Friday 29 April 2022

Deity D3 Pro samples and unboxing - Lapel mic or shotgun microphone - which is better for YouTube?

BUY DEITY D3 PRO SHOTGUN MIC HERE! Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
DEITY V.LAV Clip-on, Lavalier, Lapel, Collar microphone
MAGIC ARM for gripping to ceiling

I've never sounded better.



on my YouTube channel I’ve always used one of these 
it's a clip-on lavalier lapel microphone
but I’ve always wanted one of these 
a broadcast quality shotgun microphone 
here is how
here his how? 
here is how Deity Microphones made this happen!
this is a massive moment for my channel 
probably even bigger than hitting 5000 subscribers
welcome back to the happy hut by the way 
are you entirely happy with the sound on your YouTube videos? 
I was until my videos started to sound like this
that was the Rode lavalier Go - there's a dog going nuts next door - that was the rode lavalier go microphone: or in my case the rode lav “not go”
I don't know what happened there was no obvious damage to the to the microphone or the cable, but every time I touch the jack or the cable near the jack it sounds like this
I said how disappointing
and I got really annoyed waiting for it to be replaced - probably a bit more annoyed than I should have done 
it's three weeks on I’ve still not got it back and I’m paying the shipping on it 
I’m getting so annoyed about this that I reached out to another company - Deity Microphones 
I said I’m buying your microphone the Deity V.Lav mic and this is actually what you're hearing right now
and I’ve never used a Deity microphone before in my life
but I said - are there any other Microphones that you think I should take a look at?
no Neil, they replied 
Deity Microphones are going to completely sort you out and I think they have because this package has just arrived
now you know how all the tech YouTubers have got really cool knives to open up their gear
I’ve got a steak knife 
so it's right here let's see what's inside
thank you Deity or is it Deity? leave me a comment 
and this is absolutely massive for my channel because I always always have used clip-on lavalier Microphones
absolutely beautiful case 
it's rigid - it's got a little carry case handle
oh look at that! 
I always use lapel Microphones
I don't know why but I have always resisted shotgun Microphones
maybe it's because they are so much more expensive but it's also the shape of it
it just feels so much more ostentatious having this hanging off your camera
but mostly it's because I’m not Casey Neistat on a boosted board, barreling down Broadway in New York
this is probably the closest I would get to being Casey Neistat around where I live and the bike isn't even mine 
this is how a shotgun mic sounds
the Deity d3 pro 
you can probably hear some bird song I’ve got the kids and they've got their cousin visiting over at the trampoline 
you might hear those in the background but this is the difference 
this is how a shotgun mic sounds on the Sony ZV1 camera 
this is how a lapel mic sounds
a clip-on lavalier microphone with a fluffy windshield on
although there isn't that much wind at the moment 
and back on the shotgun mic
let me read out to you the email that I got from Ulanzi when I told them how much I love their Boya Microphones 
back on the Deity clip-on lapel or collar mic
hello Neil 
Ulanzi replied - your videos do not meet the standard 
this is my first time ever walking and vlogging with a shotgun microphone 
I have to watch out for Casper's holes in the... in the ground there and this is this is what it sounds like with the camera at arm's length
I don't know if you can see - on this camera here there's actually a way to adjust the shotgun microphone to not be so far forward that it gets into shot
but I’ve got the Deity d3 pro set all the way forward and it doesn't seem to be getting into shot 
but let's go into the happy hut now and this is probably where it's going to have the most biggest impact of all
we're now indoors into where I usually make my YouTube videos and I’ve got to work out a way of putting this microphone up here on the ceiling somehow
on top of the microphone there is this on off button here
you just hold it down for two or three seconds to get it started but it's also got a power save function where it can tell whether or not it's plugged in
when it's not plugged into operational equipment it turns itself off to save battery which is pretty darn good 
let me unplug the microphone to show you what it's like without any microphone in the ZV1 
and just as a comparison this is how the Sony ZV1 camera sounds with no microphone plugged in at all 
these are the built-in Microphones and this is how it sounds with nothing plugged in 
is it built-in or in-built Microphones?
this is footage of me trying to work out the best place to hang the microphone
I’ve gone for this magic arm 
I’ll put a link in the description to this grip and I’ve got a couple of grips that I put on the end of the magic arm to try and get the microphone as close to my mouth as possible while I’m sitting at the desk here
okay so I’m slightly worried that this needs to be much closer to my mouth but I’m going to leave it like this for now 
we are now back on the Deity VLav lavalier microphone and my name is Neil by the way 
I’ll just give you some words to give you some level 
I’m shouting
I have no need to shout 
I’ve got Microphones all around me and I’m yelling like I’m at the end of the garden! 
I told Deity Microphones - oh we're on the we're on the shotgun microphone by the way - it's up here I don't know if I’ve positioned it correctly
what do you think? 
leave me a comment
I’m now back on the Deity v-lav clip-on collar microphone
so now we're hearing the Deity d3 pro shotgun microphone
over to the other camera 
I now turn around I don't know if you notice any difference in the sound because I’m now directing my speech away from the microphone and however this is sounding now might influence whether you want to choose a clip-on microphone or a shotgun microphone 
let's go back to this camera now and I don't know if you can notice any difference in the volume or the warmth or the timbre of my voice but this is me facing the camera with the microphone just above the camera
which way would you call this? 
this is the V.Lav clip-on lavalier microphone here
the cable's just falling off the ceiling there 
I need to work out some better cable management
I love this lav microphone but the cable is five meters long so uh but - which is good because it means I can run it around the... the happy hut 
this is how the super cardioid directional Deity shotgun microphone - the d3 pro - sounds again in comparison with that clip-on mic
so the... the beam of the microphone is... is directional it's...
I’ve got to be right in front of it for you to hear me and the battery is great because you just recharge it using this USB-C port 
you can just plug it into a battery pack or... or your usual USB-C charger and that will charge the microphone up
there's a gain control on the back of the microphone and it's stepless
so you can turn it up and down and it’s smoothly 
it doesn't click up and down so you can get a nice smooth volume control on your levels there 
I mustn't forget this!
there's a link in the description where you can buy this very microphone I’ll put links to all the other bits of gear that you can see plugged in here and right here are some other videos about all the other stuff that I plug into my Sony ZV-1 thank you so much Deity for giving me the chance to step into the world of the shotgun microphone!

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DOUBLE YouTube income from a second channel?

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Thursday 28 April 2022

DOUBLE YouTube income from a second channel?

Where are you at with your YouTube channel?
Last year I launched a second channel as a home for the videos I'd unlisted from this channel. 
I am now about 2 months away from my second YouTube monetization, and go through all the stats for my channel ahead of hitting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.
Including: Views, top videos, CTR (click-through rate) and watch time.

