Wednesday 31 March 2021

My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE - Unboxing and review of

What does Redbubble merchandise look like when it arrives? 
Is Redbubble any good for YouTube merch? 
Where is the best place to get merchandise printed and sold for YouTube? 


My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE! Unboxing and review of !



Hello my YouTube merch is in the house!

It's freezing and I probably shouldn't be doing this outdoors, but if you've ever wondered how does print on demand merchandise from redbubble arrive?
What does it look like and how is it packaged? 
Then this is the video for you... and possibly this could be the mug for you! 
I've got a steak knife... so let's... I've got a second camera going over here. 

This is... this is what the package looks like.
You can probably guess what this is. 
A little clue on the outside there.

I've also ordered a hooded top so I'll probably be... well I'll definitely be showing that on the channel when that arrives so if I undo this tape here and this lid opens.
Thank you for supporting independent artists. 

There's a link in the description for this so oh my goodness so I've ordered a few things but it looks like it's just going to be the mug.
Nice cardboard origami there. 
Wow oh my word that is lovely.
That is beautiful this is what it looks like. 
You might be seeing this quite a lot on the channel in future. 

If you've seen my podcast, the Great British YouTubers podcast, there's a link in the description and on screen now, I actually designed a logo by the bolting together... the frankenstein bolting together of these two icons... which guide so much in our lives. 

And what I did with the design was, I've used the actual photo... I was going to say photo realistic but it's actually a photo of of a flag, because I like the texture of it but I don't know if it looks like a printing error.
Like it's gone a bit wonky, but I... I do like the texture of it.
I like the the photorealism of the Union Jack there.

It's a standard mug, it holds a standard amount of British beverage and because it's print on demand you can have this wherever you are in the world. 
I think if you click on the link in the description it will show you the local prices and they print it and deliver it locally wherever you are in the world. 
Oh it started raining. I need a hooded... hooded top for this! 

Now the only downside with designing mugs on Redbubble is that I actually wanted a black mug. 
I wanted a black design and you only get white and you... you can cover it in a coloUr which is what I've done.
I've set this as a background colour. 
This is supposed to be black and it's kind of come out as a olive green. 

You can set any price you want.
There's like a base price and then you can add a percentage for the sale price and you get to keep that margin. 
That is added to the... the base price.

The shipping isn't cheap and I suspect that goes towards... not me!
I'm not saying the margins are low but I think I would need to sell about 13 of these to pay for this one that I've bought so if you do buy one I really appreciate it.

You will be contributing to this very mug, if you buy this mug and there's some other products here as well. 
I've put the design onto some t-shirts... a zipper hoodie which is on its way soon. 

That'll be a video very soon.
I've even got some phone covers and a cushion. 
I should get a cushion really shouldn't I?
I like the look of this cushion but I am quite attached to my routemaster bus cushion in the Happy Hut. 

There's some instructions here: it says that the mug is... it's ceramic and it's dishwasher safe and microwave safe, but yeah so this is my first Great British YouTuber's mug. 
I was going to have words saying Great British YouTuber on there. 
I thought that might be a bit much.

I think British YouTubers are probably a bit more understated so I've just gone for the logo.
This is what it looks like on camera. 
It's the first time I'm seeing this on camera so the only way that I'd improve this is by actually ordering a mug from somewhere that designs the actual mug being another colour. 

There are other websites too which I'm trying out. 
There's Teespring which I think is called "Spring" now but do you have any recommendations? 
Is there anywhere that you're looking into for... for buying print on demand merch? 
I'd love to hear from you - put a link in the description. 

The thing I'm really after at the moment... I don't want to put this down! 
The thing I'm really after at the moment is a knitted hat with this logo embroidered on the on the rim there so if you have any recommendations for print-on-demand embroidered logo hats... 
I know it's a very specific request.

There's someone out there... one of you must know and if you'd like to buy this very mug - the margin isn't that great ,so not much money is going to come to me but if you want a snazzy Great British YouTuber mug, the link is in the description now and I'll also link to any other videos where I designed some merch and go through the process with you.
So thanks in advance for any support and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
I need to go in now and put something hot in this because I'm... I'm quite cold.

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Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

All about me, and getting these by email.

Friday 26 March 2021

Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

How do you make a COMMUNITY POST on YouTube? Are they even worth it?
I'm taking EVERY YouTube Creator Academy course and the exam IN REAL TIME WITH YOU (almost) on here every week through 2021. 
This week it's the SIXTH course exam: 
"Interact with Audiences with Community Posts" and the link to the course is here: 

Previous quizzes here:
#5 How I PREMIERE a video on YouTube:
#4 How I handle COMMENTS on YouTube:

Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

0:00 How to make a Community post on YouTube!
1:26 How does the YouTube Community Tab work? Video here:
1:46 How to create a community post on YouTube.
2:09 How to post an image in a YouTube channel feed.
2:57 Tips and ideas for YouTube Community posts.
4:00 How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to be able to post pictures, polls and links to videos?
4:40 What is not a best practice for YouTube Community posts? Course Exam for COMMENTS video here!
5:25 Can anyone create a "Members Only" community post on YouTube?
5:45 Eligibility Requirements, the megamix. (Radio Edit)



how do I make a Community Post here on YouTube 
this is what my posts look like 
we can post pictures polls and links to our videos 
I think they show up in people's feeds on the home screen or if we click on the community tab on our YouTube channel 

I used to get a bit miffed about this - that you need 1000 subscribers to be able to do this so if you're on that journey right now to 1000 subscribers, here's a massive sneak peek into what it's like and how it works 
you and I are gonna... we're gonna learn everything there is to know about Community Posts 
because there's this thing called the YouTube Creator Academy and it's a free place where we can learn about every single aspect of YouTube 

now for some reason I've decided to do all 40 courses in one go this year and to do that with you at the end of each course there's usually an exam 
so we do this as a game show and a quiz that you and I can play along with and answer the questions and see if we can pass the course together 
but this is one of those courses that's slightly different because it's a small topic 

I've just got this thing at the end of the course saying check your knowledge so I think it's only going to be about three or four questions 
so when that happens you and me get to do the whole course together 
I've got the big clock counting down on screen now that's when the quiz starts 
lesson one is just this video 

it's a video that basically covers everything that we're about to cover so there's a link to that up in the description up in the description above and down in the link below 
oh my goodness there's a link to this video up on screen now and in the description so you can watch that at your leisure so we can now dive straight into lesson number two 

which is how to create a Community Post 
now the first thing we need to do is go to the tab named community from our channel home page 
and in the box at the top we can create our new Community Post and once you're done click "post" 
is that it? 
is lesson two? 

now I actually find these really difficult because when you post an image it crops it to a 1:1 scale so that it looks good on a phone so I just tend to put my thumbnail on there 
but my thumbnail is obviously landscape and I try and work in some kind of rule of thirds thing going on with my big happy shaved head there 

the whole image opens up when you click on it but you've got to kind of crop it to have it appear on the page 
but the really good thing is when you put a direct link to a video in your post it embeds it in a really nice way you can kind of see a bit of the description and it kind of frames it nicely so that the video is ready to play in the player 

