Saturday 28 October 2023

How to turn VAILLANT heating ON or OFF with Remote Control

How do you just turn the heating on or off with the Vaillant boiler remote control? I show how to easily turn the heating on and off PLUS the 3 modes which turn the timer off and either keep the heating on all the time (Comfort Mode), off all the time (Setback Mode), or turn the boiler, timer and heating off all at once (Summer Mode). This is for the Valliant VRT 350f controller for our Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler.

How to turn VAILLANT heating ON or OFF with Remote Control!



Hello, how do you turn the heating on or off with this, a Vaillant boiler remote control? This is a very quick video showing you how to get started with one of these. I've made two really detailed videos showing how to set the timer and going through the entire instruction manual. The links to these are in the description. But the new thing I'm trying today to make your family happy is turning a Vaillant boiler heating on and off.
There are two super basic things that are really confusing with this remote control: the Sunshine Day icon and the night Moon icon. These don't mean day or night; they show when the timer program is on or off. The second crucial thing is desired temperature. If the heating timer is on (that's the sun icon), the desired temperature is the highest temperature it will hit before turning the heating off. If the heating timer is off (the moon icon), the desired temperature is the lowest temperature it'll hit before turning the heating on. It sounds more complicated than it is; it's basically to stop the room from getting too hot when it's on or too cold when the heating's off.
So this is good news for us. 
If you want to turn the heating on quickly, turn this dial to change the desired temperature to a really high number, and the heating will just stay on because your house is never going to hit 28° (well, our house never hits 28°). If you want to turn the heating off, use the dial to turn the desired temperature to a really low number. Hopefully, your room will never hit 8°, but if it does, the heating will come back on again.
To turn the timer off on a Vaillant heating remote control, so we’ll get rid of the auto setting in the corner there. We have three options: to turn the heating on so it's just on all the time. I salute you; you're living the dream. We need Comfort mode. 
On the first screen, press mode, then turn the dial down to Comfort mode and press the activate button on the right. The desired temperature is the highest temperature before it turns itself off. Just turn the dial to change it.
To turn the Vaillant heating off just to have it off all the time... I’d love to have it off all the time... but the house is too cold. You need setback mode. 
Press the mode button, turn the dial to setback mode, and click the activate button on the right. Now the desired temperature is the lowest before the heating turns on. We can set it to something like a chilly 14° so we don't freeze in the night.
To turn the boiler off and the heating and the timer programs off, just choose summer mode and drink a cocktail by the pool. You can set different desired temperatures for when the timer is on or off. For a step-by-step “how to set the Vaillant heating timer”, try this video here. And the entire Vaillant instruction manual is here. It is the most boring video I've ever made, but every single instruction is on there. Thank you for hitting the thumbs-up button.

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How to RIGHT CLICK on Macbook Pro and Macbook AIR

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Friday 27 October 2023

How to RIGHT CLICK on Macbook Pro and Macbook AIR

How to RIGHT CLICK on Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. I show you step-by-step how to enable right-click if you have an Apple Mac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, M1 or M2 and you want to right click on the trackpad, touchpad or mouse. 

How to set RIGHT CLICK on Macbook Pro and AIR



I absolutely love my MacBook, but it is a bit of a shock coming from a PC that by default we can't seem to right-click on the mouse pad. That's not what you call it; it's a touchpad! It doesn't right-click when you click down here. There is a really easy fix for this. I feel like I'm going to use this like a bat. My name's Neil, by the way. Hello. Here's how to right-click on a Mac or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, M1, M2, M69, whatever. When we've fixed this, we can click on the right-hand side of the trackpad, and it instantly brings up the right-click menu, which is really handy on websites or documents or any other programs and apps.
There's a link to the latest Apple Help article down in the description, but this is really easy, and we can do this right now in under 10 seconds.
On our MacBook Pro, bro..? 
On our MacBook Pro desktop, or MacBook Air. Click on the Apple icon on the top left-hand side here, and then we'll choose system settings. Then on the left-hand side of this popup window, we have some tabs. So we'll scroll down to “Trackpad”. 
Click on the “trackpad”, and Apple calls the right-click a secondary click or control-click. I don't know why because this is the same as a right-click on a Windows PC computer.
Just click on this pull-down menu next to where it says secondary click, and we've got these options: click or tap with two fingers, bottom left, we want “click in the bottom right corner”. 
Let's close the window and try it right now and right-click on the trackpad. Now we can see it brings up this right-click menu, and if this right-click works for you, say hi down in the comments below. It'd be lovely to hear from you, and thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. It really helps me out, and it helps others to find this video, so thank you. And right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next.

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How to remove Yahoo search from Chrome browser and change Yahoo to Google

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Tuesday 24 October 2023

Neil Mossey: Selected Broadcast Credits





RI:SE (Channel 4), 

PALOOKAVILLE (Channel 4), 










HOUSE OF LIES (App, Showtime Networks),






MY PARENTS ARE ALIENS (series 7-8, ITV Studios/ITV), 

REGINALD D. HUNTER'S BLACKOUT (Ealing Studios/Channel 4), 

LONELYGIRL15/KATEMODERN (66 million views, 174x eps, LG15/Bebo on YouTube)


DIVIDE AND CONGA (Edinburgh Fringe), 


GIGGLEBIZ (series 3-5, BBC/Cbeebies), 

MINNIE THE MINX (Beano Studios), 

SCHOOL OF ROARS (10x eps, Dot To Dot/NBC Universal/Cbeebies), 


JAZZDUCK (Nexus Studios/Amazon Prime), 

FOOTY PUPS (49x episodes, Dot To Dot Productions/Cbeebies), 

COMPOST CORNER (ITV Studios/ITV, BAA/BAFTA nominated & Promax award winner), 


BOYSTER (French co-production/Disney XD), 


BIN WEEVILS (Prism/Nickelodeon), 

FREEFONIX (Cinnamon/BBC), 


WRITING FOR ONLINE & WEBSERIES (Bucks New University, De Montfort University), 


How to remove Yahoo search from Chrome browser and change Yahoo to Google

How to remove yahoo search from chrome? Or change Yahoo to Google on your Chrome browser?
I go through the quick process step-by-step, to get rid of Yahoo as your search engine and make Google your default search engine in Chrome settings.

How to REMOVE Yahoo search from Chrome... 2 easy steps!



