Wednesday, 27 September 2023

How to make an IKEA makeup shelf

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This was made a long time ago and never released, sharing it now as a Vlogmas treat.
Putting up this IKEA Mosslanda as a makeup shelf... and throwing in hanging up a mirror as well. This ikea hack bedroom idea is tiny but has a big impact in a dull corner.

Making THIS makeup shelf with IKEA Mosslanda and a mirror VLOGMAS!


hello how do you put up this an Ikea Mosslanda art shelf there it is on the Ikea website in my country but I was wondering can you use this art shelf as a makeup shelf well I wasn't wondering my long-suffering wife was wondering and she's been waiting about two months with this just sat on the floor for a while so I'm going to do it now in under eight minutes by the way hello my name's Neil and if you're new to the channel this is my Ikea dad Vlog where I try to actually use the Ikea products that we've bought sometimes it's it's quicker than others now I've used this as another shelf before over in the bathroom here this is what it looks like it didn't last very well the Shelf works okay for a while but water got into it and yeah it didn't look too good towards the end but I'm hoping that with all the dry substances here I'm hoping that this will last just a little bit longer I think this is going to be a long job so I'm going to see if I can get through this in under eight minutes flat
let me show you what it looked like
okay so to make it look better so I'm going to put up a mirror that isn't from Ikea but we're going to just try and dress it and make it look nice but I am going to use these Ikea steps to do it just to get a bit of height [Music] thank you
[Music] so that's it the mosslanda art shelf up as a makeup Shelf
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How to DIY fix a garage ROOF

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

How to DIY fix a garage ROOF

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How do you repair a leak in a flat roof? Is there a tar or bitumen that you can pour on to fix a roof letting in rain water? If you get some on Amazon, will it stop the rain running in?
I try to answer all of these by getting onto our garage concrete flat roof, and use a liquid roofing compound to stop a really bad leak. Can I weatherproof it in time for the Winter???

How to DIY fix a whole garage ROOF?!


So I’m trying to work out a way to show you the leak I’ve got in my garage roof. 
We thought we could do this like some kind of Mr Beast video. 
I’m not sure Mr Beast would do a video about fixing a garage roof. 
So the problem’s in here - the problem’s just up here where I get... 
I don't know if you just heard that, but the 40 inch television has arrived.
I... I thought it was a scam! It's a scam! It's just yeah... we won something on Lidl... 
I honestly thought that was a scam. 
Okay sorry about that Interruption. Anyway I've got water coming into the... the concrete garage and it drips. When it rains heavily it drips there, and it just runs down onto what... we've kind of tried to clear the area.
But look, probably see there's water in there from the last shower. We have to empty it out all the time. 
So the plan is this: I want to show you the leak um so I'm going to put my son on the roof with a watering can to show you... So I sent my son up because I'm trying to keep him off the console. Right, so here's the watering can - there you go. 
Woah, it's gonna fall on me! It's gonna fall on me! 
Well done. Uh just where that crack is, if you just did put a little bit in... 
So this is the roof. Usually the... the drip is about here. Right there you go. That's enough thanks! 
Great can you see it? Oh it's going everywhere. Yeah that's enough. Joe don't do any more! 
So today I'm going to try and fix that.
This is the Dad Delivers Vlog where I try and do something new every day and today I'm going to try to repair my garage roof. 
And to do that I got this from Amazon - not this - we got THIS! 
It's just arrived. Can you pull the Box?
So this is called all-weather Roofing compound. 
It's got all kinds of names on Amazon - uh tar - roof tar 
I did a search on bitumen - bitumen!
And it came up with this all-weather Roofing compound.
I have no idea if this is the right stuff for my concrete roof.
Obviously I'm worried this is going to be a big mess and it's not going to work and oh I'm also worried that I'm going to fall off this ladder. 
I've got a camera set up there so let's see how this goes. Got a screwdriver, whoa! 
Now I feel like I've got to pour it in the hole but it says in the instructions to use a brush.
There's not much point putting it on the concrete... 
[Music] Have to put it in... where the tar has failed. 
I'm trying to make it go Blobby on where the felt meets the concrete roof. 
Definitely going to need a couple of coats. 
So I’m alright on this side - that already looks like it will dry and seal it. 
I need something to stop it dribbling down
So the patch is repaired. I think.
I just need the tar to dry in the sunshine - do the can up - and wait for the next thunderstorm.
It is 11 o'clock at night.
It is really heavy thunderstorms - I don't know if you can see this, I don't even know if you can hear me, but I've left it for about a week.
I think it's nearer two weeks and I just want to see if the first bitumen layer has held. Let's have a look oh no! 
It's coming through. In fact I think it's coming through worse than it was before. 
Oh man. Look at the buckets - the bucket is already full, let's empty this. 
So I think I'm going to need to majorly rethink this. 
I don't know what else I can do - um apart from putting more buckets up. 
I mean it just looks worse I think, if anything.
It might be because we lifted the... the roof to paint it properly.
It's just exposed more of it to the... to the Rain.
Yeah the... the treatment didn't work so I'm gonna have to do it again.
It's now October so we're now six months on from starting this project, and that tin has been on the roof for the entire summer. 
Today's literally the very last day where the weather's like this - it's now rain from now till next year, so I've got to do this today!
I don't know what I'm going to do differently but I do know that I'm going to ruin this watering can and this brush and maybe another brush as well if that's too stiff.
I've got a camera up here in my daughter's bedroom, so I'm gonna stick this out the window you'll be able to see me on the Roof 
Oh do it all over again. I'm gonna have to pour more on, a lot more. 
I think my biggest worry is that I'm going to make a really big mess. 
It's the trouble with doing DIY when the whole family's out. Something terrible happens... it's gonna be a while before they come back...
I know the leak or the hole in the roof covering is around here somewhere. 
I just have no idea where!
Sort of hoping that I could see somewhere obvious that needs fixing, but to me all of this needs fixing! 
I think it's here somewhere.
Let's open up the can of tar. 
It's still looking good after six months of not being used and I'm trying something different this time. I'm pouring it all over the roof to act like the puddles of rainwater. 
If this leaks in, hopefully the tar will follow the path that the water follows except this time it will fill the holes causing the leak. But I need to be sure I'm spreading it around as much as possible. 
I’m using the broom to brush it around and fill every possible hole and crack that's causing the leak. 
I'm also kind of pushing it away from the edge so it doesn't just run off the side of the building. 
It's a bit messy and it's very hit or miss. I think that I'm going to need to put a lot more on.
This is how I'm leaving it on the roof.
I've let the liquid pool in the same areas that the rainwater goes and just hoping now that it will dry before the next rain storm comes. 
Big time Jump - it’s a few days later and this is our first storm since sealing the roof. 
I don't know if you can see the rain, it's about to break my very expensive camera. 
It is quite heavy. Let's go inside - M.O.T. - moment of truth. 
Let's see if the roof has held.
This was the light that it was dripping from before.
I can't see anything at all. 
I think I've completely done it!
I'm calling this a dad delivers success! 
That is amazing. I'm so pleased because usually these buckets would be dripping and they'd be they'd be full, but look... it’s completely empty. Not a drop! 
Thanks for sticking with it this far into the video. If you have reached this point thank you for being awesome and hitting a thumbs up - but it means a lot to me and right here is what YouTube knows you're gonna love to watch next!
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Making our hallway WARMER for winter

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Monday, 25 September 2023

Making our hallway WARMER for winter

GET STICK-ON WINDOW INSULATION here to keep your windows warm! (Amazon paid links)

HELLO! ANOTHER DIY home improvement video around the house: this time some entrance hallway ideas... Or one idea. Our walls get really cold, so been dreaming of this idea to panel the walls with MDF, so they aren't super cold and grow mould underneath the coats on hooks.

Can I get the MDF panelling cut to size and put up on the walls?? Will they fit above and below the dado rail?  How many coats can we get up there??? 