I'll be honest with you, that lesson was slightly quicker than I thought it would be 
the clock is still ticking down to the big quiz so hang on in there lesson three tips for using Community Posts 
here are some tips and ideas for what to post 

promote a collaboration video with a fellow creator 
or fan poll your audience on what type of video they want to see next 
I've actually done that 
it was my biggest post 
usually I get about one or two thumbs up on my posts but this one - look at it 

look how many votes I've had 
so I've got to say of the three options the... the poll has worked the best for me 
I don't get the impression many people are even shown it let alone click on the video link but this poll was something else 

we can show off special behind the scenes photos 
tease an upcoming special announcement 
shout out to fan or fellow creator using an @ mention 
and if we use channel memberships, create a members only post to show exclusive content only to your channel members 
now I'm on 3000 subscribers at the moment I don't even know if I'm eligible for channel memberships 
maybe we should do that course next 

well that was... that was really quick 
this is gonna be... this gonna be a quick weekend quiz today 
let's go for "check your knowledge" 

the countdown has hit zero - this is the whole point of this video you and I can answer these questions in real time and see if we if we pass the Community Post test 
question one: creators with how many subscribers or more can use Community Posts to connect with their fans?
10 or 100, 1000 or 10000? 
well I know that this was unlocked for me at 1000 subscribers so I'm going to say 1000 subscribers 
great job you'll need to have at least 1000 and it's kind of cut it off... 
I'm using the Creator Academy app 

there it is question 2 
which of the following is not a best practice when using Community Posts 
polling your audience 
replying to individual viewer comments 
shouting out a fan 
or highlighting a collaboration? 
which of the following is not a best practice when using Community Posts 
I think I'm going to go for replying to individual viewer comments 

way to go! 
you can reply to viewer comments directly in the comments section so save Community Posts for other types of broader engagement 
but this is a good point to plug the the quiz for the comments 
everything we need to know about YouTube comments 
I'll put a link to that on screen now and in the description 
that one was slightly longer than this one 

final question question three 
true or false, anyone can create a members only Community Post? 
I'm going to go for false because I think you need channel memberships to do that and I'm not up on channel memberships yet so I'm looking forward to that course 

you have to meet specific eligibility requirements 
I love that phrase eligibility requirements 
you have to say it in one breath 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility reliability 
eligibility regrettability eligibility required eligibility requirements eligibility requirements 

I just like the phrase eligibility-- 
let's hit the big submit button 
quiz complete how did you do? 
have you hit 1000 subscribers and if so have you had a Community Post? 

why not put your favorite Community Post - a link to your favorite Community Post in the comments 
be great to see your examples and if you haven't hit 1000 subscribers yet, or just have a complain about not hitting 1000 subscribers yet so we can cheer you on over the 1k subs line 

so I'm really looking forward to seeing your comments this week 
this is like a weekly get together isn't it 
I'll put up a link to the Creator Academy course for everything you need to know about YouTube comments 
thanks for joining me on this quiz 
I'll see you next weekend for the next YouTube Creator Academy course exam!

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How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Thursday 25 March 2021

How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!


It shows 4 male dancers
with the word "LOVE" spelled out on their underpants.
Maybe it was the font.

How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!

0:00 How YouTube banned my thumbnail: How NOT to appeal Community Guidelines strike!
2:00 How to report a YouTube thumbnail.
4:00 How does Google and YouTube assess my thumbnails for content violations? Google Cloud Vision API
7:07 Here's what happened next... with my appeal? Can you appeal against a YouTube Community Guidelines strike? Will your channel be shut down or deleted?



I am really embarrassed about making this video because completely out of the blue I got this email directly from YouTube 
Hi Neil Mossey. The following-- 
It's a bit formal!
The following video has been flagged for their thumbnails the thumbnails have been reviewed and removed.

This has never happened to me before ever so I went straight to the video because there must have been some massive mistake and then I went there and I knew exactly exactly which video it was.
I'm going to show you the full thumbnail and the actual video footage that it came from.
There are obviously things that cannot be unseen.
This has to be your decision if you want to see it and I'm going to show you exactly how YouTube and Google automatically assess thumbnails for everything: emotions, headgear, logos and in my case a bit of raciness! 

Get ready to cover your eyes: you're going to see things that in YouTube's opinion violates YouTube's Community Guidelines! 
Hello I'm Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get... a double one there... to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier. 
I do lots of experiments on my own channel so that you don't have to and also so you don't get into trouble for things like this.

Hello this is me while I'm editing this video.
Something bad happened: there's a twist at the end of this story and it's... it's not a good twist.
I've had to blur out the thumbnail all the way through the video just so that I don't get another Community Guidelines strike.
Bit of a spoiler there. 

There's a link to the picture in the description so you get to see the the actual thumbnail and stick to the end of this video because it doesn't have a very happy ending! 
Now luckily this is the clean version of the thumbnail and this would give me a chance to demonstrate something.
If you click on the three dots which is a menu, one of the options at the bottom as you can see here is "report".
And if I click on this, these are the things that you can report a thumbnail for: an image or title.
So now I'm wondering was my thumbnail reported by someone? 

I mean the email said it was flagged but it doesn't make clear whether or not it's something that the YouTube algorithm has spotted or if someone has actually reported this.
And now I'm wondering, is now the time?

Do you want to see the thumbnail? 
It was from a video from 20 years ago, it's a video that I actually produced when I worked at the BBC about the life of the dancer and choreographer Peter Gordeno.
He was big on British TV in the 1970s.
He had his own shows and I produced this video for this show because of this piece of archive which was absolutely jaw-dropping.
Now this is very important can you please ask the children to leave the room and be ready to cover your own eyes.

[VIDEO AUDIO:] young Peter grew up vowing to follow dance heroes like Fred Astaire and the rest is history...
And that was where the thumbnail came from.
So this is the thumbnail, this is the thing that has prompted this action from YouTube, so I don't know what's going on here.
Maybe somebody did report it, you know these videos go out all over the world and maybe some cultures are not ready or not quite ready for this, or maybe YouTube's own artificial intelligence is... I don't know becoming more sensitive to this kind of footage.
I don't even know if you're going to get to see this video.
Maybe this video will be banned.

It might be a really good experiment if you were to hit the thumbs up now just to help this video not be buried or shadow banned.
Looking at this picture I think the font is probably more offensive than anything else.
Look at the kerning, it's terrible!
But what if we were to actually put this thumbnail into Google?
What if I were to show... good catch! 
What if I share with you the actual AI software - Google's artificial intelligence - this is the software that Google uses to assess all of our thumbnails and this is something you can do yourself right now.
I've put the full link in the description, by the way if you're enjoying this experiment it would really help me out if you were to hit the subscribe button.
I just... I'm convinced that YouTube are gonna completely remove this video.
This is Google cloud vision and all I need to do is to drag my thumbnail into the web page.
This is Google's assessment of this thumbnail.
It has spotted five faces, so it's individually assessed each and every face in the picture.
Interestingly it's chosen Peter Gordeno in the middle - it's chosen him as face one, "possible joy".
Seeing the the behinds, I don't know.
You can see it measures the tilt of his head and it has assessed Peter Gordeno in this picture as having confidence of 82 percent.

