Thursday 28 July 2011

Fave TV #2 The Best Steadicam Shot In The World Ever

27 seconds of GOLD. From Eurovision 2009.

...and this is how Karsten Jacobsen did it:

Crash a handlebar-less segway into the stage while holding your steadicam... but just remember to keep on running...

UPDATE -- 27 Dec 2011

This is what happens when it goes wrong... (via @fieldproducer)

UPDATE -- 27 Aug 2012

DIY Steadicam - Flying Camera Support

Garret Brown's original Steadicam® is an icon that revolutionized filmmaking. Being the first and the best, it naturally and justifiably commands a premium price. It is for this reason that homemade DIY Flying Camera Supports have been around since at least 1977, just one short year after Mr. Brown's invention.

UPDATE -- 16 Dec 2012

Mike Reid hosting the Southern Television kids show Runaround, explaining how a steadicam works...

Link to the video here - love how to illustrate it they use a clip from... The Omen

UPDATE -- 19 Feb 2014

Well, technically, this ain't no Steadicam - it's a Gimbal.
(Should it ever come to pass... definite name for my third child)

But you run around with it like a steadicam...

(Via the phenomenal director, John Palmer)

MoVI M10 - Behind The Scenes - Steady Cam Camera Stabilizer Rig

Full top 100 fave TV clips list here

#3 This is how I answer the phone - Fave TV: Some Mothers Do Ave Em -->

<-- #1 Fave TV: Control Rooms and production galleries

Sunday 24 July 2011

Fave TV #1 Control Rooms and production galleries

Putting my fave 100 bits of TV into one place.

Starting with TV eating itself.

These got me wanting to do this for a living, (and why we put a gallery shot into every titles sequence of The RDA (completely lifted from the CNN live "break bumper" shots of the time)).

One from 1989 with Jeremy Paxman... (Director: Janet Fraser-Crook)

Here’s another (not safe for work) - from when the UK hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977. (Director: Stewart Morris)

(If you liked that one, you'll LOVE these Stewart Morris stories)

And one from the States during the Oscars (Director: Louis J Horwitz)

BBC One O'Clock News from 1986, where the bulletin runs out of news. (Director: Unknown)

"I've got no scripts Mike!"
"We're going to have to crash... we'll have to crash..."

How the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was covered... (Director: Hamish Hamilton)

Turns out it was shot and completely edited and post-produced, before then turned into camera scripts for the big day...

Behind The Scenes - Television Centre (1971)

Includes "Cousin Bette", and "Blue Peter".

Full top 100 fave TV clips list here

Fave TV #2 The Best Steadicam Shot In The World Ever -->

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Friday 22 July 2011

My Favourite 100 TV Moments

My fave 100 TV moments.

I put them here.

I've not finished the list yet, but here they are. Absolutely in no particular order whatsoever...

1 Control Rooms and production galleries

2 The Best Steadicam Shot In The World Ever

3 Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em

4 The Best Pitch Invasion Ever?

5 The Best Awards Acceptance Speech Ever?

6 Pingu Needs A Wee

7 When ITV Regions Ruled The World (The ITV Region Start Up Theme Tune)

8 This Is The BBC

9 Favourite Standup Comedian who is no longer with us

10 The Best Action Scene Ever, Ever, Ever

11 Pipkins

12 My favourite clip about writing TV sitcoms

13 Engelbert Humperdinck on the BBC VT Xmas tape 1979


15 Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation

16 The Adverts

17 Space Ghost, Coast to Coast

18 Mystery Science Theater 3000

19 The Cinema Ads


21 Seventies TV Music Performances


#23 When TV News sucks

#24 Alan Johnston Vigil

#25 Fave sketch show sketches

#26 Late Night with David Letterman

#27 Chopper Squad

#28 CHiPs

#29 The BBC Grandstand Fight

#30 Rainbow

#30 Rainbow

#31 The Theme From Juliet Bravo

#32 Any and every documentary about James Hunt

Not yet placed...
Best Series Opening Ever
Gordon Brown leaving Downing Street technocrane shot
State Of Play
Arrested Development
Father Ted
Thames Television
The Crossroads Closing Titles Sequence
Capital City
Saturday Live
The Aaron Spelling Story
Mork and Mindy, the unauthorized story