Sunday 29 November 2020

How much I earn from 13 AD BREAKS in ONE YouTube video - My YouTube paycheck

I put 13 AD BREAKS into one of my YouTube videos - here's what happens next and how much money I earn!
I added many mid-roll commercial breaks into the videos on my YouTube channel to experiment with how much money Google Adsense pays me for them.

There are some surprising results with the revenue I make, so keep watching after the first couple of YouTube videos...!

How much I earn from 13 AD BREAKS in ONE YouTube video! My YouTube paycheck!

0:00 How much I earn from 13 AD BREAKS in ONE YouTube video!
1:19 Tour of my YouTube Studio dashboard.
1:30 How much YouTube pays me this month: my YouTube paycheck.
1:43 What happens when I add 13 mid roll ad breaks into my YouTube video: All my YouTube revenue details explained.
4:07 What is YouTube Watch Time and Average View Duration?
4:30 How much money I make from YouTube for my Bus Blind video.
6:00 How much money YouTube pays me for my UK online postage video.
8:30 Why does Average View Duration go up with MORE ad breaks? Does Skip Ads have an effect?


Just over one month ago I made this video! 
I'm trying out an experiment where I add 13 ad breaks to one YouTube video.
There's a link to that video in the description, if you click on the "i" it should be on screen now, but don't watch that video because this is the update!


This is one month later.
What happened to the video where I added 13 ad breaks to one video?
You can skip ahead if you like but here is me adding 13 ad breaks to one video.
"Ad break!" 
"Ad break!" 
"...fits pure..." 
"Ad break!" 

Oh so we are now one month on, and oh my goodness it's now mid November.
That happened sort of around the end of the first week of October.
You're gonna see everything: I'm going to go into the analytics, you're going to see how much revenue I get now... how much I got then... 
It's a good way for you to see my analytics and all my revenue statistics and google adsense money.

Hello, by the way, my name is Neil Mossey. 
I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you - there goes the sound effect - to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube. 

Because we need it.
There's some horrible horrible stuff on YouTube, we really need your videos, so I do these experiments to show what it's like to be a beginner.
I'm not yet proven. 
This is how my analytics looks because I'm monetized. 

I've got over 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, and if you're aiming to get that I hope this video helps.
I'll try and show you some statistics along the way.
You can see I'm getting 232 dollars this month, but we're going to go into the individual videos and I'll go into my Vaillant boiler video.
The video is of me reading the instruction manual for a central heating boiler.
I think in other countries you call it a furnace? 

Oh it's a very dull video and I don't expect anyone to watch it so I'm hoping that 13 ad breaks will mean that there is some extra revenue along the way.
You can see the graph violently veers upwards.
That's not because of my experiment.
That is because it's getting cold and people are looking up videos on how to set their boiler, so I'm a little bit disappointed that the graph is going up quite steadily.
Look that's me impersonating the the graph in arm form.

And it's estimating a revenue for the last month up until today of 22 dollars, and this is another reason why this is a terrible experiment: it's getting colder so more people are going to be watching anyway, but let's compare this 28 days with October.
Right so in October I got 24 dollars, which is two days extra, so it hasn't really had any effect whatsoever on my revenue.
Oh my goodness.
If I compare it with September, you can see this upswing from 47 views to 225 views.

That is literally when it got cold here in the UK, so it meant that the revenue used to be around sort of around the 20 cents per day mark and then when it got cold it's up to the one dollar a day level, so that's September.
I actually added the ad breaks on the 5th of October.

If I go to the 90 days view, I added the ad breaks here.
This was the day, so I got 58 cents that day and then for two days the revenue went down! 
I think this might be more to do with the weather in this country than me adding 13 ad breaks.
I just don't think it actually had that much effect, looking at these peaks, because it's still really bumping around somewhere between the 65 cents and 1.22 level.
So if you were expecting my revenue to just explode, it really didn't.

I think the result of this particular experiment is "inconclusive".
I'll add a inclusive graphic - a really tasteful inconclusive graphic on my face there.
Or maybe on my forehead: inconclusive.
I'm not disappointed, I'm just surprised.
I thought the revenue would go up.

Let's look at the watch time: the average view duration for this video was three minutes and four seconds in October.
It goes down a bit and let's take a look at the last 28 days. 
It's... it's still at 3:04 so if this helps: adding a load of ad breaks to my one video hasn't damaged the average view duration at all.
But all is not lost because I added more ad breaks to more videos let's take a look.

This is me adding ad breaks to my bus blind video.
This is a video that I really do not and should not have on my channel, where I build a nice picture frame for my bus destination blind.

And these are the analytics so since I publised my bus blind video I've earned $1.99 and if I click on the revenue... the revenue is growing steadily but again there's no big change after the 5th of October, which is right in the middle of that upward slope.
Let's take a look at the last 28 days and compare that with October.
So for the last 28 days I've earned 43 cents, let's compare that with September where I earned 50 cents! 

