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Best CHEAP gaming chair on Amazon under 100

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I buy, unbox and build a great green gaming chair - the Bigzzia Gaming Chair - bought with my own money from Amazon UK 2022. Unboxing and building the gaming chair step by step. We've had it for over a month now and really like it, it's very comfortable.

Best CHEAP gaming chair on Amazon



hello welcome back to the happy hut, i'm Neil and today is my son's birthday and i've managed to get him a gaming chair so i thought i'd share the unboxing of the gaming chair just to show you what comes in the box and how difficult or easy it is to unpack and put up. It's just over here... the boy's at school so we've got to get this up before he gets home so i'm hoping it won't take that long but anyway we went for - let's turn the camera upside down a Bigzzia no bigzzia... Bigzzia this is what it looks like on amazon and obviously there's a link in the description to help you buy that if you use that link thank you so much but this is this is what comes in the box. It actually came... this isn't a big gripe or a complaint... but it actually came with the bottom quite open it looked like this and it was difficult buying a gaming chair because my son wanted a particular colour he wants the yellow one or a green one. The thinking of the green other than it doesn't match absolutely anything in his room whatsoever but the thinking of the green as you probably know if you're a parent of a gamer - you have my deepest sympathies by the way - obviously it's the colour of the xbox logo here we have some arms this is the base for the legs we've got some controls for the for the seats

put the instructions this is what the instructions looks like the writing's quite big so i'm very grateful for that

there we go just got to force it in put the gas rod on here put that on like that

then i need to install the tray

and i'm going to mount the cushion onto the base how low can you go

i feel like i should sit on it just to make sure it goes down

so let's get this back onto the base that goes through here

all right i've made a pig's ear of the Bigzzia - the bar - they didn't say which way around the bar should go and that's obviously wrong

i think that's it so let's put the back on now

look i still don't know if this is the right way round i didn't realize that it was actually locked to be forward so this might be wrong as well i'm going to leave it like this for now great so next instruction uh install the chair arm

right so i've gone to the garage and i can't find any wd-40 so i'm going to use this this olive oil i'm just going to put a little drop of olive oil onto the bolt just to help it go in because the the screw is tearing on on this particular bolt a bit of oil on it to help it go in here we go what might help is to put the bolt in without the arm on and then that will loosen up the the screws hopefully

now we can put the arm on that's it and then it comes with these black plugs which is good because that will hide the bolt holes under here spin it around on there i'll go and get my other camera because it's nicer and i'll try and make it look nice this was three months ago and three months on we are really happy with this gaming chair it is super comfortable it's being used every single day and i'm really jealous i think it might be the most comfortable chair in the house the back support is great the padding is awesome and you can tilt the chair backwards but my son hasn't done that it's just good to go as it is and you can find this exact chair with the link in the description you can help other people find this video by hitting the thumbs up button so thanks for that and if you hit the subscribe button you don't have to watch any of my videos again but you'll be helping me to reach 1000 subscribers which is a massive goal at the moment can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on the space thanks bye how was that

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