Making our hallway WARMER for winter!


oh oh no just hit that
I'm taking a chunk out of the... I'll have to fix...
hello I'm Neil, welcome back to the channel this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things to make your family happy and oh today I'm trying to make the family happy by making them warmer... come closer 
I've got uh... I've been putting this off for two years 
I've got this really lunatic idea and I'm not sure how it's gonna work or if it's going to work but let's... let's just do it and see what happens
we're gonna make the hallway warm for this winter 
wherever you're watching this around the world you would have seen the headlines you know how energy prices are going up
it's funny but the standing charge has also gone up by a lot which has got nothing to do with wholesale Energy prices it's... it's almost as if the whole system is skewed against us but I'm going to change that with nine millimetres of MDF and I'm going to do it here so this is... Welcome to our hallway 
this wall is really cold it's really super cold and we need some coat hooks up on it but the trouble is when we put coats on the wall this is what happens 
I've got some coat hooks down here almost to... to demonstrate 
it's not so bad now but this gets really mouldy
the cold air would come in through the door but it also would hit this wall which is a really super cold and then moisture would build up and it would basically just... just go mouldy and black
we even had to remove the wallpaper because it got so bad so this is the plan because it flash forwards to some of the steps ahead 
I've got some MDF and the plan is to put the MDF up on the wall to keep the wall warm 
sorry, there's a bit of noise in the background because my son's doing some baking so sorry about the the drilling noises
let's get started 
first thing I need to do is to measure around the... well, the bit of wall that I want to cover which is fairly straightforward but I want to keep it above this dado rail 
can you see it's like this bulky rail in the middle here so I'm going to have one piece of MDF sitting on top of that
the other problem that I've got is that I have to get around these bits of wall
the wall isn't even and I've got this nice kind of wooden... I don't know what you'd call it... architrave? 
basically where the door meets the wall it's got some nice curly bits in which means I've got to cut exactly around those and then it's off to our favourite place, B&Q the DIY Superstore 
uh this is this is us on a nicer day than today and we went looking for the perfect piece of wood 
now probably I know... I know what you're saying: why don't you put plasterboard up? 
but I can't plaster the whole wall and I don't really want to do the entire you know... all the way up the stairs as well
B&Q have got me covered it seems this MDF 
I've gone for the 9mm thick version I went to my favourite part of the store 
It's featured on this channel I think for the fourth time now the uh the B&Q cutting service uh gave the the guy the... the exact dimensions that I wanted to the millimetre 
I'm not sure how that's going to work out because the walls aren't straight and the measurement on one side isn't the same on the other but I've given it my best shot and here they are cutting up all the bits of wood that we need
happily it's all here in the hallway 
I've had this idea for about two years I don't know how it's going to go 
the first thing that I need to do which is I... I think it's quite hard is that I've got to measure these weird wobbly bits and I've got to kind of draw them onto the MDF 
now I've got a tool that can help... help me draw odd corners 
Aww copyright music - quick! run very quickly we've got Radio 2 playing 
let's have a look in the garage
I've got this tool that is used for measuring flooring - it's to measure odd bits around flooring 
I think it's in this box I'm going to reach in and see if I can get it ah yes 
now it's this thing here and look if you hold it up against the irregular surface it kind of measures it for you
you can draw... you can use it 
I think it's supposed to be for flooring to get you around with bits of skirting and door frames
whoa that didn't sound good 
time to run through the copyright music playing in the background 
oh [Music] next I'll clear the area out and you can't see it down here look 
I've got all these coats to get rid of so I'll just move them to over here 
let's get the coat hooks off
this is a sad time because these are our only coat hooks in the hallway - once these are gone I've got to go through with this plan and get lots more coat hooks up
next I'll cover the table in the dog blanket to stop the MDF from getting wet
now I'm just laying out the wood and measuring up the big chunk that I need to cut out but let's go indoors now for the... the tricky part - so I've got my weird shape measuring tool and I'm just going to push it in just to get this shape for the curve that I need to cut in
that's as far in as it will go - now I can use this on the MDF and use it to cut the right shape
now I'm using the jigsaw to knock out the bit that I think will be missing and this is a bit of a guess because it's all based on my rough drawing 
but before I can put it up I need to clear this area here 
I've made a whole video about this bus blind
I'll put it on screen now and in the description 
it is very dear to me this was the bus that I used to get to school sometimes uh I don't know why I've got it in the hallway but I just like it
Moment of Truth here we go I'll just hold it up here - slide it in and that bottom doesn't work
it's going to be messy but I'm going to... I'm going to cut a piece off here and hope that I don't ruin it 
let's lift it into place and see what happens
it's hitting the dado rail at the bottom but I think this is going to work
I'm going to take off a few millimetres at the bottom which is a shame because that's the straightest stage and the one that you see 
I - N - E - it's never easy
I probably need a straighter line to cut on this one so I've taken the wood outside
I'm going to do it on the table - this could go very wrong
let's slide it in - oh yes that's it... it fits - I'm calling this a Dad delivers... not yet, not yet 
we'll hold with the success what I need to do now is to somehow fix it to the wall 
I'm doing that by marking in the corners maybe one in the middle just to keep it flush with the wall 
this might involve a lot of drilling but I'm drilling holes - kind of pilot holes for where I want the screws to go
I don't want them too close to the edge because they'll split the MDF
hopefully I've got six clean marks - yes - new drill bit
the masonry drill bit, I hope this works

I think I'm going to use my corded drill because it might just give me just that bit more power and I'll put in a rawlplug as well oh please go in please go in yes 
this wired hammer drill has just a bit more oomph than my battery power drill 
it feels like a bit of a luxury having two drills and I actually preferred the battery one because it's more portable but sometimes you need just a bit more muscle to get through these really old hard walls 
in goes the last wall plug oh I've just done the last one I knew it! 
let's try this time - boom - there you go
tricky part, I've got to make sure that the screws line up with all of those holes
oh oh no just hit that I'm taking a chunk out of the... I'll have to fix that next! 
Moment of Truth now I'm going to screw the board onto the wall 
I'm gonna find the screw holes and just fingers crossed the screws make the the wall plugs in the right place
it works it works! 
it's not a dad delivers success though I've got a small problem 
I don't know whether to let it go what do you think - what would you do - leave me a comment or a thumbs up if you reach this point
so the whole idea was that it would be countersunk so that has gone in that's great and I can cover that with filler and it'll be invisible 
this one is almost flush, won't go any further
this one is just sticking out I... I can't let that lie, and it's the most prominent one as well
I think ah it's always that time of the DIY isn't it?
the perfectionism 
It... but it's okay as it is
what should I do? 
I'm gonna do it 
I have this special drill bit that it kind of drills a little bit of a hole in the... the... the base of the thing so that the screw head goes underneath the surface 
it gives it a little bit of a dig
take this screw out 
and now I'll get the drill bit with the countersink here 
oh I hope this doesn't ruin it
I mean really I should have done this before I put it on the wall there we go you can see there's like a little Groove there and then put the screw back in here we go
did it
I am really happy with this it... it might not look like much but to me this is warmth
this means there won't be any mould here so I don't know if you can see that the... all the screws are now countersunk after I threw a tizz and redid them, but now I'm going to get the bus blind back into position 
I think I need to readjust the screws for that to work and then work out how I do the coat hooks 
I'm drawing a line where I want the middle of the coat hooks to be so I'm now using a wooden drill bit - the thinnest wooden drill bit that I've got to Mark out the holes for the hooks 
I think this is going to work and now that means I can just screw the coat hooks into place using those pilot holes
they seem to be going in really easily yeah let me try this let me go click click click this is one more click that's how it's done


oh no no the drill bit snapped! oh no oh this could be really really bad 
I mean I've spaced them out perfectly so if I can't put a screw in there I can't have them in this Arrangement I've got to get that drill bit out 
oh I knew there's something to go wrong 
these are the pliers that I'm going to use and it's why I wear the glasses as well anyway let's see if these work
Please, please, please work yes

I got it okay uh what am I gonna use now I'm going to use what I probably should have used in the first place which is a... a masonry bit which is a bit stronger but these snap all the time as well 
It's done! 
okay this is so satisfying for the first time in a long time we've finally got some coat hooks 
not just coat hooks but we've got two rows and that means there's a hook for each of us and this second row could be there for bags and dog leads and who knows what else 
but hopefully the wall of coats and clinging to two or three hooks is over 
they've got somewhere here in the hallway
that was a pretty good day 
it took a day but it was worth it
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers 
just click on his face thanks bye! Alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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Epic hack for my teen's IKEA bed: cool LIGHT SWITCH in headboard!

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Sunday, 24 September 2023

Epic hack for my teen's IKEA bed: cool LIGHT SWITCH in headboard!

This is an epic IKEA hack for my son's wooden Neiden bed. We fit this really cool illuminated on-off switch INTO the headboard to control the bedside lamp! It's 12V and lights up when the lamp is switched on, or can be set to light up by itself without controlling the lamp.

(As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)
Wooden double bed:
Clip-on bedside lamp:

Epic hack for my teen's IKEA bed: cool LIGHT SWITCH in headboard!