How do you remove the Yahoo search engine from Chrome? 
It is really annoying when some program or app changes the default search engine on our Chrome browser to be Yahoo, because you know it's not 2001! 
But we want it to be the default Google, or maybe something else. I'll show you where we can change this.
Hello, I'm Neil, and this is the Dad Delivers Vlog. And the new thing I'm trying today is to get rid of Yahoo from the Chrome search engine. 
Let's take a look at the problem. So, this is my Chrome browser, and if I type in a search for, I don't know, United States, you can see that it's taken me to Yahoo. 
And when I open a new tab, it even has the Yahoo icon logo on the URL bar. 
I don't want that; I just want it to be the regular Google Chrome.
So, it's really easy to fix this. 
Up on the top right-hand side, can you see these three dots? I'll click on that, and that brings up this menu. 
And I'm going to go down to settings and click on settings. 
We have some options on the left-hand side. You're watching this in the future; it might change, but this is the basic principle of it. We're going to click on search engine here. And we can see right here it says search engine used in the address bar, Yahoo. 
If we click on the triangle here, that brings up a pull-down menu. And this sets our default search engine. We want it to be Google.
But we can go further than this. 
If you click manage search engines and site search, it gives you all the options for your search engine. And we can see here that Google is our default search engine, which means that if I click on a new tab now by clicking that plus button, and there, Google comes up. 
The Google logo is back on the URL bar, and I type in a different search, I don't know... “USA, USA”. 
We can see that Google is now our default search engine.
If this video is helping, thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. 
It really helps me to keep this channel going. 
And right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next. 
Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks. Bye. Alright, this is going to be the proper one. right?

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How to cook FROZEN DUMPLINGS in Air Fryer - Gyoza, Mandu, Wantons... plus EASY DIPPING SAUCE Asian Style!

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Sunday 22 October 2023

How to cook FROZEN DUMPLINGS in Air Fryer - Gyoza, Mandu, Wantons... plus EASY DIPPING SAUCE Asian Style!

BUY OIL BRUSH HERE! (Commissions Earned)

How do you cook frozen Asian dumplings: Mandu, Wantons, potstickers or Gyoza in an air fryer? I air fry some mini wantons from Costco in our Ninja Foodi Air Fryer PLUS make a delicious easy gyoza dipping sauce while they are cooking. If you want the cooking time and temperature for frozen gyoza, this video is for you!

Delicious AIR FRYER DUMPLINGS! Frozen Gyoza, Mandu, Wantons... plus EASY DIPPING SAUCE Asian Style!



It's really difficult coming up with ideas for meals, especially family mealtime. We don't need a recipe; we just need some ideas for dinner. Here's an easy idea where we can just bung it in the air fryer – these gorgeous Japanese dumplings, or are they Korean Mandu or Chinese wontons? This is where my cultural ignorance kicks in. What is the difference between a gyoza or wontons or Mandu? Apparently, there is a huge difference - the shape of them, the thickness of the wrap, and the whole country that they come from! But I'm going to get these dumplings and bung it in the air fryer! These are frozen wanton-style I love that song, "wanton style!” 

Wanton-style dumplings. They're actually Mandu, but they're like gyoza, and they come in a bag, a frozen bag from Costco. And they have actually got air fryer instructions on the back of the pack.
So what are we going to do? Let's bung it in the air fryer! 

The instructions say to lay out 12 to 15 dumplings. I’m... I think I'm going to go for 15 rather than 12. They sort of look a bit like ravioli, they're that kind of size. But in go the 12 and I definitely come back and make sure that it's 15 dumplings. Now, I'm not sure that you need to do this, but the pack says that we should brush some cooking oil on. I'm using this toasted sesame oil to... and I found a brush as well, which is a silicone brush. I'll put that down in the description if you want to get one of those. I don't think you need any of this, but just because I've got it to hand, I'm brushing some oil onto the dumplings and making a nice big fat mess. It's okay if there's some oil left over because I'm going to be using this for easy gyoza dumpling dipping sauce, so we'll use the leftovers for that.
But now the big moment: now we get to bung it in the air fryer! 

We are going to select air fry and put up 200°C. That's 390°F. And I'm going to dial up 3 minutes. The whole thing will take 6 minutes, but we'll do 3 minutes for this first section. While the dumplings are air frying, I'm now making the gyoza dipping sauce. This is an easy dipping sauce that I've lifted from the internet. I'm not Asian, and your taste will vary, but I'm using soy sauce, some apple cider vinegar. I'm going to use the toasted sesame oil, and oh, I've just remembered, I've got some left over from where I was brushing them on the wantons. And I'm putting in a generous spoon of honey. I think I'm putting a bit too much in. I think it only needs a little bit for sweetness, but let's go nuts and give that a really nice mix.
But I'm also going to add sesame seeds just to give it a bit of sesame seed flavour. 

Some people toast the seeds, and I wonder if I could toast them in the air fryer while the wontons are cooking. That probably would have been a good idea. And just to jeuje it up even more, I'm cutting the skin off this ginger here so that I can microplane it into the sauce. Just a little bit of fresh ginger. And I've got some garlic as well. I won't use all of this; I'm just using half a garlic clove. And that can go into the sauce as well. We'll give it a really nice big mix, and it looks messy and sloppy, and the quantities are probably wrong, but at least I've got something to dip my wontons or gyoza or Mandu into.

The 3 minutes are up, so let's have a look. Oh, it's looking good; they're starting to sizzle. So it was a good idea to put the oil on for the sizzle. So we give them a shake, turn them over, but... oh, I turn that one over, and then put them on for another 3 minutes. So that is air fry 200 or 390°F and 3 minutes. Go. The extra 3 minutes are nearly up, so let's have a look. Ah, look at them! They look absolutely delicious, sizzling away with the lightly brushed oil. They smell absolutely delicious as well. Let's get them onto the plate. I'll speed this bit up. I have no idea why I love Asian food so much. I... I’m going to have these for breakfast; they look absolutely sumptuous.

Usually, I boil these in a pot of water because it's easier, but they tend to fall apart, and you don't get that crisp texture for the wrap. Look at them; these look absolutely succulent. I know once I finish this plate off, I will probably air fry another batch to use the sauce up. Let's hold off no longer. Maybe I should get some chopsticks. All right, so this is how you know you're in a western household: mismatching chopsticks. Right, let's give this a try. I'm going to try and do this and hold the camera. I don't know if this is going to work. Oh, with the dipping sauce, it is absolutely delicious. Let me open one up for you. Oh, it's steaming up. I was going to bite into this and show you the inside, but that would be disgusting, wouldn't it? So let me be elegant and cut it open with a knife.

And there you can see the pork and vegetables inside. Absolutely scrumptious. Oh! 
[Music] Oh my goodness. Do you think you might be trying out some frozen dumplings in your air fryer? Leave me a comment down below; be lovely to hear from you. And thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going. And right here, just over there, are all my other air fryer meal ideas and recipes for your air fryer.

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How to STOP notifications on Android! IN 10 SECONDS!

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Friday 20 October 2023

How to STOP notifications on Android! IN 10 SECONDS!

How do you turn off all notifications on Android? Or Samsung Galaxy mobile phones? I show you how to stop notifications showing for all apps like Amazon, snapchat, tiktok, be real, and hide them from your notification bar. We can block as many notifications as we like. I also show how to mute and set notifications to silent so you can stop or hide them.

How to STOP notifications on Android! IN 10 SECONDS!



