yourself, I just hit command-V "paste".

Down here, hit the button "set timings".
This process takes a few minutes - it can take 5 minutes, 10 minutes sometimes even longer.
In 2020 they've not made this system better.

It will not tell you when the subtitles have been synchronized with the video - that's what we're waiting for - and you have to remember to go back into the video to publish the subtitles when this process has finished.

It's... it's one of the bugs of the system and it's bugging me!
You can see on the subtitles section of your video, it says "generating timings".

It's very difficult saying that phrase!
Now would be a good time to drink your warm chocolate drink.
I think I’m allergic to this stuff but I can't stop drinking it.
Do you want some?

Check that you don't have a chocolate moustache.
This is generally the time when I check my description and I write my tags and all the other bits that I need to make for the video while the subtitles or closed captions are synchronizing.
To check on how your subtitles are doing just click on the subtitles tab again.
There, fantastic!

This is good, so now it says "draft by creator".
You're the creator and if you hover next to "draft" there are three dots.
This isn't a helpful system from YouTube is it?

Let's click on the three dots - edit on classic studio - and you can see on the left hand side all of your typing is now synchronized to the speech in the video.
You have the time codes down there - it's done it all automatically for you, and up on the top right hand corner you have two options: "delete draft"

We don't want to do that.
And "publish" so I’m going to hit "publish" and there it says "subtitles published" but just to make sure, let's open the video up on YouTube.

[VIDEO PLAYING] "You know on YouTube when the video is broken up into sections?"
So there it is!
You've now subtitled your video with your subtitles.
Has this helped?

Is there any part of the process that- that isn't clear or or doesn't work for you?
Leave me a comment below, it'd be great to hear from you and if you've reached this point of the video why not hit the thumbs up button, just to let me know that somebody reached the end.
I’m trying to get to 10,000 subscribers. I’m on about 2000 at the moment.
If you are trying to get to a 1000 subscribers there are lots of videos in the description that might help you on the way.

If you've got any questions let me know and good luck with subtitling your videos!
You can do this. I know you can. I know you can do this!
Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers. Just click in his face. Thanks bye! Alright, this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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HOW I RECORD MY ZOOM VIDEO PODCASTS for YouTube | Neil Mossey Great British YouTubers Podcast 2020

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Thursday 20 August 2020

HOW I RECORD MY ZOOM VIDEO PODCASTS for YouTube | Neil Mossey Great British YouTubers Podcast 2020

How do I turn a Zoom meeting into a video podcast?
I show you step-by-step my guide of how to record zoom calls for podcasts on YouTube.
Basically recording the Zoom meeting on both sides, if possible, as well as the Zoom call itself, and I output my PC audio to my earphones and a splitter
Equipment lists below! 👇👇👇

0:00 How to record Zoom meeting for video podcast on YouTube
0:55 Tour of my home YouTube studio setup for video podcasts: Osmo Pocket
1:45 How I record my Zoom call audio for video podcast
2:45 Using a GoPro Hero 5 to record audio backup of Zoom meeting
3:55 Asking podcast guest to make local video and audio recording of the Zoom call
4:40 How I edit my Zoom meeting video podcast on Final Cut Pro

HOW I RECORD MY ZOOM VIDEO PODCASTS for YouTube | Neil Mossey Great British YouTubers Podcast 2020


How do you record a Zoom meeting for a YouTube podcast to get the best results for audio and video AND have a complete safety backup?


This is the Great British YouTubers Podcast with me Neil Mossey
Hello, really good to have you here for this episode because in this one we're going to show you - we - it's just me...

We're going to show you the very best way of recording a Zoom podcast while actually having a Zoom call here it is:

I'm recording myself right now in Zoom.

This is how I look and sound - there you are - this is how I look and sound off the webcam.
That's going into Zoom and I've set Zoom to record
Now I'm going to show you my setup, just to show you all the ways that I try to get the very best audio and video while also actually capturing whatever's happening on the conversation.

Let's get my phone - I'll show you what I am seeing... so i've got the Zoom call on my PC in front of me and on top of my monitor I've got a webcam so that the guest can see me.
So the Zoom part of the recording is, is all good, and in front of that I am recording locally as well to get the very best sound and picture in case the Zoom call breaks up or if the... the quality isn't so good.

Sometimes the sound is a bit muffled and a bit broken up, and the picture quality isn't the very best - this is and I can guarantee that I'm going to record everything on my side of the call with my Osmo Pocket right here

Down here you can see I have a microphone connection.
I've got four cameras going - I don't know which one to look at!
This is my good quality microphone so at least I know that I'm recording my side of the conversation at full high res - high definition quality.

