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Best dining table bench? How to assemble an IKEA PERJOHAN bench with storage

What is the best dining table bench seating with storage underneath? We're trying out the IKEA PERJOHAN dining table storage bench. 
In this video (maybe an IKEADAD vid) I try out the assembly instructions in pretty much real time step by step (with bits speeded up). If you want to know how to assemble or put together the Perjohan IKEA bench, this may or may not be the way for you!

Best dining table bench? Putting up an IKEA PERJOHAN bench with storage

0:00 Best dining table bench? Putting up an IKEA PERJOHAN bench with storage - is it any good?
1:00 How to oil and what oil to use with IKEA wooden furniture: SKYDD mineral oil.
2:08 How to put together the IKEA dining table bench bench Perjohan with under storage: assembly instructions
4:10 Is the IKEA Perjohan dining table bench with storage any good? Perjohan review



Hello I’m Neil welcome back to the dad delivers vlog it's the place where we try to be happy with what we've already got except I’ve completely failed at that today because we've got some new stuff! 
Sorry my son's playing the new Fortnite chapter in the background so this could be challenging 
But this is the Perjohan IKEA bench... table bench for two or maybe three small bottoms on there and 

I’m gonna put it together in real time right here so maybe this is an IKEA dad channel video but this is it this is how the Perjohan box arrives
This really tiny package and it's quite easy to carry 
What I’m going to do now as you can see on the footage is me on the floor uh opening up the Perjohan IKEA table bench 

I’m going to open it up and before we put it together I’m going to be using this 
It's called Skydd - it's the IKEA mineral oil that you can apply to wood and usually it's supposed to use it for I think surfaces that you're going to eat food on 
This... this is how it looks after the Skydd has gone on but as you can see I’m trying to put as much oil onto the bench and the sides and the bottom there as possible 
You're supposed to use two coats I think after 24 hours but I’m just going to get this coat on first before 

I put the pieces together because it's much easier doing it now than later when the bench is already together like this 
It's difficult getting it in... into the nooks and crannies much easier to do it like this with all the separate pieces 
I’m just using a cloth to wipe it on 

Spread it all around and let it sink into the wood 
I’ve actually used the packing case you can see the... the... the box the cardboard box that it came in 
I’m actually using that just as a base or a floor covering to do the oiling so it doesn't go everywhere too much 
And now we'll put the pieces together and if this video is helping why not hit the thumbs up button if you've reached this point it'll be really helpful but let's start putting the sides onto the base 

So now it's oiled the first thing I need to do is to get these dowels into these planks 
Next I push these side planks into the side panels 
These are the... the sides of the bench 

Then we bolt the sides into each other with the inevitable allen key and IKEA bolts
now it's time to fit the bars that the seats - the bench seats - will sit on so first I’m going to add the dowels to those two bars and then we put the bench on its side and fit the dowels into the slots so that these two bars will hold the seats that we'll sit on 

Now we'll slide the base into the bench 
This is the bottom of the bench and it's... this is the great thing about the IKEA Perjohan can't say it Perjohan table bench is that it's got storage underneath it, so you could put books in there or we've been putting shoes in there 
It's been quite useful just to have that bit of storage around the dining table 

And now we can bolt on the side of the bench and this side we’ll leave till last so that it holds all of these pieces in place 
It just holds all of the bits together and binds the... the sides the top bars and that bottom floor of the bench 
And we'll do that with the IKEA allen key and bolts 

Next stage is to flip the bench over the right way up so it's now starting to look like the dining table bench that it is, and we've got some dowels in there and now we're going to bolt on the seat panels 
So these are the two planks that we'll actually sit on and this will finally hold everything together 
And that's the bench! 
Have you got it all in?

That is the IKEA Perjohan... Perjohan dining table bench 
Look how much generous storage that you get so now that you've oiled all of the parts hopefully this won't crack or if you spill food or drink on it they won't stain 
We think these are absolutely brilliant and uh they're quite good value for the for the price 

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yes IKEA! 
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How was that?

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How to pay ULEZ + Congestion Charge STEP BY STEP in London - OUCH!

All about me, and getting these by email.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

How to pay ULEZ + Congestion Charge STEP BY STEP in London - OUCH!

Here's my step-by-step walkthrough of me paying the London Congestion Charge and ULEZ after driving into that Zone.

How to pay ULEZ + Congestion Charge STEP BY STEP in London - OUCH!

The link where you can pay your ULEZ and Congestion Charge fee is here:



How do you pay the London congestion charge and or the ULEZ 
I think I went out with an ULEZ at university she was lovely 
but this is... this is something different it's the ULEZ the ultra low emission zone 
I’m going to take you through the whole process step by step and my biggest fear with this apart from screwing it up and wasting a lot of money is that it's going to be really boring because I’m going to do it in real time 

It is London's best kept secret 
It's the London Mayor Sadiq khan's attempt to reduce pollution and improve telepathy 
You and I are gonna we're gonna pay this and not get the fine 
Hello my name's Neil by the way welcome back to the happy hut this is the dad delivers vlog where we get to do something new and exciting each and every day and today you and I are going to pay this London congestion charge and ULEZ 

Welcome back to the happy hut and right here you're looking at my desktop but the first thing that might not help or confuse you is that there seems to be no mention here about the ULEZ charge 
and this link is in the description as well if you want to go there and follow along 
but I’m going to click on this button here pay to drive in London 

that button takes you to this page pay to drive in London where they do mention ULEZ so that's good 
so it gives you all the different options here but we just want the congestion and ULEZ charge so I’m going to click down here on pay 

The first thing Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London wants to know is your car registration so I’m going to put mine in and the country of registration is registered in the United Kingdom 
It's found my beautiful chariot so we'll click on confirm vehicle and then it gives you the option “do you want to pay the congestion charge or the ULEZ charge zone” 

This is something that drives me nuts because they've got all this information they should tell me what I owe they should they've got all my data but I’m going to keep the tack in the black 
Thankfully I remembered that it was the congestion charge zone and the ULEZ charge zone and it helpfully gives you a map to show you where the ring of steel is 
Look at that lovely clean blue air there 
At the bottom helpfully there's also a place where you can put in any street address 

This is where we went to - The Cut - and it tells you what charges apply for that postcode or street name 
And this is where you can tell the Mayor of London what days you happened upon the capital and it was both the congestion charge and ULEZ charge 

You might remember the... the gorgeous days where weekends were exempt but they're not exempt anymore 
It changes a lot so you might want to check the dates and times because they have changed so I’m going to scroll down and it tells me that my total oh 30 pounds! 
Well that's very nearly a couple of sandwiches and a coffee in London right 
And it gives you uh an optional email receipt or text message receipt 
I’m gonna go for the email receipt and and kindly here it puts the burden of responsibility for choosing the right dates 

There's an auto pay system where it bills you automatically and I might have a go at that at the end of this video so I’m going to hit confirm and pay and this is where you give the Mayor of London your card details 
That then takes you to the payments confirmation page so check all your details are correct and then hit make payment 

Thanks for paying you're welcome Mayor of London! 
I’m sorry that I polluted the capital but on the upside we got to see the musical six which I absolutely...
It was 80 minutes long! 

I hope you managed to pay your ULEZ and congestion charge correctly so you don't get fined 
Leave a comment down below let me know how you got on I don't find it that easy 
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face
Thanks bye! How was that?

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