Hello! Are you getting notifications from apps on your Android phone that you really don't want to hear from? It is pretty irritating having icons up here on the notifications bar for things we do not need, and they completely get in the way of being able to see Urgent Message notifications that we do need to see. This is how we turn off notifications for apps, and I'm doing this on my Android Samsung Galaxy phone. It's an S20, but I think this works for most Androids.
The easiest way to get to the menu we need is when one of these messages pops up, click down here. Underneath, there's a button that says "notification settings," and if you click on that, that takes you to the right place. Or sometimes when you open the message, that disappears, so we need to go to settings. That's in our list of apps, and the icon might look like a cog. We can now scroll down and click on "notifications." And at the top here,"app notifications." It says: "Choose which apps are allowed to send you notifications." We'll click on that, and this opens up all the apps which can send you messages up on the notifications bar.
To turn off the app notifications, just click on the blue toggle buttons on the right-hand side here. So if I click on the one for Argos, that turns them off, and you can turn off as many as you like. Here's a hack, though. Sometimes we want to turn off some of the notifications but not all of them. So, for example, on my Amazon shopping app, I do want the updates for deliveries, but I don't want these stupid messages about deals and recommendations. That's easy. All we need to do is go into the app by clicking on the name on the list here, and we're given some extra options.
We can turn off the sound, or we can choose whether it's a badge or a popup message. You just click on it to turn it on and off. But here, down at the bottom, is an option for in-app notification settings. If I click on this, that opens up the notification settings within the app. So I want to keep the messages about accounts, and shipping, and delivery, but I don't want deals and recommendations. I have enough deals and recommendations in my life! To turn them off, I just click on these buttons here, and I won't be bothered by these now.
If this video is helping, thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button. It really helps me and other people to find this. And right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next. Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks. Bye! All right, this is going to be the proper one, right?
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How to make a YouTube PLAYLIST

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Wednesday 18 October 2023

How to make a YouTube PLAYLIST

How do you add a video to a YouTube Playlist or even MAKE a YouTube playlist. Playlists are great to play a queue of videos on YouTube and it's really easy to add a video to a playlist.
0:00 How to make a playlist on YouTube
0:20 How to create a playlist on YouTube: how to hide playlist or add to YouTube playlist

How to make a YouTube PLAYLIST


Hello! How do you make a playlist on YouTube? Let's create a playlist right now, on desktop or mobile, on the YouTube app, and how to add any video to a YouTube playlist, even videos with the playlist option grayed out. It's magic.
To create a playlist on a desktop, underneath any YouTube video, you'll see these three dots. Click on them to bring up this menu, and we will click on "save." That brings up your list of playlists. To make a playlist, we'll click on this, down at the bottom here, "create a new playlist." We can give the playlist any name, up to 150 characters, and we can set the playlist to private, so only we can see this, public where anyone can see it, or unlisted where anyone with the playlist link can see it. Then click on the "create" button at the bottom here. And let's go back in to see that playlist on the list. It's here with the Blue Tick next to it. You can add a video to as many playlists as you like by ticking them along the side here. Or, if we click on the blue ticks, we can remove them from the playlist.
To make a playlist on a mobile device with the YouTube app, get any video that you want to add to a playlist. Under the video, you can scroll these buttons with your finger to get to "save," and we'll click on that. At the bottom, it saves it to your last playlist. To change this, we're going to click on "change," and it brings up your list of playlists. Here, we can click on "create new playlist" on the top right-hand corner and give our playlist any title we like, up to 150 characters. And we can set the playlist to private, where only we can see this, public where anyone can see it, or unlisted where anyone who has the playlist link can see it.
But what if the save button doesn't appear? This happens for videos which YouTube thinks are made for kids, like this video here, "Wheels on the Bus." But if I scroll across, there's no save on the button! The button's there, but we can't click on it. Look, there's a warning at the bottom here. “This is turned off for content made for kids”. But we can go to the search bar at the top of the app here and search for the title of the video to bring it up in a search list. So we'll type in "Wheels on the Bus Cece version," and it brings up this search list. We can click on these three dots next to the video title. That brings up this menu where, right here, it says "save to playlist." Click on that, and it brings up our list of playlists, where we can tick to add it to a playlist or click up here on "create new playlist."
Thank you for being awesome and hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button. It really helps people to find this video, and it means the absolute world to me, so thank you. And right here are even more tips and hacks that will help you right here on YouTube. Can you please help my dad get to 1 million subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks, bye. Can we have dinner now?

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How To Punch A Hole In Leather Belt

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Friday 13 October 2023

How To Punch A Hole In Leather Belt

How to punch a hole in a leather belt? I share how I use a leather hole punch tool to make a new hole in a leather belt, and you can use this for other materials too. I also show how to add a rivet or eyelet and snap fastener or press stud to leather or fabric cloth material

BUY a LEATHER HOLE PUNCH HERE! (Amazon paid link)

How I Punch A Hole In Leather Belt



Hello, I'm Neil. Welcome back to the channel. It's a very sad day today for both health and fashion. This is the Dad Delivers Vlog, where I try new things every day to make your family happy. And today, I'm doing this. I'm punching a hole in this belt. And I'd love to say that I'm punching the hole to make it smaller, but it's to allow a little bit more room for the Dad Delivers stomach. What can I say? I love those chocolate cookies. My ones are off-brand chocolate digestive biscuits that we have in the UK.
Oh, man. And I'm using this. There's a link to this or something like this down in the description. It's a punch pliers set. I'll show you how to fit a rivet with it as well as punch a hole in leather. You can also fit eyelets and press studs. We might give that a go today for the hell of it before we punch a new hole in this bad boy.
So this is the timeline. I fixed my sleep. I think I've got some footage now of me wearing the sleep machine that means I can keep breathing in the night. And one of the side effects of this bizarrely was that I instantly lost lots of weight, and I actually gained a notch on my belt. I had to fit a new hole in my belt just to cope with the more slender lifestyle. I didn't change anything else in my lifestyle. I think if anything, I probably ate more. It... It's just so linked to sleep. And I even had to change my watch strap. But like all of us, covid happened, and time, and now I've got to go back a notch. I'm going to go back halfway.
Let's get this out of the box, and we're going to need the punch first. And I've already marked up where I want the hole to be somewhere where that mark is. So all you do is select the punch hole size that you want. So we have these various sizes. Oh, it's really stiff. I don't use it that much. Different size holes. I think I'm going to go for the largest. So you just turn it around to the punch size. Actually, I think I can see some leather inside there from back when I made the other hole. And you just squeeze it together like this.
So going to line it up with my hole, try and make it sort of on the same alignment as the other holes, and then just press really hard. That's not really doing much, but I can see the impression on the other side. So I'm just going to go the other side and just go at it from both sides, I think. So if I push really hard on the edge of the pliers to get maximum force. Ah, I don't know if you heard it click then, that definitely went through. Twist it around, a clean hole. Look at that, perfect.
But I wonder if I should demonstrate the rivets for you. I’ll put an eyelet in so you can see what that looks like. For that, I'll need this kind of press pliers thing. Wow, it's really hot today, so these have really heated up already. And then I'll get a rivet. Now, I don't really want one on my belt. I'm just doing this just to show you what it looks like. So you put the rivet into the hole with the eyelet. We'll get this press thing. I'll put that into the eyelet this way around, push it together really hard. And that is how an eyelet would work.
The other thing we get in this kit is a press stud. So again, I'll open up these pliers here with the safety catch, and you get like a kind of press on each side. So say you wanted to add a press stud to two pieces of fabric so they click together. We would need a stud and a receiver. So I'd need one of those, and I'd need one of these, like this. I would put the press stud on. You can see the pins pushing through the fabric. And then I'll put the press stud on. Oh, oh, man, line it up like that. And then you get the pinch press to push it into place like this. So push really hard. There we go. So the press stud is now in place. And then where you wanted the... where it to attach to, maybe it's another piece of fabric. I'll do it on the same piece of fabric again. I'll put the spiky bit through where I want the press stud to attach to, and then I'll put the receiver. I don't know if that's what you call it. Then we'll get the pliers to push them together like this. There we go. And there's the receiver. And now you can press stud the two pieces of fabric together. So maybe it's... I've got this as a catch on my rucksack. I've put them on here just to seal up the pockets for when I was out and about, just to stop people opening them when the rucksack's behind me.
And the press stud just goes into the hole, into the receiver like this, and you push them together for a satisfying click. I have put this on my playlist for gifts for dad, and I've also put a link in the description to things like this that you can get your own and try it out for yourself.
If you've reached this point of the video, thanks for your thumbs up or even hitting the Subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going. Really appreciate it. And right here is what YouTube knows you're going to love watching next. Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks. Bye. Alright, this is going to be the proper one, right?