Now I'm also recording a backup as well as recording Zoom call itself, and I'll click back and this is how I look with the conversation recorded locally at my end.
Let me show you what I'm doing with the audio.
Down here, this cable is my audio coming out of the PC and I'm splitting... I'm splitting the audio two ways

One side of that goes into my earphones - my little headphones - and I've got that... I don't know if I can show this: the camera on my back

I've got the earphones running up and I've actually bulldog clipped the the wire so that it doesn't just dangle in shot and I've got it tucked tight behind my ear and then the other side of the audio splitter goes through this cable here, all the way into my GoPro.

Now the GoPro I'm using just as a backup, just in case the Zoom recording fails and my camera fails
I've got this backup that's recording the audio in on two sides.
You can probably hear me on what, on the left hand side

That's because I've got a splitter here and I've got a microphone here just to capture me as a backup in case my camera fails.
And this side of the splitter going into the GoPro is the audio from the PC which is basically the other side of the conversation.
So I've got the Zoom recording being recorded manually on my camera here, and I've got this picture just in case anything goes wrong with any of this

I've got some kind of backup plan
So that's how my side of the conversation looks
What do you think?

Is this setup too cautious?
If I didn't have the GoPro back-up that's absolutely fine, but I would be relying completely on the Zoom recording and if anything were to happen to that then I would... I potentially might not have the other side of the call

What I do on top of this, because I work with some fantastic guests - they're so generous - I ask them if it's possible for the guest to record their side of the conversation
Even if it's just the audio.

It means that the episode sounds so much better because I'm getting the sound recorded at their end and not whatever the Zoom connection feels like it's giving during the meeting

So that means I have full high resolution local recordings at my end and at the guests' end and I have the Zoom recording to effectively sync up and back up that entire conversation

In the edit, what I do is I lay down the Zoom recording first

In Final Cut Pro, I put the two sides of the conversation together visually and put the two halves of the audio together in the edit

But if I didn't want to do that, just having two sides of the conversation recorded locally on audio is absolutely all you need to get a top quality podcast out of Zoom

What I can do with that video now, is lift the audio and release the audio as a podcast and I know that I've got absolutely the best quality podcast there
So that is my setup
That is how I record the Great British YouTubers Podcast

What do you think, is this a bit of overkill?
Would you do this for your podcast?
I'd love to know if you have any tips or tricks for recording podcasts via Zoom meetings and Zoom recordings

Leave me a comment below and if this video has helped you with your podcast set up please just hit the like button, just let me know somebody reached this point of the video!
It'd be great to see you and obviously if you hit the subscribe button you'll help me get closer to 10000 subscribers which is a huge help so thank you for being awesome and I'll see you on the very next episode of the Great British YouTubers podcast, thanks for watching.
Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers. Just click in his face. Thanks bye! Alright, this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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Tuesday 18 August 2020


Here's how to add chapter markers to your YouTube videos!
It's a new 2020 feature introduced by YouTube where you can divide and mark out sections of your videos, called chapters, which appear below the red line play bar at the bottom of the YouTube video.
All you have to do is write out the timecodes or timestamps right here in the description of your video.


0:00 How to add chapters to your YouTube videos.
0:45 How to turn on chapters in YouTube Studio dashboard
1:05 Breaking YouTube video up into sections with bars on the bottom of the video
1:40 How to create chapters in the description
2:15 Using the title of the YouTube video as a chapter title
3:00 Using time stamps to create chapters in YouTube video
3:35 Chapters appearing at bottom of video on YouTube
3:57 How timecodes create chapters in YouTube video
4:50 Can you use colons in YouTube chapters in videos?
5:23 Can you use URL in chapter descriptions on YouTube video?
6:00 YouTube Help Center link about creating chapter headings in videos
6:15 How to put timecodes and timestamps in comments
6:35 How to pin your comment to the top of the comments and make it pinned
7:34 Link to the video, how I make thumbnails for free:



You know on youtube when the video is broken up into sections and those sections are labelled beautifully under the red line of the play bar at the bottom of the video?
They're called chapters and here is how you can make chapters on your youtube videos using timestamps in the description
Hello I'm Neil Mossey thanks for clicking on this video welcome back to the happy hut
I'm a development producer helping high achieving performers and creators like you to get ideas out of your head and out into the world to make people happy right here on youtube, so thanks for clicking on this video.
Let's go into my youtube studio dashboard right now and there is a video.
"Yeah I just don't care what other people think because it wasn't for them!"

So as you can see along the bottom here on my episode of great british youtubers podcast you can see right away on the time code at the bottom you can see that this section is actually labelled great british youtubers podcast with Neil Mossey and Elle Meadows.

If I skip it forward to the next chapter it previews the title "is there something other youtubers do?" and when I skip to it you can see that that's the title of that section and if I move the cursor to this other bar for the next section "what would you say to your 1000 subscriber self?"