DOUBLE YouTube income from a second channel?


hello welcome back to the happy hut - if you're new to the channel I’m Neil and I am two months away from being monetized right here on YouTube 
not on this channel - this channel seems to be doing okay - but over on this channel - my other channel 
it's called the dad delivers vlog and I’m hoping that this video will be useful for you if you are aiming to get your YouTube channel monetized or maybe you're lucky enough to have a channel monetized already and you're thinking those thoughts... 
I know - I can see it in your eyes - you're thinking “ah second channel” 
is it possible? 
what are we doing? 
I mean isn't one channel hard enough? 
this is something that I think the big YouTube gurus don't show you because they're okay 
they've got hundreds of thousands of subscribers 
so leave me a comment if you are in this position right now and I’m going to show you everything 
I’m going to share as much as possible: watch time, click-through rates, my CTR and maybe my best performing videos and you're going to get to see what happens 
what a channel looks like just before it is on the verge of being monetized 
you'll get to see my journey through monetization in the next few weeks and I’m gonna click on the magic analytics tab on the left hand side there 
and this is where I’m at right now 
pretty good month where my views are kind of spiking upwards 
I’d like to say it's because my videos are absolutely truly brilliant but I think this spike is more to do with the fact that down here on the right hand side you can see... I’ve got a couple of gardening videos where I... I use a strimmer and a mower and every summer they... they go bananas 
and we're in the end of April where the weather's getting better in this country 
those videos do really well so let's scroll down and sure enough for the last 28 days we've got “changing a stimmer line” 
“how to get a PAC code” - that's how to change your mobile network here in the UK 
uh the best Flymo mower 
uh renewing your driving license and a weed puller demonstration 
there so those are the kind of metrics that I’m doing at the moment and I don't know if you are at the 800 or 900 subscriber mark 
I don't know if this is the kind of level of... of traffic that you're doing 
the tab that we want is down here on the left hand side 
the next tab that you check each day even though it doesn't change 
the “grow with YouTube” page 
this will change as soon as I hit 1000 subscribers 
this will magically change into details of how to monetize each and every video on the channel but for the moment it's got this this parking page 
and you're probably very familiar with this if you are aiming to get 4000 hours of watch time or 1000 subscribers 
I actually had a question today: somebody asked me is it 4 000 watch hours that YOU watch or the other people watch your channel?
It's of “time viewed” on your channel and it's also 4000 hours in the last YEAR
It doesn't say that here - it's 4000 in the last 365 days 
I am getting roughly 70 subscribers a month and how is this for you? 
if you are aiming to be monetized do you have two problems 
you've either got to get the subscribers or the watch time 
I’ve got friends of mine who have launched a second channel and they actually found that the watch hours was a huge problem 
I’ve got lots of how-to videos 
because they're how-to's, once you've seen this channel you've got no reason really to stick around 
there's probably less reason to subscribe to this channel - which is probably why my subscriber growth is slower than my watch time growth
I’m going to hop skip and jump along these tabs along the top here 
the overview reach engagement and audience 
so let's get into reach 
these are my impressions and I’m quite pleased with this click-through rate my CTR
what's your click-through rate? 
is it eight percent or less?
 mine kind of hovers around this kind of level 
if I put on say the last year my click-through rate pretty much dances around the eight percent mark 
let's go back to this month and they're right there in that statistic 
you can see I’ve got 60% on YouTube search of... of all my views because they're how-to's 
they're good for bringing people in but probably less good for making people stick around 
and I’ve been trying to address that by making these vlogs 
so I’ve made some vlogs of my dad delivers life and doing tasks around the house, taking the kids out to places 
those videos they're doing okay but they don't do nearly as well as my how to videos but I’m hoping that over time it will mean that people stick around for the channel for more than one video 
I’m doing 720 hours a month and if you're finding a struggle getting the watch time you're probably throwing things at the screen right now but it's the subscribers that are hard for me 
And average few duration: two minutes 22 
I’d love that to be longer but again with how-to videos, once you've shown something there's only so much you can draw out of your regular how-to video 
these are my top videos for holding the audience 
it doesn't affect me because those videos - they're out there I’m not changing them!
below typical intros: 
there are four older videos where I was slightly less brutal with my editing so I’ve got a lot tighter now 
my top five videos on the dad delivers channel - this is by watch time - how to change your mobile phone network is top for watch hours 
onto the audience tab 
all these metrics they all reinforce that same message of people coming in and not sticking around - because look at that blue line - look how far above “returning viewers” there is 
there's a very male audience for my dad delivers vlog 
the gurus say that you're supposed to niche your channel and you're supposed to give your ideal viewer an avatar 
not... not the james cameron kind of avatar of the people living in the forest but it's supposed to be an ideal viewer 
I kind of like the videos that my unstoppable wife watches: the Emily Norris channel and the BrummyMummy channel 
I love the idea of making that kind of video but about the rubbish things that dads do around the house and they might be helpful, and they might be... do good in search but I like telling that story and that's why I wanted to make this channel to... to tell these little minutiae of doing things around the house and turning that into little stories 
the more experiments that I do on this channel the better the videos get, definitely 
literally no one between 13 and 17 years old has anything to do on the channel 
so the big idea is “can I double my money on YouTube”? 
I’ve got a playlist it's... it's over here where I show literally everything I earn every month here on YouTube 
have a look there and you'll see what kind of riches... what kind of coin YouTube wants to drop on your channel 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers 
just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is going to be the proper one right

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YOUTUBE EDITOR how to blur out an object in your video after publishing

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Friday 22 April 2022

YOUTUBE EDITOR how to blur out an object in your video after publishing

How do you BLUR a video after you've published it on YouTube?
I walk you through how to do this using the built-in YouTube editor step-by-step in your YouTube Studio dashboard.
Maybe you want to blank out an item or blur a face, and maybe the shot is moving, and you want the blur to track with the motion of the item.
You can do all this in YouTube editor.

YOUTUBE EDITOR how to blur out an object in your video after publishing!


how do you blur something in one of your own YouTube videos after that video has been published to YouTube?
I’m going to show you exactly how to do this because I need to do this right now 
let's have a look at my YouTube studio and I’ll show you the problem 
if you go to the video that you want to blur, so that's this video here for me... 
on the left hand side there are some tabs and we want to go down to editor and that brings up the video editor 
and you can see we've got these options here 
we've got trim, blur, audio and end screen and info cards 
obviously the section that we want is blur so if I click on the plus sign here: “add blur” 
it gives you two options: face blur and a custom blur 
I’ll show you the problem I’ve got
on this shot here the camera moves to the desk and you can see all my papers on the right hand side on that paper is some sensitive details 
it's some sensitive content that I don't really want to be out here on a public video on YouTube 
what I’m going to do is add a custom blur to those papers 
at full screen you can see all the lettering on that letter there 
what I’m going to do is I’m going to go roughly to the place in the video where I want the blur to happen and next I’m going to use the comma button to back up one frame 
if I wanted to move forward one frame you can use the full stop button or the period button to move forward frame by frame 
and to go back I’m going to hit the comma button 
and I’ll just do that as many times so that I can find exactly the very frame I want the blur to start 
I think I’ll start the blur just as soon as the letter becomes legible which I think is about there 
next I’ll go up to the blur section and click “add blur” and then I will choose custom blur and it gives me some options here 
there's the blur shape which is a rectangle or an oval and you can see when you select either of those options on the right hand window - let's move it over so you can see it more clearly 
I’m going to hover the cursor over the blur and then I’m going to click and drag it to take it to a section where you can see it there 
I think I’ll go for “Oval”, it's slightly friendlier 
and you can click on the edges to shrink or expand these axes here 
I’m going to place the oval over the letter and then the second option you have is either “track object” or “fix the blur position” 
I’m going to click the cursor back onto the window and then use the full stop and comma button to move forward 
oh look! it tracks it in real time! 
so I’m going backwards and YouTube is automatically keeping that oval over the letter 
isn't that clever? 
and you can set the in point for this - ah that's amazing isn't it - and you can set the in point on the blue bar here so you can see above the time of the video your video is shown as a... as a timeline 
I want the blur to start here which is where this line is here 
so I’m going to grab this blue section - that's the start of the blur - and I’m going to click on it and hold down my mouse button and drag up to that frame there 
up to where the cursor point is there 
that line 
so if I click outside of the blue area here and press play, you'll see the blur will start when that timeline hits the blue section 
and you can adjust when the blur comes in by dragging that blue section there so just wait for it to get a bit closer 
here let's drag it out a bit more - there we go - and then I’ll move the timeline along one frame at a time hitting the period button or the full stop button 
and that is exactly what I wanted to be hidden 
so that's great - I’ll just keep inching forward by pressing the full stop key 
now it stops there because the picture jumps, so if I go forward one frame, I want the blur to end there - which is where the long thin line is on the timeline here 
you can make this more accurate by going up to this zoom section here you can either zoom in or zoom out 
now I’m zoomed out all the way 
this is a zoom in of the timeline of the video not of the video 
so if I click zoom in you can see this timeline expands, and I can scroll across to move along the timeline here with the scroll bar at the bottom 
so I want to grab the end of the blue section here 
if you hover the cursor over the end of the blue bar you see it changes to two arrows and then I’m going to click and hold on my mouse key and drag this blue bar all the way back to where the cursor is 
and that is where my blur will end 
there it snaps to that frame 
actually I think I want to take it back another frame 
so I hit the comma button, I want it to end there so if I zoom in some more and then go back to the blue bar and drag this blue bar back to here - now unhelpfully it either goes before or after - and you can see in the window whether the blur is on 
so I’m going to drag it to the right one frame and you can see that the blur has appeared so I know that frame is covered 
and now I hit the full stop button to go forward one frame and the blur disappears 
that's exactly where I want the blur to end - there 
that's perfect 
click before the blue blur section and we'll play it through and we'll see how it looks 
what I did, I pressed “F” on my keyboard to make the whole thing full frame and I’ll press the spacebar to play the video 
[AUDIO FROM CLIP:] the standing desk it’s adjustable look you can get the handle out and raise it I think I’ve raised it... 
that's exactly where I want the blur to happen 
what I need to do now is to save this blur so I’ll go up to the right hand side and hit save here 
now it gives you a warning and the warning says this: it might take a few hours for your changes to apply 
that’s if you have something really sensitive that you need to be blurred right now, it's probably best to hit save but go and unlist the video
make the video private so no one can see it, and then when you know that the blur has gone through and has been processed and is definitely on the video, then you can make the video live again 
so I’m going to hit save and you get the this message at the bottom: 
“video is being processed please check back later” 
leave a comment and say hi if this has helped you and I have other YouTube tips and tricks for my YouTube studio, that's in that playlist down here and up here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! 
alright this is going to be the proper one right