In October this video earned me 38 cents so the revenue went down quite a lot.
Well, 10 cents but proportionately it feels like a lot.
I added the extra ad breaks on the 5th of October which is here and to me it looks like I was earning more money... that's my chair, sorry.

It looks like I was earning more money before the fifth of October than afterwards! 
We can move on, going from one ad break to six ad breaks the result is inconclusive.
Or it's... it's conclusive and the revenue didn't go up at all.
Don't worry I've got another experiment.
This chair - it's honestly - it's the chair, it's not me.

This next video is me explaining to a UK audience how to buy postage online.
My biggest fear with this video is that I don't earn that much money anyway because it's for a UK specific audience and we get a much lower rpm which is revenue per mille... or revenue per thousand views.
Now I think that graph is going up just a tiny bit more steeply.
Let's go to the last 90 days.
That looks like the revenue has gone up.

If I put my marker on the fifth of October, that's when I added five ad breaks where there was only one ad break and I think the revenue there looks like it has really very much gone up.
It's kind of covering an area that looks like double the value.
If I put the marker on the fifth of October...
How weird is that! 

That the day that I added a load of ad breaks it got $1.87!
That couldn't have been from me clicking on it could it?
Which I don't do, and you... bad things will happen from YouTube if you try to click on your own videos.
That's weird isn't it?
Isn't that an uncanny coincidence that the day I added five extra ad breaks it did a crazy amount of revenue that day.

It looks like the peaks are higher after I added the extra ad breaks.
Leave a comment down below tell me what you think.
So let's compare the figures for September.
My revenue was $8.51 and then in October... $15.84 so I doubled... I doubled my money!

Now the views only went up by 500 from 1.2 to 1.7k, but the revenue went up from $8.51 to $15.84.
This is conclusive! 
I'm calling this.
The revenue definitely has doubled by adding five mid-roll ad breaks to this video.
It's definitely had a positive impact and if I look at November we're only halfway through the month.
16 dollars, and that's 28 days rather than a 30-day calendar month.

I'm definitely getting much more revenue now with five ad breaks than with one ad breaks.
I'm quite happy about that.
Let's see the effect on my watch time because if the watch time drops it might mean that that YouTube offers it to fewer people.

My average view duration is three minutes 27 seconds in October.
When I added the ad breaks it goes up a little: 3:34 - up three percent there.
For the last 28 days the average view duration is 3:38, so my average view duration has gone up.
Even though I've added five ad breaks my view duration has gone up. 

I think that bizarrely having an ad break means that a viewer has to actively click "skip ads" and I think psychologically that might not be a negative thing.
I'm wondering what if psychologically people watch longer because they are actively skipping ads? 
It's like an affirmation that "yes I want to watch this video". 
If you want to know how to actually physically add the ad breaks that video is here: where I add the 13 ad breaks.

It walks you through the entire process and if you want to follow and track some of my other YouTube experiments please hit the subscribe button.
I'm trying to get to 10000 subscribers so thanks for taking me closer, and down here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.

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HOW I ADD SUBTITLES my YouTube videos 2021 NEW easy fast CC closed captions | And another language

All about me, and getting these by email.

Sunday 8 November 2020

HOW I ADD SUBTITLES my YouTube videos 2021 NEW easy fast CC closed captions | And another language

How to add subtitles or closed captions to YouTube video tutorial change or edit CC and translate YouTube video into another language automatically

How to get a transcript of my YouTube video?

Here is how I subtitle my YouTube videos in 2020 & 2021 with the NEW subtitles tab in YouTube Studio
Basically, I use YouTube's auto-generate CC closed captions to get a transcript, then I tweak that transcript to correct it.
Then it's simple to paste that into the "auto-sync" window in the subtitles tab.

If you're looking to add subtitles on screen - burnt in to the video, this isn't the right video for you: BUT you can use my method to get the TRANSCRIPT you'll need for those captions so hope this still helps!

HOW I ADD SUBTITLES my YouTube videos 2021, NEW easy fast CC closed captions! And another language!

Why make my own subtitles?
- Correct my auto-generated captions, spell my name right, remove wrong words etc.
- Helping people around the world to watch my YouTube video in different languages (via auto-translate)
- Getting a cool "Subtitles" or CC icon next to my video! 
- Plus, you know, helping people with poor hearing or people unfamiliar with my English accent.

BONUS - Also showing you HOW TO ADD SUBTITLES IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE to your YouTube video. You can use your transcript and the built-in auto-translate to run language subtitles or closed captions alongside your English video (or whatever the primary language)
CHECK IT OUT - CLICK THE COG or 3 dots on the video to see the other languages I have added to THIS VIDEO!

