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HOW TO GET A PAC CODE and move mobile network in UK | TightwadDad Vlog

How to get a PAC code by text? To move mobile networks in the UK?
Text the word PAC to 65075
My network made me text it again with my date of birth, so text PAC DD/MM/YYYY to 65075.

If you want to move to the same network, click on this link and GiffGaff will send you a SIM card.
If you use it, they say they will give you money off your first bill and money off my phone bill!

(They've not paid me for this video and I have no other contact with them.)

HOW TO GET A PAC CODE and move mobile network UK

0:35 How to get your PAC code by text
0:48 What is a PAC code?
(It's the code you need to give your new mobile network to keep your phone number and transfer it to the new network.)
1:05 Why get a PAC code by text if you want to move network?
1:40 Text the word PAC to 65075 to get a PAC code.
2:20 Do you need to text your Date of Birth to get a PAC code?
(For me, yes, text "PAC DD/MM/YYYY" with the digits of your DOB to replace the letters).


I don't know if I've got soup on my face...
Hello I'm Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut
I am a part-time tightwad dad which means that we tried to find joy in the things and stuff we've already got.
I'm going to find some joy today because I'm going to move mobile phone networks and I'm going to do that on camera to show you how to how to move your phone to a different network here in the UK in 2019 maybe also 2020

All the links are in the description but all of this has come from a BBC news story I saw back in July which says that you can get your PAC code automatically just sent over by text - just by sending a text, you get a text back with your PAC code on.

A PAC code or P A C code is the special code that you need to give to your new mobile network that you're moving to - so that your mobile number gets transferred over and you can just just keep going, but with the new network.

God bless 'em, the phone networks in the UK didn't make it easy for you to do that

I know I've been through it a few times where you phone them up for a PAC code and they hang up on you... I've had having to hold... you're put quite low down in a call queue... you're made to wait on hold for 45 minutes.
They've done all sorts - so I could not be happier that I might now be able to move just by sending a text message

I'm not an expert at this but what I am going to do is to try and do it all on camera so that you can follow the process and not make any mistakes that I might make.
But I'm going to follow the first step and the first step is text PAC or "PAC" to this number: 65075 to start the process

Let's see how that works out
I've forgotten the number already

There we go and so now the text I'm going to send - I don't think it needs to be capitals, but I'm going to anyway just to be absolutely sure.
There, it's ready to go - boom - gone

Let's see how quickly my PAC code comes back from my mobile phone network that I'm trying to leave.
I've got a new message!

I won't be upset or annoyed by this because they now want me to text my date of birth to this number to get my PAC code.
Mobile networks! Grrr.
I sent that message maybe I'll put-- oh here we go
So it's given me my PAC code - it expires in 30 days.
Now I need to set up the new network.

I would set up your new network first to know which network that you're going to go to first.
Get them to send you a SIM card ready so that you can make the switch and I've done that so let's go indoors before it starts raining and put the new network SIM card into my phone.
So we're indoors now I've prettied up the table with my son's LEGO creations - beautiful isn't it
And some lavender.

Don't forget to turn your phone off then pop out your SIM card - This is my Samsung Galaxy S8.
So get rid of that Network.
I was going to blank out the names of the networks but neither of them's paying me any money
So now I'll fire up the phone with the new card I'll keep the old one in case something goes wrong with this process

I've had a message to give me a... an activation web address
So I've gone to the web address that the text message had, so it knows it's me and I've had to set up an account with the new mobile phone company
It's the next thing I need to do here is to select the tariff that I want to be on so let's do that now
And now it wants to set up my payment details so again I'll do that... I'll cover this...
So now I'll put in all my credit card details [laughs]
I find it difficult to say the word: "credit card"
It's "money".

So now I've put all my payment details in I'm gonna hit this big fat "activate your SIM" button
Now I want to keep my old number so now is the point in the process where I'm being asked for my PAC code
So I'll type in the number I want to change and then I will type in the PAC code
So now I had a message on my login with the new mobile network to say that it's gonna it's gonna take a day so it's gonna go through tomorrow... awww... I want it just done right now.

But, patience, they say it's gonna take place tomorrow
I would recommend going back to the old network putting the old network SIM card back in your phone keep the new one safe whatever you do and the old mobile network will keep you posted on when that transfer is going to take place but don't forget that while the new network card is in your phone - this is a completely temporary number - it's a number you could keep if you want, but I want to transfer my old number to my new SIM card and until that happens my regular number that everyone's got is on this SIM card so maybe I should put this sim card back into my phone and when I get a text message to say the transfer is going to take place I can then move this SIM card back out and put the new network card back in

I'm going to swap it all back now go, back to the old network boo!
Keep your fingers crossed the transfer takes place.

So it's the very next day - it's raining sorry - It's a bit wet - but anyway I've got this email just got it now - the email to confirm "we have transferred your number".
So that's it!

I'm now with the new mobile network and what should happen now is... nothing.
You shouldn't have to do a thing
Your old mobile network should now close down your account - that might take a month - I think I've just clunked into a new month on my monthly contract, but I'm out of contract otherwise
My old network will take about a month or six weeks to wrap up that account and close it down - and don't forget this stage - this is the stage now where you transfer your SIM cards again
So get the new SIM card and put it into the phone - take the old SIM card out.

Keep it safe just in case, and then hopefully the new mobile network will be registered onto that SIM card as your existing phone number
So I hope this video has helped

I've not received any money from the new network that I'm going to, but they tell me through their marketing that if I pass on this code I'll put it on screen now and I'll put it in the description - if you use this code they'll send you a SIM card and they will take some money off your first bill and they'll take some money off my next phone bill so if you want to use that that's fine

I don't endorse this company I think they're all as bad as each other and I haven't even used them yet so if that helps that's great if that helps you to move that's that's brilliant but just putting it there in case it saves you some money saves me some money

And if you've got to this point in the video why not give me a thumbs up just to let me know that somebody... this is really wet!
...Just let me know that somebody reached this point of the video or leave me a comment and I hope that's it
I hope this answers the question "how do I get a PAC code in the UK to move mobile phone networks in 2019 or 2020"

Let's give you a wipe.

Good luck with your move because I know I know you need it because I knew I did
Anyway thanks for coming along the journey with me and I'll see you soon - subscribe! Why not subscribe? Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye!
How's that?

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How to transcribe any video for free | FIND THE OTHERS 002

All about me, and getting these by email.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Try my previous book! (UK) (US)

Monday 11 November 2019

How To Transcribe video for free | FIND THE OTHERS 002

How to transcribe any video or recording for free! I've been using this for about a year and it's saved SO much typing. All you need is a YouTube account.

