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Easy GOOGLE NEST WIFI 3 PACK unboxing and first impressions review

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Easy GOOGLE NEST WIFI 3 PACK unboxing and first impressions review



I've been waiting half a day for this...
This is the DAD DELIVERS VLOG, hello I'm 
And I'm Neil and- this is great isn't it? I think this works! You wanna see this right?
Shall I hold it up to the camera? This is the Google Nest Wifi Mesh.
Now you've been waiting a long time for this?
6 hours.
Six hours.
So we're gonna unbox this, I'm gonna show you all the bits - show you what comes in the box. Do you want me to get a knife?
My Dad's poor! Even though we've got a nice kitchen, he's poor.
He works really hard on these videos.
I've got a knife! But we don't need it now because I think you've... you've done a great job.
Now, our wi-fi is terrible! It's Virgin Media and they gave us this box. Look, this is what our current wifi router looks like.
And it's just always on the floor. 
If you stuck paper to it, it looks like a Playstation 5.
Oooh wow, this looks cool.
Everyone moans at me about: "Dad! The wifi is rubbish!
Like, like I'm some kind of IT guy, but I was hoping to solve it with THIS.
This is what comes out of the box. 
Go to the second layer, like a box of chocolates 
Look there's a let's get started documentation 
Wow, there's a power cable. 
It's just like the nest Mini 
I absolutely love it. 
And you get three of them. 
You get three of them in the box. This is obviously the UK edition 
it's cheaper as well. 
There's another layer in the box. 
It's got this world kind of icon. 
Oh, I saw a video. I saw a video so I know what comes with it. 
Oh, it's a world logo because it's the Internet 
it's the world wide web logo. 
No one calls it that. 
No, I know I'm showing my age. 
You know I lived in a time when we didn't have the internet. 
isn't that crazy? 
Shall I show you what's inside the nest? Now they all look identical. I thought there would be like some kind of Master Nest and then 2 other nests, but they all look identical. 
Do you know what? I've just shown the password underneath 
Let me cover up the password and you'll have to blur it. 
Yeah, I'll blur it out. 
This is how hard my dad has to work on editing. 
And look at this 
So right we're in the UK so we have the fattest plugs in the world. 
I saw the Americans have usb-c 
Oh they did! right so we've got this. 
This is what the power cable looks like 
we've got a circle 
on screen now is how much we bought these for in the UK on a black Friday sale, and this is what it looks like in the States right now at the time of recording. 
That's how much the Google Wi-Fi nest costs. 
Shall we plug one in? 
let's plug it in 
so this is going to be this is going to be our master. 
So it's gone blue look. 
Yeah, I remember it goes blue. 
You can adjust the brightness on this as well. 
Shall we hold it up to the camera. 
It's a dark blue. 
It's light and then it gets dark like my soul, I mean my dad's soul 
my dad's hole? 
These look great so what happens now 
Well let's have a look at the get started leaflet. 
This is the trouble with an unboxing 
you got to read things first 
so this is... so the instructions are plug in, no 
plug a power adaptor into any included point and wall socket 
connect the point to your modem with Ethernet cable, and then it says get the Google Home app. 
And then it says setup your devices tap plus in the Google Home app to add the point. 
follow on screen steps to add the other points and finish setup. 
And it says set up device. 
Do you reckon it's that one? 
Let's go setup device  
Set up a new device. 
Turn on Bluetooth 
Google Wi-Fi found - would you like to set up this device? 
camera permission - allow 
So next we need to scan the the QR code, so I will scan that here 
connecting. Look at that Joe 
check WAN connection right now, so I've not plugged this into the... the Ethernet 
Woah! Connected! Look connected. 
Where, where is this device 
Create a Wi-Fi name? What shall we call it? Tharg? Shall I call it Tharg? 
Create a Wi-Fi password 
turn on nest Wi-Fi cloud services? I don't know what that means 
creating your Wi-Fi network that was quick 
setup multiple devices. It looks as though you have a 3 pack. 
It knows how does it know!
place your Wi-Fi point 
if you want a Google nest Wi-Fi mesh router like this one the link is in the description below and thank you for... for using that 
We're trying to get to 1000 subscribers. So if you could take us one Step Closer thank you for being awesome and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next
thanks for watching. 
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers 
just click on his face thanks Bye! how was that.

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