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How to CANCEL AMAZON PRIME membership subscription

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Wednesday 11 October 2023

How to CANCEL AMAZON PRIME membership subscription

Join or CANCEL Amazon Prime HERE! 
(As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases!)

How do you cancel your Amazon Prime membership subscription? It's really easy! I share step-by-step how to cancel Amazon Prime Video and all the other Amazon Prime membership to end the Amazon Prime Free Trial or just the regular Prime subscription payments.

How to CANCEL AMAZON PRIME membership subscription



Woah it's sunny today. Hello, how do you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription? Maybe like me, your free Amazon trial, your one-month trial is coming to an end, or maybe Amazon is just putting the price of Prime up again. Whatever the reason, this is the Dad Delivers Vlog, and the new thing I'm trying today is to cancel our Amazon Prime membership. We've got so many subscriptions. Let's do this right now. You can follow along with me. I'll put my phone app up on the screen.
This is the Amazon shopping app, and we are on the homepage of the app. But in the bottom right-hand corner down here, can you see this stack of pancakes or some people call it a little hamburger icon? Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments. But we're going to click on that. That opens up this menu of buttons, and we're going to scroll all the way down to here, down to 'Your Stuff,' and that opens another menu list of items, so we'll click on this. You're watching this in the future, so your app might look a bit different, but here are the basic principles.
We're going to scroll down to the sub-menu of account settings, and can you see here it says 'Prime Membership'? I'm going to click on that, and just in the nick of time, under here, can you see it says 'one days left of my trial'? So let's see if we can cancel this subscription before that one day. I'm going to click on 'Manage Membership,' and that opens up these options down here. Can you see there's another label for 'Manage Membership'? I'll click on that one.
And we have two options. I can either share my benefits with other people in the household, or the button I want is right here, 'End Membership.' I have a feeling that Amazon are going to try a few times to get me to stop cancelling the Amazon Prime, and right here, 'We'd hate for you to miss out on your unlimited premium delivery. I don't want to use my benefits today. I want to not keep membership. I'm going to continue to cancel.
Please confirm your Prime Membership cancellation. I'll just scroll down to see these terms and conditions, and underneath it says 'end on 7th of October,' which is the date I'm recording it. And there we go. I think we've done this. The sun's gone in, and everything's gone dark. It tells me all the things that I'm going to miss out on now from cancelling Amazon Prime, and there is a button here to continue my membership, but it looks as if we have successfully cancelled our Amazon Prime membership.
I've got a link in the description to another video for how to do this using just a desktop computer. The sun has come out again. Thank you so much for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button if this helps you, and say hi in the comments. It'd be great to hear from you. And right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next.

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FIXED Flashing Red Orange Light on my Macbook Pro! (magsafe 2 charger)

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Tuesday 10 October 2023

FIXED Flashing Red Orange Light on my Macbook Pro! (magsafe 2 charger)

How to fix the flashing red or orange light on a Macbook Pro charger: Magsafe 2 charging cable, M1 or M2.
My Magsafe2 charger lead started flashing red for my 2021 Apple Macbook Pro 14" M1, and I thought the worst had happened. I checked the magsafe cord, the metal magnetic connector to make sure the connection is okay, and tried changing the power management settings. Finally I bought a 'new' (second hand) Apple Macbook charger and it worked instantly: there was no problem with my apple laptop, just the faulty charger.
Hope this helps you get to fix the flashing red light charger problem on your Macbook.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

FIXED Flashing Red/Orange Light on my Macbook Pro! (magsafe 2 charger)