It has done that for each of the dancers either side of him but I nearly missed this.
There are tabs all along the top here because it assesses even more.
So objects... a percentage of person... so it can tell there are five persons there.
It has detected swimwear so it didn't quite know whether the underwear is underwear or swimwear, so those are the objects let's go to labels.
Oh interesting okay so it's detecting sports uniforms, shorts... 
I'll let you see the list here, I won't read it out, so these are the labels that it is suggesting for this for this thumbnail.
Sports venue is an interesting guess there.
Right, maybe it thinks it's some kind of martial arts or something.
The dominant colors... this is a percentage of colour in the thumbnail.
Now this is the crucial tab right here: safe search.
Okay so luckily it hasn't assessed this as adult - which it isn't.
There's a high percentage possibility of spoof so this is really good stuff the... the algorithm knows that it isn't a serious piece of skin footage! 
It's unlikely that it's medical - that's good - but very likely to be racy! 
So these are the values that it has assessed but you and I now have some work to do which is this: "if you think this removal was an error please appeal using the form below" 
I think there is no question that I now have to appeal this.
Let's see what happens.

"Please explain the reason for your appeal" 
Here goes.
I literally can't see anything wrong with this image.
Am I so immersed in filth that my sense of decency is wrong? 
This went out at 8:25pm on British national television.
I'm appealing against this so that YouTube doesn't come off as more prudish than BBC One. 
I'm doing this for all of us YouTube, including you.
Come on let's not buttshame Peter Gordeno's colleagues! 
Thank you for your consideration.
Here's what happened next: I got two emails from YouTube.
Here's the first email and it says my appeal is completely 100 percent successful! 
We can confirm that your content does not violate our Community Guidelines! 
Yes! Yes! 
I did it! I did-- yes sound effects of stadium applause! 
I did it and it felt great so I opened up the second email from YouTube.
Your content has been removed.

It violates our policy and then... and then it says you can appeal this decision!
It says I haven't got a Community Guidelines strike but I have had two warnings which you're not allowed to have.
So here's my advice based only on this experience, I don't think it's a good idea to appeal against these decisions because from here it looks like the algorithm will just strike it down again.
I don't know if YouTube is even showing you this video so if you make it this far thanks for any thumbs up or comments that you leave, it really does help other people to find this video, and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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How to change your YouTube Channel Name on Ipad

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

How to change your YouTube Channel Name on Ipad

How to change your YouTube Channel name on an iPad!
If you want to change YouTube channel name on a phone, my video is HERE: 
If you can only see FIRST NAME, LAST NAME you need to move your YouTube channel to a Google Brand Account and my step-by-step walkthrough is HERE:

IPAD! How to change your YouTube Channel Name

Click on you avatar on the top right hand corner and make sure the app is logged into the same account that your channel is linked to.

Once you’re on your google account.     (on an iPad go to Drive where my icon was).     
Go to   
to MAKE CHANGES  TO  YOUR  PHOTO  OR NAME even if it says you are NOT ALLOWED.   
Then, under PROFILES, you can allow yourself to change them.   
Slide the green button, I think, to allow.    
Then you can touch your tiny icon and change your photo....  you can finally get your pic uploaded to your G-suite google account emails!      
And if you change your name it will also change on your YouTube account if you have one.
(Thanks for this tip from my comments!)

The other way to get around this is to go to on your browser, and check the 'desktop site' box option so it doesn't redirect you to the youtube app.
You might be able to change the channel name in the browser this way - good luck!

0:00 How to change your YouTube channel name on an iPad
1:00 Step by step tutorial: how to check you're logged into the correct YouTube channel
1:27 How to Edit Channel on YouTube app
1:45 How to change your YouTube profile picture or banner image, YouTube channel description and YouTube channel name on my iPad!
2:20 What to do if YouTube channel name wants first name and last name, WATCH THIS VIDEO:



Hello! Can you change your YouTube channel name just by using your iPad?
If you want to change your YouTube channel name by using your cell phone and iPhone or an android mobile phone, I’ve got you covered completely 

There's a link on screen and in the description where I walk you through the entire process.
But I got lots of comments asking me how can I do this specifically on an iPad?
Hello my name's Neil Mossey, I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get things out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier.

I’m sharing lots of walkthroughs on running a YouTube channel because I’m a beginner just like you so you can avoid all of my mistakes and all of my obstacles.
Now you and me are going to get through this quickly I promise but I’ll also cover a couple of problems at the end of the video.

Sometimes this doesn't work or some of the steps might not actually appear on your particular situation.
Let's put the iPad up on the screen now and this is my YouTube app on my iPad and the very first important thing we're going to do is to check that you're logged into the right YouTube account to change.

If you click on your face or your avatar it brings up the details of the accounts that you are logged in on, so make sure you've got the correct channel showing and then we're going to hit your channel.
I’ve got two - not one but two - of my smiling gurning faces there.
There are two buttons along here: there's “edit channel” and “manage videos”, so we're going to hit “edit channel” and it brings up the channel settings for my YouTube channel.

And this is... this is called Tightwad Dad.
I think this is quite a negative name, it was deliberate but I’ve had a change of heart and I want to change my YouTube channel name.
You've actually got three options here: at the top you can change the banner or your profile photo.

At the bottom you can change the channel description and sandwiched between the two is... is the channel name so we're going to click on the pen icon on the right hand side here.
It's quite easy to miss and this is where we can edit the channel name.
Now if yours doesn't look like this just keep watching because I’ve got some fixes for you.
But I’m gonna rename this channel DAD DELIVERS in capitals and then I’m gonna hit the tick in the top right hand corner.
There we go the channel name has been changed!

Now there's a very high chance that your YouTube app doesn't look like this - it actually presents you with a first name and a last name.
If you want the single box like this where you can name your channel with one name or maybe a phrase - anything up to 50 characters - then that means that your YouTube account needs to be moved to a google brand account.
And you're in luck because I’ve made a complete step-by-step walkthrough on this video here.
It's on screen now and the link is in the description and you want to watch this video from about 2:50 seconds in.

I show you the entire process of moving your personal YouTube channel that's linked to your google account and move it over to a brand account.
Once it's moved to a brand account you can change the name to anything you want.
You can also do other things like have other people manage your YouTube channel for you.
I hope this works for you and on screen now is a link straight to that video where I walk you through the entire process of changing your channel name to be a brand account.
That's on screen now and I hope this works out well for you

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How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021

All about me, and getting these by email.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021

How do you add foreign subtitles or closed captions in a second language to your YouTube video?
I'm showing you everything in the CC subtitling tab of YouTube studio to add subtitles in another language to your next YouTube video!

How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021

0:00 How to add foreign subtitles or captions in another language to my YouTube video! CC 2021
0:43 It's not about adding on screen translations, but you can export or copy a transcript of your YouTube video.
1:00 How to turn on YouTube CC captions or subtitles on a desktop computer or mobile app
1:17 How to change the language of your YouTube video, or auto translate the video into another language.
1:30 How do I subtitle my YouTube video? Adding CC closed captions.
2:00 How to download captions or subtitles from my YouTube video.
2:20 How to copy the captions transcript to my YouTube video.
2:50 How to manually add CC captions or subtitle my YouTube video 2021 LINK HERE:
3:10 How to set default subtitles language spoken in my YouTube videos?
4:00 How to add a second language to my YouTube video subtitles.
5:00 How to auto translate my own YouTube video into another language.
5:40 How to translate my YouTube video title and description into a second language.
5:50 How to automatically translate any text into another language for free using Google Translate:



How do I caption my YouTube video in a foreign language or add subtitles in a second language?
It looks really complicated but it's just lots of different ways to do the same job.
I'm going to show you a way that avoids a lot of typing if you're adding closed captions in another different language.