So it's a really handy way of breaking up your youtube video to help the viewer navigate their way around the video.

I want to add chapters to this video "make thumbnails for free" If I punch this up this is the youtube video that is actually live In the description the chapters aren't there yet so if I hover my cursor around the play bar there are no chapters there at all - it's just a plain line with no words underneath
We're going to change that

Now the way to add chapters to your video is to firstly start with the magic number 0:00
That's not enough to trigger it but it's the first thing we need to do

Now most people put "intro" here I've been trying something else and you might like to try this too because 0:00 is pretty much always going to be the intro but I've taken this as an opportunity to I don't know maybe get a bit more rankability by actually putting the title of the video at 0:00

That is essentially what is happening at the start of my video so i'm gonna call 0:00 make thumbnails for free on macbook pro with keynote and then let's let's watch the video just to get another title "if you have an apple mac here is an app or program called keynote"

Right so that might be my next chapter The start of this section is at 0:16 so 0 minutes colon 16 seconds let's type in here 0:16 and I'm going to call this section how to download keynote for free and we'll watch on for the next section " makes slides in only two sizes the first size is..."

Right so this is at 0:32 we're going to call this "how to set slide size in apple keynote" Now it might not look like it but something magical has just happened
If I hit save now watch what happens when I view the video on youtube
There they are!

Can you see it like - oh shut up Neil - be quiet hush you beautiful beast - look what you've done
The chapters have appeared so all you need to make chapters, to add chapters to your youtube video are just three timecodes - one after the other - and for those time codes to be going up

Look what happens if the time codes aren't sequential so go 0:00, 0:32 and 0:16 if I save that you can see the chapters have disappeared

So the first rule is start with 0:00 and then put the time codes on a new line and have at least three timecodes where the times are going up I have now added a whole load of time codes uh time stamps for every section of this video I'll hit save and oh my goodness I've lost so many timestamps from the browser crashing or closing so I always try to keep hitting save as much as possible

I want to show you something I was worried about with the colons

Over here at 3:25 keynote tips i've put a dash to show zoom out of side and make picture bigger what if I were to change that to a colon like that I was worried that this colon in a description might completely wreck the chapters but let me show you if I hit save and we'll watch the video on youtube that you can see that the chapters are all there so you can add colons within a chapter description

That was something I wasn't sure would work

Something else on that note if I wanted to add a youtube link or any other link that has colon and slashes in it - would that link also wreck the chapters?

Would it stop chapters being added to your video

Let's hit save as you can see I'm getting fed up of me waving, but as you can see I'm moving my cursor along the chapters are still there that hasn't affected the chapters at all they are still working so that was something I was worried about I hope that helps and I hope this this helps you to add chapters to your videos

There's a whole youtube help center page on that I'll put the link in the description below something else that I do is that I make a copy of the time codes and I go down to the comments and I, I always add it as a comment to help viewers navigate it but also maybe who knows maybe this information helps youtube and google to rank my video even more for these subjects so if I save this as a comment - kerching!

And I can go one better than that I can give it a like and on these three dots here I can go down to pin and pin that comments to the top of the comments so this comment that has all of the time codes for the chapters of this youtube video are right there at the top of the comments and I... I think it just helps I think it helps viewers to find their way in the video and who knows it might even help the video itself to rank better for these subjects

Has this helped?
Leave a comment below if you have any questions i'd love to hear from you even if you just reach this point of the video say hi it'd be great to hear from you and if you're feeling even kinder why not give me a thumbs up If you're feeling even more awesome why not hit the subscribe button and if you're feeling even more awesome than that you might like this video right here.

It's the the actual video that I've been breaking up into chapters "how I make thumbnails for my youtube videos"

Good luck with adding chapters to your videos and thanks for watching
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right.

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How to cope with CRITICISM on YouTube | Elle Meadows GREAT BRITISH YOUTUBERS with NEIL MOSSEY 007

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Tuesday 11 August 2020

How to cope with CRITICISM on YouTube | Elle Meadows GREAT BRITISH YOUTUBERS with NEIL MOSSEY 007

How do you cope with bad comments and criticism of your videos on your YouTube channel?
@ElleMeadows has been uploading for 6 years with 55k subscribers.

My name's Neil Mossey and I help high-achieving creators and performers to make more people happy. The GREAT BRITISH YOUTUBERS PODCAST is to help you keep your YouTube channel going.



How to cope with CRITICISM on YouTube | Elle Meadows GREAT BRITISH YOUTUBERS with NEIL MOSSEY 007


Yeah I just don't care what other people think because it wasn't for them!
And then just decided that like it wasn't... ohhhh,falling off my little tiny stool!