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Totally unplanned kids day trip to London... Can we make it work?

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Thursday 21 April 2022

Totally unplanned kids day trip to London... Can we make it work?

It's another of our kids trips to London without making any plans, whatsoever. 
The challenge this time is how many things can we do in half a day.

Totally unplanned kids day trip to London... Can we make it work?



So we are on our way to London open the doors
okay so I have packed a very healthy lunch a giant Wotsits
we're now here in London waterloo and right you need your tickets don't you guys right that's fine oh no no you've got the travelcard I’ve got who's got my one
so push it in push it in
last time we came to London we had a bit of a problem didn't we do you remember 
Do you? a bit of a problem last time we came to London what happened well do you remember you're a bit shocked about what you saw
oh yeah every time I think of London I think of that
it's horrible 
yeah no you said to me that man's got a piece of metal on his 
You can never unsee that! 
so yeah the naked bike ride yeah it wasn't his bike either so the naked bike ride wasn't quite the the unplanned pleasantness that I wanted what was that
by the way we're going completely the wrong way we need to go that way
I’ve written my phone number on my daughter's arm there 
I can't show it because I don't want to show my phone number but I wrote it in biro
so we made it to John Lewis we're now going to go to the gadget floor 
non-stop fun for the kids
this is the Microsoft store 
so we've looked at some phones and we've played some Fortnite 
what about we get something to eat in Camden and go to Camden town which is where I grew up 
this travelcard
I’m trying to teach my son and daughter how to navigate in London
press 88. 
I want to thank the bus driver
Lots of kids activities here
so the foods are a hit
what we're going to do next is to go around the shops where they sell the silver jewellery
so this is Camden market oh my bag's open that's not good
it's like Billie Eilish clothes
okay that was it that was a hit wasn't that 
so that was good wasn't it
we got some free chicken 
I still wanted that like scrunchie but I only have oh yeah light up scrunchy 
I really liked the light up scrunchie
won't you yeah I know that one really cool 
you know this place don't you with the barbed wire this is actually my old school 
I’ve made so many videos on my youtube channel about my old school in Camden town 
so this is where granddad would drop me and auntie Caz 
that was where I painted the the donkey purple that they just got from Spain and they've had it like three days
and how much did you paint purple 
it was like the whole donkey
ah we're gonna go into cex
the sun's going down it's getting a bit spooky we're gonna do some harry potter tourism now
so here we are this is king's cross station
this is where harry potter's platform 9 3/4 is 
it's funny because in the in the books the illustrations when they show the car flying they actually show this building here which looks nice and gothic but that's actually St Pancras station 
this right here is kings cross
my daughter's just reading the books now you're about what five books in yeah so she's reading them from beginning to end so this must feel quite special going to actual kings cross
it's the harry potter shop
it's a harry potter shop from the united kingdom!
we went to the harry potter shop we saw some stuff and we pushed the the trolley into the wall and we got a photo of it
got photographic evidence of pushing the trolley into the wall and we went to the toilet next door as well 
it's a win-win-win-win-win
the kids are now playing on the swing inside this thing this thing's been here for about 10 years I can't believe it's still here 
next we're going to go over there which is St Pancras international to get my favourite train to the south bank
I love this train there we are getting out at blackfriars you can see the city skyline there 
Ah absolutely beautiful and yet another link to my past my school is in there somewhere my posh hogwarts style school but that's where I got my very first detention 
I love this walk the southbank walk but the trouble is the joggers 
they don't slow down they try to keep their pace up and you end up getting these joggers just sort of barging into you trying to keep their pace up like you know not very wide 
oh we better run
what do you think score out of 10? 
Our train’s in seven minutes so now we're jogging so now we're doing the jogging 
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face
thanks bye how was that

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WRONG place for our wifi box again! Under the floorboards deep dive...

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Wednesday 20 April 2022

WRONG place for our wifi box again! Under the floorboards deep dive...

Even BETTER WiFi router place? Tearing up our floorboards AGAIN
Where is the best place to put our Google Nest broadband wifi router?
BUY DYSON V7 CLEANER HERE (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)
NETGEAR ETHERNET SWITCH for splitting ethernet cables HERE! 

WRONG place for our wifi box again! Under the floorboards deep dive...