Hello! I'm Neil, welcome back to the channel, and this is a really quick video about something that's really super specific involving this MacBook Pro M1 laptop and this MagSafe 2 charger not working.
When you plug in the charger to the MacBook Pro, you get this flashing red light on the charger, and it's really alarming because nothing seems to work. And I think I have some really good news for you, and it's a really simple and obvious fix, but it involves spending money, so let me explain the problem just so you can make sure that you've got a similar thing going on and rule out some other things that we need to check first.
This is my Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch M1. I'm plugging it in to demonstrate that it won't charge. And I... I was completely convinced that my MacBook Pro was dead. I think the battery is empty, but I'm worried that my MacBook was completely bricked, and I'll tell you why in a minute. If this is happening for you, and there is some charge left in the battery, apparently, this flashing red light means that the charger is plugged in, but the laptop's not charging up. So you might... you can see that the battery's not charging. My laptop was completely run down, so the only thing I could do was to just leave this charger plugged in with it flashing red, but I left it for a few hours, and it still didn't charge up. I tried the advice online, and I'll put the link to this Apple support page down in the description.
One piece of advice was to reset the MacBook power management system or system management controller. I couldn't do that because my MacBook was dead, it's run down, and it just wouldn't start, so I couldn't even begin with that solution. The other things to check are obviously that the port is clean. I mean, this is really obvious stuff. This is the MagSafe 2 port on the MacBook Pro M1, and sometimes if you have little metal filings or splinters that stop the MagSafe 2 charger lead connecting fully, it can hold the pins apart, and that might stop the charging. But that didn't explain the flashing red; there seemed to be a really good connection.
Obviously, the other thing you can check is the cable, to check that the charger cable is clean and there's no metal debris there, and the pins bounce up and down. Mine were completely fine, so I was absolutely convinced that my MacBook Pro was bricked, that was it.
I had good reason to think this because a few weeks earlier, I had knocked an entire pint of apple juice over it, over the keyboard. Look, I think I've got some footage of the aftermath, I'm not a happy bunny there at all. I dried it out completely, even though, as you know, the MacBook Pro just starts if you touch it or look at it funny, it just springs to life. So I think Apple do that deliberately so that you can't shut the thing down and not touch it and clean the keyboard. And this was a couple of months before, so someone kindly suggested that maybe something had corroded inside the MacBook.
I tried my sister's MacBook Air charger; that didn't work. Then I saw a video where someone tried a different power supply, so they used the same cable but didn't use this charger, and it worked! I don't have another power supply, so I ordered another MagSafe 2 charger. It was pretty expensive, but it was second hand. It's a completely official Apple product, but I thought, well, once I get the MacBook repaired, then it will be a good idea to have two chargers. So the charger arrived, and I plugged it in, and this happened. I actually filmed it on my phone at the time.
So I plugged in the new charger. New charger? It was a secondhand one that I bought, and I've plugged it in, and it started flashing, and I thought, well, that's the MacBook then. But look, solid red, it's fixed. So it was a faulty charger, which is pretty disgusting, Apple. Well, I thought, well, that's great. So that means I've been sold a dud charger, brand new, this charger worked, my original charger stopped working. This must be faulty. I checked it, I checked all the connections, you know this thing comes off, you know THIS thing comes off, I checked all of that out, and it just carried on flashing red.
But I won't get too annoyed because there's a twist in this tale. Now I've made this video, I'll leave, by the way, I'll leave a link in the description to a brand new charger, but I got mine from CeX secondhand. I just assumed that my original charger is dead or bust or, you know, faulty in some way. But 2 months on, I'm making this video, and I'm just planning it all out. I plug this in, this is the MagSafe 2 charger that wasn't working, and now look, look at this. The little blighter, plug it in, it is charging completely normally, it has completely come back to life, the flashing red light has stopped.
I don't... I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what has caused this. I've been using this solidly now daily. I haven't had any issues whatsoever. It just feels like the whole thing was reset by using a different charger. Links are in the description. If you have the flashing red light and you're thinking, maybe should I spend that much money on another charger? I say go for it. I think it's worth it. If you want to get this repaired anyway, it's much better to rule out the charger brick being a problem than the laptop.
The great thing about this though, hopefully, fingers crossed, your MacBook Pro is okay. And I'm really glad that we've met, and if this video is helping, thank you so much for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button. It'd be really great to have you around for some other videos, and right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next.

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How to turn OFF annoying Google Assistant voice on your phone

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Saturday 7 October 2023

How to turn OFF annoying Google Assistant voice on your phone

How do you turn off the Google voice that reads out your search result on the phone? I show you how to disable and switch off the Google Assistant voice if you do not want it to say the result.
Step by step instructions to set Google to silent!

How to turn OFF annoying Google Assistant voice on your phone!



Okay Google, how do you turn off that annoying thing where Google reads out the result every time I Google search on my phone? 
[GOOGLE VOICE:] “Interesting facts remind me how cool the world is and how happy I am to be a small part of it.”
Hello, this is the Dad Delivers Vlog, and this is bugging me. I am, of course, the IT manager for my family, even though I have no IT qualifications and I'm no good at it. But it is really embarrassing sometimes when you are outdoors and you search for something on your phone, and your phone gives you an answer really loudly so everyone can hear it. 
[GOOGLE VOICE:] Sure, I love chatting. I also love animal facts and found out that koalas eat over a pound of leaves a day.
Or you're indoors, and you don't need the Google results read out to you because I can see it right here with my eyes! I'll put all the instructions on screen now, but let's do this for real on my phone.
To disable the voice that reads Google search results out loud, first, say, 'Hey Google, open Assistant settings,' or on the Google search bar, press the mic icon and say, 'Open Assistant settings,' and the Assistant settings open up for us here. Or open the Google app on your phone (I didn't even know I have a Google app). Click on your avatar picture on the top right-hand side, and then click on settings - that's down here.
Now we can scroll down to Google Assistant, and I'll click on that. Then we can scroll down to Assistant voice and sounds - that's here. 
[GOOGLE VOICE:] Here are the voices you can pick for your Google Assistant. 
By the way, this is how you can change the actual voice of the Google results. If I click on this orange button: 
[GOOGLE VOICE:] Here are the voices you can pick for your Google Assistant.
We don't want that. Scroll down to speech output - that's at the bottom here, and then click on 'Phone.' Here we have the choice for how conversational we want the assistant to be. Obviously, we don't want it to be conversational, so we'll choose 'None.' It says, 'Unless hands-free.' Sometimes I've had this read out results when I don't think it was a hands-free situation, but we'll choose this setting.
If you want the whole Google Assistant thing turned off from your phone, so no speech or voice will come up, go into your Google app, and then click on the avatar on the top right-hand side, and then we'll click on settings. Then scroll down to the Google Assistant section and click on that. Now scroll down to the section labelled 'General' (there's a cog icon there) and click on that. And there's Google Assistant. There's a toggle switch here that means we can turn it on or off by pressing that blue button. Just to show how much Google cares about us, it gives us this warning. If you want to go ahead, click 'Turn off.' Bye-bye, Google Assistant. 
[GOOGLE VOICE:] I love chatting with you.
Thanks for being awesome by hitting the thumbs up or subscribe button. I really appreciate it, and it helps others to find this video. And right here is what YouTube knows that you will love watching next. 
[GOOGLE VOICE:] They say it's politest to stick to two subjects: the weather and people's health, right?"

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How to LOOP a YouTube video or playlist or clip

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Thursday 5 October 2023

How to LOOP a YouTube video or playlist or clip

How do you loop a YouTube video to auto play again and again. I walk you through looping a video on YouTube desktop and on the mobile app so you can loop a music video over and over. I also show how to loop play a playlist and make a clip to loop too.

