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MOVE your YouTube Channel to BRAND ACCOUNT Step By Step 2021 tutorial

How can you MOVE your YouTube channel?
How do you create a YouTube Brand Account in 2021? 
I'll show you how to move your YouTube channel to a brand account without losing any videos, subscribers or monetization!
It looks like a tricky process, but I move my YouTube channel to become a brand channel by creating a Google brand account - step by step in real time!

MOVE your YouTube Channel to BRAND ACCOUNT Step By Step 2021 tutorial

0:00 How to move your YouTube channel to become a Google brand account.
0:40 How to change your YouTube channel name to not be first name last name. Go into YouTube Studio and choose CUSTOMIZATION tab, BASIC INFO.
1:10 What is a YouTube Brand channel? What are the benefits of a Google brand account or moving my YouTube channel to a brand account? 
2:08 Go to the link to move your YouTube channel to a brand account
3:15 Where can I find all my YouTube channels? How do I create a new second YouTube channel? How do I create a Google brand account?
4:15 How do I move my YouTube channel to a brand account?
5:27 How to back up my YouTube comments:
5:46 What happens when you move your YouTube channel to a brand account? What do you lose? What are the benefits of a brand channel? 
7:07 Does a YouTube brand channel move lose monetization status? No.
7:22 How to find my old YouTube watch and search history after moving to brand account.



How do I change the name of my YouTube channel to not be my first name and last name?
And what exactly is a YouTube brand channel?
I know exactly why you're asking this because I’m moving my YouTube channel too.
This channel the one that you're watching right now, and you can follow along with this in real time with me step by step.

I’m going to get you and me through this as quickly as possible I promise, but this is going to be a long video because I don't want you making the same mistakes that I did along the way!
You and I both know that if we get this wrong we could wreck our YouTube channel so we are going to avoid all of that.
The quick way to change your channel name is to go into YouTube studio.
Scroll down to customization on the left hand side which is a magic wand icon.
That opens up this window and we want to click on the basic info tab which shows channel name and description.

We click on the pen icon to edit the channel name and that opens up this box where you can put your new YouTube channel name.
But what we can do instead is make it into a brand channel which unlocks a load of really great features.
You can have a really long name.

You can add more people to run your channel all with different roles, and who knows I’m thinking I can maybe pass my channel on to my family or anyone else if I needed to if... you know, anything happens to me.
It's a bit grim isn't it!
I think about these things.
So we are moving my YouTube channel from my google account to a brand account.
And my google account is the owner of this brand account - that's how we get all of these features.

The channel stays the same.
Videos and playlists stay the same, and I get to keep my custom URL, even though the YouTube help article says that I would lose it.
You do lose some things from your channel though, and I’ll show you how to get around these losses while we're making the move.
The first place we need to go is 

We want to click on “move channel to a brand account” then we sign in again.
That opens up this page: move your YouTube channel to a different account.
Now at this stage you might have this problem.
I completely freaked out when I saw this.
No subscribers no videos and no playlists! 

I think it's just a protection because down here it says “I can't move my channel until I’ve removed people that I have given permission to manage my channel” so don't forget to remove any permissions if you want to move your channel.
It now shows my subscribers, videos and playlist counts.

Then it says choose an account to move this channel to.
I don't want to use any of these.
These are all old brand accounts I’ve made in the past so I need to create a new channel.
Are you still there?!
I know there are a lot of steps but I promise you, I know you can do this because I’ve done this.
You're watching the channel now.
I didn't delete this channel so I know you've got this.

If we go back to the desktop the next step is to go to my channel list: 
These are my channels and we'll click this button: create a channel.
That opens up this reassuring page: to create a new channel, create a brand account!

This is where we can put our new channel name.
Just to confuse things I’m keeping my channel name the same.
Next we click on “create” and there it is! 
It's giving me a nice pink letter “N” avatar.
This is the brand account and I’m going to move my YouTube channel to here, which will delete this YouTube channel that it automatically created.

Now don't forget: because we have created this new google brand account, we are now logged into this new google brand account, so we need to log out and then log back in again to the original YouTube channel that we want to move.
There's my lovely face.
Then choose settings.
Then on the menu on the left hand side click on advanced settings, then click again on the option to move channel to a brand account.
That brings up all my brand accounts again, except this time it has the brand that we just created.
See that pink letter “N” there?

