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How much YouTube pays me PER 1000 VIEWS


How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views? And BONUS, how does YouTube judge my thumbnails? How does the Google search engine & YouTube algorithm decide which thumbnails to serve?

I go through my first 3 months of being YouTube monetized and show exactly how much money YouTube pays me for 1000 views:
My RPM (Revenue Per Mille, or 1000) which is how much money my YouTube videos earn divided by my total number of views that month...
and CPM (Cost Per Mille) which is how much money on average advertisers are paying per thousand monetized views (so not my total views) via Google Adsense advertising - this money is split with YouTube before we are paid.

As a bonus - I also show GOOGLE CLOUD API which is the algorithm that scans our thumbnails to decide what emotions we show, and also what objects, colours and gestures we make!

How much YouTube pays me PER 1000 VIEWS

0:00 How much money YouTube pays PER 1000 VIEWS!
0:50 Footage of me working as a Researcher at BBC Television in my 20's
1:05 How to look up how much YouTube revenue I earn, in YouTube Studio channel analytics.
1:17 How to look up monthly estimated YouTube revenue.
1:55 What is a normal RPM for YouTube videos?
2:00 How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views at 1000 subscribers?
2:47 What is a normal watch time when you become YouTube monetized at 1000 subscribers?
3:50 What is a good RPM for YouTube monetized videos?
5:25 How to check my best YouTube Revenue earning videos?
5:43 What is a good CPM for YouTube videos when you are monetized?
7:15 How to make better YouTube thumbnails: I make them more colourful and impactful.
9:00 How does YouTube know what is on my thumbnails?
9:18 Introduction to how the Google Cloud API works (

GOOGLE CLOUD API (Thumbnail Analyzer) link: 

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I know what you're thinking...
How much money does YouTube pay per 1000 views, and, why did my YouTube Revenue go UP in the 3 months after I became YouTube monetized?

I got an insane number of views for the last video I made on how much I get paid for 1000 subscribers, and in this video again I'm going to show you absolutely everything.
All the video statistics in my YouTube Studio dashboard... the estimated revenue each month... 
Plus, I'm going to show you the actual program that YouTube uses to judge your thumbnails!

Yeah! Google can tell exactly what emotions you give to your viewers AND you can try it out for yourself on your own thumbnails!

By the way I'm Neil Mossey, I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out into the world here on YouTube.
To prove it, here's footage of me working at BBC Television in my 20's.
We used landline telephones back then.

So let's dive right into my YouTube Studio - this is my channel dashboard, but where we want to go is Channel Analytics. 
Channel Analytics. I can't say it.

But I know you want to see my Revenue, so let's click on the Revenue tab, and we'll take a look at the monthly estimated revenue.

As I covered on that last 1000 subscribers video - link in the description - my revenue leapt up from $113 all the way up to $190, which was phenomenal, for May.
It fell down to $168, bumped around the same level, and then went BOOM up to $206.
I'm recording this half way through September, so that $142 is looking very good. 
That could be good news.

Let's take a look at the first of these months, June.
Pretty much at the start of the month, we're looking at $4, just touching $5, with some peaks.
So the $7 here, and then it just slowly increases over time.
I'm gonna look at some of the causes for that, and I'm going to share them with you as we look at these other months. 
But my RPM, which is my Revenue Per Mille - which is revenue per thousand views - averaged about $2.54.
Let's scroll down and take a look at my top earning videos. 
So things have changed.

My big earning video for the first 2 months that gave me that really massive spike was the Jean-Claude Van Damme interview.
In this month that's dropped to second place.
So that's pulling in $26.
What zoomed ahead, because Summer started, here in the UK! 
We actually got some sunshine! 

People are starting to go out into their gardens, they're looking up this Fiskars Xact that I'm holding up in the thumbnail... it's like a weeding thing.
You push it into the ground, pull it, and weeds come out.
Now we saw in the last video that I don't wanna be Garden Tools Guy, but my goodness, $37?
That's MORE than I actually paid for the weed puller!
So if you want an incentive to get out there and just make videos, so that people can see products... this could not be a better advert.

I love the fact that the revenue is more than I paid for the thing that I'm showing.
Same for the third video down, I got $25 for how to change a trimmer line.
A trimmer is something that you use for edging round the garden.
I still don't wanna be Garden Tools Guy - but look at the money it's bringing in.

Again, that $25 costs more than the replacement line that I'm showing in the video.
My fourth and fifth videos are getting just above $10, which is how to recover a Zoom video and "how to get a PAC code".
These 5 videos alone account for over $100 of the $168 that I got this month.
Well you can see all my details, you can pause the video if you wanna have a look at how some of the different videos have fared.

Let's click on the menu on the top right hand corner, and we can go straight to the month of July.
And for July it was a very similar amount of revenue: $166.
My RPM has gone up, so I'm getting $3.86 for every 1000 views.
There's a slight change to my top-earning videos.
The weed puller has dropped to second place at $26.
How to change the trimmer line's bumped up to $30.

Again we are now right in the middle of Summer for these statistics, so those videos are gonna do well, and I think they're gonna drop off as we go into the Autumn.
How to change mobile networks has gone UP from $10 to $17.
And there's a first video in the top 5 that I actually want to do well, and I want to niche down on this subject. 

It's how to recover your Zoom calls - and I made a whole video about how to recover a failed Zoom conversation recording.
That video is starting to creep up, and I really want that video to encourage people to watch more of THESE videos, so I'm hoping this is where my niche starts to come in.
Having said that, I also made a video where I unbox a-- an Ikea sunshade! An Ikea parasol...
And immediately in its first month, it's pulling in 13 dollars.

THAT was the video where I decided that I need to stop doing Garden Tools Guy videos and actually concentrate more on "How to make things for YouTube", so there's mixed feelings there. 
I'm glad that it's doing well, but also I don't wanna - I don't want it to do well.
I want these videos that you're watching now to do well.
Let's click "See More".

And this graph at the top shows on a day-by-day basis how much money each of those top 5 videos are pulling in.
And what's really funny... Let's go to the end.
Can you see this blue line that just shoots up - it rockets up - that's "How to change a strimmer line".
I think we had hot days then, the views just went through the roof.
I'll scroll down so you can see all the statistics, and you can pause this or rewind it if you want to go into more detail.

Let's now look at August.
These are my top 5 earning videos for August, which was last month. 
Yes! Finally! I'm so glad!

How to recover your Zoom video is now at the top, even though we are in the middle of Summer... a video where I help creators and performers make things and put them out into the world, that is now my top earning video. 

This is the niche that I really really want to focus on.
And you can see the rates of earning for these top videos are going up.
Let's click into more detail now, and I'll just scroll the window across - so you can see how much these videos are earning on a day-by-day basis, you can see it's all over the place.

The interesting one to watch is the blue line: Recover Your Zoom Video Files.
So I really think the YouTube algorithm is finding viewers for my Zoom call video.
These are the statistics for the month of August.

I got a grand total of $206, up by 24% on the previous month.
$206? That's insane! After two years of trying to become monetized.
Partly due to a higher CPM, which is how much advertisers pay per 1000 monetized playbacks - and that meant that my RPM, which is Revenue Per 1000 views overall on my channel... that's gone up.
So obviously, I'm delighted this has happened, but what happened?

Let me show you my channel and you might be able to spot why.
This is my home page, but if I click on the videos tab - I'm gonna scroll down and then I'm gonna scroll back up again and I'll show you what happened.

This is pretty much what my thumbnails used to look like.
I made them using Adobe Spark, can you notice something?
I think they look elegant. 

I think they look really good and clear.
But my 11 year old son, he was looking at my channel and he said:
"Dad, your channel looks really boring!"
And I took umbrage at this, and I thought "Yeah, it doesn't look like the kind of videos that an 11 year old would want to watch."

But he said "No, no, Dad... they look really boring! Can't you put a bit of colour on them?"
And I thought, "Well, no, because these are elegant, they are stylish, clear... they're legible!"

Because he watches a lot of YouTube, I started creeping a bit of colour into my thumbnails and you can see it's sort of creeping in around here.

