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Why I went bald? TightwadDad Vlog

Why did I go bald in 2003? This is probably the hardest video I've made so far, showing my son the fate that's probably in store for his head... by showing him archive footage of me from Meridian Tonight 1993 and BBC News 24 in 1998. Is this the best way to get him ready for when that day comes... when he'll consider going Grade 1 (3mm)?

WHY I WENT BALD? Best hair shaver Wahl Cordless Colour Pro #TIGHTWADDAD VLOG

I really can't find the best head shaver though, so trying this: the Wahl Colour Cordless Pro (what makes it pro?!)
We're unboxing it with a tiny review to see if THIS is the one.
(It sort of is. I prefer the Remington clip on comb attachments, but maybe that's another video).
You can buy it here! (Amazon UK)
(Amazon US, where it's called the Wahl Color Pro)


Do you wanna shave it?
Are you sure?
Yeah, go on. AGGGHHHH!

Hello YouTube we are going to show you this!
It is the best head shaver in the world.
I guess we're gonna put this on the Tightwad Dad vlog?
Security man.

So, you want to see this nice - we're gonna break into it as quickly as possible.
But I thought this would be a good chance to show you head shaving
Are you going to put the thing on my head?
Now... if you walk out the shop, it will make a noise.

So oh you have a lovely head of hair and I don't think... I don't think your hair's gonna end up like this?
Hope not.

Should we cut to like a shot of granddad saying the same thing to me, but in 1983?
I have to start do I?
You, you have a lovely a head of hair. I don't think your head's going to end up like this!

It's the Wahl, Color Pro cordless!
This is what you get in the box
I've tried one or two in the past...
These are exactly the same.
But you can't tell - you can't tell from the box. This is the biggest problem - this is why I wanted to make this video.

So I've actually had about ten of these so this is... welcome to number 11
That's what the handset looks like. What else is in the box?
You get different coloured combs for different lengths of hair... thing.
The one I use, do you know which grade I use?
Number 1, 3mm
So you spent all this money just to get, this, and a new shaver?
That's exactly right! That's exactly what all of this is about

Just one comb because obviously I'm not gonna shape my hair different lengths and that's the whole problem with buying hair clippers. It says...

There you go. "Oil blades before using" but I've never oiled my blades!
You get a charger and bizarrely Joe, look, you get scissors with the clippers?
Maybe the scissors are used to open the-- the pack?
And there's a comb as well - as if to rub it in... how bald you are. They give you a free comb

But I've not found the ultimate Clippers yet and I think this THIS will be the one
It also says "great for family cuts"
But that's only if you use it on your head.
Right the combs clip-on like this--
Dad, a bug fell out my hair.
Do you wanna shave it.
Are you sure?
Yeah, go on.

No it doesn't, it feels good.
It breaks your brain.
Is any hair coming off?
I didn't oil before use!
It's genius. They give you scissors. Dad...

Why do you think I still keep a little bit of hair?
I want you to grow some more.
You want me to grow it longer?

Hey I've got some footage - right so this is what I was like before I started shaving my head. When I had hair all video footage of me, with hair, is from TV news footage
Oh my gosh.

This is me in 1990, no, 1993
Let's see! Oh my gosh.
And then five years later - yeah - this is what I look like
This is when I thought that chunky oatmeal knitwear was a thing and walking around in Edinburgh
Five years after that I just went nuts one night and shaved all my hair off.

You're like Homer.
"You're having a kid?! AGHHGHGH!"
"You're pregnant?! AGHHGHGH!"

This is the hairiest I've ever been.
There you go. That feels really good.
Now usually these combs on things like the Philips, they're really sharp. My head is delicate.
How do you focus?

I've never seen my head from this angle.
This is what the back of your head looks like.
OH! There's a big gap!
No! That's what the back of your head looks like!
Does it? I've never seen it!
Right hang on, hold still.

See, hair IS coming off. It stays onto the shaver.
Yeah, that's because I oiled it. It's a big oily mess now.
Wow, you can really see it can't you.
That's what the back of your head looks like Dad.
I don't like it.

THIS - all of this - is bald.
Woah look it comes off, look.

I bought this - it's the BaBylis For Men... and it was absolutely useless - the smooth glide -
Can't you just give it back?
It says this -- this is the thing you can't take them back
And you can't like give it to someone because no man wants another man's hair shaver.
Then the trouble with this, this was a really good idea look I'll show you this...
Hand me down.
Yeah hand me... around.

Look, this - you're supposed to follow the shape of your head and that's that's good but it says it's a number three and it's not it's just too long
I look like a hippie.
But this this feels like a proper Grade 1.
Ugh it's coming off onto your hair.

I know - it's all that oil.
Ugh it's disgusting.
You're better at doing it than me.
I know but you gotta learn because you've got to do this some day.
Uh Oh.

I will never cut my hair. I wanna look like a hippie.
I'll have long hair for life.
Dad, I'm having long hair for life.
I wanna get your ear. I don't wanna get your ear.
Go on try it. Try and get my ear, it'll test the safety.

There we go. I can see the hair coming off. It's like an easier version of mowing the lawn.
You're getting grey, you're hair is going grey! It's everywhere!
This is why I don't shave it all off, down to a Grade Zero, because I want to know that I can still grow hair. I want people to know that I've still got it
I don't think you can.
I don't you think I can't either

Hey look now we've got these trimmings do you want me to donate these to your school for an arts project?
Okay. Why not?

So I've been looking for one of these for a long time - you know a shaver that actually does the job and doesn't hurt.
If you've reached this point in the video thanks for watching hope it's been useful.

Leave us a comment or give us a thumbs up just to let us know somebody reached this part of the video and good luck with your Wahl Colour pro cordless Clippers
There's a link in the description for somewhere to buy it and we might get some pennies for that and I hope you have a beautiful hair free future
Look at this mess! We'll have to clean up all this mess. I'm not. I'm going to watch PewDiePie. I'm gonna shave my head some more.
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