Hello welcome back to my living room floor 
this is the dad delivers vlog it is just us trying to be happy with what we've already got and but I’m not happy so I’m going to deliver something today 
I made a whole video about this it's my wi-fi router box that is just strewn on the floor 
The video that I made showed me tearing up our floorboards and moving the wi-fi on the floor to the corner of the living room so that I could then put the wi-fi box up into the air 
Now this this is going to be a really dull video because I’m going to tear apart all of that work right now and I’m going to move the box that's here in the corner here
which guess what looks absolutely terrible so in this video I’m going to share me moving all of this from this corner here to look like this which I’m hoping in the edit will look much better once I’ve finished it 
it will look much tidier than this monstrosity this monstrosity of wi-fi box and ethernet cables and the reason it looks like this is because ah look I’ve hidden it all behind the door and down the side of the sofa and that means that to do this I need to do this 
which is tear up the carpet again for I think a third time and somehow pull the cables that are running to the corner of the room over to the room by the side of the living room door 
I know this is a strange video because it's literally just me moving some cables in our living room
it's really heavy 
but let's get started and I don't know what I guess I’m gonna have to just move the furniture and take up the carpet
I haven't told anyone that I’m gonna turn the internet off so when I turn it off let's see if we can hear any screams from upstairs 
now the downside to this is that I staple gunned it really well to give it a kind of good finish 
now I’ve got to take up all of that work which is tough but I think this really needs to be done 
oh now this is a huge result there are some holes here already from who knows what 
I think this house used to be used as a bed and breakfast uh about 40 years ago 
I think this might be the pipe work for bringing a sink into the room but I can use these holes so I don't have to drill into the floorboards for running the cables up
this believe it or not is a slight win for me 
okay I’ve definitely been lovingly attacked by my dog Casper hey Casper trying to help yeah 
that's really not helpful see the problem I have with DIY is that every every time I go every time I go down on oh and there goes my light every time I go down on all fours Casper wants to join in
dude this isn't helpful this really is can you show me love when I’m you know on the sofa or something quick oh good boy ah there goes my light now I’ve got to open up the hole in the floor that I created so if I unscrew this 
this looks really well planned but actually it was just a bodge job because I didn't want this bit of floorboard to fall through into the crawl space under the house there we go right now it should come up 
It works it works so these were two stilts that I fashioned to hold the floorboard and stop it falling into the crawlspace and I think some of you were really horrified in the comments that I was drilling in the corner underneath the power socket but I i know for a fact that the cables run across on the the skirting boards which isn't isn't my work 
I got some horrified comments in the last video like this one here which is what is going on with the bricks underneath your house um
I don't think they're load-bearing bricks but whether they are or not it probably shouldn't look like this 
anyway back to my hole in the floor I’m going to use this to reach my hand underneath and now I’m going to feed down the cables
that's great now I’ve got to feed them to over here
I don't I don't know if you can hear Casper he's the other side of the door he wants to come in
yeah now what I want to do if you move all the way over here I’m gonna try and feed this cable to you okay yeah I’m ready 
With this we've got to get to the park now because everyone's in the car waiting for us uh 
so we're gonna go to the park and then come back and do the second cable 
and I think I’m sorry about the wind but I think I’ve got a solution 
what I’m going to do is get a metal ruler and I’m going to tape the end of the wire to the ruler and then I’m going to try to push the ruler towards the hole and then get my daughter to try and pluck the plug from the end of the ruler and Sellotape it to the end this is me trying it now obviously ah I think we're gonna do it we got it we got it it worked it worked so the the cables are now out of the the two holes I mean really I’d prefer it if the purple one was on this side 
Do you think we could pass it through without dropping it 
all right so I’m just going to pass it through I mustn't drop it I mustn't drop it 
it's the purple wire!
there we go got it and now I’ll cut a channel for the cables to go through the carpet grippers so that they're flush with the skirting board here 
I i know I should probably use a mitre saw here but all I’ve got is a stanley knife and a lot of patience so let's speed this up and I’ll just tap in the cables to the wall just to hold them in place
I wish I could tuck this underneath the the grippers but at least this holds it in place
so now I’ll put back the floorboard the precious floorboard that I have countersunk and lovingly crafted it's time to put this away for well until next time when I’ll inevitably have to dig it back up again 
uh I’m using a wallpaper scraper to edge the carpet back into the carpet grippers and tuck down any untidy tufts 
next I’m going to fit this ikea four-way plug
I’ve pre-drilled some screws and just hoping that it hangs on
there it goes okay so that looks good now 
so now I’ve got some power points to power everything that I need to plug in and now I need something to plug these switches into so I’ve got this 
it's a netgear ethernet switch I’ll show you the box in a second I’m going to put that on the side there plug that in there it means that I can hopefully plug lots of ethernet cables into my single cable socket on the router so I think they go in like this and now I can plug in my ethernet switches so that will be super tidy if I hide it behind the sofa 
I’ll put in our very old virgin media broadband modem and this box here is a power line for sending the broadband up to the happy hut through the power cables in the house 
and next our google home nest wi-fi router
I’ve made a whole video about this where we unbox it my son and I and that video is in the description and the link to these are in the description but this is the actual wi-fi box that sends the wi-fi around the house because this I don't think this was very good so this is much better 
plug that in watch it turn blue
the only thing left to do now is to quite obviously push the sofa back as hard as I can to cover all of this but it's all it feels like it's all neat and in one place let's let's get the sofa back 
it's all now tidy down the side of the sofa the sofa hides most of the worst of the cabling and best of all this is very technical but when I open the door ah it's completely hidden so now instead of having to step over a mass of cables as you walk in it's all hidden behind the sofa and
and I know I know what you're thinking that the the door is gonna block all the wi-fi signal I’m well ahead of you because the next phase is to run the cables over the door and to run the router out into the hallway 
that is gonna be phase three I don't think I’m ever gonna see the day where the wi-fi actually works in this house but you can take me one step closer if you can hit the thumbs up button just let me know that someone reached this point in the video I really appreciate it 
and if you want to take us one step closer to 1000 subscribers that'll be awesome but uh thanks for watching and right here is what happens next can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click in his face thanks bye all right this is going to be the proper one right

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Smashed my floor to get better WiFi... DAD DELIVERS VLOG

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Tuesday 19 April 2022

Smashed my floor to get better WiFi... DAD DELIVERS VLOG

Our internet is terrible, so moving our WiFi router to higher ground to see if it improves our broadband signal... To do this I now have to move our ethernet cables... and to do that, I have to tear up our floorboards to get them to the right place from the hallway to the living room. Will I destroy our floors or will I be able to put them back together again? All here in my Dad Delivers Vlog...

