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WRONG place for our wifi box again! Under the floorboards deep dive...

Even BETTER WiFi router place? Tearing up our floorboards AGAIN
Where is the best place to put our Google Nest broadband wifi router?
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WRONG place for our wifi box again! Under the floorboards deep dive...



Hello welcome back to my living room floor 
this is the dad delivers vlog it is just us trying to be happy with what we've already got and but I’m not happy so I’m going to deliver something today 
I made a whole video about this it's my wi-fi router box that is just strewn on the floor 
The video that I made showed me tearing up our floorboards and moving the wi-fi on the floor to the corner of the living room so that I could then put the wi-fi box up into the air 
Now this this is going to be a really dull video because I’m going to tear apart all of that work right now and I’m going to move the box that's here in the corner here
which guess what looks absolutely terrible so in this video I’m going to share me moving all of this from this corner here to look like this which I’m hoping in the edit will look much better once I’ve finished it 
it will look much tidier than this monstrosity this monstrosity of wi-fi box and ethernet cables and the reason it looks like this is because ah look I’ve hidden it all behind the door and down the side of the sofa and that means that to do this I need to do this 
which is tear up the carpet again for I think a third time and somehow pull the cables that are running to the corner of the room over to the room by the side of the living room door 
I know this is a strange video because it's literally just me moving some cables in our living room
it's really heavy 
but let's get started and I don't know what I guess I’m gonna have to just move the furniture and take up the carpet
I haven't told anyone that I’m gonna turn the internet off so when I turn it off let's see if we can hear any screams from upstairs 
now the downside to this is that I staple gunned it really well to give it a kind of good finish 
now I’ve got to take up all of that work which is tough but I think this really needs to be done 
oh now this is a huge result there are some holes here already from who knows what 
I think this house used to be used as a bed and breakfast uh about 40 years ago 
I think this might be the pipe work for bringing a sink into the room but I can use these holes so I don't have to drill into the floorboards for running the cables up
this believe it or not is a slight win for me 
okay I’ve definitely been lovingly attacked by my dog Casper hey Casper trying to help yeah 
that's really not helpful see the problem I have with DIY is that every every time I go every time I go down on oh and there goes my light every time I go down on all fours Casper wants to join in
dude this isn't helpful this really is can you show me love when I’m you know on the sofa or something quick oh good boy ah there goes my light now I’ve got to open up the hole in the floor that I created so if I unscrew this 
this looks really well planned but actually it was just a bodge job because I didn't want this bit of floorboard to fall through into the crawl space under the house there we go right now it should come up 
It works it works so these were two stilts that I fashioned to hold the floorboard and stop it falling into the crawlspace and I think some of you were really horrified in the comments that I was drilling in the corner underneath the power socket but I i know for a fact that the cables run across on the the skirting boards which isn't isn't my work 
I got some horrified comments in the last video like this one here which is what is going on with the bricks underneath your house um
I don't think they're load-bearing bricks but whether they are or not it probably shouldn't look like this 
anyway back to my hole in the floor I’m going to use this to reach my hand underneath and now I’m going to feed down the cables
that's great now I’ve got to feed them to over here
I don't I don't know if you can hear Casper he's the other side of the door he wants to come in
yeah now what I want to do if you move all the way over here I’m gonna try and feed this cable to you okay yeah I’m ready 
With this we've got to get to the park now because everyone's in the car waiting for us uh 
so we're gonna go to the park and then come back and do the second cable 
and I think I’m sorry about the wind but I think I’ve got a solution 
what I’m going to do is get a metal ruler and I’m going to tape the end of the wire to the ruler and then I’m going to try to push the ruler towards the hole and then get my daughter to try and pluck the plug from the end of the ruler and Sellotape it to the end this is me trying it now obviously ah I think we're gonna do it we got it we got it it worked it worked so the the cables are now out of the the two holes I mean really I’d prefer it if the purple one was on this side 
Do you think we could pass it through without dropping it 
all right so I’m just going to pass it through I mustn't drop it I mustn't drop it 
it's the purple wire!
there we go got it and now I’ll cut a channel for the cables to go through the carpet grippers so that they're flush with the skirting board here 
I i know I should probably use a mitre saw here but all I’ve got is a stanley knife and a lot of patience so let's speed this up and I’ll just tap in the cables to the wall just to hold them in place
I wish I could tuck this underneath the the grippers but at least this holds it in place
so now I’ll put back the floorboard the precious floorboard that I have countersunk and lovingly crafted it's time to put this away for well until next time when I’ll inevitably have to dig it back up again 
uh I’m using a wallpaper scraper to edge the carpet back into the carpet grippers and tuck down any untidy tufts 
next I’m going to fit this ikea four-way plug
I’ve pre-drilled some screws and just hoping that it hangs on
there it goes okay so that looks good now 
so now I’ve got some power points to power everything that I need to plug in and now I need something to plug these switches into so I’ve got this 
it's a netgear ethernet switch I’ll show you the box in a second I’m going to put that on the side there plug that in there it means that I can hopefully plug lots of ethernet cables into my single cable socket on the router so I think they go in like this and now I can plug in my ethernet switches so that will be super tidy if I hide it behind the sofa 
I’ll put in our very old virgin media broadband modem and this box here is a power line for sending the broadband up to the happy hut through the power cables in the house 
and next our google home nest wi-fi router
I’ve made a whole video about this where we unbox it my son and I and that video is in the description and the link to these are in the description but this is the actual wi-fi box that sends the wi-fi around the house because this I don't think this was very good so this is much better 
plug that in watch it turn blue
the only thing left to do now is to quite obviously push the sofa back as hard as I can to cover all of this but it's all it feels like it's all neat and in one place let's let's get the sofa back 
it's all now tidy down the side of the sofa the sofa hides most of the worst of the cabling and best of all this is very technical but when I open the door ah it's completely hidden so now instead of having to step over a mass of cables as you walk in it's all hidden behind the sofa and
and I know I know what you're thinking that the the door is gonna block all the wi-fi signal I’m well ahead of you because the next phase is to run the cables over the door and to run the router out into the hallway 
that is gonna be phase three I don't think I’m ever gonna see the day where the wi-fi actually works in this house but you can take me one step closer if you can hit the thumbs up button just let me know that someone reached this point in the video I really appreciate it 
and if you want to take us one step closer to 1000 subscribers that'll be awesome but uh thanks for watching and right here is what happens next can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click in his face thanks bye all right this is going to be the proper one right

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