Monday 9 July 2012

How I got my first job

Danny Baker After All, Neil Mossey, @prodnose, 1994

How all this got started.

Claire. ‏@Clurrr93

what does it take to be apart of the media industry? i'm currently studying film, radio and television studies at uni! :)

hello-I did drama deg so had no chance! Sent out 85 letters for work exp and got about 40 rejections. The best reply was from...

..the one job I really wanted (Danny Baker show pilot) + became runner for series. Whats the lesson? Send out loads? Hold out...

..for the thing you most want? I dunno. Do both I guess! Upside: itll always need keen entry lev help but never advertise.

I actually looked forward to the rejection letters each morning-its a numbers game. Good luck -keep me posted on how you get on!

So ‏@Clurrr93. Yes. This could be you too.

Danny Baker After All, Neil Mossey, @prodnose, 1994


Ah Neil - just 18 months ago that photo and look at us both...

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PS think this might be a clip of Danny from 1969