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How to fix fridge freezing food Daewoo John Lewis American freestanding fridge freezer problem

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Does your fridge FREEZE your food? That's what happened to us, and couldn't work out why the fridge was frozen all the time. We defrosted it, we turned it off and back on... and then I tried this... 
Removing the quick can cooler on our Daewoo/John Lewis refrigerator reveals this secret door...
It's called a Damper, and this is way too much time on video devoted to our Damper.

The secret door in our FRIDGE... FIXED!


okay so this is uh quite an experiment let's see if we can see the damper closing so I'll put the camera here... [FRIDGE BLEEPS]
hello welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things every day to make your family happy and today I'm making the family happy with... with this and making the family ecstatic 
this is going to be really short dull very specific video 
does your fridge freezer or rather your fridge freeze all your Food? 
that's what was happening to us and this is what's left from the... well it's quite a healthy load of stuff but it's mainly jars because we're having to throw out all of our stuff because the fridge was freezing all of our food 
I'll talk you through quickly everything that I've tried 
this solution might help you fix your fridge 
the second thing to rule out is... is your thermostat Frozen? 
maybe your bits inside your fridge are frozen and need defrosting so turn your fridge off for a day and see if that fixes the problem 
I just realized that I'm suggesting “turn it off and on again” over an extended period 
that didn't work so then I tried adjusting the doors which... which is... is a challenge it has to be said 
there's a nut in there and up here so I used that with a spanner to... to lift the door to make sure that the door seal was right 
I thought it was that, but no the fridge froze everything again and I thought this was the one that was causing it 
you can see where the door meets the fridge here and I thought that it didn't look like a good fit and I thought that's where the cold air was escaping and it was kind of constantly keeping the fridge on 
so we tried... tried fixing that 
tried cleaning the door seal as well that didn't work so I... we were just on our final phone call to Daewoo and we couldn't even get through and I was just looking through the internet and I found... found out by chance about this little door this Secret Door that's caused all the problems 
oh it's open okay that's exciting! 
let me adjust the camera, maybe I'll get some light in there as well 
let's go in there properly look at this! 
there's a door 
it's like Narnia 
this little door is what has caused all the problems but you won't see this little door and I'll show you why in a moment 
but I think it's a... it's a little portal to the... to the freezer and when it wants to cool the fridge down this little door has got a motor on the side and it closes and opens to keep the... or to regulate the temperature in the fridge 
should I leave... should I leave the camera in? 
I'll show you how it works 
it's really... I found it quite exciting to discover this and I'll show you... I'll show you in a minute how I got to the... the Magic Door 
okay so I'm Gonna Leave the camera running but also run the microphone cable into the fridge so this might not go very well so hopefully you can still hear me even though the camera is... is in the fridge 
so I'm now going to adjust the temperature of the fridge and put it up to eight degrees and I'm hoping that that will trigger the thermostat and you should see the motor closing this little secret door 
let's open the fridge 
yeah it's closed! so you saw it closing before your very eyes 
I think... I think it's the first time I've put my camera into... into the fridge so that is what the problem is 
that little door there - what you need to do is check that that door... that door was open 
let's go through it again - that little door it's called a damper - was stuck open and it... it had ice on it 
I had to kind of scrape it with my hand 
you can open the door, open and close the door yourself 
I used a screwdriver to open it but it was jammed open 
anyway so I pushed it closed and all this ice fell off in my hands so that's the problem 
the problem is there's a an ice build-up on the hinge and it stops that door opening and closing 
let me show you again so I'm going to set the fridge to five degrees and put the camera in again 
I need the light again - oh there it's going let's go!
behold that now lets the cold air in to bring the temperature down to five degrees 
so the final pain point to get to that - and the pain point that I'm in right now, why I'm Vlogging this, is that... that door isn't exposed 
they hide it with this nice bit of Kit called the quick can cooler 
it's the name for a group isn't it? “quick can cooler” and it was quite difficult to get out so I'm going to try and get it in on camera and that will be our dad delivers success for today if... if it happens. Please let it happen.
the problem with it is that when you push things back in you feel like you're going to destroy your really expensive Appliance - and this is why I'm sharing it on the internet in case you need to take this off and put it back on again 
I think the trick is, it doesn't help that the doors open - as well the little damper door 
let's give it a try - I've gotta - I've got to put this back - I love that little beeps on our Daeoo fridge that to me is like the... the radio 2 theme
[Music - RADIO 2 JINGLE] 
so what I'm doing is I'm lining up these sides and I'm gonna force it up but it won't because the latches need to go in so I'm gonna... oh don’t want to snap it - I really do not want to snap this - right I'm forcing it back that's the way 
oh my goodness all right I tried this for an hour last night so what you do is you line it up so it's level with the ceiling the roof of the fridge and just push it back with force 
and then in here there are two screws so I'm going to screw back those 
[SINGS] radio two! That was handy, my camera's holding the lid up and obviously to get to the damper door you need to do the reverse of this okay [SINGS] radio two now... 
our fridge has been freezing things for three months so I am calling this an unqualified dad delivers success! 
and if you have searched for “how can I stop my fridge from freezing” I hope this video helps and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is gonna be the proper one right?

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Sony ZV1 wide angle lens is Neewer or Ulanzi better?

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Thursday, 24 November 2022

Sony ZV1 wide angle lens is Neewer or Ulanzi better?

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Make your Sony ZV1 camera BETTER! Neewer vs Ulanzi wide angle lens