0:00 HOW I ADD SUBTITLES my YouTube videos 2020 2021, NEW easy fast CC closed captions! AND add another language subtitles to your English video!
0:50 How to change auto published subtitles and CC captions 2020 and 2021
1:05 How to open a transcript of the words used in my YouTube video (how to download, extract or save YouTube video subtitles and captions)
1:26 How to type in my subtitles for my YouTube video, closed captioning, CC captions
1:40 How to transcribe and my YouTube video for subtitles/CC captions and use the transcript to release as a book! PUBLISHED HERE (Paid Link)
2:30 How to edit my YouTube video subtitles or CC Closed captions
3:10 How to copy a transcript of my YouTube video into a Pages for Mac or Word document 
4:00 How to format my YouTube video subtitles or Closed Captions CC.
5:30 How to publish subtitles for my YouTube video CC captions
5:50 How to unpublish or remove YouTube subtitles and CC captions
7:05 How to add another language to my YouTube video subtitles.
7:40 How to translate my YouTube video into another language.
8:30 How to add title and description to my YouTube video in another language using

Go into your YouTube Studio dashboard, 
and in your video, click on the subtitles tab on the left hand side.
Then click on the words "DUPLICATE AND EDIT"

Which brings up a window with the transcript all in one block.  
If there are timecodes, and it's broken up, just click "EDIT AS TEXT" and this flips to the transcript in one block in the window.

If there's nothing there, its a YouTube glitch that happens from time to time, I just upload the video again and that usually triggers the subtitles which I paste over to the first video.



How do I manually add change or edit subtitles to my YouTube videos?
I’m adding closed captions to my YouTube video! 
I’m going to show you everything, step by step how we do this with the new YouTube subtitles tab for 2021.

We're gonna get through this as quickly as possible, I promise, and I’ve got time codes in the description if you want to jump ahead or re-watch any section at any time.

Hello I’m Neil Mossey, welcome back to the happy hut and as a bonus I’m going to be experimenting with adding another foreign language subtitles to this video.

If you click on the cog at the bottom of this screen or at the top right hand corner - the three dots there - you'll see how many other languages I’ve subtitled this video into, so we're gonna have a play around with that.

That's at the end of the video, but first let's dive in and get started.
This is the video that I want to subtitle or add captions to.

I haven't subtitled it yet, so obviously we will go to the bar on the left hand side and click on subtitles tab and this page opens up.
There's already one set of subtitles here and there should be a set of subtitles for your video too.
It's the automatic transcription.

There's a set of subtitles that have been auto-generated by YouTube.
We are going to use that auto-generated transcript to make our own manual subtitles so if I click on duplicate and edit - these are the subtitles.

This is the transcript that YouTube has made.
And that's fantastic because we can use this transcript for anything.
Just rip the text from the YouTube video.
I have even used my YouTube transcripts to publish a book! 

This is a chat with my dad who's a London taxi driver.
We're just talking about how hard it was to become a London taxi driver in the 1960s.

I used this system to just completely lift a transcript for free and I published it as a... as an ebook, so these transcripts are incredibly useful.

And YouTube have very kindly provided a base for my manual subtitles.
I’m not going to have to do very much typing at all which is great.

To show you how it works if I click on “assign timings” you can see that YouTube has already assigned these sentences and these words to these time codes.
So if I hit play on the video...

[AUDIO] “what happens if you put 12 ad breaks into one YouTube video and how do you even put a mid-roll ad break into a YouTube video?”
So we can see that the... the timings and the captions, they move with the video.

YouTube automatically does all of this for you.
If I wanted to change the subtitles that I hear I can do that right now.

I can just change this word to, I don't know, RAM in capitals.
You can see that the effect is instant.
I can even change that incorrect “i” to a capital “I” and it changes it instantly.

Now if I wanted to I could hit publish up here on the top right hand corner and those changes would be made.
I’m going to do a slightly bigger cleanup of these subtitles.
If I click on edit as text it flips you back to the transcript of the video.

This is pretty much everything that's said in the video.
I’m going to double click on it to highlight it and hit command c or control c - if you're on a pc - or you can right click and go for copy.

There's a really easy way to clean up this transcript.
If I right click and paste we now have the entire transcript in this word processing document.

We can correct any words that the YouTube auto-generated subtitles haven't quite got right.
And I can do this manually.
I click on edit find and replace.

I can replace every lowercase “i” - so I’ll put “find” space lowercase “i” space.
You can see them highlighted on the document.

And I want to replace that with a capital I so I’ll put a space capital I space.
If I didn't put the spaces in, it would just replace all little “i’s” with big I’s.

We don't want that.
We want the ones that are standing alone.
See it's highlighting the little “i”
I’ll hit replace and find let's change it to a big “I” - so I’ll hit replace all.

So now all the I’s are correct.
I make other changes as well.
These are just stylistic things because I need it for the transcripts that I’m going to use on my blog or my book.

If I hit tab...
That’s a bit grand isn't it! 
I haven't got a book planned! 
So I’ll change YouTube to the correct capitalization.

