Friday 18 August 2023

Taking an easy free online hearing test

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Am I deaf?! That's a question I'm asked a lot by my family. Is it inattention? Is it me not caring? Or is it my delicious ADHD? It could be any or all of these! But I'm taking a free online hearing test to narrow things down. If I pass, my deafness has no excuses. Huh? What? No I completely heard what you just said. In low frequency and high frequency. I just choose not to tell you what you just said.

Deaf or Distracted? FREE Online Hearing Test!


Hello, welcome back to the channel. I'm Neil. This is the Dad Delivers Vlog, where I try new things every day to make your family happy. And today, I'm gonna find out: am I deaf? It's something that my brilliant and very patient wife has to put up with a lot, but I don't know if it's a problem with my ears or if it's just another part of the whole ADHD dad thing. I'm pretty sure it's the ADHD dad thing, and I'm gonna make a video about me taking an ADHD test online. But, first, I'm going to do the deafness test first. So, this is a free online test, and I just saw it pop up online and thought, "Well, I might as well give it a go." I know nothing about it, so you're going to follow along. You can play along with me, and why not put your results down in the comments below? It'd be great to see how we all compare.

So, this is the RNID, which I believe is the deaf charity here in the UK, and they've got this thing online. I'll put a link to it down in the description. And I guess I'll just press the "Check Your Hearing Test." Whoa, okay, it's getting personal, but let's put in our name and address and email. So, we've got some nice, friendly icons here. "How it works?" So, I've got to find a quiet place. We've got the missus doing vital gardening work in the background. You can probably hear. We've got a plane flying over, but I think this is pretty much as quiet as it's going to get. Wear headphones or earphones. Well, I'm checked out on that front, so I should be able to hear.

The digits: 069. The digits: 069. The laptop's set up. We're ready to go. Let's start. The check: the digits: three, five, two. Right, so I heard that. That's three, five, two. Next, the digits. I think it's about five or eight, nine. I'll go: oh, eight. The digits: nine, three, six. Eight, nine, five. I think... digits. Oh, no, is that one, six, one, or one, zero, one? Oh, I guess that's one, six, one. Oh, I'm not sure about that one. Didn't hear that, so... What happens if I press question mark? Oh, no, I don't question. What? Okay, I'll put eight, nine, one. Oh, this is gonna be fun to hear back in the edit. I think that's one, three, four.

Six, two, nine. It's... you know what? It's really hard to hear. I don't know if you can hear it on the edited video, but for me, it's... I'm having to really concentrate. Next number: I think that's four, eight, three. I'm really concentrating, though. Did you get digit 392?

Okay, we're halfway through. I don't know, 5, 40. That's a pure guess. Two, five, something. Try 252. Now, if this is an online guessing test, I think I'd be acing this right now. 200, definitely heard that. See, I can... I'm attuned to the word o.

Five, six, four. Do you know, if I'm not concentrating at the right point, it... it's curtains. If you can hear the cat next door, I can hear that. Does that count? I'll type in "cats." Hit me.

I think that was 929. Eight, something, nine. That's pure guess. I think that was four, one, six. Almost there. One more to go.

I think that's four, one, one. It wasn't, but I'll just put that in anyway. Put me out of my misery. Oh, that's good. Your result suggests you do not have hearing loss. I wish they'd tell me the number. The correct numbers, the ones I failed. Find out what you can do to help protect your hearing for the future. Okay, well, that's good. I'm kind of relieved.

So, it's as easy as that. I am calling this a Dad Delivers Success. Well, I guess I'm going to just have to do the ADHD test now, aren't I? It's apparently not hearing loss, so I can't use that as an excuse anymore, unfortunately. But how is this working out for you? Let me know down in the comments below. It'd be great to hear your experiences with this. And if you've reached this point of the video, thanks for hitting the thumbs up. And if you hit the Subscribe button, we'll take some more tests together to find out what else is wrong with us. And right here is what YouTube knows that you're gonna love watching next.

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HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history

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Monday 14 August 2023

How to cook frozen cinnamon buns in an air fryer | Ninja Foodi Dualzone airfryer

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Epic AIR FRYER IKEA Cinnamon Buns for breakfast!



Um, oh yes, hot delicious Ikea cinnamon buns! Look at that, all from an air fryer. Hello, I'm Neil, welcome back to the channel. I've not done this before and it feels wrong, actually, why? In a moment, but I am going for the Ikea cinnamon buns. But we've only got three left now. There are four of us. Let's put these out onto here. These are the regular Ikea cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns, the KAFFEREP. Sounds delicious, but there are four of us, five if you include Casper the dog, but my daughter's away on a sleepover at the moment. This feels really wrong, but Stella, I'm so sorry, this roll has got my name on it.