This is the Great British Youtubers Podcast with me Neil Mossey, it's great to have you here!
Today we're going to meet Elle Meadows.
Elle has been youtubing for six years and has 55000 subscribers.
This is part two of our chat and the first part is linked in the description below.
Elle Meadows is there something that other youtubers do that you don't do?
Post regularly.

I don't post regularly anymore um...

I’m definitely like - I used to be a post weekly video kind of girl, um and then I went on hiatus and I was gonna come back and do the same thing and I tried to do the same thing for about eight weeks, um and then just decided that like it wasn't... oooh, falling off my little tiny stool! Um...
Then I decided that kind of you know the weekly schedule, the gruelling schedule really wasn't making me happy and I couldn't see it-- unless I took on I don't know like assistants.

There was no way I could do it.

Is there... is there anything that you would say to your 1000 subscriber self?

I’d probably say to my thousand subscriber self "pace yourself".
Don't put your all into every video because it's completely unsustainable - and I also say understand who you're making videos for.

I was constantly fighting against my branding which was this teen and tween sort of market persona.
I was making that content but then secretly kind of hating it and hating myself for becoming - for being that person - because it wasn't who I was.

I wish I’d realized that I was just playing a very marketable character and that the more I pushed that - the further I pushed it - the more I embraced it - the more I would be able to build a brand.
I hadn't realized that you can disconnect the person you put on youtube from yourself.

It could be more of a character as opposed-- for a lot of people the persona is just an extension or an exaggeration of themselves, whereas who I was playing which was like a very Americanized English person - it wasn't me and I could separate that.

I could see her as a character and a brand and if I’d recognised that and put more energy into refining that brand...

I don't know, I think it would have helped both my channel and my self-esteem because I would have recognised that this person wasn't me and that actually having this really strong branding is something that will really help you go far.

That's really wise Elle!
Should we take a break?
Do you want - should we just have a little drink?
Neil, the saddest thing is I've finished my tea!
I’d offer you some of mine!
Oh thanks!
I've got really cold dregs, we're all good.
And you too at home feel free to go, get a drink.
Join us.
I said that really creepily!

What is... I think you might have covered it beautifully right there but is there anything else that is the hardest part of being a youtuber?

Probably what goes on behind the scenes in the youtube community.
Again, I’m quite far removed from it now.

So I started hanging out with people who are actually quite a lot bigger than I was just through kind of chance meetings and chance events and I’m still friends with a few of them now or like...
if you know a lot of them I haven't seen for ages and if I bumped into them it would be absolutely fine but it's hard to know who's your friend and who's just hanging out with you because you want to take photos together and you know cross-promote your instagrams or whatever or if you only interact with someone on twitter not because you're friends but because it helps your brand to be associated with them.

I think everyone genuinely or most people genuinely want to be friends but there is always that question mark under the friendship of is this real are we friends or is this just a cross-promotion thing?

It's a weird community when the power dynamics between people and like who has the most views whose the most subscribers or whatever - like those power dynamics are everywhere and people really buy into it and it can really...

It really affected me and it can really damage your self-esteem and this whole thing at conventions was... there's always after parties and if you - I mean we're kind of talking at least 20000 subscribers here if not way more like - I was really lucky to be sort of where I was in terms of my social standing in the community at the size I was.

I really-- I actually really enjoyed that side of things like the hustle and...
because I was good at it.
But it's stressful because you feel like if you don't get into a party you're like lesser somehow, you're not worth it, and that is really representative of what your experience can be or at least what my experience was.

I think that being said I really enjoyed the majority of it.
There is just this recurring power dynamic at play and the hustle and the networking like you have to be good at networking.
You have 55,000 subscribers though, and you have 3.3 million views.

One of your videos has got 1.2 million views?
That must have felt pretty special?
Um yes I know like, it was a really slow burner uh, basically it blows up every April 1st and gets like a few hundred thousand views on April.

But I actually the first year that it happened, I didn't notice I like... because I posted it and I think it did like it was an okay video. The following year, it blew up again and I didn't notice and I was suddenly like oh why is that video got like 400000 views or that...

That was before I even had my channel monetized so it wasn't like, I missed out on so much money!
Yeah and then every year from there it's kind of like gotten a few hundred thousand views and it kind of ticks along so it's been really slow coming like - you say "I’m like oh yeah that video has got a million views!" Oh yeah? Oh yeah!

What tiny improvement would you make to youtube if you had the the power or the ability to?
A scroll function like on facebook.
When you can just scroll and it recommends you random stuff!
You don't have to pick from a list of suggested videos.

You can just scroll.
That'd be great.

If I had to change something about YouTube culture it would probably be um, that we reward - that the YouTube algorithm would lean more towards like valuable content or educational content, meaningful stuff...