I'll give the uh the windshield a fluffy hairdo! 
There we go! whoa there we go 
hello welcome back to the Happy Hut - it's a very sad day today because today's the day that I'm going to take off this Ulanzi wide angle lens! 
it's coming off today 
it's been really useful but I don't like it 
and I'm going to explain why it's been good for me and the zv1 or zv-1 camera - I think that's gonna be the last time that I say zv1 - the Sony zv-1 camera 
and the reason I'm taking it off is this! 
It's the Neewer wide angled lens for the Sony zv1 camera 
I'll be unboxing that in just a moment and I'll be comparing the two lenses 
I'll be comparing this Ulanzi against the Neewer against how the Sony zv1 looks straight out of the box with no wide-angle lens on the front 
if you're interested in getting a Sony ZV-1 camera or you already have one you'll already know the frustration with the lens 
so let's just recap the problem the Sony ZV 1 or zv-1 is a wonderful camera 
it's beautiful I love mine, I use it all the time 
I'm up to about 2000 videos that I've shot on it - you know 2000 individual video files but the zv1 is absolutely terrible as a vlogging camera 
it's terrible for vlogging 
it's been sold to us by Sony in its advertising as... as the perfect vloggers camera and it's not: because for me vlogging is being able to hold the camera at arm's length and for it to take a good shot at arm's length 
I'm standing a little back from the... the camera now, if I move forward and hold the camera with my hand so this would be holding the camera at arm's length... this is what the shot should look like 
it should... it should have me in and enough of the background for it to feel like a good piece of vlogging because I'm talking about the place where I'm at 
but if I take the lens off... and this is the Ulanzi wide-angle lens this is the shot that you get 
if I hold the camera like a vlogger would. like Fun for Louis, or Emma Chamberlain or any of your favourite vloggers - this is too close! 
my head is too big in frame 
this is not very comfortable - if I really stretch out this is the kind of shot you get 
let me take it off the tripod 
this is the shot that Sony thinks is... is the shot for vloggers 
I... I hate to disagree with you Sony, you give us so many wonderful products but my big face on my videos isn't one of them 
it should be further back and I'm really, really stretching my arm out now 
so if you're out on the streets - out in public - and you're really craning your arm out like this while you're goose stepping down the sidewalk, uh trying to talk to the camera at the same time as... as holding the thing it's not good 
it's not good enough 
this shot is too tight and the reason it's too tight is because the... the lens isn't wide enough, so the wonderful people at Ulanzi 
I think they were the first out of the gate to make this 
it's a wide-angled lens that you put onto the end of the camera like this 
it just screws on so this is what the shot looks like 
sorry, I've got some rain spots because it is starting to rain we're going to get through this quickly 
this is the shot with the wide angled lens on 
there's an added complication with the Sony zv1 as well which is that there's inbuilt stabilization so if I take the lens off 
I have now taken the built-in stabilization off 
it's called active stabilization 
I have no stabilization now and if I walk around you might notice that maybe it's not quite as steady as it could be 
so I'm going to walk to the end of the garden - this is with no wide angle lens on 
this is how I would hold the camera so this looks like a better shot because my face isn't quite as big 
but the movement is really jerky 
the zv1 has some inbuilt stabilisation which smoothes that out 
but to do that it zooms into the picture a bit so let me turn on the stabilization 
this is the camera the zv1 camera with active stabilization on so it should feel a bit smoother and a bit less jerky 
but look at the size of my face! I can't even look at the screen 
this is way too close for you to be near me 
I... I'll try and put the camera down - we'll do a straightforward side by side comparison now 
this is what the shot looks like normally with active stabilization with no lens stuck on the front and this is how the shot looks on the Sony zv1 with the Ulanzi wide angle lens so this is with the wide-angle lens on and this is with the wide-angled lens off so just pure natural camera lens 
you can see the shot is tighter 
this is how the shot looks with the wide angle lens back on the camera 
I've got two other features that I can show you if you are interested in this lens 
there's a link in the description uh down below 
if I go behind the camera you can zoom in - so the zoom seems to work completely normally and now going into digital Zoom
and I'm going to zoom out
so the zoom seems to work completely well with the wide-angle lens on 
let's go in further
I'll pan up
it's the same - stabilization seems to work and the zoom seems to work completely fine with the wide-angle lens on the camera this wide angle lens seems to have served me really well 
especially when I've been shooting in the bathroom for some of my DIY videos 
there's no way I could have done that on my zv-1 because the field of view would just be too tight so at least I can get most of the room in with this lens on 
but there are a few cons I think with this particular lens 
the biggest one is it's ugly! 
it looks stupid! 
I don't like my beautiful ZV-1 looking like this 
it's got this Big Blob on the end of that really elegant pop out Zoom and the worst thing is this, thing is held on by sticky tape!  
I've got some footage of... of unboxing the Ulanzi wide-angle lens 
this is what comes in... in the box but you need to stick a plate onto the end of your camera lens and this wide-angle lens then screws onto that plate 
now my plate looks slightly different because I've used the JJC stick-on plate 
I kind of like how the... the centre is cut out like a box but I'd already stuck mine on to the camera and it fit the Ulanzi lens so that was handy 
but it's a $700 camera and I'm sticking a lens on with double-sided sticky tape! 
Sony what are you doing to us! 
for me it's been useful: this has been stuck on here for two years and I've even been able to use the stick-on ring to put an autocue on the end of the camera 
I've got a link to that video for the autocue - portaprompt - that I use 
that's in the description but the ring has been on the whole time and I just hate my camera looking like this 
it looks like it's squished its nose or something but I have used this lens a lot so here are the pros 
the biggest one is that it's $50 at the moment so it's much cheaper than the Neewer wide angle lens that we're about to see in a moment 
the sticky tape that I've used has lasted two years so the system works 
I'm not looking forward to taking it off though 
I'm not sure how easy that's going to be 
there is also a macro lens on this thing 
so there are actually two lenses 
if I unscrew the outer one - it's a bit fiddly - but it leaves a second lens on the camera which is a macro lens 
which is a lens that you can hold very close up to close objects without it falling out of focus 
so I've got a really nice mushroom growing out of the table next to the Happy Hut. 
my demonstration table 
if I push close you can see how much detail it picks up so this is with active stabilization on and look how close I can go 
or I'm gonna get the mushroom touching my camera 
you see how close that is 
I'm going to grab my fake coffee in my YouTube logo mug
I'll leave a link in the description but this is a really sad and exciting time for me 
can you be excited sad? because we've got the Neewer - it's just about raining so this is very well timed 
I've got the Neewer wide angle lens waiting for me, so I'm going to take off the lens 
perhaps for the very last time so sad 
okay let's get the lens cap on thank you for your service 
now moment of truth - I'm going to take this ring off 
like I said it is JJC but it's exactly the same as the... the ring that comes with the Ulanzi 
I think I'm going to borrow my daughter's hair dryer to warm up the glue gently 
I probably... probably don't need the diffuser do I 
I'll give the uh the windshield a fluffy hairdo! there we go whoa! there we go 
and oh can it be true? oh let's take... it's brilliant the tape has stuck to the ring not my beautiful lens 
oh hello lens there you are! 
I've missed you! 
you now look like how cameras look 
now we get to fit the Neewer wide angle lens so the first thing we need to do is to fit the tube onto the camera 
in the instructions it says that the Neewer logo should be up 
I guess they want it to be seen but also there is some kind of strange cut out here so if you put it this way up I guess it... it can do that but if you if you put it on the way they suggest then the centre cut out means that it's kind of flush with the bottom of the camera 
so I'll get the precious Allen key and as you've probably guessed it grips the outside of the lens on the zv1 
I kind of like the look of this! I might leave it on 
so now this is on, you then line up the tube the extension tube - Red Dot to Red Dot and press the button on the side here and now when you turn the camera on... because it pushes it out slightly so I'm going to turn it off 
There we go - it disappears inside 
now we can put the lens on 
now one question I... I did have when I was buying this was can you put the Ulanzi lens - where is it? 
can you put the Ulanzi lens on this extension tube? and you can't, because they're two completely different sizes 
yeah that doesn't fit at all 
and then we'll just screw it on here - take the lens cap off - I prefer the look of this 
I feel like I can hold the camera with it 
it has a like a rubberized grip so this section here this ring here is rubberized which feels it feels really good to hold 
the rest is plastic for weight and this is metal and glass 
this is bolted on and it... it feels great so you press the button to release the tube and the lens like that and put it back 
oh this is good - this already feels good 
I'll turn the zv1 on 
it pushes out slightly - there's some people online saying it looks really loose and dangly 
I guess if you really give it some Force the spring inside does give a little 
you do really have to boing it up and down to do that if you're just holding it... it doesn't feel too bad 
let's turn the camera on and we are now recording on the zv1 
I'm actually holding the camera by the Neewer extension tube this is how the Neewer wide angle lens looks on the Sony zv1 
I'm holding the camera like vloggers do 
what I can do, I can just pop the button to take the lens off and we can compare it with how the zv1 looks with no wide angle lens so... whoa this... oh sorry I'm shaking a bit 
this is how the zv1 looks with no wide angle lens on - straight out the camera 
this is what it looks like at arm's length with active stabilization 
this is how the wide angled lens looks the Neewer wide-angle lens for the Sony zv1 this is how it looks! 
this is how the Ulanzi wide-angle lens looks with active stabilization and with me holding the camera at arm's length 
we'll do a side-by-side comparison so this is the Neewer action lens at arm's length on the Sony zv1 camera - active stabilization 
and I've got this playlist! 
my zv1 playlist: my Sony zv1 videos all of them - accessories, tips and tricks, everything that I've gathered while using my camera for two years I put into that playlist there 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye! 
hi alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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How to clear GOOGLE drive storage in phone

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Tuesday, 22 November 2022

How to clear GOOGLE drive storage in phone

How can you recover Google storage on your phone? Are you getting warning messages that your Google Storage is full? Here's how to clear your Google storage without deleting all your photos, videos and files PLUS how to increase your Google Photos storage for free!

I fix the Google Account Storage is Full problem by using the "Clean up space" options to clear my Google Drive storage using my desktop, but if you use the links below you can clear Google Photos storage in phone. Then I use a "Recover Storage" option to reduce ALL the photos and videos in my Google Photos to Storage Saver Size. There is no option to see what photos & videos are in my Drive at Original Size, so the only way is to compress all the photos and videos to free up some storage.

Finally, I show a way to create a Google Account for storage JUST for Google photos... and set up my phone to upload and sync photos and videos with this new Google Account. We can then use Partner Sharing to share those Google Photos and Videos with my personal Google Account.