Does it work? Heh! Okay, hey, oh, that's so cool! Hello, come and have a look at this. We have embedded this really cool light-up switch into this IKEA bed for my teenage son. When you switch it on, it lights up, or if I flip a switch here, you can just light it up by yourself. This is the Dad Delivers Vlog, where we try new things to make your family happy, and the new thing I'm trying today is to fit a cool light switch to my son's bed. This is an Ikea Neiden bed, a wooden bed, but you could probably do this with any old bed. This is how the bed looks before we start drilling into it. It's a classic Ikea clip-on bed lamp, the Navlinge LED clamp spotlight, and this is the wooden headboard that we're drilling into. It's an Ikea Neiden or Neiden bed, I think it's strong enough to take the switch. I've already marked up in pencil where we want the light-up switch to go, but we have a problem. The switch is really deep, but the headboard is too thick to screw the switch from behind and hold it in place. You can see the metal thread on the side doesn't quite make it through, and we need that to put the nut on which holds it steady in place from behind.
Let's just start destroying the bed with my power drill. This flat drill bit is the exact size of the light-up light switch, so hopefully, this will all fit. And then there's no hole there. So can you keep going really gently until I say stop? Okay, we want to drill just up to the point where the drill bit hits the other side, then pull it out, and I'll show you why, because on the other side, there is this pilot hole here that shows the middle for the bigger drill bit. We are going to use a bigger drill bit from behind to clear some wood out so that we can screw the switch to the headboard. And I need this hole to show me where the centre is. None of this will work out properly, unfortunately, but this is what we're trying. You can only centre it with that pin, so if I drilled all the way through, this wouldn't have anything to guide it, so we're just going to do a small about half the depth that you did before. Okay, already I can see here that we've got the drill turning the wrong way around, which doesn't help, but it turns out that's the last of my worries.
Let's just start the hole. I'll hold the bed. Don't let it slip. I'm now losing the pilot hole that was guiding the other side. I probably wouldn't do it this way again, and we're about to hit an even bigger problem. Can you see what it is? Maybe a bit more. Turns out this drill bit isn't big enough for the screw nut anyway, so now we've moved to the other side, we can finish off the hole. That terrible noise you can hear is the drill bit hitting the metal bolt that's holding the headboard and the bed together. You can see it on the side there, plain as day, but it takes me a very long time to work this out. Oh, um, I just wanted... it might be hitting. It's not hitting. It's not hitting the metal. I thought... I thought... I forgot this. This is actually holding it in, isn't it? Yep, but I still have another go to confirm it anyway, even though it's really obvious. We can see it, hear it, and more and more, I can even feel the bolt in there. I think there might be a screw there. I can see it. Oh, God. Yeah, it's the screw, isn't it? Oh, Joe, that's a fail. Oh, that's a big fat fail. I did not even think about that. I'm so sorry. Okay, so we didn't realize that we've hit a screw, and you can actually see the screw there. We didn't realize that it's hit this screw, and this screw is quite an important structural thing. We've now got to remove the screw and see if we can replace the screw with something. It's just taken out. Can actually see it go out. Fantastic. So we'll carry on. Oh, it's held in place, though. Yeah, it might be okay without any screw. So we're gonna... we can continue to drill the hole now. It should go through. The problem here is that we've lost the small pilot hole that was guiding the drill bit through the hole in a very straight line. It's now kind of going all over the place, which really doesn't help. So I'm going to go from the other side now. Let's keep trying, but without that clean pilot hole, I'm sort of making the hole a big wibbly-wobbly line that I hope the front of the switch will be able to cover, that's if I don't make too much of a mess. The other guide hole's gone really wrong, isn't it? Let's just push on through to the other side and see what we've got at the end of it. I can feel the drill is straying and hitting the top part of the headboard there, but I need to clear out this wood to be able to get the barrel of the switch in here.
Okay, so get the switch. Lay the switch in. See if it fits. Yeah, I can put some filler in the side there. Wait. And the nut will hold it in place as well. So what we can do now is put the nut on, hold it in place, and then we can put some filler in that hole where it's slipped... I'm not entirely convinced about this, but I can't undo this hole that we've drilled now anyway. Look at the mess I'm making now, just anything it takes to clear the area around the hole so that the nut can grip the switch on the other side and hold it in place. I'm just clearing some space, but I probably shouldn't be using the drill for this. I should probably be getting the chisel out if I could find it. These drill bits are bigger than the one that's the exact size of the switch, but it isn't really big enough to clear an area for the nut, and without the pilot hole to guide it, look at it. It's just slipping and chipping all over the place. I'll give it one last go and hope that it clears enough wood to hold the back of the switch. What a mess. Is it there now? We can cut into the cord for the IKEA bed lamp. Don't worry. The lead is unplugged, and we've left enough to be able to move the lamp around the headboard once it's all screwed in. That's it.
And yes, I am using my nail clippers to strip the wire and get it ready to screw into the cord grip. Now we're cutting this terminal block of cord grips to wire the switch. We'll need three in a row for all the connections that we'll need to light it up. And now we can screw in the cables. This is running at slow voltage, 12 volts, so if we do muck it up, fingers crossed it won't be too much of a catastrophe. This is how the wiring looks like at the back of the bed. It goes into this blue loom that you can disconnect from the switch, which is really helpful. We've followed the wiring instructions from the Amazon listing. You can wire the switch to light up when it's on or off or for it to be always on or always off. 
And then plug it in. 
Plug it in. 
Moment of truth. 
It's all in. Does it work? Hey, oh, that's so cool! What do you think? I am calling this a Dad Delivers success! 
Yeah, high five!
We are now screwing the terminal block out of the way behind the headboard here. This will keep all the wiring out of sight and nice and tidy so no cables can get pulled out of place. There you go. I think I did slow. And then it will push the thing down. There you go, perfect. That's it. Wow, that looks pretty good. I really like how this is looking, and this switch is still on the cable. We can tuck this behind the headboard too to control the power to the light-up light switch. Just some final taps to hold this in place, and I think we're done. This is how the final thing looks from behind the bed before we push it back against the wall and hide everything forever. And somehow we managed to make all of this work. That's how it looks from behind. This is how it looks now, and my son, I think, really loves this. He loves the flexibility of being able to turn it on and off without having to reach behind the bedpost to try and find the switch each time. If you've made it to this point of the video, thank you for watching and hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. It really helps us to keep this channel going. And right here is something that YouTube knows that you're going to love watching next.

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How we treat mould in our hallway

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How we treat mould in our hallway

Finished putting up the MDF in our hallway to made our house warmer... and even blocked up our letterbox. Then the mould came back. Pretty instantly. Biggest mistake was not painting it. 

So time to take down the coat hooks and panels, paint the sections individually and see if they will go back into the screw holes. 
This is a dicey operation because the screws and panels have to go back pretty accurately... 


The mould is back in our hallway!



hello welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where we try new things to make your family happy and today our Calamity something has gone very very wrong with our hallway it's a Saturday morning a family or in various rooms watching various platforms but I'm stuck in the hallway to look at this now this doesn't look like much because I've just spent about 20 minutes cleaning mould off the walls with this about a month ago I released this video where I spent a very very long time trying to make this hallway warmer by putting up sheets of MDF onto the cold walls and I thought that if I covered the walls with MDF it would make the walls warmer and so condensation wouldn't hit the walls and become mouldy that's that's what I thought a very kind viewer left me this comment to say that's great but don't forget MDF acts like a complete sponge you're gonna have to paint it to avoid it getting moldy and I really appreciated the comments and I knew I'd get around to it but Manana Manana I just didn't think it was that urgent and within about two weeks this happened it is about two or three weeks after I put up the panels and look look what's happened the worst the absolute worst that could have happened has happened oh let's put a light on it ah so we had some coats and bags hung up here and this is what happened it's just disgusting this is mould right in the corner and on the side there hi Casper and a little bit of mold up in that corner the whole lower wall just turned into a wall of mold look at it just green furry the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen happened and also what was really confusing was that there used to be well there is a letter box there and I thought that's where the cold air was coming in so I've blocked it up thinking that will stop the cold draft as well as insulating the walls just didn't work at all maybe it's because it's the hallway it's just that corner of the house doesn't have much air circulation certainly doesn't get any heat and oh it's just revolting let's take off all the coat hooks now I'm just gonna oh it took so long to line these up so hopefully getting them on a second time won't be quite so bad I managed to get eight coat hooks up so down come the eight coat hooks and before I take off this board of MDF I've got what six screws to take off I'm going to Future proof this now over here I've got to stop this boing boing so I'm going to drill a pilot hole through the MDF and into the walls so that when the MDF comes off the wall I'll be able to drill a seventh hole it took me a very long time to line up all of these screws and get them in at the at the right angle all six of them in exactly the right place and like I say I literally have no idea that I'll ever be able to get this board back on into place again if it is it's curtains well not curtains but no MDF I think I'm gonna have to go to B&Q and buy a brand new board and start again here I am painting the panels of MDF in just a regular Emulsion it's the uh it's the color of the rest of the walls I have no idea whatsoever if this will actually waterproof the boards and stop the mould from growing again or stop the boards from soaking up moisture which will then grow the mould but I'm doing it anyway because I haven't got anything else that I can do this is my only last ditch option and it might very well not work what's frustrating with this is that I've got to do two coats and even then I don't know if it's going to protect the boards from what I need to protect it from I'm going to take down the other ones now look this is literally in the last week look what happens it's grown back so I'm going to wipe this off with more yet more sterilizing fluid and then I need to take these off and get them painted so here's the mould on the other side of the of the board look at it ah it's even worse than it was before [Music]