I feel like something we haven't even touched on this video is like criticism?
I think criticism doesn't generally bother me.
Just because I am under no illusion that there is going to be ways that my work can be improved.
And so if you go in being like oh well this is good but it could be better... but you know it's part of a process.

This is a stepping stone towards better content.
When someone comments like "oh I didn't like this".
Firstly it's not a surprise that there was something that someone could not like.
Because you had already anticipated there being flaws.

But also, you can then sort of turn around and say like to yourself - not to them - and be like: "Yes there is inevitably this flaw in this content, but why do I care about your opinion because are you an expert?"

I think it's so much more important to value like industry professionals and your peers and people whose opinion you would value in day-to-day life, and specialists, experts like... value their opinion on what the flaws of your content might be or ways you can improve might be.

Don't necessarily care so much what just a random person thinks you could improve on or what a random person thinks like... if someone criticises me personally and say like "oh I don't like this thing about your physical appearance"

I could just be there and be like: "Okay! I mean I don't either. Or that's your opinion but don't bother me!" You know.

Or, thanks, anonymous avatar!

It's just that thing of like if you go in knowing that your content could be better, you could be better, basically never assume that something is perfect because FYI perfection is a myth, then it's really hard for anything to kind of catch you off guard and upset you because you're already aware of what issues there could be.

I feel like I’m at a point now where I want to make content that I would want to watch or content that I would want to show my friends, and so actually it...

I've kind of gone full circle from making content for myself to making content purely for a consumer - back to making content for myself and my friends.
And that's a place where happiness is more attainable and satisfaction is more attainable, because you're only making something for yourself.

I feel like lots of people say that and I never really grasped it until now.
Yeah I just don't care what other people think because it wasn't for them.
By all means enjoy or not and or don't enjoy this content but actually I made it for myself, or I made it for my friends to watch or I made it for my family to watch, or you know and so it isn't so important that people other people enjoy it.
Is there anything, any closing thoughts or... or anything that... that we haven't covered, that you might like to share?

I don't know about you but it really freaks me out that the most common "What I want to be when I grow up" from kids is a youtuber.
How weird is that?
It used to be like what?
A princess? An astronaut?
Now it's a youtuber?
That's crazy guys! It's crazy!

I think like as a society we need to go back to valuing quality over quantity and sort of focus on, I don't know, I’m very big on skill mastery and original thought or attempted original thought.
Creativity. Intellectualism, like-- I like to learn, I like to make, I like to grow, and I feel like with youtube being as popular as it is there is the opportunity for it to be such like a positive platform where people can learn, and share, and make and turn a profit doing that.
But there's also the risk that it can become incredibly like vapid and vacuous and I think that's something we should collectively try and avoid.

Oh! I tell you what we haven't done!
Could we pose for a thumbnail?
Hang on, let me take the microphone off.
Can you come close to the camera?
You have my permission to just put that in at the end!
And please hit the subscribe button if you want to see more Great British YouTubers.
There's a playlist and a podcast. All the links are in the description below.
I'm Neil Mossey and I'll see you on the very next Great British YouTubers.

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HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history

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Sunday 9 August 2020

MAKE THUMBNAILS for FREE on Macbook Pro with KEYNOTE | Apple Mac for YouTube 2020

Can you make YouTube thumbnails for FREE on your Macbook Pro? Yes!
I use Keynote - a free powerpoint-style program from the Apple App Store.
I show you how I make my YouTube channel thumbnails in case there's something you want to try.
Get Keynote for free here:

MAKE THUMBNAILS for FREE on Macbook Pro with KEYNOTE | Apple Mac for YouTube 2020

0:00 MAKE THUMBNAILS for FREE on Macbook Pro with KEYNOTE
1:55 HOW TO CAPTURE A SCREENSHOT FRAME ON MACBOOK PRO shift-cmd-5, capture selected window

Hello it's been a while since I've made a video like this!
this is how I make my YouTube channel video thumbnails for free on a macbook pro on keynote
this is a great system for making thumbnails really easily if you have an apple mac, here is an app or program called keynote
keynote is completely free and I'm going to show you what it can do
now keynote is the apple mac powerpoint so this is the app where you can make slides for presentations


