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Backup my TWITTER and MASS DELETE 5000 TWEETS! How to archive your twitter account and bulk remove

How to backup your tweets and twitter account and bulk delete your tweets. 
I archive my twitter account, and remove most of my tweets without deleting my whole twitter account. 
Also shows how to download all your twitter pics, photos, media, videos and other data like likes and retweets.
Backup my TWITTER and MASS DELETE 5000 TWEETS! How to archive your twitter account and bulk remove

0:00 How to backup your tweets and twitter account and bulk delete your tweets. 
0:46 Why I'm deleting my old tweets: people who have been fired for past twitter activity 
1:18 How I backup my twitter account and download an archive of my data 
2:36 How to download my twitter data 
3:27 How to manually bulk delete tweets and order tweets in chronological order 
5:40 What data can I download from my Twitter account? 
5:50 How to download all my twitter pictures and photos tweeted 
6:45 How to download all my twitter likes 
7:11 How to view all my tweets as a downloaded file


Hello welcome back to the happy hut, it's Sunday, I don't know why... 
why the chair has been styled in such a way, let's sort that out
Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut, I’m Neil and you want to... you want to back up your Twitter account don't you?

That might be why you've clicked on this video.
I’m going to show you everything step by step 
How do you back up your entire Twitter account?
How do you back up your tweets maybe even 

maybe even your retweets your likes and even your photos 
I’m going to do this right now in real time so that you can follow along 

My son has just got a victory royale on Fortnite - [TO OFFSCREEN] okay, will do!
I’ve put all the time codes in the description so you can jump ahead if you just want to see the backup now 
I’ve seen a few very high profile cases of people losing their jobs from things that they've written like 10 years ago
Bad attempts at humour 

Bad attempts at self-expression 
I can't help thinking that I don't stand by anything that I’ve ever written anywhere 
Least of all on Twitter, so I don't need that stuff on Twitter 

I don't need Twitter making money from bad attempts at humour in the past so here is how I delete 5000 tweets 
Oh joe seriously what's up?
[JOE: OFFSCREEN] Make the intro shorter!
So welcome to inside the happy hut

Let's go straight to my Twitter dashboard and on desktop where we want to go is on the left hand side here
We want to go down to “more” and then I’m going to click on “settings and privacy” or privacy wherever you are in the world, hello!

And right under settings which is this column here, the very first option is your account 
and the third option down is “download an archive of your data” 

Get insights into the type of information stored for your account 
So click on that, now I need to verify that it's me... 
I can't handle all of these accounts everything I’m doing online right now needs to be deleted!
And then it reveals this page “Twitter data” 

You can request a zip file with an archive of your account information, account history, request archive 
Let's click on that 
We received your request. To protect your account it can take 24 hours or longer for your data to be ready.

I should think so after 11 years, I think it probably shouldn't be ready instantly! 
I didn't realize it could be up to 24 hours so let's do a time jump!
That stylish visual effect - let's do it again - there's been a passing of time, it's now a day later and I’ve got this email:

Your Twitter archive is ready for you to download, so I’m going to hit the download button we'll see what happens... and that takes me straight into Twitter straight into the settings 
Twitter data, your archive is ready for you to download and view using your desktop browser.
Keep in mind you need to download this data before it expires, so we'll hit download archive 
Twitter data: “one of one” 

I’ll hit download archive and it saves as a zip file and while that is downloading I actually did some work last night deleting all the tweets that I wanted to delete 
There are services available for you to delete tweets in bulk 
I couldn't wait I just started deleting them, so here's how to manually bulk delete - that's not really bulk deleting is it? It’s just deleting “a lot” of tweets 

Here's the process 
What if you want to search all of your tweets within a specific time period?
Go to the advanced search I’ll put a link in the description, maybe it's on screen now and that will open up this box: advanced search 

And if I scroll down you can see all the options you can fill in here, from these accounts and then I’m going to choose my account: @neilmossey
and then say I want to check out all the tweets from 2019,so I’d select January the 1st 2019 to December the 31st 2019, and then if I click on search at the top of that box it opens up all the tweets which contain the phrase or the account @neilmossey

Confusingly it's ordered them by top priority so I’m going to choose “latest” and that will present all of my tweets in reverse chronological order, so if I wanted to delete these tweets manually - I’m going to keep that top one because I like it.
If you click on the three dots I’m going to start deleting here so delete... delete and then delete... and I’m using my return key to hit delete when that delete tweet window comes up 

I’ve just found this way to do it ever so slightly more quickly 
If you hover your mouse over the three dots and hit “more” just hit return on your keyboard - that brings up this dialog 
Do you want it to delete?

And you can hit return again so I’m doing mouse click return return, and you can start to delete them at about this speed 
I hope that helps you bulk delete your tweets manually and the advantage of this system is you get to see your years fly by your eyes and you can also choose to not delete any ones that leap out which spark joy
But all of these are gonna go.

Let's go back now to the Twitter backup and see what exactly we get in the download 
I’ll just scroll through the folder marked “data” so you can see the kind of files that we've got in here, like moments media 
What's that?! 

I’m going to open tweets media just to see what's here and let's open up one of these randomly 
Right so this is a picture that I tweeted about 10 years ago and are they in order?
Yeah they seem to be in order 
It's Darth Vader wrapped up like a baby 

These are the things that I do not need in my life and what's funny is that it includes photos that I have retweeted over the years as well as my own photos 
I don't know how do you feel about that with privacy?
If I open profile media this is my profile picture - whoa - this is my profile picture 

All your profile pictures have their own folder 
Yeah these are the Happy Hut -- these are my current profile photos and if I open the random file profile.js it brings up pretty much the wording of my Twitter profile 

It's got my lists and my likes these are all my likes that I have ever given in my entire history on Twitter 
Wow it's... it's a lot of data 
Let's go back to this big file here yourarchive.html and it's opened up an html page which is a pretty much an overview of my data 

As this information is not all the data from your archive please open this folder 
The file here labelled tweets.js seems to be an html file 
An html file is a file that you can see in a web browser and this seems to have all my tweets even though I’ve been deleting them 

The archive seemed to have grabbed my tweets even though I was deleting it while the archive was being prepared, and it's obviously quite difficult to read but you can still see the text of your tweets in here 

Just to sort of translate the text, this is a tweet here from last year, 2020 
You can see that there and this was my tweet to BBC news because I was on BBC News a year ago 
There I am putting on a face mask that I built myself so I tweeted them:

“Brilliant piece thank you especially that guy with the ears great stuff”
So all my tweets seem to be here but if you want to protect your tweets I don't recommend deleting your tweets while the archive is being prepared.
Wait till you've downloaded the whole file and then start your deleting frenzy.

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