TRANSCRIBE any video FOR FREE! | Find The Others 002

1 Upload the video to YouTube
2 Wait for YouTube to generate subtitles/closed captions
3 Click on the 3 dots menu under the video
4 Select 'Open Transcript'
5 On top right hand side, click on the 3 dots menu
6 Click on 'Toggle Timecodes'
7 Drag to select the text and copy (Right click mouse choose 'copy')
8 Paste into word or pages document
9 Show invisibles or show formatting
10 Find paragraphs, carriage returns or hard returns with \n (in Pages for Mac) or ^p (in Word)
11 Replace with a single space, click Replace All

0:00 How to transcribe any video for free
1:30 YouTube auto generates a transcription
1:40 How to bring up the closed captions or subtitles on screen
2:10 YouTube auto generated subtitles has really improved, also for English and Scottish accents
2:40 Sometimes it doesn't transcribe brand names or heavy accents
2:50 Subtitles transcriptions are good for making transcripts for blogs or correct subtitles files
3:05 I even used a transcript to release an e-book on Amazon
(Full video here!
3:55 Using transcripts to write by speaking the words you want to say is a great way to generate the text you want to edit.
4:50 How to export subtitles closed captions transcript from YouTube
6:00 How to open YouTube transcript
6:30 How to turn off timings in YouTube transcript - toggle timestamps
7:47 How to remove paragraph marks, carriage returns or hard returns in Pages for Mac
9:35 How to remove carriage returns in Word for PC Windows 10


Hello I'm Neil and I help as many people as possible to get ideas out of their heads and out into the world to make more people laugh because I think we might need it at the moment...
Welcome back to the Happy Hut: in this video, this will definitely help get some happy ideas out I'm hoping that you've stumbled upon this video... "Upon?!" ...because you're searching for how to transcribe a video for free and - that's right for free!

This is the way to do it - it's a really brilliant method I've been using it for about a year now and oh my goodness it saved me so much typing... so much grief... and it's so easy
All you need is a YouTube account and if you're watching this I'm taking a wild gamble that you have a youtube account so let's dive in and I'll show you how to do it.
So this is the video that I want to transcribe

It's a video of me on BBC News 24 from a hundred years ago back when I had hair.
And I wasn't looking for a free transcription service.
I wasn't actually looking for a free transcription app or websites.
I just wanted to get to the subtitles file that contained the subtitles that YouTube auto generates every time you upload a video.
Let me back up a bit.

Every time you upload a video to YouTube whether it's public or private it automatically auto generates a transcript.
That's why when you press on this button here the subtitles or closed captions button it brings up the subtitles that it has automatically detected
Let me play a bit of this video just to show you what I mean.

So let's pause it there.
This is absolutely amazing it's got better within the year
I'm recording this at the end of 2019 - I swear in the last six months, the standard of the auto-generated subtitles is just phenomenal.

And it even manages to capture English accents, and as you can hear here: a Scottish accent.
I mean we're all speaking slowly and clearly and sometimes when I go a bit southern England it struggles to keep up but by and large it pretty much captures all the words that are in the video and as you can see on this line here the only word it couldn't catch is the brand name Perrier.
So all I wanted to do was to get a transcript which is auto-generated out of YouTube so that I could use it as a transcript on my blog or I could even put it back into YouTube as my own correct subtitle file where I've corrected the words that it's struggled with.

At an extreme you can even use this to transcribe a video and use that transcript to release a book.
I even managed to release an entire book on Amazon based on that: it's a chat with my dad about being a taxi driver in the 1960s in London.

I ended up releasing that as an entire book that transcript there and that was all from capturing the auto-generated captions - getting them out of YouTube - and you can publish on Amazon if you wanted.
It's a brilliant technique for just transcribing any words - any thoughts that you want to have written down this method is by far and away the best that I've found.

And also if you interested in writing it's often a lot easier to say the thoughts out loud and to then afterwards turn that into some kind of transcription and use that text as a thing to edit rather than having to write it out by hand or type it.

It does help to speak freely off the top of your head and then capture those words and use that text to edit later.
So anyway if you want to look at that video that's that's up above and if you click on the "i" it's there, but let's go back to the video that I want to transcribe this BBC News 24 report.
[VIDEO PLAYS] This BBC talent scout says comedians treat the festival as a trade fair it isn't the only way to develop your career.

Hey, there I am back in the 1990s with my chunky oatmeal knitwear
Let's use this vision of turmoil to capture the transcription I'll show you exactly where to go.
Firstly you need to upload your video or your recording to YouTube.
There are lots of other videos on the internet to show you how to do that

I'm gonna assume that you've already got the video up.
It doesn't have to be public - it could be unlisted so nobody need ever see this.
You can do this with mp3 recordings but you have to transfer - I'm talking at the end of 2019 - at this stage you're not allowed to upload mp3 recordings to YouTube.
So what you'd want to do there is to convert it to an mp4 file or some kind of video file and then upload back to YouTube.

Once the video is in YouTube - and you can see it - give it a couple of hours.
It takes about an hour to for the subtitles to appear.
This has been uploaded for a couple of days now - I can tell that the subtitles are here quite easily by clicking on the subtitles button down here
You can turn them on and off there.
So to get to the transcript what you need to do is to look at these three buttons here
I'll zoom in for you on the screen

There they are - see those three three dots?
This is actually a little menu so if you click on that there's "report" don't press that okay! That won't help!
Go down to "open transcript"
Kerching! And there as if by magic on the top right hand corner of your YouTube page you'll see it's even labeled "transcript"

It's quite clever this because when the video plays you can see it scrolls for you
Now what I did at first was to just drag my cursor down here the trouble with this as you can see is that it's also capturing the time codes
So if I copy that paste it into pages here on a Mac or into Word - if I paste that you can see that it's brought up all of the, the times
There is a really easy way to get rid of that

Next to the word transcript in that box on the top right hand corner next to transcript there's another three dot menu
Those three dots are upwards. Wonder if that means something.
If you click on that it brings up the option for toggle timestamps.
(Laughs) I, I think i'd like to call my third child toggle timestamps

But if you click on toggle timestamps guess what?
It toggles the timestamps so all we need to do is scroll up to the top and I'm gonna drag clicking down on my mouse and just dragging all the way down down to the final words which are "thank you Phillip"

And then I'm going to hit copy, which for me is the command button and "C", or you can right click on your mouse go down to "copy" then go over to my word processor.