now really handily it makes slides in only two sizes
the first size is 4:3 - which is the shape of an old tv if you're old like me, and the other shape is wide 16:9 and that is the shape that YouTube studio wants the thumbnails to be delivered in
The first thing we need to do is to choose a presentation
I go for basic white or basic black.
Let's go for white and hit "create"
the first thing you are presented with is one slide with this kind of template
what i'm going to do is just click on each of these elements and delete them
so the next thing I do in my workflow is to choose the thumbnails to actually choose a frame I want to grab and put some text on
for that I go down to quicktime player and I open the video that I want to take screen grabs from
I'm using two fingers on the mouse pad to spin through the video and what i'm looking for is a nice shot
something that's funny maybe something like that or that or that
that's a nice shot, isn't it?
So if I wanted to grab that frame, firstly you can check either side of it if there's a better frame just use your left or right keys on your keyboard - so i'm going forward.
let's go backwards
something like that
we've chosen a nice frame that we want to use as our main thumbnail
the next thing you can do on the mac is to hold down shift command 5 and it brings up the screenshot thing
I don't know what it's called
because i'm recording this screen that's why it says stop screen recording there and I will go for "capture selected window"
it will grab that 16:9 window and then when you move the cursor onto the window it brings up a little camera icon and we'll just click that

I don't know if you could hear that, it has grabbed the shot for me and what I do is I grab a few of them like that
that's quite funny, so shift cmd 5, "capture selected window" and we just do one more shift command 5
capture selected window, so now I have a selection of pictures that I want to use for my thumbnail
Next I go to the folder where those screenshots were saved and what I like to do is to just check through them so I'll use this option and because it presents it as a smaller thumbnail it's really much easier to see which images have instant impact.
leave a comment below: which one would you choose?
would you choose one or two or three?
I have prepared this thumbnail before so i'm choosing option four which is this picture here.
the next thing we can do is to drag that screenshot into the slide
it's so easy, you just drag it from finder into the slide
there we go so I can close finder now
now if you're not familiar with keynote - and I wasn't - it took a lot of experimenting
what we can do is Zoom out because this is the exact size of the slide and I just want to be able to see the edges
let's go to 50 here as you can see it's a bit small it doesn't quite fill the frame so I'm going to grab the edge and make it big
I tend to make faces on my thumbnails super huge
you'll have your own preferences I know leave me uh comments to let me know what thumbnail tips you have
I'm gonna Zoom out even further just so I can see what I've got to play with
go really big

what I love about this system is that keynote shows your slides on the left hand side so over here you can see while you're resizing the photo you can see the effect it's having on a thumbnail and I find that really useful
see that is okay but it's not quite as impactful as that or even that
the next thing I would do is to import all the other elements that I want to to put in here so I've got a logo for the show and I'll just drag that in exactly the same way and I've jumped ahead because what I would do before adding anything else is to make this picture even more impactful
there are all kinds of tools
click on the picture on the slide and then over on the right hand side there are these tools that can help make your pictures sing
I'm going to click on image and down here can you see it says "enhance"
I'm going to hit enhance and watch what happens to Elle's face when I hit enhance
it's a bit warmer isn't it
there are some other tools as well on exposure you can increase that to go all the way up to 100
that's probably a bit too washed out but what I like to do is to look at the thumbnail on the top left hand corner
let's jump over there and as I bring down the exposure you can see the effect it has on the thumbnail so we put the exposure at 10 that sort of helped it and next to enhance there's this advanced button here and you have all kinds of faders to fiddle with.
I'm going to put sharpness on because this was a Zoom call so it wasn't very sharp but look what happens if I whack up the sharpness
it's about 55 maybe even 70
that to me looks so much better than the soft look at zero so I'm gonna make that really sharp so that it really pops in the thumbnail
that's great and then I'll hit enhance
the next thing you'll want to do is to add some text or an icon even
there are some things to play with on "shape"
you have all kinds of shapes so if I wanted to grab oh I don't know the toilet no let's get I don't know just say a magnet I could put a big magnet there
I don't know why

you can change the colour over here so I can make it a red magnet or an orange one
that's been really useful but the main reason that shapes are useful in keynote is that we can make a rectangle and we can make that any color you like and we could turn that into a text box
so let's put some text on
if you click on text - you can't see - it's tiny!
let's make this bigger
i'm going to click out of this text box and click back in and it brings up these dots where you can resize the text, so let's just write... I don't know... "hello"
and we want to make it bolder so select all and click on bold
and let's make it really bright - garish yellow - so you can click on text colors here
I'll go down to yellow and there are all kinds of options that you can experiment with so let's put it on the bottom, put that at the top, and we can make this coloured box bigger and reposition it
Leave a comment if you have any questions
there's just one other amazing thing that I can show you with keynote.
all of the elements that we put onto this slide you can move them forwards or backwards so if I wanted to bring this logo down and have this in front of the hello
we've got the logo selected, you can see the white dots around the edge up here on the top right hand side
we have style, image, and arrange
now with a range you can move things backwards so the logo is now behind that photo of Elle.
I can move it forwards so there it's appeared again, and move it forward again, so it's in front of the colour box but behind the text and I can hit it again to bring it all the way to the front
Or with "back" and "front", I can jump that image right to the back so it's now behind the photo
we can't see it
or all the way to the front
the only thing we have to do now is to export this thumbnail so you just go up to file - export
we're going to export it as "images" and you have all kinds of choices
jpeg png or tiff
let's do a jpeg and it's slide number one so we're going to export slide number one to one
click next
let's call it Elle thumbnail and then hit export
let's go into that folder and for some reason keynote exports images within another folder
so there's the folder there: Elle thumbnail and that jpeg is now ready to upload to your video as your thumbnail
I absolutely love this system because the video is in the same place and easy to grab and as you can see it's really easy to bounce files into and out of keynote
you just drag them in
if you've reached this point of the video and it's helped why not hit the thumbs up and if you're feeling even kinder hit the subscribe button that will really help keep me going and good luck with your thumbnails
I hate them!
I hate making them!
Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers. Just click in his face. Thanks bye!
Alright, this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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Thursday 6 August 2020