Hello I'm Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out into the world here on YouTube to make the world happier.

And it is quite literally the WORLD today if I can translate my videos into other languages then we're... transcontinental.

Now this is a really important disclaimer.
This video is about YouTube subtitles and closed captions.
It's not about putting foreign language translations on screen like this.

But the way that I'm going to show you will give you a transcript which will give you the text of the words that you can take into an edit if you're putting them on screen like this.
You probably know this already but to turn the subtitles on in YouTube, you can just hit the letter C on your keyboard.

Or click the icon at the bottom of the video.
Or press the CC icon on a mobile device.
And you can choose the language by clicking the cog on the desktop player.
Or the three dots on a mobile device, and choosing the captions language there.
I've subtitled this video so you can see how it looks [HELLO!]

So let's dive into YouTube Studio.
This is my YouTube Studio dashboard.
If I hit "content" it's this video here: "How to make a banner" and I'll scroll down to the subtitles tab on the left hand side.
And this is the video subtitles page for this video, and luckily as if by magic there's already a set of subtitles there waiting for us.

If you want to take the text from the video to do the translation separately, there's a couple of ways.
If you click on the three dots menu here, next to edit, one of the options is download.
If I click on that it gives you the original format and these are different subtitles files that have the timings actually embedded in that file.

But don't worry there's a much easier way to do this.
If you click on "edit" you can see the subtitles laid out and timed for this video, and if I click on "edit as text" this is the transcript for this video.
So all we'd have to do is select all and I'm going to right click on that and choose copy.

Then we can go into a word processing program and hit paste and there's the transcript!
So I could translate it here or send that to a translator if someone's doing that for me.
But I'm going to show you a much easier way to do this, that we get YouTube to translate this video for us.

Now don't worry if you don't already have a set of subtitles for your video.
I've made a whole other video: it's on screen now and in the description.
I walk you through the entire process and if you follow the steps in that video you should end up with a complete set of subtitles for your video like this.

Let's just also check a couple of things before we get started.
If you click on settings on the left hand side and then choose "upload defaults" and then advanced settings, this is where we set the default video language for all of our videos on our channel.

You can change the language on each video that you make, but this way makes it easier to just set the default for every video.
So I've set those to English and now we're going to check the video language on the video page.

If we go up to details and then scroll down below your description and your thumbnails right at the bottom there's a menu called "show more" and underneath the tags you can see this section here: language subtitles and closed captions.

Now this has changed recently and these boxes have been blank on pretty much nearly all my videos that I've uploaded.

I like to make sure these are set to English so that the language is set to English on the subtitles page.

Finally this is where we can add a second language to our YouTube video.
It's funny I worked a very long time ago for CNN and they always trained you not to use the word foreign because your foreign is someone else's "Home".

So we're going to add a second language.
These are all the languages that YouTube recognizes... look at that list.
What do you think? 

I think I'll go for German, and you can see that there are three different types of German.
I'm going to just choose the regular German.

It's like that with English, that you can have English for Canada, India, Ireland... 
I don't know why but I've got a funny feeling that just sticking with the regular English makes it more available to people.

I don't know if that's true or not.
And then we have two options here on that row: there's a title and description but we're going to go to subtitles and "ADD".

And it gives me three options: I can either upload a file... you can type manually, and actually manually set the subtitles to your video.

The option I'm going to choose, because I'm lazy, is auto translate.
And incredibly, instantly YouTube has translated my entire video into German! 
Now I don't know the quality of this translation and if you are translating to a second language, chances are you probably know that second language.

You can completely change or alter any one of these captions.
What's great about this... I've only just noticed this... but it's got the original English caption above the translation.

This will be where you can make any changes... any stylistic or translation changes that you want.
Now I've not spoken German for about 18 years so I'm just gonna hit "publish" and the other feature that we have here is to add the title and description.

My schoolboy German really is not up to the job of translating this, so thankfully google comes into its own again.

If I copy the English title and then go to I can paste that title here and we can choose the language in this pull down menu.

So let's choose German and this is the automatic translation.
Again, you won't have to do this if you already know the second language that you're translating to, but I don't so I'm going to copy that.

And then I'll paste it into the box and I can even do the same with the description.
And there it is! 

That's my description in German! 
So then I hit publish.
I now have a title, description and a full set of subtitles in German, so if I wanted to tweak or correct or finesse any of that wording, I can by just clicking on edit.

And you can change things here.
I can even extract a transcript of this translation by clicking on "edit as text".
It's all there, so you could select that and copy it and send it if you needed to use those words somewhere else.

I am now going to do this for as many languages as possible on THIS video, so if you click on the cog at the bottom of this video or on the three dots at the top of this video if you're watching on a mobile, you'll see how many different languages I was able to change this video into.

But is this video helping?
Why not leave a comment to say hi or ask any questions.
I'm sure someone will be able to help, and why not leave a thumbs up button?

It will help someone else find this video and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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Rode Lavalier GO VS Rode Podcaster review which is best for my YouTube

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Monday 22 March 2021

Rode Lavalier GO VS Rode Podcaster review which is best for my YouTube

BUY THEM HERE! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Should I use a clip-on lapel lavalier microphone or a USB podcast mic for my YouTube videos?
I try out and sample the Rode Lavalier GO against the Rode Podcaster microphone to see which sounds best, but also fits my YouTube channel workflow!
Spoiler: Both are fantastic @RodeMicrophones but in different situations.

1:26 Rode Lavalier Go and Rode Podcaster USB studio microphone side by side audio comparison, into a Sony ZV-1 camera 3.5mm jack 
2:40 Rode Lavalier Go clip-on wearable lapel mic sound test
4:15 On board built-in camera microphone audio sample comparison (Sony ZV1 camera)
4:30 RODE PODCASTER USB mic sound test
6:20 Rode Podcaster USB podcast style mic review for YouTube videos
7:32 Can you connect a Rode Podcaster USB microphone to a Sony ZV-1 camera directly to the 3.5mm headphone jack?
8:20 Can you plug a USB mic into a USB power supply or charger to output microphone into 3.5mm cable?
8:48 Rode Lav Go vs Rode Podcaster USB microphone: sample audio review
10:20 One more problem with the Rode Podcaster USB mic...