My thumbnails start to become whackier. 
I'm using different fonts.
I'm still not using the colour yet on the text. 
He said: "Dad! They're SO boring! Put some colour on!"
So then I started really going for it with the colour, and you can see the thumbnails becoming more and more colourful, and brighter.

And some of them are doing really well, some of them bumping along.
But generally, I think the biggest thing that's given me an up-push in views, and therefore revenue, is that I make my YouTube thumbnails a lot brighter.
Dare I say, garish?

I try to make them more jolly, and more impactful, so I put fewer words on my thumbnails. 
I make the words big, and I only put a single word on them.
If I've got a logo for the thing I'm talking about, I try to get that on the thumbnail as well.
And so they're not very elegant, they're not very demure.
They leap out more.

I think that might be the biggest thing that made my views go up in August.
I made my thumbnails more eye-catching.
So the biggest thing I've learned from this month is to just go nuts with experimenting with your thumbnails.

And if you really want to see what the YouTube algorithm thinks about your thumbnails, you can see what the AI is doing when it scans your thumbnail.
There's a link in the description below, I've got it up here, it's

All you have to do is to drag your thumbnail into this window here.
Google Cloud will tell you what it thinks about your thumbnail!

So let's take my latest thumbnail, let's drag this onto here... I am not a Robot.
We don't have crosswalks in the UK, we have zebra crossings.
What the API is doing now, is scanning the thumbnail.

This is what YouTube does: it uses this machine to detect if there are any issues or whether or not it's a good thumbnail.
And you can see here that Joy is very unlikely, Sorrow very unlikely, Anger is likely, Surprise is very likely...
...and the confidence is 29%.

Now obviously we don't know the weight that YouTube places on Anger, Surprise... Maybe it wants to throw some angry thumbnails in there. 
Let me show you how it compares with my previous thumbnail.

Now look at the difference with this one.
It's scored very likely on the joy, I don't know why it judges whether we're wearing headwear.
But the Google Cloud has assessed my confidence in this face at 93%!
That tells me that it's measuring confidence for a reason.

Maybe high confidence could be one of the metrics it uses?
These emotions might be emotions that YouTube wants to serve to the viewers.
Having anger or surprise might not necessarily be a bad thing. 

It might be one of the 4 emotions that it's chosen to serve, and maybe it mixes it up so that you get a range of them? 
Who knows! Your thumbnail is absolutely crucial.

So you might wanna try this just to see how your different thumbnails compare.
What I do know is that my revenue went up over three months.
Let's put that to the test!

Here on screen now is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.
And down here is the video where I go through all of my revenue for the first month when I became YouTube monetized. 
If you want more of this, click on my big face! And hit subscribe! 
Don't forget to hit thumbs up if you've hit the end of the video... I-- I think that's 56% confidence?!

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Thursday 17 September 2020


How do you make funny TikToks?
How to make comedy videos on Tik Tok?

Steven McKell is a Scottish TikTok online influencer with 2.3 million Tik Tok followers, 53 million TikTok video likes and around 400 million views. Steven also runs @Steven Mckell YouTube channel, so he is the best influencer and TikToker I know to learn about TikTok versus YouTube.



0:00 HOW TO BE FUNNY ON TIKTOK with Steven Mckell
0:55 How to make funny videos on TikTok: Original comedy content with Steven Mckell. How to start a TikTok quickly.
3:43 How to write and script a funny Tik Tok
4:50 How Steven Mckell makes his TikTok videos: how to make a funny tiktok video
5:30 How to work with brands on TikTok
7:35 What would you say to your 1000 subscriber self? Steven Mckell's advice for new TikTokers and dealing with hate comments.
9:41 What will TikTok be like in 2021? Steven Mckell on the future of TikTok.



Hello how do the best performers keep going on TikTok?
What's going to grab someone's attention in the first four seconds?
Because that's your window that you've got.

Sometimes it's shorter, depending on what kind of video it is but you've only only got your first few seconds to hit someone with what you need.

Because if you do it for the first few seconds they'll stay for 15.
If you're still good then they'll stay to 30.

This is the Great British Youtubers Podcast with me, Neil Mossey.
Hello, it's awesome to have you here.

This is a place where we share advice, experience, and tips with high achieving creators and performers just like you - and in this episode Steven Mckell!
Steven has over 2.3 million followers on TikTok clocking up over 500 million views.

He also has a YouTube channel so is absolutely the best person to talk about YouTube vs TikTok.
Steven Mckell!

What do you find are the hardest videos to make?
Hardest? Original-- original comedy content is very hard to make because you have to be-- you have to be funny and you have to have a good sense of humour.
You have to be quick.

How do you make a funny TikTok video?
What's your process?
How do you go about it?
It depends on what I’m making.

If I’m making a video like, if I’m using like a sound underneath it and it's not me talking - I think "what's going to grab someone's attention in the first four seconds", because that's your window that you've got.
Sometimes it's shorter depending on what kind of video it is, but you've only - only got your first few seconds to... to hit someone with what you need.

So my thing is how what if I make a video that I want to watch for 15 seconds or more, how can I get the punchline in there - if it's non-verbal - within the first few seconds.
So I think of that, I think "how can I get that in there quickly" then, "what's the story
after that?"

Because people love watching a storytelling that-- if it's-- and that's hard to do itself if you're doing a comedy video without you actually talking.
And you're just doing something that's funny, you're trying to tell the story through your actions or through the writing on the screen.

So you've got to have a plan and I think: "plan but don't plan too much"

It's hard, it's like "do this but don't do this!" You know "go to work, don't go to work" but anyway um so you've--
You've got to plan but don't plan too much.

Plan like: "this is the beginning middle and end" and allow yourself to have a bit of leeway of um spontaneity have been-- like spontaneous.
Put that in there as well and just do stuff that you think will be funny and watch it back, but yeah...

I think that have a plan for it, making sure you're getting that real comedy punchline the very first few seconds to hook people in.

Because if you do it for the first few seconds they'll stay for 15.
If you're still good then they'll stay to 30.
And people that are really intrigued-- if you can get them intrigued on what you're doing then great.

If it's stuff like you know, you actually want to be a character, and you want to do like an actual original comedy video where it's just you talking?
Plan your characters out.

Plan what you want to say out, film it and film until it's good you know that--
You know those kind of ones where you pretend to be people and you're trying to be like "oh I’m gonna you know" - you have to make sure - I make sure that my timing's quick, so if it's from speaking from people to people which a lot of TikToks are and you've got to get that timing really quick between the characters.

You've got to know what you're going to do, and you've got to think how is TikTok going to perceive this?
What's my caption going to be um-- is
Is it going to be a build up to the end where people know what's going to happen but are still going to watch and that's the kind of stuff that my process is.

If it's character-wise you've gotta, I’ve got to make sure it's character developed and but also be spontaneous throughout it because, if it's too planned TikTok will know.
People that are watching will figure it out.

That's why it's different to YouTube.
YouTube like... people make sketches of actual like tv shows right.
You can do that on TikTok as well and-- but if it's not authentic and you really have planned it out to the point where it's like: "My name is Stacy, and I’m doing this! My name's bit--"

People are going to click right off and be like that's not fun, the person's too much in their head.
That's really interesting.

When you-- when you're planning do you-- do you literally write it out or do you keep notes for yourself?
Sometimes I write it out, if I want to get a point of view across, if it's-- if it's not-- if it's a comedy video, but I want to get a point of view of what I want to say in the video, I’ll write it out because then-- I’ll put it in my head but then my head gets jumbled - mambo jumbo - I've got dyslexia so sometimes it's like, "what did I just say?" and, and that's why I always record if I’m doing takes and stuff because sometimes you forget what you said - you have to like watch it back!

I’ll write some stuff down and like this is what's going to be like a few of the lines but not all of them because I think you have to have a way of just ad-libbing it and doing it and-- and not everyone can do that, erm.
What you might not be good at doing comedy, you might be good at singing.

If you're not good at singing maybe dance.
If it's not dance maybe it's art stuff, maybe it's arts and crafts, maybe it's point of view content.
Some people do really really great acting on point of view content which I don't-- I am not great at, I’m not, because how they edit it and how they make the videos it's...

