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Best cheap BOSCH STRIMMER on Amazon? EasyGrassCut 26 unboxing & first impressions review!

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I dive into the unboxing and first impressions of the Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 Grass Trimmer. From the moment it arrives from Amazon, through every detail. This corded grass trimmer, or is it "strimmer," features an easy-to-assemble design with a sturdy pole. 

I also show you how to fit the protective guard and plant protector, to help make sure your gardening remains unscathed. Plus edging around wooden sleepers and concrete slabs to tackling thick brambles.

The EasyGrassCut 26 offers precise, efficient trimming and I try out its performance, and highlights for if this trimmer is a great addition to any garden toolkit. 

Best cheap BOSCH STRIMMER on Amazon? EasyGrassCut 26 unboxing & first impressions review!


Hello, welcome back to the channel. This is the Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 Grass trimmer, or is it a strimmer? We'll find out in this unboxing first impressions review. This is how the Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 arrives. Uh, got this from Amazon, and when you get it from Amazon, they just send this as a box with an address label on the front. While I'm opening the box, let me give you a tour of the packaging. Uh, you can pause the video if you want to read any of, uh, any of these details. This is the Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 Grass trimmer, corded Grass trimmer, bit of a tongue twister.

We've got some documentation here, and we've got the handle, and wow, look at this. It comes with, uh, an extendable pole that you just lock together. Should we just do that now? When you get it out of the box, it's in these three parts that you put together, and one of these has already fallen off, so this is good. You've got to remove these knobs to stop the bars from clicking together because you've got to do it in a particular order. So it's the top one first, the section with the handle. We'll take out this protective nut here and get rid of that, and then we can lock it into place. And it's really straightforward. You just find the hole and click this together. Once we do this, this will be forever. We can't, uh, disassemble it, take it apart. So let's squeeze it in and just turn it till it clicks. There, so that's now locked forever. And we'll do the same with the bottom one. Take off the rubber ring, and then we'll squeeze these together. It feels really well built. I'll show you why in a moment. I'll click this in there. Click. So now we have the Grass trimmer. The strimmer is in place.

Oh, on first impressions, this pole feels so much better than the previous pole because I actually did an unboxing of an older Bosch strimmer, and the pole just felt thinner. This feels nice. It's like a sort of matte black brushed feeling here, and then we've got the trimmer head. Now, I had a whole debate on the last video about, do you call it a strimmer or a trimmer? Turns out that I call it a strimmer. I call these strimmers. They strim the garden. Apparently, that's a trademark name, so that's why Bosch don't call it a strimmer. It's a Grass trimmer. But up here at the top, we've got the handle. So there's like a safety bar and a safety button as well. So to start the trimmer, you have to push in, and then you can pull up the button bar along the bottom. You have to do both, and then when you let go, the thing turns off. This feels really nice, nice grip, and then we've got a handle here, an adjustable handle. Push the button in, and you can set this. You have to squeeze both buttons on either side, and then you can set the angle that you want the handle to be at. Down at the other end, the business end, this is, wow, this is looking much nicer than the old one. Uh, so this looks like it might last longer, but you can feed out the line by pressing this button here, and then you can pull more line out if you need to. It's supposed to auto-feed, so it's supposed to maintain the same length as it goes.

But the next thing we need to do, oh, should I, should I show you? You squeeze these buttons to see inside. There you go. And there's the trimmer line inside, and that's how you change it. And you can just push this lid back on. Should just click. There we go. So we need to fit a guard, and that's in the box below here. Let's get rid of the old one. On first impressions, it does feel really nice. This feels a lot better than previous Grass trimmers I've had. But let's fit this guard first, and we are going to need to remove the screw so that we can fit it onto the trimmer head. You'll need a crosshead screwdriver for this. Just unscrew it, and then we need to clip it onto the Grass trimmer itself. And you want the guard part to be facing towards you when you're holding it. Pull out the metal bar so you've got a bit of space to work with. We just slide it over the holder here, and it should just slot into place. Now we can screw the protection guard onto the Bosch strimmer.

It's a really long screw, so you might want, uh, a power screwdriver for this. I've got my Ikea screwdriver for this. There's a link to a video on that down in the description. But now that's on, so now you've got a guard on this side, but more importantly, you've got a guard to protect your feet. On the guard, just so you know, because the cord spins around this way, there's like a blade here to keep the strimmer line the right length. So this will cut off the excess on the first spin, and then hopefully, it will keep auto-feeding, so you won't need to do that much more with it.

First impressions: what I love about this EasyGrassCut 26 is the length of it. It's just the right height for me. I think I've got some footage of me using the Flymo strimmer, and that's a lovely small unit, but the problem with being small is that I've got to kind of lean over to get low down, and you get a bad back with someone my height. I'm about 5'10", but with the Bosch EasyGrassCut 26, I don't have to stretch down because it's a longer pole that the trimmer is on, so I can reach low down without having to bend over.

