Thursday, 12 May 2022

How to CANCEL DISNEY PLUS stop Disney+ subscription using phone app

On this vlog, I try something new every day - today I'm going to cancel Disney+
In this video I stop our Disney Plus subscription using only the Disney+ phone app - and go through the process step by step in real time so you can follow along

How to CANCEL DISNEY PLUS stop Disney+ subscription using phone app



how do you cancel a Disney plus subscription?
maybe you're like us and it just feels like there's just one too many in the amazon prime, netflix, spotify, youtube premium… who knows what else I'm gonna help you stop Disney plus right now either in your phone app or on a desktop computer 
this is a big step for me because I'm a huge fan of Enchanted 
(cough!) Amy Adams 
and I think they're going to be bringing out the Enchanted movie on the app on Disney plus this year… but I'm going to be strong
I'm assuming that we can pick up the subscription again maybe in the summer holidays
oh hello! 
I am going - well I say I “we”… me and my Disney buddies here are going to cancel your Disney+ subscription right here for real, in real time
I'm going to be doing this step by step so you can follow along with me - so I've got to do this quickly - partly for financial reasons - but also partly because it is really raining quite heavily now and it's on my phone screen 
Let's cancel this Disney plus subscription now… so on screen here this is the app 
if you click on your avatar in the bottom right hand corner 
I seem to have the snowman from frozen there
and then we'll go down to “account” 
and it's offering us an annual deal there but I'm going to click on “monthly” which is the Disney plus subscription that we're on
and then down here under “subscription” 
I'm going to click monthly again
here you can see the subscription that we're on and all this is it's just a browser anyway so this is pretty much the same as doing it on a website 
and then at the bottom here
there's very kind of them - they put a very easy “cancel subscription” button so I'll click on that there 
now “why would you like to cancel?”
I'm not sure it's got… sorry my dog’s going nuts in the background here
now really you and I don't have to give any answer to this but you do to… to I suppose you could click “other” but then it'll ask me to type something in so I'm going to choose “too expensive can no longer afford” 
I'm sure the multi-billion dollar corporation will continue without me 
now obviously when you try to unsubscribe from any service it gives you lots of steps to walk through so we've got “don't miss these recommendations”
that's a great rhetorical question: yeah I have had a chance to watch most of them actually so I'll say no thanks, cancel Disney plus 
let's see what else they throw in our way
thanks for your feedback 
change your mind? no problem! restart your subscription 
well no I don't think I'll do that
close and go home 
that actually is one of the kindest unsubscribe experiences that I've had 
I'll put on screen now any emails that come up as a result of me doing this 
We’ll see Ana and Minnie and the icy woman… 
what's her name?! 
what's the name of the princess in frozen? 
Elsa! Thank you: Elsa 
I'm sure we'll see Elsa again
I remembered Ana… 
she was good but she looks a little bit like Amy Adams from Enchanted

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