Tuesday, 1 July 2008

KateModern - Out on a high

Neil Mossey - writer, season 2, katemodernAfter 322 episodes... 66 million cumulative video hits... 6 million bebo profile views... Two BAFTA Craft and WEBBY nominations and a Broadcasting Press Guild Award...

Season 2 of KateModern comes to an end this week. It has been a phenomenal experience writing episode scripts and storylining on this show - the best writers room experience with Luke Hyams and Lawrence Tallis - and a frontline lesson in what works for this genre and medium.
There is a true difference between online drama and "TV show broadcast on the web".

The season finale of 12 videos in 12 hours (together with the entire KateModern series 1 and 2) can be found here:-
and here:-

The wiki maintained by the fans of KateModern and lonelygirl15 is here:-

Here is a GMTV behind-the-scenes shoot:-

And an article in today's SUN.

Tara Rushton as Charlie in Kate Modern - Neil Mossey writer season 2 katemodernAll my KateModern links can be found by clicking on here.

And I'll be talking at the SCREENWRITERS' FESTIVAL 2008 in Cheltenham on Wednesday 2nd July in the session: Online and Multi-Platform narratives.

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