Now on the computer I'm on (Macbook Pro) it's a program called pages if you're on a PC you might have a word processing program like word.
So I've pasted in the transcript and I don't if you can see but it has kept the sentences truncated - it's kept the lines truncated as almost as if they are appearing on a screen and it's put some hard returns in these lines.
Which doesn't look very elegant.
So you can take these out manually but that will take forever because you know even on a short video that's over a page worth

There's a quick way to do this.
This was really difficult to find on pages for Macs - you might have stumbled on this video looking for "how to remove hard returns or carriage returns on Mac pages"

And the way to do it is this - if you click on find which is in the Edit menu go down to find and then click on find you'll see it's brought up another menu saying find and replace
And what we're going to look for is a is a special character so we have to type in the coding for it and the button that you want to press is a backslash n (\n).

So here's the backslash it looks like that it's not the one underneath the question mark which looks like that - it's the one that is under this weird line and it looks like that.
And then the code letter is n
So backslash n is going to find all of those and you can see it's highlighted all of the carriage returns
Maybe n stands for new line I don't know
But anyway so it's backslash N
And then in the replace line I'm going to hit space
I'll do it really loudly so you can hear me hitting the spacebar

There you go so it's going to look for all of the carriage returns that it's highlighted and it's going to replace them with a space.
So if I hit "replace all"... Dah dah!
And as you can see it's giving you a complete transcript that flows.

Let me show you how to do that on Word.
You paste the transcript from YouTube into a blank document and similarly click on find.
And there the character the code character we need to find here it's like a 'hat' sign.
I show you a shot of that
On my keyboard it's above the six and then letter P - that means I think it means new paragraph or paragraph return to all of those new line commands which are hidden in the text

If you go to replace and just hit space once and then "replace all" - it replaces all of those paragraph marks with a space

I wish I could find a way of doing this for Google Docs.
I cannot find anywhere how to find the hidden code and replace it with a space
If you know how to do that in Google Docs please please please leave me a comment

I've skipped over some assumptions here like you know how to find the hidden characters.
I found the Invisibles, by going to view and then down to "show Invisibles"
There you go but if you have any other questions please leave me a comment
It would be lovely to hear from you anyway just say hi
And I hope this helps you transcribe any video or any recording that you want and turn that into a transcription that you can use

If you have reached this point in the video I hope this has helped give me a thumbs up if you reach this point in the video be lovely to know someone reached this far and if you're feeling even kinder you don't have to watch any video of mine ever again but if you hit the subscribe button in the corner or on my face it will help us reach our cherished goal of hitting a thousand subscribers and good luck with your free transcribing I hope this does the trick and leave me a comment if it doesn't

Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye! How's that?

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Why I went bald? TightwadDad Vlog

All about me, and getting these by email.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Try my previous book! (UK) (US)

Thursday 7 November 2019

Why I went bald? TightwadDad Vlog

Why did I go bald in 2003? This is probably the hardest video I've made so far, showing my son the fate that's probably in store for his head... by showing him archive footage of me from Meridian Tonight 1993 and BBC News 24 in 1998. Is this the best way to get him ready for when that day comes... when he'll consider going Grade 1 (3mm)?

WHY I WENT BALD? Best hair shaver Wahl Cordless Colour Pro #TIGHTWADDAD VLOG

I really can't find the best head shaver though, so trying this: the Wahl Colour Cordless Pro (what makes it pro?!)
We're unboxing it with a tiny review to see if THIS is the one.
(It sort of is. I prefer the Remington clip on comb attachments, but maybe that's another video).
You can buy it here! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. (Amazon UK)
(Amazon US, where it's called the Wahl Color Pro)


Do you wanna shave it?
Are you sure?
Yeah, go on. AGGGHHHH!

Hello YouTube we are going to show you this!
It is the best head shaver in the world.
I guess we're gonna put this on the Tightwad Dad vlog?
Security man.

So, you want to see this nice - we're gonna break into it as quickly as possible.
But I thought this would be a good chance to show you head shaving
Are you going to put the thing on my head?
Now... if you walk out the shop, it will make a noise.

So oh you have a lovely head of hair and I don't think... I don't think your hair's gonna end up like this?
Hope not.

Should we cut to like a shot of granddad saying the same thing to me, but in 1983?
I have to start do I?
You, you have a lovely a head of hair. I don't think your head's going to end up like this!

It's the Wahl, Color Pro cordless!
This is what you get in the box
I've tried one or two in the past...
These are exactly the same.
But you can't tell - you can't tell from the box. This is the biggest problem - this is why I wanted to make this video.

So I've actually had about ten of these so this is... welcome to number 11
That's what the handset looks like. What else is in the box?
You get different coloured combs for different lengths of hair... thing.
The one I use, do you know which grade I use?
Number 1, 3mm
So you spent all this money just to get, this, and a new shaver?
That's exactly right! That's exactly what all of this is about

Just one comb because obviously I'm not gonna shape my hair different lengths and that's the whole problem with buying hair clippers. It says...

There you go. "Oil blades before using" but I've never oiled my blades!
You get a charger and bizarrely Joe, look, you get scissors with the clippers?
Maybe the scissors are used to open the-- the pack?
And there's a comb as well - as if to rub it in... how bald you are. They give you a free comb

But I've not found the ultimate Clippers yet and I think this THIS will be the one
It also says "great for family cuts"
But that's only if you use it on your head.
Right the combs clip-on like this--
Dad, a bug fell out my hair.
Do you wanna shave it.
Are you sure?
Yeah, go on.

No it doesn't, it feels good.
It breaks your brain.
Is any hair coming off?
I didn't oil before use!
It's genius. They give you scissors. Dad...

Why do you think I still keep a little bit of hair?
I want you to grow some more.
You want me to grow it longer?

Hey I've got some footage - right so this is what I was like before I started shaving my head. When I had hair all video footage of me, with hair, is from TV news footage
Oh my gosh.

This is me in 1990, no, 1993
Let's see! Oh my gosh.
And then five years later - yeah - this is what I look like
This is when I thought that chunky oatmeal knitwear was a thing and walking around in Edinburgh
Five years after that I just went nuts one night and shaved all my hair off.

You're like Homer.
"You're having a kid?! AGHHGHGH!"
"You're pregnant?! AGHHGHGH!"

This is the hairiest I've ever been.
There you go. That feels really good.
Now usually these combs on things like the Philips, they're really sharp. My head is delicate.
How do you focus?

I've never seen my head from this angle.
This is what the back of your head looks like.
OH! There's a big gap!
No! That's what the back of your head looks like!
Does it? I've never seen it!
Right hang on, hold still.

See, hair IS coming off. It stays onto the shaver.
Yeah, that's because I oiled it. It's a big oily mess now.
Wow, you can really see it can't you.
That's what the back of your head looks like Dad.
I don't like it.

THIS - all of this - is bald.
Woah look it comes off, look.

