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How much YouTube pays me PER 1000 VIEWS


How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views? And BONUS, how does YouTube judge my thumbnails? How does the Google search engine & YouTube algorithm decide which thumbnails to serve?

I go through my first 3 months of being YouTube monetized and show exactly how much money YouTube pays me for 1000 views:
My RPM (Revenue Per Mille, or 1000) which is how much money my YouTube videos earn divided by my total number of views that month...
and CPM (Cost Per Mille) which is how much money on average advertisers are paying per thousand monetized views (so not my total views) via Google Adsense advertising - this money is split with YouTube before we are paid.

As a bonus - I also show GOOGLE CLOUD API which is the algorithm that scans our thumbnails to decide what emotions we show, and also what objects, colours and gestures we make!

How much YouTube pays me PER 1000 VIEWS

0:00 How much money YouTube pays PER 1000 VIEWS!
0:50 Footage of me working as a Researcher at BBC Television in my 20's
1:05 How to look up how much YouTube revenue I earn, in YouTube Studio channel analytics.
1:17 How to look up monthly estimated YouTube revenue.
1:55 What is a normal RPM for YouTube videos?
2:00 How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views at 1000 subscribers?
2:47 What is a normal watch time when you become YouTube monetized at 1000 subscribers?
3:50 What is a good RPM for YouTube monetized videos?
5:25 How to check my best YouTube Revenue earning videos?
5:43 What is a good CPM for YouTube videos when you are monetized?
7:15 How to make better YouTube thumbnails: I make them more colourful and impactful.
9:00 How does YouTube know what is on my thumbnails?
9:18 Introduction to how the Google Cloud API works (

GOOGLE CLOUD API (Thumbnail Analyzer) link: 

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I know what you're thinking...
How much money does YouTube pay per 1000 views, and, why did my YouTube Revenue go UP in the 3 months after I became YouTube monetized?

I got an insane number of views for the last video I made on how much I get paid for 1000 subscribers, and in this video again I'm going to show you absolutely everything.
All the video statistics in my YouTube Studio dashboard... the estimated revenue each month... 
Plus, I'm going to show you the actual program that YouTube uses to judge your thumbnails!

Yeah! Google can tell exactly what emotions you give to your viewers AND you can try it out for yourself on your own thumbnails!

By the way I'm Neil Mossey, I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out into the world here on YouTube.
To prove it, here's footage of me working at BBC Television in my 20's.
We used landline telephones back then.

So let's dive right into my YouTube Studio - this is my channel dashboard, but where we want to go is Channel Analytics. 
Channel Analytics. I can't say it.

But I know you want to see my Revenue, so let's click on the Revenue tab, and we'll take a look at the monthly estimated revenue.

As I covered on that last 1000 subscribers video - link in the description - my revenue leapt up from $113 all the way up to $190, which was phenomenal, for May.
It fell down to $168, bumped around the same level, and then went BOOM up to $206.
I'm recording this half way through September, so that $142 is looking very good. 
That could be good news.

Let's take a look at the first of these months, June.
Pretty much at the start of the month, we're looking at $4, just touching $5, with some peaks.
So the $7 here, and then it just slowly increases over time.
I'm gonna look at some of the causes for that, and I'm going to share them with you as we look at these other months. 
But my RPM, which is my Revenue Per Mille - which is revenue per thousand views - averaged about $2.54.
Let's scroll down and take a look at my top earning videos. 
So things have changed.

My big earning video for the first 2 months that gave me that really massive spike was the Jean-Claude Van Damme interview.
In this month that's dropped to second place.
So that's pulling in $26.
What zoomed ahead, because Summer started, here in the UK! 
We actually got some sunshine! 

People are starting to go out into their gardens, they're looking up this Fiskars Xact that I'm holding up in the thumbnail... it's like a weeding thing.
You push it into the ground, pull it, and weeds come out.
Now we saw in the last video that I don't wanna be Garden Tools Guy, but my goodness, $37?
That's MORE than I actually paid for the weed puller!
So if you want an incentive to get out there and just make videos, so that people can see products... this could not be a better advert.

I love the fact that the revenue is more than I paid for the thing that I'm showing.
Same for the third video down, I got $25 for how to change a trimmer line.
A trimmer is something that you use for edging round the garden.
I still don't wanna be Garden Tools Guy - but look at the money it's bringing in.

Again, that $25 costs more than the replacement line that I'm showing in the video.
My fourth and fifth videos are getting just above $10, which is how to recover a Zoom video and "how to get a PAC code".
These 5 videos alone account for over $100 of the $168 that I got this month.
Well you can see all my details, you can pause the video if you wanna have a look at how some of the different videos have fared.

Let's click on the menu on the top right hand corner, and we can go straight to the month of July.
And for July it was a very similar amount of revenue: $166.
My RPM has gone up, so I'm getting $3.86 for every 1000 views.
There's a slight change to my top-earning videos.
The weed puller has dropped to second place at $26.
How to change the trimmer line's bumped up to $30.

Again we are now right in the middle of Summer for these statistics, so those videos are gonna do well, and I think they're gonna drop off as we go into the Autumn.
How to change mobile networks has gone UP from $10 to $17.
And there's a first video in the top 5 that I actually want to do well, and I want to niche down on this subject. 

It's how to recover your Zoom calls - and I made a whole video about how to recover a failed Zoom conversation recording.
That video is starting to creep up, and I really want that video to encourage people to watch more of THESE videos, so I'm hoping this is where my niche starts to come in.
Having said that, I also made a video where I unbox a-- an Ikea sunshade! An Ikea parasol...
And immediately in its first month, it's pulling in 13 dollars.