How to clear GOOGLE drive storage in phone



Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut, I'm Neil and your Google drive storage is full 
I know exactly how you feel because you're getting error messages like this in your Google Drive and Google photos, saying “out of storage” 
Even better we're getting emails saying that Google photos has stopped backing up and even an email on Gmail to say that Gmail doesn't work! 
Worse than this though is that in every single message from Google, Google is just trying to get us to do one thing and that's this - to buy storage 
It's not buying storage, it's a subscription. It's a monthly fee that you and I would have to pay for the rest of our lives. 
But don't worry, you and I are going to fix this right now, and we're going to clear storage in real time step by step without deleting everything and definitely without giving Google any money.
Plus when the storage works again, I'm going to show you this system that I use to avoid it happening ever again and to get free Google storage for Life! 
Yes I know it's a bold promise but I think I can get you Google storage for life so stick with the video. 
The first thing we're going to do is to go to Google one, which is and this is where our storage is managed. 
I'm doing this on a desktop just so it's easier to see on the screen but if you're doing this on a mobile I've put some links in the description so you can just click those and follow along. 
In Google One, you can see right at the top “your storage is full” - upgrade - we're not going to do that... it's going to ask us at every point to try and buy storage but if you go down to the first box here “storage” we can click on the three dots. 
That brings up this little mini menu “view storage details” 
Let's click on that and we can see that on my account all 15 gigs has been used in Google photos. 
Now I know yours might look differently, you might have bigger files in Gmail mail or drive but this is a place to find out where most of the storage is being used up 
Let's go back and there's another box here which is “clean up space” so if I click on “view” that brings up some options of some things that we can delete... 
Like this first one here: “emails in trash”. If we click on “review and clean up” these are all the emails in our deleted folder. 
We could go up to the button here in the top right hand corner “delete all” 
Let's scroll down to the next section: “large photos and videos” 
You can select them individually by clicking on the little tick boxes one by one, or you can check this box to select all items but I've got a way to do this without deleting your photos and videos. 
And it's here! I've put a link down in the description it's which opens this page where we can manage storage in Google photos. 
We can scroll down and review and delete things like large photos or blurry photos and that might help but the big option for us is down here: recover storage. 
“Convert existing photos and videos to storage saver” 
You might know this already but there are two ways to upload and sync your photos on your phone with Google photos... and that's to upload them as original size or storage saver size. 
And it's really easy to check: firstly go into Google photos and then click on your avatar in the top right hand corner and there's an option down here at the bottom “photos settings” 
The top option... this is so this is so buried! The top option is “backup and sync” and if you click on that, and you can scroll down to these three options at the bottom. 
The first one is “upload size” so if we click on that it gives you the two options to choose “original quality” or “storage saver quality” 
I would choose storage saver quality. I've been using this for years and honestly I can't really tell the difference and the original files if you want them they're on your phone. 
Let's go back to “manage storage” in Google photos and we're going to click on “learn more” which brings up this window: “recover storage” 
“Recover some storage by switching existing photos and videos to storage saver quality” 
If we tick this box it's going to take all of the photos and all of the videos and make them all “storage saver size” so it kind of crushes everything in your photos down to this smaller size. 
“I understand that compressing cannot be undone” and then we're going to click down here “compress existing photos and videos” 
Now don't forget your original photo files are on your phone this is just for the photos and videos in Google photos. 
Now don't panic, I made a mistake here. I thought I've done all of that and it's not done anything! 
It looks like we are still out of storage - that's what I thought but look let's scroll back down to “recover storage” and it says “Compressing... this may take several hours” so Google is now compressing and making all those video and photo files smaller. 
It's going to take some time but while it's doing that I'm going to show you my system to stop this happening ever again.
We are going to create a Google account just for our photos and videos. 
I've opened up a window in Incognito or you could open a private window so that you're not logged into Google at all 
Go up to the top right hand corner and click sign in and then on that sign in page down on the left hand side there's “create account” 
You've got some options here, I'm going to go for “work or my business” and on this page we're going to make up a username for our photos account.
I'm calling it my lovely photos 2025. 
Obviously you can call it anything you want and you can make a new one of these every year... and then I'm going click “next” 
Now we can fill in these other details to help us recover this account, so now we have a Google account that we can use just for our photos and videos! 
We are now going to go to Google photos on the phone and in the top right hand corner we're going to click on the Avatar, and we're going to click on the little pull down menu next to your account name, which brings up this menu 
We're going to go to “add another account” 
Now you have the sign in page so we'll put in our brand new photo account “my lovely photos 2025” and then we'll put in our password... and now we have Google photos on our phone, but with this new photo account. 
It can see the photos on my phone. 
We need to click the avatar on the top right hand corner again and choose “my lovely photos 2025” and it gives us this option: “do not back up” or “turn on backup” 
I'm going to “turn on backup” and now if I click on the Avatar you can see it says “backup is on - getting ready to back up” 
Basically it's now going to back up your phone to this whole new Google account that's just for your photos. 
So that way you can keep it completely separate from Gmail and Google Drive and also you can create a new one of these every year of your life or every month! 
While it's doing this, do not forget go to photo settings, “backup and sync”, “upload size” 
They're already here by default this is how they get us! 
“Upload size original quality” we don't want that! 
I'm going to click on storage saver and then when we click back it's now going to upload photos and videos at that slightly smaller size so it's going to take longer to fill up the 15GB again. There's one more thing that we can do to make life much more easy for us and that's to share photos from this account with our personal Google account... or I'll still be able to see these photos without them taking up storage on my personal Google account. 
If you click on the Avatar again in the top right hand corner and we'll go to “photos settings” - if you scroll down here all the way to the bottom can you see it says “partner sharing”. 
“Automatically share photos with a partner” 
Well I'm going to share them with MYSELF, so if I click on that option: “A better way to share with your partner” so get started! 
All we'll do is type in our personal Gmail address here and then all the photos and videos will be shared with me but the photos are being stored on their separate account or any other separate accounts and I can partner share all of those accounts with my personal account. 
I've been running this system for about a year now and it's working! 
I'll put in the description if I hit any problems I'll put it in the description but I think this is a way to avoid maxing out your storage. 
Let's go back now to Google photos, manage storage, because I know you're dying to see if this works, and yes! We did it! We absolutely did it! About one year of storage left. The 15 gigs maxed out storage - we have now cleared storage in our Google drive because we've cleared out some space in Google photos 
If this video is helping thank you so much for hitting the thumbs up and the Subscribe button it means so much to me and right here are some other tips and tricks that Google thinks you'd like to see next! Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers, just click on his face, thanks bye! How was that?

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How to fix a dripping bathroom tap

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Sunday, 30 October 2022

How to fix a dripping bathroom tap

BUY A SPANNER or WRENCH HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)
CARTRIDGE SPLINE FINDER CARD TOOL - for measuring your cartridge to find a replacement - sorry, can only find this in the UK

How to fix a dripping bathroom tap or faucet? Our bathroom taps were dripping, constantly leaking so I knew I had to do something like replacing the washers or O ring, but I've not done this for a very long time... So this video shows me repairing our dripping tap by replacing the whole mixer tap cartridge.

How I fixed our dripping tap: LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES


hello I'm Neil welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where I try something new every day to make your family happy and today we're making your family happy here! 
we're back in the bathroom so we've already done the toilet seat and the toilet roll holder 
that's been a big success 
It’s look... it's wobbling just a little bit don't tell anyone 
the seat is holding out - the Ikea toilet seat is holding out but it is kind of cracking here 
so it's not wearing too well there and I don't know what we're doing to uh to cause that but fingers crossed that can hold out for another year 
and today we're now working our way around the bathroom because this video is all about this! 
yes it's the classic... the dripping tap 
I don't know how we've managed to avoid this for so long 
I knew when I started this Channel and I just wanted to record the little jobs that I do around the house - almost as proof that I do something now and again 
but this... I hope this day would not come and... and it's here... it's here now the tap is dripping 
obviously if I get this wrong we can expect a trip - an expensive trip - from Mr Plumber which I really really want to avoid 
and that's even if you can find a plumber 
we can't even find a plumber at the moment and I wouldn't bring a plumber into this situation but if I make a wrong turn or disable the tap like you know it could like drip quite more violently than it is at the moment 
it means that we're wasting water which is terrible for our water bills I mean the environment 
and most importantly at night the sound of this is really really annoying 
but here's the thing I've not done this in a long long time like I mean like decades 
so I don't know if I've even got the right tools I... 
I definitely haven't got the right washer the right o-ring that we'll need inside that tap 
the kids are home from school you can probably hear them in the background I've got it... [DOG BARKING] oh and that's Casper I don't think...
I don't think Casper is very happy with the kids 
he... he tells them off more than we do! 
he's a great dog 
I think the first thing I need to do is to shut off each pipe to each tap to work out which of the Taps are leaking 
maybe both of them are leaking! 
and to do that I'll need to get a screwdriver - a flat headed screwdriver - come with me down to the toolbox let's try in here
that one looks like a good one the... 
Casper's been chewing the end of it but I think that might be the one 
back up the stairs and we're lucky because we've got... we've actually got these shutoffs 
you might not have them 
this is the pipe for the hot tap so I'm going to turn this so that it shuts off the water 
I think if you just turn it like that... yes brilliant so that water's off
and it's still dripping fantastic! 
this is really good news because it means that it's the cold tap that's dripping not the hot tap so I'll probably turn this back on and then I'll go around the other side 
just get the lights 
and over to the cold tap pipe and I'll turn this sideways... and as if by Magic the leak has stopped 
so it's definitely coming from the cold tap which is on this side so the next thing that I need to do is to take off this thing 
I don't know what do you call it? it's like an indicator 
your tap obviously will be different but pop this off 
I know I'm going to get qualified plumbers in the comments telling me how I'm doing it wrong which is good! 
please leave me a comment and tell me how you would tackle this 
well maybe I need a small... oh there it goes yeah it's just... Levering it up and this comes off like this 
yeah fantastic and what's in there? 
that looks like a bit of an allen key job 
back downstairs to get the Allen key and good job I didn't tidy up the toolbox - Allen keys
so put the Allen key into the hole 
hey it’s too big - okay so this is classic dad delivers Vlog - the actual Allen key that I need is the one that is missing 
that's too big and this one's too small 
gotta get back to the Allen key collection  
oh you know I... I'm this close to throwing away all my Allen keys because I've got a really good Allen key set 
but it's a good job that I keep lots of old ones so let's try these ones now oh man 
these jobs would only take like two minutes if I did them properly 
okay that's way too big 
this is smaller this might be the one 
my options are getting Slimmer by the minute 
right now I'm going to turn... oh no it's not good 
oh yeah right so this is a tip I saw once 
close... put the plug in because if you drop something into the sink then that's bad news 
so I've... I've hit a wall before I've even started 
I've Got to Now not only get a washer and an O-ring but I've got to get an Allen key that's like this - but one will actually work 
there's only one place for this 
this is a place that we have in the UK called poundland 
you've probably got something similar in your country if you're not in the UK where everything in the store is one pound 
this is me wandering through the aisles trying to find an allen key set 
and I found the DIY section and oh my goodness 
this is what the one pound Allen key set is worth now 
oh my God £2.50? 
I don't know if things are like this wherever you're watching but the prices have definitely gone up 
but anyway I've got the... the Allen key so now back home to take it apart 
I was kind of hoping they would have O-rings or washers as well but they didn't 
there we go, brilliant - it's going
okay this is why it's definitely definitely worth putting the plug in so you don't drop any vital bits but this is what's come out 
Is that in Focus? oh it won't come off oh no... oh wait oh... oh there he's done 
right so now we're into this I guess the... the washer is inside here maybe 
I'm gonna try and undo this and see if there's something inside that needs replacing 
this might be the most difficult part of the job because the WD-40 is in here somewhere 
okay I've got this it's not quite as good because the wd40's got this really nice straw on the end of it so you can put it on really accurately and this? 
this just kind of sprays everywhere
Let's give this a go 
I guess it's cleaning the tap 
yeah I don't even know which way to turn the bolt around 
it's probably been here... I think it's been here since 1990 so it's about 30 years old 
okay I really do not want this to go snap!
brilliant I'll send you a picture 
all right then see in a minute bye bye 
so my my Unstoppable wife is at a DIY Superstore now - she just happens to be passing - but I can't... I can't tell her what rings to get 
I don't know what washers because I just can't get it open 
I'm going to send her a picture of what I've got so far and we'll see how that goes 
my brilliant wife did give me a tip off though that the WD-40 
I don't know how she knows these things 
but she said have a look in the cupboard in here 
oh there it is! 
how does she know these things? how do you do... how do you do that? 
I'm gonna watch this with her - this video - I'm gonna ask how... how did you... how did you know this was in here?!
it's only one thing for it - I'm gonna give it one really really hard turn 
I don't want it to fly off and hit me either
I did it! 
I did it! look at this Dad delivers success no, no not finished yet 
come closer look at it turn 
magnificent - whoa there we go - I'll be able to call my wife now oh
is it in there? oh where is it? where's the washer? so it's stuck in there [PHONE RINGS]
I've got it! I've got... I've done it so now I've kind of shredded the washer that's inside, I can't get the washer out 
I've got some O-rings of different sizes 
oh brilliant oh tweezers! do you know a tweezer, there have been some blue tweezers hanging around yeah?
yeah I was gonna do my eyebrows, I left them in the bathroom - on the glass thing - oh yeah of course yeah I moved them all right thanks okay alright bye! 
okay bye 
I can't get this washer out and it's coming out in bits 
there we go 
oh whoa look at that! that's what we needed! 
let me try to explain what happens next 
my wonderful wife came home with a load of washers 
none of them fit - it's just an O-ring! I just need an O-ring for this cartridge! 
the next day I went to the big DIY Superstore myself 
I didn't mind - it's a... it's a day out isn't it 
here I am pulling up after the 20 minute journey and it's quite exciting so I go to the plumbing section to see, well I had to find the plumbing section first to see the amazing array of products that might be able to help 
I don't know where to start 
what my wife did get me - which was absolutely crucial - was this! 
it's like a... it's like a guide so you can hold your cartridge up because obviously there are hundreds of these 
you hold your cartridge onto the card and you can measure some really specific things - it's now getting really complicated! 
I just want... I just wanted the O-ring 
I could not see any o-ring here 
I mean feel free to pause the footage - I would 
I don’t know where to begin! 
which means that the only thing I can do is to buy one of these! 
these cartridges and I don't know which one 
I mean I've done my measurements but there was only a small selection of a few on the shelf and they are 15 quid for literally... for an O-ring! 
I'm gonna have to replace the whole thing 
this stuck in my throat ever so slightly and I wasn't convinced that it was the right one 
the extra confusion is that this is blue because it's on the blue... the blue tap because it's for the cold tap so it opens anti-clockwise and closes... no 
so they only sell them in pairs and I only need one! 
it just felt like I'd be buying in a panic if I just grabbed this cartridge here and... and I don't need two of them as well - I just need one for the cold tap so I got a refund for the washers, came home and I found this page here 
a pair of them for... for half price so I ordered them and here they are! 
They’ve just arrived - I'm very excited 
now we can go into the bathroom and try this out 
this is getting to be a catchphrase on the channel isn't it 
what do we say 
it's never easy! 
I really want this done now as much as you do because look we've got pork chops! 
I've gotta... I've got to do this before the chops are ready 
so I've managed to tidy up and close this again... I managed to tidy up after Friday 
it's now Sunday 
we've been without a bathroom sink for two days 
this should be as easy as just screwing this into that hole 
and sorry my kids are playing electronic Monopoly at the moment so you might hear some shouting and some swears in the background sorry 
I'm going to try and get some of this water out here
actually oh it's probably not a good idea using tissue oh no 
oh this is trapped in here for all time 
That’s clean now 
let's try this 
so I'm hoping this will just screw in 
well it fits - I've got the right size one... oh this is looking too straightforward 
then I'll get my spanner oh this is looking very promising 
the next big test is to see if the tap handle fits onto this, so this has to be the right number of teeth is this gonna... this could still go very wrong
it's like Cinderella's slipper! it fits 
just make sure it's straight 
that's not straight oh man, now I can screw this on 
fingers crossed let me take you closer 
we'll get the crucial piece here and then I'll put this in right side up and I need to screw it tightly enough for the handle not to wobble
and finally I'll put the little top on for Elegance 
I'll just push that on - oh
Kids?! where are you? oh there you go 
kids please come see this 
come see what your old man's done 
how long did that take you 
two days and 10 pounds 
well it yeah it took a lot longer than I thought but you know, given I haven't done this before 
the final thing is - maybe you could do this - can you just turn that - yeah okay quarter turn... quarter turn? 
yeah which way 
oh okay you ready 
okay let's do... you do the cold tap, I do the hot tap oh go on, go on you do both
oh and is it dripping 
I'm calling this a dad delivers success! 
I win! I win!
No you don’t - I do! 
you and me are on such a voyage of Discovery thank you for making it to this point and if you're hitting the thumbs up or subscribe button thank you for being awesome and right here is what YouTube knows that you're gonna love next! 
we did it 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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L Shaped Bench easy project - how to put the sides on

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Monday, 10 October 2022

L Shaped Bench easy project - how to put the sides on

 I FINALLY get the sides onto my homemade L-shaped corner bench. It's an L shape seat for the kitchen, but I only built the frame. In this video I show you how to put wooden sides onto the corner seating for a dining table. 
I say it's finished, but I still need to varnish it and make a padded seat cover...