I bought this - it's the BaBylis For Men... and it was absolutely useless - the smooth glide -
Can't you just give it back?
It says this -- this is the thing you can't take them back
And you can't like give it to someone because no man wants another man's hair shaver.
Then the trouble with this, this was a really good idea look I'll show you this...
Hand me down.
Yeah hand me... around.

Look, this - you're supposed to follow the shape of your head and that's that's good but it says it's a number three and it's not it's just too long
I look like a hippie.
But this this feels like a proper Grade 1.
Ugh it's coming off onto your hair.

I know - it's all that oil.
Ugh it's disgusting.
You're better at doing it than me.
I know but you gotta learn because you've got to do this some day.
Uh Oh.

I will never cut my hair. I wanna look like a hippie.
I'll have long hair for life.
Dad, I'm having long hair for life.
I wanna get your ear. I don't wanna get your ear.
Go on try it. Try and get my ear, it'll test the safety.

There we go. I can see the hair coming off. It's like an easier version of mowing the lawn.
You're getting grey, you're hair is going grey! It's everywhere!
This is why I don't shave it all off, down to a Grade Zero, because I want to know that I can still grow hair. I want people to know that I've still got it
I don't think you can.
I don't you think I can't either

Hey look now we've got these trimmings do you want me to donate these to your school for an arts project?
Okay. Why not?

So I've been looking for one of these for a long time - you know a shaver that actually does the job and doesn't hurt.
If you've reached this point in the video thanks for watching hope it's been useful.

Leave us a comment or give us a thumbs up just to let us know somebody reached this part of the video and good luck with your Wahl Colour pro cordless Clippers
There's a link in the description for somewhere to buy it and we might get some pennies for that and I hope you have a beautiful hair free future
Look at this mess! We'll have to clean up all this mess. I'm not. I'm going to watch PewDiePie. I'm gonna shave my head some more.
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye how's that?

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IMOVIE Can't delete project - video can't be moved to trash, error message? How to fix!

All about me, and getting these by email.

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Monday 21 October 2019

How to write daily - The Artists Way by Julia Cameron - FIND THE OTHERS 001

I share things which have helped me to get ideas out of my head and into action.

The Artists Way has 12 chapters, with one chapter per week.
In this video, I show you how I write my morning pages - what do morning pages look like? And some of the other exercises in the book.

How to WRITE DAILY | Morning Pages The Artists Way | FIND THE OTHERS 001

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Get the book here!

(Amazon UK) (Amazon US)

It's brilliant to beat procrastination, and also figuring out your long term goals for yourself.

Hello I'm in London but none of this video is set here.
I want to talk to you about a book that has changed my life.
So I've been putting off making this video for about three or four months and it's kind of what the book is about
I'll put it on the side of the screen here...
It's called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

I've been putting it off because I thought this video might involve me talking a lot and I could talk about this book all day long so I thought I'd make this video maybe a bit more lively.

I'm scared that if I'm just doing talking that you won't find it useful and I think I'm holding back from sharing this because it's helped me to get so many ideas out of my head and into action

I want to share them with you right here on this playlist - whoa - it's up in the corner of the screen if you click on the "i" and it's in the description below

I think I'll call it FIND THE OTHERS - that's all I'm trying to do is just find the others but this is the first one that I wanted to tackle.

It is... this is the actual book - it's not graphic - it is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.
Oh my goodness I know this is going to be a very long video so let's just embrace that
I think this is at the top of my list because this has had the biggest impact on me getting stuff out of my head and out into the world.

It's a very gentle book - it's 12 chapters and it's a very easy read
And each chapter is - just trying to find one - each chapter is a week and that's significant
So it's effectively a 12-week course

How can I put this... I'm from the UK so maybe one way to describe it is Californian?
Where it's about just accepting that you have thoughts and feelings and things that you might be completely unaware of - that are blocking you from being creative

So the idea of the book is you do these exercises - they're very easy - I found them good fun - but there are these writing exercises and you complete one chapter every week that's all you've got to do
I liked this so much while I was reading it that I found myself skipping ahead which got a bit tricky because I was supposed to be doing exercises in one week, but I'm still reading ahead just because I enjoyed the, the, reading - I enjoyed the prose

There are two big ideas in this book which are introduced in week one or chapter one and these two big ideas are morning pages and the artists date
The morning pages are something else

I'm going to show you what they are by actually showing you MY morning pages which you're not supposed to do.

So the idea of morning pages is this - when you wake up in the morning before you do anything - before you check your email or scroll through Facebook - the first thing you should do in the morning is to sit down with a pad and fill three pages
It takes about half an hour
I think she's writing in the US legal pad size because I started mine in A5 - this really nice A5 book - and I think that's a bit bit small so took it about five pages.
OR half an hour whichever comes first
And the idea of morning pages is that you basically free write what's in your head
Literally word for word what's coming up in your brain

So that could be... "I don't know what to write"
"I don't want to do this"
"I don't like my pen"
"I'm too hot"
"Thingy looked at me funny yesterday, what's that about?"
"I haven't paid the gas bill."
"I haven't changed gas supplier."
All of that junk - just get it out of your head.
The only objective of the morning pages is to keep the pen moving
I've got a pencil

Keep the pen moving for half an hour and I found some techniques over time that when I started daydreaming... or going off on one in my head... if you just write the word "thinking" in brackets and then try and get the pen moving again that helped for me.

But all you've got to do is fill three pages - obviously she explains it way more better than I am but I wanted to show you my morning pages, because the other thing with morning pages is you are not supposed to show them to anyone.
They are not for anyone else - the sole objective is to just get you to keep the pen moving and dump out what's in your head continuously for 30 minutes.

What I found was that stuff started coming out that I just wasn't expecting.
Things that you're supposed to do today emerge, and you might launch into writing out an email... bits of your to-do list...
But the other fantastic thing for me was the ideas that have been bubbling up in your head - have a place to go - you can just get them out of your head.
They're not supposed to be good.

Some people call it "journaling" and I really don't think that's a good idea to call it journaling because that gives the impression that you're writing a diary and it might be that you write about stuff that happened to you yesterday or things that you might do tomorrow but it's not journaling.
It's got to be junk.

You've got to write rubbish.
It's whatever comes up in your head.
Don't make it good, don't give a structure
Just... sometimes broken half sentences come out
That's okay, so long as you keep the pen moving
Now... I'm sort of worried about holding this up
I've vetted this.