Smashed my floor to get better WiFi... DAD DELIVERS VLOG



You got the other one yeah hey well done really good right then do not drop them 
I’m Neil and for some reason I thought that you would like to see under the floorboards of our house 
this is the dad delivers vlog we try to be happy with the things that we have already got and right now we have got this hole in the floor which is sort of caused by me 
we're having a new kitchen done one of the brilliant ideas that I had was that we put the tv here and that we'd asked the electrician to put an ethernet connection there 
and he did it and it's great and there's the socket there except we then decided we didn't want to put the telly there so we said could you put a cat5 ethernet socket over there 
and so we did and that is where the telly is going to go so hopefully we'll be able to plug the telly or the telly box into that ethernet connection because let's face it aerial connections are going to die aren't they
we got a aerial socket put in anyway because I’m indecisive and weak and the electrician really kindly surfaced the wires where the wi-fi box is and the wi-fi box is basically on the hallway floor 
we hate it because we keep tripping and keep tripping up over it and it means jamming the cables under the door
is your wi-fi box like this 
is your wi-fi router just like on the floor in the middle of you know wherever the nearest phone connection is
my brilliant idea for broadcasting it around the house the best place for it would be to be in the air that's the idea that we put the wi-fi box there that I fashioned some kind of shelf all I’ve got to do is move these internet ethernet cables look they've come up through the floor and there's one is black and one is purple and I think each one of those cables corresponds with the socket in the wall there and there my brilliant plan I’ve not thought out yet is that if I could somehow get the wires to emerge there then I could run power cable and ethernet cables up the wall behind some trunking drill a hole through the wall there oh I’ve not thought this through this is going to be so difficult and then the wires will all emerge this side ready for putting the wi-fi box up in the air up there 
I might be wrong but I thought you'd like to watch me drilling a hole in the floor and you'd like to see under the floorboards in our house there's some really weird smells that have come from under here over the years because I reckon this is the place where things come to die oh wow look at that
that doesn't look healthy that is what's holding up the floor there oh Casper's going to have a look hi Casper okay
should I go back down under the floorboards
okay here goes oh right that's where the sink under the stairs goes it goes out straight out to there so I’m hoping there's no cables under here
into the joists - I could lift it up now somehow
I think I probably need a hammer or something to pour it up so Casper's getting ready to go out and predictably all my tools are in that covered there which is blocked by everything 
I’ve got a big screwdriver oh it's not that big but as big as there and try and prise it up before I give up and then try harder to find the hammer I now use the wallpaper scraper and the screwdriver in conjunction so two wrong tools oh no it's stuck there 
right so I think the choice is there because it won't move any further than that
i don't want it to fall down so I’m going to try and hold it with the screwdriver here
okay we're through HURRAY look at that so yeah I did hit a nail with the jigsaw 
the other problem I now have is that when I put this back it's just gonna it's just gonna fall straight through
a terrible idea so I have no idea how I’m gonna put this back on and if you saw through floorboards you probably already knew that can you see there's a joist there and that's what this is resting on but I can't lift this up at all it's completely like welded
do you think you want to try some real life minecrafting over here
it's like digging holes and stuff 
I need to pass the wire from under there and put my long arm which comes about here 
if you could put your long arm underneath and grab it then we've at least got the cables to this side 
so let me show you the solution from up here
the internet wires the ethernet cables I’m going to reach under pass them through to my son there they got the other one yeah hey well done really good right then do not drop them because that would be a big pain
so here I’m trying to somehow get that last bit of wood floorboard up but I don't think it's cut I think that's just like some kind of score line there so I’m gonna have to abandon this but that won't stop me from banging that chisel there
oh it's so close I i can't get lower it's got to be dead straight to get through and this isn't dead straight I’m just so close I’m so close but I think I need to remove these carpet grippers 
I just don't want to lose the carpet grippers because that's what's going to hold the carpet in the corner 
I’m now using the biggest wood drill bits that I’ve got and just drilling lots of holes lots of small holes to make one big hole
what a mess 
so I’ve got an exit hole there for the ethernet cables which are currently here
oh here got one of them hey yes yes got it what'd you do 
what have you done
I’ve got the cables to come out the floor at the exact place where we want them
now this is where it becomes a bodge job or do I do it properly the the cables are tangled around the the gas pipe yeah 
so I have a choice now either feed them back down the hole redo it but do it where they have cleared the gas pipe or do I just leave it like this because I’ve sorted or I’ve got enough cable 
oh what would you do would you do it again and do it properly it'll only take a few minutes to to fix it properly but ugh it means undoing absolutely everything you've done so far and then redoing it it's not a good moment
I’m cutting these planks so that I can then screw them underneath the hole where I need the floorboard that I’ve ripped out to sit back in on so it's like a kind of a shoe kind of a base for the floorboard to sit but such is my perfectionism that look I mean I’ve even countersunk the screws there just so that it's all flat this will make no sense to anyone in the future like 50 years from now when they find this
I don't know what they're going to make of it hopefully they'll see this video so this is in place now I’ve got these two boards completely screwed in that should take the weight now I need to get the fighting over minecraft uh I need to get the original floorboard if you can hear me and then I’ll lay it down and hopefully the perfect crime
I’m really pleased with that I should screw this down but I cannot be bothered I just want my dinner 
I couldn't do it I couldn't leave it so I’ve kind of counter sunk another screw if it gets in focus I’ve countersunk another screw onto the loose floorboard but not loose now so that is really solid
it's all nearly back to normal
so the cables are now tidy right in the corner so now it's ready for the carpet to be pushed right back down
so that's it it's all done so I’ve got the cable there that can then the next stage will be to trunk it up the wall through some trunking and then oh man then I’ll have to build a shelf here and run the cables through the wall 
to do that without hitting that switch that electrical switch there 
that would be phase two I’ll put it on this video here but in the meantime this is what youtube thinks you should be watching next thanks for watching me not destroy the floorboards of the house
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face
thanks bye how was that

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How to fit a toilet seat: IKEA TOILET SEAT KULLARNA review & unboxing & instructions

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Monday 18 April 2022

How to fit a toilet seat: IKEA TOILET SEAT KULLARNA review & unboxing & instructions

How do you change a toilet seat in the bathroom? Can I fit an IKEA KULLARNA round toilet seat on a SQUARE toilet bowl? I try just that by replacing an IKEA Kullarna wooden toilet seat for my square B&Q plastic toilet seat. Will a round soft close toilet seat even work on our rectangular bog? Will it take me under 4 hours? As you'll see in the video, I have big problems with removing our old toilet seat... but after that it's plain sailing with step-by-step instructions for fitting an IKEA Kullarna to your toilet.

How to fit a toilet seat: IKEA TOILET SEAT KULLARNA review & unboxing & instructions



four more turns
breathe Neil breathe 
I’ll try
hello welcome back to the channel and welcome back to the vlog and welcome to our bathroom!
this is the dad delivers vlog 
wow it's really echoing here
this is the dad delivers vlog where we try to be happy with what we've already got and I’m sharing my experiences as a dad and today I’m gonna be stumbling through this
it's - oh that’s the bigger one - it's the IKEA Kullarna toilet seat and today I’m gonna I’m gonna attempt the impossible 
I’m going to try and replace a square toilet seat with a round toilet seat 
I’m gonna bend physics
I’m gonna... I’m gonna do the impossible 
I do not know why we bought a square toilet
well I say we it was me I chose this 
I know why
it's because it was cost effective 
it was cheap and then I realised it's cheap for a reason 
nobody wants a square toilet!
it is ridiculous! 
toilets have been round since Victorian times since the industrial revolution 
I thought we would get more toilet for our bucks but this soft close is... is... is... 
well it's a bit no close isn't it?
as you know this is the second worst job that a dad can do in a house
the first worst job obviously is trying to find parking while your child has gone to accident and emergency in hospital 
you know fumbling around for change that's the worst job 
the second worst job is this
changing a toilet seat 
I know there are worse jobs in the home but look at this 
this has gone really not very well
there's a there's a crack here 
this is why men don't put the seat down
because you know you know the wear and tear is eventually going to lead to the day where you've got to change the thing 
you just don't want to do anything to shorten that finite life and... 
and end up like me on my hands and knees in the bathroom fitting a new toilet seat 
and so we have salvation in the form - the round form of the IKEA Kullarna round toilet seat 
this is an unboxing I’m going to open it like a pizza I think 
let's see what's inside ah it is it's like a delicious pizza that you can sit on and it will comfort you
we've got some crucial instructions some protective cloth ah and the toilet seat itself 
there's the crucial bag of bits
now I don't I don't know if this is even going to fit our toilet 
there's a bit of jeopardy in this video because this this video could end very quickly 
now I’m running the camera in real time
now I’m running the camera in real time 
let's take this away I think that's an IKEA product too ding! 
so the first step is to remove this monstrosity from our frankenstein toilet 
oh gotta reach up
oh there's only one way this rust has happened oh and the problem with toilet seat rust is that it stops the nut from turning on the thread 
I’m trying to force it through the toilet seat rust 
oh man
oh this is hard 
now the other problem I’ve got with this situation is that I might have to keep all of the bits because I might have to put this seat back ON
okay this should work 
it won't move
oh got it! 
there we go that's removed but I’ve got to be super careful and then hopefully these will come off?
none of my allen keys fit and I’ve not given the gift to myself of keeping the actual allen key for this actual seat
I... I think I did keep it and then I threw it away
I can feel the last rust coming off the bottom just four more turns
breathe Neil, breathe 
I’ll try.
Got it! Woah! 
you've birthed it 
I’ve got to do the other one now
that's taken 30 minutes 
for the other side I’m going to use a hacksaw to try and get through here to get to the screw
okay that didn't work so now just forcing it out by just bending it as hard as I can without trying to crack the toilet
well cracking the toilet would be a bit of a relief right now
but hey you got it! I did it! 
it's gone!
next I’ll clean it with with this
next goes on the Kullarna toilet seat from IKEA so this makes it my IKEA dad vlog
this is my one of my IKEA dad videos 
I’ve got a whole channel over over here
we get a bag of bits and the first job is to fit these things to the bottom of the seat on the hinges 
just like this you press them down on the silver or chrome hinges there 
next you need to choose your hole and you do that by measuring the gap between the two holes in your toilet bowl - your toilet basin there
mine is 148 millimeters which matches these sections in the instructions
so that's how I know where to put the bolt and then these plastic nuts go onto the bolts
now it's time for the reach around - the filthy toilet reach around - And put these nuts onto the bolts 
it's a bit difficult to reach around and hold the bolt on 
dropped my nuts!
final part we're nearly there we just need this thing to tighten up the bolts so I’ll just twist this around and that will lock the nut on the bolts underneath the toilet bowl
and I think this is it 
I think I’ve managed to sort of do it
it's not quite what I wanted but this is the Kullarna IKEA toilet seat and it sort of works with the square bowl 
It’s coming out but it has a soft close lid for both... both the seats and the lid and this isn't quite what I wanted but it... it's at least it comes out as far as the front edge there 
obviously it's square so it doesn't fit the seat at all but I’ve got a toilet seat that isn't cracked and that might actually work and not crash down in the middle of you know what 
and it's good, it feels solid and oh my goodness check out the chrome fittings there on the on the hinges
we will never see them this colour again! 
that is going to turn into rust over time I’m sure but I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts 
so that's it I hope this helps
it's a very specific problem I’m trying to find a round seat on a square toilet bowl 
if this - if this video has helped you've reached this point I’m trying to get to a thousand subscribers I don't think I’m ever going to do it but if you were to click on my face and hit subscribe that'll be huge help for me and here right here in the corner is what YouTube thinks you want to be watching next
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face
thanks! bye! How was that

