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Rode Lavalier GO VS Rode Podcaster review which is best for my YouTube

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Should I use a clip-on lapel lavalier microphone or a USB podcast mic for my YouTube videos?
I try out and sample the Rode Lavalier GO against the Rode Podcaster microphone to see which sounds best, but also fits my YouTube channel workflow!
Spoiler: Both are fantastic @RodeMicrophones but in different situations.

1:26 Rode Lavalier Go and Rode Podcaster USB studio microphone side by side audio comparison, into a Sony ZV-1 camera 3.5mm jack 
2:40 Rode Lavalier Go clip-on wearable lapel mic sound test
4:15 On board built-in camera microphone audio sample comparison (Sony ZV1 camera)
4:30 RODE PODCASTER USB mic sound test
6:20 Rode Podcaster USB podcast style mic review for YouTube videos
7:32 Can you connect a Rode Podcaster USB microphone to a Sony ZV-1 camera directly to the 3.5mm headphone jack?
8:20 Can you plug a USB mic into a USB power supply or charger to output microphone into 3.5mm cable?
8:48 Rode Lav Go vs Rode Podcaster USB microphone: sample audio review
10:20 One more problem with the Rode Podcaster USB mic...



yeah it's not recording 
right so I’m now recording a laptop I’m recording on my ZV1 
let's give it a little straighten 
got camera two over here hello camera two 
I don't know which microphone should I use for my YouTube videos 
this clip-on lavalier lapel microphone 
or this podcast style USB microphone 
there are pros and cons with both and more importantly I am very, very indecisive so for this video I’m recording with both and I’m going to flip between the two microphones 
you'll probably notice that down at the bottom of the screen there 
I am recording a lav mic and a USB podcast mic at the same time to compare them side by side along with you to help you decide...
lapel mic or USB mic?
Hello my name's Neil Mossey and I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you 
that’s a left-handed five!
to go... 
because of this...
to help you get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world a happier place 
I know that the world will be happier with your videos out there instead of in here and I’m sharing my journey on here so that you can avoid all of my pain and all of my mistake-- or most of my mistakes 
this is a... this is a strange video for me because I’ve got I’ve got this in my face for a start 
so let's meet the contenders!
this is the Rode lavalier go it's a wear on clip-on lapel lav mic 
I... I hate the word lav, I really do 
it sounds like something that Sid James would say in a carry-on movie over here in uh the UK
I’ve got the Rode lavalier go 
I’ve got it connected directly into my sony...
Let's point over here 
this is just... in the way... 
Uh into the Sony ZV1 camera or ZV-1 camera so that's running straight into the camera now that is significant 
this might be part of my assessment criteria of whether to go for this or this 
and the second microphone is this obviously 
it's the Rode podcaster USB podcast mic and I’m recording this into my macbook pro on quicktime 
so this is the first time that I have made a video that I’m actually going to release with this microphone in shot
I think if I were recording something for radio or for a podcast I would have no problem with this here in front of me but it's really distracting with the camera right there so let's start with the lapel mic 
I absolutely love lapel mics they are small and discreet and I feel like I should be doing as much talking as possible just so you get an idea for how a lav mic or a lapel mic sounds 
by the way there's... there's obviously a link in the description 
I’m an Amazon affiliate so if you buy this microphone from there or anything else that'll be extremely helpful and I... I earn money for qualifying purchases 
but that's not why I love lapel mics 
they're physically close to your mouth 
but my biggest love for this microphone and this type of microphone is that I can just plug it straight into my camera 
and that gives me such confidence because I know I know that you are hearing me 
I know that I’m recording sound right now because I can see it on the screen on the camera right now I can see those audio levels going up and down 
the downside with a lapel microphone and the whole reason why I wanted to try out something like this is that it doesn't feel very full 
I want to be booming 
it's like I’m recording in a room and although the sound is good but there's my chair by the way 
that is my chair 
maybe I should be testing out chairs not microphones 
but it does sound like I’m recording in a room 
I don't have that really nice warm radio audio sound 
but it always seems-- it's not just because I’m wearing t-shirts - but it always seems to be like pointing just over my shoulder 
it seems to be capturing everything over there rather than everything here 
whereas with the USB microphone I’m capturing just my voice it seems so I wondered how different the two types of microphone would sound 
but it's obviously better than the on-board camera microphone 
this is how the mic sounds actually on the... the Sony ZV1 camera and I’m sure your camera would sound something not dissimilar to this when compared to wearing a lapel mic so that's the difference between a camera mic and something that is right close to you right here 
it's not quite as warm and deep and dark and huggy as this microphone so let's just stay on this microphone now and... and talk through the positives of a USB podcast style microphone 
this is the... the Rode podcaster 
again that link is in the description if you wanted to check it out for yourself 
now I can't touch it because it makes an awful sound so I will touch it just so you can get a bit of a closer look 
