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My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE - Unboxing and review of

What does Redbubble merchandise look like when it arrives? 
Is Redbubble any good for YouTube merch? 
Where is the best place to get merchandise printed and sold for YouTube? 


My first time YOUTUBE MERCH with REDBUBBLE! Unboxing and review of !



Hello my YouTube merch is in the house!

It's freezing and I probably shouldn't be doing this outdoors, but if you've ever wondered how does print on demand merchandise from redbubble arrive?
What does it look like and how is it packaged? 
Then this is the video for you... and possibly this could be the mug for you! 
I've got a steak knife... so let's... I've got a second camera going over here. 

This is... this is what the package looks like.
You can probably guess what this is. 
A little clue on the outside there.

I've also ordered a hooded top so I'll probably be... well I'll definitely be showing that on the channel when that arrives so if I undo this tape here and this lid opens.
Thank you for supporting independent artists. 

There's a link in the description for this so oh my goodness so I've ordered a few things but it looks like it's just going to be the mug.
Nice cardboard origami there. 
Wow oh my word that is lovely.
That is beautiful this is what it looks like. 
You might be seeing this quite a lot on the channel in future. 

If you've seen my podcast, the Great British YouTubers podcast, there's a link in the description and on screen now, I actually designed a logo by the bolting together... the frankenstein bolting together of these two icons... which guide so much in our lives. 

And what I did with the design was, I've used the actual photo... I was going to say photo realistic but it's actually a photo of of a flag, because I like the texture of it but I don't know if it looks like a printing error.
Like it's gone a bit wonky, but I... I do like the texture of it.
I like the the photorealism of the Union Jack there.

It's a standard mug, it holds a standard amount of British beverage and because it's print on demand you can have this wherever you are in the world. 
I think if you click on the link in the description it will show you the local prices and they print it and deliver it locally wherever you are in the world. 
Oh it started raining. I need a hooded... hooded top for this! 

Now the only downside with designing mugs on Redbubble is that I actually wanted a black mug. 
I wanted a black design and you only get white and you... you can cover it in a coloUr which is what I've done.
I've set this as a background colour. 
This is supposed to be black and it's kind of come out as a olive green. 

You can set any price you want.
There's like a base price and then you can add a percentage for the sale price and you get to keep that margin. 
That is added to the... the base price.

The shipping isn't cheap and I suspect that goes towards... not me!
I'm not saying the margins are low but I think I would need to sell about 13 of these to pay for this one that I've bought so if you do buy one I really appreciate it.

You will be contributing to this very mug, if you buy this mug and there's some other products here as well. 
I've put the design onto some t-shirts... a zipper hoodie which is on its way soon. 

That'll be a video very soon.
I've even got some phone covers and a cushion. 
I should get a cushion really shouldn't I?
I like the look of this cushion but I am quite attached to my routemaster bus cushion in the Happy Hut. 

There's some instructions here: it says that the mug is... it's ceramic and it's dishwasher safe and microwave safe, but yeah so this is my first Great British YouTuber's mug. 
I was going to have words saying Great British YouTuber on there. 
I thought that might be a bit much.

I think British YouTubers are probably a bit more understated so I've just gone for the logo.
This is what it looks like on camera. 
It's the first time I'm seeing this on camera so the only way that I'd improve this is by actually ordering a mug from somewhere that designs the actual mug being another colour. 

There are other websites too which I'm trying out. 
There's Teespring which I think is called "Spring" now but do you have any recommendations? 
Is there anywhere that you're looking into for... for buying print on demand merch? 
I'd love to hear from you - put a link in the description. 

The thing I'm really after at the moment... I don't want to put this down! 
The thing I'm really after at the moment is a knitted hat with this logo embroidered on the on the rim there so if you have any recommendations for print-on-demand embroidered logo hats... 
I know it's a very specific request.

There's someone out there... one of you must know and if you'd like to buy this very mug - the margin isn't that great ,so not much money is going to come to me but if you want a snazzy Great British YouTuber mug, the link is in the description now and I'll also link to any other videos where I designed some merch and go through the process with you.
So thanks in advance for any support and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
I need to go in now and put something hot in this because I'm... I'm quite cold.

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