Aww, look at the day it's the 27th of August and - cover it up - it's the 27th of August so I've been holding on to this to share with you for oh my goodness six weeks now
But as you can see it's really messy

So I started off with a really nice 1.0mm gel impact signo pen and I had a really nice Paper Chase A5 eco spiral bound notebook and that was great because the ink soaked up into the page really nice - it just felt really nice - so treat yourself to some nice stationery

But over time I found that the more workman like I was about it because I'm just literally draining pens onto a page - it's not writing - it's free writing - so it's it's junk it's got to come out as quickly as possible, just keep that pen moving.
And what I found some ideas kept popping up
Sometimes I would get ideas for executing those ideas
These pages tap into things that you don't realize that you're thinking about but these things are in your brain.
And there is such a release in... to just getting out on the page and then getting rid of it
I read through it and I tear it up, and I throw it away.

I started writing in volume
I've been doing this for about five years before I read the book
I'd heard about the morning pages.
Because I hadn't read the book I thought "well I'll type them" because it will start me typing every morning
So I try to type a side of A4 every morning

It turns out the problem with that is that subconsciously I think I'm holding stuff back, because you're typing... maybe there's a formality to it... maybe because you know it's being electronically stored and hoarded?
The pages were different as soon as I started handwriting them all this stuff started coming out that I wasn't expecting.
And you don't actually have to sit down and write good stuff.
All it is is just dumping out what's in your brain
Have I said that enough times?
It's dumping out what's in your brain.

So then I had a new problem and what new problem was I had all this stuff that I didn't really want to keep, because it can be quite whiny and petulant or maybe it's just my pages... but my pages were quite whiny and petulant
And the book is very clear to say "that's okay, that's what they're for" just dump out what's in your head
So now I have this this new problem which is that stuff in here which I really liked and which made me happy - like sentences or ideas or fully formed articles or emails that just vomited out
I didn't have anywhere to put them and I didn't want to hoard all my writing
I just wanted to keep the bits that made me happy
So what I started to do is to box out - don't know if you can see this - box it out the bit that you like.
That's actually a quote... it's a quote from the Kransky Sisters:
"Set it free. If it comes back it will only bore."
"If you want something... set it free.
If it comes back it bores.
So just set it free."
But ironically that is what this... this part of the explanation's about.

So I've got my Biro.
I now write in biro because you can always find a biro from an Express supermarket if you're out and about and you don't have a pen.
So I box out the bit that I want - and then I mark from right to left the bits that I've read
So a new task emerged: I was actually reading what I was writing in volume, and now I'm writing in volume, now I'm reading my own stuff in volume... and then I get the bit that I want and I put that somewhere
Now before starting morning pages I had about seven documents where I would keep material - so it's good in terms of volume but I honestly didn't know where to start when I would start writing each day
Is it, you know, which of the seven documents do I... do I create a new one?
Or do I maintain these other seven that I wasn't reading either
I was just putting stuff into these documents and they weren't really going anywhere
So it felt really good to solve this problem of volume by creating one document so now I have one Word document called "2019"

You might be watching this in years to come so you could call it 2020?
Only recently I've now moved that document into the cloud so I can update it from anywhere so I've got that on Google Docs
Just one document and I just add to the bottom
So this document is full of bits that make me happy and ideas and things that I want to keep.
They're back here - so here's 2019 and it's one single document of all my stuff
I sit down in that armchair with a cup of coffee and just go through ideas that I've already written and I make them better or share them but they've got one place to go

It was fantastic to not be hoarding whiney petulance that needs editing.
So basically edit it as you go
So once I've typed up the bit that I want to keep in my 2019 document... I then put a line through it that way... Tear it out and I throw it away
I've typed up the bits I want to keep - the rest "thank you for your service"
Throw it away.

It is such a great little system for me
Every morning before I do anything, I sit down with my notebook - these are today's
I don't want to show them to you
I turn to the next clean page... write the day at the top... maybe the time
I set the timer on my phone for 30 minutes and I just start writing whatever is in my head for 30 minutes
Sometimes I keep going
Sometimes it's really hard and I stop and it's a bit juddery so then the half hour is spent just trying to get the pen moving again

I've been doing this hand written for three years
I don't really want to count the 6 years before that typing - and it has just helped me enormously
It's just like this tsunami of material just comes out and I know the other benefit of it is that I can not worry about if I get an idea or something pops into my brain that I don't want to forget I just bang it into the notebook on the next line
I know it's going to be backed up and also I know about once every six weeks I'll have a nice time sat down with a coffee going through things that I've thought of
It's just such a great system

The Artist's Way doesn't propose doing it that way - all she's trying to get you to do is to write for half an hour every morning before you do anything else but I found that that then opened up this portal of stuff that gave me the new problem of having somewhere to store it and a system to go through those ideas and do something with them
But even the idea for that came from the morning pages
I wish I could get sponsorship from PaperChase
I've done 46 of these books which I think is about 1.5 million words
And if I had to sit down and write 1.5 million words over three years I think I'd feel slightly overwhelmed
But morning pages - we just keep the pen moving for half an hour for me it's it's a treat
It's my bit of the day

If you can find half an hour to do your pages things will start happening
So I'll just leave that with you because it might be something you want to try
The second idea that Julia Cameron proposes in the Artists Way - is the idea of an Artist Date.
I think I found that to be the biggest hardest thing in the book
She very gently floats the idea that once a week you take yourself somewhere
You go do something nice, something that's pointless - something makes you happy.
Her only stipulation is that you do it by yourself and you just mark out that time for you and it needn't be the whole day it could be a 10-minute trip somewhere

I didn't do it for a few weeks and then I did start doing it and it's it's fantastic it's a really nice thing to do for yourself so it does kick-start a process where you start exploring things things that you probably assume that you're too busy to do or too important or that the thing that you're doing is too silly...
This book will try to get you to do that - again she explains it way more better than than I can
Those are the only two things: morning pages and Artists Date - that you will do every week - if you go along with the 12 weeks and the 12 chapters.

The rest of it that she sets little writing exercises: they are really easy to do
If you are writing out what's in your head every day is then easy to slip into trying out some of the other things that she suggests and you don't have to do all of them
I did and they're still benefiting me now

I can't recommend it highly enough but it is one of those things that you're just gonna have to see if it's for you.
But I think even having a go at the first week isn't going to take your life backwards or make you unhappy.
So that's it!

If you have any questions please put them in the comments and if anyone reaches this point in the video why not give me a thumbs up just let me know someone reached this point
It would also help me hugely if you subscribe by clicking on my face or the subscribe button or the link in the description
Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face.
Thanks, bye! How's that?

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Thursday 12 September 2019

IMOVIE Can't delete project - video can't be moved to trash, error message? How to fix!



Hello I'm gonna take you through a problem that I've had in iMovie and I've only just worked out how to fix it.