yeah it's not recording 
right so I’m now recording a laptop I’m recording on my ZV1 
let's give it a little straighten 
got camera two over here hello camera two 
I don't know which microphone should I use for my YouTube videos 
this clip-on lavalier lapel microphone 
or this podcast style USB microphone 
there are pros and cons with both and more importantly I am very, very indecisive so for this video I’m recording with both and I’m going to flip between the two microphones 
you'll probably notice that down at the bottom of the screen there 
I am recording a lav mic and a USB podcast mic at the same time to compare them side by side along with you to help you decide...
lapel mic or USB mic?
Hello my name's Neil Mossey and I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you 
that’s a left-handed five!
to go... 
because of this...
to help you get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world a happier place 
I know that the world will be happier with your videos out there instead of in here and I’m sharing my journey on here so that you can avoid all of my pain and all of my mistake-- or most of my mistakes 
this is a... this is a strange video for me because I’ve got I’ve got this in my face for a start 
so let's meet the contenders!
this is the Rode lavalier go it's a wear on clip-on lapel lav mic 
I... I hate the word lav, I really do 
it sounds like something that Sid James would say in a carry-on movie over here in uh the UK
I’ve got the Rode lavalier go 
I’ve got it connected directly into my sony...
Let's point over here 
this is just... in the way... 
Uh into the Sony ZV1 camera or ZV-1 camera so that's running straight into the camera now that is significant 
this might be part of my assessment criteria of whether to go for this or this 
and the second microphone is this obviously 
it's the Rode podcaster USB podcast mic and I’m recording this into my macbook pro on quicktime 
so this is the first time that I have made a video that I’m actually going to release with this microphone in shot
I think if I were recording something for radio or for a podcast I would have no problem with this here in front of me but it's really distracting with the camera right there so let's start with the lapel mic 
I absolutely love lapel mics they are small and discreet and I feel like I should be doing as much talking as possible just so you get an idea for how a lav mic or a lapel mic sounds 
by the way there's... there's obviously a link in the description 
I’m an Amazon affiliate so if you buy this microphone from there or anything else that'll be extremely helpful and I... I earn money for qualifying purchases 
but that's not why I love lapel mics 
they're physically close to your mouth 
but my biggest love for this microphone and this type of microphone is that I can just plug it straight into my camera 
and that gives me such confidence because I know I know that you are hearing me 
I know that I’m recording sound right now because I can see it on the screen on the camera right now I can see those audio levels going up and down 
the downside with a lapel microphone and the whole reason why I wanted to try out something like this is that it doesn't feel very full 
I want to be booming 
it's like I’m recording in a room and although the sound is good but there's my chair by the way 
that is my chair 
maybe I should be testing out chairs not microphones 
but it does sound like I’m recording in a room 
I don't have that really nice warm radio audio sound 
but it always seems-- it's not just because I’m wearing t-shirts - but it always seems to be like pointing just over my shoulder 
it seems to be capturing everything over there rather than everything here 
whereas with the USB microphone I’m capturing just my voice it seems so I wondered how different the two types of microphone would sound 
but it's obviously better than the on-board camera microphone 
this is how the mic sounds actually on the... the Sony ZV1 camera and I’m sure your camera would sound something not dissimilar to this when compared to wearing a lapel mic so that's the difference between a camera mic and something that is right close to you right here 
it's not quite as warm and deep and dark and huggy as this microphone so let's just stay on this microphone now and... and talk through the positives of a USB podcast style microphone 
this is the... the Rode podcaster 
again that link is in the description if you wanted to check it out for yourself 
now I can't touch it because it makes an awful sound so I will touch it just so you can get a bit of a closer look 
I actually love how this looks even though this particular microphone does look like something that you would pick up in a shop in London Soho or that you might find in um the back of a top drawer if you know what I mean 
there's just something about it I find ever so slightly off-putting 
no offense Rode podcaster 
it's just the... it's just the colour I think and the... the ribs on the side 
and obviously this microphone is great for video podcasts and... and interviews 
oh I’ve look I’ve knocked the mic again.
We haven't got to the cons yet! 
this microphone is great obviously for video podcasts and podcasts and... and interviews or interviews over zoom which is something that I do a lot on my YouTube channel 
I’m gonna put some headphones on now because the-- the other great thing with this particular microphone is that you can plug in headphones 
but maybe it's because of my giant bald head 
I don't-- I don't really like how this looks 
I completely woah... 
I completely understand why Jocko Willink does his video podcast in black and white 
I think maybe I need to do a bit of that while I’m wearing the headphones but there's just something about it that looks like giant ears or that sort of emphasizes my shiny pate 
so maybe we should go to the... the downers with this 
I’m gonna keep the headphones on I’m gonna commit to this 
so my biggest downer with this microphone and this style and type of microphone is that I’m very much tethered to the spot 
which is weird because with a lapel mic you are literally tethered to the camera but I feel that I can move around while I’m while I’m wearing this and I can move around in the shot 
but if I do that with this microphone and I might lean in for emphasis or... or lean back... any kind of body movement, and chair noise 
any kind of body movement tends to throw you off the microphone and, and so subconsciously quite psychologically I feel I’ve got to be pinned to this spot to get the the right sound from this microphone 
[PHONE NOISE] I’d better, I better answer that 
the other problem that I’ve got with this microphone is that there is more to go wrong
there's another potential point of failure by having it recorded on... on a macbook or some other computer device 
you could lose power, there might be a poor cable connection, you could run out of storage, the recording might stop and I would be completely unaware of that because it's out of my eye line 
so this is an experiment that I’ve always wanted to try out 
well “always”... ever since I’ve been thinking about USB microphones 
I have got a cable running out from the 3.5mm headphone jack and I’ve got the cable running all the way directly into my Sony ZV-1 camera 3.5mm microphone input socket and how does it sound? 
I’ve tried it once before and the sound was a bit hot and I was getting clipping from the microphone so I... I will put my findings on screen now in the edit so I’ll put words on the screen to say whether or not I think this can work and as a backup I’ve still got my recording on the macbook pro 
just as a side note because I’ve seen this in a lot of comments and I had this question myself:
you can't plug this into a phone charger or some other USB supply and then use the headphone jack 
it doesn't work 
what happens is you get a red led light which tells you it's not functioning and I tried it with headphones 
nothing seems to come out the headphone jack if this microphone - this particular microphone = isn't plugged into a mac or a windows computer 
let's go back onto the lapel microphone 
this is what it sounds like on a lapel microphone 
back onto the USB this is how I sound on the Rode podcaster USB microphone 
back onto the lapel mic again this is the Rode lavalier go microphone and 
back onto the USB Rode podcaster microphone this is the difference between the two sounds 
so which one - this is the big question which one do you prefer which one do you think would be right for you if you could afford either option 
I think for me I am besotted - I was gonna say in love still with my lapel microphone - I’m besotted uh with it 
I love its versatility 
I love the ability to be able to go outdoors with it 
but most of all I love just being able to plug it straight into the camera see on my monitor that it's recording and to be able to just edit this one video file and not have to import and sync another audio file 
so I think I’m going to stick with my lapel microphone for now and use this as a really useful addition to my range of audio options 
I think I’d love to use this microphone for my podcast the Great British YouTubers podcast 
here's a little plug for it here and also this microphone will come in for any voice over work 
sometimes I have to voice over footage for which this microphone would be absolutely delicious 
there's just one more slight issue with this microphone I’m sure you've noticed this already and when I mention it you won't be able to un-see it 
but the biggest problem that I’ve not mentioned is that this microphone makes my teeth look yellow 
it makes my - maybe this is something that only affects British podcasters and video podcasters - but it makes my teeth look really grim 
maybe my teeth are this shade of yellow but I don't think I need a reference white image right next to them just to confirm how bad my teeth are 
if this were audio only - pretty much what it was designed for - then it wouldn't be so much of an issue 
both microphones are listed in the description 
there's a link there to their Amazon pages and why not hit the thumbs up button 
just to let me know that somebody reached this point of the video 
I’m trying to get to 10000 subscribers 
it's a very long journey 
I’m looking at another three years from now before I hit that milestone so thanks so much if you are awesome enough to take me one step closer to that goal 
and here right here is a video all about the microphone that I use the most thanks for watching

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How do I make YouTube shorts? What are #Shorts? Short tutorial!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Sunday 21 March 2021

How do I make YouTube shorts? What are #Shorts? Short tutorial!