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Can you day trip to London with dog? And car, kids and Grandad...

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Sunday 17 April 2022

Can you day trip to London with dog? And car, kids and Grandad...

Hard day trip to London with the dog. The car. Our kids. And Grandad.
It's a little bit difficult when you can't all go into places.
It's a Dad Delivers Vlog! Where I try to share all the mistakes I make, so you don't have to.

Covers visiting and parking in Central London, treating John Lewis Oxford Street like a theme park... cheap and free things to do with the kids in London... spending a lot of money with the family in London and a tiny bit of where not to eat with the family on our day trip.

Can you day trip to London with dog? And car, kids and Grandad...



hello i'm Neil and uh you might recognise the location in the background this is London England, united kingdom and uh i'm i'm stuck here with the dog walking walking casper around cavendish square which is in central London and it's just behind a really giant really giant it's a moderately sized department store called john lewis the family have gone in this is our day trip to london dogs dogs obviously aren't welcome in in stores or anywhere so i'm stuck outside with the lead and the camera so i thought my dad delivers vlog starts right here i've been making some videos about the i was just gonna say the smooth ride but it's a struggle struggle being a dad anywhere in the world but particularly here in the uk maybe this is it maybe this is the day that i start vlogging regularly about some of the little struggles the little issues and how i don't cope with them very well maybe cataloging on video all of the mistakes that i make oh as a family so casper's pulling me pulling me around the square he's not been to london before this is good isn't it it's like some kind of bad disney live action movie isn't it what would be the worst thing that could happen if i were to make a video every day and just catalogue how a year works there's a little time capsule we got into the car uh two weeks ago to do this and uh look i even got i thought that would be the video to start on our unplanned day trip to london by car say hi everyone hello

and it didn't work the turbo blew on the car had to have the engine completely repaired but it's two weeks later and we've done it again and we knew this would be tricky to come to london with a dog and we knew that one of us would have to wait outside everywhere we went whoa pigeons so the biggest shock was well we've obviously not been here for a couple of years because of the whole pandemic thing we just saw the parking prices we've come on a sunday good job we did because i i was braced to spend a lot of money on parking to make a you know special day trip treat london like a theme park look at these prices i've been very familiar of it you know since the age of five but that that hourly rate right there that is that is something special and on top of that i've got to remember to pay the ULEZ and congestion charge we're going to spend good Saddiq Khan money it's it's good to know that out-of-town-ers can uh can help out the poor people of london we're happy to help you know spend some money from the other shires to support the metropolis in its hour of need i've just realised they've put bars on the benches and i thought oh that's nice it's to divide up the benches to mean that more people get to sit on them it's not it's to stop people sleeping on them it's a it's an anti-homeless device okay i just got a call from my long-suffering wife they're going to come out and they're going to relieve me casper so i get to go in and see granddad my son they've both gone missing casper and my long suffering wife have a a very special bond and she told me yesterday that some hairs got caught up in casper's bottom so he was having trouble going to the toilet so she um helped him

she's a doggy doo doo doula

they've all had enough so i'm now going through it all by myself

which isn't quite the christmas trip that i had planned oh well

well that was a complete washout it's not the same by yourself on a family day to london so we're gonna go somewhere else now to find something to eat wow so london south bank is over there just dropped off the family i don't know if i got that on the dash cam there and bizarrely i've managed to find somewhere just around the corner this never happens in london it's only uh it's only a yellow line look so that means i can use it on a sunday which is great so casper and i we're gonna we're gonna go for a walk just you and me again isn't it yeah see if we can get some south bank action i used to work in this building here it's uh it was the tv station for london and uh made a few programmes here over the years it's so strange seeing it all boarded up and now scaffolding to take it apart

oh man i'm beginning to sound like a 50 year old already but oh it's weird seeing it so we're in Pret and i've got the dog hiding under the table we're outside it's not warm and it's a bit busy the queue is about double digits in there so it might be some time before we get some food okay slight problem we need to find a toilet don't we so we're going to try in here

oh here we go here we go here we go so they were great toilets that was really good that worked out well didn't it so now we're going to go back to Pret A Manger - no toilets - see where we can what we can do with the dog whoa and see what we can do with the dog and granddad

you know who'd have thought that having a car granddad two kids and a dog turns out it's slightly stressful so we got some food look at this steak and chips they went with the steak and chips i i went with some too so it's um bankrupted us somewhat but at least we got some steak and chips so that's a win

so now it's the the drive home hour and a half stuck in traffic on a sunday how was it out of ten joe score out of ten

stella what was today do you give it a score out of ten today is score out of ten for today a nine? oh brilliant how's the steak and chips joe 
Ten? Brilliant that's a win here's here's another video i don't know if i'm gonna keep doing this 
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye how was that

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My blinds are protection! Or... How to put up IKEA Hoppvals blind - review

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Saturday 16 April 2022

How to put up IKEA Hoppvals blind - review

How do you put up or take down IKEA Hoppvals blinds?
And why are they currently the biggest security risk in my garden office?
It's been 5 years since the Happy Hut went up! In this video, I share how the office went up and try to improve the safety of my garden pod by moving the Ikea blinds a bit closer to the window so you can't see inside..