Yeah if you go on TikTok, you just put in #POV you'll find a lot of these like dark videos and you think you're watching like a little episode of-- it's great!

People do like 10 part series of stuff and I’m like... I’m watching the whole thing!
What you're actually outlining is basically rehearsal on camera.
Do you, you tend to just rehearse record?

See me, sometimes I wake up at 3 in the morning like "this is gonna be such a great comedy stuff"
Put my phone up and I’ll film it there then because my... my mind was telling me this is really gonna get the best kind of content for this video, now, so I’ll be in the hallway--

Mum and dad will be asleep and I’ll be like strutting down pretending to be like a character and, and I think that's really great because once you start doing that it's tough to start with - but it's like any content, whether it be comedy, singing, dancing, point of view, meme style, artsy craft and telling-- storytelling you find a way of doing it that works for you... works with people watching your content and for it to do well.
That's the one thing when you work with brands, they're stuck with YouTube and Instagram in mind.

You can't do that for TikTok.
You-- you really should, brands... if the brands are watching this.

Brands should really open it up to the creator and say "well what this is - what that's the idea that we have - and it's great whenever... when a brand comes with an idea... be like "we think this" because it shows that understanding of TikTok and that's great because any company should look into the platform, they're looking to promote on or Insta the product on - that's just the tee! um

So they'll come with a plan and I’ll say-- this is me just rambling on now-- and I’ll say that's great and then we'll take stuff out and say "but this would work on my account because of this"
So having that between-- some brands have a fully realized campaign.

Fully realized brief and I’m like "That's great, I love-- and I love the.. the you know the music or the product and that's great and that works for me and my fans or people that follow me..." I don't want to- I call them Sassy Squad because like "fans" is like a weird thing um
But I'll tell them this will work this way on my account because we're all different.
And so sometimes you get a bit sometimes and I’m like I’ll do it like I’m happy to do... because what you've got is good, but I know it won't work.

So like sometimes I’ve had-- I’ve done it and it's been alright, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done but other times I’ve been like "if I can't do it that way then I’m not going to be able to be part of it" because it doesn't fit and-- and what it's going to do, is it's going to do an injustice to you as the artist or the brand. It's going to do injustice to me and injustice to people watching.

Where some people wouldn't do that.
Some people be like "give me the money and I’ll post to you" and that's you know, that's, that's-- that's alright.
That's people that you know will do that and they have that.

Me? I’m not.
I want to do stuff that I feel that I’m really passionate about.
That if it's a song, if I don't click with a song I won't do it.
If it's a TV show, whatever.

If I don't like the idea of it, I won't do it because then that's essentially what every creator should be doing.
You-- you should be doing it in a way that, "okay this is fun and I think my fans would love watching this"
Or fans would love listening to this.

Or they're going to have fun watching me doing this.
That's the issue that you have nowadays with brands with er--
if that's a conversation you have with someone, that's the issue that you have, is you're just-- they're so like Instagram driven.

Instagram story driven?
They look like ads!
[LAUGHS] That's right, it's true!
Steven what... what would you say to your 1000 follower self?

Oh that's hard!
I would say um you'll... stick to your-- stick to your guns on, you know, how you want to be perceived and how you want to be kind of um looked at in the world I think, um.
And you're gonna have ups and downs and that's alright, um, but it's alright just to say to people like, you know, no!
Get away.

You don't have to be-- you don't, you know and people... some people might be a bit mean to you.
Social media wise some people are gonna be mean to you, or some people are going to have opinions about you that you don't... they've never met you and they never are going to meet you and you have to just really take yourself out of that mindset and just focus on doing what makes you happy.

Because I didn't do that to start with, okay.
I was like "other people--" and people didn't like me on
I was you know my name was "Mr. Chubby" or something like that - it was so bad um
Well, I say "fat" isn't my comedy but I had my name as Mr Chubby!
But yeah I’d say to myself, just stay authentic, have fun and-- and just don't let what other people think of you, like annoy yer.

And I don't do that now, but it took me a bit a while to kind of get into that, you know, I got hate on the first-- my first day on TikTok.
On social media in general I’ve had hate comments.

I have them now so it's just about persevering and realizing...
My Mum taught me you've got two options: you can really let it consume you and reply to them and kind of defend yourself... and then like think about it or like you know really argue with them.
OR you can kind of take it in, let it go over your head and just move on.

And so that's what I did.
I said "that's it!"
That's what I’ll do, just like move on.
If someone's got an issue that's them, so 1000 follower me, keep doing YOU and don't let anyone stop you!
Steven what do you think TikTok will be like in 2021?

Oh I, I think it'll be more um... I think it'll be bigger than it is now.
I don't think it's-- good I’m looking at the wrong camera...

I think it'll be bigger than it is now TikTok 2021.
I think that... that the fight for the "For You" page is going to be a lot tougher than where it is now.
I do think it'll be bigger and it'll be better and I think that it's going to encompass a lot of stuff that the... this... all generations can get involved in more and more because it's a platform for everyone.

There's everyone of all kind of ages on it and there's not a... there's never been another app or platform that's rose to this kind of fame, in such a short time.
So for 2021 I just see it being bigger.

I see... I hopefully see creators you know getting more monetization for the the work that they do but I am, I think-- it'll be... I think it'll be harder for creators though.

I think it'll be a lot-- it'll be a tougher game, what YouTube was back in like you know 2012... 2011 a lot of people just uploading content and it's you know, it's survival of the fittest and only the strong survive.
When it comes to being a big creator on it.

But in terms of people making content, you know, I think that it'll be more people of all ages that are on it hopefully... you know, hopefully it's not shut down!

You know these things about getting banned and stuff - it never will be like that.

But yeah I do see it-- I see it being twice the size it is now and just taking over the world even more.
Should we just pose for thumbnails?!

And please hit the subscribe button below if you want to see more Great British YouTubers.
There's a playlist and a podcast.
All the links are in the description below.
I'm Neil Mossey and I'll see you on the very next Great British YouTubers.

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Tuesday 15 September 2020

How to start a PODCAST for BEGINNERS for FREE with Anchor.FM | Anchor tutorial 2020

How to start a podcast for beginners for free with Anchor.FM?
This is Podcasting 101 with my Anchor tutorial 2020 for this site:
I make the Great British YouTubers video podcast and wanted to see how to launch a podcast for free with Anchor.FM -- How hard is it to use Anchor as a podcast host?
Is it possible to create a podcast for free?

How to start a PODCAST for BEGINNERS for FREE with Anchor.FM | Anchor tutorial 2020

Hear my podcast - made on Anchor.FM here!

How to start a PODCAST for BEGINNERS for FREE with Anchor.FM | Anchor tutorial 2020
0:25 How to launch a podcast on Anchor.FM: Podcasting 101
1:00 How to set up Anchor to create a podcast series.
1:37 How to create an email address for your podcast, with Google Gmail "to manage my business"
2:40 Anchor.FM dashboard: how to podcast for free
2:50 How to create an episode for your podcast with Anchor and upload your audio file.
3:30 Does Anchor.FM distribute your podcast series to other platforms?
3:48 How to write a podcast description: my podcast series description, with category and language 4:30 How to create podcast series cover art thumbnail in Anchor
5:30 How to set Anchor podcast to clean or explicit.
5:40 How to create a custom URL for your Anchor.FM podcast series.
5:50 How to link your podcast on Anchor to social platforms: twitter, instagram, YouTube and facebook.
6:00 How to view public site: your Anchor.FM podcast series page.
6:10 How to link your Anchor podcast to your YouTube channel - use your original channel URL not personalized vanity URL.
6:30 How to create a new podcast episode in
7:35 How to edit audio, edit podcast episode, download audio file or remove audio from episode in
8:08 How to title your podcast episode in and how to create episode description in plain text or HTML.
8:48 Can you schedule podcast episodes in Anchor.FM? How to publish and launch podcast series with Anchor.FM.
9:48 How to upload cover art for podcast series on 2020.
10:18 Does create an RSS feed for your podcast series?
10:30 Does distribute your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Pocket casts, RadioPublic, Castbox, Overcast? (Yes!)



How to start a podcast for beginners for free!
Hello, I’m Neil and I’m a beginner too!