I am doing this in a Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer, but I'm hoping that you could try this with any air fryer. So, fingers crossed, should work, right? So next to the obligatory family pain medication, I'll put the buns into the basket. And this is a new series on my channel, it's called 'Bung It in the Air Fryer,' and today we're getting the Ikea cinnamon buns, and we're going to bung it in the air fryer.

Now for this, I have no idea whether to go for 'air fry' or 'bake.' Is there any difference in any of them? But I'm gonna go for 'bake.' So we're gonna go for a great big Swedish Bake Off. The time and temperature are completely made up. There's a bit of jeopardy with this recipe. I can't see, I need my glasses for this because Ikea hates people writing it that small. Right, so the packaging recommends 200 degrees Centigrade for 14 minutes. I think that's for all the buns, but I've only got three, that doesn't help me. I'm gonna make it 180 degrees Centigrade, 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and instead of 14 minutes, I'm gonna go for 10 minutes, and we'll see how we go.

Now we can hit the big start-stop button for the bake-off. Here we go, let's do an IKEA breakfast time jump! Now, while that's cooking, I've just noticed my amazing Unstoppable wife has bought a Robert Dyas baking cooling rack. So I'm going to use this, it's uh, it's from the charity shop. I'll put some cooling racks in the description, I'll also put some cinnamon buns and a Ninja Foodi air fryer. And Casper the dog's here, Casper. Casper's coming. It's not meat, oh, he's not interested.

We are three minutes left to go, so that's seven minutes, right, let's have a look. Oh, look at that, it's looking good. So I think three minutes will be just right. Okay, we have just over a minute to go, and I don't know, is that what you'd pull them out now? Leave a comment below if you'd pull these out now. I'm going to give them another, oh, a minute. This could go very wrong, I could be burning these, but I want to give it another 20 seconds just to make sure the frozen cinnamon buns are cooked all the way through properly. Thirty seconds to go, I can't take the tension, I'm gonna, I'm gonna pull these out. I'm rescuing them. So this is the opposite of 'bung it in the air fryer,' isn't it? This is 'take it out the air fryer.' Let's have a look, I think these are looking absolutely perfect. So, let's get them out with the silicone tongs. Oh no, they're a bit soft, let's try this one. One, two, three.

Oh, these Ikea frozen cinnamon buns, the KAFFEREP, look absolutely delicious. I just want to sink my teeth into all three right now, but my family knows that I'm making this video, unfortunately. Let's move them over to a nice white plate to get the beauty shot for the thumbnail. Oops, dropped a bun. It's time for the 'bung it in the air fryer' taste test, still hot, but here goes. Oh, heaven! I am calling this a Dad Delivers success. I've got cinnamon on the camera. If you made it this far, thank you for the thumbs up or hitting the Subscribe button. It really helps me. But right, here are all these other air fryer recipe ideas for your family. All right, this is going to be the proper one, right?

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Return something to AMAZON with just your PHONE

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Tuesday 8 August 2023

Return something to AMAZON with just your PHONE

BUY more stuff from AMAZON HERE! (As Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

How to return an item to Amazon using the Amazon website on desktop:

How do you return an item to Amazon? I send back a product step-by-step using just the Amazon app on my phone! If you want to return an Amazon package, hoping this tutorial helps, which I'm making while actually returning an item.

Return something to AMAZON with just your PHONE



Nobody likes having to return something to Amazon, but I'm going to be returning this in real time, step by step, so that you can follow along with me and return your item too. Now, I'm going to go through this quite slowly, but it is really easy. And if you bought something without seeing it, sometimes, just sometimes, it's not the right item. I'm going to be doing this just by using my mobile phone. I've got a link in the description to my video where you can do this on a laptop or a desktop computer, but this is what I'm seeing on screen now, so that you can follow along.

I've also got to do this before it starts raining. The weather's not looking good, so we'll get through this as swiftly as possible, I promise. I have logged into my Amazon app, and on the bottom right-hand corner, can you see the—it's like a hamburger, three lines, and that brings up a menu of all these different options that you have. For me, at the time of recording, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can find this box here, "Your Stuff." So, I'll click on that, and that brings up this menu, where one of the options is "Your Orders." So, I'm going to click on that button.