We can now choose this as the brand account that we want to move my channel to, so I will click on this scary button marked replace...
I know, if you're doing this along with me, this moment is really terrifying because it brings up this warning.
If you move your channel to account Neil Mossey, the currently connected channel will be deleted.
When we created the brand channel, it automatically created an empty YouTube channel, and when we move our channel this one will get deleted.
But it's okay because it has no subscribers, no videos and no playlists.

There is another warning though that we will permanently delete all the comments that I’ve ever made on YouTube, my replies and thumbs up on all videos and comments, and my entire search and watch history.
This is a really big blow to me because I have left thousands of comments on my own channel and this will delete all my pinned comments too.
So, for safety we can go to google takeout and download all my comments as a backup in case I ever need them in the future.

The search and watch history are not deleted despite what this says and I’ll show you where to find those after we've moved the channel.
So... should we do this?
See, the sun's come out at this moment - this is the leap.
I understand and wish to proceed.
And it's asking us if we are sure that we want to do this.
You can pause the video if you want to read the warning but this is now actual footage of me moving this channel to become a brand channel.

Move channel?
Should we do it?
I love you for doing this.
Move channel.

Your YouTube channel has been successfully moved it might take up to 10 minutes.
I’m still recovering.
Here's what happens next.
Sign out and then log back in as your moved YouTube channel and you'll see a few massive changes to your channel.

The first one is this one: your avatar has now gone, not only from your channel page but also from all your comments everywhere.
Here's a clip of me realizing this moment.
Oh no! It's going to remove all my pinned comments! 
Oh no no no no! 

Quick I need to rescue this one! 
Now the good news is it takes a few hours to remove all your comments so I copy and pasted all my pinned comments back onto my own videos before they disappear forever.
It's so much easier doing this now than when those comments are gone and disappeared.

And I’m doing this as my new YouTube channel account, you can see the pink letter “N” there next to the comments.
Does this affect my monetization?
You do not lose your monetization status.

All the revenue and adsense stays the same, because nothing's happened to my actual channel.
All we're changing is how we access the channel.
If we want to see our old search history and watch history all we have to do is click on our avatar on the top right hand corner of YouTube and click on the personal account that we've moved away from.
You can see it says “no channel” because we just moved the channel, so if I need to look anything up from the past I just switch accounts to this empty account and it's all there.

Are you still watching this?
I’m now two months on and I have no regrets whatsoever.
I promise you can do this, and right here is another video about how I run my YouTube channel.
Good luck and thanks for subscribing!

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Friday 11 June 2021

How to format DJI OSMO POCKET memory card | formatting micro SD card in the camera

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 How do you format an SD CARD in a DJI Osmo Pocket camera? 
I format my memory card or storage card in my DJI Osmo Pocket camera in real time so you can follow along.

How to format DJI OSMO POCKET memory card | formatting micro SD card in the camera

0:00 How to format DJI OSMO POCKET memory card | formatting micro SD card in the camera
0:24 How to put micro SD card into a DJI Osmo Pocket
1:10 How to format micro SD card in DJI Osmo Pocket



Now this is really tricky I find... whoa! 
How do I format my micro SD card in my DJI Osmo Pocket camera? 
I need to actually do this right now, so I thought I might as well do it on camera so you can follow along with me.
Hello I'm Neil and I'm really sorry for the noise in the background but we are in the middle of a storm while I'm recording this! 
So if I don't reach the end please send for help! 
Now obviously the first thing we need to do is to put the micro SD card in the right way round.
There's the slot on the side and I think the label needs to point down so the pins are facing towards you if you've got the screen facing towards you.
Just push it in and push it in with my fingernail.
Now this is really tricky I find... whoa! 
As if to demonstrate! 
I find this really difficult.
So what I like to do is to use a biro pen top to push down, well it gives me a bit of purchase on the micro SD card.
There you go and it's really easy to use a biro lid to spring it out again.
You push it in and it springs up, and push it in again and it springs down.
Let's put it on selfie.
I guess I can talk to you from up here, hello, so the first thing we need to do is to go into the settings menu and you drag down from the top to get the cog then press on the cog and that brings up this menu.
Then you need to swipe across and see it says storage there.
We're going to press on storage and it's telling me that I have 64GB left and it's giving me the option to format.
I use a sandisk ultra 128GB micro SD card.
There's a link in the description if you want to use the same card as me, but here's the moment of truth.
Dare we do it?
Let's press the format button.
Now it's asking do I want to format the SD card?
Now obviously when we hit format it's going to wipe everything, so make sure you've backed up your photos and videos.
We're going to click ok.
That was quick wasn't it? 
Format success, so I hit ok, and you can see now I have 118 gigabytes.
That still doesn't seem like everything that's on the card! 
If I switch the camera, hello let's do a test recording.
Hello this is a test to see if the Osmo Pocket did actually wipe the card and is able to record again after the format.
Is this working for you and your Osmo Pocket?
Please leave a comment below - say hi let me know if this works, and right here is what youtube thinks you should be watching next!