We can do a replace all on that.
And then the next thing I’ll do is to change the formatting, so I... I want to break things up into sentences.
You don't need to do this.

I only do it because it makes it a lot easier to put on my blog, so I’ll speed this bit up.
And there it is! 

Our completed transcript.
Now again you really don't have to do this.
I’m doing this to show you that if you wanted to format your subtitles, you can do it And then we'll copy it.

So copy and then I’m going to go back to my video on the YouTube studio dashboard.
It's here waiting for me.
I’m going to select all.

I’m going to delete these subtitles, and I’m going to paste my transcript into here so you can see this is my formatted transcript.
This is the crazy thing: if I hit assign timings it has assigned them absolutely correctly.
So if I click play here.

[AUDIO] “ making people not come to see my show. Mel Brooks you're a genius! So I’m going to hit continue here...”
And it seems to have accepted it.
It used to be that you had to wait five or ten minutes for YouTube to assign the timings.

I don't know what kind of crazy magic they did but for 2021 YouTube can automatically time out your transcript to your video.
It's amazing!

All I’ll do now is go to the top right hand corner, hit publish and it's published.
So you see that there are now two sets of subtitles.
We have the auto transcribe - the auto generated - YouTube subtitles, and we have my English subtitles.

Because the automatic ones have things that are wrong in them, I don't really want these incorrect subtitles there, so I’ll hit delete captions.
So now my captions are the only captions available.
And if I go to this video on YouTube, I’ll click on view on YouTube - here's the video.

[AUDIO] “Do you know what happens if you put 12 ad breaks into one YouTube video and how do you even put a mid-roll ad break?”
It's formatted as I want to format it.

My name is spelled correctly, so that is a win.
If I go back to the-- the transcript, you can change this at any time.
If I click on edit - you know that bit where I capitalize the ram - so I can change that back to normal and it changes it.

If I hit publish, those changes are now live on my closed captions for this video.
Stick around because I want to show you something really cool next.

But if you do have a moment to hit thumbs up or hit the subscribe button.
I’ve got loads more videos like this coming up so thank you for taking me closer to 10000 subscribers.

But we're gonna explore this button here.
Add language.

Now I had a question on my last subtitles video which was that she had made a video in English, but wanted to provide Khmer subtitles for her English video.
This new system makes it very easy to do this.
I think if I click on German and I come over here and hit add... 

I don't fully understand why I would add German subtitles manually because if you hit the cog at the bottom of a YouTube video, you can get YouTube to auto translate the subtitles anyway.
But I guess the advantage with this is that I have created a really clean grammatically correct transcript and subtitles and closed captions in English.

I’m wondering if this means that it would translate more clearly as well, but if I hit auto translate in German it has completely instantly translated my YouTube subtitles.
Great thing with this is if I hit publish, I now have German subtitles.
Albeit auto translated of my transcript.
Does that mean that this video will be bumped up the algorithm on German YouTube?

This could be really exciting if you get some kind of benefit or advantage from having subtitles in a foreign language.
Is that a good thing?

Would it mean that more people get to see your... your video.
You could even go further by adding a German title and description to your video.
And just for the fun of it - just for the experiments - I went to and I put my title in.

So if I put this on the English side and we'll change the translation to German - so if I choose German...
My schoolboy German seems to think that this is okay, so if I hit copy and put that into my title and I can even do the same with the description.

So if you have any insight to this I would love to hear from you, but this could be really exciting!
Or it could be yet another way that I wreck my YouTube channel! 
Who knows?

I hope this helps you to navigate the new subtitles tab.
I’ve got loads more YouTube walkthroughs and follow-alongs - so please hit subscribe if you want to come along with me on that journey.
And here right now is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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I deleted 145 videos from my YouTube channel | HOW TO NICHE DOWN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL?

All about me, and getting these by email.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

I deleted 145 videos from my YouTube channel | HOW TO NICHE DOWN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL?

Should I niche down my YouTube Channel?
Will it harm my YouTube channel to delete my YouTube videos?
Should I unlist, remove or delete my videos from YouTube search results?
What happens when you unlist a YouTube video?

How to unlist a YouTube video 2021!
I wanted to niche or pivot my YouTube channel, but I don't know whether to unlist, unpublish, remove or delete my videos... so I unlist 151 videos in real time to see what happens!  This is PART 1 of the video, PART 2 coming soon when I see the results!

I deleted 145 videos from my YouTube channel | HOW TO NICHE DOWN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL?


What if I delete 100 channels?
What if I delete 100 videos from my YouTube channel?
Will it help my YouTube channel grow, or will it help DESTROY my YouTube channel?
I’m terrified.


My YouTube channel is beautiful and it's broken and I’m gonna fix it right now in real time in front of you.
I’m going to delete remove or unlist 100 videos.
I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to do it.
We're going to find out if this is the way to niche your YouTube channel.

