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BEST BUDGET ACCESSORIES for ZV1 | Sony ZV-1 camera hand grip-lens adapter-SD card-strap and case

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What are the best budget accessories for your Sony ZV-1 camera for vlogging?
These are 6 things I bought when the camera arrived - reviews, unboxing and first impressions!

BEST BUDGET ACCESSORIES for ZV1 | Sony ZV-1 camera hand grip, lens adapter, SD card, and case


You have just bought a Sony ZV1 camera.
Or, you're just about to buy one.

But, you and I both know that the spending doesn't stop there.
Hello, I'm Neil, and I'm not a tech guy or a camera reviewer, and these are my best budget accessories for the Sony ZV1 camera.

I've got timecodes in the description below if you want to jump ahead at any point.
There's also links to all of these products, and if you choose to buy them there, Amazon will literally shower me in coin.
Thanks so much if you buy from those links below.
This is what my Sony ZV1 camera looks like with the accessories, so let's jump right in with the first one.

The first thing I got for my Sony ZV1 or ZV-1 camera is THIS.
It's a bit of a cheat this.
It's a hand grip.

I got this grip for my GoPro Hero5 and my Osmo Pocket.
I absolutely love this hand grip.
And I find it quite difficult on Amazon to judge from the pictures which hand grips are going to be best, and which ones are gonna be good to hold.

I don't like the ones that feel like slices of metal, I prefer the feel of a proper grip.
It still sounds wrong!
And with this one I don't feel like my camera is gonna get snatched out of my hand any time soon.

I'm not such a big fan of the extendable selfie-sticks.
I just wanted a good hand grip.
It's so difficult doing this without slipping into double-entendre.

I just wanted to hold my camera in a way that feels like it's not gonna get snatched from me while I'm filming on the street.
And this feels pretty secure.
So that's my object of desire number one - a really good hand grip.

Accessory number 2 on my list again is a bit of a cheat.
Because I've made a whole other video about it.
I'll link to it in the description or on-screen now.

It's a protective screen cover - a tempered glass protective screen cover for my Sony ZV1 camera.
I made an entire video about fitting this screen, and whether or not I was able to avoid getting bubbles.
The link is in the description to that, that you can buy, and also to the video so you can see whether that is something you might want for your ZV1 monitor screen.

And accessory number 3 is also in that video.
It's the Lowepro Tahoe CS20 camera bag, or camera case.
You can get this in blue or black.
I went for Galaxy Blue.
It fits so snugly.
There's two for one there - two accessories in that one video, I highly recommend you take a look at that video after this one, if this and protecting this is something that you might want for your ZV1.
Accessory number 4 for my Sony ZV1 is also on a protective tip.

It's the JJC lens adapter ring.
I am not into photography at all.
Which is kind of why I got the Sony ZV1.
I just need a camera that will start recording.
But I've got a bit of a record - I have some form.
This is my Osmo Pocket - my darling Osmo Pocket that I'm shooting on right now!
So it's okay, but I sort of dropped it.

It is quite a delicate piece of photographic equipment, and it... it just fell out of my pocket, on a- at a train station.
So I do tend to focus my accessories on the protection side of things.
But what I do want is a protective ring, so that if I were to drop this at least there'd be something on the camera to take the brunt of the impact.

That's why I'm fitting this JJC filter adapter ring.
I just wanted something to take the impact if I were ever to drop the poor ZV1, or get it knocked somehow.
I just want a little bit of protection for- for dust and er sand?
Not that I ever want to take it into those situations.
I really like the square cut out.

I think that looks so much better on the ZV-1 than the adapter rings that are just round.
There's just something about that, and also I know this might be heresy to photographers out there but I really would quite like to cover up these words up.
I found them quite distracting as a vlogger [LAUGHS]
I just want to see that.

Well here goes nothing: so take the backing paper off.
Don't want to get it in shot, that would be bad wouldn't it.
Yeah that looks straight to me.
Let's extend the lens.
Okay so I’ve managed to put it on in a way that doesn't obscure the lens you know so that's job done, and then I’ll probably give it a good press.
Just to really make sure it sticks.
So I’m hoping that might afford some protection you know if I am in a challenging environment.
The lens cap obviously also gives it some protection.
I’m hoping that would take the impact.

Oh by the way, in the description I’ll put links to all of these accessories for the Sony ZV1.
I’m quite pleased with that.
How are you finding these?
Leave a comment below and if you've reached this far why not give me a thumbs up just let me know someone's reached it this far into the video.

But are these the kind of accessories that you would buy for your ZV1?
Let me know down below, be good to hear from you - be good to hear any other tips that you might have for your Sony ZV1 camera.
The next accessory is probably the most vital thing that you and I need for our Sony camera, and it is of course the SD card.

I don't know why, I’m just a big fan of micro SD cards, so I got this 128GB micro SD card.
I made a whole video about whether or not it works with an adapter in a Sony ZV1.
Spoiler alert: it does, but I just wanted that reassurance that the cards I already had work in this.
That Sandisk Ultra 128GB memory card works really well in this.

And this is a fun one.
It isn't one that I actually thought about until I actually got the Sony ZV1 camera in my hands and then nearly didn't get it in my hands!
I just wanted something to... to catch it I didn't think that I would need this.
It's another thing for... for protection and security.
It's a lanyard.
I pretty much hate all straps on cameras but the thought of being able to secure my camera to my arm is quite appealing and I don't know why... it's just the mood I’m in I think it's because it's summer.
I’ve gone for the pink camo look just to brighten it up a bit.
These are nice they're from Ringke.
You get two in a pack - it's only a few dollars.
The link is in the description below.

That's the colour I’ve opted for.
It also might help me find the camera because it's nice and bright.
So that's the trick, I’ve just bitten into it with my teeth just to give it a bend there.
There's this out of focus strap hole just there and there we go, and then I pull the wrist strap through the loop like this.
There you go!
Did it!

There's something about not having that security.
I... I think that... I think that might be my favourite investment!
But we'll see, I’ll try it out and I’ll let you know in the description whether or not it's a hit or a miss.
Are these the kind of things that you need for your ZV1?

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It'd be great to have you along for the journey.
What do you think?
Which of these do you think you might be getting for your Sony ZV-1?

I’ll... oh and a mortgage.
I’ll get a second mortgage to pay for this as well!
But apart from that, these are the products that have helped me on Amazon.
Are there any of these of use to you?
Let me know in the comments below your favourite ones.
Or your tips for a Sony ZV1.
The thumbs up is always appreciated but the subscribe click is a sign of awesomeness so thank you.
It helps take me closer to the 10000 subscriber mark and good luck with your Sony ZV1.

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