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Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

How do you make a COMMUNITY POST on YouTube? Are they even worth it?
I'm taking EVERY YouTube Creator Academy course and the exam IN REAL TIME WITH YOU (almost) on here every week through 2021. 
This week it's the SIXTH course exam: 
"Interact with Audiences with Community Posts" and the link to the course is here: 

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Are COMMUNITY POSTS worth it? YouTube Creator Academy Quiz #6

0:00 How to make a Community post on YouTube!
1:26 How does the YouTube Community Tab work? Video here:
1:46 How to create a community post on YouTube.
2:09 How to post an image in a YouTube channel feed.
2:57 Tips and ideas for YouTube Community posts.
4:00 How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to be able to post pictures, polls and links to videos?
4:40 What is not a best practice for YouTube Community posts? Course Exam for COMMENTS video here!
5:25 Can anyone create a "Members Only" community post on YouTube?
5:45 Eligibility Requirements, the megamix. (Radio Edit)



how do I make a Community Post here on YouTube 
this is what my posts look like 
we can post pictures polls and links to our videos 
I think they show up in people's feeds on the home screen or if we click on the community tab on our YouTube channel 

I used to get a bit miffed about this - that you need 1000 subscribers to be able to do this so if you're on that journey right now to 1000 subscribers, here's a massive sneak peek into what it's like and how it works 
you and I are gonna... we're gonna learn everything there is to know about Community Posts 
because there's this thing called the YouTube Creator Academy and it's a free place where we can learn about every single aspect of YouTube 

now for some reason I've decided to do all 40 courses in one go this year and to do that with you at the end of each course there's usually an exam 
so we do this as a game show and a quiz that you and I can play along with and answer the questions and see if we can pass the course together 
but this is one of those courses that's slightly different because it's a small topic 

I've just got this thing at the end of the course saying check your knowledge so I think it's only going to be about three or four questions 
so when that happens you and me get to do the whole course together 
I've got the big clock counting down on screen now that's when the quiz starts 
lesson one is just this video 

it's a video that basically covers everything that we're about to cover so there's a link to that up in the description up in the description above and down in the link below 
oh my goodness there's a link to this video up on screen now and in the description so you can watch that at your leisure so we can now dive straight into lesson number two 

which is how to create a Community Post 
now the first thing we need to do is go to the tab named community from our channel home page 
and in the box at the top we can create our new Community Post and once you're done click "post" 
is that it? 
is lesson two? 

now I actually find these really difficult because when you post an image it crops it to a 1:1 scale so that it looks good on a phone so I just tend to put my thumbnail on there 
but my thumbnail is obviously landscape and I try and work in some kind of rule of thirds thing going on with my big happy shaved head there 

the whole image opens up when you click on it but you've got to kind of crop it to have it appear on the page 
but the really good thing is when you put a direct link to a video in your post it embeds it in a really nice way you can kind of see a bit of the description and it kind of frames it nicely so that the video is ready to play in the player 

I'll be honest with you, that lesson was slightly quicker than I thought it would be 
the clock is still ticking down to the big quiz so hang on in there lesson three tips for using Community Posts 
here are some tips and ideas for what to post 

promote a collaboration video with a fellow creator 
or fan poll your audience on what type of video they want to see next 
I've actually done that 
it was my biggest post 
usually I get about one or two thumbs up on my posts but this one - look at it 

look how many votes I've had 
so I've got to say of the three options the... the poll has worked the best for me 
I don't get the impression many people are even shown it let alone click on the video link but this poll was something else 

we can show off special behind the scenes photos 
tease an upcoming special announcement 
shout out to fan or fellow creator using an @ mention 
and if we use channel memberships, create a members only post to show exclusive content only to your channel members 
now I'm on 3000 subscribers at the moment I don't even know if I'm eligible for channel memberships 
maybe we should do that course next 

well that was... that was really quick 
this is gonna be... this gonna be a quick weekend quiz today 
let's go for "check your knowledge" 

the countdown has hit zero - this is the whole point of this video you and I can answer these questions in real time and see if we if we pass the Community Post test 
question one: creators with how many subscribers or more can use Community Posts to connect with their fans?
10 or 100, 1000 or 10000? 
well I know that this was unlocked for me at 1000 subscribers so I'm going to say 1000 subscribers 
great job you'll need to have at least 1000 and it's kind of cut it off... 
I'm using the Creator Academy app 

there it is question 2 
which of the following is not a best practice when using Community Posts 
polling your audience 
replying to individual viewer comments 
shouting out a fan 
or highlighting a collaboration? 
which of the following is not a best practice when using Community Posts 
I think I'm going to go for replying to individual viewer comments 

way to go! 
you can reply to viewer comments directly in the comments section so save Community Posts for other types of broader engagement 
but this is a good point to plug the the quiz for the comments 
everything we need to know about YouTube comments 
I'll put a link to that on screen now and in the description 
that one was slightly longer than this one 

final question question three 
true or false, anyone can create a members only Community Post? 
I'm going to go for false because I think you need channel memberships to do that and I'm not up on channel memberships yet so I'm looking forward to that course 

you have to meet specific eligibility requirements 
I love that phrase eligibility requirements 
you have to say it in one breath 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility requirements 
eligibility reliability 
eligibility regrettability eligibility required eligibility requirements eligibility requirements 

I just like the phrase eligibility-- 
let's hit the big submit button 
quiz complete how did you do? 
have you hit 1000 subscribers and if so have you had a Community Post? 

why not put your favorite Community Post - a link to your favorite Community Post in the comments 
be great to see your examples and if you haven't hit 1000 subscribers yet, or just have a complain about not hitting 1000 subscribers yet so we can cheer you on over the 1k subs line 

so I'm really looking forward to seeing your comments this week 
this is like a weekly get together isn't it 
I'll put up a link to the Creator Academy course for everything you need to know about YouTube comments 
thanks for joining me on this quiz 
I'll see you next weekend for the next YouTube Creator Academy course exam!

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