How to LOOP a YouTube video or playlist or clip


How do you loop a video on YouTube, you know, play a video again and again and again until you can't stand the video anymore? I want to do this because I really like playing music in the background while I'm working, and I'm going to show you how to do this on a desktop and a mobile device like a phone. Let's start with the YouTube desktop.
This is just the regular I want to loop this track. 
There's WKRP in Cincinnati. All we do. Maybe I should turn the sound down. All I need to do is to right-click anywhere on the picture window, the video window. So, I'll click on the YouTube video, and you can see this menu has come up, and right at the top here is "Loop." I'm going to hit Loop, and then I'm going to replay the video because it ran out. And if I right-click again, you can see that there's a checkmark, a tick next to the loop, so I know that when it gets to the end, maybe we should test it, but yeah, it started.
Let me do this now on a mobile device or on your phone. All we need to do is to click anywhere in the YouTube video. So anywhere up here, and you can see it brings up these icons. In the top right-hand corner, there's a cog icon. So, I'll click on that, and that brings up all these options, and you can see right there, "Loop video." It's really simple. We just click on that. I'll bring it up again so you can see that it says "Loop video on." So now when we play it, let's play the end...
And it plays again. This is fantastic. There are two more tricks I can show you. If you want to loop a playlist, just play the video in the playlist. So, I'll hit play here, and that brings up two buttons: one Shuffle, but this button here with the arrows on the left, that's Loop. So that will loop all the videos in the playlist. On the desktop, just play the playlist again, and you'll see those two buttons here, see the arrows. This one is Shuffle, and this one is "loop playlist." So I'll click on that. That's going to loop this playlist...
[MUSIC: “Baby.... If you've ever wondered...”]
Here's another trick. If you want to loop a tiny portion of the video, so maybe just a little clip, it's really easy. Just click on the button under the video with these three little dots, and that will bring up these options. Click on "clip," and then we can drag these blue handles. I know it's going to start here, and if you want to set the end of the clip, just click on the blue handle on the right, and now...
That's the clip we want. You can add a title here, so I'll call this "WKRP jingle," and then I'll click "share clip." And we can do this on mobile. Underneath the video, there are these buttons that you can scroll across. We're going to click on the button marked "clip," and we can do exactly the same thing with these blue handles to mark out the beginning and the end of the clip. All we need to do now is give the clip a name and hit save.
Thanks for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. If this is working for you, say hi down in the comments below. Let me know that this works for you. And right here are all my other YouTube tips and tricks. 

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Taking a free online ADHD test

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Wednesday 4 October 2023

Taking a free online ADHD test

Do you have ADHD? If it's something you've wondered, have you ever taken one of those free online ADHD tests? I'm taking one, on camera in real time to celebrate ADHD awareness month...  Even though it's taken me 5 months to make this video. I go through the questionnaire, and then share why I don't think ADHD is a "disorder", or why the word hyperactivity doesn't quite capture the hyperfocus... What do you think?

Do you have ADHD? Taking test online in real time..!


Hello, welcome back to the channel. I don't know if I should be making this video. I definitely don't think I should be releasing it, so if you are seeing this on YouTube, well... something happened! It's, uh, it's a really difficult thing to talk about, but I'm gonna give it a try anyway. Have I got ADHD? That's quite a big question in quite a small sentence, isn't it? Um, I really don't think I should be sharing this, but anyway, let's go for it. I first got the idea for it. It hadn't even occurred to me until I saw, and this in itself might be a diagnosis, but I saw there's a presenter in the UK called Iain Lee, and he just sort of mentioned it on his radio show. 
“I did... it's one of those things. There's a thing with like, you know, 26 questions, 'Do you have ADHD?' That's a good starting point because I got 25 out of 26. And I said to Katherine, 'But yeah, that's everyone does because they're trying to sell you something.' And she did it and got four. These free online ADHD tests. I know they're all kinds of wrong attached to them. Some say they are there to help pharmaceutical companies to sell more meds. But I, and I'm not interested in that anyway, but I thought, 'Well, there's no harm in just doing the test and seeing what comes out.' So that's what we're going to do today, right now, on camera, in real time.