I launched the Great British YouTubers Podcast and that's a video podcast right here on YouTube.
But now I’ve hit the stage where I want to turn that into an audio podcast and I’m going to do that from scratch, in real time, right here!

It's a tutorial where I make all the mistakes along the way, so you can just follow my journey.
It's going to be quite a long video, I think I’m going to put timecodes in the description so you can jump forward.

To create my podcast I’m going to use this site here:

They are a podcast host, so it's a bit like YouTube in that it puts all the things you need in one place.
It is possible to create a podcast without using a podcast host - I did it but I really don't recommend it!
It is really difficult, so that's why I’m using Anchor for this.

At the end of this video you and me will have a podcast out of this, trust me!
The first thing you need to do is - up at the top of the screen here, you can see “sign up” and “log in”.
Now obviously we're going to sign up, so if I click on this, Anchor fm only wants three things: they want a full name, an email address, and for you to create a password.

This is the first obstacle.
I would not recommend using your personal email address.
The way that podcasts seem to work is that you need to have a very public email address attached to your podcast series, and I don't think that I’m quite ready to have a personal email address put out on the internet attached to this podcast... and I don't think you do too.

The only way to stay safe, I think, is to create an email address that does not have all of your personal information on... so I’m going to do that now.
If you go to and click on “sign in”, there's an option at the bottom which is “create account” - and it gives you two options - and nobody knows which one to go for!

“For myself” or “To manage my business”.
I just want it for a podcast, you know it's not really a business, but I’m gonna go for “To manage my business” and there's some details to fill in...

Your first name... and I would suggest you would want to put something that looks good publicly, so let's call it “my super awesome podcast” and then “create a password”, and then hit “Next”.
Now we can go back to Anchor and put those details in and then you put in your new email address... and then think up a password... prove you're not a robot... and then hit “sign up”.

This is exciting!
There's a warning “Before you can publish any episodes you'll need to verify your email address with Anchor”, so that's a good job I set that up.
And when you click on the verification code in the email, you get email verified and then you have to log in again and now we are into the dashboard.

The main dashboard, and they lay it out really nicely.
This is what it looks like in 2020 and 2021, so let's follow the nice trail that they've laid out for us.
“Make your first episode”

If you click on “let's do it”, it opens up the “making a podcast” episode dashboard and you have four really big buttons to press.
The first is “record” so we could record a podcast right now within the Anchor website.

You can add “voice messages” from listeners... and there's a library where you can reuse your previously uploaded audio.
I’m not sure we're going to need any of that for now because I’ve already made the audio file.
I just need to get it up as a podcast series, so the next option is “set up your podcast”.

Choose a name and cover art for your podcast, and it says that you can change this later... So says before we can distribute your podcast to additional listening platforms you need to fill in a few things.
Now I don't know whether to put it as capitals or not, what do you think?
Leave a comment below!

So I’m going to call it Great British YouTubers podcast.
“Podcast description” - now I’ve got one of these written already and I’ll just pull that over from my YouTube podcast series.

“I’m Neil Mossey, a development producer with a mission to learn from vloggers creators and YouTubers from around the world”.
Then Anchor fm asks you to choose a podcast category.
I’ll scroll down these ones so you can see what's on offer, but I think I’m going to go for “education” and “how to”, because we're getting lots of advice from the guests...

And the language under English, they have all these different variations of English, like Canada, Ireland, Australia and United Kingdom...
But I just think it's safer to just call it English.

We have three options from search for a photo, upload an image and “choose one for me”.
If you go to “search for a photo”, Anchor offer these generic pictures.
I’m not going to choose one of those for now.
“Upload an image”: this is where you can upload some cover art that you've already made, and then the third option is “choose one for me”.
I couldn't do it.

I couldn't make a picture like this.
They're great, they look like my laptop screen is scratched.
I’ll just put that in for now.
Oh so it was a background!

Which means you can choose a font.
I like a big fat font so I’m going for “source sans pro black” and you can change the colour of the text.
That looks good.
You can align it left, centre or right.

I’m going to make some cover art of my own, I just haven't done it yet so I’m going to go with this for now.
So that has updated my podcast settings page - so we've got “about your podcast”, there's a title that you can change at any time... a “podcast description” where you have 600 characters... and some podcast cover art.
“Is your content clean or explicit?”

Mine is soapy clean family fun.
There's a custom URL which has 25 characters.
I’m gonna call mine “gbytpodcast” - Great British YouTubers Podcast.
“Profile color”: you can choose a colour for your profile, and here are all the social connections - so I’m going to put my YouTube channel... Neil Mossey.

So let's go back up and hit save.
That's looking quite nice isn't it, and there's an option here to “view public site”.
If I click on that, this is how the Great British YouTubers Podcast looks.

And look, down here there's a link to the YouTube channel so if I click on that... oh that's not so good!
So it doesn't seem to connect to personalized urls because I’ve had to use my special channel code, which is a surprise but that's okay.
It works, that's the main thing.

The next thing we need to do is to add an episode to the series.
Upload the very first episode.
There is one very big button at the top of the screen, “new episode” - and the button opens up this dashboard we saw earlier.

There are four options there, and on the right hand side... this is a column where your episode is assembled, and it says here “click to upload or drag files here”

And all we need to do is to drag this audio file into the column on the right hand side there in the dashboard, so now it's uploading this audio file into this “create your episode”.
While that's uploading, you can create a whole podcast show just from within this browser.
You've got all these options here like record, upload like music beds, and you just drag them into this column on the right hand side.

I prefer to make my episodes myself and I just needed a podcast host to just have somewhere to put those audio files.
There you can see the episode is 100% uploaded.
There's a nice musical notation icon waiting for me and three dots.

Just click the three dots, so you can-- oh wow, you can edit the audio, and I can download the audio file or I can remove this audio file from my episode.
Let's click on “edit audio”, see what that does?
Wow look, it's turned my audio file into something completely editable.
[PODCAST AUDIO]: “Are there things, Gordon Laing, that other YouTubers do...”

My audio files are good to go as episodes, but if I needed to make any changes and to cut anything out, I can do that with the audio editor.
So I have my audio file in the “episode builder”.
That's all I need for the episode, so I click on the “save episode” button.

What do you want to call this episode?
I’ve got this.
I hit paste.
I’ve got a description already written as well.

I’m pasting it over and it's removed all of the carriage returns, so I’ve got to put those back in.
If you are any good at html, you could-- which is the code people use for writing websites...

You can “switch to html” up here, and this shows you all of the code for the layout.
Interestingly, it has kept all of the code from my pasting over from YouTube.

This is exactly how I want the episode description to look, and I have two options now.
I can either save this episode as a draft, and if I hit “publish now” I can actually set a time... I can schedule a time for this podcast episode to be released.

I can upload new episode art.
I can add a season number and an episode number.
I can also tell if this episode is a full episode, or a trailer, or a bonus episode, and also you can click on the explicit language warning.

So season number one, episode number one, and for episode art I’m not going to use the series art.
I do have a thumbnail for this.
It's not great, but it is something to put on for now.
Shall I do it?

Shall I hit publish?
Boom, and it's brought up this extra window.
“Finish setting up your podcast. Before we can distribute your podcast to additional listening platforms, you need to fill in a few things.”

Hit continue.
Ready to distribute your podcast?
So I’m gonna hit cross for no.
Update cover art.
I’m going to upload an image.

There's the image and I can crop this now, so that's great.
I can also zoom in to fill it.
“Continue” and you're offered the option to add text to this.
I don't need to apply text we'll turn that off.

There we go, so now I can hit save and I’ll go back to the dashboard.
I hit the edit button and it says finish setting up your podcast, so I’m going to hit “continue” and “Ready to distribute your podcast?”

Yes, distribute my podcast.
If I go into settings and click on “distribution” this is the RSS feed which every podcast has.
This is the precious link which tells the internet that this is your podcast series, and at the moment it says “available on listening platforms”, Anchor and Spotify.

Anchor will distribute it everywhere, so apple podcasts, google podcasts, and all the other places where podcasts appear.
Maybe I could cut to myself in the future to show that my podcast has been distributed automatically to everywhere!
Did this help?