Just so you know, there's also a swipe-up menu here, "Your Shortcuts," and your orders can also be found here, so you could click "Your Orders" instead. And these are all the wonderful things I've bought recently, a little glimpse into my life. What I'm looking for is this. I don't even know what it is. My son wanted it for his computer, and I'll tell that story as we go. So, if I scroll down, there it is, Arctic Alpine 17 LP, whatever that is. If I click on the item, it brings us into all the details for the item. There's an option here that says, "Need help with your item?" "Return items." So, I'm going to click on that option there, and that brings up this menu.

You've got all these options. They want to know, "Why are you returning this?" So, we've got incompatible, not useful for intended purpose. That's kind of our fault because the listing was correct, but it isn't useful for intended purpose. You might want that option, but these are all the other options you can choose. I think I'm going to go for "Accidental order" because we got the wrong one. It's our fault this time. I'm going to click "Accidental order." You can put additional details, so if the item is broken or maybe it fell out of its package, or whatever happened, you can write that in here. I'm not going to bother with this. I'm just going to hit "Continue."

"How can we make it right?" Now they're offering to refund my Amazon account balance or refund it to my credit card. I'm gonna go for that because it's a bit of a pain when you get a refund that's on an Amazon balance. It just kind of gets in the way of your future purchases. I just want the money back, and we'll just have a clean break. I can feel the rain. I'm gonna get moving. Just so you know, it says estimated refund timing, five to seven business days. So, the refund to your Amazon balance is instant, and it takes a few days to put it back on your credit card if you choose this option. I'm gonna go for that one and click "Continue."

Now, it asks, "How would you like to return your items?" The options we have here in the UK are Post Office or there's an Evri Dropbox or a different Post Office, Royal Mail drop-off. Oh, look, there are three other return options. Let's open this one. There's another drop-off. You can have Royal Mail pickup. So, the Royal Mail here in the UK can come to your door and pick it up for £1.99, or I could drop it off in an Amazon Locker. Oh, I like the sound of that. Not having to deal with the Post Office might be a good idea. Should we do that? I did the Post Office drop-off in the last video. That link is down in the description if you want to torture yourself at the Post Office counter. I'm going to click Amazon Locker, and with this one, you can drop your parcel off at a time that suits me. Now, the great thing with this one is I can drop it off at our local Premier Inn. This is... I wasn't expecting this. So, I'm going to hit "Confirm your return." It's really raining now. It's quite drizzly. If you choose a return option where you do not have to use a printer and print out your own label, like the Post Office, which is where I'm going now, Amazon sends you by email the QR code, and all we need to do is show that QR code to the person behind the counter. They print out the label. Some of the options, they can box up your item for you as well. They deal with everything. For this return, I've just boxed it up myself. The Post Office is going to deal with everything else.

I am calling this a Dad Delivers Success. Thank you for hitting the thumbs up button or the Subscribe button or say hi Down Below in the comments. I'd love to hear how you get on with your Amazon return, and right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next. Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks. Bye. All right, this is going to be the proper one, right?

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Best AIR FRYER? Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer

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Monday 7 August 2023

Best AIR FRYER? Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer

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Best new AIR FRYER for us? Salmon and Chips in the Ninja Foodi Max!



