Thursday, 21 April 2022

Totally unplanned kids day trip to London... Can we make it work?

It's another of our kids trips to London without making any plans, whatsoever. 
The challenge this time is how many things can we do in half a day.

Totally unplanned kids day trip to London... Can we make it work?



So we are on our way to London open the doors
okay so I have packed a very healthy lunch a giant Wotsits
we're now here in London waterloo and right you need your tickets don't you guys right that's fine oh no no you've got the travelcard I’ve got who's got my one
so push it in push it in
last time we came to London we had a bit of a problem didn't we do you remember 
Do you? a bit of a problem last time we came to London what happened well do you remember you're a bit shocked about what you saw
oh yeah every time I think of London I think of that
it's horrible 
yeah no you said to me that man's got a piece of metal on his 
You can never unsee that! 
so yeah the naked bike ride yeah it wasn't his bike either so the naked bike ride wasn't quite the the unplanned pleasantness that I wanted what was that
by the way we're going completely the wrong way we need to go that way
I’ve written my phone number on my daughter's arm there 
I can't show it because I don't want to show my phone number but I wrote it in biro
so we made it to John Lewis we're now going to go to the gadget floor 
non-stop fun for the kids
this is the Microsoft store 
so we've looked at some phones and we've played some Fortnite 
what about we get something to eat in Camden and go to Camden town which is where I grew up 
this travelcard
I’m trying to teach my son and daughter how to navigate in London
press 88. 
I want to thank the bus driver
Lots of kids activities here
so the foods are a hit
what we're going to do next is to go around the shops where they sell the silver jewellery
so this is Camden market oh my bag's open that's not good
it's like Billie Eilish clothes
okay that was it that was a hit wasn't that 
so that was good wasn't it
we got some free chicken 
I still wanted that like scrunchie but I only have oh yeah light up scrunchy 
I really liked the light up scrunchie
won't you yeah I know that one really cool 
you know this place don't you with the barbed wire this is actually my old school 
I’ve made so many videos on my youtube channel about my old school in Camden town 
so this is where granddad would drop me and auntie Caz 
that was where I painted the the donkey purple that they just got from Spain and they've had it like three days
and how much did you paint purple 
it was like the whole donkey
ah we're gonna go into cex
the sun's going down it's getting a bit spooky we're gonna do some harry potter tourism now
so here we are this is king's cross station
this is where harry potter's platform 9 3/4 is 
it's funny because in the in the books the illustrations when they show the car flying they actually show this building here which looks nice and gothic but that's actually St Pancras station 
this right here is kings cross
my daughter's just reading the books now you're about what five books in yeah so she's reading them from beginning to end so this must feel quite special going to actual kings cross
it's the harry potter shop
it's a harry potter shop from the united kingdom!
we went to the harry potter shop we saw some stuff and we pushed the the trolley into the wall and we got a photo of it
got photographic evidence of pushing the trolley into the wall and we went to the toilet next door as well 
it's a win-win-win-win-win
the kids are now playing on the swing inside this thing this thing's been here for about 10 years I can't believe it's still here 
next we're going to go over there which is St Pancras international to get my favourite train to the south bank
I love this train there we are getting out at blackfriars you can see the city skyline there 
Ah absolutely beautiful and yet another link to my past my school is in there somewhere my posh hogwarts style school but that's where I got my very first detention 
I love this walk the southbank walk but the trouble is the joggers 
they don't slow down they try to keep their pace up and you end up getting these joggers just sort of barging into you trying to keep their pace up like you know not very wide 
oh we better run
what do you think score out of 10? 
Our train’s in seven minutes so now we're jogging so now we're doing the jogging 
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thanks bye how was that

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