Have you managed to get your podcast onto Anchor like a beginner like me?
Say hi in the comments below.

Give me a thumbs up if you've reached this point of the video and if you're feeling awesome the “subscribe” button would be much appreciated.

I’m going to be doing lots more of this, so thanks for coming on my journey and here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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All about me, and getting these by email.

Sunday 13 September 2020


How can you become a TikTok influencer?
What is it like being a Tik Tok creator?
Steven McKell is a Scottish TikTok online influencer with 2.3 million Tik Tok followers, 53 million TikTok video likes and around 400 million views.
Steven also runs @Steven Mckell YouTube channel, so he is the best influencer and TikToker I know to learn about TikTok versus YouTube.




Hello I think I know what you're thinking: how can I start a TikTok career?
Don't get swept up in the things - this is from personal experience - but don't get swept up in this, you know, looking at everyone else's accounts for the views... comparing yourself to other people to erm thinking you've got to be like someone else.

I’ve done all those things and it honestly what it does it just ruins your whole entire vibe.
It's not something you want to get involved in.
You've got to be able to be yourself, so don't-- don't compare yourself to anyone else ever.
Just don't do it. Believe me it's the best thing, just don't do it.
This is the Great British YouTubers podcast with me Neil Mossey

Hello it's awesome to have you here.
This is a place where we share advice, experience and tips with high achieving creators and performers just like you - and in this episode Steven Mckell.
Steven has over 2.3 million followers on TikTok clocking up over 500 million views.

He also has a YouTube channel, so is absolutely the best person to talk about YouTube versus TikTok.
This is part three of our chat and all the other episodes are in the description.

Steven Mckell, what advice would you have for anyone starting out on TikTok?
There's a lot.
Oh, some really cool advice would be stay authentic and do the trending hashtags, and do the content that's trending erm... and you know don't be discouraged by not getting you know loads of views whatever really quickly, and don't be discouraged if you do get the views or if it kind of plateaus a bit - that happens to everyone... and but really stay authentic to what you like, what you do.
If there's a niche content that you love doing whether it be point of view content, meme content, makeup, dancing... hone in on that craft and do that.

TikTok loves people that um can have like some sort of niche that they're really good at and if you consistently... be consistent.

Post-- I post every day where I think TikTok you know they advise to post like maybe between three and five times a week, but most creators post every day um or every few days.
So it's like really... just depends on like what you're kind of in-- like what your schedule would be.
But yeah stay authentic be consistent do the trending hashtags and have fun!
Have like the best time you can.

That's what I do.
Sorry I just let my cat in.
And how do you cope with that Steven?

Do you have um so if you post every day some some days presumably you post more than once a day? Do you have times where you feel I’m absolutely killing it and and other times where you think “oh i'm falling behind”.
That I’m not outputting as much as I would like to?

Yeah yeah absolutely right now actually I’m in that kind of zone where I’m not outputting as much as I want to because my views aren't great.
And it should never be about the views and I think that's something people have to understand that it should never be about like your views, likes and stuff.

However if it's part of your job you then worry about it.
So I do worry about that because sometimes you have big, big times you have low times...
Everyone has it.
It's just any social media so at the moment I’m kind of like that, like I'm not going to put out like videos every day.
Sometimes I put out three videos to five.

Some people-- sometimes I’ll put one video.
Back in the day years ago I put out like 15... 20, because it was mostly like dancing, you know lip synching, or acting videos which are very easy to do.

I think kind of what I’ve done is... I kind of set a bar really high for myself in terms of my content, so that I can't revert back to that now to kind of do that for an easy win.
It doesn't work on my page - the algorithm doesn't pick up - so it kind of... you have to you know some days are going to be bad.

So sometimes I have bad days I’m like oh my gosh like I’ve worked for four years, it's um it's slipping through my hands and with-- my accounts dying and which I say that a lot and and sometimes I just I have to kind of just have a rant to myself or to my friend and then just get on with it.
Because at the end of the day I make content for um myself and other people and if someone watches it and goes “oh he inspired me”

Someone watching it goes “that made me laugh”
Then my job's done like that's my day done, like you know, in the grand scheme of things to... to make someone's day or to make someone feel comfortable in themselves as a gift that... that's you know priceless really.
So yeah I just get through my bad days by just having a day off.

Posting one video and being like if it does bad it does bad, or if I am-- I really post a video that I don't enjoy, I think if I’m not I’m not gonna post if I don't enjoy the video.
You know what I mean - I have to have fun doing it.
That was probably a long answer to the question - very broad but yeah!
Steven Mckell what shouldn't I do on tik tok?

Don't get swept up in the things - this is from personal experience - but don't get swept up in this, you know, looking at everyone else's accounts for the views... comparing yourself to other people to erm thinking you've got to be like someone else.
I’ve done all those things and it honestly what it does it just ruins your whole entire vibe.
It's not something you want to get involved in.

You've got to be able to be yourself, so don't-- don't compare yourself to anyone else ever.
Just don't do it. Believe me it's the best thing, just don't do it.
And, and it's it's almost as if you almost found your medium because you were posting on YouTube but this one it just it just kind of unleashed something different?

I think TikTok is just more easier for me to make content.
I think it was more easy for me to like have fun and like connect with fans.
So it was very much easier for me to make this, the short form media, and have... and work around like the 15 to a minute, 15 seconds to a minute videos, whereas YouTube is like long... long... like longer videos and it was fun.

I can't say YouTube wasn't fun - it was great - and it's not that YouTube is bad I’d love to go back to it and plan to go back to it soon - and do videos but like I...

It's the idea of like having to post like every single like week or every few days whereas TikTok is just so much easier to post.
It is hard for someone like me.

I can't just post, you know, a lip syncing thing or dancing thing - it does well.

I have to really put effort into it, so um and that's you know I mean... because I think someone like me on Tik Tok, or any platform: I don't look like the natural beauty standard as people would have it.
I'm still beautiful but you know I think I don't have like what the... you know, our society nowadays deems is beautiful and like what you should watch.

So I kind of look out of place a little bit.
I act a bit out of place, which I love that.
I love being like the alternative kind of influencer or creator whatever you want to call it, but I’m all... I’m on the outside looking in at a lot of stuff when it comes to being in on the in-things.

My cat's just jumping around my room right now so I do apologize, but yeah, and YouTube was just a bit long.
It was just long videos and it was filming it, editing it. and I just think TikTok just... just took off over that and I thought: I just need to focus on TikTok now and that's what I did.

I thought - I’ve had focus on both of them now.
I don't think I’d be as successful or as big on TikTok as I am now, because I am... I just ditched YouTube and I don't have the-- I don't have time for it!
I’ve got to just do something else and then that's what I did so...

And it sounds like there's something driving you behind that then because it's... it's one thing to post a lot, but to keep going there--
It seems like there's something behind it Steven, something that--
Um, there's something you want to express.

I want to be the person that I didn't have growing up, watching on TV or... or social media.
So I-- I’m 26 so I... I didn't really... social media was a thing in the mid-noughties, but it wasn't as big when I was the ages of like you know... 10 to 16.
You know you were outside all the time.
That's what exactly-- that's what I explain to people.
You weren't on social media all the time.

It wasn't massive then, um and especially in like Scotland or anything.
So I wanted to be the person I didn't see in like TV shows or I didn't see in like social media.
Wwhen I first started it was all very much the same people, brands or companies were only focusing on the same people... whereas um I’m not you know...
I’m fat.

I'm someone that's asexual and someone that's looks a bit out of place and that's all positive for me.
Fat - it's not a negative word that for me I-- I use it as a positive because I’m fat but I’m flawless.
You know what I mean?

Erm, so I want to be the person I didn't have whilst watching social media, whilst watching TV and so I was like "I know I’m going to be that person then" and I think that I have-- I like to think that if tomorrow TikTok shut down or my account was deleted, or whatever happened... I like to think that you know what, ain't even set over social media in general,
I think - I like to think that I’ve done - I’ve done well and hopefully I've inspired people and I’ve been inspired by people.

So my legacy if you could call it one is - it's been positive - it's been fun.
I've stayed very authentic and... and that was one thing I just - that was it.