and then difficult step two is that I've got to put them back up on the walls but I've got to find the exact spot with the with the screws which is it's got to be really precise and it is really difficult finding the holes because they can Wiggle from left to right I have no leeway either way with this there we go they're all up my goodness that was my worst bit I mean basically DIY is just covering up stuff isn't it it's just getting stuff to cover up other stuff in your home this probably shows how big the problem I've got look at this look how rusted it is look that's how much water has happened it just in the last few weeks the completely rusted these were brand new so I'm gonna put the the super Rusty ones on the bottom row I'll put the nice ones at the top the ones we can actually see and I'll just screw these in they just they're just being held up by the MDF the screws sort of going through to the wall a little bit but just enough to hold the hooks up at least I've got guide holes this time round I'm not having to measure it all out and plan it all out it really is just putting the hooks back on the wall I am calling this that Dad delivers success whoa is this something you would attempt is there anything you're doing in your hallway I'd love to know leave me a comment down below and right here is some other stuff that I've done and probably what happens next can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is gonna be the proper one right?

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How to clean washing machine filter or clothes dryer filters

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Saturday, 23 September 2023

How to clean washing machine filter or clothes dryer filters

Here's how we clean our washing machine and tumble dryer filters.
I'm sure your washer and dryer are different makes but hope the principles are the same to help you get yours emptied before it seizes up!
I force our washing machine filter open to rinse it out and as a bonus move over to the tumble dryer fluff filter and condenser.

(I earn from qualifying purchases)




THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT - CLICK PLAY ON THE VIDEO ABOVE! this. Have I got any Curry on my face?
[No, you don’t!] 
Hello I'm Neil, this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try something new every day - every video - to try and make your family happy. 
This is a dull one, you're gonna help me with this aren't you? 
Because this is a job that I've put off for years. 
Basically that I do the jobs that you and I are putting off around the house, so that you can live vicariously through my sometimes occasionally doing stuff... is this... 
It's down here, so the first thing we've got to do is clear the washing. 
Obviously we're not going to do the washing! 
I want to get to that flap down there. 
Alright so we need uh we need a tray for this. 
What we're going to do, we are going to empty the filter. We'll clean the filter for the washing machine. 
I need a tray. 
Why are we doing it? Because if it gets blocked up we'll have to call the washing machine engineer man but it could be any gender but it is usually a man who comes around.
So I put the tray down: this is to stop any leaks. 
Can I, can I show you how to do it because... ow! Yeah you might need to do this one day. 
We might need to avoid this job one day. 
In the future they won't have this. 
Well this is true. In the... in the Elon Musk future with Tesla Cars and things.
Right so can you push it up so it really does go across the front? 
Right the first thing we need to do is can you work out how to get the flap... oh you know how to do it?! 
Well done, oh wow! Well you did that really quickly! 
So you just pull the thing down, let it drain out. 
Obviously your washing machine is going to be different from ours but this will show you the basic principles of how to clean a filter and it might inspire you to have a go. 
Okay, that looks... that looks right so now can you work out a way to open that so that it comes out? 
What do you mean? 
Well you either close it up and turn it anti-clockwise or you turn it anti-clockwise like that. 
Right so I think if you do this... this might be a short video. 
Why don’t you just rip it off and see what happens? 
Oh maybe -- hey that's not a bad idea! 
I told you. 
Good idea, right okay, but I'm not sure... but I'm not sure what we want to do is turn it so it comes out. 
I'll do it with force okay here we go... Use two hands...
Can you do me a favour? Can you take this tray away? I'll hold the camera because that might give me a little bit more room. 
Please don't... please don't tip it on my head! 
I'll hold it, you stand up. 
One-handedly is kind of a risk...
Yeah okay yeah but oh no! 
I... we can't let it go... let go let go let go... you can't let it go in the big box of washing powder. 
Yeah you're good? 
Yeah I'll ruin it... they'll ruin it... in it... don't do it over the powder... 
I almost just spilled it down your back and the dogs at the door. 
We should have poured this into a container instead... 
oh that would be yeah... get a bowl
Good work son! Right I've made a complete mess here though.
Maybe if I use a cloth?
I can't turn it! Can I stop recording anymore? 
Yeah yeah go on yeah... it's too hard isn't it? 
You could turn it - there's an arrow yeah, so turn it this way and it's clockwise yeah? 
If not I'll just give up and then we'll just get a new washing machine. 
Okay Joe what I've done... I've pushed that arm back in and I'm going to push in... oh no as well as turning it... to turn it... oh my goodness... it's so stiff, alright here comes... it is moving...
Do you want to try? Hang on I'll just do one more bit. There we go, right here it comes, here it comes. We’re gonna make sure we've got the tray back because it will flood out again. 
It’s gonna blow! 
Here we go, I've not done this in five years. 
You’re supposed to do it every like three months. Here we go, here we go... oh that's grinding... 
This is why... here it comes... 
And then nothing comes out. Just a big smell. 
Here we go right so this is five years worth of stuff from our washing machine. 
Five years, there we go, here we go. 
Right so use the arm and, you know, I got to the point where I didn't care if it broke, but it didn’t.
Here it comes.
Oh do yours now. Don't do what we've done. 
Yeah do it right now... don't do it yeah... watch our video like subscribe and do it now. 
Oh thanks yeah I always forget to say if you've reached this point hit a thumbs up because that cheers us up doesn't it? Yeah.
You just have to pull it. You’re twisting it a lot.
I am, I am, you’re right.
Hooray!  Ugghghhh...
Oh look - there’s a leaf!
What do you think we’ve got inside?
I’m blaming Mum.
So there’s a leaf, which is quite fresh! Do you think it's kept alive? 
Yeah. There’s a plaster. 
We found a new preserver! 
A plaster -- and there's some disgusting Gunk uh what else? 
I'd love to clean that I think... Just rinse it under the tap. 
Wait let me Zoom inside. 
Come on how low can you get in there? Or can you push the camera in? 
There we go. Oh, well done. 
So that's what it looks like. 
Yeah, we got good light. That's what it looks like -- so I think I'm gonna have to put my hand in aren’t I? It’s all dirty!
Right should I put my hand in? 
Yeah -- you could be a normal person and get a tissue and um paper towel. 
What um -- but you're a dirty Daddy -- but this is why -- this is why it wouldn't turn look it's crusted up! 
That's why I couldn't turn it. 
Flick it in your face! Wow yeah I'm gonna need a butter knife or something. 
I thought there'd be more in there so that's good but yeah it's all encrusted around here and that's... that's why it didn't turn. I need a brush I think. 
I’ve got an old toothbrush - well I hope it's old - and I'm gonna just scrape this.
It's got right into the thread... it's been really gunked up...
I am really just over the moon delighted that we've managed to... to turn it and get the the filter lid open because if you can't get that open it's... it's bad news you're gonna have to start looking up YouTube videos on how to put your washing machine on its back... and unscrew pumps and clips and everything... but uh we've just about caught it just in time so five years! 
I don't know how it's lasted five years I'm quite impressed and what is that leaf and then the plaster? They look quite fresh don't they? 
Let's do the washing that I'm avoiding and then give this a rinse 
There's some chunks in here that you can probably come out. 
The stuff that got caught in the thread, which stopped it turning round was I think it's just limescale. 
Time to slot it in, there's a bonus coming up - stay watching because there's now a bonus that I'm gonna try and give to you, but just turn that in and it's just so much easier to turn in now. 
Okay that's in.
Done! Now onto a bonus one over here. 
If you are lucky enough to have a tumble dryer whacking up those energy bills, then we need to do exactly the same thing over here. 
There's the really obvious filter in the bottom of the door that will catch fire if you never empty it and it's... it's really satisfying getting this one clean. 
I don't know what's wrong with me but I've always wanted to use this stuff that comes out the filter to make new clothes. 
One day, in Elon musk's dystopian future, but there's another hidden filter that we hardly ever look at. 
I'm hoping this will be slightly easier because I've done this before. 
I haven't left it quite so long but it's been a while. 
Let's get the camera closer on this one. 
We've got two latches so pull that one up, that one down, and now it says what...
“Clean the condenser after 30 use” 
Yeah that's... that's not happened. Oh look, so this is the filter or the condenser filter for the whole tumble dryer. Let's pull this out we're going to take this over to the sink. 
What I'm doing here is just pouring water down one side through the filter - it's called a condenser I think - but it's just to loosen up all the fluff and Gunk that's built up inside this over the years. 
And look at the torrents of filth pouring out from the bottom. 
Oh it's disgusting. It's just hair and fluff and Gunk that's built up over a long time. I'm trying to get the water in at different angles just to loosen up between all of the vents in here. 
And you can just see how much is... is pouring out. I'm not putting my hands in because these metal grilles are really sharp. I'm flipping the condenser onto its side and washing some... some water in from the sides as well being careful - really careful not to touch these metal grills because they are super sharp. 
And even here look, you can see even more stuff is coming out. Let's just take off these final bits by hand, but you know the sharp bits are there so be careful and you can see just how much has come out. These are sticking on because of the hair. 
I might even use the toothbrush for this just to see if there's any more stuff that will come out from the inside. Uh disgusting it doesn't have to be super clean I don't think. It's just washing out the build up, is all you're supposed to do.
Oh man and look how much is left in the sink. Just to show you how much went in there. That's quite a lot of stuff for just a little thing isn't it? Now we can put the whole thing back into the tumble dryer. We'll just push it into place. Line it up. Slide it in and don't forget to lock it and thank you so much if you're kind enough to hit the thumbs up button and really appreciate it. 