So I've got iMovie open -- these are all my projects here - and these ones I just can't delete them.
So if I click on day 30 the way to delete the day 30 project, look if I open it, it's all in there.
If I go back to "Projects" - go down to day 30 - if you hover your mouse next to the title you see the three dots - you click on that and it brings up a little menu for you

((This is still a transcript... you have pressed play on the video above, right?
Or click on this direct link to see the video...))

And when you go down to "Delete Project" it asks "Are you sure you want to delete this project? All media files in this project will be copied into your library in an event named day 30"

That's great so I click continue and then you get this error message which is the file name "couldn't be moved to the trash because you don't have permission to access it."

Now all of my files I've shot myself - these files just happen to be from a dashcam camera in our car.

I couldn't work out how to get to the file to delete it so that I could delete the project and free up the memory space and my iMovie started taking up like 60 gigabytes of just storage that I couldn't budge.

I've just worked out how to do it - so if you've had the same problem as me here's how you clear it.
Oh hello, I'm Neil by the way - I'm in the garden today. I don't know why it's the hottest day of the year and probably the worst place to be doing this.
I couldn't be indoors.

Here's how you can find the file that refuses to be deleted - so that you can free the project up and delete the project and delete the event, and forget the whole thing ever happened!

If you go to the desktop click on the Macintosh HD so we're in finder and I've got 4 choices:
You go for-- this is the way I did it - click on users and open that up and you'll see among all the folders there: applications, desktop, documents...
there's one labeled "Movies".

If you open that up by clicking on the triangle you've got the iMovie library and the iMovie theater.
Now the problem with this is if you double-click on iMovie library it brings up iMovie.
We don't want that so let's go back to the finder.

What you want to do is on iMovie library right click on it.
It brings up this menu and we want to go down to "Show Package Contents" so that it's going to show what's what's there instead of actually opening it up.

And look the folder that I want to delete with the project I want to delete it's called day 30.

So if I find day 30 there it is - among all the projects that it's remembered - some of my greatest hits now available on YouTube!

And if you click on the triangle of day 30 that'll bring up some more folders - analysis files there's the the name of the project again - but there's also this folder here called "original media".

So if you click on the triangle there it actually opens up the folder that has all of the copies of the files that you actually want to delete.
iMovie takes its own copy - it can as you can see from the size of the files there - it can take up a lot of memory.
What we want to do now - right click on the file that you can't delete.

So I know all my dashcam videos are here.
Right click on it and then go down to the "get info" there it is - it's locked.
There's a little check box little tick next to the word: "Locked" and what we want to do obviously is unlock it so untick that box and close it.

And I'm gonna have to now do that for every single one of these files.
"Get info". "Locked".
It's a good way to show you how to do this.

There we go so I've gone through all of the files that are likely to have this locked problem now just to show you that it works you go back to iMovie.

So we've gone back to the day 30.

If I click on the three dots again and then hover "delete project"
- "Are you sure you want to delete this project?" Yes, continue.
It's gone! Yes! We win!

The way to now free up the memory do it the usual way - I'll click on "media" and you can see now there's a new folder underneath iMovie library on the left hand side here and there's day 30. So I click on that.

Now if I right-click on day 30 I can go down to "delete event".
"Are you sure you want to delete the selected event?" Continue.

It's gone - and that has now freed up that memory, those gigabytes, for you to use for something else.

I hope this video has helped if you have a better way of doing this please leave me a comment in the comments below - if you have any questions again leave a comment I'm sure someone out there will be able to help you free up memory from your MacBook Pro in iMovie and delete those projects and files that seem locked and won't let you delete the events.

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8 Year Old Voiceover British Girl Voice Reel DAY 013 #TightwadDad Vlog138

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Sunday 7 April 2019

WHAT IS A POMELO? #TightwadDad 062

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- FREE Bookshop: 1x World Book Day book offer book.
“It would be 10 but one of our kids lost their World Book Day Voucher.”

- German Supermarket Chain top-up: Ingredients for kid’s cookery class tomorrow.
“Finally, we’re a day ahead!”
JOY 10

WHAT IS A POMELO? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 011

You ready?
Let’s do it.
Hello I'm Neil and this is the Tightwad Dad podcast.
We're outdoors.
We’re cutting a pomelo. And it’s bruised.

Do you know what a pomelo is?
Erm all I know is it’s a honey pomelo.
Yeah but I don't I don't know what it is either.

It's like a exotic fruit.
Got a second camera so we can get some close-ups.
Some action pomelo closeups.

What does it smell of?
Smells weird.
Nearly lost my nose then.
You said, before, you thought I couldn’t do it.
Oh, it feels so squishy!
Can I smell it?

How do you think we should cut it?
Do you think you’re supposed to cut it--
In half.

Yeah what like down or across?
It says to cut it down.
Oh there’s instructions - let's show the instructions.
So is this a pomelo unboxing?

Yeah pause the video I'll show you the instructions. I still don't quite understand them.
So I gave you a bread knife instead of the super sharp knife.
Oooh it looks weird.

It looks like a giant lemon.
Woah, it might be.
Ohmygod the seeds!.
Go on, eat it eat it go on.

And the trouble with this pomelo is that we've been planning this video for about two months and it's been by the kettle hasn't it for about five weeks because we got it after Christmas.
It's now end of February so this this might not taste very nice.
Good work.

It smells like grapefruit.
You know it would take me like two seconds to look it up on Wikipedia.
It spurts.
It’s like a lemon.

“What is a pomelo?”
Oh here we go right so a pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits with a thick yellow skin and bitter pulp.
I like bitter stuff.

Do you think you could just peel it out like this you know like a big orange piece?
Oh that's like
I won't tell you who that was.

It's almost like we're turning the podcast into a cookery vlog.
Right, should I open it and then we'll take a bite?
I think this is really off.
Go on you bite, I’ll bite.

I didn't spit it out, I like it.
Oh I did.
I spit out a seed. Could we grow a pomelo?
Go on, go on, plant it!
So yeah it tastes like a--
I’ll plant a pomelo tree.

It tastes like a grapefruit.
Okay! Planted!
We're gonna turn this into a gardening vlog now.

How would you describe this to someone who’s looked up on YouTube “what does a pomelo taste like?”
It's fairly sour, not very sour.
I like it.
But it’s kept it quite well - yeah - because it's huge.
That's because of its thick skin.
All of that has been protecting it.
I didn't-- I didn't think I'd eat this much.
Excuse me.
I'm just planting one.

If you've got to this point in the video - like and subscribe - don't forget to leave a comment if you’ve tasted one. How would you describe a pomelo?
Answers below.
That rhymes!
Ugh. It's not that good.
I like it.