How do you niche your YouTube channel?
@ElleMeadows has been uploading for 6 years with 55k subscribers.

My name's Neil Mossey and I help high-achieving creators and performers to make more people happy. The GREAT BRITISH YOUTUBERS PODCAST is to help you keep your YouTube channel going.



Hang on I wasn't recording I just remembered.
This is the Great British Youtubers Podcast with me Neil Mossey - it's great to have you here.
Today we're going to meet Elle Meadows.
Elle has been youtubing for six years and has 55000 subscribers.
Elle Meadows!
Hello! It is I!


This, this is slightly awkward because I feel like I'm going into our interviewer mode but we've actually worked together before haven't we?
We have indeed!
On the, the BBC Earth Kids Youtube channel.

You were brilliant because you, you brought your dog - Frank.
You were so good that this pilot actually went out.
The, the BBC actually put the pilot out.
Which is crazy because that never happens!
You have 55000 subscribers.
I do.
Uh 3.3 million views.
You are so far ahead on this journey that I can only gaze from the distance!
What is your biggest tip for someone starting Youtube?
Find your niche.
A hundred percent.

Like there was a time and a place for like people chatting at a camera, and youtube was very oriented around personalities, and if you were personable and people liked you then you could get away with just doing pretty much whatever and they tune in for you.
So that was kind of what the world was like when I started my channel and whereas these days Youtube is a lot more about like niches and specialities and you can't appeal to everyone anymore.

Like you can't say, like oh I want to appeal to girls between 15 and 30 like... you have to be like i'm targeting 11 and 12 year olds who are specifically interested in this specific toy and like, you do really have to be specific these days.
And then obviously once you've kind of gained a bit of a following you can diversify and branch out but yeah knowing your niche which is like the biggest thing I'm struggling with at the moment is definitely the way to get started.
What is the struggle?

I made scripted comedy for teens and - teen and tween girls and at the time because I was like 18, 19 when it kind of like picked up pace I didn't really realize that I had fallen into that specific market in that specific niche but that was what helped me gain momentum because I was actually without realizing it appealing to a very small group of people of which there are many.
Even though that's a very small niche there's a lot of people who fall within it.

But these days I don't want to produce content for teen and tween girls.

I want to be like growing up, aging up, making comedy that I would want to watch but unfortunately there isn't so much of a market for that because I fall into a huge demographic which is just 18 to 45 or something...
or 18 to 50 is generally like I'm kind of just in adulthood now and yeah...
being funny and appealing to those people's not specific enough to really gain any traction um unless you somehow manage to create like a viral video.

I, I want to ask you so much about your journey on Youtube but can I just ask you just out the back just so we get to know you what is your favourite video on your channel?
I did a video about lgbt labels - so talking all about how like labels are just language and language can fail you when it comes to labeling yourself and talking about spectrums like versus categorization and that's probably my favourite just because it's the most meaningful and helpful and like genuinely there's a reason for it to be made that isn't just like escapism or entertainment.
But aside from that... I mean my most recent video is one i'm really proud of which is me playing loads of different characters on like zoom.
Should we spread some more love?
Are there three youtubers, three random youtubers that you've watched this week can we go through them for like a minute?
Yes I have been binge watching Jenna Marbles and I said...
I like started saying that sentence with a really happy face and then I have just remembered why exactly I started watching loads of Jenna Marbles um because obviously she's sort of stepped away from her main channel.
Have you, I assume you've heard about this?
I've heard and I've, I've not watched.