BUY A BOSCH DRILL HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

EPIC L-shape bench sides! Corner seat for kitchen FINISHED



Hello, are you looking to fill some dead space like the corner of this room in our kitchen? 
Maybe get some seats or a bench in there like this! 
And, even better, turn that bench into some useful storage? 
Plus do it extremely budget friendly? 
Well welcome back to part two of my L-shaped bench project. 
This is sort of how it's looking now but in the last video I showed how I built this L-shaped bench using wooden stud work to fill the corner of our kitchen. 
There's a link down in the description if you're interested in that, but it's now part two on the Dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day to make my family happy. 
You know how hard that is but I think I’m making everyone happy with this corner bench. 
This is more like one of my DIY vlogs but I’ve kind of left that video unfinished because as you can see I’ve got the sides not covered up. 
So if we were to use it for storage everything would sort of fall out the edges.
So today this morning I went to my favourite place on earth - not really - somewhere that I seem to be going a lot. 
It's another DIY superstore. 
This one happens to be B&Q and I wanted to find some plywood. 
I thought if I got some thick plywood I could use that to put the sides on. 
It's one of these and I think I found my perfect piece of wood but as you can see it is absolutely massive! 
I couldn't get that into the car even if I tried. 
And I decided to use their cutting service so I planned it all out I’ve got all my dimensions on my bit of paper but first I had to get the right piece of wood! 
And I saw lots of reviews online saying this wood falls apart and it's warped but actually I thought it looked great. 
I just knew that the top two sheets were warped. 
They looked really bent so I had to get a sheet from underneath. 
I think on the footage here you can see me getting the sheet that's three sheets down - that looks fairly new. 
But the only way I could get it out was by doing that magic trick you know where they pull the tablecloth off the table and leave everything standing? 
Well I thought if I whipped out this giant sheet of plywood fast enough I’d be able to get it out. 
But I think the footage shows quite clearly that that wasn't the best plan. 
But still I tried I kept pulling tugging. 
Finally after a lot of jimmying and walking around this... this truck that was left in front of it... I gave it one last push. 
Managed to get it out so now I can get it over to the cutting service area. 
Okay I’ve got the wood - time to get it cut now just over here!
And this is the cutting area. I don't like filming people when they're at work. It's bad enough when I do it on myself, let alone dragging other people into it, but I just wanted to show you sort of how it works. 
So got it cut. Looks perfect look at it! Just what I wanted, all those. Just go to the checkout now. 
I took my dad along we went shopping as well so we loaded it all up into the back of the car. Got the plywood back to the house. Now I won't need all of these bits because some of these bits are destined for the other corner of the room. 
I’m going to do some shelves for the TV area that's going to be on... on the next video. 
Just check with the spirit level? 
Spot on! 
But first I need to use these ones. These planks here that they very kindly cut up. 
I hope I’ve got the measurements right. I’ve not checked it yet, I thought I’d do it on camera and share... share the joy with you. 
Let me show you the basic idea. 
I’m gonna hopefully - if I’ve got the measurements right - it should slot into there so all I need to do is cut the right lengths.
But let's... let's just slide it in, just to see. 
Please work, please work. 
Oh looks really tight... oh that's really snug, is it gonna work? 
Oh yeah! Does it go in? It does look at that! Great! So all I need to do now is to cut  these to length and then figure out a way to secure them... screw them in somehow from behind.
The... the wall isn't true so that's not a true L shape unfortunately. 
I think I’m going to have some gaps. 
That gap there isn't my dodgy measurements, that is literally how the wall meets. 
It kind of comes out a bit. I managed to get four pieces cut from the board. I can only use one side because it's got this printing on it, and that one's a bit scratched. 
I think I did that in the car. 
This one has a load of filler in it. 
This one looks okay and this one looks okay. Whoa! 
I’m gonna use these two for the big parts - the long parts on the bench. 
It's the first of August, it's the middle of summer and it has just started raining, so I’m going to try and get this done as quickly as possible. 
One of them: I don't have to cut at all. I’m just going to run that the whole length, so if I can choose that one I think I’m going to... that's a hard choice. I think I’m going to keep this one so get that out of the rain.
Which means I need to make this one 79.2 cm long. 
I really do not want to mark these pieces of wood so I’m laying out the dog blanket on our IKEA Seglaro table, just to keep it scratch free! 
I know I should probably varnish it and protect it. 
I’ll probably do that later on, but let's just cut it to length now. 
I’m using my jigsaw and I’m trying to guide it as straight as possible. 
Which is a bit tricky in the drizzle but I’m sure I can get it through there. 
Casper's got his friend over! 
And now I’m going to cut this piece into smaller pieces. 
These will go onto the sides - onto the ends of the L-shaped bench to stop all my stuff falling out. 
I’m on a bit of a wing and a prayer with these measurements because I’ve got to keep the jigsaw straight!
Hoping the chair would catch that! 
Let's go and get these onto the bench. 
So I’ve put one loose on already. 
I want this to go on the end here.
Yes! Oh that is really satisfying. 
I think that looks really good and then I’ll push this one up a bit, so that it's flush. 
There like that. Completely flush. I just need to work out a way now to fix these to the bench so they don't fall off. 
To permanently fix the sides onto the frames of the benches, I’m using these L-shaped metal brackets and I can't help feeling like this isn't the best or the prettiest way of fixing them on. 
It is really difficult finding places to... to screw. 
I can't get my screwdriver into these tiny places so I’ve got to find the right brackets and the right screwdrivers to try and get in here. So I’ve got a bit of a gap here, but it's a bit unavoidable. I think that's the closest I can get and when the lids are on... let's put the lids on... there! Finally, I got the sides on and... and oh I could do this.
Put it away and never see it again! 
I’m calling this a Dad Delivers success! High five! Thank you so much for the thumbs up and the subscribes, I really appreciate it... it really helps me to keep these videos going. Videos like this that YouTube knows you're gonna love next! 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers. Just click on his face! Thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one, right?

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Gift ideas for men - boyfriend, friend, brother, husband, dad, teacher - presents for him

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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Gift ideas for men - boyfriend, friend, brother, husband, dad, teacher - presents for him

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases!)



These gifts changed my life. IDEAS for dad, boyfriend, brother, husband, teacher or best friend!

OF COURSE these gift ideas are great for anyone, but listing this as for men to help everyone searching gift ideas for Boyfriend, Dad, Husband, Brother, Teacher, Boss, Best friend or any friends!
Could equally be a great gift idea for girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or Mom in your life.