Hello I’m Neil Mossey: I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and onto YouTube to make the world happier.
If you've ever wondered what is it like to have to niche your channel, this is gonna either be the way to do it or the way to very much not do this...
and it started off with this video here.

I made one video, and that one YouTube video got 200000 views.
But it was on completely the wrong channel.
It wasn't on this channel, it was on another channel.
One that I didn't want to grow.

So then I went out and I made lots and lots of YouTube videos.
How To's, reviews, clips from old VHS tapes, vlogs, unboxings, reaction videos, travel videos... I made them all, and guess what?
I got monetized! 
It wasn't much, I was only earning one or two pounds a day but actual YouTube cash was coming in to me.
Into me?
That's not... that's not right.

But actual hard cash was coming from YouTube to me and I loved it.
I went out and I made more videos.
How To's, reviews, clips from old VHS tapes, vlogs, unboxings, reaction videos, travel videos...
I made even more, and do you know what happened to me?
Yep I got demonetised.

Along with absolutely everybody else who didn't have 1000 subscribers.
YouTube took it away from me.
Google Adsense?
No. You don't get any Google Adsense, because you don't have 1000 subscribers.
I got kicked out by YouTube.

My videos are still out there but no money was coming into me, so do you know what I did?
I went out and I made more videos.
How To's, reviews, clips from old VHS tapes, vlogs, unboxings, reaction videos, travel videos...
Then I got monetized! 
I got the 1000 subscribers! 
I got 4000 hours of watch time in one year.
It was March 2020 right here on this channel.

I’ve made a whole video about it, it's on screen now and in the description but I did it I got monetized.
And then I got 2000 subscribers and that only took me six months.
I have got a really, really, big problem with my channel it cannot grow.
It can only just sort of climb up in the way that it is - which I’m very happy for - I’m very grateful for, but I know that my channel is a complete mess.

I’ve got videos like How To fix a Dyson battery or How To fix a toilet seat, and these videos do really well on search.
Thousands and thousands of viewers are coming in and watching these videos.
But I don't care about any of them.

I only did it to get the subscribers and the views and the watch time.
I want to make videos like “How To launch a brand new second YouTube channel”...
“How I structure and write story” or “how I take the text from my YouTube videos to publish ebooks”.
These are the videos that I actually want to make and I absolutely know that they will not get as many views as my other videos.

It's all sort of interconnected: when a viewer comes in for one video they might just might be more likely to watch another video and I’ve got a funny feeling that's gonna tell the YouTube algorithm that my videos are okay.
Let me show you my ranking here on 

Social blade reckons that I have 317 uploads so that's 317 videos which are public.
I’m going to reduce that number to 216 videos.
I don't know if I should be doing this.
Last month I got 32000 unique views.

The average views per viewer is 1.2 - so that 1.2 is the figure that I absolutely must increase, and the way I’m going to do it is by removing an obscene number of my videos.
These are my YouTube analytics and I know that if you have under 1 000 subscribers you're looking at this right now going: “what are you doing?!” 
“Why aren't you happy that you're getting 251 dollars every month?!”
These are my top videos.
This is the part of the analytics I want to look at because I don't want garden tools videos to be in my top 10. 

Now I can go into YouTube studio onto the videos tab and start unlisting 100 videos and if you take your cursor over to “date” and click on “date” it turns that arrow upside down and it now lists my videos from the dawn of time.
But here's the first public one: “Where baby powder goes”.
I love this video.

It's a video of... of my son doing something incredibly wrong and bad with baby powder to his little sister, and I don't care if that does damage to my channel because I’m really proud of it as a part of my channel's history.
This however, probably not so proud of - it's just a shot of Waterloo station.
I think when you start a YouTube channel - when I started a YouTube channel - I would point the camera away from me and I just film bits these bits are still on my channel.

I don't want it to be seen by anyone because those eight views are not going to lead to more views on my channel so this video's got to go.
Click on the visibility sign and we just make that “unlisted”.
That is video number one this is where the music and the montage happens!

This is actually the... my... my history on here, filming things happening in my life.
These three videos are difficult for me because I was trying to explain how a pavement was dangerous.
I uh-- I injured my mum on this kerbside that wasn't put in correctly.
Do I need that on my channel anymore?
I don't know.

This is probably the first video where I filmed myself speaking passionately about a topic and I think it was after this video that I decided that I don't want to make evidence-gathering videos ever again.
I want to make videos that help people bring good things into the world instead of finger-pointing at things that are really wrong.
I don't think I’ve explained that very well.
Pointing the finger at other people probably wasn't going to make me happy.
This was the video that made me decide I want to I want to help other people make good videos.

I’ll keep them public
This is really really difficult for me.
I’m unlisting all of these videos and these videos are - it sounds schmaltzy - but these videos are a part of me.

