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Deity D3 Pro samples and unboxing - Lapel mic or shotgun microphone - which is better for YouTube?

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DEITY V.LAV Clip-on, Lavalier, Lapel, Collar microphone
MAGIC ARM for gripping to ceiling

I've never sounded better.



on my YouTube channel I’ve always used one of these 
it's a clip-on lavalier lapel microphone
but I’ve always wanted one of these 
a broadcast quality shotgun microphone 
here is how
here his how? 
here is how Deity Microphones made this happen!
this is a massive moment for my channel 
probably even bigger than hitting 5000 subscribers
welcome back to the happy hut by the way 
are you entirely happy with the sound on your YouTube videos? 
I was until my videos started to sound like this
that was the Rode lavalier Go - there's a dog going nuts next door - that was the rode lavalier go microphone: or in my case the rode lav “not go”
I don't know what happened there was no obvious damage to the to the microphone or the cable, but every time I touch the jack or the cable near the jack it sounds like this
I said how disappointing
and I got really annoyed waiting for it to be replaced - probably a bit more annoyed than I should have done 
it's three weeks on I’ve still not got it back and I’m paying the shipping on it 
I’m getting so annoyed about this that I reached out to another company - Deity Microphones 
I said I’m buying your microphone the Deity V.Lav mic and this is actually what you're hearing right now
and I’ve never used a Deity microphone before in my life
but I said - are there any other Microphones that you think I should take a look at?
no Neil, they replied 
Deity Microphones are going to completely sort you out and I think they have because this package has just arrived
now you know how all the tech YouTubers have got really cool knives to open up their gear
I’ve got a steak knife 
so it's right here let's see what's inside
thank you Deity or is it Deity? leave me a comment 
and this is absolutely massive for my channel because I always always have used clip-on lavalier Microphones
absolutely beautiful case 
it's rigid - it's got a little carry case handle
oh look at that! 
I always use lapel Microphones
I don't know why but I have always resisted shotgun Microphones
maybe it's because they are so much more expensive but it's also the shape of it
it just feels so much more ostentatious having this hanging off your camera
but mostly it's because I’m not Casey Neistat on a boosted board, barreling down Broadway in New York
this is probably the closest I would get to being Casey Neistat around where I live and the bike isn't even mine 
this is how a shotgun mic sounds
the Deity d3 pro 
you can probably hear some bird song I’ve got the kids and they've got their cousin visiting over at the trampoline 
you might hear those in the background but this is the difference 
this is how a shotgun mic sounds on the Sony ZV1 camera 
this is how a lapel mic sounds
a clip-on lavalier microphone with a fluffy windshield on
although there isn't that much wind at the moment 
and back on the shotgun mic
let me read out to you the email that I got from Ulanzi when I told them how much I love their Boya Microphones 
back on the Deity clip-on lapel or collar mic
hello Neil 
Ulanzi replied - your videos do not meet the standard 
this is my first time ever walking and vlogging with a shotgun microphone 
I have to watch out for Casper's holes in the... in the ground there and this is this is what it sounds like with the camera at arm's length
I don't know if you can see - on this camera here there's actually a way to adjust the shotgun microphone to not be so far forward that it gets into shot
but I’ve got the Deity d3 pro set all the way forward and it doesn't seem to be getting into shot 
but let's go into the happy hut now and this is probably where it's going to have the most biggest impact of all
we're now indoors into where I usually make my YouTube videos and I’ve got to work out a way of putting this microphone up here on the ceiling somehow
on top of the microphone there is this on off button here
you just hold it down for two or three seconds to get it started but it's also got a power save function where it can tell whether or not it's plugged in
when it's not plugged into operational equipment it turns itself off to save battery which is pretty darn good 
let me unplug the microphone to show you what it's like without any microphone in the ZV1 
and just as a comparison this is how the Sony ZV1 camera sounds with no microphone plugged in at all 
these are the built-in Microphones and this is how it sounds with nothing plugged in 
is it built-in or in-built Microphones?
this is footage of me trying to work out the best place to hang the microphone
I’ve gone for this magic arm 
I’ll put a link in the description to this grip and I’ve got a couple of grips that I put on the end of the magic arm to try and get the microphone as close to my mouth as possible while I’m sitting at the desk here
okay so I’m slightly worried that this needs to be much closer to my mouth but I’m going to leave it like this for now 
we are now back on the Deity VLav lavalier microphone and my name is Neil by the way 
I’ll just give you some words to give you some level 
I’m shouting
I have no need to shout 
I’ve got Microphones all around me and I’m yelling like I’m at the end of the garden! 
I told Deity Microphones - oh we're on the we're on the shotgun microphone by the way - it's up here I don't know if I’ve positioned it correctly
what do you think? 
leave me a comment
I’m now back on the Deity v-lav clip-on collar microphone
so now we're hearing the Deity d3 pro shotgun microphone
over to the other camera 
I now turn around I don't know if you notice any difference in the sound because I’m now directing my speech away from the microphone and however this is sounding now might influence whether you want to choose a clip-on microphone or a shotgun microphone 
let's go back to this camera now and I don't know if you can notice any difference in the volume or the warmth or the timbre of my voice but this is me facing the camera with the microphone just above the camera
which way would you call this? 
this is the V.Lav clip-on lavalier microphone here
the cable's just falling off the ceiling there 
I need to work out some better cable management
I love this lav microphone but the cable is five meters long so uh but - which is good because it means I can run it around the... the happy hut 
this is how the super cardioid directional Deity shotgun microphone - the d3 pro - sounds again in comparison with that clip-on mic
so the... the beam of the microphone is... is directional it's...
I’ve got to be right in front of it for you to hear me and the battery is great because you just recharge it using this USB-C port 
you can just plug it into a battery pack or... or your usual USB-C charger and that will charge the microphone up
there's a gain control on the back of the microphone and it's stepless
so you can turn it up and down and it’s smoothly 
it doesn't click up and down so you can get a nice smooth volume control on your levels there 
I mustn't forget this!
there's a link in the description where you can buy this very microphone I’ll put links to all the other bits of gear that you can see plugged in here and right here are some other videos about all the other stuff that I plug into my Sony ZV-1 thank you so much Deity for giving me the chance to step into the world of the shotgun microphone!

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