I just didn't really see anyone else like me and now there's a lot of people that are like me - not like me I think I’m quite a unique taste - but there's a lot of people that are - that have got my initiative really I think that are like "okay I’m just gonna be different" because different's okay and different's fun.
If you know, if everyone, if everyone was the same the - like the world would be such a boring place - so and yeah I just wanted that person that I never had online or on TV's and movies and stuff that I didn't have growing up.

Totally what we're seeing now is the death of "mass" isn't it.
Mass media, mass entertainment, mass... one size fits all.

It's so positive that you're inspiring people to, to... to share their voice.
Yeah that's it I think that, and for me it's never been like being big than anything because size is not part of my comedy.
You'll never see a video where I’m like "I’m so big!" that's never been part of my comedy because it's just it's not I’m-- I can you know, if that is part of someone's comedy then good on them and like that's how you can relate to people, then great.

It's never been part of mine so my thing's always been about, it's all about... be like be there for you is I’ve always had that - that and my sassy squad.

But 'Be the For You' is a slogan I always use to people because it really is the hardest thing in life and this is the truth is to really be your free authentic self, because you know when you are being free in yourself uh you know you put yourself up-- you open yourself up to ridicule and people opinionated about you people being awful because they might not agree with what you do and to that I say you know - I won't swear - but you know it - you just let, let them jog-on, because you know life's way too short to really worry about about what everyone else thinks of you.

And people think that oh he's like that on social media but I bet in real life and you'll meet me and I'll be like "I don't give"

I really don't care like if someone doesn't like me that's a them problem not me problem, and-- and they can deal with that to the side and it really is... I think especially nowadays - generation coming up you know - I think my generation's a bit soft.

We're the millennials so we're a bit soft but I was - in my family I was brought up really tough you know really like you've got to be tough and I think a lot of people don't have that kind of toughness to-- and so I try to teach people that you know if you're getting bullied this is a big rant now - if you're getting bullied like you know, or think people are saying something to you then like don't never let them see you sweat.
You never, you know, and call them out on stuff because people that are like that, hate getting called out.
No one loved-- bullies never like getting called a bully, you know what I mean?

So I try and teach people to love them-- the skin that you're in and if you don't love it, change it to a way that - to your standard not someone else's.

So it's just - I want to be that I just want to be that voice that people can listen to but it's about your size your mental health what about your sexuality and whether it be about um being inclusive and diverse...
I just hope people kind of watch my content and be like "oh like he's someone that gets it" and I learn every day.

I don't know everything about everything you know what I mean - that's the truth I don't know learn... I learn just as much as everyone else does so um people think that I’m - you know he must know or he thinks he knows - oh I don't.

That's the end of my TED talk.

There's this one... should we take a little drink break?
Yes that'd be great actually.
Let's take a little drink break I’ve got some, I’ve got some juice here.
And you too at home, why don't you have a drink too?
I love oh yeah I love it - I love water.
Ahh, refreshing!

I love that it's a good segment I love it.
What's going to grab someone's attention in the first four seconds?
Because that's your window that you've got.

Sometimes it's shorter, depending on what kind of video it is but you've only only got your first few seconds to hit someone with what you need.

Because if you do it for the first few seconds they'll stay for 15.
If you're still good then they'll stay to 30.

And please hit the subscribe button below if you want to see more Great British YouTubers.
There's a playlist and a podcast. All the links are in the description below.
I'm Neil Mossey and I'll see you on the very next Great British YouTubers.

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My FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How much YouTube pays for first month with 1k subscribers? 2020

All about me, and getting these by email.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

My FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How much YouTube pays for first month with 1k subscribers? 2020

My first YouTube paycheck 2020!
After the first month of YouTube monetization, how much does YouTube pay per 1000 views? With 1k subscribers?
How much do small YouTubers make?

I go through all my YouTube Studio analytics to share how much does YouTube pay for 1000 views at 1000 subscribers: the views, the highest rating videos, what is a good CTR (click through rate) - or my CTR at least... and my first YouTube payment. Is it possible to make money on YouTube?

My FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How much YouTube pays for first month with 1k subscribers? 2020

0:00 My FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK 2020! How much YouTube pays for first month with 1k subscribers?
0:47 How much does YouTube pay at 1000 subscribers?
1:20 How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views?
1:56 How much YouTube pays for my first month of monetization
2:05 How much I earn for 1k views: YouTube monetization
4:55 How much YouTube pays each day for 1000 views
5:34 How long it takes for YouTube to approve when you reach 1k subs and 4000 hours watch time - video here:
6:00 What is a good click-through rate CTR? For 1 million impressions?
7:23 The Engagement tab: What is a good watch time and average view duration at 1000 subscribers?
7:33 Audience tab: Unique viewers, Average views per viewer at 1k subscribers.
8:05 Revenue tab: Your estimated revenue, RPM, and playback-based CPM explained.
8:50 How much I earn on YouTube per video for my top paying YouTube videos.
10:09 My YouTube Premium revenue. How much YouTube paid for my second month with 1000 subscribers.
11:10 Watch time and subscribers for my second month monetized for 1000 subscribers.
12:00 Reach tab: How much does YouTube pay for 1 million impressions?
12:30 Engagement tab: Watch time in hours and Average view duration for 1000 subs.
12:41 Watch time from subscribers explained.
14:09 How much YouTube pays for 1000 subscribers per 1000 views.
14:30 My first YouTube payment.
15:00 How much was my first YouTube paycheck?
15:30 YouTube monetization: How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views.


How much does YouTube pay for the first month with 1000 subscribers?
How much is my very first Google adsense paycheck?


I’m gonna show you everything from my very first month of being monetized - which is actually half a month - so I’ll show you the next proper month.

You'll get a proper month and I’m going to show you absolutely everything.

We're going to go into my YouTube studio dashboard and just go through all the analytics... adsense payments... the views that I was getting per day... and the revenue that I was picking up.

I think I’ve got a big problem, and I’ll be going through that with you later on in the video.

Hello I’m Neil Mossey, and I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you!
Look! Here's a picture of me!

I think I’m gonna stop there - so let's see how much the big red blob is paying me now I’ve hit a 1000 subscribers.

Actually as you can see there I’m currently on 2169 subscribers.
It took two years to get to a 1000 subscribers.

It then took me four months to do another 1k subscribers, so if you haven't hit a 1000 subscribers yet, please stick with it.
When things do go up, they do tend to go up exponentially... uh, which is a mathematical term for fast.

So let's go to the month of March.
“Mount March” as I like to call it.
Look at that peak.

I’m going to tell you exactly what happened to cause that.
I used to watch these videos just to give me some idea of what kind of money would be coming in once the monetization happened on YouTube, but I had one video that blew up and the peak of it was just before I got monetized!

But as you can see I picked up 338 subscribers and that is what put me over the 1000 subscriber barrier... and I, I used to watch these videos to compare how much I might be getting.
In this month I picked up 56 dollars.

I could not be happier but what I used to do when I was watching these 1000 subscriber monetization videos was that I’d try to work out how much I would be getting right now on my views.
So I’ll let you take in this information.

If I look at the whole year, you can see what happened just around March time, this one video blew up so my views went crazy and haven't returned!

Which is one of the problems of my channel that I’m going to talk to you about.
You might be able to avoid my mistakes.

The watch time mirrors the views, and the subscribers 1400 for the year to date.

My revenue so far is looking like $769 dollars.

I only uploaded six videos that month but I have a big problem, and my big problem is “niche”.

My videos that got me to here were all experiments to see which would get more views, and the videos that get more views are the videos that are more interesting.

My top video is a video that was only on there as a showreel.
It was an example of my work and it was a very long interview with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and I’m very grateful that the video picked up 88000 views.

But the problem is this: I’m not going to be making videos with Jean-Claude Van Damme again and that video was made 20 years ago.
It's not representative of the videos that I enjoy making on YouTube now.

So the big problem I’ve got is that the videos I’m making now are not getting 88000 views, and if YouTube serves my channel to the 88000 people who've seen Jean-Claude Van Damme, they're not going to find anything more interesting on my YouTube channel than that!

I’ve kind of peaked.