These videos helped me get to the 1000 subscribers I needed to become monetized.
It is going to lead to a permanent change because I’m going to set up other channels to keep these public but it will completely destroy their Google juice and remove all the comments and I’m going to have to delete them from here so it doesn't look like I’m duplicating videos on my new channels.
This is an experimental unboxing I tried where I unbox a Chinese takeaway from the supermarket. 

That will be number 30.
I love this video.
This is a this is a crow destroying a car windscreen wiper in London.
I sent it into “You've Been Framed”.
They didn't want it so that didn't earn me any money.

He jumps up onto the roof... and there you go...
It's time to unlist it
So this was again another experiment.
This is a montage of... of my mum's clothes before we before we threw them away.
She's uh is no longer with us.
I thought it would be uh a fun experiment to uh make a video of the clothes before we let go of them.

I think I’m upset because I’m actually quite happy to take this off my channel.
I don't have to take it off.
I’d quite like my kids to see that in 20 years time by accident if they're surfing through my videos.
Hello kids! 
That's nanny's clothes! 
So I’ll keep... I’ll keep it on.

It's only one video.
It can't do that much damage, can it?
This video here is my number six video.
Number six in my top ten.

In the last month it's brought in three dollars, so if I just unlist it my revenue of 250 dollars is going to go down by three or four dollars.
How do I feel about that?
That's two percent, so my revenue is going to drop.
It's definitely gonna drop even though it's only three dollars that I’m going to be missing out on.

If I have a hundred of those videos that's quite a lot of revenue that it will drop by.
I’m going to see the experiment through.
I’m hoping it will send a signal to the YouTube algorithm that my videos are more joined up.
I did it! 
I’ve unlisted 100 videos! 

I think I’m gonna keep going... I’m gonna keep going.
I've got five videos here that are very dear to my heart.
It's me talking to my dad about how he became a taxi driver in London, so he's a London cabbie.
He just retired and I asked him all about what it was like in the 1960s and how you even become a taxi driver.

That obviously has nothing to do with my core mission to help you develop ideas and make YouTube videos, but for me I think it's a really good example of How To go out into the world and find things to shoot.
So I’m going to keep this.
This sparks joy for me and taxi drivers now and again find it and send a nice message.

I used this to produce an e-book and I’ve made a video all about that in the description below, so I want it on my channel as an example for How To turn a YouTube video into your own book.
I think I’ve got a copy of it here.
Yeah I used the transcript of these five videos to turn into an ebook and... and then a paperback book.
This is just a transcript of everything that appears in the video.
That's why I’m going to keep these five videos on my channel.

I... I like these ones.
Here's another train video.
There's something really interesting here.
This has sown the... the seeds of doubt for exactly one year now.

All it is it's just a video of two trains pulling into a station.
Two Overground trains, but look down here in the comments... and I know why they left that.
YouTube offered this video, of course you're gonna leave a question mark!
That comment right there is proof that what I’m doing is the right thing.

I can now move this video to my trains and buses channel and it won't get a comment from someone leaving a question mark because it will be served to someone who wants to see videos of trains pulling into the platforms and me being late and having to run for it.
I’ve been doing this for three hours now.

Have I gone too far?
I've really gone for it.
I knew I’d take off a third of my videos but I’m now just about on the cusp of removing half of all my videos from my YouTube channel.

This is why it's tricky.
I... I got a comment on my 1000 subscribers video: they left a very kind comment to say that they actually found my channel through this video.
The original idea of making all these videos was that it would bring in tens of thousands of people and if only some of them stuck then that would be a good thing.

Here's the thing I think I will get far more subscribers from this video if this video is on a channel full of other videos about trains and buses, so I’ve got to stick with it.
I’ve... I’ve got to unlist it.
And this is where I finally niched.
I did it! 
Oh my goodness.

So that's 145 videos now do not exist.
So it's 145?
That's... that's nearly... it's not quite, but it's getting pretty close for... I’ve removed half of my videos from YouTube.

Let's go to my analytics and look at some crucial statistics, so this is literally how many times YouTube offered my thumbnails to potential viewers.
So YouTube put 363000 thumbnails out into the world and as a result of that in July my average view duration was two minutes and 34 seconds.

You can see it up here as well, so the click-through rate is 5.9 which led to 43000 views, and of those 35000 were brand new viewers, so unique viewers.
In August YouTube offered my thumbnails to 350000 people with a 5.7 click-through rate.
Again it's about 40000 views.
Here's... here are my predictions.
I think my number of views are gonna drop massively, but there are other metrics at play.

Will my click-through rate improve because I’ve stripped out all of the videos that would damage my click-through rate?
Will my watch time improve to the... the watch time pretty much every month bumps around two minutes 31.

I want to see if my view duration goes up.
And in the meantime I’ve got to make lots more of these videos, so let's take a look at my YouTube studio app.
This is what I see pretty much every day, that my watch time is about 100k minutes and my views are about 40000.

