Tuesday, 3 May 2022

DAY OUT in BRIGHTON for kids Completely unplanned

It's another day trip with my son that's completely unplanned - this time a day out to Brighton Beach! We try to do as many things as possible with the time and money we have in and around Brighton Pier.

DAY OUT in BRIGHTON: Completely unplanned!


hello I'm Neil this is Joe
hello joe
this is another one of our completely unplanned
trips we… we go places without any plan
whatsoever we try to do as many things as
possible in the time that we're there and
with the money that we've got
which is unlimited!
today we're here it's Brighton
usually our unplanned trips are to London
like this one - but today we've come to Brighton
by train and obviously we've come by train
today because to drive here I mean… you
basically need to mortgage your house to be
able to afford the parking here
we went along the south coast route and uh
stopped off in Havant and then our first unplanned
thing of the day ding!
we stopped off in the computer exchange there
we're going to go in
Joe's on the lookout for Pokémon cartridges
they've suddenly become a thing and… and
yeah you're after one of them aren't you?
the leaf green Pokemon so he just wants to
play the pokemon but they've become collectables
so the thirst…
the thirst? the FIRST thing we bought in Brighton
are these from the Sainsbury's express I don't
think it's called Sainsbury's express…
Sainsbury's local and here we are taking them
to the beach
they'll be finished before then!
we're gonna go into the works to get a sudoku
book for Joe's sister - my daughter
yeah let's get that
there yeah there’s so many
that's pretty good can you just open it?
She’ll fill it in a week
hey look we've got this next on the list - got
some free water
do you think this is drinking water or is
it for washing your feet
It’s low on battery
I've never actually seen someone land a drone
oh I have actually
do a flip!
you hear that guy say do a flip?
yeah that's brilliant oh it's really cool
okay yeah oh look this is a proper all right
this is a proper water filling station
this is… this is what we want it looks like
it's permanently on though
this one takes a bit longer
being yelled at through a megaphone about
that's the fifth thing we've done so far
we found this - it’s the second CEX
we're gonna go in here and see if there's
uh a pokemon cartridge that's green
this one's a bit bigger which is good
“Signs that you are in Brighton.”
Or anywhere in Britain
He's still talking about the Lrd
Brighton is known for its uh amazing food
places so obviously we're going to have lunch
here in this massive corporate chain restaurant
well it looks like we're going to have to
buy something
which one you I think I'm number two?
which one's bigger
We’re on Brighton pier and we just watched
a guy… they’ve got like a amusement thing
back there he dropped a pound coin and he
dropped it and it just fell… it fell between
the planks and we reckon that under that bit
there - specifically that bit of Brighton
pier just there - there must be a stack of
cash where people have dropped it just
uh is that the man?
that’s the man looking for it
imagine if it fell on a seagull and then he
went back up and then what and… and delivered
the pound coin back to the man?
yeah well given the amount of chips that the
gulls eat here I don't think that they're
fit enough to carry a pound coin
I hate this bit of Brighton
I don't know it's just I just don’t…
Is it the profit the people make?
Just don't like the… the end of the pier
just makes me feel really not well
I like the… the helter skelter
this is actually in a music video from the
1980s: Colourfield, “thinking of you”
and and here it is today
of course my son wants to go on this
Its a loop-de-loop!
we just found out - we spoke to someone in
the queue and it’s… it's seven quid each
it is worth it though
yeah right it's a life experience yeah
they're stuck at the top
that's probably the worst bit
that's worse than spinning - isn’t it?
Look we're at the end of the pier
there's a secret door
should we open… should we open the secret
secret end of the pier door
brilliant - thank you
So we’ve got our ticket, and now he's going
to go on the ride
oh the smile on his face
how was it
there was a seat belt and they didn’t put
it in
How was it?
Well that was even ballsier.
it was really scary
I thought when it stopped I thought it was
going to go again
yeah oh look, jet ski.
I need the toilet.
he's now buying some rock because you know
dental bills
what was your favourite bit?
being upside down
and what did we miss what do you think we
can do next time that we haven't done
what oh the bungee
no the seven pound ride
the seven pound turn yourself upside down
yeah yeah that was… that’s… that looked
pretty good to watch
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers
just click on his face thanks bye how's that

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