In a way I’ve jumped the shark, so if you are jealous of someone having a video that's doing well... don't be jealous at all because that one video leads viewers into a cul-de-sac.
I don't know why I’ve gone or French or Belgian on this? Jean-Claude?!

A good performing video brings its own problems.
Subscribers are expecting more of the same and I haven't got more of those videos.

The videos I have got are even more problematic even though they're doing really well... so down here I’ve got how to get a PAC code, which is a very UK-specific problem of moving cell phone providers.

I’ve got another showreel video that I made that I put up years ago just as proof of my work and then the rest of the videos that are doing well are things like how to change a strimmer line.

These videos are doing really well right now in the summer and it's a real headache because I don't want to be garden tools guy.
I’m not garden tools guy, this was just an experiment and it's just an attempt to help people on YouTube because I’ve benefited from lots of how-to videos and I like making them, but I do not want to be a garden tools guy!
What do you think?

Leave a comment: do you have this problem with your channel, where you've tried lots of things and they're getting the watch time up but they're not the kind of things you want to pursue for your YouTube channel?
Let's go a little bit more into detail with the revenue because I know that's why you're here.

So you can see zero zero zero zero zero ah!
The first day I was monetized!

I think the message came through about 10 o'clock at night and I earned 14 cents and then the next day... I’ve never seen a day like this since... but I got $7.27 which I’m incredibly grateful for, and then it started to dip and I thought oh okay so I’ll be earning 2 dollars a day then.
It was enough to get me over the $50 threshold for Google adsense.

This is the... the email I got from adsense and you probably know this already but the way it works is the estimated revenue that you are shown on your dashboard is pretty much the figure that you are paid for that month, and by the way I made a whole video about the monetization process.

It's on screen now and there's a link above and there's a link in the description below - and that video walks you through exactly how long it takes to become monetized once you have hit the 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers.

Actually took me just under a week for the monetization to be confirmed and that's when my videos started making money.

I’m going to show you all of April, but let's just dig in for a moment to these analytics.
Wow, one million impressions - which is a 500% increase.

My click-through rate was really good that month 4.6% and the views from those impressions were 109000 views, 91000 of those are unique viewers, but YouTube analytics uh shows it in a really clear graphical way on this tab... so there were 1000000 impressions.
That means pretty much... I’ll let them explain it:
“Impressions are how many times your video thumbnails are shown to viewers” but YouTube showed my thumbnails one million times, and the number of people who clicked on those thumbnails was 4.6% - so that's a 4.6 click-through rate which led to 48000 views.

It was a really long video that blew up, but my average view duration was 4 minutes - it was over four minutes.

It's not like that now, but that's a good thing because I can't rely on that one video.

That one video just leads to disappointment with the rest of my channel, so again if you are comparing this to your channel unfavorably, don't because I’ve got big problems right now, niching down so that someone who comes to my channel will watch more than one video.

These are interesting: the traffic source is mainly from Google search.

The engagement in March: this is how much watch time, average view duration for that month is 3 minutes.
On the audience tab I had 91000 unique viewers of all the viewers on my channel.
Each viewer watched 1.2 times.

That is quite an interesting metric because that shows how many other videos your viewers went on to watch on your channel.
Uh subscriber growth on the very top day - the day I was monetized I think - 45 new subscribers.
It's gone right down since then.

It's nearer about five to ten subscribers a day - much more than I had before I was monetized.
I was getting about one subscriber a day and I was thinking it was going to take me three years to hit the 1000 subscriber mark.
And then on the revenue, the estimated revenue - they call it estimated I think just to give them a bit of wriggle room.

RPM is a new metric which is “revenue per thousand”.
I don't know why they use the latin word mille.

I think YouTube has ideas above its station but basically I get 52 cents for every thousand views and a big percentage of my audience is from the UK, and the UK does not pay very well on Google Adsense, so I’m hoping that my videos I’m making now appeal more to a global audience.

Specifically hello United States, Canada and Australia because you guys pay much more than the UK.
And just for fun I’m gonna... I’m gonna scroll along my videos so that you can see how much they contribute to the revenue, so that Jean-Claude Van Damme video paid me $5.16 cents on that one day, and this changes on later months you'll see on later videos, I’ll show you how much the other videos have grown in revenue and how Jean-Claude Van Damme has completely died away and doesn't really contribute that much revenue now.

At the end of the month I got two dollars a day for Jean-Claude, the rest of bringing in 10 to 30 cents and they’re my top earning videos in March.
Is any of this helpful?

Leave a comment below if you're still watching, hello really good to have you here.
Leave a comment if I’m missing out anything you want to take a look at.
My top earning videos for my first month were Jean-Claude Van Damme and then “how to change mobile networks” followed by the smart cup - where you just open it take the lid apart - and the weed puller and the strimmer line.

And a little fast forward just so you can see what happened next.
These are the monthly revenues that are paid out to me.

I’m going to show you April now, and you can see I’ve got 113 dollars and then May 190, June, July 166, and August.
I’m halfway through August, so it's looking a bit less... this month's probably come out about $140.
The revenue sources?

I mean YouTube Premium is just a tiny, tiny fraction it's not really gone above a dollar each month.
Let's compare that now with April.

So I’m being paid for the full month: $113 on 96000 views and I’m gonna jump between the views and the revenue.
That's what the views looks like, and the revenue doesn't dip in the same way.

I don't know if it's part of the algorithm matching ads to different videos and getting better at that but you can see here that the views clearly dip from the beginning of the month to the end, but the revenue stays pretty consistent and if anything I seem to be being paid more at the end of the month.

Let me skim through on, on the daily payments so you can see I’m being paid it says $5.65 there and I’d love that to be my regular average right now, but in this month it was more around the four dollar per day mark.
The watch time has gone down because it was five and a half thousand hours but my goodness you know, nearly 5000 hours in one month?

I’d have been so grateful for that if I needed the the 4000 hours watch time, and subscribers they're still doing well but obviously a lot less than the 330 subscribers.

I’m getting 200 subscribers in a month and that's when I’m sort of averaging about 8 to 10 subscribers a day.

The top videos are pretty much the same, so the two garden tool “how to” tutorial videos pretty much 5000 views each.
So that Jean-Claude Van Damme video that brought in 88000 views?

That has now dropped to 64.
That little ride that I had was was worth it and it was fun but it pretty much tailed off.
Let me show you the reach.

I got one million impressions again for the month of April.
This was my first full month being monetized on YouTube.
The impressions... this, the click-through rate is still 4.5% and the views uh sort of similar and the unique views are similar but the 4.5% click through rate is, is... is pretty good I think,

The Google search is accounting for 45% of my traffic in April, so the nearly half of my views are coming from Google search, which is probably a sign of all the how-to videos that I’ve got on my 10 year old channel.
On the engagements the average view duration is 3 minutes but I really want to show you something on the audience tab.

This is something that you might want to compare.
My watch time from subscribers, and this is showing me my huge issue that I have with my channel that I’m going to fix this month.

My watch time from subscribers has gone up because it was something like 0.1%.

It's now rocketed to 0.5% which means that 99.5% of my traffic on my YouTube channel is from people who are not subscribed.

That is a huge problem because they will come, watch the video, and never come back!

That will tell the algorithm that I’m not a very sticky channel.
I’m making some big changes at the moment where I make the subjects of my videos more consistent and so I’m going to be making more videos like this: on the topic of how do you get ideas out of your head and into YouTube videos.
That's what I do.
That's my job.

I want to share information like this to help you grow your channel and get more watch time and get you through the 1000 subscriber mark.
The other problem I faced shown pretty clearly over here the top countries?

The United Kingdom.
Good old blighty: 18%.
It was deliberate.
I wanted to make my channel feel very British, but the downside with that is that the UK adsense revenues are not very good, so yay for me for winning that audience!

I have to work harder to get revenue.
I’m abandoning that even though I’ve started the Great British YouTubers Podcast.
So this was my first full month at 1000 subscribers - so if you are looking up “how much revenue does YouTube adsense pay for 1000 subscribers in my first month”
I got $113.

It would be lovely to see your channel and see how you're getting on.
Please leave a comment.