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18 thrilling ideas for budget low cost family day out trip to London

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Friday, 22 September 2023

18 thrilling ideas for budget low cost family day out trip to London

Taking my son to London for a day with NO plan to see what we can see and do. It's another one of our unplanned day trips to give you some ideas and tips for a thrilling day out with the family!

0:00 18 Ideas for cheap things for a family day trip to London tips
2:48 John Lewis department store top floor cafe restaurant "Place To Eat"
3:25 Microsoft Experience Store gaming lounge
5:00 Emirates London cable car in North Greenwich Peninsula to Royal Docks

18 THRILLING IDEAS for London day trip with kids and family!



I apologize for the oversight. Here's the text with all the carriage returns removed:

Oh he's here, she’s here
That's amazing oh thank you thank you
Hello I'm Neil and this is Joe and oh by the way we're in London
We've got this thing going where we take random trips - oh that's better - where we take random trips to London mainly and we just jump on a train and we have no plan whatsoever we just see how many things we can do in... in that one trip and this is our next trip
we sat by the river over there and had some steak and chips
oh my god it was amazing
so it's another Neil and Joe trip to London
that's our view right now so we've started the day with steak and chips have a look at this
we had this before on one of our earlier trips to London
you've... you've gone for the jus of tomato on there and and I've gone for the...
I can't remember what it's called
it's not chimichanga
chimura or something it's herbs and pesto
and anyway... anyway so taste the chip oh that's good
let's go for a steak get some of this on
look at that I don't know if my action camera is picking this but uh oh my god
this is Trafalgar Square and you want to go to oxford street yeah okay
go talk to Oxford Street then
he wants to go back in
look he does it for tourists - Look, look, you pay him money and he throws his dog in.
I think the dog likes it.
And we've stumbled upon a demonstration which is always nice.
We’ve seen demonstrations before haven't we?
This one is an anti-racism demonstration - they’ve got banners to hand out look do you buy them?
Or do you just get them?
This is a bit of a secret the top floor of john lewis department store
You can eat outside it's good it's covered and we've gone for a cake and a cup of hot chocolate how is that?
it's great
So now there's another demonstration but it's um it's kind of going right at 90 degrees to the other demonstration we just walked past.
Gaming lodge.
Wow that was a surprise, so we were standing there - we were standing down the edge of the store.
Every time we come into the Microsoft store we just go to the console at the beginning just at the start and then a member of staff came over and we thought we were doing something wrong and they said you do know there's a whole gamer's lodge upstairs right so we went upstairs and then saw this!
It was a complete gaming area where you can just sit there properly so standing in the corridor but the seats were so comfortable and it was like you know highest resolution monitors…
No it wasn’t.
How long were we in there for?
Do you think half an hour?
yeah probably
oh man that was good
it's four o'clock we're thinking can we get to the cable car - the pointless emirates cable car and it's... it's so far out from central London so let's take a really long journey on the Jubilee Line out to the emirates cable car and just sit on the tube for 45 minutes to get there.
So we're at North Greenwich and there's the... you can probably see the millennium dome behind us... there's the cable car just over there and there's the uh one of them taking off
Do you take money?
Yes I do
Oh do you want to do this cash or card?
Oh yeah can I pay by card please
Okay thanks.
So we had to buy from that ticket place - we’ve got our boarding passes we're good to go
yeah, when we were here before it was a lot slower - these look pretty uh pretty nippy pretty rapid.
Oh no they look slow there.
Excuse me can I take a video of your backpack?
[What’s her name?]
Oh he's here - that’s amazing oh thank you thank you!
This is it - this is our car - after you - in we go - oh my goodness - oh it's so warm
So the doors are closing and we're ready for takeoff...
Oh my goodness - whoa
Whoa it just sways - Can you stand up?
Yeah so I didn't think...
I didn't think we would say anything while we're actually in the cable car but it's really...
it's really fast.
It's so cool - we came here before like years ago probably 5 years ago and yeah it definitely didn't go this fast then.
There was hardly anyone there - there was no queue - and, but now I think they want to get the people through.
But the other good thing is that you get the the whole cable car capsule - the pod to yourself, which is pretty cool.
I guess that's a postcovid thing.
I wonder if I can show you some uh some sights?
So it's quite windy today and it's... it's... it's really swaying - there’s like a safety kit underneath there.
Woah coming in to land!
I thought we’d stay on?
Excuse me, do we have to get off if we've got a return?
Round trip?
Is it North Greenwich one?
Yes, let’s go!
Okay so this is pretty cool because we've got the round trip we could stay on I thought we had to get off and queue again like they do in theme parks but we get to stay on which is cool
So I don't know if you can see it but the... because it's sunset the cable cars are starting to light up. It’s like something from Star Wars. We’re coming in for land now oh man, how is it not... how does it stay at the same speed? I don't know but the... the wind has died down which is uh a good thing on this is honestly we paid 15 pounds for this and that I’d pay 50 for this y Yeah that was... that was worth it thank you. That's my lucky coin.

So the final thing that we’re going to do is to see how far into the O2 Centre we can go. I’m not sure how far in you can go without a ticket but we just wanted to see if we can get in the Millennium Dome. Or what's left of it after it got torn apart in that storm. So we had to do a bag check and we couldn't be bothered so yeah that was good we got to see a bit of the Millennium Dome. Oh, what was the score out of 10 for this trip? It'd be a nine but it'd be a 10 if we eat.

Hey I've started a playlist for these videos for these random trips to London that's on screen now and… Is it really? Yeah yeah well I'll do it when I've made the video... and right here's

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LOCK LACES save me time every day! No Tie Laces!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday, 21 September 2023

LOCK LACES save me time every day! No Tie Laces!

(As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

What are the best shoe, trainer, sneaker replacement laces? 
Do No-Tie shoe laces work? What do Triathletes use for speed laces?
I walk through how I've replaced every lace on my shoes, trainers, sneakers and boots with Lock Laces. I love these. The things I can do with the time I free up from not tying shoe laces... writing books, recording podcasts, helping charity... and definitely not playing wormmate. This is my second Vlogmas video... I'm not sure I can keep this up.

Save time EVERY DAY... using these LOCK LACES!



Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut! 
The Tower of Power... the shed of Dreams... look there's Casper there keeping guard 
you're doing good work, thank you! 
I'm going to share with you how I'm never going to tie shoelaces again 
This is the dad delivers Vlog where we try new things to make your family happy and I'm a bit obsessed with not tying shoelaces with these... 
they're called lock laces and they are the little bungee ropes with a gripper on the top to stop them falling off and stop your shoes falling off 
They're brilliant - they’ve changed my life. I’ve put them on absolutely everything 
I've put them on all my shoes and trainers and Boots 
Not my funeral shoes - the one bit of Footwear that's avoided these is my funeral shoes 
I’m in no rush to tie those on, but with lock laces I put them on absolutely everything else “Epsolutely?” That’s quite posh, isn’t it? absolutely! 
Here's some footage shot in sunnier times... oh man I wish it were that warm now uh and this footage demonstrates how I've put them on all my shoes because I... I shot this for my random nine gift ideas video which is doing stormingly well... I think I've got 100 views on it 
You can get the lock laces in different colours... uh I've gone all the way from black all the way through to Blue - I put blue onto my boots. 
I wasn't quite sure about this but I sort of like it. 
Now there are different types of lock laces - there are pretenders to the crown - copycat challengers to the lock lace realm - and on these dare I say cheaper ones, you squeeze the gripper from the side... 
And the gripper is also metal, and it's... it's really difficult - it’s a complete pain because look these lock laces they've just got one button 
They're one and done, and we notice you've got to squeeze them from side to side - you’ve got to use two hands, so even in the space of being lazy with your shoelaces there's an even lazy option and that's the lock lace like, which I heartily recommend 
So let's get these on 
I'm putting them on my son's boots. 
He's been begging me to do this for about a month now and he couldn't wait to get started on his new boots which is completely understandable. 
Let’s take out the laces. By the way while I'm doing that, these lock laces are in the link in the description if you wanted to buy these ones 
They're not cheap, unfortunately but they're worth every penny, so you've got two grippers 
Two things that go on the end and two laces, so we're gonna lace up the boots first 
I'm just gonna go to there... I can't be bothered to do the... the two eyelets at the top and I'm gonna get it fairly tight but not really tight, just to get an idea... and then we've got this bit on the end 
Let's do the other one. By the way I've just noticed I've only bought these a week ago and the eyelets are already rusting 
It looks cool but I was hoping it would last longer than a week! 
Right so now we've got these dangly bits - you could just leave them like that but it would really annoy you 
You know you'd be tripping on them. This is a delicate part of the operation because obviously once I've cut it I can't go back. Let’s put the gripper on. 
You don’t want this to be too long so I'm going to pull it tight to there and I reckon I'm gonna go to about there, so I'm gonna cut those and do it on the other side 
Now just measure how much I want it to be out by. and then I'll cut those there 
Put the lock lace gripper on 
I'm not sponsored by them 
I should be shouldn't I? 
Now we've got a stopper on the end to stop the gripper from flying off 
We just feed the laces into the stopper and then we can snap it shut like this 
There we go, that looks really tidy 
Do the same on the other shoe and squeeze it shut. 
There we go - lock laces on the two boots for the boy yeah! 
I'm calling this a Dad Delivers success! 
Hey this is the first time we've done this in the Hut isn't it? I kind of like this! 
The link to the lock laces is obviously Down Below in the description: thanks so much if you do use that link and right here is what YouTube knows that you're gonna love next!
Lock Laces for the win! 

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Best Ikea Lamp KNIXHULT

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Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Best Ikea Lamp KNIXHULT

(I earn from qualifying purchases!)

This is my unboxing of the IKEA KNIXHULT wicker rattan table lamp. Assembly instructions and trying it out on the window shelf for some home decor ideas. I also talk about how the L-Shape bench is going, show our IKEA haul and sound out how a Costco membership video would go down?


IKEA HAUL! Making our shelf look BEAUTIFUL with this lamp...



hello I'm Neil welcome back to the channel - it's the Dad delivers Vlog where I try new things to make your family happy 
let me put some lights on 
we've not done an unboxing video in a while have we? 
there's probably a good reason for that 
I think all my friends hate them 
they are really polarizing as well aren't they because if I'm opening something you're not interested in... it's time... it's time to switch off so let's see how long I can keep your attention for because we went to Ikea 
right so this is the other problem, it's been ages since I've made a video from my poor little Ikea dad Channel 
look there it is languishing away I think it's got 400 something subscribers but look how long it's been since I've uploaded a video 
I think I'm gonna close it down 
what do you think let me know 
uh don't tell the Ikea dad subscribers but I think I should do all of that on this channel and the Ikea videos that I do... do on this channel seem to do really well and today we went to the... the big blue and yellow store 
let's just sit here 
I've not used this as an area, so this is the L-shaped bench that I bent... “that I bent?!” 
That I built! let's give it a try 
it's not quite finished yet we've got to make some um seat cushions 
I've been cutting up uh foam and put the... the sides on... on the last video so that went well 
I think there might be one more video left where I varnish it and fill some of the screw holes on the side there 
this looks bleak doesn't it but we got something to go... this is what we're unboxing: it's to go on the... on the Shelf there if I've got that in shot and it's this! 
it's the Knixhult wicker lamp.
I hate wicker. 
We managed to purge our house of wicker... We... I managed to purge the house of wicker but this has been chosen by the person who actually has a good design or... anything in the house that you see that looks good isn't... isn't my doing and the advice is that this will finish off the... the nice wooden shelf our new wooden shelf by our new window really well 
um so let's open it up and also I can show you some of the other things that I've got in... with in Ikea today 
it was our daughter- it was our daughter's fault 
she had football today 
it's Saturday and uh it usually involves driving to really Bleak places and watching her and her teammates get injured but uh I know there's no “but” to this... 
they lost four nil 
they played really well and I think this team were a whole division above them 
there was some weird fixture problem 
if you're not familiar with the Grassroots of women's football in this country it's basically 11 year old girls and 50 year old men just screaming “down the line!” 
“down the line!” like that means something so the lionesses have actually overcome more hurdles I think to... to achieve their status in... in football 
but anyway back to the IKEA haul
uh should I show you some other things 
I got a bag which I use for the... the laundry which is good and these other things they're from Costco and I've been putting off making a video about costco 
do you want to see a video about how to join Costco in the UK? 
is that... is that a thing? 
because look I managed to get... I'll show you... we got a lot more than this 
I've got some Oat-y milk and we've got you know a catering pack of chewing gum... massive bag of Casper food and some Dentastix 
but this is the... not from us... this is the Ikea haul with some random drink 
my daughter... I just wanted to cheer her up a bit - I got this nice Heather - some lucky Heather 
I think the team might need that and a nice pot 
I got these really expensive hooks 
I don't know whether to put them on the... this is really vloggy today this... this video isn't it? 
I don't know where to put them on the door here, outside the... the bathroom so we can use that for coats for our hallway 
before my hallway project comes together 
that - I'm trying to make that the next video uh that would be over there so I think some coat hooks here would help but it might also just make the whole area look disgusting in a way that it's nice and clean and empty at the moment 
feel free to put your interior Decor device down in the comments but I was thinking if I've got some couple of flip down hooks that could be a place for hanging up dog leads and... and big coats and anything else 
got some sponges that I like I love these ones 
and some bulbs for today's main attraction the Knixhult wicker lamp 
there's not going to be much else to this video other than opening it up so ah let's see what comes in the Box
Wow okay so it's... it is wicker - to take it out of the cardboard so you get a dome thing - a hat or maybe that's... that's the base isn't it and that goes onto here so that opens up like that
Get rid of the box 
I have been taking ages editing these videos which is why they've been coming out not so very often 
I might as well just ramble and let you enjoy where... where things go instead of me trying to cut them down and make them all super whiz-bang 
I've got another Channel which is all about just traveling around London and everywhere on trains 
I literally put up a video of just me pointing at some trains and it gets hundreds of views 
I lovingly craft these Vlog videos and um that sounds like I'm whining I'm not but I just wonder if I should make these videos a bit more loose and a bit more chatty 
but anyway so we've got a base here 
I need to find a plug 
let's try down here 
and the trouble with the L-shaped bench is a bit difficult at the moment to get to the plugs that are behind it 
okay so we’re plugged in 
I swear I've got boxes of these somewhere but we bought some more... it's uh what do you call fear of... of bulbs 
it's a bulb anxiety 
whoa a little uh sneak preview there 
I think this base has to go on first like this
I love this shirt but it's got this thing where when I move my elbow it just tears some more off the uh... off the arm here 
let's put the lid on
and then you just open this up - like that so you open up the legs to lock it in 
ah it's all landfill isn't it 
and then... ah nice... nice uh fabric cord here 
the cable is about a metre and a half long so it's really not long enough to reach to the window I think I've got some more plug sockets down here give me a second I'll pretty it up for a end shot
that's my shirt 
I mean it's you know it looks like lollipop sticks or coffee stirrer sticks
Oh some dead flies there but that looks nice 
gives a bit more light around here 
I'll run some beauty shots 
I want to thank you for hitting the Thumbs Up Button if you reach this point of the video 
if you're getting value from this Vlog content but do tell me if you want to see the Costco membership how to 
it's the best I can muster for a beauty end shot 
maybe some close-ups of the... the Shelf that's nice 