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Easy way to get your own YOUTUBE CUSTOM URL! Even if it's not your channel name! 2021

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Friday 4 June 2021

Easy way to get your own YOUTUBE CUSTOM URL! Even if it's not your channel name! 2021

How do you create a custom URL for your YouTube channel? 
How do you get your channel name into your personalized YouTube channel address? 
Can you get a customized URL for a name that isn't your YouTube channel name? 
And how do you change your YouTube channel URL?

That is a lot of questions, so I hope this video is the single answer! I change the custom URL on my own YouTube channel as a step by step tutorial so you can follow along.
I also show you a hack where instead of accepting the URL which YouTube automatically offers you, you can create (nearly) any YouTube custom URL you would like!

Easy way to get your own YOUTUBE CUSTOM URL! Even if it's not your channel name! 2021

0:00 How to get a YouTube custom URL: an easy to remember address name for your YouTube channel
1:57 YouTube channel Custom URL Step by step tutorial
3:00 How to get (nearly) any YouTube channel custom URL name even if it is not the name of your YouTube channel



How do you get your very own YouTube custom URL?
I’m going to get one for my YouTube channel here... here it is right here.
This is my Tightwad Dad vlog channel.
Can you see down here, I have romped over 100 subscribers.
If you have over 100 subscribers you can do this too, right now.

Now just to recap, I’m sure you already know this, your YouTube channel has a permanent URL address that looks a bit like this one.
But obviously it's much easier for me to say you can visit my channel at

Hello my name is Neil by the way, I’ll introduce myself properly in a minute, but I can put that custom YouTube address into my descriptions for the subscription link...
I could write it on a business card and hand it out at swanky parties.
I don't know what a swanky party is.
I’ve not been out for a year.

Basically I can use it to impress the people that I want to impress.
A custom URL is a flex... it's bragging rights... it's putting your name onto your YouTube channel.
It's stopping you feeling like you look like this...
to your channel being more in life looking like this!
I'm not sure that metaphor works but... but thanks for your help Casper!
Yeah I don't think he's going to stop.

So this... THAT is so going to get me demonetized.
I have this channel... this channel here that I want a custom URL for.
It's my Tightwad Dad vlog and that channel is doing so much better than this channel that you're watching right now! 
Hello by the way my name is Neil Mossey. 

I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you - high five - to get more videos out here onto YouTube to make the world happier.
Here's some actual footage of me at work.
No... that that really is the right clip.
But let's you and me right now make a custom URL and I’m going to go into 
This is the place where you upload your videos.

If we open up the menu on the left hand side, I’m going to go down to customization 
This is how we can change the look of our channel.
You can see there are three tabs along the top here: layout, branding, we want to click on basic info. 
And right here third option down, “channel URL” 

But stick around because I’m going to show you some hacks so that you can get exactly the custom URL that you want for your channel.
So if we click on “set a custom URL” it gives me two options.
The first option is because that's the name of the channel.

It basically offers you only the name of your channel.
There's a second option - if I click the checkbox here - where you can add letters or numbers to the end of the address.
But what you can't do is change this word after 
But what if you wanted a URL that's a bit easier to remember?
A bit punchier?

Especially if your channel name is a bit long, or maybe you want a custom URL which is completely different from your channel name.
It's really easy to do this, there is a workaround.
So I’m going to change the name of my YouTube channel to “dad delivers” and I’m gonna hit publish, so if I go to the channel now and hit refresh...

Already that looks so much more positive.
What do you think?
Let me know in the comments below, but for the custom URL if I hit “set a custom URL for your channel” you can see I’m now offered “dad delivers”.

So if you want a different custom URL, change the channel name to the URL that you want, and then we'll hit publish and then I’ll hit confirm.
And now anything I change my channel name to is fine because I will still have 
Let's check now that this actually works, so what we'll type in is and it's taken me there! 
You can see it looks really tidy at the top: and now I can change my YouTube channel name to anything else.

I think you can only change it a maximum of three times every 90 days, but this is looking pretty good.
Let me know in the comments below if you managed to change your own custom YouTube URL and right here is something else that I do with my YouTube channel! 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face, thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right?

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