I’ve also got lots of other bits in here....
It's robust! 
Hello, I know what you want! 
you are looking for gift ideas for him 
for men 
a gift idea for the man in your life, maybe it's a brother, husband, teacher, best friend... who knows 
it doesn't even have to be a man! 
I’ve got you covered. This is a quite a talky video but I’m going to go through a whole list of gift ideas for him. And everything on this list has been honestly... it's been transformative in my life, so I’m just sharing them in the hope that it might spark some ideas for you... if you are looking for gift ideas for a birthday or anniversary or Christmas! 
Christmas is coming! 
And they're also listed below in the description, so if you want to jump ahead any time you can just click on the little time stamps in the description. 
Let's dive into the first one, and this was a surprise for me because I got this as a gift and at first I thought it was one of those gimmicky gifts. 
You know the kind of things that you see in catalogues, or the “sharper image”. 
This is absolutely brilliant! 
It is a laptop or work desk for your lap so it's like a lap tray that's built for doing work on. 
I didn't think I’d use it and I’ve ended up using this every single day. 
Here's some completely not-staged footage of me at work using it in an armchair. 
These are the things I like about it: these are padded and the fabric is really nice. 
It feels quite luxurious, it's a bit like sofa material and the base... this is like a carbon fibre material. I don't know if that's coming across on the camera. 
There's a carry handle to move it around the house or bring it back when someone else has been using it - which happens quite a lot. 
And over here there's like a mouse pad here, and it's mouse material but up here you've got a thing to hold... hold a phone if you want that while you're working. 
You can have your little timer going. 
I think this is great and there's a link to it down below in the description. 
You'll be pleased to know the next gift idea is really cheap! 
I got this from poundland so you can get this from a dollar store or a pound store wherever you are in the world. Whatever currency you have. 
It's a correction pen - a white out pen. 
This has changed my life. I don't know if you have this problem and I don't know why men are obsessed with this, but I am. 
When you get devices they come with transformers and the boxes start to all look the same and you have no idea which box is for which. 
So I use this for labelling my plugs and the amount of plugs that have had to be thrown away has dropped a lot. 
And the number of devices that keep working is also increased, so if anything this... this pen is great for the environment! 
This is me demonstrating it just to ram the point home. All we need to do is to warm it up on a bit of paper. Get some white goo on the end so that it writes smoothly and then you can graffiti your plugs however you like. 
This plug is for my electric screwdriver. Look how easy it is to label this. 
You can get these in supermarkets, stationery stores... or there's a link in the description if you want to get one from Amazon. 
The next gift idea is maybe a little bit personal maybe a bit intimate? 
It's this! It's the Philips 3000 shaver. 
It's wet and dry: this shaver is absolutely brilliant and I don't wet shave. 
I’ve never wet shaved there's a whole other video that I need to make about that but it means that I am really, really fussy about my electric shavers. 
It's absolutely gorgeous. It's really easy to clean. You can dry shave or the kicker for me is that you can use this in the shower. 
Let's face it we're just out and out lazy. 
It's cordless, it's rechargeable and there's a really clear display to show you how much charge is left in the thing. 
There's a little beard trimmer at the back there and you can wash it. 
You can open it, empty it really easily but you can rinse it out in the shower or under a tap which is absolutely crucial... to be able to just drag this across your face and rinse it is... is absolutely brilliant. 
This is the next gift idea: not the beaten up trainer but this is a retractable elastic drawstring to replace your shoelaces. 
These are called lock laces and they're basically elasticated shoelaces so you don't have to... you don't have to do your laces up! 
I absolutely love these and I’ve put lock laces on all my trainers and even my walking boots. 
They even come in different colours so I’ve gone for blue on these hiking boots. 
Now this might come as a shock or you might have noticed that the man in your life is phenomenally lazy. 
We call it being time efficient or “prioritizing our tasks” but basically we're just out and out lazy and if we can save time doing up our shoelaces then... then this is a win! 
Let me show you how easy they are to put on and I’ll speed this up: so firstly you take your old laces off and then thread these through like they're normal laces. 
Next you put the gripper on and then cut them for length and then you can attach this tag on the end and that stops the gripper from falling off. 
I’ve tried other brands and they're okay but the reason I love the lock laces is the gripper... the gripper is so much easier to use. Like even within “not doing up your shoelaces” lock laces are even lazier and obviously if you want to check out the lock laces there's a link to them on Amazon down in the description. 
The next gift idea for him or any best friend is for the kitchen! 
It's a Microplane and if you've not used one of these before they are brilliant. 
They are like a very very fine grater. 
You can use it on chocolate to sprinkle some on top of your coffee, or put in an ice cream. 
Ginger for cooking or those power coffees you know those power coffees “that men drink”. 
This isn't a power coffee. You know the ones where they put the coconut oil in and some ginger. You can use it to grate garlic and I actually prefer to use this over a garlic crusher because it's so much quicker and easy to clean. 
I think it also goes in just a bit finer as well. 
And the one we use it for the most is parmesan cheese! On top of that lovely Bolognese sauce. 
We say parmesan, do you say parmesan? 
All you have to do is rinse it to clean it so we're back on that laziness slash time management hack. 
Anyway I think the microplane is a really unusual idea for your BBDH: your brother boyfriend dad or husband. 
Or all of them! 
The next gift idea for him is an expensive one, whoa hello! 
So maybe this is more for Christmas or holiday or a birthday? 
It's a Bosch GSB 18 volt cordless drill
Oh that's brilliant 
Red arrows! 
Look at that it's... it's the red arrows! Flying over.
Okay I don't know what impression we give of um life in the United Kingdom but it's not every day that the red arrows flying formation team fly over you while you're making a youtube video!
I don't think I caught any of that did I? 
Okay I’m not sure I kept my composure then but I could see just over the camera 
I could see this arrow formation of our nation's elite royal air force pilots just flying over and I’m here with a drill! 
Back to the Bosch GSB 18v. 
I don’t know if I’ll leave that in!
It also has a hammer action and you can use this as a power screwdriver. 
I am absolutely inseparable from this drill. It comes in this robust carry case. 
I’ve also got lots of other bits in here.
It's robust. 
I wish I could show it to you looking pristine but I use it all the time so here's some clips from some of my other DIY videos on this channel. 
What I love about the Bosch drill is that it feels really substantial and it actually comes with an extra battery. 
But the batteries last ages of mine and not just because I don't do any work around the house! 
I know men are particular about their tools and buying one unannounced might not be a great idea but I just wanted to share that this one has been absolutely great for me. 
I can't believe the red arrows flied past and I didn't film it.
Let's go for a gift idea now that is a lot cheaper but it is just as tough. 
This is my metal water bottle. 
The ones that I buy are from a brand called ion8. 
You can get these in a whole range of different colours and you can see that this one my one is absolutely battered because I’ve used it daily for about three years. 
The kids have these too so I’ve engraved my name on the bottom here and here's some footage from when it was brand new. 
Pristine, happier times. 
I don't like plastic water bottles. 
I don't like how plastic water bottles make my water taste all plasticky so having a metal water canteen makes me feel like Jocko Willink. 
You know that famous army guy. 
He calls it a canteen except you know mine's pink. 
The next three gift ideas are a bit more touchy-feely. 
Oh it's gone a bit quiet isn't it? 
After that testosterone from the red arrows. 
So they might come off as just a bit more thoughtful for your bbdh, your boyfriend brother dad husband? 
These gifts have transformed my life so they're a bit more left field. 
The first gift idea is this: I wish I had a copy that I could hold up and show to you but I’ve ended up giving it away to so many people because it's such a good book. 
It's a book called Sleep by Nick Littlehales and he is a sleep coach for elite athletes and elite performers. 
He was the first sleep coach for Manchester United? 
You might have heard of this football team or soccer team wherever you are in the world and he basically trained footballers how to sleep properly. 
And what's great about his book is that he shares all of these techniques for getting better sleep. 
He also describes how he trained the whole of team sky when that became a phenomenon in the tour de france and what he'd do in the bedroom - how he'd arrange the bedroom and the cleaning procedures that he'd go through to help improve their sleep. 
As you may know sleep is where we repair our bodies every night and Nick Littlehales’ book goes into really accessible detail about how our bodies go through these 90-minute sleep cycles all the way through the day and night. 
And what I love about the book is that he explains how you can deploy these power naps during the day just like team sky, chris froome, manchester united... 
There's also some really funny stories in there about footballers with plasma screens and how their girlfriends have decorated their bedrooms and how that affects your sleep adversely, so it's worth it for that and it's worth it for the team sky tour de france stories. 
So anyway that's Sleep by Nick Littlehales. 
The final gift idea - my gift to you - this I think this has probably had the greatest effect on my life... is this! 
It's a meditation technique called Acem. 
It was developed by some Norwegian students in the 60s and they run courses basically teaching you how to do meditation. 
I thought the course is perfect for me I took it about three years ago and the technique is really simple. 
You just sit in a chair like this, sit upright close your eyes, and they give you a meditation sound but it's basically a nonsense word. 
It's a nonsense sound of about three syllables, and you just say this sound in your head over and over again in a loop with your eyes closed.
And the weirdest thing happens it's... it's brilliant. 
It's like um... it's like having a reset button. 
Because your eyes are closed and because you're saying this thing that doesn't make any sense over and over again, your amygdala - the bit of your brain that looks for threats and panics - eventually it just kind of shuts off because there's nothing to... to worry about. There's nothing to think about, and while you're doing it you get these thoughts coming into your head the... you know just stuff like “haven't paid the bill” or something that you've remembered from earlier in the week. 
These thoughts pop into your head while you're meditating and unlike mindfulness meditation, it's totally okay, these... to have these thoughts popping in. 
All you've got to do is to just keep saying this nonsense sound over and over again in your head. 
I think you're advised to do it for about 45 minutes a day. 
I do it for 10 minutes sometimes and it's like... it's just like flipping an on and off switch and you're just ready to do something after the meditation. 
It's like your mind has been cleared of junk. 
I’m just offering it as a gift idea that the ability to just take a break and to take a rest and to shut your eyes and to have something to do while your eyes are shut is... it's a really gorgeous thing. 
So I know that's a slightly uh odd and unexpected one to end on but I hope there's something... it may be the drill... Maybe the drill is the way to go for your boyfriend husband brother or dad, but if you have any gift ideas for him, for men, leave them in the in the comments. 
I’d love to hear them and I’d love to try them out as well. 
Thank you for hitting the subscribe or thumbs up buttons, and right here is what youtube thinks you'd love to see next! 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers. Just click on his face thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right?