Let me give you some facts from the box. If it's 280 watts and it's called the EasyGrassCut 26 because the cutting line has a diameter of 26 cm, the strimmer line it uses is a 1.6 mm line diameter. It weighs 2 kg, and when you're swinging this around, I can manage it, and I tend to complain about garden tools that are too heavy. So this is pretty much the right weight. It also feels substantial and well-built. The power cable length is 6 m, so mind you don't cut that into, like, uh, someone in my household did recently. As well as being lightweight, it has a semi-automatic line feeder to keep the strimmer line the right length. The handle, as you saw, was adjustable, so you can have it at just the right angle. And there's a metal bar. That metal bar is the plant protector, so you can set the distance from the line so that you don't end up cutting your plants while you are weed whacking. So we'll obviously want to set this to be the length of the cord, and that way, I won't end up killing my wife's plants. I think you lift the bar over the notch on the protective guard like that and click it on both sides. It can now extend, so if I pull it out, this will help me gauge where I don't want the strimmer line to go.

By the way, this is the first use, so if I give it one spin by holding the trigger and pressing the safety catch, that noise is the blade on the protective guard cutting off the end of the line.

Okay, we've had our first line loss here, so let me turn it off by the mains. What you do is you squeeze the two buttons on either side of this lid here, and that reveals the strimmer line inside. I'm going to lift the spool, lift the cartridge out of the spool. There we go. Whoa, don't want to lose the line. We need the line to be tight in here, so I'm just going to rewind it. Just make sure this is nice and taut, and then I'm going to feed the line into the hole on the side here, like that, and then I can put the cartridge down onto the spool holder, and then I can rewind it so I don't lose too much line. And now I can just put the lid back on. All you do is just slide it and make sure the buttons go into the guide holes until it clicks. There we go, so we are now good to go, and I'm going to try edging this section of sleeper again. I forgot to do one thing: that's to feed the power cable through this hole. So if you feed it up from underneath and then hook it over this hook, and that takes the tension, so it means that you're not tugging on where it's connected to the strimmer. So I'll just give that a nice pull, and then that will last you now forever. Let's try and do some edging on this, uh, railway sleeper. So I think I need to get used to using this Bosch trimmer, but, uh, I'm just—I'm turning it just at an angle so that the trimmer line hits the edge of the sleeper. I don't want to snap the trimmer line again, uh, but it seems to be cleaning up the grass around the, uh, wooden sleeper really nicely there. Let's try it on these paving slabs. These are concrete slabs, and the trimmer seems to be coping quite well with cleaning up around the edges. That grass has overgrown nearly all of them. I'm not sure I'll do all of the paving slabs today, so this is just for you, a special demonstration for you. I can seem to come at it from any angle, and it does lift the grass away. But on this slab, I have the same problem again. Maybe it's just not designed to hit hard objects, and maybe it's designed to come apart when it hits an object so it doesn't damage the object. And look, maybe I've gone too close to the hard objects. You can see that the cap is scratched already. This is just the first time I've used this.

I don't usually go really big on the safety messages on this channel because I figure you're a grownup, you know what you need to do. But I would say I am really glad that I'm wearing glasses with this Grass trimmer because the stuff that's flying up does come up at quite a speed. You can feel lots of stuff flying out everywhere, so I'm really glad I've got my glasses on. Of course, the other danger in our garden are the holes dug by our Cocker Spaniel dog, Casper. I have to mind that I don't fall into one of those hidden by the grass.

The height of this Bosch trimmer is just right for me. I can just reach out. That's a pro. Another pro is the metal plant protector. I've got a much better idea on this Grass trimmer of how close to go to the plants or things like these monkey bars. It's a lot easier to guide it with that metal guide. Let me show you what it's like using the Bosch Grass trimmer right up against this wooden paneling, which we can see if the line snaps this time or whether it even damages the wood. So I'm getting quite a good close cut here, and I've got pebbles buried under here, and, uh, there's a bramble growing through, but it seems to be getting through all of it really well. So this is getting top marks for my edging around the happy heart.

Let's take a look now at the wood, get a closeup just to see if there's any damage. Ooh, some spider's going nuts here, but you can see it's just light scratching of the wood. And obviously, you know, I could be more careful with the bar. I did kind of twist the angle of the trimmer to get a nice close cut there, and I think some of these scratches are from previous trimmers as well. So I'm really happy with how the EasyGrassCut 26 does the edging around the heart.

Maybe I'm being too hasty here. I'm putting the Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 deliberately into this really thick clutch of brambles. This is really thick thorny growth here, uh, just to see if it lasts. And the trimmer line does really well. It actually holds it together, and I can make short work of this really difficult bit of fence work that's just really overgrown. I'm really trying not to cut the electrical lead on my solar-powered lights here, and that, again, that metal bar, the protective guide, really helps me to gauge how close I can go and what angle I can push the trimmer in to not hit something that I don't want to hit. I've got strawberries growing under here. I don't want to destroy those. I wouldn't mind some strawberries in a few weeks' time.

I am calling this a Dad Delivers success. You can buy one of these on Amazon. There's a link down in the description. And thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going. Down in the description are even more gardening videos, and right here is what YouTube knows you are going to love watching next.

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