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Best IKEA standing desk TROTTEN review

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Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Best IKEA standing desk TROTTEN review

This video is an unboxing and assembly of the IKEA TROTTEN adjustable standing desk, PLUS 2 years on review! I bought this sit/stand desk from IKEA exactly 2 years ago and I share all the pros and cons from using it daily. I can easily adjust the height of the desk between 70 and 120 cm by just cranking the handle to get the best position for both sitting and standing... I went for a beige desktop which apparently is kind to your eyes since it makes the contrasts between the screen and tabletop softer... and it's comfortable for left- and right-handers, as the crank handle can be mounted on the left or right side. And it has adjustable feet make the desk stand steady also on uneven floors. I tried fitting casters, which sort of works but it does raise the desk height to a little too high even for me.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



Hello, welcome back to the Happy Hut. I'm Neil, and this video is all about this! 
It's my battlestation. It's an Ikea Trotten standing desk. There's a mechanical winding handle so you can adjust the height to sit like a normal desk or raise it to standing level. When I bought it, Ikea called it Skasta, but now they've renamed it Trotten to fit in with their other desk range. All through this video, I've replaced the word Skasta with Trotten and I've dubbed it really badly. I've had this for two years now, and I'm sharing all the things that I love about it. But let me show you how you assemble this standing desk. 
Hello, welcome back to the Happy Hut.
It is a very exciting day today, and these beauties from Ikea are the subjects of this video. So if you're looking up standing desks or specifically the Trotten mechanical standing desk, I'm going to be putting this up in real-time. In there, should we go in? Basically, I'm going to show you how it's put together, plus I'm going to be hacking my Trotten standing desk with these!
I'm going to try and put wheels onto my Trotten desk to see if I can move it around the Happy Hut here. And I'm going to be fitting this bit of electronic genius to the tabletop. I'm going to drill into it. I'm going to actually... Oh my goodness, I'm going to put this cable connection and embed it into my Trotten desktop and see if I can do that without completely destroying the desk. So wish me luck. 
Let me show you the desk that I'm replacing first. This is obviously an Ikea classic tabletop. It's the white Linnmon, the absolute cheapest desktop you can get from Ikea. I've rather fetchingly spray-repainted it grey, and I actually like the chips that have fallen off over the years. I think it gives it a bit of character. It's also got an Ikea story to tell because right above my head is this Svensas padded... well, I guess you'd call it an index board or a pinboard. I didn't fit it to the ceiling quite strongly enough, and it fell in the night one night, thankfully when I wasn't there, and made this massive dent in the... Can you imagine the weight of it to cause that kind of damage? But I've kept that as well as yet more character. But it's time to get the Trotten standing desk unpacked and ready. But to do that, I've got to clear this first. So quick-time sequence montage. I'll just speed this up. Yeah, let's just clear with it. I've got a monitor stand. I've got to get that off and clear the top, and we'll just clear the area there. 
So now I guess the first thing I need to do is to open up the base. The base box. Base. How low can you go! With the winding mechanism.
So just... oh, ouch, open up that. And we need to put together the middle section, which I think is this bit here. We've obviously got the Ikea bag of nuts. It's the bag of nuts moment that I have in every one of my videos. IKEA gives you, in its infinite... uh, generosity, it gives you an Allen key and an Allen key holder. We're going to do this eight times.
Next, we get these pads that come in the Allen key bag, and we're going to put these four pads on to here, which I guess will make it soft for where it meets the tabletop. 
Then we bolt these really big arms... oh my goodness, that's so heavy. And we are going to bolt them to the beam that we've just built here. Problem number two, like an idiot, I put this on completely the wrong way around. It should be the other way around. I've done this completely wrong. It should be this way around with the lid... with the lid on top like that. This bit is really difficult. The trouble with this part is that they have to go in at the exact angle, and so if you keep them loose and don't tighten up... once... ah, and don't tighten up one side. Now we turn this upside down and put the things on the sides that will hold the table.
And now the legs. Finally, we can put these on. Here's one leg, and I think they go with these holes facing up. And then the bolts can go into the legs. It’s a bit tricky finding them, the holes, and we are doing this eight times. 
Now this is a really big moment. Let's see if this works. I want to put wheels on my desk so I can wheel it around, and I thought, well, maybe I should try putting the wheels on right now because it'll be easier to do it now than when I've got the tabletop on it. So fingers crossed. I'll go to my second camera. So I'll put the details of the fittings in the description. I think this is an M8, and it's this long, so the hope is that it will fit this hole here where Ikea have supplied kind of plastic feet.
I think this might actually work. So what I'll do is I'll put all four casters on, and we won't find out until I turn the desk over. The feet that come with the Trotten standing desk look like this, so if you're not going for the caster approach and going through it out of the box, these don't come with it. I bought those; the link is in the description below.
Oh, look at this. The end of this pole goes into this hole that has this hole here. There isn't one of those holes on that side. So, absolutely, this part of the pole needs to go in here, and then squeeze it in because it just slides in like that. Now I want the handle to be on this side, I think because I'm right-handed, that kind of feels right. So I'm going to twist the Trotten standing desk around so that I can put the handle in there. Now it's time to open this bad boy, the tabletop. Let's open it very carefully. 
So we've got the base flipped over now, and then you just line it up with the holes which are pre-drilled, and then we'll screw the base to the tabletop. And the final part of the puzzle, obviously, is the crucial what makes this Trotten adjustable standing desk - it's the winding handle, the precious winding handle. 
Crowd sound effects!
So now I have to... oh no, it's the wrong way round. Oh no, what I’ve done. That's the crucial hole for winding the desk, and it should have been on this side where the hand winder will go. So I've got to unscrew everything now and turn it around.
Great, so now I have the hole on the right-hand side, which is on the left-hand side, but you know it's the correct side. And then I need to push it in so far that it brings the handle all the way up to the clip here that holds it in place. Over here, on the other side, we'll put a washer on, and then we need to fix something onto the end to stop it being pulled out. And that's what this thing does. So I think all I need to do now is to put this on the end and to screw it. That'll stop the handle being pulled out all the way.
Big, big moment now where we put the desk up, and we'll see what it looks like.
Oh, this feels good. 
And this right now is what it looks like. Behold!
I'm not sure it's coming across on screen how magnificent this looks. What I really like about this setup because of the casters is that I can move it around and have it as a standing desk for making my YouTube videos. 
But big moment of truth, this is the important thing. Find the - oh no! It’s the wrong way round! The thing with the casters is that I haven’t factored this in - is that it actually makes the desk very tall for its normal position. I probably should have got wheels that are slightly smaller because I think this might be a little high.
But the whole point of this and the whole reason you’re watching this video is the crank handle, right? So let’s get the crank handle out. Just pulls out like this. It’s a really smooth action. The desk goes up - I can't even say it I'm too excited for words. Oh my goodness oh this feels so good! This feels absolutely perfect so all I need to do now is to fit my monitor stand onto it which I'm sure will make it really super heavy but let's take it down again in quick time!
That's the bottom I'll just tuck that in so I'm just going to I'm going to turn my back to you for a moment, forgive me. 
Yeah it's... it's too high! I-- it does need to come down and I've got the chair at its highest setting so if you were curious about putting casters onto the Trotten standing desk I think you might want to double check how big you... you want those wheels to be. 
I went for the biggest wheels I could, because I wanted it to move smoothly and not trip up but having the wheels to be this large makes the desk just a tiny bit too high. 
That was two years ago - I haven't aged a bit, have I! 
Let me give you a review now of what this Ikea Trotten desk is like to work with: 
I absolutely love it.
I have added this adjustable monitor arm stand there's a link down in the description and I've slung my PC computer underneath and that can go up and down up and down with the standing desktop.
But the biggest hack is this! 
It's a USB hub where I can plug in my headphones, memory cards, or USB devices. To get this on here, I had to drill a massive hole into the desk, and I absolutely had to get it right the first time. 
Drilling into a brand new desk!
Luckily, I did get it right, and I think this looks really epic. I don't regret drilling into the desk, and I use it every day. The way that I have this set up is that I have my camera mounted on the wall, and this is my position for all my YouTube videos. When I want to raise the desk, everything - all the cables - rise with the desk, which is really useful. It's a shame I had to lose the caster wheels I added, but it is really easy to slide the Trotten desk into any position that I need. And for two years of daily use, I think the surface of the desktop is still pretty smart and pristine. I thought that I would want the electric motor, and I couldn't really afford that at the time, but I really don't think that I need an electric motor for this desk. And that's not me putting a brave face on it. Would you want an electric motor on your standing desk? Leave me a message down below in the comments. I actually like the exercise and the mind break to wind it up and down by hand. It's never been a problem, and it only goes as fast as an electric motor would anyway. Thank you for helping me with a thumbs up or hitting the subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going. And right here is how the USB hub works with any desk.
Can you please help my dad get to 1 million subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks, bye. Can we have dinner now?