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How to start a second YouTube channel

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Friday, 30 September 2022

How to start a second YouTube channel

Ever wanted to create a second YouTube channel, or make a YouTube channel on your Google account? 
I share how to add a second channel to YouTube step by step for beginners. It's tough because it feels like you're splitting your focus, but I've found it really great for blowing off steam on other topics and the things I've tried out on other topics have really helped improve my main YouTube channel videos.

How to make a SECOND YouTube channel!



Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut.
You want to make a second YouTube channel. 
What are you thinking, you crazy thing!
Isn’t running one channel hard enough? 
But that's the fear isn't it?
That your focus will be split and then you will have two channels growing slowly.
I know that feeling, because I have these four YouTube channels.
I've got one for trains, one for Ikea stuff, one for my dad's stuff, and the channel that you're watching now. 
So I've been through this a few times but I've got some more videos that I want to put up on YouTube and they don't fit any of those channels, so I am going to show you how to start a second YouTube channel, step by step, so you can follow along with the process and start your second YouTube channel too.
The best place to start - at time of recording - ISN’T YouTube Studio.
Bizarrely it's right here on the regular and the first thing that we need to do is to make sure that we're logged into the right Google account that we want to attach this second YouTube channel to. 
So up here on the top right hand side you can see my avatar. 
I'll click on that.
I’m going to go down all the way down to here in “Settings”.
That opens up this page and you can see some various things that we can do on this page, but obviously we want to go down to here: “add or manage your channels”.
That opens up the list of channels that you have attached to your Google account.
And right here with a nice big tick next to it is “Neil Mossey” which is THIS channel, the one you're watching now. 
What we want to do is to click on this button here: “create a channel”. 
That opens up this page... [BIRD NOISE]
We've got some loud birds. 
That opens up this page: “Create your channel name”. 
You can use your brand's name or another name. A good channel name represents you and your content. 
The important thing here is that you can change your channel name any time, so I'm going to type in “Neil's Loft VHS” and there's a warning here. “I understand I'm creating a new Google account with its own settings including search and watch history”. 
So when you create a new channel you create a whole Google brand account associated with that channel.
Go down to the blue button here and click “create” and there you go!
You've now created a new YouTube channel. It was really that quick. We can customize the channel which is pretty crucial as well because you will need an avatar, which is a face associated with it. And it'll be nice to have a banner on the... on the channel page. We've been thrown onto this page, which is YouTube studio. 
If I click it, “continue” this is the YouTube Studio dashboard for your brand new second YouTube channel.
Right here we can set: it's a channel trailer, a featured video for returning subscribers and you can put in other sections here. 
So first I think I'm going to create... right now I'll create my avatar, we’ll put that in. 
Here's some terrible footage of me shooting the Avatar picture and the picture for the channel banner.
I mean it's hard enough pulling a face in front of the camera but to get an object in so that the banner will crop it in the right way is pretty tricky.
I've got videos for all of those down in the description if you want to pretty up and make your channel look like a good YouTube channel. 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face, thanks! Bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right?

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How to put up toilet roll holder

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

How to put up toilet roll holder

BUY A TOILET ROLL HOLDER HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Sorry the sound is bad at the start - like everything in life, IT GETS BETTER AFTER A MINUTE!
How do you install a toilet paper holder? In this video I try to show how to put up a toilet roll holder on the wall, which we bought from Amazon. It involves facing the DIY Home Improvement decisions of the house's previous owners and the demands on the bathroom from our family. It also covers the difficult decision of where to screw the holder to the wall: how far from the toilet?
What's your bowl-to-roll ratio?

How to put up a toilet roll holder.



Hello Casper... 

Hello, this is the Dad Delivers Vlog, where every day I try something new to make your family happy, and today we're here in the toilet where we belong! 
Our toilet roll holder has just given up the ghost... The toilet roll holder is of course the third most important thing in the bathroom. Maybe the fifth most important thing in the home? 
But the family had been on at me about this for about three months now and look over here they've even bought a new toilet roll holder from Amazon, opened it and placed it in the bathroom as close as possible! 
The smallest hint possible that they want me to do this right now. 
So for a long time maybe too long we've suffered by just having the roll of toilet paper within reaching distance on the floor or the... the side of the bath. 
My son actually did some artistic photography of the toilet roll... 
And I know exactly why this particular job has fallen to me. It’s because I have failed. I have failed to teach my family resilience and resourcefulness, so I'm just going to have to break the standoff and DIY! Do it myself! 
I think what's most annoying about this is that it's a home improvement that doesn't have to happen, and how did this get broken? 
The toilet rolls aren't that heavy, especially the ones that we buy! 
And I completely understand why my son won't admit that he rests his head on the toilet roll holder while watching Netflix there for hours on end, but here's the evidence! Thanks Netflix! 
There's a tricky thing with putting up toilet roll holders, and that's finding the optimum distance for the roll from the bowl. 
The bowl-to-roll ratio in our house is 330 millimetres... millilitres?! Or 13 inches. 
On the one hand you don't want the toilet roll holder to be too close to you so that it feels like you're sitting on top of it... but on the other hand obviously you need it within easy reaching distance from the toilet. 
The great thing about doing this job is you can actually sit down on the job!
Now I've got a small problem here because as you can see there have been a lot of DIY Home Improvement bodge jobs in the past. Not mine! But these two here, look at the state of that. 
I've got to somehow cover this up and if I did cover this up that also leaves this one exposed. The best thing to do would be to somehow cover them up with the toilet roll holder but no I mean that just looks upside down doesn't it? 
It should really be this way around, but that is too high of a bowl to roll ratio. 
It's just too far away, so this is the tricky decision for me now: do I Dare To Dream to increase the bowl to roll ratio? 
It's a longer reach to get to here, but it would mean that the ugly holes are covered up. 
This is now quite a reach... and could end up looking just a bit silly - it's a bit too close to the door. 
I'm really disappointed I can't take these out without completely destroying the wall which is why probably people haven't done that in the past. 
I'm going to take the plates off of the toilet roll holder. 
There's an Allen key hole here, and this one comes with a nice small Allen key which is good. 
That means I can take the back plate off which is... which is this and do it in a way that covers up the two holes that I'm leaving behind... and I'll have to do something about this other hole. 
What I want to do obviously is halfarse it, and just use this screw hole in the middle and just use one screw to hold up the toilet roll holder. 
But I know it would take about a week before it starts spinning - just being wobbly again. 
Instead, I'm going to properly drill a hole here and here and have the two holes either side of the giant metal hole that's in the middle.
Oh it's not looking good! Come closer. 
Okay so the problem I've got now in just before I put the wall anchors in is that the holes are so close to the terrible Metal Wall anchor that's there I mean it's just powder between it... so I'm worried that these two holes are actually going to work loose all of this is just going to collapse. 
It's just plasterboard! 
Let's get some wall plugs and I always explain this that I... I use the ones that don't have the wings on because they are impossible to pull out and the two wall plugs that are there - they have these kind of wings on the side that stop them being pulled out. 
Let's push this in... okay that one's gone in okay... good let's try the other one.
I think it might be hitting against this. 
Okay brilliant and it hasn't just all imploded and it also comes with yeah... I'm not going to use these. 
It comes with these two screws so I'm gonna put these in, we'll just screw on the bracket... and this bracket is going to have to be Netflix proof. 
It feels pretty solid - I did not think that would work - and then I can just put some filler in later on... AKA probably four years from now. 
Next we can get the holder and it's got to go this way. 
I want it to go this way so that the bowl to roll ratio isn't too high, but it looks so much better with this Allen key hole hidden underneath... so I'm going to reluctantly put it there. 
Now I'm using the Allen key to tighten up the lug that's underneath to just lock the toilet roll holder to the bracket that will hopefully now stay on the wall this time. 
Hi Casper! Hello Casper! 
Hello, yeah it's Casper everybody! 
Helping me with my home improvement, hi Casper! 
What do you think? Is this any good? Casper? What do you think, is that any good?
That's a good sign! 
This is almost a dad delivers success! No, we've got to stop. 
I've got to get rid of this wall plug that's here and I don't know if I can just pull it out... put it out... pull it out with a screw through my family have just arrived downstairs you probably hear them in the background. 
They're going to be so happy about this, so I think what I'm going to do is just cut it off and push it in and cover it with filler. 
There we go, right now I need some filler. I've got this. 
I know it's not the right stuff - it's wood filler that I got for the bench downstairs... the L-shaped bench that's in the description as well. 
I know I should be using plaster filler but I can't be bothered to take another trip to the DIY Superstore so I'm going to use the wrong stuff but see if it lasts! 
It's supposed to leave a bit too much on so that you can sand it down afterwards. 
I have to clean up this line. That's rust. The IKEA toilet roll holder is just rusted onto the wall!
Now do this side here.
Then I can put the toilet roll holder back on. 
I am calling this a dad delivers success! 
Aha, look at it, it's... it works! And next only one test for this, apart from the Netflix sleeping.
Leave a comment down below if you put your toilet roll this way... or this way. 
It works! Oh I'm so pleased with that. 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face thanks bye! Alright this is gonna be the proper one, right?