I actually love how this looks even though this particular microphone does look like something that you would pick up in a shop in London Soho or that you might find in um the back of a top drawer if you know what I mean 
there's just something about it I find ever so slightly off-putting 
no offense Rode podcaster 
it's just the... it's just the colour I think and the... the ribs on the side 
and obviously this microphone is great for video podcasts and... and interviews 
oh I’ve look I’ve knocked the mic again.
We haven't got to the cons yet! 
this microphone is great obviously for video podcasts and podcasts and... and interviews or interviews over zoom which is something that I do a lot on my YouTube channel 
I’m gonna put some headphones on now because the-- the other great thing with this particular microphone is that you can plug in headphones 
but maybe it's because of my giant bald head 
I don't-- I don't really like how this looks 
I completely woah... 
I completely understand why Jocko Willink does his video podcast in black and white 
I think maybe I need to do a bit of that while I’m wearing the headphones but there's just something about it that looks like giant ears or that sort of emphasizes my shiny pate 
so maybe we should go to the... the downers with this 
I’m gonna keep the headphones on I’m gonna commit to this 
so my biggest downer with this microphone and this style and type of microphone is that I’m very much tethered to the spot 
which is weird because with a lapel mic you are literally tethered to the camera but I feel that I can move around while I’m while I’m wearing this and I can move around in the shot 
but if I do that with this microphone and I might lean in for emphasis or... or lean back... any kind of body movement, and chair noise 
any kind of body movement tends to throw you off the microphone and, and so subconsciously quite psychologically I feel I’ve got to be pinned to this spot to get the the right sound from this microphone 
[PHONE NOISE] I’d better, I better answer that 
the other problem that I’ve got with this microphone is that there is more to go wrong
there's another potential point of failure by having it recorded on... on a macbook or some other computer device 
you could lose power, there might be a poor cable connection, you could run out of storage, the recording might stop and I would be completely unaware of that because it's out of my eye line 
so this is an experiment that I’ve always wanted to try out 
well “always”... ever since I’ve been thinking about USB microphones 
I have got a cable running out from the 3.5mm headphone jack and I’ve got the cable running all the way directly into my Sony ZV-1 camera 3.5mm microphone input socket and how does it sound? 
I’ve tried it once before and the sound was a bit hot and I was getting clipping from the microphone so I... I will put my findings on screen now in the edit so I’ll put words on the screen to say whether or not I think this can work and as a backup I’ve still got my recording on the macbook pro 
just as a side note because I’ve seen this in a lot of comments and I had this question myself:
you can't plug this into a phone charger or some other USB supply and then use the headphone jack 
it doesn't work 
what happens is you get a red led light which tells you it's not functioning and I tried it with headphones 
nothing seems to come out the headphone jack if this microphone - this particular microphone = isn't plugged into a mac or a windows computer 
let's go back onto the lapel microphone 
this is what it sounds like on a lapel microphone 
back onto the USB this is how I sound on the Rode podcaster USB microphone 
back onto the lapel mic again this is the Rode lavalier go microphone and 
back onto the USB Rode podcaster microphone this is the difference between the two sounds 
so which one - this is the big question which one do you prefer which one do you think would be right for you if you could afford either option 
I think for me I am besotted - I was gonna say in love still with my lapel microphone - I’m besotted uh with it 
I love its versatility 
I love the ability to be able to go outdoors with it 
but most of all I love just being able to plug it straight into the camera see on my monitor that it's recording and to be able to just edit this one video file and not have to import and sync another audio file 
so I think I’m going to stick with my lapel microphone for now and use this as a really useful addition to my range of audio options 
I think I’d love to use this microphone for my podcast the Great British YouTubers podcast 
here's a little plug for it here and also this microphone will come in for any voice over work 
sometimes I have to voice over footage for which this microphone would be absolutely delicious 
there's just one more slight issue with this microphone I’m sure you've noticed this already and when I mention it you won't be able to un-see it 
but the biggest problem that I’ve not mentioned is that this microphone makes my teeth look yellow 
it makes my - maybe this is something that only affects British podcasters and video podcasters - but it makes my teeth look really grim 
maybe my teeth are this shade of yellow but I don't think I need a reference white image right next to them just to confirm how bad my teeth are 
if this were audio only - pretty much what it was designed for - then it wouldn't be so much of an issue 
both microphones are listed in the description 
there's a link there to their Amazon pages and why not hit the thumbs up button 
just to let me know that somebody reached this point of the video 
I’m trying to get to 10000 subscribers 
it's a very long journey 
I’m looking at another three years from now before I hit that milestone so thanks so much if you are awesome enough to take me one step closer to that goal 
and here right here is a video all about the microphone that I use the most thanks for watching

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