Hello, welcome back to the channel. This seems like a Daft video to make, but I can't find pink football boots for my daughter. Can't find them anywhere in any of the regular sports stores here in the UK. So I've gone nuts on Amazon, and I've bought three random pairs of pink football boots, and I'm gonna unbox them for you right here, right now in real time. And then maybe I'll get my daughter to choose the pink football boots she wants.

Now, I've got to stress at this point, this is her choice. This is nothing to do with me. I need to make this clear because there are people in the world tweeting things like this, where pink football boots are seen as some kind of thing that women should not be wearing because I don't know, it's reinforcing some stereotypes. But here's the thing, my daughter likes pink and she wants some pink football boots. She plays football every Saturday and she's really good. She plays for the town's football team. She's... she's really good. Not that ability should come into this, but she just wants some pink football boots. I don't think that's unreasonable.

But Adidas and Nike and Sports Direct and JD Sports and all the other companies that seem to profit from kids playing sports, they don't want to go anywhere near pink football boots. So their range is... it's... they're really super clear about this, that they keep saying it's unisex. They're all unisex. But it just so happens that the unisex designs are all a bit, how can I put it, appealing to perhaps people born biologically as boys. And obviously to even hint that a girl might want pink football boots, it would just make everyone's head explode.

So I couldn't find them in the shops, which is a shame because that's where you can try on the football boots and see if it's the right size, the right shape. Amazon has come to the rescue for me. I've just gone on a shopping spree. I love the word spree. The word spree is either linked to something really terrible or shopping. I don't think it's an unreasonable request from my football-playing daughter to have pink boots. I mean, look, this is the England International Football squad , the women's football team. I see pink boots. I also see a really big pink shirt there as well. You're not supposed to do that. Who's going to tell Lauren James that she shouldn't be wearing pink boots? Not me. I support your choice. And I'm trying to help out my daughter with her choice.

It was footy pops, it was for a cartoon about puppies, and a female character just happened to be wearing pink boots. But my football-playing daughter likes pink boots. So what's the problem with her right to choose pink boots? Makes no sense. 
People just like to argue. Anyway, so I've got... I've got three choices here. Let me open them up quickly. Now I'm going to try and put these down in the description. But obviously, where you're watching this and you're watching this in the future, you might not be able to access these exact boots. So I'll put a generic search, it's the exact same search that I did to throw up these boots. And I'll also... I'll put links to these specific boots just in case they are available.

So we've got three choices. Now, one comes in a box, that's good. One comes in a bag, that's reassuring. I want a pair of these. And then there's finally this anonymous bag. Should we open it? This is where Amazon absolutely trounces JD Sports and Sports Direct. Why don't you do pink football boots? First up in the box. Let's open the box first because they're all mysterious. Oh, these look nice.

So these are the Dream Pairs football boots. I'm hoping this is size five. Now I can't really commentate on these. Football commentary would be good, wouldn't it? Let me just show you the studs. The studs aren't removable, but it claims to have a supportive heel and breathable mesh lining, and high grip TPU cleats. But I mean, they're just... they're just moulded with a durable textured upper and lace-up closure. I like... I like the lace-up. They do feel really cheap, which they are. I think it's just one notch over on the cheapness, even for my keenness to save a dollar or two. But I love how they've come in the box. So I'm gonna put them back carefully because we're going to be sending back two of these. And if you want to see how to send something back to Amazon, I've got you covered. I've got this video here all about how Amazon returns works.
Let's go with football boots pair number two. Now personally, obviously these football boots are not for me, but I like this colour the best. I want trainers like this. These are LEOCI, is that how you pronounce it? LEOCI kids soccer shoes in pink and black. Obviously, we call it football over here. Um, what's interesting is that both the last pair and this pair have these weird kind of nails or the kind of stud things there, and on the heel there. I don't know what that does. I really, really. I know it's not for me. I really like the colour of these, and I love that the studs, the studs are just moulded into the base. Anyway, but I love how they're black. I think they're really stylish, and they feel a bit thicker than the last pair, you know, the material on the side that is a definite contender for the cup.
The third pair, they don't come in a box or a bag, they just come in some bubble wrap, so they've probably been worn before, tried on which is understandable. These are LDTSUP... No SUP. LDTSUP. Kids soccer boots, and there's an even more intricate design with the studs here. So I like the studs, and I like how it's kind of pink and white, that looks good. Not that they’re for me again, I have to keep emphasizing this. It's got ZUQIU Sports, that kind of well-known brand on the side. So I'm not sure what the LDTSup is all about. Pink laces. But to me, I mean, these look like um, Slazenger martial arts shoes with studs on it's that kind of. So it's not they're not breathable. Um, but the flare on the side is textured, which is a nice touch, so there's some careful design here, and I love the stitching on the back. There's like extra padding on the back which might, I think, seal the deal, although all of them have it. But they don't actually have an entire panel on the back here on the heel. It says it's a soft fabric, a delicate foot feel. It's a nice kind of padding inside there. 
The other claim of LDTSup is a unique stud design, wear-resistant and non-slip. Whereas these studs are smooth on the bottom, these studs do have a grip on them. So there's like a lattice design or a little, little mini studs on the studs which would help when you're walking on the tarmac, running across the car park late with the kickoff 20 minutes to go. Oh my goodness, can I just say if you've got kids who play football, I feel for you. Yeah, I... I hate it. I am to drag out on a Saturday morning just to watch overweight men yelling at their daughters “down the line! Down the line!” I don't even know what 'down the line' means, but I've heard it a billion times on the few matches that I've been lucky enough to... well, I've gone to nearly all of them. Got the season coming up now, so this is er... pretty urgent.

Which one do you think, before she chooses? Which one do you think she's going to go for? Do you think she's going to go for pink and purple? I'm going to call this one candy pink or the Slazenger sort of the white gym shoe look. So just looking at them, which pair do you like best? Number two? I don't know. I really like the colour. Just works so well, just a really nice colour. Yeah, I saw that. So this one, and it's also a blend of light black and pink, yeah, right, so you're kind of badass, badass with a flash of pink. Oh, second is probably the white and pink one. I like, I like the football logo. There's like a little image of a football, a fire, and football sort of on the side. And then I really like the mix of these colours, they work really well together, and then the silver, and then like the bottom is just really pretty. So the um, is so you're a fan of the... can you pronounce that? ZUQUI Sports. It's a ZUQUI sport, came second, and then number one came last. Yeah, so the purple, purple diamond ones last. I think I... I they do look nice, but I think they're just a bit too much. Yeah, a little bit too busy, like my favourite ones, they're like nice, sort of, and simple. A bit much, and these are all just like different colours  and different shapes, and then it's a bit mad. Yeah, a little bit. And for all of them, you've not actually said anything about the studs. Oh yeah, well, like they're all plastic, aren't they? Yeah, this one is also a bit plain because it's just like this bit's really, like you said, busy, and then this bit's all plain, it's just plain pink because I said people saying that girls shouldn't have pink boots, you know. Oh, you're just giving pink boots because they're girls, that's why we can't find any in the shop. Yeah, and when they do, they mostly do unisex, like when we went this weekend football shopping, yeah, as they are all basically unisex, but like they... they weren't any pink. Yeah, a bit like, what do you think unisex actually means, that boys and girls can both wear it? But like if they can both wear it, then why can't the boys wear pink? Sort of annoying. So it is anti-women! It is quite stereotypical because like it's sort of like girls can't play football, boys can't like pink, we've only got like... right, yeah, Nike, Adidas, JD Sports, Sports Direct, oh, I get it. So are these keepers then? Yeah, I like these ones. Yeah, I don't know, they're a bit flashy with the blue and yellow. Yeah, they do clash. They do clash a bit.

They look a bit weird, but yeah, but you know that's why they're distinctive, I guess. 
I am calling this a dad delivers. 
No, it's a success! 
How?! Definitely success, 
yeah, lots of money. You like one, not just one but two pairs of pink boots, and I didn't think we could find one pair of pink boots. 
If this video helps at all, thank you for hitting the thumbs up and the Subscribe button. It really helps us to keep this thing going, and right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next. You can do the thing that we do at the end of every video. Can you, please help my dad get... 10? Oh, what is it? 100 thousand. 100,000? Can you please help my dad get a hundred thousand subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks, bye. Okay, I'm gonna hang up now.

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