THAT was the video where I decided that I need to stop doing Garden Tools Guy videos and actually concentrate more on "How to make things for YouTube", so there's mixed feelings there. 
I'm glad that it's doing well, but also I don't wanna - I don't want it to do well.
I want these videos that you're watching now to do well.
Let's click "See More".

And this graph at the top shows on a day-by-day basis how much money each of those top 5 videos are pulling in.
And what's really funny... Let's go to the end.
Can you see this blue line that just shoots up - it rockets up - that's "How to change a strimmer line".
I think we had hot days then, the views just went through the roof.
I'll scroll down so you can see all the statistics, and you can pause this or rewind it if you want to go into more detail.

Let's now look at August.
These are my top 5 earning videos for August, which was last month. 
Yes! Finally! I'm so glad!

How to recover your Zoom video is now at the top, even though we are in the middle of Summer... a video where I help creators and performers make things and put them out into the world, that is now my top earning video. 

This is the niche that I really really want to focus on.
And you can see the rates of earning for these top videos are going up.
Let's click into more detail now, and I'll just scroll the window across - so you can see how much these videos are earning on a day-by-day basis, you can see it's all over the place.

The interesting one to watch is the blue line: Recover Your Zoom Video Files.
So I really think the YouTube algorithm is finding viewers for my Zoom call video.
These are the statistics for the month of August.

I got a grand total of $206, up by 24% on the previous month.
$206? That's insane! After two years of trying to become monetized.
Partly due to a higher CPM, which is how much advertisers pay per 1000 monetized playbacks - and that meant that my RPM, which is Revenue Per 1000 views overall on my channel... that's gone up.
So obviously, I'm delighted this has happened, but what happened?

Let me show you my channel and you might be able to spot why.
This is my home page, but if I click on the videos tab - I'm gonna scroll down and then I'm gonna scroll back up again and I'll show you what happened.

This is pretty much what my thumbnails used to look like.
I made them using Adobe Spark, can you notice something?
I think they look elegant. 

I think they look really good and clear.
But my 11 year old son, he was looking at my channel and he said:
"Dad, your channel looks really boring!"
And I took umbrage at this, and I thought "Yeah, it doesn't look like the kind of videos that an 11 year old would want to watch."

But he said "No, no, Dad... they look really boring! Can't you put a bit of colour on them?"
And I thought, "Well, no, because these are elegant, they are stylish, clear... they're legible!"

Because he watches a lot of YouTube, I started creeping a bit of colour into my thumbnails and you can see it's sort of creeping in around here.

My thumbnails start to become whackier. 
I'm using different fonts.
I'm still not using the colour yet on the text. 
He said: "Dad! They're SO boring! Put some colour on!"
So then I started really going for it with the colour, and you can see the thumbnails becoming more and more colourful, and brighter.

And some of them are doing really well, some of them bumping along.
But generally, I think the biggest thing that's given me an up-push in views, and therefore revenue, is that I make my YouTube thumbnails a lot brighter.
Dare I say, garish?

I try to make them more jolly, and more impactful, so I put fewer words on my thumbnails. 
I make the words big, and I only put a single word on them.
If I've got a logo for the thing I'm talking about, I try to get that on the thumbnail as well.
And so they're not very elegant, they're not very demure.
They leap out more.

I think that might be the biggest thing that made my views go up in August.
I made my thumbnails more eye-catching.
So the biggest thing I've learned from this month is to just go nuts with experimenting with your thumbnails.

And if you really want to see what the YouTube algorithm thinks about your thumbnails, you can see what the AI is doing when it scans your thumbnail.
There's a link in the description below, I've got it up here, it's

All you have to do is to drag your thumbnail into this window here.
Google Cloud will tell you what it thinks about your thumbnail!

So let's take my latest thumbnail, let's drag this onto here... I am not a Robot.
We don't have crosswalks in the UK, we have zebra crossings.
What the API is doing now, is scanning the thumbnail.

This is what YouTube does: it uses this machine to detect if there are any issues or whether or not it's a good thumbnail.
And you can see here that Joy is very unlikely, Sorrow very unlikely, Anger is likely, Surprise is very likely...
...and the confidence is 29%.

Now obviously we don't know the weight that YouTube places on Anger, Surprise... Maybe it wants to throw some angry thumbnails in there. 
Let me show you how it compares with my previous thumbnail.

Now look at the difference with this one.
It's scored very likely on the joy, I don't know why it judges whether we're wearing headwear.
But the Google Cloud has assessed my confidence in this face at 93%!
That tells me that it's measuring confidence for a reason.

Maybe high confidence could be one of the metrics it uses?
These emotions might be emotions that YouTube wants to serve to the viewers.
Having anger or surprise might not necessarily be a bad thing. 

It might be one of the 4 emotions that it's chosen to serve, and maybe it mixes it up so that you get a range of them? 
Who knows! Your thumbnail is absolutely crucial.

So you might wanna try this just to see how your different thumbnails compare.
What I do know is that my revenue went up over three months.
Let's put that to the test!

Here on screen now is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.
And down here is the video where I go through all of my revenue for the first month when I became YouTube monetized. 
If you want more of this, click on my big face! And hit subscribe! 
Don't forget to hit thumbs up if you've hit the end of the video... I-- I think that's 56% confidence?!

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