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YOUTUBE EDITOR how to blur out an object in your video after publishing

How do you BLUR a video after you've published it on YouTube?
I walk you through how to do this using the built-in YouTube editor step-by-step in your YouTube Studio dashboard.
Maybe you want to blank out an item or blur a face, and maybe the shot is moving, and you want the blur to track with the motion of the item.
You can do all this in YouTube editor.

YOUTUBE EDITOR how to blur out an object in your video after publishing!


how do you blur something in one of your own YouTube videos after that video has been published to YouTube?
I’m going to show you exactly how to do this because I need to do this right now 
let's have a look at my YouTube studio and I’ll show you the problem 
if you go to the video that you want to blur, so that's this video here for me... 
on the left hand side there are some tabs and we want to go down to editor and that brings up the video editor 
and you can see we've got these options here 
we've got trim, blur, audio and end screen and info cards 
obviously the section that we want is blur so if I click on the plus sign here: “add blur” 
it gives you two options: face blur and a custom blur 
I’ll show you the problem I’ve got
on this shot here the camera moves to the desk and you can see all my papers on the right hand side on that paper is some sensitive details 
it's some sensitive content that I don't really want to be out here on a public video on YouTube 
what I’m going to do is add a custom blur to those papers 
at full screen you can see all the lettering on that letter there 
what I’m going to do is I’m going to go roughly to the place in the video where I want the blur to happen and next I’m going to use the comma button to back up one frame 
if I wanted to move forward one frame you can use the full stop button or the period button to move forward frame by frame 
and to go back I’m going to hit the comma button 
and I’ll just do that as many times so that I can find exactly the very frame I want the blur to start 
I think I’ll start the blur just as soon as the letter becomes legible which I think is about there 
next I’ll go up to the blur section and click “add blur” and then I will choose custom blur and it gives me some options here 
there's the blur shape which is a rectangle or an oval and you can see when you select either of those options on the right hand window - let's move it over so you can see it more clearly 
I’m going to hover the cursor over the blur and then I’m going to click and drag it to take it to a section where you can see it there 
I think I’ll go for “Oval”, it's slightly friendlier 
and you can click on the edges to shrink or expand these axes here 
I’m going to place the oval over the letter and then the second option you have is either “track object” or “fix the blur position” 
I’m going to click the cursor back onto the window and then use the full stop and comma button to move forward 
oh look! it tracks it in real time! 
so I’m going backwards and YouTube is automatically keeping that oval over the letter 
isn't that clever? 
and you can set the in point for this - ah that's amazing isn't it - and you can set the in point on the blue bar here so you can see above the time of the video your video is shown as a... as a timeline 
I want the blur to start here which is where this line is here 
so I’m going to grab this blue section - that's the start of the blur - and I’m going to click on it and hold down my mouse button and drag up to that frame there 
up to where the cursor point is there 
that line 
so if I click outside of the blue area here and press play, you'll see the blur will start when that timeline hits the blue section 
and you can adjust when the blur comes in by dragging that blue section there so just wait for it to get a bit closer 
here let's drag it out a bit more - there we go - and then I’ll move the timeline along one frame at a time hitting the period button or the full stop button 
and that is exactly what I wanted to be hidden 
so that's great - I’ll just keep inching forward by pressing the full stop key 
now it stops there because the picture jumps, so if I go forward one frame, I want the blur to end there - which is where the long thin line is on the timeline here 
you can make this more accurate by going up to this zoom section here you can either zoom in or zoom out 
now I’m zoomed out all the way 
this is a zoom in of the timeline of the video not of the video 
so if I click zoom in you can see this timeline expands, and I can scroll across to move along the timeline here with the scroll bar at the bottom 
so I want to grab the end of the blue section here 
if you hover the cursor over the end of the blue bar you see it changes to two arrows and then I’m going to click and hold on my mouse key and drag this blue bar all the way back to where the cursor is 
and that is where my blur will end 
there it snaps to that frame 
actually I think I want to take it back another frame 
so I hit the comma button, I want it to end there so if I zoom in some more and then go back to the blue bar and drag this blue bar back to here - now unhelpfully it either goes before or after - and you can see in the window whether the blur is on 
so I’m going to drag it to the right one frame and you can see that the blur has appeared so I know that frame is covered 
and now I hit the full stop button to go forward one frame and the blur disappears 
that's exactly where I want the blur to end - there 
that's perfect 
click before the blue blur section and we'll play it through and we'll see how it looks 
what I did, I pressed “F” on my keyboard to make the whole thing full frame and I’ll press the spacebar to play the video 
[AUDIO FROM CLIP:] the standing desk it’s adjustable look you can get the handle out and raise it I think I’ve raised it... 
that's exactly where I want the blur to happen 
what I need to do now is to save this blur so I’ll go up to the right hand side and hit save here 
now it gives you a warning and the warning says this: it might take a few hours for your changes to apply 
that’s if you have something really sensitive that you need to be blurred right now, it's probably best to hit save but go and unlist the video
make the video private so no one can see it, and then when you know that the blur has gone through and has been processed and is definitely on the video, then you can make the video live again 
so I’m going to hit save and you get the this message at the bottom: 
“video is being processed please check back later” 
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