My subscribers go up by about 170 and this is my new revenue which is really good and I fear I might have damaged my revenue by doing this.
I’m going to show you the two statistics I really want to change: 
This one right here “average view duration” 

This has been creeping up by a few seconds each month and I think it's because my videos are becoming more consistent.
I want to see if my average view duration goes up.
The other really interesting metric is my watch time from subscribers.
This figure here used to be 0.1% - it's now 1.7% 
This has very very slowly been creeping up by 0.1% every month.

I think if all my videos are less random I think this figure is going to go up, and I’m hoping that that means that YouTube is going to offer my videos to more relevant people.

And finally, I’m not going to see this again until I make those videos public again, but my top videos in October are “How To recover a zoom video recording” 

That's great - that's really on message with my mission.
But “How To use a weeder” got 12000 minutes 
Uh, “How To change mobile phone companies” - I’ve left that as it is.
It's not quite relevant with making YouTube videos but it gets at 11000 minutes so I’m expecting that to go up the charts.

My Vaillant boiler where I’m reading out the manual - the instruction manual to my central heating - that hasn't been unlisted because I’m running the experiment where I have put 14 ad breaks into that one video to see what would happen if I stuff a video with mid-roll ads.
So I think that is going to go up because it's going to get colder and a lot of people are going to watch that video.

It's going to be a very very different top 5 videos that I’m going to see in one month.
This is part one of this video.
If you've reached this point in the video, please hit me up with a thumbs up - just let me know someone reached this point!

I can't quite believe I’ve just removed 150 videos from my channel.
Now more than ever if you want to support me, please hit that subscribe button!
I think you understand - I think you appreciate the severity of what I’ve just done so if you want to continue watching this car crash, please hit the subscribe button and here and leave a comment.

Say hi, it'd be lovely to hear from you if you are watching this journey and right now here is what 
YouTube thinks you should be watching next!
And and I’ll put the video - I’ll put the video to part two there.
What have I done?!

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Can I use my SONY ZV1 in the RAIN? JJC rain cover coat to weatherproof SONY ZV 1 camera review

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Monday 2 November 2020

Can I use my SONY ZV1 in the RAIN? JJC rain cover coat to weatherproof SONY ZV 1 camera review

best cover for Sony ZV1 camera

Shot on SONY ZV-1, BUY ONE HERE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Can you use the Sony ZV-1 camera in the rain? I want a weatherproof rain cover or protective coat to use in rain, storms and bad weather. 
I'm trying out THIS: JJC RI-S weatherproof rain cover in a heavy rain storm with a BOYA BY-M1 lavalier microphone on my Sony ZV 1 camera.
In the video I'm putting on the camera and showing if it can be attached around the lens, then taking it outside in the rain to see if I can still vlog with the Sony ZV1.

Can I use my SONY ZV1 in the RAIN? JJC rain cover coat to weatherproof SONY ZV 1 camera review!


Hello I’m Neil, welcome back to the happy hut.
I know what you're thinking.


Can you use the Sony ZV1 camera or ZV-1 camera outdoors in the rain?
In bad weather? In a thunderstorm or even snow? 
I don't know but I’m about to find out because I bought this.
It's the JJC rain cover, but I’m not quite ready to try it out.

I probably need something like this?
Ahh, this is more like it, so can you use your Sony ZV 1 camera or ZV1 out in the rain or in bad weather?

What is the best waterproof jacket or weatherproof cover that you can get for your Sony ZV1 camera?
I’m using it right now: this is the JJC rain cover, I bought it on Amazon.
I’ve got a link in the description from which I earn a commission if you buy it from that link.
I’m going to show you how I put this rain jacket on, I’m going to do an unboxing.

I guess it's a bit of a review because I’m actually filming with it right now so you'll be able to see if this is something that you want to do... to... to weatherproof your Sony ZV 1 camera because I want you to see what it's like actually filming in the rain, so I’m doing a lot of talking just so you get a sense of whether or not this kind of weatherproof protection for your Sony ZV 1 is something that you might try out on your camera.
This is what comes inside the pack and then... well you get two! 
This is what comes in the pack.

It looks like a bag.
It's basically a bag with no bottom, so I’m just gonna put this over the camera.
I’m gonna wrap this around my ZV1 lens.

I’m not being paid by JJC for any of this, but I’ve got a JJC lens adapter that's stuck onto the end of the ZV1 lens.
That gives me something for this cord to wrap around and also hopefully this UV lens will sort of protect the mechanism inside.
Now what I really don't want to happen is for the camera to turn off and to retract the lens.

That's the only downside I’ve just suddenly thought about with this with this lens... that's gone! 
It's gone it's gone!
It's exactly what I want... didn't want to happen.
It's stuck halfway and there's an error message: Turn power off then on.
So it stopped itself. 

It could tell there's an obstruction.
Okay now it's back in, so turn it back on again.
And okay that works.