I do not know if I should be sharing this, but let's give it a go. What's the worst that can happen? So I've gone to ADHD UK. There are hundreds of these online tests around. They all seem to be exactly the same, but we'll go with this one for now. I'll leave the link in the description. And my goodness, let me know in the comments how this goes for you. I'd love to see how these things are going for you. So we've got step one of two. Let's dive straight in. Please tick the answer that most closely represents the frequency of occurrence of each of the symptoms. Right, it's already. I have a problem with calling how my brain is wired a “symptom”, but we'll talk about this at the end of the test. How often do you have trouble wrapping up the final details of a project once the challenging parts have been done? I've got a pull-down menu here. Um, I'll put 'very often'. This is probably why the video hasn't come out. I do have a problem with completing things and letting go of them.
Question two: How often do you have difficulty getting things in order when you have to do a task that requires organization? There's a lot of parts to that question. I'm finding it hard to concentrate to the end of the question. 
I'd say 'often'. How often do you have problems remembering appointments or obligations? Very often. 
I have to set reminders and countdowns on my phone. I shouldn't be interpreting this already, but, you know. 
Question four: When you have a task that requires a lot of thought, how often do you avoid or delay getting started? Or yeah, often. I have to get my thoughts in order. 
Question five: How often do you fidget or squirm with your hands or feet when you have to sit down for a long time? 
Well, I wouldn't call it fidgeting or squirming, but I always thought you're either a chair swiveller or a knee jigger. I'm a knee jigger. I have some footage of my knee jigging right now. It actually makes this table creak when I do it. 
That's going to be very often. Always, there isn't an 'always' option. 
How often do you feel overly active and compelled to do things, like you were driven by a motor? Oh yeah, all the time.
Section B. Please answer the questions below. Tick the box that best describes how you have felt and conducted yourself. How often do you make careless mistakes when you have to work on a boring or difficult project? I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so not often, but I have to work really hard to do that. I'd say 'often'. 
How often do you have difficulty keeping your attention when you're doing boring or repetitive work? Uh, very often. I find that really difficult. 
How often do you have difficulty concentrating on what people say to you, even when they're speaking directly? That's often, right? 
So it's not that I'm not paying attention to them; it's just usually when they're really interesting, my head is thinking of all the things that what they're talking about entails. But it is very often. 
How often do you misplace or have difficulty finding things at home or at work? Again, always. My keys, everything. 
My son is really highly recommending that I get one of those Samsung tag things. I don't know if that would help me. 
How often are you distracted by activity or noise around you? Always. I absolutely hate working in an open plan office. And I work in the media, and all media offices are big open plan bullpens. It's why that's why I work in the Hut. It's the happy Hut behind me, which is behind the washing. Can't see it. I'm just pointing at some washing! 
How often do you leave your seat in meetings or other situations in which you're expected to remain seated? Always. 
Sometimes I act things out in a meeting. You know, they are the writers meetings; you're supposed to be generating ideas. But I find it a little challenging to stay in my seat. 
Question 13: How often do you feel restless or fidgety? Look at me now. Alright, very often. I wish I could come down from the very often end of the scale on these questions. 
How often do you have difficulty unwinding and relaxing when you have time to yourself? Because I don't. I don't find it difficult. I just find other things to do. 
Question 15: How often do you find yourself talking too much when you're in social situations? Always. I've got into so much trouble from the talking. I mean, you know, I'm a comedy writer, and I'll write scripts for media companies. So, in those situations, I'm supposed to, you know, talk. I also, I'm not actually that talkative. I'm not. I don't. 
I try to keep it on a bare minimum, which is probably hard to believe on a channel like this. But I have to really edit together and I really struggle to get stuff out. But when I am on a one-on-one, I just say too much and that's got me into trouble. The biggest trouble it got me into was when we were selling a house. We were selling a flat, and on the day before the open day when all the people were going to come around and see the house, I saw the neighbour who lived downstairs. I just had a conversation. It was very pleasant, and right at the end, I just noticed a wasp going into a grill in her flat. Why did I mention that? But I did.
"Oh look, you've got a wasp going into the grill of your flat there. Really. Bye."
And I... I went, and she... She went there, and I discovered a very faint small whiff of gas, and um, gas Engineers came out, completely took the wall apart, took all the gas meters off, with gas emergency signs up. So people coming to see our property just saw this nightmare mess. And yeah, that was all from me just not knowing when to shut my mouth.
Question 16: When you are in a conversation, how often do you find yourself finishing the sentences of the people you're talking to before they can finish them themselves? 
Well, rarely because I hold back, but I want to. I want to dive in. I want to help them. I want to show them that I'm interested. Worse than that, I... I even jump on to finish the thought that might be three thoughts from what they're conveying at the moment, and they have got really angry at me, completely understandably, because they want to communicate. But my brain is just eager to join in with what they're saying. It comes from a place of kindness rather than arrogance or rudeness.
How often do you have difficulty waiting your turn in situations when turn taking is required? I'm quite good with that, really, because I'm quite neurotic about my place in social situations.
How often do you interrupt others when they are busy? I... I... I'd say really on that one. So, I had some questions that weren't very often. Your section score results are pull up a chair, pull up some popcorn, let's make the text huge.
Section A: A score of four or more indicates the patient has symptoms highly consistent with ADHD in adults, and further investigation is warranted. I scored six.
Section B: I scored 10. Your results for Section B are not used in diagnosis but instead used to help inform the conversation with your clinician, so quite responsibly, which helps me in this video.
They're saying, "Look, you gotta talk to someone. In the UK there is quite a backlog for a diagnosis. I'm not sure what that would achieve for me." What's good about this test is that it's showing that in all the things that I seem to have problems with, the things that create tension and just hassle in my life might have an explanation, and that's a really nice feeling.
I took this test off camera five months ago, and I've just read... I'll put some links to some fantastic YouTube channels in the description if I make this video go live. I'm feeling quite militant about this. I... I... I know I've got it. I'm not sure what I would gain from having a, um, formal diagnosis. I mean, obviously, they would give me tools, I'd imagine, or confirm one way or the other that it is or it isn't, and there might be other things affecting it as well. I'm aware that there are other conditions that can be present at the same time as ADHD, but I just didn't think I did. I'm embarrassed that I didn't even consider that I might be wired differently. I always thought it was... it was laziness or some kind of personality flaw, and it's not. I'm just... my brain is wired differently.
I'm feeling quite strongly that the problem isn't me. How's this for arrogance? 
I don't think the problem is me. I think I'm... I'm wired in a particular way, which is great because it means that I have the... the career that I've had, the comedy credits that I've gained through my career over the decades have been because of the way my brain is wired. It's also got me into a lot of trouble, especially at work. I've been berated, yelled at, but I'm really proud of what I've done, and I wouldn't do any of that were it not because of the way that I'm wired.
It's slightly different for me. I need to make a video about this as well, but my sleep was broken for most of my life, and I fixed it about eight years ago, and I have a feeling that because I've fixed my sleep, I now have a lot of energy, and this is why I'm starting to examine the whole ADHD thing because I was just too tired to even get stuff done, to let my brain run away with myself. But now my sleep is fixed, the ADHD is becoming really super apparent.
My problem is this: I... I think it's wrong to call it a disorder. I think there's a section of a population that is wired this way, and I'm going to find a better way of explaining this in time. But I think the human species needs, you know, Evolution needs brains not to be wired the same way. 
It would make perfect sense that there are people in a species who don't feel comfortable working a consistent nine to five in an open plan office, sitting on a chair amid noise, and then go home at six. We've only had that for 250 years with industrialization. Wouldn't it make sense in evolutionary terms?
This is... this is the dangerous stuff, but wouldn't it make sense to have a section of the population, a section of the species who are wired to look for problems, to solve problems for the tribe, for the community? Wouldn't that make sense? I honestly believe that it's not a disorder. It's natural that some people think in a different way and think, you know, in a way that is different from so-called neurotypical people, which are the mass in the middle. There would be a group who are outliers who do things differently, and that's a threat to a culture that needs to make money consistently and to maintain productivity.
You don't want people who can't sit down, who can't sit in school. But how natural is it for kids to sit in a room on a day like this? My kids aren't here because it's half term. It's a holiday, vacation here in the UK. Why are we sending kids to be indoors to sit on chairs in rows, to do as they're told between nine and three? I would suggest that that is not natural, that that is a disorder.
I don't think I have an attention deficit. I hyper focus on things, which apparently is a trait of people with ADHD, the ability to hyper focus on the things that we're interested in. That's not attention deficit. Those four letters are the most pejorative, horrible put down of someone who follows their beat and follows their interests to the nth degree and who has interests, a wide range of interests and they go deep on them. 
We go deep on them. 
I think it's wrong to call it a disorder or a disability. You know, I have nothing but respect for people who have taken the bold and brave decision to have, you know, to take medication for it. That's great. I'm really happy for you, but it's not for me. It's not for me. I've... I'm wired this way. I've got nothing to fix. The society needs fixing, and who are the people who are going to do that? 
I don't think it's going to be the neurotypicals. 
I've really... I've wanted to say this for a long time. I feel very unsure about sharing this at all. It's weird saying it out loud in the garden.
If you hit the thumbs up button, it would help other people to find this video, but really help me because I feel like I'm really out on the limb. Here's what YouTube knows you're gonna love watching next.
Aww, Casper.

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DJI ACTION 2 camera unboxing and reviews

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Tuesday 3 October 2023

DJI ACTION 2 camera unboxing and reviews

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TINY DJI ACTION 2 unboxing and sample footage camera review with OSMO ACTION comparison!