I made a YouTube short and it didn't hurt!
Here's my tutorial of how I make YouTube shorts: any vertical video under 60 seconds which is automatically put on YouTube's #shorts shelf.
You can make them directly in the YouTube app (currently only) in the US and India, on your phone or by turning a landscape into portrait video on your desktop with something like iMovie.

Here's THIS video as a YouTube short:
My YouTube short shown in the video:
YouTube shorts help article:

How do I make YouTube shorts? What are #Shorts? Short tutorial!

0:00 How to make a YouTube short
0:37 What is YouTube Shorts?
1:00 What is the difference between YouTube STORIES and SHORTS? How do you make stories on YouTube?
3:08 How to upload YouTube shorts?
3:42 Can YouTube Shorts have title, description, thumbnail, tags, record date, cards, subtitles playlists and end board?



I know let's get this train!
Oh do you even want to be doing this? 
I don't know for me it sort of feels like a complete waste of time but I also feel like I'm sort of missing out on something that's new to YouTube and it's this: 

It's called YouTube short... of shorts? 
It's called YouTube shorts and YouTube shorts are vertical or portrait videos served on mobile devices.

YouTube says that any video that's portrait and under 60 seconds will automatically be pulled into the short shelf - and that's not easy to say! 

And these YouTube shorts are offered on mobile devices on the home page and they also show up on our channel page subscription feed and what to watch next just like regular videos.

Now someone kindly asked me are YouTube shorts the same as YouTube stories? 
I had no idea how stories and shorts are different so I had to look it up.

YouTube stories also show up on your mobile they they look like these instagram -my or tiktok -ky quick videos from big YouTubers so the differences I could find are that stories expire after seven days and why would you do that?! 

And stories are only for creators who have over ten thousand subscribers whereas I think YouTube shorts exist on our channel forever just like a regular video.

It's hard enough for me to just make normal videos for my YouTube channel without having to do shorts as well so I promise I'm gonna get you and me through this as quickly as possible and I'm doing this on a desktop just to give us an overview of what YouTube shorts is.

You can do this on your phone using an app like inshot or even from the YouTube app itself once it's rolled out by the way hello welcome back to the Happy Hut, my name is Neil Mossey, I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and into the world right here on YouTube.

Usually I make videos for other companies but I'm finally doing it for myself so I know exactly what you're going through and right now I want to turn this clip into a short.
I know let's get this train!

By the way I absolutely love this guy's reaction.
This guy here.
I usually hate vlogging in public and he's pretty much the reason why! 

Now we can do this on a phone using an app like inshot but I'm doing this on a computer by making it sideways in a mac in imovie and then I open that with quicktime and rotate the video left.
I have no idea how you do this on a PC please leave a comment below and tell me what you use for editing on a PC.

So I've now got my vertical video.
I know let's get this train!
Oh and it has to be under 60 seconds for it to go onto the #shorts shelf.

This is what the short shelf looks like.
Next we can upload it in the regular way either by clicking the camera icon at the top of or clicking on the CREATE button at the top of YouTube studio.

So this uploads in the regular way and we'll add a description, tags, recording date, even subtitles and closed captions!
You seem to be able to add cards but not an end screen.

But you can put your shorts video into a playlist and you can even make your own shorts playlist.
For a title YouTube advises putting shorts - that's with an s on the end - in either the title or the description to give us a better chance of being spotted.

But YouTube says shorts are any portrait video under 60 seconds, so is this something you think you'll try?
Why not put your #shorts experiments in the comments below and link to them there we'd love to see them.

Hey maybe I should have done this video as a short?!

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How much YouTube pays me per 1000 views with 3000 subs in 2021

All about me, and getting these by email.

Saturday 20 March 2021

How much YouTube pays me per 1000 views with 3000 subs in 2021

How much will I get paid by YouTube for my videos?
I was monetized by YouTube almost exactly 1 year ago when I hit 1000 subscribers and had over 4000 hours of watch time. But my YouTube revenue has dropped - and views and watch time.
I share all my YouTube Analytics: CTR click-through rate, Google Adsense payments, RPM how much YouTube pays per 1000 views, watch time from subscribers and average views per viewer.

How much YouTube pays me per 1000 views with 3000 subs in 2021

0:00 How much YouTube pays me per thousand views with 3000 subscribers.
0:55 How much money I earn in a month on YouTube.
1:30 How many views per $100 on YouTube
3:00 How to niche my YouTube channel, and should I delete videos to niche my YouTube channel?
5:30 How much I earn from YouTube for my best top viewed videos
5:43 How much YouTube pays per 1000 views for my video
5:59 What is a good CTR? My average click through rate for my YouTube video, and average click-through rate since published.
6:24 How much I earn from "How to change your YouTube channel name", my CTR and pay per one thousand views - LINK:
7:05 What is an average RPM on YouTube?
7:18 What is a low or high RPM on YouTube per 1k views?
7:49 What is a high CTR click through rate on YouTube, for me?
8:18 My average watch time on YouTube
8:30 What is Audience Retention on YouTube? What is a good average percentage viewed?
11:04 How to subtitle my YouTube video, LINK:
11:40 What is Reach in YouTube Studio? Impressions and Impressions Click-Through Rate?
12:31 What is Traffic Source Types in YouTube Studio? What does YouTube search, External, Suggested videos, Browse features, Direct or unknown mean?
13:26 What does Watch Time from Subscribers mean?
14:03 How much money I earn from my YouTube channel every month.
15:54 What is my average CTR click through rate?
16:30 What is my average views per viewer? Is this any good?

If this video helps, LEAVE A COMMENT below to say hi - I'd love to hear from you.
You can also help me by clicking THUMBS UP or get to 10,000 subscribers with SUBSCRIBE here thanks!


how much money does YouTube pay me at 3000 subscribers?
my revenue is dropping massively this month and I'm showing you why that's happening to me plus I'm going to share the effect that big changes can have on your YouTube channel 

I'm going to show you everything - sharing as many statistics as possible... my google adsense payments, my CTR - the click-through rates, and how much cash I'm paid per 1000 views 

Hello I'm Neil Mossey and I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier 
I believe so strongly that the world is a better place when your videos are out on here along with mine and to do that I'm sharing my entire journey and all my mistakes 
some of which you're about to see 

I think five of my biggest mistakes are coming up! 
so let's dive straight into my YouTube Studio dashboard 
there it is, I'm currently on 3257 subscribers 
I'm hoping that'll go up by the time you see this 
oh my goodness look at that summary though 
my views are down 32% to about 20000 
that was from nearly 30... 32000 
my watch time is down 40% and my revenue is down by over a third 
that figure used to be somewhere between 220 and 250 dollars a month 
it's now looking at 120 dollars 
and this is what February looks like for me 
let's scroll up February your channel got 20000 views and look is exactly the same as I got one year ago to the month 

in fact I think I probably got more - yeah I got more a year ago and one of my videos went viral and I was monetized in march 2020 
that's this big column here 
109000 views and you can see it's just declined in a nice gentle curve all the way to the bottom of the year 
and then it's plummeted from 32000 in January down to 20000. 
but if I click on my estimated revenue... now $123 is nothing to be sniffed at 
I'm very grateful and pleased but it has plummeted from the heady days of November and December last year which is usual I believe 

but look... look how it differs 
so my views curve down but if I click on the revenue, the revenue kind of does the opposite 
it kind of goes up in a hump 
so my best month was November at $286... 
$269 for December that's pretty much because the revenue just drops on Christmas day 
we've got a whole week there where we're not earning as much money and then January there's a drop 
but this massive drop here, 210 dollars to 123. 
give or take a few dollars it's dropped by half 
my revenue has dropped 50% in one month 
now why is this 
there's a very very simple explanation and that is these top videos here 