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Chewing Gum Crime Wave #TightwadDad 061

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Sunday 24 March 2019

How to get cheap console games #TightwadDad 048

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- Nothing.
And the family have all gone away for a few days and they spent...

- Nothing!
JOY 10

Then I double-check with my son on the phone.

- Local Independent Toy Shop: 4x packs of cap gun caps.
“630 bangs.”
JOY 11

How to get cheap console games #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 010

Hello, welcome to episode 10!
Welcome back to the Happy Hut. It’s Tightwad Dad Podcast.
I'm Joe.
I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this. It's very special: we’re going to double figures, episode 10.
I know. I never thought we’d get to episode 10. This is where I found out we haven’t recorded any of them [LAUGHS]

You had an idea for something we could celebrate our 10th anniversary.
Yeah we're gonna we're gonna stop for a week and we're gonna let you decide in the comments if you - I wanna say that - YOU decide what you would want us to talk about.

So if you have any questions... and is that it? Is that all we’re gonna say in this episode?
No we're gonna have to do more because that was only about a minute let's talk about the latest games.

What are the latest games? The consoles we have are really out of date.

PlayStation 3, - because they’re cheap - Xbox, DS Lite, DS Excel, Playstation 1 that Grandad gave us
Oh yeah. But we’ve got Minecraft, that’s still a hit.
It is and it was so expensive to buy even pre-owned because no-one gives...
It was 15 quid...
Yeah 15 quid because no-one gives them up.
I had just the right amount I had to - I had to be like - I was just lucky - I had just the right amount.

That’s true, so that’s our tip isn’t it - to use old consoles to save money.
Yeah because if you have old consoles look it up look up how much minecraft is on ps4 or Xbox and it would be quite a lot unless you have a PlayStation 3, it would only be 15 pounds.

So what consoles do you use, that’s what we wanna ask.
Yeah in the comments.

Leave us a comment if you've got any console money-saving tips because we think buying games for 50p a disc is pretty good but if you've got any better ideas.
No, a pound. I think we get a pound, that’s the cheapest we've got. One pound.
I thought we had some for 50p.
We have one 50p.

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Saturday Spend #TightwadDad 047

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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Do we spend too much on toys? #TightwadDad DAY 044

I am a #TightwadDad and finding happiness for my family with...

- Mobile phone bill.
“I’ve really got to move our mobiles to somewhere else.”

- Free coffee shop decaf coconut latte
“Gift card.”

- German Supermarket Chain supermarket top-up shop: Fruit.
“Kids fighting over which fruit.
They’re fighting.

Spend too much on toys? Xbox 180? #teamTIGHTWAD Podcast with Neil and Joe 009

Hello I'm Joe.
I’m Neil, thanks for clicking on this video. It’s the TightwadDad Podcast live from the Happy Hut. Well sort of live. And it’s episode 9!

I didn’t think we’d make episode 9.

So this is gonna be about what toys we spend on because - right!

He has two children.

Do you think we spend too much money or not enough money on toys?

I think we're doing the right amount for a kid, yeah.

Well that’s good for a Dad to hear that he’s spending just the right amount on toys.

I’ve bought quite a few of my own toys.
What would you buy, yourself?
That electronic kit I can afford.
What else?
A console.
A console? Which console would you buy?

It’s either a Nintendo switch, an Xbox or a Playstation 4 or 5. Well an Xbox one.
Imagine if there's an Xbox 180 instead of 360.

Would that be better, or worse?
It would have to be more money because this is the latest it's gonna have to be better.

You hear that Microsoft? Your next Xbox should be the Xbox 180.

Yeah, if they’re watching this.
The chances of them watching it is THAT small.
[LAUGHS] I cant even see through there.
There are actually gaps on me - there are actually gaps.

That’s how big Microsoft is likely to be watching.
Oh dear. [LAUGHS]

I don't think that's gonna be a hit.

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9 Best replies to How are you? #TightwadDad 043

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Thursday 7 March 2019

2019? What about hoverboards? #TightwadDad Podcast 031

I am a #TightwadDad and finding happiness for my family with...

- Birthday presents.

- Free toothbrushes and toothpastes from dentists.

- Supermarket shop: Reduced BBQ prawns, reduced spatchcock chicken, birthday candles, party poppers, balloons.

2019? What about hoverboards? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 008

Let’s see if we can get up to 10.
Hello welcome to episode 8 of the TightwadDad Podcast, with me Neil.
And Joe.
And welcome back to the Happy Hut.

Episode 8!
We never thought we’d get this far!
No, and we’ve been sat here for about...
(LAUGHS) It’s been 15 minutes since I've looked at the clock.
It is.
Episode 8.

I don’t have any questions.
But what are we going to talk about?

I feel like - our year - look there's a lot of things are going on - yeah - like Big Ben.
It's being rebuilt.
It's, it's gonna be its original colour.
New technology: there's going to be new technology.

So you’re saying that “this is an exciting year.
This is 2019.
This is an exciting year to live through?”

Yeah we're in the future.
We're in good future - yeah.
But I wanna talk about film predictions.
Because you know Back To The Future II?
They're thinking way ahead.
They were, at the time.

They’d think things would hover.

What happened to the hoverboards?
I still want one.
But I thought everyone would be using them, and they’re not.
Well, when we were on holiday - I saw this girl on a hoverboard.
I really wish I had one.

You really want one?
Yeah - but then there's gonna be a new thing as soon as I get it.

This is what I don't like.
But you said-- Dad, your eyebrows are so long!
I know.

We made a whole video where Joe pulls out my eyebrows.
And I haven’t trimmed them since then!
[LAUGHS] Are you just looking at my eyebrows now?

No but like the whole time we've been podcasting Yeah.
You know that scar there where you fell off your bike?

I've been looking at that the whole time.
And now you’re looking at my eyebrows.

So we gonna make another video where you pull out my eyebrows?
Well this has been a fantastic episode.
So if you've gotten this far into a video please subscribe if you think this is a good video and leave a thumbs up that you've got this far into the video and you've liked it.
Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the next episode of Tightwad Dad.
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers, just click on his face.
Thanks, bye!

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Royal Mail Access Fees For Our Letterbox #TightwadDad 030

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Saturday 2 March 2019

Is this how you wanted it to be? #teamTIGHTWAD 026

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- German supermarket chain supermarket mini-shop: Bread, bacon and a pomelo.
("It was on offer")
I still have no idea what a pomelo is. I will make it my mission to find out.
- Swimming lessons.