You can't let it turn off, otherwise it will jam up the mechanism, so what I might do is to just kind of fashion a lens hole but not obstruct it if it turns off! 
Now that I know that the camera is running, I know that the lens isn't going to retract.
So this is my Sony ZV1 or ZV-1 camera operating out in the rain, and so long as the camera is running so that the lens doesn't retract I... I didn't realize that that would be the biggest concern.

I thought my biggest concern was the camera getting wet but because I have my lens adapter and I’ve got a UV filter protecting the lens, I’ve got the rain cover just behind it - no rain seems to be leaking in.
This seems to work!
I can't believe I’ve got my Sony ZV1 - whoa!

I’ve got my Sony ZV1 out in the rain!
Let's elevate it a bit so that, oh, it's more head height.
This is a bit of a cumbersome s hoot but I think if I keep talking and filming and keep looking at each camera, you'll get a sense of what's going on, and basically I just want to keep talking to test that my Sony ZV-1 camera can actually cope with shooting in the rain, with this JJC rain cover protecting it.

So what do you think?
Is this something you would do with your Sony ZV 1?
Leave me a comment - uh - leave me a message in the comments below.

I made a whole other video about some other things I’ve used to protect my Sony ZV1 camera.
This video here is my unboxing of the... the lens adapter ring.
You basically stick it to the front of your Sony ZV1.
Also I’ve got a screen protector for the Sony ZV1 camera monitor display screen.

All of these videos by the way are in the description below.
Now I’ve been filming for about five minutes so just want to show you what I’m actually looking at.
I’ll show you how the... the ZV1 is coping.

As you can see the-- the rain jacket has kind of collected some rain, but it looks like the camera is completely protected.
The great way with this design of having the bag with no bottom is if I can actually show you - I can put my hand up inside the bag and I can make any adjustments that I need to.
I could, if I wanted to, put my hand underneath and flip the monitor.

And make any adjustments I need either with the buttons or the... the touchscreen here.
If this is something that you might like to try out for your camera, I’ll put links to the JJC Sony ZV1 camera rain jacket - this weatherproof jacket.
That link is in the description.

If you click on that, Amazon shower coins on me.
Not rain, they shower actual money on me at no extra cost to you so thanks so much if you buy stuff using those links in the description.
I’m going to keep talking now till I get absolutely drenched just for your viewing pleasure so if you give me a thumbs up, I’ll know that someone reached this point of the video.

Really appreciate you being there.
Now let's take the rain cover off.
I’ll take off the drawstring...

Great, so as you can see the main camera body is completely dry, and that's fantastic considering we are in a storm right now, so this is absolutely brilliant.
The thing to watch out for obviously is here: we don't want water to go into the camera body when the camera switches off.

Put the jacket on while you're recording so that the... the camera doesn't retract the lens. 
We really don't want to retract the lens while there's water on the barrel there.

I’m going to be really careful about drying off this exterior.
This is the part of the review or the test of the JJC rain cover I was looking forward to: the walking in the park in the very heavy rain, but I’ve got a little problem that's just occurred.

Because I’ve gone from indoors to outdoors, the lens adapter UV filter that I put on my ZV 1. Sorry I’m trying not to tread in deep mud, as you can see it's fogged up.
Basically we've had a change in temperature.

It's fogged up on the... on the inside.
I’m going to take this off now and that should be better but now my lens is completely unprotected, but if I tilt it down, the ring doesn't seem to be hitting it.
This might work if you're not going from inside to outside a lot.

Shall I give it a lick?
I don't know why I’m thinking that giving this a lick will somehow stop the fogging up?
I’m probably thinking of that moment in “Jaws” with Richard Dreyfus.
Yeah alright, I’ll give it a lick and we'll see if that stops it fogging up.

I’m cleaning it very elegantly on my jogging bottoms.
Let's put it back on see what happens.
There I know it's not ideal but I’ll keep it like this for a moment just-- 

Just to show you what it's like, what I’m doing with the sound is I’m using my Boya BY-M1 clip-on lavalier microphone.
There's a whole unboxing and audio test review video that I made in this very park.

That's on screen now and the link to that is inevitably in the description, but I am now walking around in very, very heavy rain with my JJC rain cover on my Sony ZV1 camera.
But this could be quite exciting, couldn't it? 
If you do want to go out in some extreme conditions, this seems to work quite well.
This is what I can see: this is my Sony ZV-1 camera with the JJC rain cover - rain jacket, uh protecting it.
I’ve got a really nice my favourite hand grip.

What do you think? 
It'd be great to hear from you - sorry I might need to wipe the lens.
It's really made things much worse.
What do you think?
Is this something you would use on your camera?

Leave me a comment or just say hi, it'd be great to hear from you.
All of my best budget Sony ZV 1 camera accessories are in this video here, and this is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!
Can I go indoors now?
It's a bit cold.

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All about me, and getting these by email.