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How do I make YouTube shorts? What are #Shorts? Short tutorial!

I made a YouTube short and it didn't hurt!
Here's my tutorial of how I make YouTube shorts: any vertical video under 60 seconds which is automatically put on YouTube's #shorts shelf.
You can make them directly in the YouTube app (currently only) in the US and India, on your phone or by turning a landscape into portrait video on your desktop with something like iMovie.

Here's THIS video as a YouTube short:
My YouTube short shown in the video:
YouTube shorts help article:

How do I make YouTube shorts? What are #Shorts? Short tutorial!

0:00 How to make a YouTube short
0:37 What is YouTube Shorts?
1:00 What is the difference between YouTube STORIES and SHORTS? How do you make stories on YouTube?
3:08 How to upload YouTube shorts?
3:42 Can YouTube Shorts have title, description, thumbnail, tags, record date, cards, subtitles playlists and end board?



I know let's get this train!
Oh do you even want to be doing this? 
I don't know for me it sort of feels like a complete waste of time but I also feel like I'm sort of missing out on something that's new to YouTube and it's this: 

It's called YouTube short... of shorts? 
It's called YouTube shorts and YouTube shorts are vertical or portrait videos served on mobile devices.

YouTube says that any video that's portrait and under 60 seconds will automatically be pulled into the short shelf - and that's not easy to say! 

And these YouTube shorts are offered on mobile devices on the home page and they also show up on our channel page subscription feed and what to watch next just like regular videos.

Now someone kindly asked me are YouTube shorts the same as YouTube stories? 
I had no idea how stories and shorts are different so I had to look it up.

YouTube stories also show up on your mobile they they look like these instagram -my or tiktok -ky quick videos from big YouTubers so the differences I could find are that stories expire after seven days and why would you do that?! 

And stories are only for creators who have over ten thousand subscribers whereas I think YouTube shorts exist on our channel forever just like a regular video.

It's hard enough for me to just make normal videos for my YouTube channel without having to do shorts as well so I promise I'm gonna get you and me through this as quickly as possible and I'm doing this on a desktop just to give us an overview of what YouTube shorts is.

You can do this on your phone using an app like inshot or even from the YouTube app itself once it's rolled out by the way hello welcome back to the Happy Hut, my name is Neil Mossey, I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and into the world right here on YouTube.

Usually I make videos for other companies but I'm finally doing it for myself so I know exactly what you're going through and right now I want to turn this clip into a short.
I know let's get this train!

By the way I absolutely love this guy's reaction.
This guy here.
I usually hate vlogging in public and he's pretty much the reason why! 

Now we can do this on a phone using an app like inshot but I'm doing this on a computer by making it sideways in a mac in imovie and then I open that with quicktime and rotate the video left.
I have no idea how you do this on a PC please leave a comment below and tell me what you use for editing on a PC.

So I've now got my vertical video.
I know let's get this train!
Oh and it has to be under 60 seconds for it to go onto the #shorts shelf.

This is what the short shelf looks like.
Next we can upload it in the regular way either by clicking the camera icon at the top of or clicking on the CREATE button at the top of YouTube studio.

So this uploads in the regular way and we'll add a description, tags, recording date, even subtitles and closed captions!
You seem to be able to add cards but not an end screen.

But you can put your shorts video into a playlist and you can even make your own shorts playlist.
For a title YouTube advises putting shorts - that's with an s on the end - in either the title or the description to give us a better chance of being spotted.

But YouTube says shorts are any portrait video under 60 seconds, so is this something you think you'll try?
Why not put your #shorts experiments in the comments below and link to them there we'd love to see them.

Hey maybe I should have done this video as a short?!

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