Is this how you wanted it to be? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 007

Which episode is this now?
Episode 7.
No way!
High five, good work!
I’ve been sat here for about one hour.
Yeah we’ve been sat here a long time, it’s cold in the Happy Hut. I’m Neil, thanks for joining us.
I’m Joe.
And it’s the #TightwadDad Podcast episode 7.
I’m excited.
Are you? Well you should be because this is a special episode, it’s your turn to ask a question.
Okay, Dad?
Um... give me a minute to think.

Do you think living like this is just how it is?
How you wanted it to be? How do you want us to live?

That’s a really good question!
You’re like “Uhhh, the money, uhhhh... all the money....”
Joe, that’s a really good question. I’m really happy and grateful for how we live.
I thought you're not going to get work done if you just keep thinking about that and go “I want it!”
That’s really wise! Ohmygod, you’re nine!

I wanted to be more happy with what we’ve got.
Yeah, and share it with the world.
If you live in a mud hut, maybe you should worry about y’know, where your next meal is coming from...

The only place you could get mud houses in like swamps or forests - yeah - and there would be water there but it's dirty. Have you seen those adverts: “Text us to pay 3 pounds to give these children water - give them what they deserve.” It’s really catchy.
That’s right, and we don’t live like that!
So we’ve got clean water, electricity, heat... what else have we got?
We’ve got... this. Whatever it is.

We wouldn't - it wouldn't sound like this - it wouldn't sound as good without this.
I shouldn’t have got this, we should’ve spent that money on food.
[Laughs] No! because we wouldn't be talking about this.
And we wouldn’t be able to share this. There’s nothing to worry about - yeah - And I’m trying to worry less.
When you're little, you were dreaming if there was a war going.
I did, yeah!
There was going to be a war.

Because it was nuclear war. All the news, and the news was just all about nuclear warheads and Protect And Survive, and those scary adverts. And what was the point of that, ‘cos it didn’t happen!
It didn’t happen.
So are you going to worry about anything?
Yeah because you might you would probably be dead.
Yeah so there was no point in worrying.
Don't worry about my worries [laughs]

Are you happy?
Yeah, I’m happy.

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Justifying the coffee shop #teamTIGHTWAD 025

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Sunday 24 February 2019

My Kids Watching My Trip To London #teamTIGHTWAD 020

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Park and Ride parking fee.
- Free ticket to historic dockyard.
There’s two words that spark joy in kids.
- 2x portions of chips and a sausage.
- 1x Lost coat at historic dockyard, we think in Boathouse Number 4.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
- Amazon ebook: Your One Word. The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life That Matter by Evan Carmichael.
It's a really great book, but I can't work out what my one word is.
TightwadDad? teamTIGHTWAD? familyJOY?

MY KIDS WATCH MY LONDON TRIP #TightwadDad VLOG 003 | Neil Mossey

What's that?
Are you sure it's just two minutes
Yes - it’s 2 minutes... three minutes...
So I made this especially for you
okay yeah
Okay so, here we go.
Wow that’s loud.

[LOUD MUSIC] Hello, I'm Neil Mossey I'm from #TightwadDad.
This is gonna be a weird video.
I've come to London today.
I'm shooting this on my phone, I don't even know if it's in focus--

- so my family gets to see what I do.

--the amount of JOY it brought me? Probably 9. Cuz look it brought me here.
-- my toe is still bust, let's have a look.

But where I'm going next is somewhere very special.

--the JOY was about 5.
[LOUD MUSIC] So I'm going to a quiet area now, I don't know if I'm going to be able to film. I'll maybe sneak a shot.
"Doors opening" [SILENCE - PEN SCRATCHING]

Okay so that was free because I've already paid and the JOY is about 10 - that was really nice. Now I'm gonna cross the river again... one more time. I've got to be in Tottenham Court Road by 3:00 for a meeting. [LOUD MUSIC]


The JOY there was 10. I've got 5 minutes to spare so I timed that really well.
So the meeting went well, it's now half four.
There's a taxi protest here. It's really eerie, it's so quiet! Now I'm going over to finish my evening.

So I'm here with my friend Rob. We're gonna have food! [LOUD MUSIC]
[LOUD MUSIC] So the cost was high, but the JOY was 11. It was gorgeous. But, if we take the total and add all the JOY up. Divide the JOY so I get an average JOY - the figure comes out at THIS.

[LOUD MUSIC] Please help my Daddy get 1000 subscribers
-- just click on his face, thanks bye.

What do you think
I love it

I didn't like that and you showed your foot because that's part of your life not really to do with what you--
And the other thing I didn't like is you eating a burger in front of my face
I liked how you how you went to the bridge and when it said the “London” it shows the whole of London
I liked that you you filmed that video it's really short, and it went through the whole day
So that was 4 minutes because we watched two.
I’m out!

Dad can I watch “where baby powder goes?”
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye!

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Saturday 23 February 2019

How do we get more money into our house? #teamTIGHTWAD 019

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- German supermarket chain supermarket shop (bread, pancakes and waffles).
- Swimming lessons.

Get MORE money into our house? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 006

I can’t even remember what episode this is now...
It’s six, already?!
It’s six.
We’ve done six of these?

Welcome to the TightwadDad Podcast with me Neil, hello.
And Joe hello.
Welcome to the Happy Hut thanks for clicking on this.
It’s the podcast where we talk about me being a Tightwad Dad.
And you living in a TightwadDad family.
A half tightwad mum.
I guess you’re a tightwad son?
Well no, you’re not a tightwad.

Oh dear.
[laughs] You want to start that as your catchphrase?
Oh dear!

So the question is... how can we get more money into the house. How can we get more money for the family.
Get a job where you can earn about 40 pounds and day, because we could just go like spend less than 40 pounds a day we'll have so much to spare.
What could I do?

Well have you heard of The Simpsons? Homer goes to this nuclear plant and he earns $40 a day.
Does he?! Okay, so I could work in a nuclear plant.
How are you gonna get to one? Where is one?
Well there isn’t one for a long way from here.
Oh dear.
“Oh dear” works. My idea for getting more money is to somehow get you and Stella to work, or earn money.
I don’t know. I thought you could be a voiceover, or Stella could be a voiceover.
Stella could sing. Be paid to sing songs.
She can do loads of songs. Sing that, and she’ll look it up and then sing it.
You did an “Oh dear”? [laughs]

This is the only episode six...
If you’ve got this far into the episode, can you leave us a comment that just says “Oh dear”?
That’ll be funny.
If you have any ideas for how or where we could earn £40 a day, leave us a comment that would be really helpful.
Yes that’d be extremely helpful.
And thanks for watching...
That would be life-changing helpfulness.
[SINGS] Can you please help my daddy... Get 1000 subscribers! Just click on his face. Thanks. Bye.” How’s that?

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