I deleted my top five videos 
I've niched my channel and to do that I removed 150 videos but what I didn't do was tackle the very top five videos because they were bringing in money and thousands of views 
I didn't want to touch those 
in January these were my top five videos 
at the top is how to get a PAC code which is how to move cell phone networks here in the UK 
I've got how to recover zoom files 
my reading of the instructions to a Vaillant boiler which is a central heating contraption and buying online postage in the UK and best dehumidifier 
now I was worried that four of those videos don't really link to anything else on my channel 
so I was caught in a... in a strange place because these videos are doing really well for me 
in one month those two videos there are getting four thousand each and the next they're getting two... two and three thousand views 
they're also bringing in about sixty dollars in revenue per month 
it's not life-changing but as a proportion of the business that I'm doing on YouTube this was pretty massive 
I mean this is pretty much a third of my views per month 

so at the end of January I took a very difficult decision to delete them 
I removed my four of my top five videos 
I'm one month on and these are my top five now so my top video is how to recover zoom video file recordings which is great 
that's still doing 4000 views and some others have taken their place so how to change your YouTube channel name are the second and third top rated videos 
how to update the firmware on a Sony ZV1 camera and how to add subtitles 
those are my top five 
they're not getting nearly as many views as my previous top five but do you know what? 
I'm still really glad that I made this decision because at least I know when somebody reaches the end of one of these videos they're more likely to click on one of my other videos 
whereas the dehumidifier video if I've shown you the best dehumidifier well that's great but I don't have anything else on my channel that's even remotely linked to that 
but I just... I just felt that I was sending traffic into a into a blocked dead-end street 
of course I miss the $60 to $80 but let's go in and see how much these videos are earning me 
so this is my top rated video it's all about how to recover video files when a zoom call has ended 
now since published this video has earned me $400 which is great but for the last month it has it's earned me 46 dollars and the RPM there hasn't really changed at all 

it's averaging about eleven or twelve dollars per thousand views 
and if you're interested this is my CTR my click-through rate for this video is 6.6 percent 
if I change this to since published the click-through rate is is a bit higher than the average over the last nearly year 
let's look at the click-through rate for my whole channel for this month so that is 5.3% 
so a 6.6% on my top video is is looking pretty good yeah? 
my second new top five video is how to change your YouTube channel name and this came out in the middle of December so it's been published for about two and a half months now and look at that graph go! 

since published the curve upwards which is looking very healthy for the last month 
let's see how much this video is earning 
it looks like seven dollars... seven dollars a month on 2000 views which means that the revenue per thousand views if I click on the revenue tab, you can see the RPM in the middle here per 1000 views for February... I'm getting $3.47 which is it's lower than the average for my channel which we'll take a look at now 

yeah the... the average for my channel is six dollars per thousand so although it's the... the second most highest rated video is pulling in half the money per thousand views 
my third new top rated video is how to change your YouTube channel name 
this video came out in the middle of January so it's only been live for about six weeks in which time it's earned three dollars
let's click on the revenue 
the RPM is even lower - two dollars per thousand views - so although it's one of my top rated videos that's pulling in pretty much the most views, the revenue that I'm getting per thousand views isn't... isn't nearly as good as my channel average 
now I've worked quite hard on the thumbnail for this one 
I find the thumbnails really difficult to make anyway but they're especially difficult when it's just me talking through... like this one where it's me just talking through a screen recording 

there isn't that much you can put in a thumbnail but what... whoa! 
what I'm astounded by is the click-through rate 
do you remember it was like about five or six percent?
my CTR is 11% on this video so that might explain why YouTube is offering it more than the others 
the watch time is going through the roof but it's a short video 
it's only a couple of minutes long but because the average view duration is 1 minute 16 let's scroll down to audience retention 
yeah look I'm getting nearly 45% of that video watched on average 
so again that's another really good sign to the algorithm except the average view duration is really short 

and let's go to my audience retention 
there that... I mean that explains it right there 
something happens in that video to make the audience plummet 
so I'm at about 60 percent until about halfway through the video which is great 
let's play the video from here 
[VIDEO AUDIO] "...setting that we need, it's not entirely super obvious but this pen icon here if I click on it it brings up the name of your YouTube channel." 
So there RIGHT THERE is where the audience go: "great that's why I came to this video thank you very much!" 
and off they go and my audience retention just plummets 
but it's really good good news that it's getting so many views per month on my channel 

that's a surprise that it's gaining 20 subscribers since it was published that's... that's good for one of my videos in a month 
now my fourth top rated video - I've got good hopes for this because the views have been phenomenal 
it's only been live for about three weeks 
I published it in the second week of February and it's already got a thousand views 
the revenue is five dollars and it's five dollars per thousand views 
now that couldn't really fluctuate because it's still early days yet but that's a good sign 
it's picked up 12 subscribers 
my average views per viewer is 1.2 
that... anything more than one is good 

it might work because it... it indicates that people watching this video watched some other of my other videos 
the average view duration's three minutes which is again... that's 41% 
that's pretty healthy for mine 
obviously I'd love it to get the viewer retention over 50% for any of my videos so 41% is a good step in a good direction 
let's look at the click through... the click-through rate 7.2% 
these are really good statistics for my channel what I feel have been vindicated on is that removing those other videos... dehumidifier and you know how to change a garden trimmer... having those videos gone now to another channel 
this channel: my tightwad dad channel 
I'm just really glad that those videos aren't clattering up my top five because I can see the videos that I want to concentrate on and the videos that I want to do well 
it really helps not being distracted by these other videos that don't really link to anything else on my channel 
and my fifth top viewed video is this one 
how to make subtitles for your YouTube video 

I love how that curve has gone up because it's so gentle growth here and now that looks like it's shooting up 
it's only nine dollars since I released it 
in December last month it pulled in three point eight seven dollars 
let's see what the RPM... the RPM's six dollars which again that's that's healthy 
I'm pleased with that so those are my top five best performing videos this month 
let's go back to just look at the channel overall 
I'm hoping that if I can catalogue it here I'll be able to see in time if this changes over the year to see if my channel does improve 

my overall reach for this month is 5.3% on the click-through rate 
if I scroll down down to the the CTR funnel...
yeah the overall impressions are down 43% because I've removed so many videos from my channel but for this month that's a 5.3% click-through rate
if I jump back to December three months ago pretty much the same click-through rate but on so many more impressions which is why I was getting so many more views 
the average view duration was 2:55 and in February it's two minutes 29 seconds so my average watch time has has dropped 
also if you're interested if maybe you're comparing my figures with your figures to try and guess how much money you might earn when you become monetized at 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours watch time 

this is my traffic source table 
41% of my video views come from YouTube search 
30% comes from external 
I put my videos on my blog 
I've got this strange feeling that linking to my YouTube videos on a on a blog 
not just a blog but it's a google blog 
it's a blogger blog owned by google 
I'm trying out this idea that having a link somewhere else on the internet shows YouTube and google that my videos might be worth taking a look at in terms of rankability and I've got feeling that the 30% external views might be an indication that... that that might be helping 
December is on the left and this is what it used to look like 
I used to get 39% through YouTube search that's not changed that much really 
it's 41% now 
the external hasn't changed 