I just got the DJI ACTION 2 camera, so obviously just unboxed it on camera and threw in some sample footage. Includes footage of the DJI Action 2 compared with DJI Osmo Action 1, audio from the second screen dual screen unit and external microphone (BOYA BY-M1 clip on lavalier mic)

0:00 DJI ACTION 2 camera unboxing and sample footage camera review with OSMO ACTION comparison
0:45 DJI Action 2 camera initial impressions
2:45 DJI Action 2 camera setup - How to set up the Action 2 with the DJI Mimo app and Action 2 second screen power unit 
4:40 How to update the Action 2 through the DJI Mimo app
5:59 DJI Action 2 sample footage: camera unit only, dual-screen second screen unit, Osmo Action 1 camera side-by-side test, wearing with magnetic lanyard, and with external microphone Boya BY-M1


this is the DJI Action 2 camera and I’ve cut to the camera now 
this - you're actually seeing the Action 2 in Action 
I’ve actually got the Action 2 on my Ulanzi hand tripod here and this is what the camera looks like just with normal automatic settings
and I’m filming these other shots on my osmo Action 1
I don't know why they dropped the word osmo? 
perhaps you do leave a comment down below
it's really difficult doing this without being able to use my hands because I’m holding two cameras 
coming up right now I’m going to unbox the DJI Action 2 and show you what comes out of the box and what you need to do at setup
and here's a spoiler I found it quite difficult 
so this is how it arrives
even the package itself is nice and small and compact but I actually wanted to know what is literally in the box and I’ve bought some accessories as well
I’ll just tidy up the desk 
I’ve bought the smallrig magnetic case and I’ve bought some tempered glass screen protector screen and lens protectors
I’m gonna be putting both of these on as well but I do have a use for this - I do actually vlog on this channel and over on my other channel the dad delivers vlog and I actually go vlogging with these cameras so that's why I’ve got this 
that is my lame justification for spending this amount of money on this 
there are links in the description so you can see how much this is right now if you wanted to buy one - hint!
wow this drawer comes open 
look it's telling you there to get the DJI mimo app and oh my goodness 
it's here it's finally in the happy hut
welcome to the happy hut by the way 
my name's Neil Mossey
I try to help high achieving creators and performers just like you to put things out onto YouTube here because I’m sharing my YouTube journey but I try to make these videos as vlogs
so I wanted this to clip to myself 
what all the YouTube videos do not convey is quite how small this is 
I can't really hold it up against the old (Action 1) 
should I hold it up?
should I do that? 
here we go - get rid of the camera let's bring it in here so there is... osmo Action and there is its little sister Action 2
so it's about the same height - let me unwrap this for you on this camera here
oh I’ve accidentally turned it on and oh my goodness it's on already!
helpfully there's a QR code in Chinese 
there's a screen protector here - further screen protector to peel off and a lens protector here 
take that off
now on the back it now says - maybe it's because I hit a button or something - it now says this in Chinese 
I’m going to hit the button is...
have you ever seen the film firefox? 
this might be too old for you
to be able to fly the Russian jet he had to think in Russian
I think I have to think in Chinese 
so now the Mimo app has seen two cameras so I’m going to hit connect 
I now have to open the... the screen pack - ASMR wrapping noises there we go 
oh this feels really nice and metal
this is what it looks like 
engraved DJI
I’m probably going to engrave my name on this 
I’m bound to lose it
there's a button on the side 
micro sd card slot and these clips so I’m now going to clip it on camera 
I didn't even... I didn't even try 
it... I literally just held it near it and it just... Yoink! Went to it so I’m going to hold it near it - wow it just - it's like a little transformer! 
that is my favourite clip on YouTube I don't think I’ll film anything as good as that 
Because I’ve clipped it on there must be some residual power in here from DJI thank you 
I’m now going to click connect on my Mimo app and on here I have a verification code and now it wants me to sign over my life
all kinds of error messages 
there's probably some nice data mining going on
I don't care I just want my camera ah 
do you remember the days we could just buy a camera and turn it on?! 
oh all the data mining
DJI please 
activation successful - activate DJI Action 2
oh oh! it's making... it's an alarm 
it's just turned itself off!
this I guess is the overheating issue 
it says start shooting now but the camera has literally just turned itself off and this is the reality of opening up an Action2
brace yourself 
I’m gonna try and turn it on again see what happens 
okay there's obviously some warnings there in Chinese 
maybe I should have bought a fluent mandarin course instead of an Action camera 
no hey there we go!
hey there we go I’m on the I’m on camera three now!
hello camera three! 
so it says new firmware update so if I click on that 
on the camera it says this
it's getting really warm and I’m getting a groovy light show here
green and red 
update success
oh it's this has come to life now this is saying English
should I just hit record and see what happens 
here we go
and this is the very first file that I’m recording on my DJI Action 2.
I’ve got it running into my DJI mimo app there 
pointing it at myself galileo!
this is how it looks straight out of the box 
I’m very grateful that it's in English now not Chinese 
I’ve... I feel my language skills are a little inadequate 
this is not a bad picture and these are quite challenging lighting conditions 
let me show you my vlogging position here at the desk 
I’ve got my standing desk
sorry I’m talking a lot just so you can see what it's like - just to see what a Action2 recording looks and sounds like 
I could give you a 360 degree tour of the happy hut so if I press the button again now there's my sony zv1 camera hello
wow that is an epic shot isn't it 
and this is what it looks like - that's the view when you're standing in front of it 
that's 4cm - it's incredible, look at that
to give you a better idea of what the DJI Action 2 sounds like - this is what it's like outdoors and this is just the camera unit 
this is what the Action 2 sounds like with the second screen on 
which is also acting as a power pack
I’m also I’m walking away from the sun so I’ve got I’ve got really harsh back lighting here
I’m holding the camera as far away from me as I can on the selfie stick and maybe I can bring it closer 
and just for fun this is - for comparison - this is how the DJI osmo Action 1 sounds with just the built-in microphone on the camera
if you compare that with the Action 2 
this is a side-by-side test
I’ve got the Action 1 over here and the DJI Action 2 over here
this is what it sounds like on the Action one and I’m walking through some dappled shade with the trees 
and this is what I look and sound like on the Action 2 
and I’m holding it about uh an arm's length away uh from my face 
maybe I should hold it up there
uh maybe that looks better 
now this is what it looks like when you're wearing the thing using the magnetic lanyard 
let's cut to the camera now
you can see uh this is what the footage looks like 
I’m just walking at a normal pace and this is how it sounds 
I’ve just got the camera going I’ve not got the second screen on 
I have worn it with the second screen on but it does feel quite heavy so I’m not sure that's a good idea
should we do it? 
should I put the screen on and see if it falls off? 
okay so this is what it looks like with the screen attached 
this is how the microphone sounds
there are more microphones on this second screen but it... it... it feels quite heavy and it's... it's dangling quite a lot 
I’m not sure it's that discreet so you probably wouldn't be wearing it like this but this is how it looks and sounds anyway if I walk around for a bit 
it's probably rocking around a lot more because of that screen 
and as an extra bonus this is how the Action 2 sounds with an external microphone plugged in 
this is the boya by-m1 microphone
I’ll put a link in the description I’ve made lots of videos about this
it's been quite difficult to get microphones that aren't powered to work with this
even with using different adapters and things 
whoa it’s a crash cam!
just to compare the two this is how it sounds with a microphone plugged in and right here is a video I’ve made with all the accessories that I’ve got for this camera
and down here is a playlist for all my DJI Action 2 videos
shall I leave you with shot of the beach? here we go
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! all right this is going to be the proper one right.

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