Thursday 10 July 2008

Edinburgh Pre - view... Writing stand-up comedy.

Neil Mossey writer standup material stand up

This is what writing with a stand-up actually looks like. 

There's probably some hints in there about some of the topics coming up in John Gordillo's 2008 Edinburgh Show, "DIVIDE AND CONGA".

We've been working together over the year in sessions that look much like this. 
Probably best I don't share what they sound like - saying wrong things out loud in a bid to get to the things John wants to say in public.

A mate once best dubbed this process as performers gaining "mouth rights" over the material. 

One month left for some more 'mouth wrongs'...
Preview gigs are linked here.

Tuesday 1 July 2008

KateModern - Out on a high

Neil Mossey - writer, season 2, katemodernAfter 322 episodes... 66 million cumulative video hits... 6 million bebo profile views... Two BAFTA Craft and WEBBY nominations and a Broadcasting Press Guild Award...

Season 2 of KateModern comes to an end this week. It has been a phenomenal experience writing episode scripts and storylining on this show - the best writers room experience with Luke Hyams and Lawrence Tallis - and a frontline lesson in what works for this genre and medium.
There is a true difference between online drama and "TV show broadcast on the web".

The season finale of 12 videos in 12 hours (together with the entire KateModern series 1 and 2) can be found here:-
and here:-

The wiki maintained by the fans of KateModern and lonelygirl15 is here:-

Here is a GMTV behind-the-scenes shoot:-

And an article in today's SUN.

Tara Rushton as Charlie in Kate Modern - Neil Mossey writer season 2 katemodernAll my KateModern links can be found by clicking on here.

And I'll be talking at the SCREENWRITERS' FESTIVAL 2008 in Cheltenham on Wednesday 2nd July in the session: Online and Multi-Platform narratives.