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How to fit IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and head in 5 easy steps!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

How to fit IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and head in 5 easy steps!

How do you install an IKEA VALLAMOSSE shower head and adjustable riser rail bar in the bathroom?
I follow the Ikea assembly instructions to replace a shower rail and put up a brand new Vallamosse shower head in my Dad's bathroom. 

How to fit a shower rail and head: 5 easy steps! IKEA VALLAMOSSE review


Hello welcome back to the channel 
it's the place where I try something new every single day and today it’s... it's not the dad delivers vlog... it's the - I’m over at dad's - it's the GRANDDAD delivers vlog! 
Hi granddad! 
And... and today I’m going to put up this! 
it's the... Ah ha! It has been amended 
it's the IKEA Vallamosse or VallamosseY today - shower rail 
I’m going to put up the shower rail to replace this 
this is how it looks at the moment - yeah it's a bit of a nice impressive design feature there: the green string holding up the shower head 
so we went to the big blue and yellow box to get this! 
the IKEA Vallamosse shower head - yeah - shower head and rail and this is what comes in the box 
let's do a little unboxing 
you've got a gorgeous shower head 
it is plastic but it's chrome coloured 
you get the shower rail to hang it up on whoa! just dropped a bit 
and helpfully it even shows you which way up it goes 
and you get the crucial hose to connect the shower head to your water fitting 
I’d say that's about a metre long? 
I’ll put it on screen now if I’m wrong 
I’m going to be putting up this IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and head step by step so that you can follow along with me, and hopefully avoid any of the mistakes that I make along the way 
and I think the very first thing we've got to do obviously is to climb into the delightful... it's almost like the TARDIS 
it is smaller on the inside than it looks from the outside, but we're going to get this delight off first 
this is my dad's long-serving shower head 
it is barely clinging on for dear life there after a long life of service to... to other owners of this house 
it's the green string that really is the... the finishing touch but... but we're gonna probably lose that today and replace it with some gleaming IKEA chrome 
now obviously your shower rail - the one you've got the moment you want to get rid of - might not be like this one but I’m going to just do this so you can see how mine comes down just in case it helps you take down your shower curtain 
I keep calling it a shower curtain - it's a shower RAIL 
where I’m going to start with this is to just start pulling at it and without much effort there might be a screw underneath on your one but this one just literally... oh my goodness... it just literally pulls off the wall 
so I should take off the shower head oh... 
oh dear that didn't sound too good! 
you probably won't have to get rid of a string but I will... and then I think the rail just comes out like that oh my god 
and then this just pulls off... oh my god and it's already... you can see that it's broken there 
I think the screw is just literally falling off with rust 
I’m not using a power tool for this because it would probably fly off and just tear the cheap metal screw 
and it's come off easily but it's left a couple of holes here so I’m hoping to cover those with the IKEA rail when we put that up 
there's nothing there 
alright I might try my power screwdriver and see if that works 
I am running a very big risk with this 
I’ve put a really sharp just flat head screwdriver on even though it's a cross head just to really dig in and try and turn it 
I’ve got a funny feeling it's just going to destroy the screw but here it goes
oh man it's bent my screwdriver
wow okay so it works by not using the drill to just turn the drill 
it's got all this weight and it's kind of pulling on the whole thing 
I’m using the thickest cross head screwdriver 
that's really satisfying 
one down one final one to go 
there we go... well that's one way to do it 
get rid of that 
this isn't looking good 
I’m going to try some wd-40 just to loosen the screw 
no it's not working so I’ve got a hacksaw I’m going to try and take it off but it's going to look really ugly! 
and it might crack the tile as well 
it's just going to take off the head it's not actually going to be flush 
it's turning! 
thank goodness - I think the wd-40 really helped 
yes yes yes! 
oh yes I did it so we're going to use these two holes now here to put the new IKEA shower rail into 
now I can put this top piece on 
it looks like this... it's got a hole going through it 
that means that the pole can pass all the way through and I’m going to fit this up here 
let's just screw this to the hole that's already there 
now predictably this the screw... the screw is too long! 
it won't go in any more than this 
I’m gonna try it with a smaller screw 
what we're gonna do now is to slide the pole into the holder and there is that sticker staying up so I’ll just feed it through the hole here 
so now I can fit the bracket underneath to hold it by the base 
let me get you closer to the action 
this hole here is going to take the pole in this little notch that matches that notch in the... in the pole there so now it doesn't spin 
it's locked... locked in place 
now I can put on these little chrome caps to cover up those ghastly holes and hold everything in place 
one goes at the top and obviously this one goes in at the bottom 
it is really crucial that you put this the right way around because this tab here - that actually locks the pole in place 
it goes into the little gap at the top there so make sure that this is the right way round 
now we get to put on the shower hose 
there's a little washer in there that means it doesn't leak so I’ve put those in and I’ve screwed the shower head to the hose here 
all we need to do is unscrew the hose that's already there, and it's a bit stiff but we can force this off 
and now I can put on the nice new clean IKEA shower hose that's connected to the head 
and now we can put on the shower head 
I’ve not been able to tighten this up all the way 
I don't know if the washer does go in there 
I’ve put it in for safety - doesn't seem to leak and we can put that on the... on the shower rail 
look and it tips down like that! 
ah I’m really really proud of this 
I’m calling this a dad delivers - sound effects - success! 
let's enjoy the beauty of the IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and shower head with hose
and there's not much room in here for me to do this, but right here is what YouTube thinks you would love to see next! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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How to put up IKEA LACK small floating shelf

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