My blinds are protection! Or... How to put up IKEA Hoppvals blind - review


hello welcome back to the happy hut and this video is about the happy hut because today I’m going to be putting up this! 
it's the IKEA Hoppvals retractable blind it's like a cellular blind 
I’m not actually putting it up 
I’ve already put them up in the hut - they're fantastic - all I’m doing is just moving them five centimetres closer to the window
never had one lesson! 
in reality I don't think this video is about the IKEA blind but I will show you how they work 
this video might be about the hut itself or even maybe the security that I have for the hut 
I’ve got a problem with the happy hut and it's this 
I’m not sure this footage does it justice 
you can see into the blind - the blinds kind of block out what's inside and just for security it just doesn't feel right that you can see through the cracks at the side 
I’m not sure that moving the blind from here to here a bit closer to the window is going to stop someone who wants to break in 
If someone wants to do badness to the hut, they're going to do it, aren't they?
I’m doing this course - this filmmaking course at ( 
it's the Casey Neistat filmmaking course 
you don't need to focus on your private life to tell a story with depth so as you're searching for this more premeditated idea for our next movie, know that ultimately you should choose a story that's compelling to you 
you're supposed to share something a bit more personal about yourself and I feel a bit awkward about that because this hut is incredibly personal to me 
even though I’ve shared it with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and this is I think this is why I love the place 
you and I get to experience this through videos like this 
there's a difference between sharing the hut publicly and feeling like someone might come here and do something bad to it or break into it 
the first thing I realised was that this hut is literally five years old - almost to the day when this hut was put up in the garden 
I’ve got some shots of it here 
it took a day for a team of men to put up that took six months after we actually saw the thing 
here's our visit to I think it was the grand designs conference or exhibition 
there were huts there, but this one kind of leapt out 
this is a hut that doesn't look right 
the windows just look all wrong 
there's just something about the feng shui - the shape of it 
I don't know what it is 
these huts didn't look good but this hut looked amazing 
and here it is in... in... in real life! 
it's actually a... it's a barbecue hut from Finland and actually if I tilt the camera up I can do this - can you see there's a... there's a chimney at the at the top there 
it's actually designed to do barbecuing in it but I didn't need it for a barbecue 
I just needed a space to do some work when we... when we moved here 
I was thinking I’d love to be on YouTube 
but how could I compete with Californian blondes reviewing Gopros beside their swimming pool dressed in a bikini?
I had this thought I think about two years and then I realized I’ve got a place as I’ve sat in there going “I’ve got nothing to show or share with YouTube” and I was literally sat right there when I was thinking it 
let's get these blinds moved and I’ll get rid of that gap and I’ll show you how it's looking at the moment 
let's go inside
so let the camera adjust 
this is how the hut looks today five years on 
I’ve got an IKEA standing desk that is adjustable look 
you can get the handle out and raise it 
I think I’ve raised it about twice and they were both to make videos 
I haven't really worked much standing up but I like the idea of it 
I’ve got my drill my special drill but... dusty... but let me show you the problem 
it's over here so I am going to move this hook all the way from here to over here and that will fix all of the security issues here in the happy hut
removing the IKEA Hoppvals blind is really easy 
you just push this button here 
it's like a catch and that releases it on this side and you can kind of twist it off 
so if I push the button there it just releases it like that 
oh it's a bit of dust there 
we've also got a few neighbours in here 
that is a huge spider just under that gap there 
wonder if he’ll come out 
I think that's his exoskeleton there
Uggh gotta get rid of this
I think I need just a proper screwdriver
Do you like these running shots? 
gives it a sense of urgency 
right here is my precious toolbox - angelic chord - there is the screwdriver back to the hut
so let's try the screwdriver on this really tough bit of wood 
this is just in as a pilot hole and now I’ve got something to drill into 
all I need to do now is to hook the Hoppvals onto the clips and then just push them up so they click 
there we go job done 
oh that's perfect 
and now I need to do exactly the same but on this side 
we're in a really special week at the moment 
this is the one week of the year where it's the end of the cold winter and it's just the start of the super hot summer so the temperature in here is just right 
I’ve got to do this today 
and now I can clip this one on
It works! it works 
so let's now see how much I can see down the side of these blinds from the outside 
I don't know if I can do this in daylight but I... I can see already whoa...
can't see a thing 
you cannot see a thing 
let's take a look on the other window 
oh that's fantastic 
you can't see my printer gobbling up ink 
I really appreciate you being here for me waffling on about this building 
I’ve had to do this to break the drought
I haven't put a video up on this channel for I think six months now and it feels good to finally get some stuff out of my head and to finally fix those blinds 
and obviously if you want to see what happens next 
there's a subscribe button and here's what YouTube thinks you should be watching next 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers 
just click on his face, thanks bye! 
right this is going to be the proper one right

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How to RETURN something to Amazon for a full refund! UK step by step

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Friday 15 April 2022

How to RETURN something to Amazon for a full refund! UK step by step

Sending an item back to Amazon? How do you do that?
For a refund? I return something to Amazon UK to get my money back - in fact, I send 2 items back and show you how I do this by sharing the step-by-step process along the way.

USE THE LINK HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

How to RETURN something to Amazon for a full refund! UK step by step



hello welcome back to the happy hut! 
you have bought something on Amazon and you've instantly regretted it and you're wondering if you can send it back? 
it's tiny! 

not only that but send it back for free and get a full refund 
me too because look I bought these two items here and they're no good 
I need to get them back 

all you need to do is just tick a few boxes, put the stuff back in the box that it came in, and get yourself over to the post office 

I don't know why I’m being so aggressive! 
...and take a lovely trip to the post office 

you and me are gonna do this together and we're gonna get our money back! 
this is the dad delivers vlog where I try to do something new each and every day and this is new 
because I haven't sent TWO items back at once so we'll see how that goes 
the first thing we want to do is to make sure that you are logged into your Amazon account 
I’m in the UK so this is what my Amazon homepage looks like 

but if you go up to the top of the screen there you can see this menu “returns and orders” 
so we'll click on that and that opens up all of your orders from the past three months 
you can change how long back it goes here 
but the item that I want to send back - well the two items I want to send back - are right here 

they are a vans backpack and a Spigen screen protector 
shall I tell you what was wrong with them? 
no I’ll save that I’ll say that but later on but the first thing you want to do is to find this menu item here “return or replace items” 
so if we click on that and it opens up all of the items that were delivered as part of that delivery and oh my goodness this was quite a haul 
I bought some things for my daughter but I also bought this backpack 
so I’m going to tick on the box for the backpack and then I’m going to click on this menu here 
“why are you returning this?” 

if you click on the menu it... it brings up all of the possible reasons that you're allowed to select so we've got you found a better price... they're missing parts or the package was damaged... or the item is defective 
but I think the one that fits me most is that it's not useful for intended purpose 
we thought from the photo that it would be the size for a schoolboy but it's more like a little handbag unfortunately 

you can put details in this box here but I’m not going to bother doing that so let's go down to the second item that I want to return 
three pack of samsung galaxy s9 screen protectors 
it was so dumb: the listing says samsung galaxy s9 plus screen protector 
I thought that meant an s9 PLUS a screen protector 

I thought it was an additional thing I didn't realize there was an actual phone called the s9 plus 
there's a help article down here for why don't I see all of my items 
you might want to pause but I’m just going to continue now and that brings up a summary 
“how can we make it right” 

so I’m going to choose refund to Amazon account balance on both of them 
and then we're going to tick the box here 
yes please issue my refund to my Amazon account 
lots of different options for sending things back 
the one I found the easiest even though they recommend hermes drop off is to drop it off return it to the royal mail 

and what's great is that they'll sort it all out I’ll show you the process in a moment so I’m going to choose Royal Mail drop off, print in store 
and then we'll click on “confirm your return” 
so here we now have “your return summary” 

Amazon have sent me an email 
here's what the email looks like 
we've accepted your return request 

it takes a while for this email to arrive so don't worry if it doesn't appear instantly but it gives you this QR code on the screen here the idea is that we'll pack up the items and we'll go to the post office and they will zap this QR code and then they'll take it away for you 
you don't have to label it, you don't have to... you don't have to do anything 
it's fantastic 
here if you want to pause, here are the instructions for how to take it to your nearest post office 

so I’ve got an idea:
should we pack up the items go to the post office? 
let's see if this works! 
I’m going to let you know if I get paid in a minute in a moment, that's after I’ve handed it in at the post office let's go in 

“Cashier Number 2 please”
Lovely hi
I’ve got an Amazon return? 
perfect, there we go. Put it on the scales

Lovely send that in.
that's it thank you
it was THAT quick! 

look I’ve got proof of postage let's find out now if I get the money back 
that was at 3:20 
one hour 40 minutes later I get this email from Amazon refund total 4.99 and for the vans backpack I got 28 pounds back so we did it! 

if you hit the subscribe button right now nothing will happen whatsoever but you'll be taking me closer to the 1000 subscribers mark which we're trying to hit so thanks so much if you are kind enough to hit that button or even the thumbs up to help other people find this 
right here is what youtube thinks you should be watching next 
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye how's that?