It's basically just for anyone who missed it uh Jenna Marbles is like the something like the second biggest female youtuber on youtube, and she was like just og Youtuber gang and she stepped away from her channel because in the past she's made some uh what can be considered like offensive content, um that she is not like proud of and doesn't want to associate herself with so she stepped away and
I have to say like there's been a lot of like you know over the years there have been plenty of youtuber apologies, but she's one of the few youtubers where I've watched the video and been like "fair play!"
Like this is real, you can tell that they're actually what she really thinks and being honest and truthful and taking responsibility...
And that's, that's the minute fantastic!

Is there another youtuber that you've watched this week at random?

So I can't pronounce it because it's German I think but "In A Nutshell" or like a science channel that they do all these like animated videos explaining lots of things about science and some other things um
And I babysit some kids and I was trying to explain to them about like they were doing threats to humanity in RE, and I was showing them videos about like Chernobyl or Chernobyl and like solar flares and all these kinds of technology... artificial intelligence videos...

And I love it because it's really informative but also it's nice to be able to show the kids something that's like actually interesting - learning like interesting education...

And finally let's spread the the love for for one more youtuber?
I like Buzzfeed Unsolved maybe watched a few of those this week...
Did you say bustly when soft?
Buzzfeed unsolved!

My favorite episode of buzzfeed unsolved is the goatman bridge episode so basically you've got these two chaps going to haunted places and trying to communicate with ghosts and demons and stuff and they go to this bridge in - I want to say Texas but i'm not sure.
Yeah they go to this bridge and try and communicate with the devil and it's very entertaining.
Those those are wonderful thank you.

I feel like we've got a little uh portal into your youtube brain there.
When did you know that your channel was a thing?

I started making like videos and short films when I was really young so I was about eight that's when I started learning to like edit.
So for a long time and still currently editing it's my strongest skill, um and so I was making all these videos and I was like I don't know what to do with them, what's the point?
Discovered youtube.

Grace Helbig who at the time was dailygrace was like my absolute like inspiration for my channel and so I just started posting them on my channel around 2013 and then maybe even earlier than that, 2012 - and then I made another channel which is my current channel.
And it was then when I became friends with Alexis G. Zall - who is like a big American youtuber now and at the time she had like something like 20, 20000 followers and I just like reached out to her and made her some like graphics and stuff and she gave me a shout out in exchange and then we became quite good friends and yeah.
That was kind of the point, that was how I got my first thousand subscribers, was just off her because between me sort of meeting her and her giving me a shout out in a video she'd become really close to Shane Dawson so she'd gone from 20000 subscribers to like 200000 subscribers or something crazy.

Yeah, I got my first thousand subscribers just from that one shout out and that was kind of like the push I needed to like really commit.

You just shared a really great tip there the, the life lesson which is that reaching out to someone and offering to help them brought back something disproportionate

Yeah for sure like again I feel I wonder how relevant this is these days because it's just youtube is a different ball game, and again like back then everything was personality oriented and I would, I would have encouraged like collaboration over doing what I did because I had a skill that I could essentially give away in return for exposure which is something that we don't support these days, but back when I was like 17... like it was fine so yeah, like your best bet is to collaborate with people who have a similar audience to you and are about the same size because you never know who's going to randomly blow up.

If only also to I guess improve your own skills and, and not go nuts while you're making these things by yourself?

Yes. The thing that really got to me with youtube was how time-consuming and like just genuinely grueling it is to make it's really hard and you're doing it all by yourself and I basically didn't have weekends for sort of all of my like ages 17, 18, 19 like I would go to school come back work on a video.
I wouldn't stop over the weekend I wouldn't see friends because I was just like working all the time and so if especially if you're just starting out and you have a full-time job as well it's just really hard work and you like won't see anyone.
You have to really commit if you want to do kind of the one weekly, two weekly videos, it's tough.
What kept you going through, through that time?

I was quite lucky that every time I posted a video there would be a reward so you know because I had these first thousand subscribers it kind of like set me off on like a burst and then I went to like, got to know a lot of other youtubers and just so happened that I was getting able to like go and go to conventions or then I'd like meet someone and they'd give me a shout out or I'd be in that video, and then I get a load of subscribers and like that was just kind of in a very lucky like string of events just lots of little wins and like successes that kept me like striving for the next one.
So it didn't matter that I was working seven days a week and then like full-- you know full-time education and working every spare second I had because you know every month or so I was doing something that I was like yes!
And like then I started interviewing celebrities and that was another thing that made me go like yes!

And then yeah they go to and then eventually you end up going to conventions and having friends there is just so much like reward in it but yeah if I hadn't had that like now for example when I have less engagement posting content is just kind of hard work without much reward and it's a lot harder because you have to just be able to, the reward is congratulating yourself for making something that you're proud of.

And please hit the subscribe button if you want to see more Great British YouTubers.
There's a playlist and a podcast. All the links are in the description below.
I'm Neil Mossey and I'll see you on the very next episode of Great British YouTubers.

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