So I’ll give the chips a toss. Oh look at that!
Hello, I'm Neil. Are you thinking of getting an air fryer? This is the Dad Delivers Vlog, where I try new things to make your family happy. And today, I'm making your family happy by unboxing this. It's the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone 9.5 litre air fryer.
Now, I'm trying this for the first time. We haven't had an air fryer before. This is going to be an unboxing and first impressions review. You can see exactly how it comes out of the box. I have no idea what this is going to look like.
I think we wanted to get an air fryer. Well, we say it's to save money, energy, and the planet. It is a huge purchase for us, though, partly financially, but also for space in the kitchen. You know, the precious countertop space. Are we going to have room for this fine piece of kitchen technology? Are you and I worth this? Of course, we are. This might even be a really good gift for dads. This is the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone 9.5L air fryer.
Let me give you a quick whiz around the box so you can see the packaging. You can pause it if you want to read about any of these features. You can see that it has two zones: a Sync Zone where you can cook different foods at different times, different temperatures, or Match Zone where you can double the serving size by putting the same food into both containers.
I'm going to open this up for an unboxing First Impressions review and already in the packaging we have an explanation of the sync and the match.
I'm going to unbox this air fryer now. It's the first time I've unboxed any air fryer. Really well packaged in cardboard and paper, that is really good to see. Not plastic bags and plastic bubble wrap. So, this is completely recyclable paper, by the feel of it. Oh, it's upside down. Are you ready for the unveiling? Here it comes.
To me, this kind of looks like an espresso coffee maker with its chrome handles and chrome-finished knobs. I think you can get these in different finishes, but we went for the chrome option. Now, for me, the design of the Ninja Foodi is on the chunky side rather than the side of elegance - big, chunky handles and buttons which I guess will be really easy to operate. Let's take off this protective film that protects this chrome edging. Let me give you a close-up from lots of different angles of the Ninja Foodi Max straight out of the box.
I know that over time, this top will be used for just storage - extra storage. The footprint is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Just to give you, I've put some dimensions up on screen to give you an idea of an adult male's arm's length, which is quite satisfying. And these food trays come out. There's one and two trays inside. There is - oh, it's like protective packaging, it's just cardboard. And then inside each food tray, there's a grill so the food is kept away from the bottom of the tray and allows juices and fat to run off so the food isn't sitting in the fat.
And the trays are conveniently numbered one and two so that you can get them the right way around. It also comes with an instruction pack. So, we have the quick start guide with some recipes inside, six customizable cooking programs with easy one-touch control, Chef-created recipe guide. Dual Zone technology gives us two independent cooking zones.
We can cook different foods ready to serve at the same time. It claims to be up to 75% faster than fan ovens with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. These are non-stick crisper plates. 
They apparently allow hot air to get under the food for all-around crisping, and they're dishwasher safe. The main unit has six customizable cooking functions with an easy-to-use control panel with a Digital Countdown Timer. And two non-stick drawers, each 4.75 litres, fit a two-kilogram chicken or up to 1.4 kilograms of fries. 
Mmmm Fries.
These drawers are also dishwasher safe.
With the Dual Airfryer, you can either set it to "sync" to cook different foods with different times, different programs, or the "match" option where you can double your serving size with the same time and program settings across both zones or both non-stick drawers. There is an auto-adjust fan which automatically adjusts speeds based on the cooking function, 240 degrees Celsius Max Crisp technology where we can cook from frozen to crispy in minutes, and a variable temperature control where we take control of the cooking temperatures for every snack and meal. It can dehydrate, reheat, bake, roast, air fry, or Max Crisp to quickly crisp frozen foods such as scampi, nuggets, fries, and more.
So, this is very exciting. This is our first cook. What have we got in here? We've got salmon and air-frying chips. So, here we've got a countdown of 16 and a half minutes. That's for the... what, there's for the chips, yeah, the thick ones. And then, because it's on "sync," it's holding the salmon to start the salmon so that they all finish at the same time.
What happens if I pull the tray out? Can we see it pauses? Does it? So, if I pull the tray out, oh, what else you got? Chips in there to keep the chips going. Oh, and we've got salmon in here. Oh okay, that's right. So, that's a huge salmon fillet - the whole salmon inside, a whole salmon side. Oh, this is really exciting.
So, let's do a time jump and see what happens next. 
Now we've got both the salmon’s just suddenly started. So, where it said hold, it now is counting down the same time as the chips. It's worked out it's back-timed when to start the salmon. It is now about six minutes to go. We're supposed to give it a toss, so I'm gonna give the chips a toss.
Wow, that's brilliant! 
And we've done the chips on air fry rather than Max crisp, just to see how that works, because my biggest fear with an air fryer, I think, is that the chips will be a bit soft. And they're looking pretty browning in there, pretty brown, aren't they? And I like that you can just pull the tray out, the drawer out, and push it back in.
Three, two, one, the end. 
So, this is moment of truth, the words never lie. Let's take a look at chips. Oh, wow. So, like I said, we went for air fry rather than Max crisp. Some have come out a little over, and let's do a taste test.
Oh, perfect! Absolutely perfect. And they're dry, so I don't know why they wouldn't be, but in my head, I'd be worried that they'd be kind of not cooked properly, but they are cooked to perfection. 
And then, oh, look at this! Oh, wow. [Music] And the smoke alarm has not gone off. That's another win. Some people might find that overdone, but I like it a little bit crispy, I think. I think this might be a win.
I am calling this a Dad Delivers Success. 
There's a link to this Ninja air fryer down in the description. Tell me what you think, and thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. It really helps us keep this channel going. And right here are all the other ideas for gifts for dads. Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. That's gonna be the proper one, right?

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