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PREMIER INN London City Tower Hill vs Farnborough - look inside hotel room

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Thursday 14 April 2022

PREMIER INN London City Tower Hill vs Farnborough - look inside hotel room

Candid traveler video of Premier Inn room comparing London City Tower Hill with Farnborough: what does it look like inside the room? I try to swing the camera round for a 360 hotel room tour, to show the bed, the bathroom the shower (what are the showers like at Premier Inn hotels?)

PREMIER INN London City vs Farnborough - look inside hotel room

0:00 Premier Inn London City Tower Hill: hotel room tour review - family room actual video
1:00 Premier Inn Hotel London City Tower Hill: window view
1:35 Premier Inn family room bed review
2:30 Bathroom review Premier Inn hotel Tower Hill London: how powerful is the shower pressure?
5:55 Room tour of Premier Inn Farnborough, Hampshire UK



hello so welcome to my Premier Inn 
let's turn the lights on - you have to put the card in to make the lights work - but this is what the Premier Inn London city tower hill looks like as you come in 

Sorry, I’ve left my face mask on the on the bed so I thought I’d give you a tour of the room literally as... as I go in so you can see what it looks like 
sorry it's a bit dark but it's nice 
it's nice subdued lighting 
let me step into the light and see if I can turn some more lights on 

there's a light switch by the side of the bed there so not all the bulbs are functioning but that's okay 
it's good because I kind of like the ambience 
let me give you a 360 spin around the room 
I believe this is one of the family rooms 
I think I picked this up for 110 pounds for the night which is I think quite a good deal for something in central London 

I’m in the lower ground floor so it's the -1 floor and uh this is the bottom floor 
I was a bit worried about that but then I thought well actually it's probably a lot quieter down here 
there are two windows that seem to look out into the street 
this is a quick time jump 

this is the morning after and I’ll show you the view from the window 
this is the view from the window obviously you know it's a city budget chain hotel 
you're not here for the view you're here for the for the nice room - the nice warm room for the night - 
but if you are curious about the view situation this is what it's like on this floor 
so let me draw the curtains to make it look all nice it... it feels really clean 
you know sometimes you go into a chain hotel a budget chain hotel and it I don't know there's just um it's like a lip service to cleanliness 

this does actually feel really clean 
the surfaces feel properly clean 
the curtains aren't dusty which is usually something else that you get, and the bed looks confidently clean 
uh there's some give in it 
Shall I throw myself back on it?

yeah I mean this this feels like a firm soft bed so it's not one of those ones that feels really clapped out 
it does actually feel like a really good kind of firmness there 
and then underneath because it's a family room I think there's a pull-out bed here so you have to move the side table 

let me pull this out for you to show you the pull-out bed and I don't know maybe they provide a mattress if you check in with... with a child or family member 
so this is where the magic happens... into the bathroom and it looks really clean and well appointed 
there's a nice lighting here 
a clean sink and hello! 

nice big mirror and again, usually in budget chain hotels you have I don't know sort of mould or bits of sealant missing but this all looks very very well kept
uh very clean sink and a soap dispenser but this is the... the shower has a nice plastic door there
whoa Clank!

sorry next door! 
and yeah it looks really super clean 
there are some kind of bits missing from the fittings but it's very clean 
there's a gel dispenser there and a clean shower head which is all that you want isn't it but another sort of bit missing there 

but you know overall it's really clean and looks well... well maintained there's a little seat if you want to sit down which is nice - and ponder life's thoughts 
so the door goes like that 
crucially let me show you what the shower pressure is like 

I’ve got it completely turned up 
you know it's moderately powerful it's great 
it's not a power shower 
that's powerful enough for a substantial shower which is I guess one of the only things you really need in a budget chain hotel room 
clean towels 
and there was a bath mat which I laid down on the floor there 
very clean toilet as well 
and new looking seat so the seat doesn't look damaged which is which is wonderful and there's the flush 

so that's pretty much the tour of the bathroom 
for the price it's it's really not bad at all and it feels clean that's the most important thing 
let me show you around the... the rest of the room which is obviously - I say the rest of the room - I mean all there is left there's a mirror... armchair...

there's some coffee making facilities 
again sorry it's so dark 

we've got a kettle and what's in here? 
there's a couple of tea bags and some milk and coffee sachets 
a couple of glasses and mugs and then over here is a desk area with a chair 
there's loads of space in this family room so that's a distance of about a meter and a half, two meters between the bed 

let me give you some geography 
there's a bed and the desk area 
I’ve messed it up charging up my phone and laptop 
there's a tv with remote control a hairdryer which as you can see I probably won't need but it's nice to have so we've got all the freeview channels 
look there's a control panel here 

I’ll switch it on 
you've got a heater and air conditioning going on there 
a couple of nice pictures to soften the mood 

this is the hang up area with fixed hangers and then what's great about this because one bugbear I have with the Premier Inn chain is they have these fire doors that go KA-CLONK through the night 
uh there are nice open corridors here so I’m hoping for a quiet night without people coming in late with the clunk donk 
let's have a look in the corridor - I’ll be quiet, I’ll just point the camera out the door.

And if you want to see a comparison between the Premier Inn city hotel with a regular Premier Inn hotel: this is the Premier Inn Farnborough 
we're comparing the city hotel family room with a regular room in the Premier Inn Farnborough 
let me give you a little swing around the room 

so this is what it looks like when you walk in - first walk in - obviously I’ll trash it myself but this is first impressions review of the Premier Inn 
it is really cozy and tidy! 
it seems super clean 
up here in the... the luggage rack and wardrobe area we've got some spare soft pillows 

that's great we didn't get that in the city hotel 
there's a little fan up there I guess for the summer months maybe 
and desk area 
but we get the... the welcome documentation and menus over here 

there's a generous tv screen that's wall mounted rather than on the table nice mirror - hello! 
and there's a couch / spare bed so in the other hotel in the family room that was kind of pull out on casters 
this one is a couch that's already here so I wonder if this is a family room? 
let's take a look out the window before we go to the bed where the magic happens 

so obviously a trademark Premier Inn signature car park view from the window but that's good 
that's what you get with a value chain hotel and this is the bed 
it looks super clean 
super inviting 
with a usb port right next to the bed they know exactly how I roll 

and like a main light switch from the bed that's good and then a little side lamp 
wonderful art and we have got a heating control so this is the heating and air conditioning 
you can set the room temperature there 

the main difference is that obviously all the electricity in the city hotel was by the door and you had to put your key card in to make anything work but let's flip the switch and take a look at the bathroom 
oh my goodness this looks nicer than the city hotel 

so we have - hello again it's me - we've got a nice big mirror 
super clean sink area with our soap dispenser 
and lovely inviting toilet there 

and then this is a marked difference from the London city hotel but we've got a shower with shower curtain and an actual bath! 
oh it's a tub you can have a bath! oh that is super luxury and my goodness is this clean 

I don't know if it's new sorry we've got a fan noise going on here 
but this is lovely 
and I’ll just do a power test so we've got the tap for the bath and we pull the switch! 
that's a nice sprinkle there 

Not a power shower but uh not exactly a trickle either 
that's a lovely inviting shower there 
so my goodness that that would score highly on my imaginary scorecard there with the shower 

if you made it to this point of the video why not hit the thumbs up it'd be lovely to hear from you in the comments below and if you're awesome enough to take me one step closer to a thousand subscribers thanks so much for subscribing and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is gonna be the proper one right?

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