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How to change your YouTube Channel Name on Ipad

How to change your YouTube Channel name on an iPad!
If you want to change YouTube channel name on a phone, my video is HERE: 
If you can only see FIRST NAME, LAST NAME you need to move your YouTube channel to a Google Brand Account and my step-by-step walkthrough is HERE:

IPAD! How to change your YouTube Channel Name

Click on you avatar on the top right hand corner and make sure the app is logged into the same account that your channel is linked to.

Once you’re on your google account.     (on an iPad go to Drive where my icon was).     
Go to   
to MAKE CHANGES  TO  YOUR  PHOTO  OR NAME even if it says you are NOT ALLOWED.   
Then, under PROFILES, you can allow yourself to change them.   
Slide the green button, I think, to allow.    
Then you can touch your tiny icon and change your photo....  you can finally get your pic uploaded to your G-suite google account emails!      
And if you change your name it will also change on your YouTube account if you have one.
(Thanks for this tip from my comments!)

The other way to get around this is to go to on your browser, and check the 'desktop site' box option so it doesn't redirect you to the youtube app.
You might be able to change the channel name in the browser this way - good luck!

0:00 How to change your YouTube channel name on an iPad
1:00 Step by step tutorial: how to check you're logged into the correct YouTube channel
1:27 How to Edit Channel on YouTube app
1:45 How to change your YouTube profile picture or banner image, YouTube channel description and YouTube channel name on my iPad!
2:20 What to do if YouTube channel name wants first name and last name, WATCH THIS VIDEO:



Hello! Can you change your YouTube channel name just by using your iPad?
If you want to change your YouTube channel name by using your cell phone and iPhone or an android mobile phone, I’ve got you covered completely 

There's a link on screen and in the description where I walk you through the entire process.
But I got lots of comments asking me how can I do this specifically on an iPad?
Hello my name's Neil Mossey, I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get things out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier.

I’m sharing lots of walkthroughs on running a YouTube channel because I’m a beginner just like you so you can avoid all of my mistakes and all of my obstacles.
Now you and me are going to get through this quickly I promise but I’ll also cover a couple of problems at the end of the video.

Sometimes this doesn't work or some of the steps might not actually appear on your particular situation.
Let's put the iPad up on the screen now and this is my YouTube app on my iPad and the very first important thing we're going to do is to check that you're logged into the right YouTube account to change.

If you click on your face or your avatar it brings up the details of the accounts that you are logged in on, so make sure you've got the correct channel showing and then we're going to hit your channel.
I’ve got two - not one but two - of my smiling gurning faces there.
There are two buttons along here: there's “edit channel” and “manage videos”, so we're going to hit “edit channel” and it brings up the channel settings for my YouTube channel.

And this is... this is called Tightwad Dad.
I think this is quite a negative name, it was deliberate but I’ve had a change of heart and I want to change my YouTube channel name.
You've actually got three options here: at the top you can change the banner or your profile photo.

At the bottom you can change the channel description and sandwiched between the two is... is the channel name so we're going to click on the pen icon on the right hand side here.
It's quite easy to miss and this is where we can edit the channel name.
Now if yours doesn't look like this just keep watching because I’ve got some fixes for you.
But I’m gonna rename this channel DAD DELIVERS in capitals and then I’m gonna hit the tick in the top right hand corner.
There we go the channel name has been changed!

Now there's a very high chance that your YouTube app doesn't look like this - it actually presents you with a first name and a last name.
If you want the single box like this where you can name your channel with one name or maybe a phrase - anything up to 50 characters - then that means that your YouTube account needs to be moved to a google brand account.
And you're in luck because I’ve made a complete step-by-step walkthrough on this video here.
It's on screen now and the link is in the description and you want to watch this video from about 2:50 seconds in.

I show you the entire process of moving your personal YouTube channel that's linked to your google account and move it over to a brand account.
Once it's moved to a brand account you can change the name to anything you want.
You can also do other things like have other people manage your YouTube channel for you.
I hope this works for you and on screen now is a link straight to that video where I walk you through the entire process of changing your channel name to be a brand account.
That's on screen now and I hope this works out well for you

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