Let me know if you're struggling with any particular aspects of trying to get the 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours watch time.
My Google adsense account existed before my YouTube channel was monetized.
It was so frustrating: I earned 56 pounds but they pay out over amounts of £60 so I was like £3.20 short of getting paid and that's been sitting in my account since 2018. So it's broken it down that my balance is £56.80 and I earned £45.84 that month.
That was my first month in my local currency which meant I was paid £102.
I think it's about 120 dollars?

The next month is a lot cleaner because all my money came from YouTube and these are how the payments work: so I earned £45 on YouTube in March.
I’m paid on the 23rd of the next month and you can see it here, my very first automatic payment on the 23rd of April was £102 and then in April I earned £91 pounds for my 1000 subscribers.

So my 96000 views paid me 113 dollars which is 91 pounds, so it's about a pound per thousand views, and that's pretty much how things are for me at the moment.

Your RPM might be much better because your videos might appeal to people around the world in countries that have a higher RPM.
But I wasn't paid the £91 in April, I was paid it in May and up here you can see it was paid in on the 26th of May.

Wow we have been through a lot of figures!
What kind of views are you getting?
And you know the deal more than anyone knows how important it is to get a subscriber, so if you reach this point in the video thank you so much for being awesome and if you subscribe I... you'll see my other videos about how much I was paid for other months.

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BEST BUDGET ACCESSORIES for ZV1 | Sony ZV-1 camera hand grip-lens adapter-SD card-strap and case

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Sunday 6 September 2020

BEST BUDGET ACCESSORIES for ZV1 | Sony ZV-1 camera hand grip-lens adapter-SD card-strap and case

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What are the best budget accessories for your Sony ZV-1 camera for vlogging?
These are 6 things I bought when the camera arrived - reviews, unboxing and first impressions!

BEST BUDGET ACCESSORIES for ZV1 | Sony ZV-1 camera hand grip, lens adapter, SD card, and case


You have just bought a Sony ZV1 camera.
Or, you're just about to buy one.

But, you and I both know that the spending doesn't stop there.
Hello, I'm Neil, and I'm not a tech guy or a camera reviewer, and these are my best budget accessories for the Sony ZV1 camera.

I've got timecodes in the description below if you want to jump ahead at any point.
There's also links to all of these products, and if you choose to buy them there, Amazon will literally shower me in coin.
Thanks so much if you buy from those links below.
This is what my Sony ZV1 camera looks like with the accessories, so let's jump right in with the first one.

The first thing I got for my Sony ZV1 or ZV-1 camera is THIS.
It's a bit of a cheat this.
It's a hand grip.

I got this grip for my GoPro Hero5 and my Osmo Pocket.
I absolutely love this hand grip.
And I find it quite difficult on Amazon to judge from the pictures which hand grips are going to be best, and which ones are gonna be good to hold.

I don't like the ones that feel like slices of metal, I prefer the feel of a proper grip.
It still sounds wrong!
And with this one I don't feel like my camera is gonna get snatched out of my hand any time soon.

I'm not such a big fan of the extendable selfie-sticks.
I just wanted a good hand grip.
It's so difficult doing this without slipping into double-entendre.

I just wanted to hold my camera in a way that feels like it's not gonna get snatched from me while I'm filming on the street.
And this feels pretty secure.
So that's my object of desire number one - a really good hand grip.

Accessory number 2 on my list again is a bit of a cheat.
Because I've made a whole other video about it.
I'll link to it in the description or on-screen now.

It's a protective screen cover - a tempered glass protective screen cover for my Sony ZV1 camera.
I made an entire video about fitting this screen, and whether or not I was able to avoid getting bubbles.
The link is in the description to that, that you can buy, and also to the video so you can see whether that is something you might want for your ZV1 monitor screen.

And accessory number 3 is also in that video.
It's the Lowepro Tahoe CS20 camera bag, or camera case.
You can get this in blue or black.
I went for Galaxy Blue.
It fits so snugly.
There's two for one there - two accessories in that one video, I highly recommend you take a look at that video after this one, if this and protecting this is something that you might want for your ZV1.
Accessory number 4 for my Sony ZV1 is also on a protective tip.

It's the JJC lens adapter ring.
I am not into photography at all.
Which is kind of why I got the Sony ZV1.
I just need a camera that will start recording.
But I've got a bit of a record - I have some form.
This is my Osmo Pocket - my darling Osmo Pocket that I'm shooting on right now!
So it's okay, but I sort of dropped it.

It is quite a delicate piece of photographic equipment, and it... it just fell out of my pocket, on a- at a train station.
So I do tend to focus my accessories on the protection side of things.
But what I do want is a protective ring, so that if I were to drop this at least there'd be something on the camera to take the brunt of the impact.

That's why I'm fitting this JJC filter adapter ring.
I just wanted something to take the impact if I were ever to drop the poor ZV1, or get it knocked somehow.
I just want a little bit of protection for- for dust and er sand?
Not that I ever want to take it into those situations.
I really like the square cut out.

I think that looks so much better on the ZV-1 than the adapter rings that are just round.
There's just something about that, and also I know this might be heresy to photographers out there but I really would quite like to cover up these words up.
I found them quite distracting as a vlogger [LAUGHS]
I just want to see that.

Well here goes nothing: so take the backing paper off.
Don't want to get it in shot, that would be bad wouldn't it.
Yeah that looks straight to me.
Let's extend the lens.
Okay so I’ve managed to put it on in a way that doesn't obscure the lens you know so that's job done, and then I’ll probably give it a good press.
Just to really make sure it sticks.
So I’m hoping that might afford some protection you know if I am in a challenging environment.
The lens cap obviously also gives it some protection.
I’m hoping that would take the impact.

Oh by the way, in the description I’ll put links to all of these accessories for the Sony ZV1.
I’m quite pleased with that.
How are you finding these?
Leave a comment below and if you've reached this far why not give me a thumbs up just let me know someone's reached it this far into the video.

But are these the kind of accessories that you would buy for your ZV1?
Let me know down below, be good to hear from you - be good to hear any other tips that you might have for your Sony ZV1 camera.
The next accessory is probably the most vital thing that you and I need for our Sony camera, and it is of course the SD card.

I don't know why, I’m just a big fan of micro SD cards, so I got this 128GB micro SD card.
I made a whole video about whether or not it works with an adapter in a Sony ZV1.
Spoiler alert: it does, but I just wanted that reassurance that the cards I already had work in this.
That Sandisk Ultra 128GB memory card works really well in this.

And this is a fun one.
It isn't one that I actually thought about until I actually got the Sony ZV1 camera in my hands and then nearly didn't get it in my hands!
I just wanted something to... to catch it I didn't think that I would need this.
It's another thing for... for protection and security.
It's a lanyard.
I pretty much hate all straps on cameras but the thought of being able to secure my camera to my arm is quite appealing and I don't know why... it's just the mood I’m in I think it's because it's summer.
I’ve gone for the pink camo look just to brighten it up a bit.
These are nice they're from Ringke.
You get two in a pack - it's only a few dollars.
The link is in the description below.

That's the colour I’ve opted for.
It also might help me find the camera because it's nice and bright.
So that's the trick, I’ve just bitten into it with my teeth just to give it a bend there.
There's this out of focus strap hole just there and there we go, and then I pull the wrist strap through the loop like this.
There you go!
Did it!

There's something about not having that security.
I... I think that... I think that might be my favourite investment!
But we'll see, I’ll try it out and I’ll let you know in the description whether or not it's a hit or a miss.
Are these the kind of things that you need for your ZV1?

Say hi in the comments below if you've reached this far.
The thumbs up is always appreciated.
Why not hit the subscribe button if that's the kind of thing you're into.
It'd be great to have you along for the journey.
What do you think?
Which of these do you think you might be getting for your Sony ZV-1?

I’ll... oh and a mortgage.
I’ll get a second mortgage to pay for this as well!
But apart from that, these are the products that have helped me on Amazon.
Are there any of these of use to you?
Let me know in the comments below your favourite ones.
Or your tips for a Sony ZV1.
The thumbs up is always appreciated but the subscribe click is a sign of awesomeness so thank you.
It helps take me closer to the 10000 subscriber mark and good luck with your Sony ZV1.

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