suggested videos has gone down a lot but I think that's because my overall traffic has gone down 
my watch time from subscribers... I know I'm starting from a really low base place but back in December only two percent of all my video watch time came from subscribers 
in February that's 3.4 percent which is still tiny and a little hint that if these figures are helping why not hit the subscribe button but after you do that let's just just consider for a moment that means my watch time from subscribers has pretty much gone up by over 50% 
but way more than 50 percent 
so although my views have gone down those views are actually coming from people who have visited my channel before 

this month I'm coming up to the one year anniversary after I got monetized so this is pretty much my year end revenue roundup 
for the last six months I've shown you these before on on these videos but it's pretty stark just to show you what is happening on my channel right now 
you can see September through to December I'm bouncing around between 268 and 286 dollars per month 
I removed all of my videos that don't fit my niche 
the videos that I don't feel are helping the channel in October and it didn't really seem to make that much of a dent in my revenue 
I might have earned more money than that, but it didn't make the revenue go down 
then after December we have that big drop after Christmas which was kind of expected 
and then the biggest self-inflicted experiment when I unlisted those top five videos 
the revenue has... has really really plummeted 

you can see just how big a drop that is but I am in the process of filling up this channel with the videos that I really want to put out into the world 
I didn't really come onto YouTube to show people how to change the battery on their vacuum cleaner and I did really well with those kind of videos but it's not where I want the channel to go 
I feel very comfortable in having nearly half the money 
I really need the money as well 
I'm playing a long-term game and the long-term game's this: 
that at least my videos all linked together now 
I mean look at my top earning videos for the lifetime of the channel 
that zoom video is my number one video just trying to encourage more people to put more things on YouTube 
the next four videos don't quite fit into that category 

I guess the mobile phone video sort of does but those next two are garden tools videos so I am really really glad that I've removed them 
the statistics that I get are so much clearer now 
the overall year so far on 2021 and so far my average CTR my click-through rate is 5.1 
my average view duration so far is two minutes 43 
I've got 341 subscribers I really really want to get to the 10000 subscriber mark just to unlock the facilities that you get at 10k subscribers just so I can make videos about experimenting with those 
but 10000 subscribers the rate I'm going will take me another probably two or three years so I'm hoping that one of my videos might take off or maybe a few videos so that my growth becomes a bit more sustained 

and I think this is a really good sign 
this is so buried in the statistics 
my... my biggest most optimistic sign that I've... I've had and that's my average views per viewer is now 1.3 
I have never seen it at 1.3 before 
it's the average number of times that the viewer watched any video on my channel so 1.3 is a sign of of growth and a sign that I'm managing to get more viewers to come back to my channel 
and my adsense revenue for the year so far is 334 dollars on a revenue per mille - that's revenue per thousand views - of six dollars 
so I get about six dollars 30 cents for every thousand views 
the highest I've had this year is nine dollars 
oh man that would be so good if it's... if I could get it up to that 

I'm having lots more videos like this on my channel 
you've probably noticed it if you're a subscriber if you're not why not be awesome and try and take me one step closer to that 10k subs and right here is why you might want to niche your YouTube channel

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NEW YouTube TAX form for non-US creators? Agh! How to fill it in?

All about me, and getting these by email.

Friday 19 March 2021

NEW YouTube TAX form for non-US creators? Agh! How to fill it in?

YouTube announces taking US tax from your US views channel payments, if you haven't completed the Withholding Tax form on Google Adsense.
If you live in the UK or a country with a tax treaty with the US, filling in this form NOW could mean that your withholding tax is reduced to 0% so that you are not taxed twice for the same payments.

If you don't complete this form, Google will automatically take 24% from your US payments (adsense, superchat etc etc) - which could be a lot of money and mean that you are taxed twice.

So, as a non-US creator, I walk you through the questions on Google Adsense. 
Do I even need to say this? Please don't ask me any questions.
I'm not an accountant, or a tax adviser and I don't know your tax situation.  

I'm so sorry but I've got enough things on Netflix I am avoiding - I can't be responsible for your payments.
I do hope this sneak preview of the process helps you get started though.


NEW YouTube TAX form for non-US creators? Agh! How to fill it in?



so you are a YouTuber a YouTube creator who lives and works outside the US 
I haven't seen many videos about this 
you've probably seen all the warning signs saying you've got to fill in your tax details 
you've got to declare yourself to the IRS 
the sun has come out just at this exact moment just to emphasize I'm not... I'm not an accountant or a tax advisor 
I just wanted to make a video showing you the process that you might face when filling in your US tax information into Google Adsense for your YouTube channel 
I'm only going to show you some of the questions that come up just so you can prepare and get ready to fill it in yourself 
in the description I'll put a help article and a help video as well that YouTube have issued 
all I hope is that seeing what's ahead is useful to you but I'm very aware that if you get this wrong you could lose quite a lot of money 
the place that I'm using to go through all of this is this YouTube help article and there are step-by-step instructions here so we're going to hit sign in for my Adsense account 
this is what my Google Adsense dashboard looks like 
the next thing we need to do is to click on this menu in the top left hand corner and go down to payments 
you can see I've already got a nice friendly red bar 
it's always a good sign isn't it when your account has a big red banner 
now I could click on that button now that would take me straight there but I'm going to show you the way just in case you don't have that banner 
we're going to go down to settings and click on manage settings and then on this page 
there's a little pen icon next to the words United States Tax Info 
so I'll click on that and then click on manage tax info 
that takes you to this page which only has one entry at the time that I'm doing this 
who knows, this might be populated by more countries in the future but it's labelled United States Tax Info and we will click on this button here: add tax info 
now I've had to reconfirm my Google login 
the first question is what type of accounts do you have? 
individual or an entity - or non-individual? 
the next question down is are you a citizen or resident of the United States 
the final question on this page is select your w8 tax form type so that's if you are an individual or a business entity 
Now you can drink your week apple drink now or save it for later 
to tax identity: make sure this information is exactly the same as on your tax documents and that the form is signed by an authorized representative of this legal entity 
now on the individual tax form it asks for your taxpayer identification number (TIN) 
seek some advice 
then you have to put in your permanent home address... 
this is going to be fun for all of those vloggers from vans 
then it asks you this question under tax treaty: 
are you claiming a reduced rate of withholding under a tax treaty?
again I'm sorry this is so boring but you've got to seek your own advice I can't help you with this 
the next section is document preview where Adsense will show you a preview of how your tax document will look before it's issued and then the next friendly fun-filled section is certification 
basically it's a signed declaration where you get to sign the form electronically and then the final section is activities and services performed in US and affidavit where you're asked if you've performed any activities and services for Google within the US 
and then hit submit and now you get the swirling loading... wheel of doom 
now obviously I'd love to show you all my personal details but I've blurred them out just to say that you are told instantly whether or not it has been approved or not so that's good 
and if you need to change any details there's a submit new form button so you can change if your circumstances change or if you see that there are any errors 
I can only hope that showing you the questions that come up help you prepare for filling in your own form with your own correct details but good luck us.. non-US YouTube creators 
so if I can continue to help you by by showing you what's ahead then why not click the subscribe button and it's on screen now and thanks for coming along this journey with me

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Did YouTube just destroy Amazon Affiliate marketing on YouTube?

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